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REVIEWS OF Derby Plaza Theaters IN Kansas

Barbara Hyle

We love coming here. The prices are reasonable, the employees are friendly. My only suggestion would be to have a ticket only line for people that aren't buying concessions.

Chad Willcutt

very clean and the staff was nice

Bill Minshall

This theater isn't quite as posh as the Warren or AMC ,but it's lower in price and the concessions price's are much more reasonable. The staff is always friendly and courteous. Even on the busiest films I've had a good seat.

Isaac Coronado

Awesome budget movie theater

Javery FN

cheaper prices then most the other theaters.

Kyrie Wake

Quaint, locally owned, quietly located movie theater with a great deal for its tickets

Melissa Kautz

It needs a little fixing up but the movie quality was good

Adam 107 Conda

The service is always very good. I don't have any complaints with this place.

Doug Webb

Clean and neat.

Trey Stricklin

It was my first time going to see a movie here and it was a pretty nice place.

Alexander Taylor 2

Needs very much to be updated for Derby!!!

Lind Bat

Prices are good and it is wheelchair accessible. But, you buy your tickets at concession counter, so you have to get there EARLY or you might get into theater after movie starts waiting in concession line.

Meredith Ortiz

Great clean atmosphere, friendly service

Judy Moyer

I always like to go to the Derby theater if they have a movie playing that I want to see. Everyone there is so friendly and the prices are good. It has just enough screens to have a variety of movies playing and some in 3D. I like their popcorn and they have a good selection of drinks. It is not a mega theater and I like it that way. Great staff, good concession and always neat and clean.

Marshall Stewart

I don't go to the movies much anymore. This place is clean. Prices are good and the staff is nice!!

Brian Kieffer

This theater is a gem I to live in the south and have found nothing that compares to Derby Plaza and have not been to another theater since. God bless the owners and those who work there that make it worth coming back. Unlike another theater that changed hands.

Saundra Highsmith

Fun and easy to get to.They usually have current movies.

Brian Williams

Never had a bad experience there, always decent service and customer service- it isn't the newest building and that's ok. We support local businesses and hope you all do the same.


Great place to take your family. It isn't crowded like larger theaters. Reasonable prices, especially for matinees.

sps 333

I've noticed that the employees behind the concession/ticket counter are ultra-polite (e.g. "please", "thank you") and make eye contact when they speak with me. I appreciate that. The man in the hat who takes tickets will not let you escape without personal interaction, either. Some people have a gift for that. The theater isn't an architectural marvel, but it's clean, the video and audio quality are as good as at the Big Name theater, and we don't have to travel a billion miles to see a movie. Expect titles that are going to sell to people with families.

Kelli Butts

People are always friendly and at reasonable prices!!!

Yolanda Gonzalez

It was good!

Carol Pagels

We watched a great movie. The theater was clean. The popcorn was fresh.

Robyn Jacobia

Enjoy going to the movies in the afternoon. Not overly packed in the afternoon.

Greg G

Cheap, clean, and great food.

kevin benson

No real place to sit and wait in the lobby

Kathy Marcellus

Nice, clean theater. Safe place to take the grandkids.

Lisa johnston

Not as plush as some other theatres in nearby Wichita, but it is convenient and the price for a movie is less. Safe & clean.

Rebecca Shoemaker

Always go with the family. Great prices for a movie and food

Leo Wilson

Cool little theater and sound system with a punch for the size.

Kathy Byers

Ok. Nice, inexpensive summer matinees for kids. Seats not comfortable for plus sizes.


Family owned business, it's not as great as the Warren Theatres but you get what you pay for. It's not a quality experience, its affordable.

Jim Kiker

Nice, affordable, clean! Great place to catch a flick!

Troy Mi

Good service and picture quality.

Derrick Gillison

Let's go .. Call me..

Alan Shields

I enjoyed the movie (Wonder Woman). The staff was very nice but the bathroom has a handle on the door that you have to use getting in and getting out. Not very sanitary.

Lisa Stewart

This is a great theater, but they need to go back to having a ticket counter and a concession counter. We got to the theater 30 min before the movie started so we could get a decent seat. it was really busy. There were multiple lines and I watched people who came in way after us go sit down as we waited in our slow line for tickets because people were also getting their concessions. We finally got in to the theater right when the movie started. We were in line for 30 min and almost didn't have a seat. I just wanted my tickets. Why do I have to wait for EVERYONE to get popcorn. That is ridiculous.

Steve Manheim

First time here. Was more than I thought it would be. Its a nice small town theater

Justin McClintock

Great theater. Not nearly as crowded or expensive as the Wichita theaters.

Tammy Shuler

I like going here because it's not too crowed, prices are great, and the staff work really hard to please the customer. Kid friendly

Lynne Everitt


Anthony Klein

Great family friendly environment, took kids to there first movie ever today and they had a blast!

Pamela Williams

The Derby Plaza is a good spot to take in movies. It's not fancy with reclining seats, fireplaces or delivered food. They have the usuals: popcorn, hotdogs, pop, candy, etc. There are 5/6 movies showing so no long hallways to walk. Games in the lobby. Clean bathrooms. Matinee tickets are $6.00 for all. Is it a "destination" movie theater? No, but it is quick & easy.

Tina Lopez

Quality picture and sound. Love seeing Christian movies in local theatres! Great staff and lemonade as well.

Dan M

We love this theatre. Plenty of safe parking. Quick visits to the snack bar and nice people working here.

ben schreiner

It's a great theater for a town of Derby's size. Always friendly and pleasant to deal with.

Jamie Dye

Movies for a good price. Snacks are sub par and service isn't always the most polite. It's convenient and inexpensive though!

nathan champion

I love this place, I come here all the time, usually not too busy even with popular movies and it's cheaper than the other theatres, always clean and friendly staff.

Ken Fugle

Nice quiet atmosphere, reasonably priced, a wonderful place to a movie with family and friends.

Landon Lusk

Good place to take the kids and not break the bank. Would suggest getting there early as their tickets are sold at the snack bar.

ilene bonson

Great hometown entertainment without the big crowds

Sunny Ahlmann

I love the fact they are local. Never have had a bad experience. Only suggestion is they need to sell the tickets at their ticket booth to speed up the concession stand during busy times.

Marisol Ramirez

Good price! Closer to me since im in the south and has earlier shows which I love!

Brenda Kahmeyer

We drive from Wichita to see movies in Derby. Better parking, REASONABLY priced tickets & snacks (or I should say NORMALLY PRICED that you can take your whole family for less than Wichita theatres)...popcorn is assume! Friendly staff too. If the movie we want to see isn't on in Derby we don't go.

Jon Boyd Sr

We had a Very Nice Experience !! Always Very Accommodating !!!

Sherri Barnes

Very affordable

Jacque Hill

Nice and quaint loved it small town theaters


Its okay

Tonya Vidales

Watched Grinch it was cute


No advanced seating. Seats were small but comfortable. Popcorn was fresh and tasty. Comfortable temperature in the theater.

Sonia Shaffer

Nice but expensive. Went to see the Lion King remake. Enjoyed it a lot with my family.

Jordan Starbird

Horrible sound system, horrible seats, needs remodel...

gypsy feathers

Great theater with great prices

Don Dasis

Nick theater friendly staff

K Lee

Great theater. Good prices on tickets and concessions.

Sandybell Lehman

Looked very deserted but that suited my son and I needs very well. The place could use an update but it's cheaper than other theaters.

Robert Heun

Awesome movies!! Employees work hard they have a lot of people to deal with Haha

Diana Mcgee

Love this theater. Great prices. Nice staff. A definite family place to go.

Pamela Smith

Workers are nice and efficient in their work. One particular older gentleman always tell me to enjoy my show and directs me to my theater. Very impressed!

Kay Anderson

Love this family friendly, family owned theater. Prices reasonable.

xander leighton

Its sweet but ugly

Lauren Pfeifer

Small theater. Over priced for the experience

Alice Klown

Awesome family theater. Great prices!

Marcia Brown

Great place to see a movie! Nice staff, too!!

shawn martin

Great customer service, prices for the faculty could be better, food was decent.

Melanie Hensley

This was great! Nice cold air conditioning, reasonable movie tickets and great movies! Awesome!!

Alyssa Reddig

My son and I truly enjoyed our visit here. Smaller theatre = a more intimate and less commercialized experience, which we appreciated!

Michael Campbell

Outside of the seats being too small for my fat @$$, I love this place. Seriously, those seats are small. They don't have many movies at any one time, but it's a small theater, so I can't expect too much in that area. Outside of those two things, which really aren't problems, I like it here better than the competition in Wichita. Tickets are better priced, concessions are better priced, there are less A-hole teens running around like idiots, they enforce proper theater etiquite, and the staff is always helpful and nice. I almost want to lie and say the place sucks so it won't get flooded with people from Wichita, but I don't want them to go out of business either. So, unless you are a bad movie watcher, go here. Bad movie watchers, stay at the Warren.

bre ste

Small theatre but very nice.

Candace Dudley

It was fun. Loved Ferdinand :)

Nicole S

I side the theatre was nice. What you would expect. Box office/ 2 hotdogs. Didnt have any cooking fresh- got 2 microwaved hotdogs. Not impressive but ok. Bought tickets online. Cool! Except no where does it say to print off the e-tickets. The guy collecting tickets told us to go to the "box office" which looks abandoned. Oh you mean the computer that looks turned off cause its asleep? No sign that says print tickets here. And would be much better if that was maybe by the ticket guy! Its like they tried to modernize like the other theaters around but kinda 1/2 did it.

Douglas Wiggers

Facilities outside the movie theater like the food area and water fountains are a little dated but actual movie theaters are great with HD picture and sound. Decent prices too.

Andrew Trillo

Great prices. Worth the drive.

Travis Feiock

Support your local theater!! Don't go to the over priced theaters in Wichita. Support a local family business.

michael manis

People super nice and fast service

Brook Hansen

I love this theater!!

Nichole Taylor

It’s much more affordable than other surrounding theaters, however you get what you pay for, terrible customer service, unfriendly staff, getting through the ticket/concession line is a nightmare. Went to see an obviously rated R movie with a packed theatre of children and obnoxious teenagers, why state on your doors that you card for rated R movies when you obviously don’t? My big issue is they obviously use some sort of blocker for cell phone service, which is ILLEGAL, as my babysitter was trying to get ahold of me in a minor emergency and I kept having to leave the theatre to even get service, I didn’t even notice I had missed communications until I got up to go to the bathroom. would’ve been much less of a distraction than me up and leaving the theatre if I could peek at my phone and I wouldn’t have been so panicked. My last complaint is the cleanliness of the theatre and how over crowded it is. Looking through Facebook reviews I’m appalled at how they respond to complaints so I don’t even feel comfortable attempting to leave a review on there. This was my second visit in a row that ended poorly, the first they over sold tickets and we almost didn’t get to watch our movie. I’m thankful I had a gift card because otherwise I would’ve been terribly upset. I will not be returning unless they clean the place up and practice better customer service and business management.

Jerry Bonson

Wonderful local family run business at a good price.

Clide Marsh

Small, locally owned so it has a family kinda feel to it

Lisa M

Movie was awesome, prices reasonable, clean. Older very small which could equal cozy.

Annette Souza

Great place to see a movie, friendly staff and reasonable movie ticket prices and concessions.

Derek Wathen

Great hometown experience.

Bo Schremmer

Great place with affordable pricing great and friendly staff!

Derek Pinkston

Lived in the area most of my life and this was my first visit to this theater. Went on a date here and it was her suggestion. It went as expected as I didn't have high hopes when I'm use to a higher caliber of theater experience. Small theater, was very hot in the building, quality was subpar, unprofessional staff. Would rather drive the few extra miles and deal with the crowd from here on out.

April Sindorf

Great place a little expensive

k j

They need to just sell tickets one place when they are busy, and food at another. WAAAYYY too long a wait on busy days. Very glad we have them in Derby, they always have a good selection.

Sapphire LaCoss

Good price.. I took my boy to see HELLBOY for his birthday. Great sound system. Great seats and great prices staff was very friendly towards my son once they found out it was his birthday.

Don Blake

Really gets to have local movie theater. Fair ticket prices and good concessions.

Brenda Beden

Great movie deal, lower costs and Best $5 Snack Deal

Amber Hock

If you're going to a movie during peak hours, allow yourself plenty of time to get your ticket! They don't have a ticket window, so the ticket line and concession line are one and the same. It's great when seeing a matinee and there are only a few people there, but it's a nightmare on a Friday or Saturday evening. Theater is small and seemed understaffed.

John Doe

Nice place

Martin Dennis

Just your regular movie theater without all the frills & chaos. This is a great place to go see a matinee. They are always friendly & keep the place clean. Very convenient for those wanting a peaceful theater or avoid going into Wichita.

Darla Hammar

1st Run Movies WITHOUT walking a mi to get inside, then more walking to your actual show. Close, easy parking, well lit for safety at night. Clean, well kept Restrooms. Cheaper Movie & Concession prices than Wichita. Comfortable seating, leg room.

James West

This is a good alternative to a mega movie place like Warren. The concessions are reasonable. The staff is friendly. The price for ticket is good. I recommend this place to watch movies on a budget. Restrooms and theater was clean.

Bobby Gilbreth

Today they were a little on the rude side. I used tickets that I purchased from my company's store. It seemed to inconvenience the manager. I will rethink using those when I can also buy AMC tickets.

alex dannar

Derby plaza theaters is awful. My wife and I took our two kids to see Peter rabbit. It showed the play time at 7:15pm on the website. We walk in the doors right at seven for the guy behind the counter to say "if you are here for Peter rabbit, it's not on till Monday." So at this point we have no other choice to leave with our disappointed kids and never come back. After we left I checked the sight again and it was still listed. Talk about no customer service.

Lorenza Kahihikolo

I love the restrooms are always clean

Steve M

It's an ok theater at best. No stadium seating and the screens are small.

Angela Osborne

I like it because their prices are great, the matinees are the best to go, it's close to my home & they have the popular movies

Rosie Hampton

I like the plaza so do the kids and it's priced reasonably

Lana Kaylor

Derby Plaza Theaters isn't a big fancy corporate owned theater. Once you visit a few times they will remember you as a valued customer. Their prices aren't as high as Regal or AMC. This place is pretty plain and simple, but there is a small game room. They serve hotdogs, hamburgers (microwave), candies, carbonated beverages, vitamin water, tea and water. You also can almost always buy a pink or blue cotton candy. They normally aren't as crowded as the Wichita theaters. The neighborhood is safe and the parking lot is well lit. There are ramps and rails that are suitable to guests with disabilities. The seating is other words no heated recliners, etc. like the more expensive theaters now have. Betting you will save at least $20 if you go here though. Also, you can buy your ticket at any of the concession registers and not just the first one. Individuals can also have birthday parties here. They also offer advertising opportunities in their pre-show presentation. Give this place a try!

peach darlin

very cheap, not too crowded at all

D.T Tucker

Messy but good service

Diane Thornton

Best theatre around. Best concessions and price around. Many days I get my own private showing of A movie.

Bryan Berens

Good family times and great service

O Lab Gaming

Great small town theater. Tickets and concessions are reasonable. Movie sound and picture were good. Seating was a little uncomfortable, but still in good condition.

Kendall Wilson

Reasonable prices and concessions.

Jamie Blaylock

Employees were very helpful and quick!

Larry Baker

I have been going to the Derby Plaza Theater for years! I always choose it over the Warren theater because of the cozier atmosphere and concession prices. I usually get the kids combo which is plenty for me and I don't end up with a bunch of left over wasted food that way. Staff is always friendly and smiling! I will be going to the Derby Theater today actually!!!

Holy George

A great place to have fun and spend time, try it at least once

Teresa Morrison

Not as fancy but more than adequate.

kathy pike

Parking easy. Video went dark with sound still playing around 10 min. Not enough proper booster seats. Won't go back.


Love the small town feel of this theatre. Great staff!

Blade Snapp

Becoming one of my favorites

Josh Kabureck

Have to buy tickets at concession stand kinda weird. But i guess it works. Lol. Other than that. Pretty nice little theater.

Stephanie Logan

Older but nice

Paul Pappan

Always a good place to watch a movie. Not over priced.

Tim Shearmire

This was a most wonderful memory for me to hold on to, because I was able to spent time with my mother watching " I can only imagine". Thank you, GOD, for this moment.

Kyle Boehm

Better prices than the Warren theaters. Not always the best seats. Needs a better variety of movies, most are all family friendly. Snacks not as expensive as Warren theaters either. Usually can get in quick.

Mario Gutierrez

Very cozy place to take the family.

Brandy Wohlford

Great little movie theater, close to home for us.

Jenni Gichuru

I hate crowds so I go here and avoid crowds. The prices are less then the Warren and it's much closer to home. The staff is always friendly.


Clean and quaint. In our film, we experienced weak surround sound. All the sound seemed to have come from the front of the theater which made our experience less impressive (Thor: Ragnarok).

Lou Grande

One of the best theaters in town now that Regal has acquired the Warren. Kind, knowledgeable staff, great prices, clean theaters. They serve their concessions in actual containers, not bags made of cobwebs. Plus, butter on your popcorn is free--not $.49, so you get ONE PENNY back that you can just throw away when you get home. 5 STARS!

Ann Merrett

Close to where I live snd reasonable prices.

Ashley Browning

Good place not bad when it comes to pricing. I go there very often always nice people and good costumer service

Brice Sorensen

Movie stopped working twice and management never said anything to us

Jany Briscoe

Very clean and good price

Cameron Ecton

Very clean. The employees are very friendly,and the prices for movies and concessions are truly reasonable


Several of the seats were broken and/or need attention. Concession and ticket pricing are excellent compared to larger metro areas.

Ben Wilson

Great prices, great popcorn, clean facilities. It's an old building, but it's always a good movie experience in a small town. The kids combo is the best, popcorn candy and a drink!

Brian Clark

Privately owned. Love that. Seats are comfy, screens are big as they should be. This is my favorite place to see movies. Relaxed and unpretentious.

Brianna Crabtrer

Great ticket prices. Fun arcade for the kids we like to save some quarters for the small children to reward them for being good during the movie. The kid combo has everything you need to keep your little one happy. Seating is comfortable and its never too crowded.

Kathy Hart

A little high no matter for kids

Karrie Jackson

We much prefer our local Derby Plaza Theater, over the larger Warren Theaters. It doesn't have the variety of movies that the Warren has available, but if our movie of choice is playing in Derby, it is our first choice! It is neat and clean, quick and easy to get in, purchase food and ticket in one line. Movie and food prices are more affordable. We feel the popcorn is better and the seats are more comfortable.

Texas Andy

Went to the 1:30 showing. Had the Popcorn fresh made. Inside was clean and ac was working good..

micah hinshaw

This place reminds me of the good old movie theaters of yesteryear.


I have gone to several movies here and have been happy with the experience for the price (even when the movie wasn't that great). This last movie was a spur of the moment decision, we only had a handful of minutes to get there before showtime, so I bought the tickets through their website on the way. It was simple, effective, we grabbed our stubs from the automated kiosk by the arcade games and headed in with several minutes to spare. We viewed one of the smaller screens but it was easy to see over everyone, plenty bright and clear and the sound was perfect for the show. Good prices and nice people during our visit too.

Jason Mahan

It is a nice theater not tht biggest theater around but they have plenty of movies to choose from. It has never been over crowded all the times I have been there. The prices can't be beat. The lowest around. The picture and sound is on par with the rest of the theater's around. It was clean and the staff was very nice. Due to everything I mentioned above it is my theater of choice.

hannah hayes

Great little theater.

Craig Faidley


Kent Daniels

Nice clean and friendly theater, and cheaper than the chains.

Summer Ludwig

This is our go-to theater because it's smaller and less crowded than Wichita theaters so our son is more comfortable. The only drawback is that you purchase your tickets and concessions in the same place so the lines can get really long and if you are running a bit late you will probably miss at least the credits.

Robert Perry

Derby plaza is a great place to go. I don't have to drive 30 minutes to see a movie that I can see 5 minutes from my house.

Brian Hicks

Great movie theater.

Shannon Greeson

Good for summer matinee. Great popcorn

Kelli Gayer

Always friendly staff and a good price

AJ Ybarra

Don't live in town, stopped on a whim to see the Incredibles 2. Front lobby was cramped, ticket prices were average, concession prices above average. Actual theater was ok, not a lot of leg room, sound was up louder than needed, picture was normal. Overall not horrible, but I'd just rather make the 10 minute trip to wichita


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