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121 W Laurel St, Independence, KS 67301

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REVIEWS OF Independence Cinemas IN Kansas

Alura Simmons

These recliner chairs are comfy! Great selection of movies as well, glad to have a cinema so close.

Elmer Cahoon

The reclining seats are awesome

Dana Beaver-Henz

Current selection presented. Love the seats. Power recliner. General selection of food.

James Atherton

Good theater, with good movie options. What else would you say about it...very good old-fashioned popcorn, and snack bar.

Aaron Dashiell

You won't find a better theater in the region. Seats and legroom are better than any theater I've ever been, even The Warren. Concessions are reasonable compared to other theaters (still expensive). Tickets aren't as expensive as bigger cities. All things considered, this is an exceptional theater for the region, and pretty good by national standards.

Karen Hauge

The Hub Church has 2 services there on Sunday. I love their soft comfy reclining chairs in the theater and with chairs reclined, there is still plenty of room to walk in front of the ppl.

MayMay Brown

Love that they have the popcorn cheese flavored powder for free!

Tyler Cotterill

Great seats and great experience

Patrick Sanchez

Great time there. Love the recliner seats.

Jake Gill

It has been a few years since I had been in. Recently my family saw deadpool 2 and all I can say is wow. The remodeled theaters were awesome. The seats were comfortable and lots of room. Great theater.

Pam Allen

Very reasonable.Over size Reclining seats, cup holders. Not to loud.

shanna cash

Love the new chairs so much.

Lea Johnson

Love, love, love the space and the seating!!!!

hailey sokoll

The service was awesome friendly staff

Karen Linnebur

How am I tracked?

liquid bobnewton

Good place grate staff

Nicole Johnson

Comfortable seating. Quick service. Clean. Little pricey for usbut best theater around this area.

Patricia Davisson

No handicap rest. Just handicapped stall. Does not fit all handicapped needs. Not enough room.

Pastor Tony Fields

Awesome seating, decent prices, very clean.

Casey Benson

Great nee seats and popcorn is good. Staff could be more knowledgeable... Young and nervous to talk to people.

Jay Pollard

The remodeled theaters are very nice now

Darrell Perry

This worse place to work in the world to work makes employees that work one holiday also then put their name in a hat that they supposedly draw out of for the next holiday. also to work on thanksgiving not compassions for family time. If the people want to watch a movie go to Redbox it’s a better experience than dealing with inconsiderate employers that just have to make an extra buck an have no care for others family time!!!! If I could give a negative rating it would be negative five stars!!!

Angela Jacobs

They had a 5 dollar day, and it was my first time here. Love the reclining seats.


Upset that I couldn't get the 8:20 pm. Captain Marvel movie after being only 5 minutes late had to buy 8:45 pm. Movie time but when the time came for the movie to start 5 minutes in people we're still comeing in. What the hell.

Stanley Mitts

Nice seats. Ok price

David Eytch****

Dolby surround sound, large reclinig chairs, air conditioned, and clean

Chad Lawyer

Recliner style seating! Possibly a $15 nap.

Tom Holeman

Good place to watch movies


I love their seats and they are very nice

Teresa Lewis

It's the only movie theater in town so they could do less but they work hard at making the theater nice. Awesome seats, decent prices, only down side is not Coke products.

Totally Todd Howard

Good chairs

Rebecca Foreman

it has awesome seats and staff

Lynn Larkin

Love the seats! They are comfy, roomy, and recline!

Amanda Morris

I love the chairs. An the people are very friendly.

Andrew Farris

Comfy seats at a decent price.

Eva Schoonover

Great... Granddaughter and us gals loved Aladdin!

E Gibson

I absolutely love the reclining seats they are so comfortable. Popcorn is awesome and all the options to add for flavors.

Ivan Bailes

Expensive for a small town theatre but the seats are amazing!

Linda Todd

This is tje beat movie theater you can go to...and its not expensive...the chairs are comfy... And the snacks popcorn pop etc.. Are not very expensive..the screen is so clear...and its not cold like other theaters

Rebecca Brown

Love all the updates!

Athaniel Collins

Good movies just wish the show the new movies when they are actually released.

shelli lochner

Reclining chair are awesome

Tim Jacobs

Very comfortable seats.

Cody Powers

Very happy with the quality of movies and services


Nice update to theater

Ashley Hopkins

Better then the big theaters in the city. Has reclining seats and clear view screens. Been newly remodeled as well! Prices are also.not to shabby!

W. Royal

Nice cinema. Has the best experience in the area. Digital picture and sound. Comfortable, reclining leather seats.

Joseph Johnson

Great services relaxing recliners and clean facilities picture quality is perfect best place to go to watch a movie within 200miles!!!!

Charles Greenwood

Very comfortable seating since they've added stuffed recliners. All around great experience.

Chad Day

New seats are great.

Rebeca Caraballo Cedeno

I like this place. Good service and atmosphere. The seats are comfortable and the area is maintained clean.

Cathe Dulohery

Seating is comfortable, awesome... Downfall..needs some kind of low lights around cup holders

Chris Woelk

Great service, recently installed new reclining leather seats! Excellent sound and visibility, well-kept and clean.

Karla clubine

Love the new seats and the new decor! Food could be a little cheaper, .. But all in all, it's a great theatre

Invader Zim

Great people, standard prices. Big new comfy reclining seats.

Justin MacDonald

Nice reclining seats!

Tangy Bissitt

Friendly ppl and awesome chairs with eating establishments nearby

Terry Hawk

Great place to go. Friendly service n nice people. I will go back again.


Really good for a small town theater.

Misty Lowry

I love going to this place. It's clean nice people

Sarah Woelk

Great expirence! The most comfortable seating in any theatre I have ever been to, great movie options, wonderful sound and visual and very nice staff!

Chelsea Purkey

Love the new seats

Melissa Millar

Good clean place! Friendly service! But a little too pricey! $$$

Shadow91869 Nightcrew

Love the reclining seats great place to relax with the family. Price is about what you would expect from a small town theater.

Joseph Gensweider

This place is an awesome movie theater! Very modern and clean with a nice variety of concessions! But best of all: every seat is like a recliner! Like watching a movie at home! Highly recommend this theater!

Austin Range

Cheap and good quality usually don't go in the same sentence. However, it does here.

Nakyia Stephenson

Very comfortable viewing in reclining leather seats. Friendly staff and clean atmosphere. Pricing is a bit high especially on snacks and drinks but that is expected at any theater unfortunately.

Laura Smith

I love the chairs there. Very comfortable.

Cassie Parker

Recently remodeled and well done

Perry Coffey

Had a really good experience and the seating was amazingly comfortable

rags 3

Cool seats really comfortable small selection though

Joseph Oden

I have had a great experience there thus far and dont have any complaints at this time, but if a complaint would to arise, your manager would know about it!

vivian Tucker

Great except they should have refills on drinks

Beth Mayfield

Great service and I love the new seats!

Laurie Koger

Tickets are too expensive for that tiny theater

Jason Finley

Comfy seating and smiling service. What else do you want?

Richard April Barber

I'm very happy with the Independence Cinemas that's also a church too

Dwayne Shaffer

I definitely enjoy the seating as they are comfortable and recline

Nicole Robbins

Seats are very comfortable!

Jake Loveless

Best movie theater

Dustin Darrow

Independence Cinemas has great customer service, amazing surround sound systems, and the seating is extraordinary, the seats are electric black lether lasy boy's with the most comfortable cushioning, you will not want to get up from your seat, Independence Cinemas is the ideal place to see all the new movies, I highly recommend bringing your movie night to Independence Cinemas

Nick Bright

Love the power recliner seating. There is no better way to watch a movie.

Linda Lundgren

Recliners in the theater....

Benny Blade

new remodel was a hit the recliner chairs very comfortable

robert weese

Friendly place to watch a movie


Cute place, just found the screen a bit small if you're sitting near the back. Large popcorn is the best deal for 2 people.

Jessica foster

A bit pricey but great seating and its fun to have family movie nights

Austin Trotter

Good Movie Theatre. Better than Bartlesville. Indy got the seats that recline

Joseph Woolsey

It's a nice theater. They recently updated a lot of things here.

Carolyn Torrance

LOVE the recliners and spacious aisles! Good sound, great staff. Love the owners.

charles thomas

Pricey, but Really nice comfy chairs!

Sheila von Mayer

Love this theater and comfy recliners!!

Cameron Scott

Awesome seats!!

Barbara Donaldson

Nice chairs good place

Rodney Bryant

Since they added the power reclining seats, this place is awesome. It gets a little warm in the theaters at times.

Boogy Boyd

Little pricey but definitely worth it!!

Lisa Schwenker

Love the reclining, comfy seats. The manager and help are very responsive to concerns. Snack prices are a bit lower than other area theaters. We greatly enjoy this theater.

Rhonda Treece

I just loved the chairs they have. It's like being at home

Andrew Jaimez, Jr

Great seating

Elizabeth Howell

I have never been to a more comfortable movie theater. Why I had to fly halfway across the country to experience watching a movie in a recliner is beyond me.

Linzi Gregory

Love the chairs

Micah Fogleman

Small town theater, the updates were long needed. It is now on par with the rest of the movie world.

Alisha Smith

Comfy seats!

Megan Bucher

Really expensive but the seats are so comfortable. They're basically laz-e-boy recliners.

Donald Carr

Large comfortable seats.

Hassie Shelton

Good movies. Wonderful seats

Moses Spellins

Great seats cold air conditioning

Shena Hall

It was great

michael doll

Very very over priced!

Leeloo Vancil

Has recliners easy to relax and enjoy the movie

lil abby

The chairs are really comfy and watching a movie here is enjoyable. I'd just say to bring a blanket if you get cold easily cause they keep the showing rooms very chilly.

Amy Heinz

Awesome theater for small town. Chairs are super comfy and recline back. Lots of leg room

Kristina Matney

Love the seats


Wonderful theatre for a small town. Comfortable, reclining chairs make for a spacious and enjoyable viewing experience.

Tracy Bell

Good Movie

John Peterson

Best movie house around

Tress Mansfield

The seats that recline have me hooked. Great popcorn and a good movie a good time away from home.


Great small home town theater

Gary Scott

Very comfortable

Bilious SNIPER

The new chairs are great I go there all the time with my friends it's a great place to watch a movie

R Banzet

Quit and roomy very comfortable chair's

Gloria Meadows

A great theater great movies.

Charles Letterman

I would go more if it wasn't so pricy.

Sheldon Hinton

Reclining leather seats are niiice. Tuesday is $5.00 ticket night.

Cassik Devir

I love the new seating and the not so crowded theatres when a new movie comes out. It definitely feels like a well loved cinema. I would rather come here than to a much larger theatre.

Edward Read

It was good seating and sound

Lindsey Wilson

Nice facility, comfortable seating, friendly staff, great selection of concessions available.

Celia Trisler

Really comfy recliners!! It's always clean and well maintained.

Mr Sokoll

The cinema is clean and they have reclining seats that are so comfortable.


Great place A++


Comfy chairs, great seating to see screen

Beverly Collins

Great reclining chairs. If "loudness" bothers your ears, take earplugs.

shane rittersbach

While a little over priced (most cinemas are now a days) this is a fun atmosphere to be in and nice people, usually playing good films too!

Amanda harris

Love the recliners make for a comfortable experience. Can get expensive if you buy snacks they are over priced on my opinion

Ramon Diaz

Cool seats

Bobbie Wishon

Love the reclining seats and great popcorn.

Michelle Wilson

Comfortable seating.

Karrie Jo Foulk-johanson

Bed bug city



Ryon Lawson

If you haven't been here since renovations then you simply need to visit, no need to travel for a movie when we have the nicest theatre for a hundred miles

Jim Greer

Courteous people and great refreshments

rick rkey

Went to the cinema with a friend yesterday, everything is cool

Andy Lord

The reclining seats alone get you a 4; just gonna leave that right there..

Angel Herndon

Such comfortable seats!

Mark Easter

Updated bathrooms and new seats. The seats are the best! Even better than other leather recliners I've used in the Tulsa movie theaters. Try it out and support our town.

Bailey Jackson

Very clean and comfortable!

Hlf Hogstar

Its a great theatre but the room I was in was really hot. It was getting uncomfortable with the heat.

CasualPineapple 21

Great small cinema!! Homey feel for sure!

Ray Seville

Very nice theatre

Andrea Herrera

Very good with the movies and snacks!!

Rebecca Meadows

Family friendly, great staff, clean bathrooms even during late showings.

Gf Gv fx

amazing food and drinks. really nice chairs. but their drinks are pretty exspensive


Love the recliner seats

Myrna Mai

Great place! Very comfortable seats, and they have earphones for the hard of hearing. Good popcorn.

coffeyvillejoy proman

Love recliners and I can hear the movie. Great

Jesse Bunton

Small but comfortable reclining seats and lower prices than some theatres

Hayleigh Stanford

Nice seats but not always the cleanest


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