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REVIEWS OF Regal Southwind IN Kansas

Emma Sudbeck

This is not my favorite movie theater. It's small and has some odd seating arrangements. I find it cold and expensive (I feel this way about most movie theaters) However, it means I don't have to drive out of town, is usually pretty clean, and is a movie theater. You can't complain too much about going to the movies.

Jennifer May

Clean, Quiet and good parking

Bryan Hatch

First time seeing a movie in a theatre with recliners. Loved it! People in the theater weren't rowdy and didn't talk through the movie which is a pet peeve.

Deb Vickers

Theaters are clean and seating is the best. I love the recliner seating. Staff was very courteous and helpful.

Elizabeth Singer

Good seats, okay popcorn, great atmosphere. Very "I'm going to movies with my friends on a Friday night in my pjs" vibe and I love it!

Anthony Segura

First of all every Regal cinema in the nation is ridiculously over priced. Now this one in particular is poorly drafted. The theatre screen faces the theatre entrance so there is no center screen seating. If your sitting in an aisle seat you'll find yourself leaning into your neighbors lap to avoid the handrail from blocking your view.

Ashleigh Tidwell

The theater itself was clean and comfy, which was great. But the bathroom needed cleaning and there was only soap at 2 of the sinks and only one paper towel holder had towels. The concessions was crazy and VERY slow (and way over expected). Definitely get there in plenty of time to get snacks.

Sheila Couchman

Great people work here! Good movie tonight.

Joan Bright

It is small, even with 12 theaters, getting seats together is tough. Prices, with senior discount, are affordable and we try to get the matinees when we can, because Monday morning is work and we like movies like Endgame, that are 3 hours long. A week after Endgame came out, on a Sunday afternoon, and we still couldn't get two seats together. Only one ladies, with mobility challenges, it's a long walk from theater to lobby, to the facilities. Might see if other theaters in Lawrence are more user-friendly for people with mobility challenges.

eerian sadow

Staff was friendly and helpful, as always


Love this Theater.

Larry Hawkins

Good movie, good venue, concessions are way overpriced as usual.


Comfy seats that recline they did this place wonders when they renovated it. The best place to watch a movie in Lawrence.

Latrice Thomas

Love the new seats.

Karen Navis

Comfy. Of course the concessions are outrageously overpriced.

Josue Hernandez

It's a movie theater and it's basically the only one in town, what can I say?

Leslie Payne

Love the reclining seats!!

Christopher Johnson

The new changes are astounding

Courtney Evans

I usually go to AMCs, but this place is closer to where I live and I haven't ever really been disappointed with the building. Recently it's been updated and some of the rooms have reclining chairs and overall look very nice! The lay out of the theaters are a bit odd but that's nitpicking. They do really need more people in concessions when there is a big rush of people.


Nice place. Great family event. Too expensive. Really!

Jack Ritter

Regal Southwind Cinema. I've had many memories over the years in this place. For example, going to see Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame opening night. Also, watching many movies with my family and having a great time. The only thing I would change is the prices on popcorn and other candies/foods.

Battle Ready Sandwich

Good place to go see a movie, comfy seats and overall atmosphere in here is good. Lotta food options, even ice cream! Food items are a little pricy but that's expected in a theater. Ticket prices are fair as well, I'll definitely come back when I wanna see a flick on the big screen.

Devin Clark

Well kept Cinemas with a polite staff. Easy to get tickets online or in person. Comfortable reclining chairs in every theater. I have visited many times and have not had a single unpleasant experience.

Raven jones

I love there seats

Barb Lawson

I love the recliners and being able to reserve our seats

Connie Hsu

Great movie theater. Has window with real person and kiosk machine to purchase your tickets. Has 12 different theaters and always has different kind of type movies on. All 12 theaters have leather arm chairs that you can put up your feet to enjoy the movies. They also have popcorn & soda, and small snacks that you find in every theater. The only thing I might complain is that they only has one location for restrooms. It is located outside of the ticket checking point. You are better do your business before seeing the movie. Otherwise, it will be a long run, if your theater is at the end of the hallway.


Really enjoy the upgraded seats, much better!

Tori Miller

It was amazing!! Loved it

Spencer Richards

They recently renovated, and the theaters now have reclining leather seats. Price wise, it isn't bad if you just go for a movie. If you add concessions into your bill, the money will add up quick. Buy your tickets online if you can. Depending on the time of day, you may have to buy your tickets at the concession counter, which usually has a line. It's not as clean as some other theaters in nearby towns, but they do a good job for being the only theater in Lawrence.

Andrew Nelson

It is a good place to watch movies

Jason Brown

When the power goes out 4 minutes into the movie

Olivia Stull

Since remodeling their theaters, this cinema has become one of my new favorites. Amenities include power reclining chairs and foot rests, as well as the ability to reserve seats for groups (not that I’ve ever done this since I’m one of those weirdos who goes to the theater by themselves, but it’s nice to know that the option is there if one day I’m less forever alone).

Daniel Torres

Comfortable seats, but be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes to purchase movie tickets from concessions because the ticket booth is almost always conveniently closed.

Timothy Deghand

Love the Laz-Boy chairs & the friendly staff.

Deborah Smith

Saw The Secret life of pets.

Evan Direnzo

I think their ticket prices are pretty reasonable and they have really comfortable chairs.

Jacob Daily

Much improved after the new takeover by regal. I like the reserved seating and the reclining chairs

Michael McCune

One of the best Cinemas in the area. Alochol is served. Reclining seats and choose where you sit when you purchase tickets.

Jayne Moore

Love this theater! Only thing would make it better, expand the menu at concessions.

Katie Brand

The theater was very clean and the people that work there are very sweet. We had a great time at the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot double feature! :)

Sierra Jackson

The staff were very laid back and nice. Everything was clean and seats were sooooo comfortable. Movie was great perfect film overall 5 out of 5.

Doug F

Love the seats! Altho i usually end up napping they are so awesome!

Keith Harold

Good theaters. Comfortable seating. I dont personally like assigned seating...or $8 for a popcorn. LoL

Raymond Billings

We travel from Topeka just to come to this theater. The reclining seats are awesome and can be purchased/reserved ahead of the showtime via an app. The amenities are always clean and the concession lines generally move pretty fast. However, the vinyl/pleather upolstry doesn't breathe well or offer lumbar support when upright, the center sound volume is a bit low with little bass from the back rows and the concessions are way over priced. Still a damn sight better than anything in Topeka and definitely worth the drive!

Lexi Whitson

A great place to relax and enjoy a good movie! The staff is great and it is a safe comfortable, decorative place!


They show most mainstream movies here. The seats aren't especially roomy but they do recline. The prices are standard and so are the food/drinks. The place is a bit dingy and outdated but it's the only movie theater in town so you kind of have to make allowances for certain things.

George Wright

We drive 40 minutes to these so we can have the reclining seats. This is great with assigned seats and recliners what’s else could you ask for.

Joe Strbo

I have had to travel to Kansas from NJ three times now and have seen a movie at this cinema every time. Always a good experience. Never packed, good location, places to grab food before hitting the theater, and the seats recline. If you're in the area and looking to see a movie out of boredom or simply for fun. go to this theater.

Spenser Adams

Very comfy seats. I wish the movie entrance/ exits weren't through the middle, tho.

Carol Whitehouse

Movie great. Getting tickets not so. If you are not goinng to have the windows to get tickets you need a better solution

JimBob Faris

Gone here for years and enjoy their reclining theater seats!

Austin Mays

The popcorn isn't the best and the building exterior could use some work but this is a nice, cozy theater with RECLINING SEATS. 5 stars for the recliners

Teanne Sandoval

I love this theater so much!!! They have reserved seating so you don't need to worry about getting there early to get a good seat. Seats are nice and have comfortable spacing. Popcorn and drinks are a little pricey but if you join the free mobile app club you get points and they add up and you can score multiple deals. Love this theater and will only be coming here.

Autumn Brooks

The reclining seats are comfortable. However never ever ever buy snacks from a movie theater. Never. Unless you wanna be punched in the gut when the snacks and drinks get rang up and it costs dang near $50. There is a walmart right next to the movie theater in walking distance. So I beg of you, please haul your butt to walmart and buy snacks from there.

Daniel Benson

Kick back in leather reclining stadium seating Then take it all in. Beer, wine and other upscale concessions are available in this modernized renovation. It's still waaaaay on the edge of town. Who would have thought Lawrence would rapidly advance West toward Topeka? Bob Billings? Old Man Fritzell? The PGA? The world may never know. #feauxliberalism #eattherich

Charity Adams

Had gift cards for this theater, when I tried to use they said they dont except them. After doing some searching they do accept them the tickets just have to be purchased in advance. Would of been nice if the employee would of told me that instead of just caring about bringing in money.

Jesika Croom

We live in Topeka but prefer this theater for the reclining seats. The food takes longer than desired, but isn't bad. Clean restrooms and theaters.

Abraham Perez

Great seating but smaller, older screens

Akwy Gawg

Did not like having to wait in line at concessions to buy tickets


I don't like overpriced popcorn n soda


Recliners, alcohol and a movie! Awesome cinema!

Michelle Mcburney

My Son and Nephew absolutly love this place. Just wish with all the money they bring in they would give back more to the community and maybe some rewards to the schools

Izzy H.

Seats are a lot nicer than they used to be. Unlimited pass is a cool deal

Saylor Winfrey

They’ve done really great upgrades to this movie theatre. I really enjoy seeing shows here, it’s very comfortable and cozy now.

Joseph Beasley

Great staff and comfy seats!

Vikalp V.

Great spacious recliners. Can6reallt explain the comfort I had. Worth watching here than driving to Olathe. Nice staff, pleasant atmosphere, crisp sound and good price on counter. Last movie was great... looking forward for next with my kid.

Bryant Bennett

It was fantastic

Nathan Slate

This is where i see all my movies. Great seats, good prices (on tickets), nice staff. If you live in Ottawa its well worth the drive compared to the theater in Ottawa.

Marittza M

Good except I was really looking forward to my popcorn. Your popcorn is terrible!! I paid soooo much for it n hated it. Thx for nothing!

Kristy Johnson

Love the recliners, cleaner than most and you can get jack Daniel's in a coke slurpee to have with your movie!

Preston Montgomery

Recliners.... need I say more!! Buy the tickets online and pick your seat early. We have seen some really good movies here. Price is just OK for a movie theatre.

Diana Plas

Amazing theater! Love the experience.

Halee Darling

Very nice experience. Had a blast and because of online purchasing I didn't wait for anything the entire night! Very nice staff

Pat Matthews

Excellent place for a movie, get reservations for seats. Reclining Chairs, I'll never go to a movie in Topeka again.

Steven Markham

Nice theater with comfy reclining chairs. 1st run movies in style!

Jasmine Murphree

Loving the new recliner chairs. They sell alcohol so that was surprising just didn't know they sold that there like a variety wine beer liquor. Pretty pricey spent about 90$ on food plus tickets for 4

Mitri Mccawley

I love this place. It's still hands down favorite place to see new films.

Cheshire Katt

Putt,putt,to the Pizza Hut-drive thru, yabba-dabba-doo!

Chad Kennedy

Place was clean, staff was friendly, seats were great.

Kevin Surbaugh

Like most theaters everything is overpriced. Great clean place

Nile Fowler

Very comfortable reclining seats to watch the movies, just don't fall asleep!!

John Peterson

Excellent comfy chairs.

Jessica Williams

My only real grip is about the women's bathroom. I decided before sitting for three hours to watch "Avergers-End Game" I better empty my bladder. I had my choice of almost any stall but ended up walking to the farthest end of the bathroom...I had passed 10 stalls all worth NO TOILET PAPER. I would've understood had it been late afternoon, but I was there for the first showing of the day. Of course, upon exciting the bathroom I informed staff of this. However part of running or managing a business is to keep the business stalked with things the customer will need. One of the most important tasks when being an opening manager is to always check the bathrooms. Refill products, check for cleanliness, and be sure everything is functioning correctly. What I saw that morning could be explained by laziness, poor management, or an employee that didn't make their shift.

Owen Ross

I love watching new movies!

Heather Ashburn

Comfortable seats and a very friendly staff.

Sarah Trowbridge-Alford

Meant to tag as 5 stars the first time! Sorry about that. The seats are simply amazing. Thank you!

Mirroria C

The theater has went through some upgrade since the last time I was there. Love the seats. Need to do something about the parking lot though oh, it's a little too bumpy for my liking.

Spencer Riley

My favorite movie theater!! Very comfortable seats and nice atmosphere

Robert Campbell

Very clean theater. Great comfy reclining seats. Popcorn was fresh and buttery. Fresh candy. Good soda. People where all friendly and smiling. Sound was perfect. Not to loud or soft. The pre info slides and videos where sort of boring. But all and all a very good time for my family and me.

Logan Parks

Love this place! Great theatres, chairs, and picture for the movie!! The movie theatre feel hits you with this one.

Jordan Tice

Love that you can choose your seats ahead of time. The seats recline and are super comfortable!!

Nayomie Burns

The outside of this theater is very unassuming and not very impressive. The bame on the outside is actually Hollywood Theater so we were looking for something else. Like most modern theaters, you select your seats at the window. The food counter is standard but not very inviting. The best thing was the actual theater which is what you are really going for. They have the large recliners with individual cup holders.

Tab White

Very good sound, display, services, clean, modern and recliner seats with plenty of room. Very refreshing and enjoyable. Excellent family experience.

William Herrington

The service was friendly and prompt; the seats were comfy and the sounds booming. No complaints from me.

Paige Lee

Very nice theater!

Anthony Muntz

For a week night and the place wasn't really busy. The service was slow and the popcorn wasn't very good. This is why they don't get five stars.

redmomma two

The movie experience is good mostly, especially after the remodel. I have come to realize that matinees are the way to go. People in this town love to talk during the movie anytime after 3pm. Might be the alcohol they serve now, or it could be people forgetting that they aren't at home. Recliners make it hard to remember that you're in public- amIright?!?? The bathroom is pretty gross but it's probably more the customers. I did see two ladies bring their popcorn and beverages into the stall with them. That was pretty disturbing- didn't even have to pay extra for that horror show.

Bob Pinkerton

Awesome movie theater with super friendly staff and very maintained!

Christa Jackson

Great place to bring your kids and grandkids for a fun day had a blast watching toy story 4

Tom Parisi

Great seats that recline, totally comfortable for a 2 hour movie.

Ron Huff

Nice seats! Expensive concessions.

Donna Talbott

Finally! A theater that is comfortable. Nice lounge chair seating, and it wasn't extremely cold. Volume just right.

David Mercier

Nice staff, great theatre. We had a good time.


Not all movies in the theater are shown each day. Some are only shown on certain days.

Rhonda Messmer

Great place to watch movies cheaper than other theaters

Eliot McNall

Very nice since the remodel.

Billy Harmon

Nice theater.

One Badmuthafokr

love me some OLLYWOOD T EATERS.

Jeannine Wyatt

Southwinds 12 is an very good movie theater. They went through some updates several years ago and the seating was improved and made more comfortable. Staff are very friendly to their customers. When I have been to a movie there the movie-goers are respectful of others around them. Seating is reserved and I did have one problem the last time I was there. The people who were to sit in the seats my son and I sat in arrived twenty minutes late. We moved over so I could get out easier. When they arrived my son explained why we were sitting in their seats and they said it was okay. They sat in our seats which were the next two in. Then the gentleman became very rude to me and we offered to exchange seating and take our original seats. He got angry and they left and sat somewhere else. Unfortunate situation. There were plenty of seats at The Darkest Hour.

Terry Franklin

Renovate to keep up with the other theaters that have reclining leather seats, space for patrons to come and go without interrupting others, and reserved seating is a nice touch but not completely necessary. Maybe leaving reserved seating out might give them the edge over the others.

dog bait

Comfortable seating in a very confined theater. Concessions are too expensive so sneek in your snacks!

Melissa Kern

Love the fact they have reclining seats. This makes going to the movies comfortable.

Robert Cardell

Nice theater with reserved reclining seats. They have a good beer and wine selection.

Shy Schultz

Good theater. Everything is overpriced like any other

Airess Bowker

Loved the reclining seats but next time I will buy tickets online, the libe was Longgggg and slowwww

Sandy Cooper

The latest movies with comfy lounge chairs - AWESOME!

Bryce Skelton

Love the reclining seats !

Susan Brillhart

Loved the recliners! That was the best, made the movie even better!

Kurt Kruep

Great movies of the reclining chairs

Les Thomas

We love this theatre! Love the recliner seats; affordable movies and showing times

Barry Spickler

Comfortable recliners and roomy aisles.

Dave Thompson

it's a typical theater... I saw a movie.

Bartholomew Klick

The seats are really comfortable and the management is helpful and friendly. Tickets are a bit expensive, though, and like all movie theaters, the food is both terrible and overpriced.

Heather Hayes

Comfortable seats and we love the reserved seating too!

Kristy Hughes

Nice theater.

rick strong

Popcorn seems to be a different grade is not as light and fluffy more tough kernelsI love the idea of the extra butter machine at the end of the counter. I enjoyed the movie sitting in the loungesthey seem to be a little short-handed the only had one ticket person in about 20 people waiting I guess that's just what happened I helped was very courteous and helpful


Very clean when I visited, wonderful remodel!

carrie johnson

Nice theater. Clean area, and nice staff.

Brad Hunt

We went to see Aquaman. A great film in a comfortable theater. The staff were great and I love the spacious recliner seats!

michael estrada

Prices for conccessions are ridiculous so eat before going or save some regal points. But as far as movie watching experience and staff friendliness goes. It is top notch. Theatre and reclining seats are always clean.

Jacob Varnon

I saw Shazam it was fine

Donna Gardner

I love the adjustable reclining theater chairs. Get advanced tickets with Fandango is nice on a new release. They serve alcoholic beverages. Parking is handy and very accessible.

Jackie Oster

Comfortable reclining chairs!! No issues with movie or seating! Concession stops right after last movie starts so can't get food/drinks during show :( should tell us prior.

Jordan Emerson

I went to go see Ready Player One with a friend. The movie itself was fine, but my soda was flat when I received it. I went up to the counter to request a different drink and at first the employees didn't believe me. They asked to taste my drink, and then decided to ask the other employees to come and taste my soda. They finally got me a new drink when they were all done tasting my soda.

Wolf Druid

Good seats and facilities. Little pricey. But that's the cost for entertainment now a days.

Tiffany Lacy

We went to an afternoon show and there was only about 8 people at our show. Comfy seats!

Kathleen Lewis

Good movie selection

adam c

Reclining chairs are comfy, place is clean and prices are fair for movies. Make sure you sign up for the rewards.

antwan davis

Very laid back atmosphere

rebekah boline

This is a very small, very cozy theater. The seats allow you to recline and they are pretty comfortable but very small. The beer is good as well and you can only have 3 during your movie time and they let you have 1 at a time which is frustrating if you want to so you'll have to miss your movie.

David Moore

Best movie theater in town

Bill Schmeelk

Watched Wreck It Ralph 2. They recently rearranged so that you present your ticket before you can get to the bathrooms or concessions. Reserved seats were comfortable.

Ayzia Underwood

This theatre is adverse to diverse/ representative films and rarely keeps important films showing.

Aleece Devine

Enjoyable place to watch great movies, not too big, and they keep it clean.

Alison Fowler

It was a lot of fun. The chais are comfortable

Shunzie Jackson

Watched Spiderman Far from Home

david tolbert

Great theater, has pick your own seating and comfortable and reclining chairs. It really makes watching movies there a great experience.


My favorite place to go since the remodeled a few years back. The electric reclining seats are so comfortable that I can't recline or I'll fall asleep! Lol.

Crystal Holland

Every experience I've had is amazing, I do have a question tho. I ordered online an it told me 3 & under is free so I didn't get a ticket for my daughter because normally I don't pay one in person for her but online we pick seats. I was wondering how it works with free children. Help???

Whitney Widener

The prices are okay and the seats are pretty comfy but they make a regrettable noise while reclining

David Carter

Small theater, with an old-school feel. Doesn't have the modern amenities, like AMC or B&B, but still nice.

Holly Fessler

Comfy reclining seats! Concessions are too pricey with no regular combo deals.

teresa kelley

I love the comfortable chairs, and I'm getting used to ordering my tickets ahead of time in order to have a good chair. I still think the prices are a little too high, and this type of a public place should allows the senior age to begin at 55. It would really help some of us old folks. I know I would go to the movies more often.

Armando Torres

Pretty cool little theater my family and I always have a good experience when we go


Great theater and good price for the movie.

Lydia Atwood

Good other than my flat soda

theo bratton

Need to get me a regal card

Adam Scott

Great reclining seats. Also serves beer and wine. What could be better. A smaller theater but it makes up for it with how comfortable the seats are. Also staff is very friendly.


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