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REVIEWS OF B&B Junction City Gem IN Kansas

Thomas Hopper

Great experience. Very good sound system. Electric reclining chairs.

Jim Davis

To Dusti Sikes below- the movie theater made the appropriate move. Your kids don't belong in an R-rated movie. Show them all the R-rated movies you want- in your home.

David Shirecliffe

I love the reclining seats that are like love seat couches. Made for a very comfortable viewing experience.

Joshua Alvarado

I love this theater has great seats and is almost always clean have been going bi weekly for over 2 years. But some new employees are really bad. They are rude don't. And make it feel like you are asking the world when you want them to do their job. I mean you have to tell them about the loyalty program to get credit for it. If the employees attitudes are not changed I will make the drive to the new theater in Manhattan.

thomas hansen

Wow recliners in the theater. Pretty cool.


I have attended better theaters. Though people seem to rave about the seats, I'd much prefer to be at a higher angle so I don't have to look at other people's heads in front of me. That could've been a bit offset but the theater offers very limited amount of movies. And the only theater in a military town that doesn't offer a discount.

Latynique Anderson

Nice little theater.

Cher Oh

It's a decent small theater I've been to. It was messy when we went there, popcorn all over the floor in the ticket area. Seems like a little unorganized, those people working at the front. But other than that it's a good small theater in town.

Ben Moore

Couldn't be more pleased with the transformation! It is very rare I'm able to go to the movies and I want the experience to be worth while when I do. Let me say this place is awesome. Huge reclining love seats reasonably priced concessions and clean! Being from South Florida I am spoiled with higher end theater experiences and now I feel that way again. No theater within 2 hours of here can compete period. Only complaint is they need either ticket kiosks or lines to purchase tickets separate from the concessions to speed up the process.

Shane Holloman

Personal opinion but I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has thought about this since the remodel of the theatre. Why don’t you make separate lines for people who are just wanting food or who are waiting to buy tickets than the people who already have tickets. That would save so much time plus that would allow more people to come inside instead of waiting outside in the cold, rain, heat, wind, etc. like I said just me personal opinion but one main reason why I choose not to come but once in a blue moon.

Melodie Mccaslin

Comfy chairs but they're mix and match on which ones are love seats and which are singles. Thought I was getting a love seat with husband but he ended up in a single. Other than that great popcorn and hight quality screen and sound.

Zach Kenyon

Went on July 4th. The staff was friendly and courteous. Small theater size and extra large, super posh powered recliners made things easy for our large family. Our ASD child had no issues and was glued to the movie the whole time. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Jason Call

Was freezing in there, they should add blankets to their concessions!

Jessica Paternoster

The crowds can be hit or miss. But the staff is great.

William Balderson

Great theater! Little pricey.


Nice and clean

Anthony Moreno

Phenomenal service, clean environment and super comfortable recliner seating that is reserved.

Renee Spellman

The spacious reclining seats are so comfortable and the staff are great!! Amazing experience every time.

David Bailey

The Junction city movie theater used to be terrible, but when B&B Theaters bought it they remodeled it into a really nice place to go see a movie. The theaters are cozy with really comfortable seating. The screens are good size and the sound quality is good too

Dee H.

Super nice place to kick back and enjoy a movie but not so good for lil toddlers they just go right to sleep.

deputy dilton

Good place to watch a flick. Rude service if you spend to much when its busy. All in all an ok place

Austin Murphy


Valarie Pruitt

Bathrooms where very dirty but movie was good besides a lot of underage kids in a rated R movie

Neal Sivula

Good theater, seats in stadium theater are nice, well run and just the right size for Junction City

Amethyst Patton

Awesome seats. The most comfortable theater I've been too. Loved it.

Kenny Upham

Great theater with reclining seats in all their theaters!

Jason Hinkson

Seats were great and theater was clean.

Curtis Thomas

It is a great local theater comfortable seats and good service it's always a pleasure

Andy Rodriguez

I love the idea of the reclining seats but if you have a child like mine at the age of 5 its kind of hard to see over the chair in front of them. No military discount but i guess in a city right next to base it wouldn't be financially smart to offer that.


Good selection of movies, good pricing, small theater.

Timothy Danforth

B&B Theaters is an amazing experience! First off their best feature is the reclining chairs! Extremely comfortable. Another feature I really like the ability to pick your seat when buying tickets, even online. It saves a lot of hassle if you buy tickets online and you can pick and choose from the available seats. I have never been to a B&B theater before coming to Kansas but now this is my theater of choice and would recommend it to everyone!

Mark Isaac

There was a major renovation done here about 3 years ago, and it's very nice inside there now. The chairs recline and there is plenty of leg room.

Preston Eagle

Great theater. Says they open at 11 on the website on Saturday and were not open at 11 so have to come back for tickets for my daughter.

Christian Diaz

Thought this place was great! The staff was friendly and helpful. The staff were also super nice and helpful. Definitely visiting again.

NBA young Jay iv

It was awesome I love the service and just relaxing in a recliner while watching the movie I just came back from watching Jurassic world fallen kingdom

Linda Signor

Loved it. I went today as always very nice. However, this is the 2nd time I have come in and the floor is sticky in front of the fountain drinks.

Amanda Headlee

Love seeing movies here. Staff is polite and the reclining seats are the best

Dege Boller

Love our town theatre

Terry Biery

love the recliners

Hipster Faye

Lovely. Cept the heathen male in front of me drinking a beer at a kids movie and then left his trash. Bigger trash cans needed and maybe some sort of clean up rewards program for the guests. Deff needs some updates for cleaning Other wise lovely lovely lovely. Still pricey, but its local and comfy and not freezing cold.

yehoshua simmons

Love the ambience and the staff and the people it's great

Venika Bonhomme

Very nice upgrade from 5 years ago...loved it!!!


I keep forgetting to review this place but I cannot say enough good about this theater. The seating is amazing, it is the most comfortable I've ever had at a theater. The seats are soft fake learner and they recline with a button on the side. I take my kids here and although they play with the buttons sometimes it works out well because they have plenty of room to stretch out and relax and watch instead of sitting in high backed spine destroyers like some other theaters. Highly recommend seeing a movie here. Also sign up for the BB club online and get $5 of regularly on concessions.

Amy Frison

Love it. Clean for a later showing. Unattended, disruptive children should be removed by the ushers tho.

Shayna Brodhagen

Used to go to the movie theater in Manhattan, KS, but ever since Junction City renovated their theater I won't go anywhere else! The reclining seats are absolutely wonderful! Even more so if you bring a blanket!!

Mickey Stroda

Nice place

adam dolezal

Such a fun place to watch a movie! Can't watch a movie without being in a recliner anymore.

Jax Smith

great movie experience

Nora Eichorst

Fun. Comfy chairs.

Thomas Maia

Ordered tickets but accidentally chose the wrong date. Delores, Dominique and the management team quickly addressed the situation and adjusted my tickets. Thanks

Alisha Pollard

I love this place! While everyone else forgets it is there I get to go in and get great seats!!! It is a bit dirty and unkept but I do love it!

Shaun Hall

Great job in remodeling the theater. Bathroom is usable again lol...

Andrew Laughlin

I'd pick B&B in JC even over IMAX in Manhattan because of the convenience and the seats are incredibly comfortable.

Suman Barua

Nice place to go watch movies with family

Sir Winklebum

We come through a fee days a month and haven't had any real issues so far. The movie quality is great, the staff is friendly, the seats are nice and recline, and it's simple to order tickets online and in person. Concession prices, as with moth theaters are high of course, but it is expected.

Corine Maldonado

Nice and cozy but could use more help during busy times. Too make sure all the theaters and concession site stays clean,.

Pat Mansker

I enjoy this theater very much. The chairs are great, the popcorn and pop machine (where you get your own!) are wonderful. I love what they have done with this theater and refuse to go anywhere else, especially the Manhattan Carmike. This theater is SOOOOO much better. I am also a member of the backstage pass club, and you get so many benefits. Money off of your food, etc., by buying tickets and such. Would recommend for anyone!



Daniel Witt

Great time for family enjoyment.

Rexy Fan35

Great theatre and great seats

Derrick Davis

Small updated movie threater that has all the update big movies. Sound quality is great and employees and manger is super friendly.

joceline Aguilar

Good place to watch movies not the cheapest place but it affordable and they have reclining seats and good combo options for popcorn and soda!

marcos gaming

Its a awesome place

michael hartz

Clean, family firendly theater with recliners and frendly staff. If your in JC this is a must go theater

Josh Takacs

Absolutely love this theater! Never been to a theater where i have a recluner and could drink some beer!

Alfonso Pagan

Reclining seats, competitive pricing

King Since89

Wasn't expecting it to be such a nice movie theater. Perfect seats for taking a date. And they serve beer.

Ari Thomas

B&B Junction City Gem is a quality theatre with nice seating and doesn't horribly break the bank. The "Backstage Pass" membership is a good program for frequent movie goers. While I imagine this theatre is great for Junction City residents, as a Soldier at Ft. Riley, the AMC dine in located in Manhattan at the Manhattan Town Centre is just as close and their Stubs A-List program is superior, they offer IMAX showings, Dine-in service where waiters and waitresses serve you during the movie. All in all the B&B is a good theatre, not the greatest of all time but for seeing a movie with friends or family, it could be the perfect spot.

Frank Eddleman

Excellent seating and a good variety of snacks to choose from. I think the staff need to be a bit more customer oriented. They seemed to not really care about our movie experience. Take some pride in your job people.


Amazing seats with new movies is the best.

Emanuel Roman

Nice overhaul of the theater. Comfortable reclining seats. Freindly staff. Unfortunately that smell is too much to bare. Smells of something old and immediately hits the nostrils upon walking in to the theater itself, not the main lobby. Fabreez that place, Wet vac the carpet do something. Until then I'll continue my drive to Manhattan to watch a movie.

Ryan Bennett

Ever since they removed a few years ago, the experience is outstanding and genuinely comfortable.

Rafael Flores

Cozy movie theater with a small town atmosphere. Comfortable reclining seats make you feel right at home.

Rita Powers

I've enjoyed the movies here. Movie prices are more reasonable and it's in a nice location. There is nobody to direct you to the theatre that the movie is playing in. Otherwise, nice place.

Misty Mccarther

Love this place

Trish Wilson

Lion king is a great movie. Nice comfortable seats in the theater.

Angie B

They have great seating.

Lola la trailera

Very nice theater, small, but clean and roomy. Have not had any issues when we go. Staff has been very friendly. Buy tickets ahead of time, since is the only theater in town is usually busy, unless you want to drive 30 min to Manhattan(I rather stay local).

David Troyer

Fun theater with a friendly staff.

Rodolfo Campos

Love this convenient theatre it's not big but it is honey and they do have reclining chairs great prices and a decent food selection. Only upgrade I would really like to see is the make your own soda machine

Jean Carlos

Great movie theater with friendly customer service. Very enjoyable to watch a movie.

Dusti Sikes

We have frequented this establishment almost monthly since PCS'ing to Ft. Riley, 18 months prior, and until this evening have enjoyed our experience. Tonight my husband and two children were denied entry into the movie Logan, a super hero movie! The attendant quoted a "policy" that is not posted at theater, on their website, or producible in writing. While we are fully aware of the rating, it is within our purview to dictate what our children can or cannot view based on their individual maturity levels. Now, my husband, after driving almost an hour with two excited children, is trying to explain to their dreadfully disappointed faces why they will not be able to attend this movie because of a basically discriminatory attendant quoting non-published policies and when trying to reach Management are told to merely leave a message. I will continue to escalate my complaint on all media forums and management, District management, until this is rectified. And will be sure that I NEVER patron this establishment, endorse it or even acknowledge it's existence to others searching for a movie venue.

christian frehse

Really great place to watch movies.

James Barreto

Great place to see a movie, assigned seating, recliners, good view from any seat!

Amanda Saarloos

Beer yes. Nachos stale. But all around good place

YOwaz Gaming

Great service and the inside is beautiful, and very comfortable. I recommend for those considering

Rodrick Nauling

Saw Night School, great seating, love the electronic reclining seats

Catrina Watson

Very nice and I like the chairs they recline back so that all can relax.

Indya Vereen

It was so for filling the seats wore so comfortable, I like how it has surround sound when it comes to a loud part of the movie,the food there is really expensive make sure to eat before going just a heads up,or after the choice is yours but over all it was totally worth my while being there.

Jacob Davis

Clean comfortable reclining leather theatre seating. Small venue; like having your own personal screening.

Carol Shepard

Great theater. Comfy reclining seats. Easy to get tickets. Never too crowded. A LOT of popcorn topping choices.

Alycia Cormier

Great prices. Love the recliner seating. Pepsi products (yay mt. Dew!). The staff are friendly and fast. Lots of parking space. You can buy your tickets online. Only downfall is the limited screens. But we love this theater so much we pretty much just don't see a movie unless it's played here.

SamanthaDaelene SmithMiller

Prices were ridiculous

Breathe It In Austin

Super comfy chairs. Loved the Grinch. Not to packed so we were able to all sit together

Arvin Lopez

Great place to watch a movie

jewel noel

That place is horrible, poor customer service and wrong movie times on their website and actual location, what a freaking joke. They need to fire that curly blond hair dude that work in the front concession


I really like going to this theater. It's clean, has comfortable seating, and friendly staff. I go a few times monthly.

Justin Merchant

In a military town, but no military discount. Makes sense. Not really. If Manhattan AMC can honor it, so should this establishment. Very disappointing in that aspect. Other than that the seats and screens are quite nice.

Tara DeLancy-Martin

I absolutely love this movie theater. I'll take them over the IMAX in Manhattan any day. It's family owned and the employees are very friendly, helpful, & well-mannered. The movie theater seats are very spacious, comfortable, & they also recline. The ticket prices are very reasonable.

Jonathan Chacon

The theaters have recliners and they offer brews why not.

lydia drake

Yeah,, always the most courteous people!!!

Jon Mcdaniel

Should be cheaper, small screen rooms and popcorn was cold

Lance Tilton

Reclining seats are super comfy and the theaters are clean. Food and drinks are overpriced, but not unlike any other theater.

Samantha Jane

Not impressed at all. The seats were fairly comfortable but not for 2 hours. We bought a large popcorn for $7.90. It wasn't even warm. We were told they were popping fresh. We waited and got a few warm kernels but they didn't dump the fresh before they filled our bag. They obviously don't care about quality at this theater. I'll never go back and will share our experience with everyone I know. Plus they charge $8.99 to get in. Way too much for the quality of the theater.

Al Kalig

JC's hidden gem. A great upgrade since last management

Katie Campbell

Such comfortable theater seating. And I'm surprised I didnt fall asleep!!

Ben Hobbs

Nice and clean... great way to beat the summer heat!!!!

Carla Padilla

I'm only gonna give 4 stars because the price is higher than any other movie theaters. Clean, nice and comfortable.


I went to the movies had a great time. Love the seats. Theater was clean and people were friendly and helpful

T Hoyt

While they only have 6 screens, all of them are well outfitted with reclining chairs and ample room. Definitely a great theater with reasonable pricing. Most importantly, they do serve beer.

Jarred Landrith

Finally a complete and much needed overhaul of our hometown theater. Great service, great prices and great upgrades. Leather recliners are the correct way to watch a movie.

Buster Wolf

Place has improved from a over a decade ago when I decided never to return. Very impressed with how it has improved. 5 Stars

Matthew Brown

Nice reclining seats. I love the free refills on large drinks and popcorn.

Robert Malone

Good place for date night or family outings

Ziyad Shabazz

It was a great story line, a little bit longer showing . Peace

Nancy Quillman

Great experience. Very comfortable seating. Sadly, 3 large drinks and 3 large Popcorn, was nearly $35. Plus, about the same to see the movie, for 3. Who can afford to do that very often?

Nelson Martínez

I love this place !

Robbie Kramer

Had a great time at the movies with friends. The B&B Theater was easy to navigate, the seats were clean, no rips or tears and it smelled clean. The big screen focus was good too. Parking was close as well. Nice place to bring the family.

Douglas Thomas

Since the IMAX started this place is great hardly anyone ever goes, so no one talks through the movie and you can normally pick any seat you want.

Melanie Avans

Love the reclined seating

Bear's SGS

Its ok..

Michael Mangold

Seats are very comfortable and the place is clean. Prices are outrageous for food.

Benjamin Marken

Amazing place to see new movies. The chairs are SO comfortable!

logan bogle

When I go to this theater it is always clean and quick to get my tickets and concessions.

The Andersons

Absolutely love this Movie theater. Great place to take the kids over Manhattan theater as it is not as busy. The recliners are the best very comfortable.

Deante Battiste

This movie experience was very exceptional, and clean.

Jorgianna Cook

I actually have to say for such a Tiny Town one of the tiniest towns I've ever visited they actually have a pretty decent movie theater and it's very comfortable. The only thing I would really complain about is they could be a little bit more clean and present their business a little bit more professionally.

elizabeth maddison

Wonderful experience. Food is expensive but worth it. Reclining seats don't go far enough back.

King Seal

Spacious couch chairs and good picture and sound.

Christine Lay

Fantastic! My son who is 13 has Autism. So he gets very fixated on certain things. For the past 6 years he’s been obsessed with B&B theater. If we pass it he tells us what movie we need to see. When we go watch a movie he will cry because we are leaving. Your staff has always been amazing with him as well.

Nina Freeland

I love the theater. This is truly Junction City's gem. Super nice staff, service, & facility. I recommend this theater for a relaxing show.

Teresa Collier

Very clean and friendly

Richard Yarbrough

Have not had one bad experience yet watching a movie there. Everything always seems to be so perfect it's scary.

Gerald Hanna

Very good time


Big Comfortable lazy boy like chairs.

William Bishop

I felt like the previews took so long that the movie was out on DVD and Blu-ray before we got to the feature film. And, I had to throw away my peasant Cherry DrPepper before entering the showing. Also, when we left the theatre we realized that we were still in Junction City. But, the recliners were a good investment.

Meghan Draper

Clean & fun environment

Chardy Magnett

Love the comfy chairs

Shadow Hunter

Nice theater will recommend ,best time to go around 10 am hardly anyone there at that time plus it is much cheaper.

Devin Runyon

Could have been a bit cooler

Charnita Goodrum

I really enjoy the reclining seats in all the theaters and the great location! They have a good member rewards program and good customer service. I also like how it's setup, you buy your ticket and snacks all at the same time. Only down is there may be a short wait for people to fill their orders.

DaWaeLord 5105

So good. Indiscribilbe


I love this theatre! They have great retro night and $2 Tuesday deals.

Melodie Sprouse

Very comfortable and decent prices.

Patricia Mansker

I have lived here for many years, and the first theater here was old, shabby and overpriced. The B&B came in and now we have new theaters, GREAT seating options, the popcorn and everything else is well priced compared to other places, (Their hot dogs are AMAZING!). Join the B&B club to get benefits for every 100 you spend, it may not be much but it helps. Go online and make your choice of movie, time and seat, and it couldn't be easier!

seth lofdahl

Clean, great staff, and comfortable seating.


Best theater in town (it's the only one)

lightnight vampire

Good place to relax and enjoy a good mpvie

David Espersen

I loce catching new movies here. Its not very crowded. The prices for snacks is comparable to most other theatres and they have the big leather recliners.

Sarah Ray

Seating is great food is good but the prices could be better

Kim Nauling

Love to come here with my blanket and lay back in the comfortable, snuggy chairs. Love the fact we can pick our seats at the time of purchase online. Thanks for bringing this true gem to Junction City.

lil neff

Smaller theatre with reclining loungers. Clean! Great prices on snacks. They will layer your butter in your popcorn.Yeah! Why deal with the big expensive chain theaters. This place is my new favorite! And the staff are very friendly. They also have a easy reward system just using your phone number; no clumsy apps that no one can use here! Luv this place.

Alex Lopez

Great seats and decent prices. I would make it a 5 but Cinema 5 had 3 holes in the screen that just bothered me the whole time.

Robert Morris

Really a great theater. The seats are great for dates and the prices are fair. A movie for two with a large popcorn and drinks for both only cost $30.

Army truth

This theatre is very nice and the price is ok and i love the recliner seats. The popcorn and soda is expensive for a little small movie theater. The staff are friendly and helpful. The rewards program saved me money so that's make me come back every time.

Necrecha Knighton

Seats are so comfortable recline back and enjoy the show

Shelly Gunderson

We went for the first time this past weekend. It was very nice. The seats are recliners and quite comfortable. It was very clean, the restroom was as well, which was quite an improvement from when we used to go before B&B took it over and remodeled. Good screen and sound, a very enjoyable experience.

Sara Elaine Jones



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