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melanie johnson

Ive been going here since I was a kid I moved out of state and recently came back went to the movies and it was alright ... Seats felt wet(maybe cold) but theater smelled musty and bathroom was dirty ... Yes it was a kid day movie but I feel like that shouldnt matter ... I was used to going to the regal theater in Wilmington nc it is the new upgraded theater ... Ive always loved the company as a whole never had any issues even at this location I just feel there needs to be upgrades and clean up a lot to compete with the new theater that just opened ... Ticket prices are cheaper but over all the company is great tickets are cheap but needs cleaned and renovated at the very least a through cleaning.

Liz Medina

First time here and I chose this theater thinking it would be more on the upscale side since it’s part of the casino...I did not like it at all. Tickets were a bit pricey. There wasn’t a lot of food options. And the seating in the theater is too close. My knees touched the front seat and the people behind were way too loud during the movie. Very uncomfortable. It needs an upgrade.

Michelle Enss

Good place to watch movies

Emerald Vision Renaissance

I really enjoy being the only viewer in the showroom! Super relaxing and less anxiety of where to sit!!

I Zeilinger

The place is almost never full so the theater is quite. If you don't care about catching the mid day discount at the other theater come here.

Cari Prater

Great service and comfortable seats

Robert Lolley

Absolutely a very Wonderful Atmosphere. The Foods was wonderful and the Selection Outstanding. Staff Amazing. Clean. Spacious Seating.

John Gaby Jociryn

The costumer not super great but it is a great place.

Katie MacWho

I had a fun time! Everything wss great and I loved the seats!

Kemp Underwood

Total hidden gem. If you love movies but are a little socially phobic, this is the theater for you. Nice and quiet most of the time, no crowds and employees are really pleasant. I've gone in my PJ's..

Maeli Jr Fuimaono


Christopher DeWitt

The bathrooms in the theater were terrible. And the service was bad,will not be going back to the Regal

Amy Poole

We went to see a movie. Our area was clean. Comfortable seats. Took a walk through the mall and the casino.

Mz. Kue

Needs updated app to reserve seats online & leather reclining movie seating

Inmon Reeves

Very good beatiful place i. The casino

Matt K

Very old seating, mold smell in theatres. Rarely busy though

Dani Blann

Love the design of the buildings in the inside and the fountain they have great place to walk and do things

Lico Delarosa

Nice place for u and the grand kids not over crowded and also clean

Emily Henke

Amazing movies

Sherry Paar

The movie was great, but the whole atmosphere from the lobby to the theatre was dark and dingy. There was a huge water leak in front of the screen and my son crawled through it, it was L shaped and maybe 6 feet long on the long side and two feet wide. Who knows where the water came from, rain, sewer, whatever gross all the same.

Jay Mexico8

Great screen and hardly anybody there even on opening weekend so I had my choice of my favorite seat

Penny West

The movie theater was great but make sure you bring a sweater or pants

Crystal Reed

The Movie Theater is a nice place to go to enjoy a Movie lots of great movies to watch for cinema folk's

Aaron Morin

Theaters are clean and usually petty empty so seating is easy

Mike Lewis

Very GOOD experience.

Jonathan Gehrt

Good theater

Jessica Barrios

Smells moldy and feels stuffy when you walk into the theater to watch the movie

Jessica Todd

Loved the movie an very welcoming crew safe family environment over all 100% +

Connie Hsu

Watch movie with Regal membership system. It would build your free ticket faster and easier.

Alex Martinez

This may sound foolish, was told movie had 15 minute previews and we went to buy food counting that time and missed the beginning of the movie because there were no 15 minutes of previews.

Larry Greene

I love the closed caption glasses. It kinda in the sticks if you are not going to the casino. But Regal Theatres use the best device if you are hearing challenged. Still even if you can hear fine it's an excellent place to see movies

Chris Schaberg

Love seeing movies here. Had whole theater to ourselves. Nice place to see a movie

Geeky Girl Gadgets

The casino should be ashamed of themselves this place needs a MAJOR overhaul and update to the theaters.....seriously the insides of the theaters, seating and what not are worthy of maybe a 1.00 theater. Typically theaters in casinos are super nice and comfy ....not this the seats are probably from some other theaters upgrades when they tossed out the seats from 1976

Ken Hupp

Not crowded at all... lots of sceens and time choices. Obviously they dont do enough business to keep the theater in business on it's own, and is subsidized by the Casino. But this is why I love it, a little time capsule with 90s decor and not a lot of crowd. It's kind other worldly compared to more modern theatres.

Taira Chavez

Movie was great! The theater was stuffy. The chairs were uncomfortable.

Britt Francis

quiet, fairly clean, big, decent ticket prices. snacks are pretty expensive though.

Ka-Meisha Moore

This place has rules other theaters don' wonder this place is always empty... why should you put an age limit on how old my child should be to see a scary movie... It should be my choice not yours

Patricia Voss

Went to the movie theater there at 18 different kinds of movies and just around the corner is the most amazing Pizzeria you'll ever have in your life and don't forget to try the cannolis next to mine they're the best I've ever tasted and I'm from Newark New Jersey completely Italian place so I'm telling you I'm an expert on cannolis

Drew Murphy

The girl at the ticket booth actively scowled at my girlfriend as she bought her ticket for seemingly burdening her with what can only be described as "her job"; no joke, this girl was a mean teenage cartoon convenience store clerk trope come to life. Really, just the worst service I've ever gotten in my life. The room we were in was freezing cold, and the only thing preventing me from giving this 1 star is that the popcorn was pretty good.

Francis Matimoju

Hellboy... nice movie

Christopher Freeman

This is where the stars can be seen with popcorn,soda nd Nachos. Very convenient for the price.

R. D.

I love this theater primarily because its so out of the way that no one comes here so at most you share a theater with a few people. I drive a little further just to come here. I hope they stay in business!

Jerry Carpenter

Seats very uncomfortable.... Great sound!

Two Can Play at that Game

The trashiest experience I've had at a theater and I loved every second of it. I saw the Grinch and out theater was empty. Now, that's probably to be expected on a Wednesday evening 20 days after the movies release. But tickets were $10 and I'd pay a few times that to experience an empty theater. On the downside our movie shut off about 15 minutes in and I had to ask them to turn it back on. Onto quality sound was a pinch below average and so was projection. I know the movie wouldn't be all that bass heavy but any scenes that had bass were lacking in that movie theater experience. The projection was acceptable yet slightly muted color wise. The seats were alright, fairly cushy. Finding the theater was another problem. Relative to the Ameristar property it's in the very back and to the very right. It's pretty challenging to find unless you follow the signs clearly pointing you toward the cinemas. The theater is a ghost town inside of a mini city and it gave me the opportunity to see behind a projection screen for the first time.i enjoyed it and disliked it at the same time. 3/5

Gerald Porepore

I think you guys deserve a 5 I have updated since I have been back a few more times!


Went here for the first to see Hereditary. Without knowing this theater was here or visiting the casino, you would never know it was here do to it being in the back of the Ameristar. The tickets were higher than average for a regular movie theater and this was a standard screen with standard auditorium seating (not the new recliners). The hallways have an old feel to them but in a way has cool look to it. The seats were what you would expect with a non-updated theater. The restrooms were large and clean. Overall, the experience was good, just a little pricey considering all the factors.

Gayle Pirtle

Godzilla on the Grand screen ! Great !

Sherese Sarrafian

The place was clean and people were friendly liked the movie

April Renne

Was awesome. I had a great time.

Brody Delaney

Connected to the casino. You get that "casino smell" when you first walk in. That goes away after you get into the theater. Good seating and good sound. I'd watch another movie here.

John Thummel

The parking lot is in extremely bad shape. The theater is OK and has good matinee prices.

ernesto amador

Older theater but great if you do not want a crowded theater!

The unlawful system

Needs to be renovated and upgraded badly. People who have rated it 5stars need to get out more. It's a huge theater that is rarely crowded though. And it has an arcade just across the hall that is pretty cool.

Autumn Gorman

The only reason it wasn't 5 is because the seats weren't very comfortable.

Hope Huff

Godzilla" King of Monster" rocked!!


I love this place it's large clean and quiet and I got to go see Fifty Shades of Grey

Matthew King

Like your typical movie theater seats were okay movie was good little pricey, the only disappointment is at concessions they only have you're basic junk food. I was really hoping to get some real food to eat while I was watching my movie that's why they only got four stars. The staff was very friendly and nice though.

LaTanya Royal

Great to go there on off days!

c h

Outdated theatres. Excellent customer service.

Mandy Vassalle

Clean, but talkers all the way through the movie with their feet on the back of everyone's seats! Super annoying! And hand dryers in bathrooms are set so low that you have to bend over to use them.

Cheryl Little

Had a wonderful time

Amanda Wright

The theater and lobby are dated, but whatever, the looks don't have anything to do with the movie. Or do they? Very bad quality sound the whole time. Whenever someone talked it was muffled like if you were trying to listen to it from under water. My husband went to tell them about it twice and so did another movie goer, but nothing was done. I understand if you can't fix the problem at that time, but you should stop the movie and tell your guests and offer them passes for another showing. After the movie we did talk to them about it again and they did offer us free passes, but that's not how they should have handled it.

Steven Smith

Friendly service, good concessions. A shame it's so empty.

Cheyanne Pokharel

Had a blast!! Theatre chairs were fluffy friendly. Clean and prices were fair.

Gregory Galvin

Old style seats with little leg room. Smelled of smoke from Ameristar Casino in same building.

Robin Pennington

Toilets are falling off the walls, theaters smell musty and old. Broken and torn seats that are very uncomfortable. Staff is almost non existent.

Bill Dauben

Brooklyn and I decided to go to see a movie while we waited for the boys at worlds of fun. I looked for a theater close by and we mapped yourself here. Now I have been to the casino here many times yet never knew they had a theater. It's located on the back side of the casino and totally good with taking a minor. We purchased our tickets and went in. Definitely nothing special, very bland place for a theatre. Seating was somewhat comfortable but not like the newer theaters. The place did the trick but would only come back if the situation was similar with it being the closest place to go.

Thomas Bennett

I dig this theater. It doesn't have the modern reclining seats, but it does have comfortable seating and a lot of theaters. It is a couple bucks cheaper for tickets and concessions (popcorn/drinks) than the more modern theaters. Parking is great.

familia flores en Kansas city

I love this place

Ranee Clark

18 Theaters, GREAT popcorn, helpful friendly concessions staff, friendly management & smiles all around. They go that extra mile to ensure customer safety too. No sneaking in weapons here!!!!

Peter The'Witch

smelly movie theater, expensive drinks and snacks..super long previews, only 1 time for me

Vladimir Kruglyak

Very old, outdates design of seats that have no rows in the middle to get out and in without disturbing the entire row, and if you are at the front, the entire theater will get disturbance. The seats are uncomfortable for a long, laid back seating. Not enough cusion and no head rest. No recliners. Vertical lines at the screen all the way through commercials and previews. Thumbs Down. All the way. It is 2019.

noah kendrick


Marcus Laymon

I went to see Endgame the Thursday it came out and got a seat right in the center of the theater. The picture quality and sound were good, and the best part is that it wasn't packed. The concession stand was basic, but I don't go to a movie theater for a gourmet meal and alcoholic beverages. I go for the movie. This is m movie theater of they keep it really clean!!

Devious Uno

Used to enjoy. They're going down hill fast. You large refill popcorn you can only refill once now. The rewards program has changed where it really isn't worth having now. The seat are worn and not cushioned. Half way threw the movie your butt is hurting. Very disappointed.

Mich Forgues

Its convenient

Ris S

I have tried to use the Regal Club Card points twice now for Movie Tickets. The first time was at the theater and was advised tickets was only available through the App online. No tickets this time. The next time a week later we went on line to use the app and found we did not have enough points NOW. The upped what was needed for a ticket by 2000 points. NO TICKET This time. A couple weeks after that we had the points and used the app to by the ticket. We went straight to the theater and when we tried to redeem the ticket Voucher we were told there would be a $1.50 additional charge for the movie we wanted to see. Afternoon lowest priced time and 2 d regular movie and still an additional charge. Some movies we were told did not even accept the voucher. Basically these cards are worthless for movie tickets and so is Regal Theaters for the way they put restrictions and value decreases on their points. They raise what is needed faster than most people can earn. A free ticket should be a free ticket. If not than do away with the ticket voucher and sell by price for the movie you plan to see.

Jeff Maxwell

I appreciate picking my own seat, but the theater is older and could stand to get a remodel, we had the theater to ourself.

john mcclellan

I love regal! only reason i didnt give 5 stars is that every single person working there from the ticket booth to the food stand didnt know how to smile and looked bored, bothered, or just indifferent. Smile!

Tristan Cox

Okay theatre experience but it especially hampered by the creepy "This is basically The Shining" feel you get when you are the only person in the theatre. We only witnessed staff while we were there no one else. The theatre itself was fairly clean and the screen and sound was good. The seating is pre-stadium style which may be an issue if a screening was full.

Junk Male

Staff was friendly, theater was well kept. Had some issues before the movie started playing but other than that it was an enjoyable experience. Great ticket prices too.

Scott Blattman

Price is right at twilight. $7.00 ... go! Enjoy. Not crowded at all. But bring $5.00 for a small soda.

Matt Potter

Wouldn't give me change

Michael Card

Pretty alright theater. Came here for my first and only time because of the PlayStation E3 Experience. It's a pretty standard theater. Nothing eccentric, nothing to really make it stand out. It's actually pretty bland. And the food was WAY over priced. Spent $12 for a small soda and a standard hotdog. But anyway, it was alright. Probably not going to come back unless another E3 event is held there again.

Lance Bellefontaine

Had a good time, nice service

Jamie A

Had a wonderful time!! Clean and courteous people. Saw a great movie! 80th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz!

Andrewor Taylor

The chair in cinema 7 in the middle is saggy and one of the speakers was making a distortion crackling sounds the entire movie. Will not go back.

Lisa Payne

Never sold out & plenty of parking. Staff is friendly.

Christi Rippy

Very clean and very friendly workers!

Marjorie Miller

I really like his theater, friendly worker bee's, clean, prices same as the other theater's.

Benjamin Rodriguez

Lots of space, easy to get in and out.

Jesse Sackman

sat in theater for over 20 minutes with a black screen and sound when I did go mention it I got told that it was normal and I needed to be patient that my movie didn't start until 1:10 the screen would come on when the movie starts so back to me seat I went upset with the customer service I had received waited patiently until 1:20 still with just a black screen got back out of my seat went back to the concession where I stated again something was wrong the manager at this point snipped at me and said yeah I gotta go upstairs and that was it horrible service horrible seating really starting to hate AMC theaters B&B will be getting my money from now on

Doug Koechner

Easy in and easy out. Stay all night or just a few minutes, no hassles.

Miranda Taylor

The employees were very friendly but the place has seen better days.

Shari Last

It was great. We were the only ones in the theater. Good relaxed and quiet setting

Angela Blackmon

We visit often because of location. But seating could be a lot more roomier

Slot King Dream

It's a nice clean a stablish mint it's outdated need to update their menu and update their Theater seating instead of just having regular seats get the modern styles that's out now

Tammy Fleming

Usually love coming here. Today was a major failure in my books. Making us stand in the long concession stand just to show you a ticket i already bought on the app was the worst experience we've had here. Think the gist was that we were suppose to be tricked into buying the concessions. But just made me mad that i had to wait for people in front of us buying $60 worth of stuff. Have a separate line for people who just want to buy tickets like you usually do or I'll take my business somewhere where they do.

Michael Seutter

We enjoyed our movie choice Dumbo definitely entertaining the theater number 13 was warm that made it uncomfortable only four movie watchers total in to view Dumbo we chose the viewing time of 7:15PM THE THEATRE WAS A SLOW EVENING WEDNESDAY APRIL 24TH 2019 OVERALL AN ENTERTAINING MOVIE AND EVENING PEACE LOVE AND MORE LOVE

Cheryl J. Quincy

The staff is generally very nice though there's only ever minimal interaction, which is fine. I only gave three stars because my last visit. The theater has a moldy, old carnival water ride smell that is a sign that maintenance is severely needed. Yes, it's true the seating is claustrophobic and needs updating. And for being in a casino you'd think consessions would be reasonably priced. Not the case.

Nicholas Mcelwee

Me and my wife went to go watch a movie as date night got tickets for slender man. It was just us in the theater then walking in a family brought their 4 kids ages ranging from 1-9 years old they talked non stopped the 1 year old cried a bunch then they decided it would be ok to let one of their kids run around the room with the 1 year old so it wouldn’t cry anymore they were throwing food and candy every where and after about an hour of it we had enough and walked out. Went to go talk to the manager told her what was happening and her only response was I’ll let the other manager know when they come in...not I’m sorry or I’ll go take care of it or offering a refund. Safe to say we will never return there again with poor management like that

Arabelle Ruckman

Very nice theatre

Valletta Sanders

Small but we loved having the entire theatre to ourselves!

Dennis Hopgood Jr

Chairs are not comfortable. Looking to get close to your lady - will be trouble because the arms dont move.

Michael Sutherland

The seats need to be upgraded, the arms don't fold up and the padding for the seat have seen a lot of bizznes. All other areas area a solid 4 star with friendly staff.

Angel Davis

Don't come here for comfort! The seats are so uncomfortably straight and firm, arm rest doesn't move either, so your pinned in a tight chair for however long your movie is. The popcorn tasted stale and the drink was good size and refillable!... This place needs updated, just a suggestion, Start with the seats! And you figure, since it's in a casino, it would be the best place to see a movie! And in the upgrade, add a bar, because that makes since!!!

Jeremy Hill

This is by far my favorite movie theater to go to. It's never busy and the prices are cheap compared to other theatres.

Rosiland Brown

I wished Regal Kansas City was showing the movie called: Crawl! My friend and I wanted to see that do bad but it was'nt playing at Regal theatre.

Gordon B

Very convenient location whether you're gambling or just want to see a movie

Neil M

No sound during previews except static. When movie starts you can still hear static crackling. Seats are old. For as old, worn, and plain this theater is the tickets should be cheaper.

TIM Scott

Not the greatest place but it was easy to get in and was clean.

Laurie Hehn

Great seats, very comfortable

Chuck Winegar

Nice place. Quiet never really busy

Sherry Ward

Been there a few times. I like it because it never seems to be over crowded. Plus, while we are there, we explore the casino, the kids arcade, walk around, and have lunch or dinner. There is a great buffet close by within the same building.

Chervaldric Williams

I and my girl went to see the "Equalizer". The arm rest did not raise up so we could get comfy. Other than that, I would attend this movies again.


I went to see Deadpool 2 and the speakers were so loud that I got a headache. There was also this weird blue circle in the middle of the screen that was pretty distracting. I still managed to enjoy the movie, but my experience was less than stellar.

j. koch.

Best place to see a movie. Great staff. Bathroom has two entrances!

Bryan Fleming

Beat prices & comfortable seating having 3D & standard movie formats on the SW corner of the Ametistar. Great movies with grest dining choices at the Ametistar makes for a great date place.

Marla Maxwell

If you're looking for a theater that isn't very busy then this one's for you! We were in movie theater number 11 and it smelled like mold and mildew. It could use some deep cleaning and a serious dehumidifier to get all the moisture out of the seats and carpet.

William Hodapp

Only ones in the theater it was nice. Love the movie.

Larry Zucca

$12 for a mediocre hotdog and a very small over iced soda. Looks alittle outdated. Like going there because its never crowded. Staff is friendly but chat alot with each other. Concessions are outrageous. Seats are average. Bathrooms are usually clean and never a wait.

Carl Harris

Clean theater and nice employees


Always crowd-free you'll like it.

Harriet Rice

My favorite movie spot !!!

Jean Bock

I like the employees but there really needs to be spot checks on theater for talkers...we had a whole family talking watching other things on phones and kids playing. This was at the 9pm..I choose this time to try and avoid this

Shelly Campbell

Great matinee pricing. Smelled musty in the theater.

915 Broadway

Old and creepy. No one was there and it was nice to have the alone time to talk during the movie

Gerardo Rocha

Nice place, no many people

Los Cabral

I think some of these reviews are from people who have low self esteem and want to feel better about themselves. I find it for the location and the environment it is holding up really well. could it use some new seats or things here and there yes. Since non of those complainers are pitching in for the cost, come by and buy more snacks and tickets and maybe then we can see a upgrade. The management and employees are always nice and polite, and I know for a fact, you only get rude people is because you treat them bad. You show respect you get respect. Keeping being great and giving us entertainment! I want to thank Regal for all the great times we have! Love, Valued Customer

Cassaundra Kincaid

Always love going to the Ameristar Regal Cinema!!!

Bert Garcia

It's a nice movie theatre not alot of people come to this movie theatre but it's good

Jacquetta Hyzer

Awesome Loved The Mule

Patricia Quail

Great theater. The movies are always very good quality. The 3D is always great quality as well. Seats are OK, not the best, not what I would call comfortable. The concession stand is extremely overpriced. $5 for water. The theater does have special glasses for the hard of hearing, that have subtitles (which I need) and Regal is the only cinema that I know of that has this. The staff have always been helpful.

alisa taylor

Very uncomfortable, medium drink is over 6 dollars. Seems a bit ridiculous :(

dors mcclain

Located at Ameristar Casino, plenty of parking spaces & movie theaters. Clean and friendly staff.

Steven Carter

Old facilities but still a good place to watch a movie with the family. Not near as busy as other theaters.

Mary Savedbyhisgrace Wright

Really nice movie theater

JD King

Best Popcorn in the world!!!

Jon Doe

Excellent. Tell the upstairs cocktail server she's friendly and cute!

Kali Dmnd

Way over priced on their drinks and total concession stand. But the movie quality was nice

John Boone

The best place to go see a movie! Don't tell anyone ;-) Never, ever a crazy large crowd - even on opening night. You may be in a show alone. I think the most I seen topped out at about 22 if I remember right. Standard food and ticket prices like other chains. Clean, very large restrooms. Arcade games in the lobby.

Samantha Adkins

Pretty great but the guy in front of us paid for me

Michael Connelly

Love my Regal! Great rewards! Only theater we go to!


Good theater but very poor seating for people in wheelchairs.

Skrilla Forilla

Good place to watch a movie! Citigroup find a ticket to Avengers ANYWHERE else! Plenty of room here! Thanks

Lid W

Those are the most prejudice people I've seen in my life. No eye contact! Very vad Attitudes. Never again

Fred Soltani aka MK FRAYSOL

Great cheap and unique experience from the other big name theaters

Tonya Ellison

I went there on 3/10/19. encountered racism. I was ask to see my ticket in the movie after I was sitting down, as though I was stealing to watch a movie. I bought 2 tickets to watch to movies. I went back after the second movie to get a refill on my drink. I honestly asked for a large, but i guess the young lady didn't hear me and gave me a medium drink. So it was my first time going, i didn't know it was a medium cup until.i asked for a refill. After looking at the ticket, I said ok. The lady Genai, something like that, a older lady that was working at the time. As i was standing there she told the young lady to go check all the theaters to make sure the right amount people were in there. I knew then she thought i was stealing a movie. I really thought it was a large cup. Anyway the other young lady was like what. So the older lady repeated herself. I walk off sit down and waited for my other movie to start. Went back in got my ticket ready. And as i expected she sent someone. The young man played it off and asked another guy first, then acted like he was leaving and came to me. It was other people in there also. I told him I knew what was happening and the story and he said yes.. The lady was not at the counter. She was hiding I believe. She has just came on, or less she only worked a three or four hour shift. Im trying to file a complaint.

Morgan Weber

The food made us very sick and the theater smelled of feces. It wasn't crowded and the cashiers at concessions were friendly and helpful, however, we will not be returning.

Thomas Ashlock

Always enjoy going here

Jason B.

Went during off peak time, It was a good time.

Robert O'Malley

Have used it in the past and they had current movies. Nice small theater.

Bev Marsh

Needs to be remodeled, but otherwise okay. It wasn't very crowded.

Welene Allen

Usually go around dinner time and there is hardly anyone there. So great selection of seats. Mostly us old fokes. Tuesday's half price on drinks and popcorn. Most of the time I miss that day tho.

Roxanne Hargis

Good movie but the theater smelled very musty/moldy.

R. R.

Best place around for a movie , being without the annoying crowds on their cellphones is what makes this place GREAT!

Charlotte Blanchard

The best experience I've ever had this year and thank my friends for that trip I enjoyed that

Vick C

Great place to gamble, dinner or a quick bite and a movie.


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