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REVIEWS OF Boulevard Drive-In Theatre IN Kansas

Rand Brown

This drive-in is very well maintained, yet still looks fairly original. We took our 3 young kids and had a great time watching from the back of our truck. The speakers are ok, but do yourself a favor and bring a battery operated stereo for better sound. You can pack in any food and drink and arrive early for a good spot. They have an old playground for the kids in front of the screen. Picture quality was surprisingly good. There is a train, but it just reminds you that you are outdoors.

Ruth Ellebracht

Great prices, great snack bar and clean restrooms. Fun summer experience.

Anup Kulkarni

Love the price. Food is not pricey. Faint drink was just$4 and popcorn $5. We watched solo and avengers. We were left of the food stall in just one row behind. And not sure if it was the movie or the place where we parked. But it was very dark screen and it hard to make the faces out. We moved few rows forward for avengers and it was big better. Overall we loved it.

Lee Skywalker

Wonderful outdoor drive-in theater!! Brings back a lot if great memories with famiky & friends as a kid!! This place is very unique & famiky oriented. Well worth going & having that idelic drive-in movie experience with family & making great summer memories!!

Katelyn Ashlee

We love this place! We only go when it has 2 movies we want to see though because it is $10 a person. The food is nice and there's even a playground for the kids.

Erica Wright

I LOVE the Boulevard. I've been coming here since I was a kid and try to come back everytime I'm back in town. The bathrooms have been recently remodeled and are quite nice. Great price for a double feature and for an experience like none other.

M Gold

A great summer memory. Ive been going since I was a kid. Now I take my kids. Lawn chairs, tailgate, bring your own dinner and beer or buy from the concession stand. Double sometimes triple feature for $10 per adult. Can't beat that.

Emmanuel Gonzalez

Just watched a couple of movies for really cheap they play 2 movies Fri-Sun and it is $10 for adults and kids are free!

Liza Newman

I went to see The Lion King and had a good time.. they had many food options that we're a little pricey. Overall I thought it was a fun place to go

Caleb Durland

Awesome show. Makes for a great night! 10/10 reccomended!

Jaedon Turner

It was a really nice place and had really good food. It doesn't get my five star because the movie was darker and kinda hard to see if you were far away and the food was over priced, however that is a normal thing to see in place like this

Laura Burch-Howard

Good movie theater but as some of the poles dont work

minh chieu

Its It's been 37 years since I visited a drive in theater, good times with family and friends.

Kendra Flores

This place is awesome. It will take you back in time when you were a kid at the drive inn. Bathrooms looks like a top notch carpenter was there. Very clean. The concession stand has some of the original metal letters. You won't be sorry. Love the boulevard drive inn.

Regina Goodwin

Fun and even the dog got to come

Judi Hammes

And the show must go on even when lightening and rain are coming down!


The Picture Screen quality is 4K . My family n friends were there on May10. Great experience.

Sara Kruckow

Brought back memories of nights gone by spent at the drive-in. I found it to be well run, with snack bar, very clean bathrooms, and playground for the younger kids. Very nice touch, you can listen to the movie through your car radio. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Jessie Cunningham

Family friendly at a great price! A summer must. Go early and play catch or visit the playground. They have a fully loaded snack shack, priced better than most theaters. You can also pack a picnic, but no grills.

Darrell Knox

Been going 43 years now love it

Jeff Buford

One of my favorite drive-in's in the area as they take good care of their property and invest in themselves so you can actually hear the movie. Great screen and very clear. Huge lot so even when it's busy it doesn't feel like you're on top of each other. Highly recommend a visit here.

Patricia Bland

Swap and shop only. Bathrooms are terrible

toya mitchell

Poor customer service from the female manager !!!! I ordered nachos and the cashier asked if I wanted jalapenos I said yes and she poured them all over my nachos I said oh I didnt want them all over I have my neice sharing can you remake it please ? The manager says no I'm like why she says because I cant sell that now it's a waste of money ...she said I heard you agree to wanting jalapenos I said yes but I didnt know she would pour them all over it I thought it would be on the side . She goes and told me well you should of said that I'm like well you are the ones that work here like really ?? And I kid u not she went back and forth with me for about 2 mins she was very combative and condescending just RUDE This was my first and LAST time going

Christopher Oneill

Best movies and best flea market around on weekend mornings!

Stacey Foreman

Always a great time at the Blvd! Come early to get a good spot, cash only, best drive in around!! Been a family tradition since I was a kid, now I've been taking my kids since they were tiny tots great for all young at heart and young in yrs!

Rufus McDonald

This place is a drive-in movie theater at night and on the weekend it's used as a Swap Shop. You can go there and buy and sell items. Basically anything you're looking for you will find it there and it will be a lot cheaper than what it would be in the store.

Shay Celedon

Best one in Kc!! Take your family and check it out.

Sam Robison

Good drive in theatre with a swap and shop on Saturday and Sunday from 5 am to noon

zory herbert

Love the swap shop

Casey Copeland

We absolutely love this place. Have been coming here for years with friends. It’s like a trip back in town from the original concession stand to the regular events like dog night we recently attended. Suggest showing up early only to get the best spot, very kid friendly. Not a brand new place, which makes it awesome really.

ian Arians

Fun to see two movies for a decent price, 10 dollars a person and the gravel pavement was easy to drive on.

Pamela Corum

Awesome place to go!! Very friendly polite people.

Panda Force

If you want to actually watch a movie then go to a normal theater. All the dark scenes were too dark to even see so it feels I missed half the movie. It's great to go on a date and just hang out if you dont want to watch the movie

Lacie L

Loved this place! Went here for Pistons 'N' Pinups.

Dannielle Smith

We went here for the first time and loved it. It's a great value!! It gets very crowded, so I recommend getting here early. You can listen to the movie on your car radio or through the drive-in speakers. I only gave it four stars because it is right by some train tracks and a few trains went by making it difficult to hear a few times during the movies.

roxanna onuwa

This was actually Halloween. This place has been a fixture in my life since the 1980s. Whether it was movies or the swap and shop, there was always a good crowd with no unnecessary drama.

Don Morris

I love swap and shop

Margo Call

Great drive-in, nice and clean, great time with friends and family.

Erick Wiggins

what a hidden treasure love this place will definitely visit more frequently

Marsh Monster

A bit overpriced to get into to sell at. Lots of customers bill. Just not too many of them spending money.

Cecely Kilkenny

FYI they only accept cash. It's a little hard to see the screen when the movie scenes are dark, so it's best to either get up close or only go to movies you don't care much about. We got there an hour before the first movie and had to park pretty far back, but maybe memorial day weekend is busier than usual. The sound was good. I had no problem hearing. The staff are always nice and the area is clean. It's very family friendly too. Tons of kids running around at first but people usually quiet down during the movie.

Chesnye Gardner

Really fun and affordable. Will definitely be returning.

justin sharp

Ive been a few times and its great. Its an old school drive in. They do have a 4k projector now so the picture is good. The concession stand is basic drive in food but the do have funnel cake and beer/cocktails and its cash only for everything. If you get a chance when there is a car show there go!

Carol Werbe

I like going there I love how they entertain the kids and wear them down a little bit before the movie waiting for it to get dark I just love it there like one big happy family

John Landeck

So much fun at my first time going to a drive-in! The only thing keeping this from being five stars were the static on the speakers and the multiple SUVs and minivans that had their rear doors fully opened which blocked the view for so many people. The weather was perfect and it was a fun experience!

Erika 0000

Really cool experience. Clean bathrooms and reasonably priced snacks and food. The staff was really nice.

Karli Cash

Always on my short list of summer adventures! My girls loved it!

Hiary L

This is such a fun and inexpensive summer treat. The visual and sound quality of the movies are great. Concession stand is clean and efficient, so even when it's long, it goes quickly. Bathrooms are well maintained and clean. The playground is a little dated, but the kids still have a great time.

Jon Durney

Helped with our Fundraising Event and the place is amazing. Must see!

hillary hamilton

People should not bring dogs there this dog that was with its owner snapped at three people while we were there. Other then that it was good.

Brandon Gilmore

Great experience! The new 4K screens are fantastic! Make sure you get there at least an hour before the movie begins or you will probably be in the very back. Concessions are decently priced! It’s all around a great time. Easily deserves 5 stars!

Karalyn Pines

Great ticket price, reasonable concessions. I just wish they'd monitor the place a little better. Some degens beside us had their car running the whole time and other people were driving around during the movie with their headlights on. Barbarians.

Alan Bloomfield

Had fun, great time.

Terrie Willis

It was a good place but for $10 per person they need to update the movies they play.


What you should expect when you go to a Drive-In theatre, and the speakers actually worked super well! Which has never been my experience elsewhere, usually I'm forced to use the radio and let my car's battery kill itself. The screen is also 4K! If I had more hands I'd give 4 thumbs up. Great place for any audience.

Daniel Benson

At the late night, double feature, picture show. Make sure and dial into the FM transmitter. The speakers look cool but that's it.

Generalissimo Spergo

Nice place next to a decent creek to explore. 60 years of history still persist today.

Scott Hollingshead

Love the drive in my family in vented it in 1933 in camdon new Jersey

Ashlie Marx-Bell

Fun place to hang out!! Will be back!

Quinton Petty

Great excellent movie

mark shields

Best drive in in kansas City

Lonnette tindall

What a waste! I was soooo disappointed. Why was 70 drive-in closed?

Ms. Callier

The Boulevard Drive-In for me, is nostalgia!! It is one of the longest running out of doors theaters. It opened in 1950. Not much has changed the concessions stand the play area for the kiddos during intermission. They still play those whimsical yet entertaining snack cartoons during intermission. And they always show a double feature. Fond memories as a child. Now my family and I love our summertime visits to The Boulevard Drive- In Theatre.

Emily Philpot

*important note: cash only* We come here at least once a month. They always have the hottest movie, and the fact that you can bring your dogs, your own food (and alcohol) and and the pillows you can fit in the back of a truck makes it a fun family event. The price has gone up, however, it used to be $10 a car and now it's $10 per person. But honestly, to support a local business and the fact that they are showing 4k movies (on a drive in screen no less), it makes sense. Highly recommend.

Joni Sheldon

Such an amazing experience! The nostalgia!! So grateful our children had this experience. We will be back!!

Sean Malone

Boulevard Drive-In Theatre's Swap 'n' Shop is a great place for finding things at unbeatable prices. It is a type of bazaar that provides space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise. Used goods, cheap items, collectibles, and antiques are commonly sold. Swap 'n' Shop is an out of doors space for vendors and patrons. The space is still used as a drive in movie theater on the weekends too. Swap Shop is usually open Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on some holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day. Since it is an out of doors venue, you should watch the weather reports. If it is a rainy day, most people do not come out. Also, Swap Shop is usually closed during the coldest part of winter. Swap Shop vendors range from a family that is renting a table for the first time to sell a few unwanted household items, to scouts who rove the region buying items for sale from garage sales and other flea markets, and several staff watching the stalls. Some vendors at Boulevard Drive-In Theatre's Swap 'n' Shop also offer fresh produce, baked goods, plants from local farms and vintage clothes. Many vendors are food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the patrons.

Kevin Carter

Swap n shop is a good place to people watch and enjoy the company of friends.

Nat H

Good family atmosphere....really enjoyed our movie.

Melissa Wilson

Beware of the boulevard Drive-In. They like to take people's money and refused to give refunds when they filled their lot over occupancy.


Fun to relive the 50s & 60s at the drive-in theater. You can listen on FM radio now. My grandson loved playing with the kids at the playground and exploring the dike and river. The passing train can be a bother to the sound. Bring lawn chairs and sit in front of the car or back the van or truck up to watch.

Jim Giffen

I liked it.only reason for only 4 is because to many people have cargo on top of vehicals & kids sittin on top of cars

Raul Duran

Wish the image was a bit more clear and rich in color. Good atmosphere.

M Gillett

Brian did a great job helping us at our office party. He would not even take a tip. Great music and great movies (Toy Story 4 and Aladdin). The "party pad" is nice with shade and sturdy tables!

Tina Berry

Has swap n shop on Saturday and Sunday morning to afternoon. Movie's in the nighttime

Gina Holland

Swap n Shop Always Good & Good Exercise!

Heather Bledsoe

Family friendly. Delicious funnelcakes. Friendly staff. Outside food is allowed. Great atmosphere. Love it!!!

Chris Wood

Very nice amazing place

Bryan Clingan

Great drive in, good quality movies, snack bar has great selection and reasonably priced

Roderick Sherrill

Very nostalgic! A lot of fun with the family.

David Angel

Outstanding, definitely will do this again

Jimmie Hall

Brought back memories of my teen years when one took a date to the drive-in and..... Well, we were teenagers, so..... This however was a wonderful family experience. Admission was reasonable and concession prices were not hiked too high. I'm looking forward to returning.

Tina Cochran

Fun movie experience that's hard to find now.


This is the best drive-in theater in the area. Great staff, great location. I've been coming here since I was a kid. It's a 4k theater too. The movies are great and very family oriented. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to relive the good old days of being able to sit under the stars and watch a movie. I hope this place never closes.

Shane Hoffman

I loved this Drive in theatre. Very nostalgic brings back memories of when I was 4 years old going to the drive in.

Amanda Mariekc

I love this place & I'm glad it's still going strong. Decent neighborhood & they still let you bring food in which is a plus. Only bad thing is it can get crowded so get there early.

The weazel Greer

On my way, love u this drive-in. 4k picture and awesome staff.

Jon Clemmons

Really neat drive in I've never been too got too see 2 great movies thanks to a contest make sure you enter on Facebook

Pam Dove

We love the Boulevard and the family atmosphere and values it has. I was extremely delighted to find out Kansas still had Drive In theaters when I moved here 26 years ago. I have had many years of going with friends and now I am looking forward to many more years of having fun hanging out with family and friends watching awesome movies.

Amber Rees

Kid friendly & reasonably priced

Mario Avila

Good foog nice place clean

Jessica Miller

My husband and I took our three kids to the Boulevard Drive In last night. I was the only one who had ever been to one before. We’re in town for the week from Omaha and it definitely added a fantastic memory to our summer vacation. It was a blast!


Greatest place to relax and watch a movie, family oriented, very friendly, super place

Jason Wales

4k screen, friendly staff, and alternate seating near the consession stand. I've been to many outdoor theaters. None with the little quirks that make this one so great. When we arrived there was a man standing on the roof of the co session setting of the camera. As we waited for it to get dark we realized he was able to scan the crowd with the camera like at a bassball game during the songs and capture people dancing and having a good time. Everyone loved it. The concession itself and a nice walk through that was very busy. On the other side of the consession approachable from the outside, was a place to get snow cones and funnel cakes. There was also seating next to the funnel cake location that had a great view of the screen of you didnt want to sit at your car. The staff were exceptionally friendly and accomodating. I was skeptical of the screen until the Lion King came on and it really was amazing quality. I will return here and this location is one of the very best.

Luis Martinez

Love the idea and the place but they should not let car run around when movie is playing. Ruins the experiencie for the rest of the people.

Keith Lehman

This is a great time with the family. Community gets together and experiences movies in an outdoor setting. Sound quality is always iffy... but this place is a goldmine for family fun.

Steve C.

Only downfall is the highway light

Shane Sandstrom

One of our favorite summertime spots! The atmosphere, the food, the experience. . . All excellent!

Mary Terreros

Great value for the price! Love how they do a live video of the crowd on the big screen leading up to the first showing! My son was ecstatic to see himself on the screen! They usually have 2 pretty good movies showing too!!

Ashaea Moore

Cant say enough how much I LOVE the Boulevard! Its always clean, owners and staff are so friendly. Great family night, especially if on a budget

Ora Lee Mullin

Fun place. Great movies.

Jim Arndt

Great central location, it's a nice drive-in and very convenient.


This is a great place to go in the summer for the evening to watch a double feature. There is a kid friendly playground up front, below the screen. The kids could play while waiting for ther movie to start. To the north is a yard where others could set up some yards games. The concession stand is nice with a wide variety of selections.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Reese

We've been to 3 different drive-in theaters and this is definitely one of the cleanest. The nearby city lights made it difficult to see Star Wars - a brighter movie probably would have been better. Occasional train (30~45 min) was a little obnoxious, but bearable. We'll definitely be back again!

Terry Johnson

Love the swap meet!

Alicia Cress

Enjoyed our night under the stars watching movies. Great value and family friendly.

Carol Tompkins

Wonderful I want to go again. Nice and clean

Arman Afshani

Movie quality and sound itself was good. The people around, not as much. Could clearly smell weed drifting from some other car or cars, at a children's movie. Not cool.

Ann Brownson

I took my mother with me and she enjoyed watching the movies. It's nice because we can set up our own little space with chairs that fit us and use our FM radio to listen to the movie. This allows us to control the volume of ourselves. It's nice sitting under the stars and watching a movie. I've never had a problem with bugs and mosquitoes.

bennie alderson

The best drive inn ever

Kenna Fries

One of my favorite places on earth! It's like taking a step back in time but with a modern digital 4K screen. Boulevard is perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends. The grounds and facilities are always clean, the concessions are reasonably priced and delicious, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. We are lucky to have this gem in KC.


Fun date night

Tim Ryan

This is a perfect place to catch a Friday night double header movie. It's affordable for families and fun for everyone. The bathrooms are clean and so we're the concessions which leads me to believe the staff genuinely care. Thanks for being a long standing establishment in Kansas City

Trina W

The only reason I gave 3 stars, is because their speakers SUCK and half of them don't even work. Other than that we love the Boulevard.

Lura Lomsdale

Always love coming here. Where else can you see a new release double feature for 10$ per adult. Children 11 and under are free.

Judy Lewis

Amazing time, was a great event. Ran into cousin Cliff Jones.

Eric Visnosky

First drive-in and the last there's a reason for that it's a good drive in

Celia Negrete

Great place to bring the whole family especially since the kids are free. You're able to bring your own food, drinks and chairs. Just don't forget the bug spray for the mosquitoes. All the speakers worked and we didn't even need the radio on to hear the movie.

James Shaw, Jr

Love this place great staff. And excellent sound and picture

Matthew Chrisman

I have been to drive-ins across the country and this one was the best movie experience! The sound was amazing (didn’t even use my car’s radio) and the picture was super clear! Highly recommend checking this theater out. Pro tip: park near the middle, which gives a great view of the screen plus you are close to the concession stand and restrooms. Costs $10 per adult and kids under 11 are free. CASH ONLY. And they don’t have an ATM so come prepared!

Katie Turney

Cheap way to see 2 movies from the comfort of your own car and the food is reasonable for a theatre. I've been going here for years. They even do swap n shop on weekend mornings. Cool place that I hope sticks around for a long time

Lori Angel

I like going to the drive in. Could make the picture a little lighter so we could see better

seemel8er creek

Great experience, as usual! Can't beat the price for 2 movies, on 4k display, and being able to bring your own food and drinks to the movies. Concessions are available also, delicious and affordable. The kids love it, and i love it for the kids because they can entertain themselves safely in the car (without bothering other movie goers) if they lose interest in the movie. Bring your own home comforts and still get the experience of the big screen. Staff is kind and courteous, even offer to jump start your vehicle if needed. The bathroom facilities are clean and well maintained. The intermission clip between movies is a bit of nostalgia with the old-school animated concession items dancing on the screen. Unique to this drive-in: they pan a camera across the lot, displaying on the big screen while music plays, featuring guests dancing, waving, and acting silly. Family friendly, pet friendly, budget friendly...☆☆☆☆☆

Sai Krupanand

Wonderful experience. Watching a movie from your car.

Kimberly Eagan

Best inexpensive entertainment for the entire family in the KC Metro!

Brandy Hicks

Restrooms were pretty clean, parking lot was clean, consessions were expensive.

Timothy Ryan

The drive-in experience is perfect for a less formal but more intimate viewing. It is fun to be able to joke with your company and not disturb other patrons. The bathrooms and concessions are clean which means the staff takes care. It's an affordable way to catch some great new movies.

Fab R

Fun experience for the kids!! You'll want to go back!!

Scott Williams

Nice place to stop and stretch your legs. I was so thankful I came across this place seeing as there’s nothing else around for miles. My dog would also give a 5 star rating because there is a decent sized gravel pet area where he can do his business!

FaceInTheCrowd Shepherd

Still number 1 drive inn to go to. Wes stillllll runs the place and all the kids and others get to be on the big screen before the movie starts and they have a playground for the kiddos to enjoy. Lil pricey at concession stand but still worth it. I take popcorn n my own pop but still can't resist the burgers. Lol

black panther fans

It was a great family night for us last night my kids loved the movies

Maeve Stites

It's a good experience to go to a drive in theater. Prices were cheap and once the sun went down, the screen was easy to see. Only downside is that there is a train right next to the drive in, so lots of noise at times. However, drive ins can't really get prime locations, so I can't blame them. If you're looking to get the cinematic experience out of a movie, go to a standard movie theater. If you are looking for a fun date night or night with friends with a bit more talking and social interaction, this is a good place to go. Good experience! Remember to bring seating.

Brad Jahnel

Didn't try the concessions but saw quite a few people coming back with food and drink.

Alexis Ayers

Had a great time. Is so nice to have a slice of day's gone by still around. Highly recommend it. But take cash, they don't accept debit or credit cards.

Debbie Stephens

Lots of childhood memories and had 9 great grand kids with us.

Joshua York

Loved it, but it fills up fast, so get there early.

Dave Hines

Best swap and shop/flea market in the area. Great deals.

Stephen Kalnasi

Hadn't been in a drive thru in forever. I'm glad I came here. Food aplenty. Great speakers and movie.

Darren L

Dying breed but this one packs the house. If you've never done a drive-in, do this one.

Sabrina Fiedler

We love this place! Great family environment and takes us back to childhood. Would like to see a few more kids movies though. But still a great place to sit outside and watch movies. Highly recommend.

stephanie lee

It is good because you can be outside enjoying the nice weather you can watch two movies it is a better deal then movies theater

Kathy Blanks


Adam Miller

Great old timey feel. Cheap prices compared to theatres and you almost always get a double feature. Even the concession stand charges fair prices. very relaxed atmosphere. I loved the experience and will definitly go again


Being that I came with kids it would have been awesome if the 1st movie was Toy story 4. Who plays a cartoon at 10:50 PM??? Violent Aladdin wasn't kid friendly too younger children we left they fell asleep by 930. ...


We love going here on Saturdays for the swap shop. It cost $1 to get in. Many different people have booths set up wide variety of items

angel cook

Great family environment

Brian King

Great place to watch a movie or go to the swap meets too great place keep up the great work

Paige Kenyon

A great place to take the family!

Monica G

Haven't been in 26 years. Pretty cool

Saber Bloodteeth

Always a family delight.

Arin Arens

My husband and I love going to the movies, especially when it's at the drive-in. The speakers are got the picture quality is great and we love that the facility is well kept. It makes watching the movies outside a very pleasant experience!

Merle Goldston

What can you say.. been watching movies and swapping there my whole life.. Love the place..

rodney adams

Always good been going since I was a kid hadn't been in a while

Heather Ehioba

I love this place! The retro concession stand is absolutely adorable! The prices are fabulous! And ticket price to see TWO movies is practically like robbing them! This is a great Summer tradition for me and I always look forward to it!

Tessa Mills

Two great movies tonight! Had alot of fun!

Pam Boyd

Need to do different movies next year after the car show


My grandpa used to take my grandma here on their first date and it hasn’t changed a bit in over 45 years. Love going here with my husband n children

Temis Nuñez

Not very many drive ins left so it always feels nostalgic when we go. Decent pricing and almost always a double header feature.

Richelle Sherrill

This has always been something we did every summer but this year all that's been playing is movies steered more for kids. Toys story 4, Aladdin and now the lion king.


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