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804 N Kansas Ave, Kanopolis, KS 67454

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REVIEWS OF Kanopolis Drive In Theatre IN Kansas

Daniel Lauber

Brenda BISEL-McCarter

Delightful, Noteworthy, Nostalgic, Loved it!!!!!

Marlis Lantz

Amazing place! True old school drive inn experience!

Kathy Anthony

Best family experience! Good ole fashion hospitality and evening blast watching good movies.

amanda webb

Great family fun!!

Linda Hahn

kindel McGee

Thank you for keeping tradition alive. Please spray for bugs in the lot though.

Martha Wondra

This is a great drive in experience. VERY relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can watch while sitting outside or from the comfort of your own private vehicle.

Frank Weeks

Great experience. I recommend going if you have the chance. Bring family and friends .

Mellissa Scott

I was very surprised how the quality of picture they had. It beats going to a theater to see new movies. Prices to get in and food was reasonable too.

Robert Frazier

Great haven't been to a drive inn since I was a kid

Javier Ahumada

This drive-in theater is great! It is full of nostalgia; loved the old license plates and memorabilia in the concessions building. The digital movie projection is clear and bright and the FM audio was crisp and clear. I had a cheeseburger, popcorn and a soda for a very reasonable price and they tasted great! I had to drive about an hour from where my work meeting was being held, but it was well worth it! If you are near the area, or would like to experience the old drive-in experience, this is a wonderful place to do that and is worth the drive!

Mr. Bradshaw

Chris Stoppel

Braden Starks

ryan allin

Always have a great time

Sarah Brouhard

Steven Roberts

The drive in theatre was a fun experience for my friend and I. We were surprised by how good the sound quality was. Even when we had to check out a radio the sound quality was still excellent! Lastly, the movie was priced well because $8.00 for two movies is a great deal.

James Allen,Jr

A+A+A+ Movies and Staff

B Cumberland

Bobby Boulineau

Jeffery Moyer

Great little drive in with reasonable prices. Very busy.

Jordan Mooney

We have never had a poor experience at the Kanopolis Drive In. Great prices. Great movie selection. Always a fun time.

Sheila Gassmann

Some friends and I went there for the Monsterama and despite the freezing wind, we had a blast! The food is better than any theater I've been to and the prices are fantastic! $10 for a carload too! A friend and myself slept in my SUV and left at 8:30 a.m. and people were still sleeping. The staff is amazing and super friendly! They all need raises for putting up with us ! This was the first time for the 4 of us being there and we're all anxiously awaiting to go again! Heck, I drove almost 4 hours to go and was NOT let down one single bit! Thank YOU for all you do!

Susie Hoppe

Great place for family night. Radio station could have been better, I'll definately go again.

Jadam A

This is a fun and great experience kids and adults can have a good time.

Jeremy Gray

Jack D. Crispin, Jr.

A real old fashioned drive-in theater!

Brett Riffel

Great for any age

Mitchell Copple

Great place to take the kids relax and enjoy the show

Kayla Fitzgerald

We love this place! Always great staff.

Lee Walker

Amy Callahan

YES! :)

Joe Thompson


Tammy Johnson

Allison Biggs

Love the movie experience

Jennifer Klepper

Amazing experience! Blast from the past_

Greg Girard

Good outdoors movie. Get there early as it fills up quick and they pack you in like sardines.

Mike Woods

Great fun for the whole family.

Crystal Wells

Pokemon Pikachu

Their pickles are small but inexpensive. The drive in movie experience is a rare gem now a days.

Jorge Silva

Shirley Gal

I love the snacks they sell


Great place price is right 8 bucks for 2 shows Just rember to take along a fm radio to listen to movie, but the have some u can use too. Play ground area up front for kids to play in

Shawn L

They have double features on the weekends which are really good deal the concessions are surprisingly cheap and made with good food. The atmosphere is very welcoming in both its visuals and employees

Emily Reifsnyder

Mark Knop

Great place to take family

Nolan Trapp

Movie experience is good, concessions are much better than average price wise and taste wise. The only negative is when I visited the car side radios don't work but they do offer portable radios in the concession stand.

Joy Mortimer

Didnt care for the movie, but that didn't even matter...we were there for the ecoerience! Will be back :)

Joseph Miller

Sound quality could be better

Austin Penner

Love the nostalgic feel of the environment, it just brings back memories of when I came here as a kid (4-6) almost always a great experience. I think the only thing that can sometimes be an incomberance is a train that from time to time while come through during a showing and you won't be able to hear anything while it blows it's horn going through. Other than that fair prices and a wide selection for concession.

Bayne Chism

It's a great experience and would be great to do at least once

billy clark

Very overcrowded, needs a new bathroom system like Porta pottys the line was outrageously long!!

Eric Poe

Steve Cairns

Very nice, brings back memories of the good times. Very affordable admission and snacks. I will go again.

Scott Marcic

Love this place!!!!!

Michele Berg

Robert Biker

Recommend for everyone. Wonderful place

Mickey Stroda

I love drive ins. Plan to go this coming season

Micah Watney

Good picture quality, but MAN is the audio quality horrible!!!!!! You can have a fun time, but to be able to enjoy any of it, you'll HAVE to bring a portable radio.

Heike Karnes

What a fun experience for our whole family! Definitely have to go back someday

Nicole Barrand

Great way to show my kids what we used to do.

Trace Reed

Fantastic, amazing place to go with the family. Very laid back, and reasonably priced! Plus the kids can get a wide selection of candy for just a buck!

Amber Kissick

DK Carlson

First Time! IT was very entertaining & satisfying!

Dennis McMurray

Great place to see two movies in the outdoors.

Dan Reazin

Patrik Leonard

Alan Mettling

Had a great time at the Kanopolis Drive In tonight! Only $8 to see both the new Lion King and Aladdin! What a deal! Totally loved the experience of going to a drive in theatre!

Tonya Stout

Good family memories made here

Rosa vasquez

Always amazing

Tanya Rowan

Josh Kejr

Samuel Loy

Good, inexpensive concessions, cozy old fashioned fun!

Ellis Recreeation Commission

Theresa Uhlmann

I absolutely love the outdoor movie experience! It's one of the few drive in theatres left in the state--maybe the country I don't really know. It's very well maintained and has a great selection of treats at the concession stand. My favorite is the cheesey nachos! Everybody is super friendly and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like traditional theaters!

Brandy Wilkerson

Awesome!! What a great way to spend an evening under the stars

David Butler

Love the nostalgia of the drive-in movie!

Sarah Weis

Corey Kern

Carrie Ringwald

love it glad we still have one

Kyle kaiser

Alot of fun!!

Jen Keene

Food and drinks are reasonable and service was great!

josh webb

Awesome nacho grande, and the best movie theatre popcorn ever! Candy bars are $1. Yup, a buck! Two movies every night too! When the sun goes down its perfect!

Elizabeth Goodman

Jerry Hopkins

David Troyer

Great Drive in. There are very few places like this left. Check it out if you can.

Brittany Kejr

It's great little drive in with really good movie titles. They show very recent releases not movies that have been out for months already.

Brent Rothchild

Love this place, lots of updates in the last few years. Only down side is that the concession stand needs to be one way. There are two doors and they try to serve two lines at once, ends up taking a very long time to get through the lines. Very fun family outing though.

Heather Stagner

Clark's Auto & Performance

Had a great time! There was some background noise from the houses next to the theatre and parking was packed 30 mins before showtime. But still a great time!

Asher C.

The parking could be more organized and Exodus could be better but they do a good job when is isn't super busy.

Chris Huggans

Great place to see a movie. We'll set up, friendly helpful staff.

Jason matlock

Great place lots of fun!!

John Koester

Double feature great value. Good service

Nic Crombie

A nostalgic stop. A must go to theatre if you can make the trip. 2 movies. A heat selection of snacks at concessions.

Neil Lininger

John Loux

If you want an old fashioned experience of a drive-in , Kanopolis Drive In Theater is the place to go. First run movies, affordable snack bar. Great family running the place. The kids can run around in the play area in front of the "Big Tv" as my grandaughter calls it.

Cody Berry

Great place for a date

Darla Denning

Rosanne Howell


Joe Wallace

It was a good experience, we had a great time

Colton Droge

Love watching movies with groups here. Has an old school feel to it

Ginny Zachgo

Kanopolis drive in is a great date night for family and friends

Duncan G. Clark

Classy old school drive in. Worth a visit!

Sara Mauck

Miguel Zuniga

Sharon Andrews

Very nice drive in and the employees are very nice

Cassandra Smith

Enjoy the drive in everytime. We go out especially for the monsterama event in October. The kids love camping in the car and the breakfast in the morning is always a nice touch.

Angel Relmar

Earnie Gill

Great little drive-in to take you back to the true pleasure of a simpler time. It is fantastic to see all of the families take advantage of this great community asset. Watching the families interact, kids playing, young loves sharing a romantic evening or enjoying a comedy... There truly should be more of these around the country so for now, I'm grateful to have this one so close. My only criticism would be that they need to repair the screen on the bottom left side and expand so we don't get there and find out their sold out.

Andrew Ridinger

One of the only drive in theaters left in America.

Kelly Miller

Eric Crawford

Awesome place for family's, took the family and the kids were able to play and run around till the movie started

Kari Maul

As always, it was wonderful!

Robin Bowling

Tori Tuggle

I was excited to see the Lion King and we were one of the first to come in and get our spot to watch. We get greeted by an employee who told us to keep close distance to other cars so there can be maximum capacity, which we were happy to follow. But then a family with two cars parked in front of us where they completely blocked our view and parked horribly. But no one came to correct them until we asked and even then, we had to be the ones to adjust to inconsiderate people who blocked our view and didnt care. It was worse that this staffer didn't care about our experience and we left before the movie. We plan to call to be refunded since they didn't offer. So we spent $16 to drive there, get told rules, abide by them and then be told that we have to move for inconsiderate people and then have no concern to improve the experience. WORST movie experience of my life and I'm not joking in that. Never coming back again.

Tricia Myers

Needs an updated concession area with a couple more bathrooms available. Otherwise its great still having the old fashion drive in available still.

Troy Reed

Great place to make a few family memories

Cynthia Gaskill

Great family outing. Get there early if you want a good spot. Not easy for a large truck to maneuver.

Tamara Wenger

Laurie Donley

Rick Perkins

It was fun but hot. We were right be the concession stand and the lights were too bright.

Marisa Frank

Tanya Schmidt

I loved the whole experience with my kids we didnt have to worry about being to loud for others and everyone could spread out and relax my kids had a blast

dustin sherman

Josh Wren

Awesome place good food.


Preston Wolf

Great fun

Teresa Belote

Makayla Modrow

Love it

Lee S

Loved the ambiance and old time feel of the drive in. Everyone was having fun before the show under the big screen and just relaxing. A welcome break to our hectic lives!!

Silviana 94

Sabrina Burt

Awesome little drive in theater. Like back in the good old days.

David Fortier

If you're looking for something fun to do in Kansas then here it is. Easy to find, very family friendly and a great time. Concession stand is good but not great. Wish they would expand out their offerings a bit, but still good. Movies look great on the big screen. Overall a great time.

Sonna M

Carl Anderson

Not your classic 1960s drive in experience. Sound is provided via FM broadcast, played through your vehicle's sound system. 1960s sure didn't offer stereo sound with rich bass. Screen is the classic white screen, but the projection system is a modern, digital, extremely bright projector. No mechanical failures, no reel changes during the show, no scrapes in the emulsion causing streaks and spots in the projected image. Msny vehicles back onto the clasdic ramps, open the back door(s) of the vehicle and set out chairs or blankets to watch the show. Think "tailgate" experience. Nice play area just in front of the screen for the young and young at heart. Overall a very enjoyable evening.

matt adams

Tricia York

Love this place

Bryce Brewer

Harlea McCain

Love the nostalgic feel. The projector could have been a little brighter it was kinda hard to see some of the movies we watched. But it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you.

Mason Bettles

Even though price are ridiculously high, it's still a great place to watch a movie with friends and family outdoors.

Kimberly Bui

Patrick Redetzke

Love the old intermission snack bar advertising and cartoons. Come to kanopolis in the day and check out the military historical museum.

Patrick Perez

Great, inexpensive, family fun!

Darlene Caramico

Sheldone Smith

Shawntay Crawford

Great place to take kids

Taylor Burwell

rachel kelley

Eric Frieb

I came here with a friend to watch the new Jurrasic World movie, and I was very impressed. The Drive-In is very family friendly, possess a good concessions stand, and you can't beat the prices when you're getting a double feature. If you want a fun night and don't have to get up the next morning for work or another engagement, I highly recommend coming here on the weekend to enjoy a couple movies! Bring your car, blankets and lawn chairs, or an inflatable mattress to lay on, and enjoy!

Mark Price

We come into town once a year & this is one of the best kept secrets in Central Kansas

Jessica Patterson

Great family fun. Awesome experience!!!!

Douglas Dutton

Fun experience but be sure to have an FM radio that you can leave on to receive sound. The drive in car speakers do not work. We didn't have a radio and could barely hear thr movie.

Elliott bigfella

It rained during the last movie, yes, it was a double feature witch was nice. We stayed and watched the rest of the movie. We will be back! Awesome brownies btw!!!

Jessica Brown

Love it!

Steven Kyler

Randy Moon


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