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REVIEWS OF B&B Theatres Flinthills 8 Cinemas IN Kansas

Zack Kress

Awesome updated theater with friendly staff. Had some computer problems when I went but great theater.

DeAnn Powell

Wow, the person selling my husband the movie tickets @6:30 for the 7:40 Show gave us tickets for 5:15 Show. How the heck does that happen? Barely even got the money back for our tickets and we’re just out because the show was full. And they sure didn’t offer us anything to compensate for their screw up. Also bathrooms were gross!

Tamla Price

Comfortable seats, but no popcorn buckets.

Angel Shreves

Didn't go in

Duane Humlicek

I was disappointed this time. It started with the box office wait and shortage of staff. Then after the typical over-paying for popcorn and drinks, there is no regular popcorn salt on the popcorn counter. This is where a manager should be using petty cash to get some at a local store... Then, on this 90 degree day, it had to be over 80 degrees in theatre 6. It didn't improve much through the movie, even after complaining... The seating is great with electric recliners, but it was too hot even to nap during the movie. This can only be poor management.

Michelle Zumbrum

I generally really like this theatre, but tonight was full of technical difficulties. Luckily, I was compensated with a free popcorn.


Seats? Confy. Staff? Charming. Popcorn? Buttery.

Drell Bourne

Comfortable and cozy. My only issue is with the cashiers. Some of them move extremely slow which could make a customer late for the show. Other than that, I love the theater!

Spider About Town

Nice theater, comfy seats

Gym Gym

Cool and clean place really good to hangout.

Sherrie Bunyard

Too pricey!!

Jessica Mooney

We have been there several times. It should be a dollar theater. Overpriced and outdated for sure. Another thing that makes me angry is that they got some cat movie I had never herd of over Star Trek. We also wanted to see independence day a week after it came out but it looks as if this theater never got it but it has other movies I never herd of or just down right sound dumb. Really! I just don't get it.

Corinthia Morris

I like that I can butter my popcorn myself. Great choices in New Releases and comfortable recliners to kick back and put myself in the movie..


Huge comfy seating, loved the recliners. Movie prices are average for a movie theater.

Maribel Vargas

Love the seats!

Tim Irwin

I like the recliner seats

Chris Linebarger

Yeah movies!!! WooHoo!!!

Susann Barnes

Awesome theater! Clean seating clean bathrooms. Amazing recliner seating for everyone!

Jesse Hosford

Awesome place to relax and watch a movie

Joel Kirk

The seats are amazing. We love to sit up front now!

kerri Poire

Loved it first time there!!!! Will be back soon!!❤❤❤

Cindy Fuentez

Comfy place to watch a movie

Kimberly Barb

Comfortable seats. Kids enjoyed watching Aladdin.

Maria Montalvo


Stephanie Carr

Nice reclining new chairs and up to date movie choices

Benji White

Great atmosphere. Love to recline. Feels like home to me.


They have very comfortable seats with lots of leg space

Crystal Karmann

Comfortable seating and nice atmosphere

Paul Loiselle

Went to watch Deadpool 2 yesterday, theater six was uncomfortablely hot the whole movie. It’s the only bad experience I’ve had after watching lots of movies here.

Crystal Paint

Id like to say, most of these reviews are bull. The theater is fine, its older, decently kept up, the sound system is fine. The biggest problem is its in a smaller town, not enough business to get the big upgrades. Its still a fun good experience, and a pleasant theater. The sound system is fine, the image quality is swell. Only complaint is the workers could be a bit more helpful, but they are not neglectful. Good experience, definitely will continue to go as often as I can.

Adrian Chavez

Now that they put the recliner chairs... It's worth it to pay 8 dollars..the seats are very comfortable

Amber Smith

The drink cups are actually work the price unlike most theaters, and I love the seats!

Shalimar Linneman

Love this place since the updates!

Larry Platz

Love B&B since they remodeled!

Jason Pankaskie

Theater has been renovated with new reclining leather seats, plenty of leg and walking room. Staff have always been friendly when we go. We used to only go to Emporia on a whim to catch a quick movie, but traveled out of town for the "big" movie experiences (Avengers, etc.). However, with the newly renovated theater, Emporia B&B is often our first choice now. And you can purchase your tickets online in advance, so you can get the exact seats you want and walk in right before the movie starts. Candy choices are somewhat limited, but popcorn and pop is always good.

Donna Curnutt

The theater seats are awesome! Good job!

Alan Rees

Great seating!

Caitlin Hook

Everyone is always nice and we had a great experience!

Amy Chapman

Light was on in control room which glared down on us in the last row. Many complained but remained on. Sound was horrible. Finally left during movie and after requesting money back with staff refusing after multiple requests, they finally agreed. Went back the next day in different theater and much better.

Andres Nunez Guzman

It's a really really good movie.

Gabriel Rowe

It was nice clean and not terrible on price

Noemi McDougal

Love their new look

Abby S

This theater

John Hoyt

Staff is polite. Theatre is clean and comfortable.

Melissa Laws

Great seats and great atmosphere.

Brad Murray

I don’t understand why I have to wait I line when I buy my tickets prior to bring here online. I show up early and still end up missing the first part of the movie and I planned ahead. Terrible system and there are only 2 people running a counter that’s trying to do tickets and food. This has happened on multiple occasions to my family and is really frustrating

Koleen Hansen

Love the recliners.

Dean Swift

The prices and service are normal. The lack of respect shown by other people who give commentaries during the movie is the reason I wait for the movies to come out on blue ray.

scott staley

Overpriced theater

Justin Hays

Love the new seats. They offer wine, soda and all the snacks. Prices have not gone up for tickets yet

Tamir Zuckerman

Was surprisingly great the chairs recline all the way to the back

Sara Berks

LOVE the chairs!

Samuel Cornine

Recliners make a big difference unless you go to a movie that has a slow plot and then your daughter has to wake you up because you are snoring...

Tami Haney

Love the reclining seats. Friendly and helpful staff.

theres nothing on it

It has very comfortable seats as well as good food and different powders for popcorn

Arylene Haynes

Saw a wonderful inspirational movie. Thank you for showing Overcomer.

Alexa Castro

Very friendly service, seats were comfortable! Sound and image were great! Popcorn warm and delicious ,nachos hot and spicy.

S Hoover

Movie was great ,but must have been over 80 degrees in the theater. Made it hard to enjoy the show.

Ryan Sullivan

Amazing after the remodel. We actually look forward to going to the movies again.

Shylonda Wright

Love the seating

Arnold Chavez

Great chairs and very clean

Cathryn Conner-Harris

The work they did to fix this place up is awesome. The new seats are very comfortable and the prices are always right.

Nathan Hill

Great service and comfortable seats. Never had any issues.

Bradley Averitt

Last time I went was a few months ago. Deffinitely not worth the money per ticket. And concession prices are ridiculous but that's almost every theater I've been to. Hopefully the new renovation will be as good as it sounds.

Steve Hull

Love the seats so big

B Shepherd

Great little theater NEW, NEW, NEW & FANTASTIC!!!! Absolutely love the new B&B Theatre comfort all the way #1 can't wait to go again! I do recommend B&B for a great movie, comfortable chairs & a low price....

The King

Wonderful staff and very clean!

Debbie Sparks

I called them yesterday to find out if they would have a movie in that would be coming out this Friday it took four phone calls and all of them ringing for over a minute. Then today I called because they told me to, I called them five times again with the phone ringing for over a minute every time. When I finally got them to answer the phone, I asked them a simple question of “Are you guys going to have five feet apart out on Friday?” The guy I was talking to lied to me and told me that they wouldn’t have it until next week and they actually do have it out Friday as I asked.

Scarlett Cooper

For small town emporia this is a very nice theater. The seats recline and very roomy.

Ashly Nelson

Best theater ive ever been to!!! Has reclining leather chairs!!

Jared Burton

Just moved to Emporia and while the description says it is modern, I can assure you that it is not. It is more money per ticket ($2.50 more) that we paid for assigned seating, leather reclining seats and in-seat food services. We will likely continue going because it is the ONLY theater here but come on and try some renovating or at least lower your ticket prices because your not giving people their money's worth here. The employees are nice but the air is musky, the floors sticky and the seats are damp.

Corina Sanchez

Love the new design of this place. The seats are comfortable and recline. I especially like that you can butter your own popcorn. Plus they have a rewards.program that let's your earn cash back to use on future ticket purchases and give you discounts on popcorn and soda on Tuesdays.

Jeremy Cooper

Love the reclining seats


A good place to watching a movie with a friend

Larry Leazer

Excellent movie. Clean theater Friendly service

Dustin Slead

Great seats, friendly service. Sometimes you can hear adjacent movies though.

Kathy Beyer

No complaints from me. I have never had a problem with the bathrooms as some have alleged. I do love the popcorn. For the size of our town it is a good movie theater to go to.

Robert Granado

Horrible experience!!!! Will never visit this location again!!!!

Chela Pardo

Love it! Great customer service!

Jonathan Ruiz

I've went to this cinema when I went to study on getting my Bachelor's at ESU few years ago, and I have to say this theater isn't that bad. Despite its extremely expensive food concession and ticket prices compared to AMC, I could see why its kind of expensive even though it's a small size B&B Regal movie theater. Hopefully in a few years, it will be massive and fancy compared to other movie theaters in the big cities the next time I visit Emporia.

David Peterson

Comfy seats

Mark Beste

Thanks for letting me know about this

Kamri Roofener

It's a small theature in a strip mall, the seating is assigned, but comfortable.

Lannie Lyman

We took the 5 of us to see Bumblebee. The Assistant Manager was so super helpful. I'd tried to purchase our Tix on line but was unable to use more them 1 gift card on the website so I had to go in. She was super patient and helpful. Only 2 problems, it was awfully cold in the theater and my husband left his glasses and realized once we got home. He tried to call immediately and we cannot find a phone number that's staffed by a person.


Loved it Will Smith was great in this movie

Misty DeDonder

Loooove this theater


Not much choice in this town, so this location is the only place to visit if your looking to watch a new release. They do offer all the newest releases but the overall quality of the video and sound is average. Sometimes the projection on the screen is cropped or not properly aligned. The sound system is far from filling. New release movies tend to get the main theater first so your viewing experience will be better but if you come to watch a movie that has been in theaters for over a week it will get moved to one of the smaller theaters. Seating is your typical average small fabric theater seats with not much room to lean back. Sometimes the heating and cooling is not enough respectively. Staff are friendly though and the concession stand has a variety of snacks but at usual high marked up pricing. With no other choice in town it's nice that this is at least available but don't expect to be overwhelmed by your viewing experience.

Jorge Renteria

It's a nice place to watch ur movies and their admission price it's not overpriced, but I think charging five bucks for a large soda and 10 for a large popcorn it's a little bit too much for me personally but other than that it's great.

beck bridges

We had a great time. Great atmosphere and new recliners were comfortable.

Phil Stewart

Wow the new makeover is amazing! Can't wait to go again.

Deborah Storrer

Its a good theater, clean, seating is nice. The theaters run slightly cool, so I take a light blanket, but that doesn't effect the sound quality and screen clarity

Rachel Rachel

My daughter dropped her phone in the theatre seeing the grinch. We went in to retrieve it and asked the gentlemen up front, and one was very helpful looking through stuff for it, while the other ignored us. Finally the one young man turned to the other and said hey didn't you just clean that theatre, did you find a phone? He looked shocked, then paused for a bit then pulled the phone out of his front pocket and said "oh yeah I forgot I did". This was literally 5 minutes after the movie. My daughter was in tears, we really felt like he was going to keep it. Theatre was great, one young man was very dishonest!!


Im certainly not complaining. The theater is not fancy but it works. I would hate to lose it.

Robert Gatton

Really good place to see the latest movies and comfortable reclining seats.

Ira Edmiston

super comfy recliners. excellent place to watch a movie

Amber Stevenson

I've been to the B&B theatres in Junction City and loved it. I went to the one in Emporia Sunday afternoon with my husband for a date we only get a couple times a year. It was the worst experience I've had at a theater. The seats were nice and comfy, but that was the extent of it. First, we got there and there was a huge line of people waiting to get tickets and concessions. The employees didn't seem to know what they were doing. With the 2 lines we waited 30 minutes to get our tickets and concessions. Then, when I ordered a large drink and popcorn, they said they were out of large cups, but they would give us a medium for 25 cents less and we could get a refill. That was frustrating because I felt it should've been more than 25 cents off and who wants to leave in the middle of a movie for a refill? Then, when we finally got in the theater, it was so hot and muggy in there it made it hard to breathe. We wondered if they had the heat on instead of air conditioning. We were absolutely miserable and considered leaving without seeing the movie we paid to see. Needless to say, we will not drive the extra distance to go to this theater and will go elsewhere instead!

Tyler Osner

It's been amazing since the remodel.

Dale Scott

Comfortable seats. Clean facility. Average popcorn.

Jean Getten

Love the comfy recliner and friendly staff

Jennifer Smith

Updated but dirty theater. Still expensive for what you get. Restroom needed attention. Staff is not the friendliest. "Popcorn bar" area was pretty filthy. Probably won't visit much

Brandi Berry

Small but oka place to chill

Patricia Webb

Theatre is nice but concessions and restrooms needed some attention.

Toni G.

Great seats!!! Friendly accommodating staff!

Derek Savory

The staff is always friendly, the new seats are great, the picture is clear, but the sound can be too loud.

Amanda Baird

Love the reclining chairs to watch a movie

Alex Johnston

I like this theater, the new seating is nice, and the changes that were made to the concessions area are good. My only critique is that several times we have gone to a show and the sound has had issues or been bad. The sound systems need a thorough overhaul, speakers need to be replaced, equalization / balancing needs to be done. Not a bad place for just a basic movie but for any blockbuster I will be heading else where until the sound issues are resolved.

Leslie Iverson

I don't live in the area and don't know what it was like before the remodel mentioned in other reviews, but here was the take on my visit today, August 15, 2019... Highlights... reclining seats, halfway decent ticket price, friendly staff, clean disappointments... They didn't come in early enough to make sure the hot dogs were cooked before the first showing. (Sale lost there guys. I even went back during the previews, that was the first time I ever left my seat in a theater but I really wanted one, and they still weren't done.) I felt no air circulation in the theater itself which had me warm and uncomfortable.

Miguel Zuniga

Great place to watch new movies with family and friends

Ricky Urbanek

Love the seats, the movies, and the experience has never been compromised.

Trever Vahsholtz

The newly renovated theater is perfect. The reclining chairs make the experience all the more enjoyable, and the well-experienced staff makes it even better. It's the best (and only) movie theater in town. I highly recommend checking it out sometime - if you haven't done so yet!

Ann Roenne

This theater is amazing!!! Recliner seats!

Toni Haggard

Love the new recliners but the cost of small popcorn and one fountain drink was 10.24 including tax.

Kevin Meyer

It's the willy Sonja of walk-in movie places with reclining chairs!!!!!!

Dustin Ochs

don't go often but have never been disappointed.


The update a while back made the theatre a lot better and last time we were there they had three people waiting on customers. Prior to the update I gave 1 star and used to go to Topeka to watch anything that I was really amped about. The only thing that hasn't improved are the bathrooms. Also, for some reason they like to keep the doors open so we hear other people (mostly squealing kids) being loud in the hall. The doors are there to keep the sound in and other sound out. Please keep them closed. The two most recent movies I've been at they haven't dimmed the lights, which I thought was weird. There weren't many of us in the theatre either time and none of us wanted to miss part of the movie so we watched it like that. I'm going to continue coming here now. It's a major upgrade for our town.

Aaron Williams

The recent renovation really helped. This movie theater is a better experience than the theaters in Topeka.

Emma Swindle

It was,really nice but really expensive

Reborn Nursery

Awesome reclining chairs and great movies and yummy candy and snacks

Rodney Criqui

My wife and I and 2 grandchildren had the whole theater to ourselves, popcorn had more kernel than popcorn, kids didn't like it, the movie was good for family time

Brian Bartlett

Wish I could afford to go-to the movies more often. This theatre is the best around. It's pretty decent too

Nick Powers

Great theater awesome powered reclining seats and really good popcorn.

Jane McAdoo

The seats are so comfy! Like a recliner. There is a lot of room between seats, no climbing over people. Great experience!

Gabby Dean

What Men Want is a Must See!!!!


Not impressive. They didn't turn the screen on (no reason to come early for previews,black screen) my recliner was broken so didn't recline. Expensive snack bar also. $30 for 3 drinks and 3 semi-burnt popcorns .from out of town, but I'd I was from here, I'd recommend go elswheres.

Jana Phillips

If you haven't been in since their remodel, you need to stop in as it's quite a positive change.

Nick DuBree

Best movie theater in Emporia

Pat Jacobs

This place has the greatest theatre seating ever.

Shawn S.

Great place to watch movies. Always new releases. Comfortable lounge seating.

derek smith

Favorite theater in all of kansas

Barbara Wheeler

Very clean, plenty of space between seats. Sound system good, staff friendly and courteous.

jacob lundblade

Comfy seating now

Carlita Hoover

Loved the reclining theater seats! The movie - not so much, we left after about 20 minutes. Only stayed that long because of the seats!

Mallory Koci

The newly renovated theaters are really quite a surprise! The overall look of the theater is much more sophisticated, and there are nice amenities: a full snack bar, large signs outside of Theatre to indicate what movie is playing, and large recliner seats that are big enough for two people and that I could seriously sleep in.

Damian Hollins

Always a great experience! Big comfortable seats! Friendly staff! Keep up the great work

Colleen Mitchell

Love what they have done with the place... good job on the remodeling

That person

Pro: In 2015, the theater is nicer with carpet on the floor. The sound system has been upgraded and the movie experience is like what you get in Topeka or Kansas City. I loved watching 3-D Ironman here. It looked awesome. They gave me free 3-D glasses with the ticket price. Con: 3 of 4 bathroom sinks did not work. ( people that gave bad reviews of bathrooms should consider that kids and teenagers mess up restrooms in all 50 states, so not always the theater's fault. )

Merle Roberts

Love the electric reclining chairs.

Matthew Schlobohm

The theater hasn't changed since it was built when I was in grade school in the 90s. The seats are beyond awful (they go halfway up my back and the bottom is worn out and pain-inducing), the sound system is dreadful (sounds like a living room setup only quieter) ), it smells in the theaters, the concession stand is just basic...above all, the movies they choose to play are of poor quality. They generally only play G-rated movies with just one R-rated at a time, and it's always just the (worst) Hollywood picture. I guess this theater is okay if you want to see the new Star Wars movie and don't want to drive 45 minutes to a much better theater.

Dave Hendricks

I love the reclining seats.

Justina MacKay

Nice seating large popcorn and drinks, a little expensive

William Free

Nice comfy chairs big enough for larger people.

Sherry Lynn Bishop

Love the remodeled theatre, but prices seem a little steep even for matinees.

Floyd Belcher

A little pricey, but very comfortable, and service is great. I wish they would open up ticket booth, instead of standing in line, while people are trying to make up mind on food choices.

Travis Botkin

Very comfortable seating really relaxing

Amber Nesbitt

Really over priced.

Whitney Johnson

A little pricey but we enjoy the good service and the seats are super comfy!

Taylor Herrman

Comfy seats!

Travis Ratcliff

Don't go to movies much but love the reclining seats

James Trively

MOST MOST of the chars work and thay half varry nice staff

Kristi Hawkins

Great reclining chairs. High priced.

Areli C

I was their too watch a movie. It was good I liked it.

Jake Miller

Amazing small theater. The seats are really comfortable and the sound/picture quality is superb.

Lexey Jost

The theatres aren't the best, but have recently upgraded to digital with one offering 3D. The staff is pretty average. Things are kept pretty clean, though the bathrooms are pretty awful.

Robbie Ruehlen

Comfortable, good corn, great movie. (Overcomer)

Landon Pope

It is nice love the staff sound is out of this world popcorn is the greatest lots of butter salt it is awesome the staff needs a raise

Michael Codney

Great place comfortable seats

T Mobile

A little expensive

Rand Hopkins

Went to see the Escape Room. Seating is very roomy and comfortable. Reclining seats with foot rests make for a fine time.


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