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2601 Central Avenue, Village Square Mall, Dodge City, KS 67801

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REVIEWS OF B&B Dodge City Village 8 IN Kansas

Maria Campos

Sidnt like to be poke to put my phone away it wasn't even time for the movie or preview the guy was rude

Sarah Kraft

Cute mall


Liked that you can pick your own seats

Sydnee Tibbetts

Amazing Time at the movies

Dr. Danny Gillum

You won't find a better place for a family movie outings

Chad Fernandez

Leslie Reyes

Not only is it absurd that they ask for id's for individuals who are well over the age to watch a rated r movie but what is more ridiculous is that I have been there many many times before and never have been asked for an id. I'm guessing since they were a little slow they decided to do their "jobs" and follow the rules. The manager Chris was extremely unprofessional she wouldn't take a picture of an id we had on our phone because she "physically" had to hold the id in her hand to verify my age. She also neglected to give any name or contact information for her superior. Maybe management should be educated on how to properly speak to customers and handle situations appropriately and not laugh at the customers with their employees.

Brandon Meadows

Awesome watched Spider-Man: Homecoming

Ivan Mendez


Anthony Brauer

Great theater but lazy staff. Always forgetting to turn the lights down during the film and the blue lights at full brightness leaves blue flares on the screen.

Ruby Dempsey

Not bad.

Salie Huertadeloya


Alexia MartineZ

Extremely ridiculous they ask for an ID even if over the age of 18!! And friend couldn't pay for my ticket because neither of us were 21. Each of us had to pay for our own? Assistant manager is awful at her job. She is rude!!! Her and another coworker were just talking and not acknowledging people coming in. Plus our theater room was disgusting. It had not been picked up from previous showtimes. Popcorn and drinks were all over the place. Don't waste your money coming here. This theater lacks professionalism. Staff is rude!!! Will never come here again. Awful experience. Rather enjoy a movie in garden city even if it's a longer drive!!

azucena stitt

Very nice

Dolores Maskus

Good movie!

Dana Hansen

Love the comfortable reclining chairs!

Jorge Vázquez

Bret Koesser

The renovation really makes this a nice theatre.

Fidel Madrid

Best popcorn and there manager Chris Milo is wonderful and very helpful

Kelli Buehler

Rude and neglectful service.

Arthur Williams

Only thing bath room men's. Bad order

Osvaldo Rizo

Reclainer chairs are awesome ! Prices are fair ! And friendly staff


Nice remodeled small town theater, I can purchase a beer and watch a movie now!

Will Walter

Love the recliner seats!

iphone help/ fixs

Love it

Chris Ellis

Great seats

Raudel soto

Avengers end game was a very good moment

Jennie Salvidrez

Super nice & comfortable :)

Perla Salazar

Love the leather seats

Lawrence Martinez

There was a great atmosphere for watching a movie. Expensive but the inside was very comfortable. I loved the automatic reclining chairs. Definitely going back soon.

some person

Awesome !!!

James Brownlee

If there was any other option I would gladly drive 50 miles to give their competition business! Poorly managed business with zero customer service expectation

Sue Harrelson

Clean and comfortable!

jeff boen

The best theater I've ever been to big or small


Great theatre. The seats are extremely comfortable.

Linda Davis

Ever open.


I was very impressed with this place at first but the last time we went was in the winter and there was no heating in the theater whatsoever. I left the movie to ask a lady at the front counter about it and she seemed very unsympathetic that we were freezing and said there was nothing she could do. I was not happy since we pay money to be there. I do however love the renovations and the recliners they have put in.

Edgar Meza

This place has a to of potential. The fact that you can have a drink (alcoholic Drink) while reclining and watching a movie makes this place awesome. With that being said though, they could use better screens. I came here to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and noticed right away that the screen was pretty beat up. The other thing that bothered me is that I could hear the other movie playing right next to our room which was super annoying especially during the quiet scenes. I think with a few renovations this place can easily become a 5 star for me.

Christi Dyer

Great service, great discounts...

justin hernandez

I ready love the movies

Denise Koechner


Grant Faulconer

The theater seats were amazing, but the the staff were less than friendly, do not think the seats are enough to bring me back when I can watch the same movie in many places.

Theresa Alberry

Very nice theatre since the updates. I am a loyalty member and go as much as I can but the prices are very high. Garden City is much less expensive and has a bigger variety though not as nice. The staff needs training and the manager is very...terse to say it nicely.

Janice Sims

Fantastic fun times for people to see friends

Tim Morton

The cinema volume was not correctly calibrated. I was unable to clearly hear or understand the speaking parts of the first third of the movie. It was only fixed after MULTIPLE people complained.

Eric Clark

Good atmosphere, like the seats, can get a little chilly if there's not a lot of people in theater

Jose Meza Rodriguez

I like it more when I fall asleep :)

Michael Prater

Great popcorn good drinks the seats are a little too comfortable I find myself falling asleep more than being able to watch a movie

Garrett Werth

It was pretty good for us

Tasha smith

Wish the chairs would go back a lil more

Karen Bruebaker

Didn't go here

Kenneth Gary

Excellent seats love the new look

Noel Cardenaz

Chairs were really comfortable and the screen was really clear

Beverly Fuller

Staff is friendly ...overpriced concessions

john smithhisler

Nice, clean, comfortable

Elisha Estevane

Great place to watch a movie!

Shirley Ackley

Great seats, great movie!

K Brad

Good setting. Price little high

Monroe Powers

Nice place to watch a movie since they remodele

James Miller

Get drunk while you watch your favorite movie

Lela Killion

I've always had a great experience at our movie theater. The update was so nice for our town. The seats are so comfortable, the bar looks really professional and has lots of options, and the snacks are still so great. I can never get enough of their popcorn!

Dustin Mulkey

Love the seats! Hate the prices. And it stinks that they stopped using moviepass. Last time I went there the customer service was poor.

Rodney Sutton

Great seats and popcorn!

Jenna W

Good variety of movies at great prices, nice assortment of concession items from candy, popcorn, nachos, hotdogs and a variety of bottled and fountain drinks. Great combo prices with refills on large popcorn and fountain drinks. Variety of flavored popcorn toppings, small bar to have a drink while you wait, try a movie themed drink. Glass giveaways with select movies, movie themed popcorn buckets available. Join loyalty club for great deals, purchase advance tickets or tickets for current showings as well as reserve your comfortable electric reclining chair with lots of room online. You can also walk in and purchase your tickets as well as select your seat at the counter

Kyle hager

Picture and sound are good on all the screens, but concessions are WAY OVERPRICED... just like all theatres.

Remington Ralstin

It was great. Don't like them putting the bar in tho

Aaron Conrardy

Great clean place

Kristina Davis

Comfy seats

EJ Olguin

It's nice and clean but extremely cold inside bring a jacket

lu campos


Erik Figueroa

Very nicely remodeled!

Robert and Beth Brotherton

Great seats and easy to use website. Concessions line is pretty disorganized, however.

Quinton nunya

3D capability leaves a lot to be desired for $12.50 The seats are pretty great electric and comfy Bathrooms are nasty everytime I come to see a movie. Honestly I'd recommend hotting redbox.


Feels like home

Linda Mehringer

Love the comfortable seating!

Liuska Frias

My son and I enjoy watching movies here

Kenneth Mitchell

Not crowded

Joseph McDaniel

Good theater. Very comfortable reclining seats. And they serve alcohol.

Danny Dumler

Roomy theater seat and very helpful employees. The nearest theater from my town is 50+ miles away and we for the last two year will always choose B&B.

James Nelson

Very good prices on concessions and the seats are absolutely wonderful. Very well cushioned and the recline

Kolton Stimpert

I lived the reserved seating. They should allow you to skip the line of you pre purchased your ticket though.

Caleb Bouziden

The update has helped bring this place back to a comparable theater

Cathy DeLeon

Awesome seats! Comfy, clean and fantastic!

Daniel Boyas

No me encanto solo un cine en GARDEN City y luego cierran temprano que eso??? Hasta los restaurantes... Wwwwooowww????


Accidentally put 2 stars the first time, but I had a great experience here.

Judith Castillo

Leonard Thomas

Last time we were there good time good popcorn could drinks best day ever

Michael Miller

Great theater, great staff too.

Noel Vargas

Had a great time, best day ever, watch movie wit my kids.

David Hoppe

Hard to find. Needs more signage

Héctor Cabrera Viveros

They have to have "State" issued id's? Bs

Allen Baker


Grant Terry

My girlfriend and I went and seen Rampage. I think the movie was good. But anyways it's been years since I've gone to the movies. I previously registered on their website and was awarded a free medium popcorn (which I upgraded to a large for $1, and was also awarded a bag of candy (M&M's) for $2. For two adult tickets, the popcorn, candy and 1 large soda to share (if you get large on soda and popcorn you get free refills) we spent about $23. Not a bad price at all. But the best thing about the experience was the reclining leather seats! They were so comfortable! Can't wait to go again. I can see now it's been way too long since I've been to the movies. So if your ever in Dodge City KS and want a good movie experience, I recommend B&B Theaters. It's on Central Ave at the mall.

Blaine McDowell

Nice assigned reclining seats, serves drinks

Robert Forkner

Pretty good place to catch a movie. The seats are comfortable, and they have a bar for this over 21. But your tickets online ahead of time and reserve your seats! It works pretty well.

Sandra Naeve

Nice clean theatre, reclining chairs and the club you can join has nice rewards.

Zach McGanney

I like the style of seats. It was a nice upgrade from when I was here a few years ago. I will say the reason for the two Stars is because you are the only theatre I have ever come across that doesn't allow us to re use our plastic tubs. I don't even care if I had to pay 50 cents less and you still get your outrages upsale! I wonder how many of those plastic tubs get thrown away every weekend. All because you can't be decent people. 8.50 for a popcorn. Everyone knows that's crazy. But we pay it anyway. So please give us as your loyal costumers and incentive to come back and not throw or perfectly good and reusable popcorn bowl made of plastic.

Ray Burgert

Favorite parts are reclining seats and you can select a seat ahead of time.

Dennis Woods

We went to see Ad Astra with Brad Pitt. The theater was great nice seating I was surprised that they all recline and are very comfortable. The theater wasn't crowded and I would recommend this theater to anyone who wants to go to the movies.

Jesus Montiel

Great find. I didn't even know it existed coming back for sure

Mr Bauer

Great seats and good every time I go

Heather V

Good ticket prices, and recliner seats in the theater! Very comfortable and always very clean

Lizeth Ramirez

So disappointed with the customer service from management tonight. I went in to purchase tickets for my cousins that are under 17 I was not aware of the policy that I had to sit and watch the R rated movie with my cousins. Well the policy states they check IDs mine was not checked and I had them ring each ticket separately because each cousin had money from their parents and I was paying my own. The manager was rude and stated that this would be the only time she would allow separate transactions that the tickets need to be purchased out of my money or the moms need to go purchase them and sit with them. Like really?? The sarcastic comment and tone was not necessary. I didn't see the problem the money was in my possession before I even got to the counter and I was purchasing my ticket too I was going to sit with them in the theater and watch the dang movie. I have gone to b&b theaters before usually when it's empty like today and have sat wherever because b&b staff have allowed me too no matter what seat I picked. Well today my cousins sit next to there friends a row behind the one we chose manager walks in right when I sit down comes straight to our seats kicks out all my cousins friends makes me go upfront switch seating (when there's only 7ppl in theater including me and 2 cousins) and I state "I can assume responsibility over these teens" she states "No if you have a problem you can go too." So 5 teens were kicked out with no refund because the adult that bought the tickets had to go. Manager called mall security and did not allow them back in. The way she spoke to me and to those kids was condescending and rude. I understand there is policy's but there is a way to enforce it without being so rude.

Mayra Din

Comfort and great prices

Tonie Carrera

B&B Theater and Dodge City Kansas

Lindsy Kelley

Everyone was super friendly and took the time to help us. Great staff! Keep up the good work!

dian Campoy

The Chairs and the staff!


Very clean, comfortable seating, good popcorn.

Fred Smith

A great place to see a movie

Anna Martinez

Nice theater

Jimmy Mollet

Chairs are very comfortable.

Rady12 3

(Translated by Google) The best to buy (Original) Lo mejor para comprar



KDALTSB28 Clarke

Very nicely remodeled! Love the new reclining chairs!

Unlisted Unlisted

The seats are amazing. I love how they recline.

Tyler Ediger

Very nice. Kind of expensive

Justin Acheson

The chairs are AMAZING!

Katrina Vanderploeg

The seating is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose A. Cruz Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) Very comfortable! (Original) Muy comodo!

Charles Block


Luis Diaz

Clean facilities and using the spot reservation service is really convenient.

Bryan Luetters

Rude workers. Drove 1 hour to watch movie. Waited 35 minutes for them to get movie fixed to play. Never got it to work, wouldn't give a refund, just a free movie pass.

Kelli Humiston

As always, great customer service and comfortable seating.

Timothy Boughner

Very comfortable, nice screens.

LeAnne Garcia

The people are nice always friendly and the theater is always clean we love to go and watch movies enjoy the popcorn and stop at the bar for our drinks ‼️

Shanom Vazquez

Very up to date theater. You kinda forget you are in DC KS... Lol!

Jessica Bunch

Nice theater good place to go for something to do



Gemain Rust

I like the seating.. Nice

Kevin Maloney



Amazing reclining seats, reasonable prices.

Patrick Smith

Always a great movie experience, large snack options, love the reclining seating

may jaralve

It's not really a fancy theaters like in the big needs a little remodeling!

Kellie McBride

We loved the seating, the snacks and the employees there were very helpful. The seats recline!

Taylor Davis

Great spacious comfortable leather seats that electricly recline with touch of a button. Best bring a jacket as it stays cold! You control amount of drink and butter you want at the refreshments bar. Lost my phone here once and owner got back to me the next day. Tickets maybe a bit pricey, but im sure it helps DC maintain a theater.

Rebecca McGary

We had a great time the manager was rude though.

Sasha Hendrick

I love the newly remodeled seats and the friendly staff.

christopher wilson

Comfortable lounge seats. Endgame didn't seem 3 hours long in them. Didn't like the three movie tickets have to be purchased at the concession and, they don't have veteran discount for movies


Great seats!

Brent Crossman

Love the seats

bloccboy lil tay

It's cheap has a good view and seats recline

Don Sanchez

Air conditioning was off hot and sticky

Brett Ramsay

Great service

Tabatha Teletor

The reclining chairs are awesome!

My channel Hayes

i am going to see storks today i hope it is good.

Paola Munoz

Love it

Danielle Brawdy

I️ love the theater here! The seats are comfy and recline. You can purchase tickets and reserve seats online. Tickets aren’t overpriced, and the staff is pretty friendly. There is a bar there, but it is hardly ever open.

Christina Kephart

Love going to the Movies.

Jesse West

Comfortable seating and great experience.

Randle Tuxhorn

Great recliners, spacious aisles

Rachel Robertson

Love the new seats!

steve ward

Ya saw Steven kings move IT not to bad

Laura Smith

Very good experience. I was afraid I would fall asleep in them comfy recliners though! Keep up the good work.

Kiryu Kazuma

Good place to have a good time

Carol Roberts

Always clean..... a little pricey

Manuel Ruiz

(Translated by Google) Very good facilities (Original) Muy buenas instalaciones

T. Reichert

One of the best movie theaters around. It has huge screens, reclining leather seats, free refills, and good popcorn. It has different movies to choose from, it's got different specials and a mini bar or something idk what it is but it looks like a mini bar. It has clean restrooms and respectful employees, it's more than you could ask of from a movie theater which is good. It shows that they care about their establishment and thier customers.

Uchizi Phakati

The movie theater is a good place to be!


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