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REVIEWS OF Glenwood Arts Theater IN Kansas

Marie Warner

I saw LaLa Land in this theater and between the aesthetic of the movie and the style of Glenwood Arts, I felt like I was transported back in time! The theater still has its old decor but it is in great condition. The theater I was in was HUGE. This is not a fancy-schmancy theater with reclining seats and bottle service, but it is clean and the seats are very comfortable. The screens are a little smaller, and the size of the space means you might be further away. Glenwood Arts shows smaller run and independent films. Especially in the thick of awards season, it is an amazing place to see a great movie.

Paul Falcon

Love old 80s movie theaters.

Charles Benjamin Gay

Excellent place for all movies. Personal are great.

Ronald Curttright

The place is nice and clean, the movie we saw wasn't crowded. Nice place to see a movie.

jerry francis

Jonathan Modisett

Very cozy theater. I've been here twice and both times amazing. Great Price, Great Seats, Nice People, and clean area. Definitly hard to find, though. You will need to enter into the building from the back by the parking garage to find the theater the easiest. Plus tons of parking back there. Just an FYI

Taylor Thurman

Great affordable place to see a movie. Friendly staff too!

Kathleen Shaw

great place to see a movie.

Lillian Taylor

The most adorable little vintage theater in town! I will support their theater as much as possible. Concession stand prices were fair and not crazy expensive. The seats were comfortable and the theater had plenty of seating! Would recommend this place to everyone I meet!

Josh Biles

Great place!!

Walt Bohn

It's okay

Mark R

One of the best independent theaters in the city

Darren Roubinek

A nice break from mega-corporate multi+plexes.

Travis Roney

Nice old theatre. Concessions are priced well. The theatre brings me back to my childhood.

Sam Graham

There's a marquee by the 95th St entrance that says "theatre parking on south side". If you don't happen to notice that, you'll drive yourself nuts trying to find the place because there's no signage for it whatsoever on the building front and it won't even occur to you to look around back. If you DO notice it, the parking garage back there is confusing and creepy. Entry is a one-way from the west side of the property onto the top deck (there’s another entry to the lower level from the south at the center, either way is an eastbound one-way). You can drive all the way through, turn left, and get parking right in front of the doors, but jeepers. Just demolish the parking garage and do a proper surface lot. It will be so much less confusing and so much more appealing. You CAN access the theatre from the front, though it’s clear that the front of the property has limited parking for the shops, thus the reason they work so hard to push you to the rear. Look for the "Ranch Mart” sign and enter the doors below it. Go down the stairs and you're at the theatre. (Yes, it's actually UNDER the shopping center.) Once you're in, you'll discover this is a sixties-era multiplex with long shoebox slope auditoriums with midback spring (not motorized) reclining seats that are oddly comfortable. There's no reserved seating, just walk up to the box office, buy a ticket, and sit wherever is available. You can buy advance tickets online, but I have no idea why anyone would bother. Presentation is modern digital projection and sound, and both are of solid quality. The movies are the key draw, being the limited releases the big brands in town don't play. Between the obscure location, obscure movies, and very retro feel of the place, Glenwood Arts feels like an intimate secret that's all your own. Savor it accordingly.

Mike Joyce

It was okay. Movie was good. The theater we were in was pretty small and it had a funky smell.

Ada Gebhardt

Great movie theater.

Melodie Scott

My friend and I loved the movie "Big Sonia" . I recommend this theater. It's smaller and less crowded.

aaron moll

Old school movie theater, classic long shaped theater seating. Relaxing place for watching a new movie.

Harold Pearce

Clean, friendly and great popcorn

Michele Turner

The Glenwood Arts (formerly Ranchmart) Theater is a local treasure. It's intimate, quaint, and retro in the very best way. Is it state of the art? Nope. Would I want to see the latest Star Wars or Marvel release here? Nope again. But it is an excellent place to see a drama or indie, which is their niche. The seats are comfortable; sound and picture are excellent; and customer service is great. Further, as a small business owner, buying/spending locally is extremely important to me. This theater is locally owned & operated and has been for decades. From a technology perspective, I would like to be able to purchase tickets online and skip the box office line but perhaps that is a more expensive upgrade to the theater's software than it would appear.

Jody Watkins

This is my theater of choice because of the movies not always shown in larger theaters.

caroline duran

I love the fine arts theater

Gordon Hofstra

This Shirley’s post NOT Gordon’s

Brandon Forester

Love this small art house theater.

Julz G

Lovely theater

Pam Marshall Guise

My favorite movie theater! Surprisingly, the cheapest Tix in town! Comfy seats, yummy popcorn. Great choice of first-run movies too!

Cliff Meek

Wayland Wade

Downstairs in the basement of the parking garage is the scariest cellar door I've ever seen that is unlocked and leads to what is clearly the den of Satan's spawn who is probably guarding the entrance to the Halls of Amenti.

Joel Watson

Cute local theater!

Paula Wiley

Neat little old fashioned type theater.

Conley Massengill

Great theatre with great films you won't see at the big blockbuster chains.

Tonia Salvini

Donna Diaz

Very nice ,

Shá D.

It's a very old theater, so that will be noticable right away. There's a bad stench in the theater rooms (and restroom)--at least the one we were in-- it's small, and the seats are squeaky. All things that are tolerable due to how perfect this place is! The furniture looks like it's from the early 60s, and the entrance is very nostalgic. We did some exploring of the place, and it looks like it could have been old apartments or 1940s businesses. I would have stayed all day. Back to the theater. As with keeping up with the Joneses, the food is still overpriced, but something has to keep the doors open. The staff is very friendly, and the place is extremely clean.

Max Bunte

This is the best movie theatre in all of Kansas City. I love the staff, the popcorn, the appropriate size of the soft drinks, and the retro decor. The experience is so comfortable and homey and it is so easy to find parking. If you haven't gone to the Glenwood you are missing out!

Nature's Beauty- Smith

Great shows not crowred shows new movies

Barbara Ham

Awonderful theater . Friendly people easy access. I am handicapped and feel so confirmable with setting . If possible a handrail in one of the stalls in bathroom would be nice. BARBARA Ham , landbham@ comcast. Net ( all lowercase letters.

Mike Watkins

Highly recommend Rocketman!

Maggie Anderson

Very attentive staff and fair pricing. The staff member Ben specifically provided us with exceptional customer service! He was committed to helping out customers and did so with a smile on his face.

darren attebery

Place is like going back in a time machine. Was kind of cool. Lots of senior citizens here!

Lyndsey Straub

This theater hasn't changed in over 30 years, its exactly as I remember it when I was a teenager. The screen was tiny, seats were uncomfortable, and tickets were $10 online....$1 fee!!!! Felt like I was in a time warp, not a good one. I love the arts but no thank you.

Ralph G. Bautista


Amy Robertson

Great selection of movies here! Friendly staff.

Allen Wuttke

never too crowded

Ken Shipley

Great to have theatre that shows movies that are interesting. Facility could use a facelift.

Ruth Roth

Best place in town to watch a movie!!! Great prices!!!!

jared Magathan

Gr8 cozy theater.

Jean Cruise

Really nice movie

Pat Byrnes

latosha jenkins

Location was awesome close to home. They didnt have nachos and the seats were itchy and out dated. And it smelt like a old damp basements. The popcorn was good.

Madison Womack

Really cool place with great customer service. Carter was especially helpful!

Greg Busby

Old style intimate theater. Neighborhood feel. Good showings, comfortable.

Virginia Wirtz

Benjamin Gray

We found this place by chance driving by one day. It's now our favorite place to see movies in the area. The prices and charm are both great. It feels how cinema should feel and I thoroughly enjoy viewing films here. This is helped by the fact that they get a greater quality of film than the average theater as well.

David Alford

Great place to see a movie. Older cinema restored to former glory by talented local owners, Ben and Brian. Modern digital equipment and friendly staff.

Norris Taylor


Marilyn Lynch

Nice selection of Indie Films. Caters to over 60 clientele. I attend often.

Paulie K

Glenwood is a great theater.. not new and fancy but clean, comfortable, and less expensive than the big chain theaters. It's really a miracle they haven't torn down the Ranchmart building and put in a box store. It also has a covered parking ramp in back so parking is easy.

Devin Craft

Glenwood Arts Theatre is a local treasure. I love the independent movies and Oscar contenders they run. Concessions are good and reasonably priced. The auditoriums are a little old, but they are kept clean. The screens are on the smaller side in some of the auditoriums, but I always find a good seat. I have never had a screening issue in the 30+ screenings I've been to in the last 6 years. They have so many great things for movie lovers. There is a movie club for folks who like to discuss movies. They put on the Kansas International Film festival every fall to showcase lesser known filmmakers and films. I love Glenwood Arts Theatre so much that its proximity was actually a factor in my homebuying process!

Kathi Cook

We put up with the musty smell and i know the property management company does little to help this problem out. We put up with it because it is the only place to see art films now that the Tivoli closed. It is convenient for me. But, the popcorn is consistently not very good. I don't know if it is the "butter" topping, or the fact that some of it seems a bit burned at times. A new popcorn popper would be a huge help!!


Never been here but it looks nice.

Doug B

I love this theater and the movie selection they have. They often are the only ones showing some flicks in the area. It's a very antique experience but that's what I like about it. Authentic! Also those low ticket prices cant be beat. Has the chillest patrons in all of KC too.

Keith Peres

It's great.

Sami Pathan

Wonderful little theater showing a good mix of larger and more independent/smaller films. The ticket prices are good, and concessions are a steal. You won't find amenities like motorized reclining seats, but I don't feel like that's important. Will continue to come back.

Glenn Darrow

Great venue

Raymon Barnes

beyond incredible


W Sterrett

Don't ever change. Great spot for movies with meaning coupled with hand-selected mass-market films. Ticket prices are low and concessions are reasonable, albeit with a limited menu. It's comfortably retro, in good repair but clearly not state-of-the-art and that's part of its charm. I made my first two visits here this weekend and look forward to many more.

James Roberts

A gem. Love this venue.

Michael Roth

Old fashioned but very nice


Prices are great, movies too. The theater could be better.

Steven Hildreth

Great retro like theater, hidden in the "Ranch Mart" downstairs. The main theater (that is Theater #1) is huge I saw "The Help" there and it was nearly full. Nice large chairs (albeit a bit dated) and great room between rows. Sure it doesnt have the sparkling 'newness' of the mega chain theaters but its got charm, history and hell its in a basement!

Josh Cox

Small screen, comfortable seating, relaxed and respectful atmosphere. Glenwood is a fun place for relaxful movie watching.

Frank Mannino

Good movie. Theater is outdated and noisy in adjoining rooms.

Esther estevez

Great selection of films. Friendly, courteous staff

karen kidd

I enjoy going to the Glenwood and esp the Rio Theaters. Less crowded, local, and retro.

Leonard Dale

Film festival is great.

Raymundo Cervantes

(Translated by Google) Nobody near you (Original) Nadie cerca de ti

Nicholas Hennessy

What a great place to have a children’s birthday party! You bring in your own movie and they work with you to have it playing for your group. They’ll open the popcorn maker and candy shop also if you want them to. The person who runs the theater, Brian Mossman, is as accommodating as he could be. We had a great experience and our children loved it more than anything. A big thank you to the Glenwood Arts Group and use this as a strong recommendation to rent this theater for birthday parties.

Matthew Stevens

This is a great theater group ran by true film fans. Though their technology is state of the art the theaters retain an old time flavor long lost when the multiplexes took over the malls. These theaters and the family that runs them are as good as you can find in the modern era.

Cheryl Steffen

Enjoy locale as I live in the neighborhood. However Theater # 3 I believe it is or #4 should be closed if the decision to clean and deoderize it is not made. It smells strongly of urine and mold. Very surprising that management has made no effort to do one or the other as it is rather nauseating. Please do one or the other.

Ajay Philip Sabu

Ruben Hinojosa

A throwback experience. Nostalgic feeling any very enjoyable.

Mark Huffhines

Love this movie house. Wonderful employees.

Tonatiuh Talavera Ibarra

Bien para disfrutar una vez,

Joe Bustamante

Small cozy theatre. Used to be ranchmart. Great sound.

Mark Drake

Adam Wathen

Love this theater. Unassuming. Nostalgic. Delightful.

Patrick Chambers

Great art house that saved a venerable neighborhood twinplex.

Belinda King

First time visitor. Very comfortable seats. Lots of leg room.

Heidi Friedrich

Michael Gregory

This is my favorite theater in the metro. I like the selection of movies - lots of choices for adults. While not a free standing, old-timey, main-street-USA type theater like the Rio, it is still old fashioned; there are no recliners or other luxuries that seem more like home than a place set apart for special contemplation. AFAIK the whole menu of concessions at GA is [good] popcorn, sodas, and candy. Oh yeah and they have Cheez-Its and hot tea for largely geriatric clientele haha. I get hot tea sometimes in the winter. IDK I'm not really getting at what I like about this theater. I just like it. It's more of a place to show movies than another oulet - among thousands - to cater to consumer demand. The big multiplexes are probably a better reflection of the contemporary culture; they are good for seeing movies that un-self-consciously reflect the moment: superhero, murder-revenge fantasy, the mythology of America's wars... For humanistic movies that aim more timeless themes Glenwood Arts is the place to be IMHO.

Cynthia Schwartze

Katie is the bomb! She was so warm and helpful. She just found my lost wallet in the theatre. Thank you Katie!

Gigi Perry

I love this Theater! Great employees, cozy & great movies. They also have great showing during the Film Festival!!!!!

joseph wright

Love this theater

Amigo72k Arte

First time visitor and I enjoyed it. These are older theaters with cool displays. Reminds me of the days before the mega theaters.

Linda Peroff

We really enjoy going to this "neighborhood" theatre. Parking is convenient, you rarely have to stand long in line (if at all) and the movie selection is excellent.

Stephanie Ulsh

Love the location, the staff, the owners, the selection of films but honest to goodness the smell of the place is horrible!! It smells like an old folks home...

Mellissa Garris


Natalia Moreno

Really nice. Extremely large theaters. Very old fashioned, loved it!


Derek Hawley

For the same price a person can sit in a modern theater and not have to worry about people's heads in way.

Don Martin

Good place for Indie and foreign movies.

Pat Hawkins

No frills and good prices.

Catherine W.K Ross

Great shows. No unnecessary advertising before the movie. Great popcorn too.

Heather Jenson

This is an older theater that shows mostly independent films. The popcorn is perfect and you get free refills on large popcorn and soda.

Sito Colón

Great little spot to watch a movie that's off the beaten path!

Josh Eliseuson

Great place to see independent films

Alison Heisler

Always wonderful!

Tom Balke

Movies for adults!!


The owner was very friendly and staff were very pleasant. They generally have more indie movie titles and the theater has very comfortable seating.

peter pallesen

Want a theater almost to yourself? This is the place.

Roy Allen

This has the best art films in the South metro area. It seems like the negative reviews were mostly from spoiled, probably white, county brats. Obviously, for those who have traveled, this theatre is a perfect setting.

Ralph Holliday

Thomas Strickland, Jr.

Good theater. Great staff.

Millie Minor-Gibson

Nice theatre.

Meghan Craft

Love love love this theatre. The staff is always great, and they have the best selection of movies! The auditoriums have older screens and seating, but the popcorn is good and the movies are GREAT!

Amy Davis

Loved this theater. Went to this theater for the first time in 30+ years. (It wasn’t called Glenwood at that time). Our desire to see Big Sonia drew us here and I’m glad it did! You won’t find leather reclining seats and screen size isn’t what you’d see in a newer theater, but this was the perfect theater for this showing and the vibe is unique. I will go to this theater again.

jessica ford

Great theater. Show choices are the best.

shawnette true believer of The Most High God

It was ok.

Jack Rouse

Went in to see The Dead Don’t Die, immediately smelled a strong chlorine smell. My head started to hurt and I felt sick, as did the other two people I was with. We went to tell the manager, but he didn’t do anything. So we got a refund and left. Realized the candy I got there was expired and hard as well! How long can that stuff sit around for it to go bad?? Insane. Never go here

Patrick Christopherson

Great theater, friendly staff, and most importantly, clean restrooms.

Julie deJonge

timothy wicks

This is a theater not well known. It's on the backside of the shopping center on the lower level so there is no main road frontage. They also show classics as well as new movies. You need to look them up and give them a try.


Byron James

Wonderful place! Excellent choice of movies. A charming and timeless atmosphere.

Jeff Overbay

A cool, classic movie theater. It's not your typical cineplex, but a place for, and by, people who love movies.

Tony Jazz

Sorry the previous REVIEW WAS FOR THE TIVOLI!.... The Glenwood is a get away but the Concessions are lacking...

Charles Smith

Each theater is small and very seldom crowded. We especially like that it has movies that sometimes aren't found anywhere else.

Hilary M. D. Kitson

I really enjoy seeing movies here and at the other Fine Arts theaters, especially the less main-stream films that the chain theaters won't show. The facilities leave a lot to be desired, i.e. the bathrooms haven't been updated in decades and the theaters need cup holders. Seriously, a simple cup holder would make a vast improvement here. For the most part, the staff is awesome. I will be returning often.

james tichenor

love the movies here & the restrooms are close to the seating. A plus for older people

Richard Gardner

Craig Barbee

Loved the older theater being maintained by movie buffs!!!

Jeffrey Hendricks

Lots of great indie films

Therese Moeller

Elaine Lovell

Always love going there too watch movies. They show all the great ones. Theater is always clean. The people who work there always polite. Thank you

Brian Minter

This is sooo cool!! Step back in time at the Leawood theater! I feel like I'm back in the 50's but watching today's movies! The smells, lighting and colors are all just wonderful. Plus on opening weekend of a movie, our theater has a total of 5 people in it. Best place to sit us up front. The screens are quite small. Still, try this place once, it's cheap and neat!

Tech Wizard

It's a neat theater. It's got a pretty old school look and feel, but the sound system has clearly been modernized/upgraded.

Kimby Sweeney

we need this kind of theater to continue the low budget, independent movies to survive. i will continuously support this theater.


A over all good experience. avante garde Movies. cozy environment .Close to several food places. multiple theater screens mutiple movies playing at one and yearly Film festivals. Handicap accessible from lower level parking in the back .

Chris Stanfield

I am so sorry to hear that you are closing at the Metcalf South location. when will be your last showing and how soon are you opening at a new Johnson County site?

Rick Sprinkle

Good seats, good sound, full marks!

Leanne Kubicz

A great selection of art house films rarely shown anywhere else.

Haven Harbert

This is a wonderful local theater that brings in movies we can't see anywhere else OR have to wait to see. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the theaters large and comfortable. We want to continue coming back here for more movies. It is truly and hidden gem in this area!

Jonathan Kendrick

I like going here because it's in the basement of ranchmart, its nice and cool down there and it's never crowded so it's a very chill theater, literally and figuratively. It's somewhat old, smells old, and has old decor and seats, but the seats are very loose and comfortable. If you go after matinee hours it will cost you $8.50 which isn't much better than the competition, but you'll never have to deal with crowds. In my opinion, this is the best place to go see a movie the week or weekend it comes out, because it will be on their biggest screen they have. I saw the hangover 3 on one of the smaller screens, and it wasn't as enjoyable as their biggest theater

Jim R

Comfortable seats with cup holders. Friendly, fast service at the counters....

David Blattman

Very clean and the quality of projection is excellent. Some of the theatre screens are very small. However when a theatre shows only independent "art" films it's something that you take in stride. The location is the old Ranchmart theatres for those who are familiar with the history of the area. Park on lower level in the back of the shopping center. You will avoid the stairs. It is not well marked... In fact currently there is no signage outside. So in back look for the movie playbills and that will tell you where to enter. There is some great decor'. And if you see a film in one of the original theatres it is rarer pretty and sparks a sense of nostalgia

Trisha Woods

Not too crowded and the crowd is older so it's quiet

Tim Phillips

Always a great lineup of art house movies.

Paul Bechtel

This is a hidden gem. If you like huge screens, loud speakers and really cold ac then you will NOT like this place.

Justin Rider

Awesome theater with the coolest movies. My favorite theater in KC.

Dwight Nelson

Best fine arts theater in KC.

Beck Ireland

Andrew Doerr

When I attend a movie at Glenwood Arts it takes me back to when I was a kid. It’s always a fun time. They also are always showing exceptional features.

Carol Monaghan-Becker

I enjoy the films they feature at Glenwood Arts.They are often more meaningful than those at the mainstream screens. Also I enjoy the open seating and seats for viewing not reclining.

Ted Fedor

A classic movie theater.. Great prices at the snack bar.. Locally owned.

John Neal

Comfortable seating plenty of room between rows,excellent popcorn and very pleasant staff. Great movie selection. I like not being bombarded with endless commercials. I love how your reminded to silence your cellphone it's subtle and cute.


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