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1500 E 11th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67504 Located in: Hutchinson Mall

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Where is B&B Hutchinson Mall 8?

REVIEWS OF B&B Hutchinson Mall 8 IN Kansas

Steven Rousey

The actual theater itself is great! Reclining chairs and a bar, it's cool. Customer service could use some work tho. Theyre all just awkward and are forced to say "Enjoy the magic of the movies!" Barf.

Krystofer Eryk

Had a great time getting to see "A Christmas Story" for the first time in a theater! And those reclining seats, amazing!

John Blevins

Love the new seats makes for more enjoyable movie experience

Rod Michael

Very good not crowded movie was great

Kenneth Nickerson

Nice seats that recline with plenty of room. Friendly service

John Meadows

First time here since the remodel. Not a bad place but as with all movie theaters way over priced

Melissa Minton

Loved it

Tech Blair

Great place to have a date.

Jessica Brayton

They have iced tea, where as the old theatre did not. Finally something for us non-soda drinkers! The seats are awesome. I particularly appreciate the idea of reserved seating for big movies like the Marvel movies and other popular films, because now I don't have to go hours ahead of time to stand outside and fight for a good seat when it's finally open. The backstage pass membership is great, because we go here alot, so we save a little extra every now and then. Oh, and $2 TUESDAYS ARE AWESOME.

Travis Donaldson

Great place to take the whole family. Me and my wife spend about 60$ Everytime we go and we see several movies it's great.

Amy DeShazo

Tried to order tickets online and it wouldn't take my card. No big deal until I seen they took the money anyway. That was two months ago. I emailed them and talked to manager. So I am out 40 dollars. Probably won't ever go back

Michelle Velasquez

Good theater space little high on cost

Jorge Smit

Long wait in the line and staff is not very friendly and welcoming. No tank you or anything. Theater was empty but the seat are dirty trash and popcorn everywhere. Oh and it was uncomfortably warm Very disappointing

Mel Rob

The recliners are so comfortable it's like sitting in my livingroom.

Randy Short

I watched day 1 of the showing of Farenheit 11/9. I went to the last showing. Was it packed? Of course not, no surprise there. It told the story that we need to know. Glad our town brought it. We are so miss informed, rather lied to, that most can't see the truth when it's right in front of them. Then, if you did believe, there are plenty of others to cast doubt on it or even on you sinc they think otherwise, even if they aren't seeking for the truth. Seems like few around here are doing so. Hopefully I am wrong, but there is truth in numbers. Let's see who shows up for the midterm elections. Will it be any different, with the effort to make it hard for some to vote ? We will hide & watch how our democracy acts this time around.

Bill Willm

Comfortable seating, nice place to watch a movie!

June W

Has recliners, that's all I need.

Lucas Springer

The theater was nice and they had reclining chairs. It was clean for the most part and the staff was friendly. The theater I was in wasn't overly packed, so it made for an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Jessi RaRaRa

This theatre is AWESOME. The staff is always really friendly. The prices on food suck... But what theatre doesn't have terrible food prices? I was SO happy when they added those reclining seats! They are so comfortable and they keep them really clean. I'm super lovey dovey and also a chicken. So being able to snuggle up against my husband as easily as I can in those chairs is great! Lol


From what I could tell the staff was fairly well trained and helps me through any issues if there were any the theater was very well kept and there weren't really any troubles at all from what I can tell.

Daniel Perkins

Great place. Relax. Recline. Unwind.

Deborah Walker

Incredibly comfortable seats!!! Very high on refreshments though...

JIll MAy

The preshow wasnt there but the overall experience was great.

Brett Riffel

Great theatre! It can get cold so bring a blanket!

Linda Cooper

Love our girls night at the movies.

Ben Evans

Comfortable. Only time I have been to a theatre and been able to say that

Caleb Hoyt

It's the best theatre in the area.

Ben Robertson

Great atmosphere. Always clean and the staff is majorly friendly. I always have a good experience when I come here.

Amy Betts

Reclining seats .free refills on drinks. Cozy

Anna Llama00

The place was super clean and service was great

Shawn Frank

They reserve seating but no one to make sure your in the right seat.

Jordan Thompson

Boycotting all amc's for kicking a paying customer out due to stereotypes.... plenty of regals around me. Will never be back. Thank you!

Tyler Davis

Best movie theater in all of central Kansas!

Gary Shelton

Comfortable, cool, and friendly staff.

Crystal Wells

This was the best Movie experience I've ever had. Was able to butter and flavor my own popcorn

Glen McCannon

Wonderful accommodations. Lost one star due to snack prices.

Mary Henry

Scary stories to tell in the dark was Awesome!!!!!!!!!

xwc Champion

Reclining movie seats, and a mix ready bar. What more could a guy ask for?

LnKay Lewis

Reclining seats, cup holders, and a complimentary water cup.

Rhonda Regier

Movie was great seats great until family of five with 3 littles one was baby fussed off and on thru out the movie. I could have stayed home and saved the money. Not theaters fault but they should have been asked to leave or move so others could have enjoyed the show.

Brad Huston

Nice place great seats

Gage P

Best theater I go here alot

Nolan Trapp

Good shows, always there so far as I know on their release date. 8 theatres allow for multiple choices. Reclining seats in all the theatres I've been in. Can be dirty but not a common occurrence.

A Red

Compared to the theater before, this place blows it out of the water. Comfy reclining seats, great picture, and plenty of snacks to choose from!

jose lozoya

Seats are comfy and there is beer now!

Angelina Hernandez

Great time John wick 3

Haylee Horton

DO NOT GO! The people that work there, act like they want to die they have no happiness in there voices at all and it makes me sad for them. The ticket prices are too high and the pop is always watered down. Its way too cold in there, when its 12° outside its 39° inside I wasted time and money. Now my kids are sick, and its from b&b theaters because they haven't been outside all week because it so cold. My opinion its awful.

Austin Penner

Constantly my go to movie theater, I love the seating, the members benefits are great, and their selection of concession is astounding, and there's also options for alcohol. Lots of theaters so they can show all the latest movies and I always love the option of watching new movies the night before they're released.

Jeremy Mock

Very comfortable seating but prices are OUTRAGES!!!

Valery Ropp

Great theatre... Reclining seats, bar, online tickets, & top notch service. Plus, local & safe!!! Thank you for updating everything!!!

Farley Family

Best seats in Kansas

Victor Randel

Very clean. Friendly and helpful staff. Enjoy the new seats! Very comfortable.

Linda Hoffer

Love the recliners. Wish it wasn't so expensive to go. I love the popcorn but highly over priced.

Jessica Jarvis

Super comfy, reclining chairs! Plenty of arm and leg space. Large screens and alcoholic beverages available.

Ali Raza

Good place to watch movie

Todd Miller

Decent prices, reclining seats are great.


A very pleasant experience to say the least

Christine Jones

Great place to watch a movie. You'll choose your seating and all theaters have reclining chairs.

Toby Moeder

Good place to watch a movie or two, kinda expensive on the pop and popcorn, but i think its free refills through out the move. Nice electric reclining chairs with cup holders. Good sound and picture as well.


Yassssss I fuksss with this theater I Love the reclining seat!! And I mean.. wish I had more food options but it's cool

Mike D

Clean theater, decent movie selection, reasonable price for being in the Hutchinson mall.

Daniel Schwindt

Great reclining seats, overall great experiences. I live in McPherson and drive here because the McPherson theater has become awful. More expensive and yet very run down. They don't even turn the overhead lights off for shows anymore. I only mention this because they are both owned by the same folks. At any rate, the Hutchinson theater is comparatively wonderful, so if you are deciding which B&B to attend, get to this one and avoid McPherson at all costs.

Vincent Malecki

My wife and I saw the movie "Overcomer" and it was great.

Jackie Bishop

I highly reccomend B&B in Hutchinson, Ks. The theater is clean, seats our comfortable, prices are affordable and the staff is friendly and helpful. Also love that they have a rewards program.

Alice Cooper

So the sound began before a picture showed. Then all the previews showed with no sound. The movie started with sound that was excessively loud. I would not recommend this theater.


Nice reclining chairs, Veriaties of food and drinks, Cold

Jim Rails

We love the reclining seats and reserved seating. And now that this theater participates in MoviePass, it's our "go to" every time. The self serve soda fountain and popcorn butter and salt stations are a nice feature if the other customers respect it and don't trash it.

Carol Gardner

I think the $5.45 for a medium drink is way too much. Attendance was low possibly due to cost. Not likely to go again I can wait for the DVD to come out.

Vivian Gobin

Always great

Jose Martinez

It was a Ggrreeaatt experience! I'll be back!

Federica Johnson

Very nice theater, and always clean. B&B wins me over anytime because of their recliner chairs.

Michele Loewen

Great experience. Concessions are way too high, but that's everywhere.

Mayo Staley

Amazing movie theater

Jordan Vargas

Place is great. Great prices. Great staff. Great atmosphere. Bring my kids here all the time to see movies we've been dying to see.

Lucy Bowman

This movie theater is AMAZING!! Definitely going there again! Amazing place.

Tina Dory

Absolutely worth going!! Can't wait for another girl's night out with mom!!!

Lora Culy

Love the recliner chairs

Jon Christian

Where we go to the movies.

Peter Roybal

Comfortable reclining seats and good screens.


When I've attended the theater before the screen was vibrant and the bass from the speakers shook me and made me feel emerged into the movie, now ever since they "upgraded" the projector feels like it's a lower resolution and the speaker now sound very muffled to little to no bass at all and movies need bass! I love b&b but it seems as if the sold the nice bright projectors and their nice speaker for just comfortable seating. This is now making it to where I can't even enjoy a movie especially with the lights on the side still on, which were brighter than the screen! It's almost a waste of my money and I just wanna go to a Wichita theater. I really hope they fix this because I don't want b&b to go downhill.

Lee Keele

New seats are awesome, yes. I like the bar (don't tell anyone I said that, I'm a pastor after all). BUT - I'm old school in this. I prefer to be served my snacks and have them handed to me rather than preparing everything for myself. I realize we live in a self-serve world, but I prefer tellers to screens, and register workers to kiosks. But overall, great work B&B! Still enjoying the show!

Michael Snow

Reserved reclining seats. Received new digital projectors not long ago. Concession stand features theater fare as well as a full bar. Better prices than the theaters in Wichita.

Roblyn Regier

Best theater in Kansas! I love It! Will always go here!

Jeremy Schmidt

Love this theater since they remodeled it. Sound and projection systems are great. The theaters with the recliner seating is amazing and you can now order drinks at their bar. The only thing that would make it better would in theater dinning and drink service.

Gene Hutson

It was great movie

Julie Cooprider

Love the ease of location, reclining seats and backstage pass.

Jalene Cox

Had a great time, movie was awesome!!!

Barbara Dickerson

First time I was at B&B Hutchinson Mall and the movie stopped 2 times and the first time it stopped it took 20 minutes to fix, second time it took 15 minutes.

Michelle Barfield

Enjoying and relaxing

Janis Miller

Great place to watch movies reclining chairs good food popcorn and even drink plus adult beverages

Claire Gager

Clean fast service friendly!

Eve Welcome

Cute theater in Hutchinson. Reserved seating with comfy reclining seats and lots of leg room.

Merlin Goering

Good place to see a movie.

rosario cuadradomorrison

I starts to smell bad and moldy, so please clean this beautiful place. So one invested a lot of money, dont let it go to waste. Also, I was watching my movie but I could still hear the noises and music from movie next door. Not good!!

Ann Engel

Great seats! You choose your seat when you buy tickets which can be tricky because it seems closer on the tablet then it really is in the theater. Bar available. Costs more, but very nice.


take ear plugs!!! the movies are ridiculously loud, took my three yr old and she was so scared cause it was so loud. She's only has been to the cosmophere to watch a movie so this terrified her!!! will not be going was filthy anyway with overflowing trash cans everywhere with popcorn all over the drink area and floor

Genell Kirk

The theater is clean and members of the staff are friendly. That and the "comfy" recliners make it a great experience!

Anthony Jones

Newly remodeled, looks great. New chairs are amazing! Love that you guys included a bar!!!

kayen cason

The seats were constructed very well and very comfortable

Teri Koon

Great theater!

Ronault Trowbridge

B&B bought the old Mall 8 theatre a few years ago. Remodeling & upgrading the old place to a truly great movie experience. Every auditorium has reclining seats. The visual & audio are much better. In the lobby, there is a full concession & a small bar, if you're into that. During the summer, they have a kids movie series. Featuring past animated modern classics. They also feature ocassional retro movies. Fun place with something for just about anybody.

Taylor Davis

It good but expensive

Kenny Mowry

New look and it's a nice place to go see movies

Cooter Brown

I just found the BEST movie experience ever ........... especially if you purchase tickets online plus enroll in loyalty program. WE WILL BE BACK

Jamie Casey

Too hot and stuffy in the movie!

Peggy Payne

I always take my grandson to to the B&B theater in Hutchinson. The shows always on time starting the popcorn is good. And everyone is so helpful and picking out your seat. And my grandson loves it when he puts his feet up and so do I it is the best theater.


Amazing seats, an if you show up early you can have a quick drink before the movie. The go to place to enjoy the magic of the movies

david latta

Nice love the new seats, the place was pretty clean even though it was a little busy. Not overly hot or cold.

Gerry Wiens

Nice seats great atmosphere

kegan bell

42 dollars for 3 tickets popcorn and a pop. It's a little pricey.

Danielle Retzlaff

Love the recliner seats and plenty of room to get through the rows.

Kaitlin Tucker

Since the remodel seeing movies has become an even more exciting experience. The staff are always friendly and the seats are incredibly comfy.

David White

Very good

Robert Eubanks

I love seeing movies here so nice and local, I try to see at least one a month.

Mark Adcock

Love this Movie Theater. Love the Comfortable Recliner Seats. Love being able to Reserve your Seat when you purchase your Tickets.

Nathanael Weaver

Incredibly comfortable seats, even for a big guy like myself. Movie quality is always fantastic and the staff is very friendly.

Angie Kroeker

Love the makeover they gave the movie theater. You can buy tickets online, there is a stocked bar you can buy alcoholic beverages from, and the reclining seats are amazing!! Makes it so much more enjoyable to go in and watch a movie!!

Michelle Thompson

Awesome theatre and super comfy seats!!

Jo Shelton

Love the seats. Very comfortable and roomy


The Mall is VERY Empty. Only couple of stores And not many people. Nothing exciting...

Joyce Barker

The recliners make this a special viewing experience.

Rev LaVerne Parks

Movie prices are a little high dollar. $9.00 to see a movie. And the candy prices are a rip off

Douglas Spencer

Seating was amazing and comfortable, sound system was a little off.

Mac l

New management has made this a premiere theater again. Everything has been remodeled and is no longer a embarrassment to the city of Hutch anymore. Great job!! Use to drive to the Warren in Wichita but now I will continue going back to the new B&B theatre in Hutch.

Mama_Mia 70

I really enjoy going to the movies because the seating is amazing.

Olivia Bland

I'm not from here and I didn't know what to except from their theater.... but it was very nice! The seats were electric and could recline down almost like a bed, the arm rest came up so if you have a partner you can snuggle up!! Its ice cold in there so I would say bring a blanket.

Jonathan Smith

Great! Loved the seating, the more casual atmosphere than it used to be, and the ability to buy tickets online. Good way to enjoy an evening.

Nate Diller

My favorite theater I've been to. Ticket prices are cheap compared to similar theaters. Comfortable, roomy, reclining seating. You can buy alcoholic drinks at the theater. Rarely overcrowded or sold out. Lots of showings to choose from.

Susan White

Love the new seating but hate the concession prices. Makes it really hard for a young couple (teens) to go out on a date. $50 for a movie and treats. In minimum wage that's itvreally doable...

Brandon Valenza

Fair ticket prices and nice staff. However the projectors are very dim. Some movies can be very hard to see what is going on. Especially in dark scenes.

Terri Bishop

It's a great idea to have a great time and spinning time with family and friends

Zoé Harris

I love everything about it but what I don't like is the last time I went, the movie to the left was louder than the one I was watching...

Amber Van Riper

Very hard to get a hold of anyone as there is no number to contact their office if you forget something. Was not happy as their was a person inside and as I knocked on the door to get my daughter's phone that she left, they ignored me.

jared millsap

Great for a smaller theater, they have made major strides to improve their experience since B&B took over. The bar and alcoholic drinks are expensive as any other alcohol serving theater but who cares, they serve alcohol, which makes the experience and atmosphere, so much better.

Christina Carmichael

Love the seats. The website to pick and pay for seats/tickets can be frustrating and their concessions are WAY TOO OVERPRICED.

Aaron Whittington

Awesome theater!

Celina Dean

Love the movies they show.

Theresa Klapal

Movie was good. Popcorn & drinks good. Stay out of theatre #7 - it was VERY warm in there. Much cooler in the lobby.

Lawrence Espinosa

Absolute best movie theatre in the area. Worth it to go here instead of Wichita or another town.

R Jenkins

Great place to go to watch movies (in a super comfy chair!)

Felicia Simon

Great place to get all kinds of stuff and it's quite and peaceful

Felix Prower

Comfy chairs, good picture, good sound, and comfortable bathrooms. The only complaint is the price of the snacks, but that's how theaters make their money. Super friendly manager/s! If anything is wrong or not to your standards, they are willing to help! Seriously though, the chairs are not anything to sneeze at! They are comfortable recliners! The armrest even comes up to allow for cuddling.

Eric Schmidt

This is a great theatre, don't let the memories of the old theatre deter you! The seats are recliners and very comfortable. The popcorn is wonderful and you can butter it yourself! This is the only theatre I will go to anymore.

Bkiss SextonWildcats

Great reclining seats! Friendly staff, fair prices on food as well. They have cleaned this theatre up quite a bit, and it's very nice to go see a movie without a "full house". We had a lot of fun watching a movie with kids and not having to worry so much about hushing them during the show.

Kathryn Miller

The seats are comfortable which makes watching a movie more enjoyable.

Bryan Hostetler

Enjoy the seats with an ice cold beverage while watching a movie

Jerry Bosco

Great place to relax and enjoy a new movie.

Karen Trout

Went to see Despicable M3. The movie was good but the theater was a bit chilly. The seats are awesome, popcorn was fresh and they now have Pepsi. We will definitely be back. Wish the tickets were just a bit cheaper.

Jeremy Logue

Great place to watch a move! Very comfortable chairs! Spent 3hrs watching Avengers and was never once uncomfortable in the seating.

Bonnie White

What's not to like about a movie theater that shows a good film!

Jayme Humphrey

Good seats, screens are good quality, prices tend to be lower than theatres in Wichita.

Tiffany Sterling

Like the new seats, the recliners are wonderful on my back, snacks and drinks are what you would expect. Has enough screens for a good variety of movies

Michael Akins

Loved the movie, prices were fair, concessions were a little high but that's how they make their money. Chairs were really nice

Amiee Drollinger

Super helpful, crunchy popcorn, cold sodas, great movie, comfortable reclined seating. Couldn't ask for a better time!

Tom Burris

Good place to get comfortable and watch a movie

Eeverett 07

I love the seats they were comfy as heck. Except I didnt really like the movie we saw but that's ok

Ao Neko

It was an enjoyable experience!

Shane Chelle

#reclinerseats #datenight great updates, cozy theater


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