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REVIEWS OF B&B Theatres Overland Park 16 IN Kansas

Nandulal MacMillan

Pretty cool. You get to butter your own popcorn. No reserved seating though.

Jane Doe

Best theatre in town. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's clean, Love the support B&B provides to our special needs community. I hope they continue this outreach. Snacks, although more pricy than you will pay at the grocery or drug store, they are fresh and the least expensive I've experienced re theatre treats in the area. This is our favorite theatre. Just love the vibe. NICE job B&B!! One negative...the sound in the theater is always too loud..oops.

Will Whiting

I love going to a B&B theater! They have done a great job fixing up some of the eye sores that were left from the previous owners of the Palazzo, we'll done B&B the fountain planter looks great!

Steven Langton

Some of the best seats I've sat in at the movies, spacious and comfortable. Best ticket price for great quality seats. Screens are average. Never had a hard time getting in, plus plenty of parking. Recommend 10/10

Paul Falcon

I thought our theater had food for us to eat an order. But all they had was hot dog nachos and popcorn. I know they were remodeling but according to the website we had to theater with dinner

Angela giddin

A beautiful hidden treasure, I'm so glad to have found.

Blake Bryant

B&B theaters are known for being family-owned, small business feel, and best prices. This theater is no exception. There is a charm with the styling and it is getting renovated current (Spring 2019). There is a bar and spacious accommodations. Will updated after renovations for comfort and design changes.

harsha yadav

Renovated theatre is awesome

Reverend Kelly lee

Fork and screen best movie experience ever.

Julie Moylan

I am amending an earlier post. The investment in the refurbished facility is fabulous. The facility and services are significantly improved and even exceed other local theater venues. Bravo B&B!

gloria fabrey

The chairs are so comfy.


I was favorably impressed by all the upgrades that had taken place since the last time I was there several years ago. The reclining and heated seats were very nice and the concessions were reasonably priced for a movie theater. I like the smaller auditoriums because it seems more like my home theater at home. The sound system was very good also. My grandsons informed me that some of the movies are in the auditorium's with the 4D affect.

Danielle adele

They recently added a 4d theater with screen x that has 3 screens and jungle gym theater for kids with bar and heated reclining seats. Most theaters cost 9 dollars besides 4d is mostly expensive due to the experience of the ride.

John Birmingham

They do not allow you to select seating. Impossible to sign up for do online ticket purchase

Mathew Eapen

Movie was amazing but the theater was disgusting. We were in auditorium 1. Absolutely disgusting in there. Trash all over the place and holes in the chairs.

Tia Johnson

This is my favorite theater overall. Great sound and comfortable chairs. Always cleaned and staff is always great. All these things along with HEATED STADIUM SEATS!!! I'm on love!

Misty Holladay

Best value for super seats! Always a fun time!

Rotan Hill

I love all the food choices!

Arturo Navarro

Nice place to visit with or without kids, friendly staff

Darren Stewart

I had looked online at the 4d experience and went to see Avengers Endgame at 6 pm last night. None of the effects were working properly in the theater. The movie had to be turned off after 20 minutes. In the first 20 minutes the snow machine malfunctioned and doused the audience in wet soapy bubbles. Our seats tilted forward and remained in the position. Terrible experience. Managers knew this was bad and refunded money. If you look at what the 4d experience is supposed to be like do not count on that here.

Peggy Slotsky

This movie theater on 135th Street is beautiful. It is decorated so classically, not boring like most of them. Enjoy it everytime.

myke Mckitrick

Love the new renovation!

Robin Sundahl

Beautiful newly renovated theatre.

Kevin Riley

Love the classic feel of this theater! However, fountains are broke with very dirty water in them so they aren't very attractive. The popcorn usually is not very good here either. But the staff is friendly and the screens have good picture quality. I will still always pick here over AMC.

Robert Hazelwood

Shabby is the best word to describe this theatre. Everything has taken it's share of wear and tear, outside and inside. There is also a strange seating arrangement in theatre 1 where the lower level doesn't have quite enough slope and with the high back seats your view can be impeded, or disturbed, by the top of the seats especially if you are short. The upper level has a greater amount of slope and therefore doesn't have the viewing issue, however it is not easily accessible to handicapped people.

Logan Caldwell

Beautiful theatres. Amazing movies. Great people working there. Amazing for the whole family!

praveen sunny

I went for MX4D for watching Lion King movie which is a motion EFX just to feel the its experience. If you are planning to watch Movie,you should be select appropriate type of movie such as Adventure, thriller. This won't work out if you watch drama type Movies. Overall It's a very good experience.

Amari Lawrence

I love B&B theatres. Always have that loving family feel everytime I go! Much better than any other theatre out there

Kathy Bermudez

Expensive, but kind of fun to experience the action in Angels Fall at B&B Overland Park MD4X!

Beth Renfro

New theater seating and remodel is very nice.

Alex Martinez

Nice theatres

Dillon Gasper

The parking and the lobby are fine, but the seats are so old and the theater feels like it is left decades in the past. The movie show did not even show all the promos because there was something wrong in the show box (not that we missed much). Overall would try to go to one of the other theaters nearby with better seating and newer systems

Tom O'Brien

Very nice and comfortable theater. Comfortable recliners.

Corey Pendleton

Staff are so friendly and laid back. I really like it here!

Pradeep Patil

First time watched a movie in United State and that's too Robin Hood. Amazing theatre experience

Christopher Herdoiza

One of my favorite theatres. Great service and fantastic staff. They're hiring motivated individuals who need the work. No reserved seating either. It's old-school and I love it. This is not an overpriced corporate facility like AMC 20.

Hilarie Divine

Neat place!

Amanda Deutsch

Can I just say this theater beats out the rest ! My stepdad and I went to see Spider-Man and we loved every minute of it . The theater was super cozy and the seats ! Oh my gosh the reclining sears that heat up I mean what’s not to like ? Even the popcorn tasted better than the competitors. I’m throughly impressed. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else for movies :) .

Lori Steward

Remodel is much better


The recent upgrades are fantastic. Well worth revisiting if you are expecting the dated theater of old.

grant willcott

Very run down and grose, have not up graded since it opened. No reserve seat. If I did not have a gif card I would not come back.

sri rama krishna sharma gudipaty

Seen latest telugu cinema on ist day of its release.

Lori Dial

I bought weird seating and Lisa went out of her way to help my family move seats. She is always so sweet and helpful. I love this theater. It is always clean and the popcorn is amazing!

Madhu Sudana Rao Chikka

Good experience. Nothing to complain. Wish they have more variety of food.

Mary Marshall

Easy access theater. Wish they would add a restaurant separate, make it unique to all others and really compete with other movie theatres....wishful thinking. Italian restaurant with medium pricing would do very well. Add a rooftop lounge and watch it soar.

Mason Whaley

Haven't been here since it was the Palazzo. Very nice theater with comfortable seats (cushioned leather, reclining, and with warmers in the lower back rest!). Saw a matinee and we were the only ones in the theater (which always helps).

Adam Wiener

Movie was sold out. It's a nice theater though.

Callie Patterson

This is our favorite movie theater. They are making some great improvements to seating, and even offer a 4-D theater.

Julie Yang

They have a Greek theme going on here at this location. The theatre Rooms are smaller. They have a concession for food purchases. It has been slow each time I️ have visited. There are no problems finding a seat unless there is a popular new movie coming out. The location does seem a little hidden if you are not familiar with the place.

Toby Brown

Favorite theater, excellent customer service, excellent pricing

Mike Gallacher

Nice theater but expensive. I felt like I paid $20,000 to test drive a $20,000 car. The tickets for a date movie night cost as much as the DVD.

Chris Foster Songs

A wonderful place to enjoy the movies

Sai Vamsi Krishna Pasupulati

The new remodeling is pretty cool. Thanks it is really is great.

Max Gaming

Excellent, nice seats, quick to get in, almost empty this night and it was perfect.

HalleyK 7

Nice service and good backstage pass deal.

Sasa Domazet

Great cinema

Paula Green

Not as crowded as AMC but nice and clean. Seats are fully reclining and heated! Price is comparable to AMC.

Makelle Berry

Meh... The chairs don't recline. Could be better. Over all I enjoyed it.

Brian Rule

This is a really nice theater. They have super comfortable seats that recline and are heated! Plenty of room between aisles and very clean. Prices are fair for a theater as well

Kenny Schertz

Really nice place in it's not over crowded

Devin Craft

Love B&B theatres. Always clean and well run. Seats are comfortable. Feels good to support a small Midwest theatre chain since AMC is so anticompetitive (read about how they got Cinetopia to sell). I wish B&B would create a subscription service!

James Boy

Hidden gem. New recliners and I really liked the decor.

Joe Kincaid

This was our first time here, so we didn't know what to expect. We were very pleased all around. The service was exceptional. The concessions were great. The seating was very comfortable with both reclining and heating features. The sound and picture were excellent. This is a little further from home for us, but we decided it is well worth the trip.

Margaret R

Their heated seats were so cool! They were also really comfortable. Ticket prices and concessions were pretty average. The popcorn wasn't over salted which is great. Overall a really great experience, would recommend them to others.

David Owens

Best theater in town, hands down. And I say that as an amc a list member!

Judy Anderson

Extremely comfortable and nice. They stopped the movie during a tornado warning. I thought that was very smart and then they re-ran the some of the movie to be sure we didn't miss anything. Thanks.


Nice local theater but no way to get ahold of anyone if you have questions. The phone number leads to a recording with no option to speak to a live person or to leave a message. Very frustrating and seems like a basic necessity for any business.

Jodie Schmitt

All the employees were extremely nice and helpful. they were extremely busy, but they were quicker then any other movie theater I've ever been to. All the seats were recliners, heated and even had their own personal table trays. Best movie theater I've ever been to!

Alex Brack

Amazing theater to take in a cinema event

Michael Long

Love going to the movies here.

Rakesh Surendra

Decent theatre... some screens are bad... some are good

Luke Ricci

It is a nice movie theater with lots of parking but it seems to be becoming rundown. The seats are very outdated and concessions are expensive. You can easily go to AMC 20 up the road for free-refills and modern screening rooms. Great for birthday parties.


Nice place. People were great. Theatre was really clean. Volume was perfect and temperature was on point, not freezing like usual.

Jacque Myers

Saw "Mary Queen of Scot" good movie


The projector literally stopped working

Michael Leto

Still not on AMC level

Spencer Pellant

I like this theater, I have probably seen more movies here than any other movie theater. I grew up around the area, and remember going to this theater when it was called Palazzo 16. I have always thought the staff was great, and the prices are pretty standard in terms of Movie theater pricing. Theaters 1 and 16 are the best screens. Staple man was created here.

Brad Tilghman

The theater has been upgraded with huge screens, leather heated reclining seats, and great service. Our #1 theater!

Gretchen Rushing

We love coming here. Its rarely ever packed. Great service. They also hire special needs employees which I love!

Balaji Mohandas

Had watched many movies in past with my family, a small neat and cosy movie theater


Very nice theater. New, comfortable seats with plenty of space between chairs.

Angela Fetters

Nice location. Always easy to get in.


Beautiful theater, clean and comfortable inside. Friendly staff and enjoyed our overall movie experience. Food & drinks are typical overpriced options. Great to see they support international films and convenient e-ticketing on MoviePass.

Jim Titmus

Best movie house. Like the old days ,you can sit where you want. No hunting seat numbers . Good service. Clean

Diana Chapman

Popcorn was good loved the movie but the theater really lacks in comfort big time! The entrance is beautifully done but we were so not impressed with the seating and the cleanliness of our theater! PLEASE update this place quick!

Aaron Jones

Great venue and getting better. They are doing wonderful updates and upgrades. Top of the line experience.

Nathanial Pearson

Looks like it was a really nice place once upon a time. I hope B&B is able to fix it up again.

Chi Hoang

Hello to new and remodel B&B! They are still remodeling some of the theater but went to the Giant Screen. New carpet, new heated lounge chairs! YES! It also smell like a new place. Staff were friendly as I got my popcorn and drinks. Very clean too. Sounds of the theater was good and had a great time here with my mom and friends. Would come back here again.

theresa skaggs

Love the new theater!! Great new seats. Can't wait until they are all done so can see what you've dine with the others! This is THE theater to try!

Kyle Haddock

I'd give it a million stars if I could. #vaporwave

Steve Wiesner

Wife and I went here for first time on 1/22/19. Early afternoon, not busy at all. Nice, clean, but in theater #11 the seats seemed a little narrow/tight compared to some other theaters we go to. No I am not overweight. Under 195 lbs.

Shani Knox

Wonderful movie. Just wish they weren't under construction. Looking forward to going back once it is done to see the completed project.

P. Anthony Ayala

Very clean and not over crowded. Decent price for movie

maria noblemanhun hun

Great place. Lovely atmosphere. Very comfortable recliners. Glad to have the theater close to my house.

Alisa Del Real

Nice theater, good food and service.

Amanda Ramirez

Nice theater but the last couple of times popcorn has been stale it's a little irritating to pay 11 bucks for old popcorn!!!

J Farnsworth

Two words: Variety Kids. The commercial is amazing because I love how they support it and its local. Also the staff is generally friendly. Its cheaper than most places and it has nice seats and stuff. Highly recommend.



Sharon Williams

Saw SHAW and HOBBS . Had a Get Out Of There Girl .Idris Elba,Dwayne Johnson,Jason Stahan Helan Mirrin

Roy Salas

First time doing the 4D experience and it was awesome.

Clyde Hall

Great for a date night

Janet White

Very nice. Newly renovated. Most comfortable theater I've ever been in. Only draw back is they don't have Coke product's which is big for me.

Paul Thompson

It's a very clean theater and friendly staff will come back real soon

Deric Schnelle

Love what you guys are doing with the remodel.


Good discount on tickets before noon.

Sito Colón

Great spot for a movie! Always clean and usually not too crowded!

Englaia Carter

I love going to enjoy a matinee as well as an evening movie....very comfortable, clean and excellent customer service!!!

Mary Walker

We were surprised with the new sets and flooring. Very nice and comfortable. B&B theater is always our first choice!

Frankie Miller

Always a great place to go, I've been going for so long it it's always worth it!

Kara Washington

Nice clean theater!! We always love coming here over amc. The new heated seats are just a nice added bonus ⭐️⭐️

marcia hurlow

Comfortable, refurbished theater with 16 theaters. We saw a movie in one of the newest stadium seating theaters. The over-stuffed seats reclined and heated up,if desired.

Sai Krupanand

After the recent renovation all the screens and seats were pretty good.

Brock Bagby

Wow!!!! What an upgrade!!! I love the heated recliners and all of the formats. 4D, screenPLAY, Lyric, VIP balcony and the grand screen!!!!


The service was amazing! Those young adults were intentionally attentive and helpful. That's pretty impressive when all they did was take my money for movie tickets and concession items. You don't see that very much anymore so I had to comment. One young lady even made a point to say "thank you for coming" & "hope you enjoyed the movie" to everyone as we were leaving the screen room (or whatever they call those separate theaters). I liked that.

Travis Strohmeyer

Been going here ever since I was a teenager - always a fun experience! I held back from 5 stars because their phone-line does not allow for one to speak to an actual person, that being said 2 out of the 3 prompts don’t even have information I just got a recorded “info not available” answer and it hung up :( hahaha. Staff is always friendly

Audrey Bowen

Had the hole Theater to myself with my daughter

Josh Simpson

It feels a little more classy than the average movie theater. The prices are fairly typical, and the theaters are smaller than some other places around. I may come back though this isn't the closest to my house.

Kirk Golbach

Kind of an old school theater. Great service, great popcorn, conveniently located and lots of parking. Excellent Tuesday specials on movies and concessions. AND most importantly, no reserved seating.

Sumanth Jaladi

Nice and old theaters. The seats may need replacement as they’re not recliner type.

Kelli Perkins

Great movie experience

jennifer Bowers

Nobody was at the ticket booth so we went to the concessions counter to get out tickets right side soda machine didn’t work but the left one did. It seemed run down a bit but I still had a fun girls night. Movie quality was good

Kelley B

New seating and renovations have been great! They repacked the parking lot and updated the fountain, too.

Justin Wilkerson

This is a nice, small theater. The theater has been remodeled, and the lobby was very nice looking. The theater we were in had comfortable, reclining seats. The seats also had an option for heat on your lower back. The audio and screen seemed to be a lower quality than my usual theater (AMC Barrywood). However, the seats were more comfortable and the space between seats and rows was more reasonable. The tickets were also a lot cheaper than my usual theater. Finally, the restroom was clean. I was impressed by this. Most theater restrooms are gross. All in all, I would go back.

Tony&Astrid Shay

Great viewing experience, super cute venue with artsy entrance and fountain. Sidewalk/outdoor concrete area in need of up update.

Reagan Bryant

Great movie theater, seats are comfortable size not cramped together. Prices are actually low considering the great experience. Employees were very nice and seemed very attentive in their duties. Theater was clean well beyond normal standards. We saw Lion King and had a great time there and will definitely go there from now on.

Alison Tichenor

The theater was super clean and the popcorn wash fresh!

Valerie Watson

Ample parking. Great efficient, friendly staff with a security guard present. The best popcorn ever. A large number of Theatre's that feature all of the popular movies. B &B Theater also offers the best award program.

greg gantt

Damn great place

Jessica Goodwin

Clean, friendly and great prices. Their reward program is great too. Got free popcorn and drink and $5 off. Theater was comfy and even good.

don fowler sr

I really liked it, the heated seats oh yes.

Sylver Wolf

The inside of the store is actually a pretty interesting sight in of itself to check out. additionally, the staff is very friendly and foster a family friendly environment. The main theatre rooms are very massive, quite spacious, and are rarely packed with people. I have noticed this theatre attempt some creativity by offering a virtual reality game (which costs money) the food and snack items are pretty standard, and overpriced like most theatres. Otherwise, the tickets are very fairly priced. Definitely a great family friendly affordable location!

Virgenia Sykes

I liked it. I went early so there weren't alot of people. Nice theatre. I will definitely come again. Parking close by the door.

Jessica H

It's a smaller theatre but that's why I like it. They are in the process of updating their seating, concessions, and viewing options as well. I've never had any problems with over crowded theatres or waiting in long lines.

Lady Jones

Nice and comfortable seating

Carrie Stanley

This location as a whole could use an update, some of the seats are showing signs of breaking down. But I've been going to this theater for almost a decade, the movies are clear, the staff is frendly and the bathrooms are clean. I enjoyed the movie! 4 stars bwcuase there's always room for improvement.

Christina Smith

I love this cinema, very clean and good seats. I do not go here often though cause they are a bit more expensive than most other cinemas in the area.

Kevin Glannon

Great theater. Active in the community, good seating, rarely busy. Now if Hollywood would make some movies worth seeing in a theater...

Andrea Love

Nice cozy quiet theatre away from all the kids.

marieange marie Ange

Fantastic. I really like the place, really quite.

Nancy King

Our favorite movie theatre. Beautiful and easy to walk into and extremely comfortable chairs!

Erika Morris

Loved the 4d seating, we will most definitely be back!

Kim King

First time in a long time going to the movies. The heated recliners were perfect for my lower back pain. When you enter the lobby it reminds you of Vegas. Customer service was great.

mike duckett

Redecorated. Really nice theaters. Modern, reclining seating. I like this place!

Tay Forest

The video to the commercials wasn't working

Garrett Hartman

Nice movie theater. Only been there once so far so I may revise this review. Saw a regular shoeung of Spiderman. Loved how the seats are spaced well apart and they are recliners. Will have to see IMAX or 4D in the future. Definitely a good theater from what I see so far.


Love the new layout of the place and the innovativeness being added. Definitely adding to the experience of going to the movies. Way to raise the bar!

Wolf Druid

My son loved it. We had to wait for the movie. It would have been nice if they had an arcade.

Gwyneth Bowen

Have been going to these theaters long before they became B&B. Experience is consistently good. Always clean. They don't have the lounger chairs but the seats are comfortable and I like the overall experience of the theater well enough that I actually choose it over another place I used to go to that does have the loungers. Easy to get to and parking is always readily available. I happen to like the ambience of the interior decor too.

Kimberly Henderson

What can I say? Once you have been to one theater you have basically experienced all of them. It was my first visit to a B&B Theater. The seats were comfortable (extremely important). However the theaters are on the small side. I appreciated that it was not teeming with people. The bathroom was clean & well stocked. I find it deplorable when bathrooms are out of soap and/or toilet paper. I am certain that I will enjoy another movie at this theater in the near future!

Ke'Von Morrow

Best movie theater chain in existence. They CARE about the movie experience and thus offer you beautiful theaters with great sound, a good sized screen and very comfortable seats. This one in particular is so atheistically pleasing. I love just walking around the theater and looking around.


This theater chain is just lovely. With screens of all sizes, all of the newest releases and a clean and bright atmosphere I highly recommend this theater to anyone who wants a decent night out. My son and I went to a matinee and got snacks, we spent about $34. Which isn't as bad as it could be. The sound system was great. And everything was very clean, and we'll kept. And with this company starting to sell tickets to virtual reality experiences I'm looking forward to continuing to giving them money.

Joy Blincoe

I was highly impressed! I used to call B & B Theaters..Bed Bug Theaters because I use to feel like every time I went I was getting bit by something. Now, I lovingly call it Big & Beautiful

Jen Headley

Going here was a summertime tradition for my family. We will definitely miss it.

Aubri Chavez

Good but nothing big.

Neha Talwalkar

Excellent pricing, excellent cleanliness, excellent heated recliners! Only thing I don't like is the price of popcorn. It was almost same as ticket price.

Leah Gamerl

This place has a good vibe. Kind of reminds me of Italy with their indoor fountains and columns. The ticket prices are better compared to other movie theaters chains. Just wish there was one a bit closer. We keep coming back for a splendid movie experience. Thank you B&B!

ginger hayes

BTS movie was fantastic

Laura Santos

Great place for our son's first movie experience!


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