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REVIEWS OF AMC Town Center 20 IN Kansas

Sharon Byars

The bathrooms were very dirty !! The connections where very expensive, small popcorn & icee over 15.00, outrageous!! Not impressed.

Thomas H Smith III

Good theater and comfy seats

Derrick Lee

Clean and friendly Me and my wife had a good time Popcorn and drink

Lee Skywalker

Nice theater with large comfortable reclining seats.We went to see movie Green Book. You can get mixed drinks at this theater if you want a cocktail while watching the movie.

Markamous Prime

Best AMC I've ever visited it's a must try.

Elizabeth Arnold

Great customer service when you accidentally buy online tickets for the wrong AMC, and quite comfy, more so than local dine-in theaters.

Eamonn Anderson

My go-to theatre for movies, really cool theatre with a ton of premium options on top of normal 2D. such as 3D, IMAX, and Dolby Cinema. Always a nice experience with the signature recliners and I've yet to have a bad movie watching experience only grievance is that popcorn can range from great to meh. Other than that concessions are great, Love this theater

Sandy Seaton

Love the recliner seating. Also it's nice they put soda machines on each side for refills. Don't have to go all the way up front. The staff is very nice and helpful

Geini Kuntz

Love this place so much I am an A Lister. So much fun for less then $22 A month for up to 3 movies a week. Just wish the snack bar wasn't so pricy.

Bill Evans

Wow! Great theater! Big comfortable seats that recline and a great snack selection. We will definitely be going back.

Shawna Becker

I prefer this theater over any others nearby. The recliners are very comfortable, and any day of the week early movies are about $5. The stubs premier program is worth the money. It's great when we do a cheap movie day, and have enough rewards to cover popcorn and drinks. Great customer service.

Ada Gebhardt

The person working the kiosks to purchase tickets today about 1:00 pm could have cared less if any customer needed help. I witnessed the rudeness and experienced it when I needed help.


Haven't been here in a long time, but love the current set up.

Kenzie Kay

This was my first time at this AMC location and have to say it was overwhelming. The machines at the entrance where you buy tickets weren't the worst but it would have been easier if there was actual employees selling tickets like usual. There were alot of confused people. The lines at the snack counters were also terribly confusing. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Where to go for what items etc. Its much easier with just one counter to order anything/pay for it all at as opposed to a counter for popcorn, one for hot food, one for something else, and then one to pay. The seats were nice. They're so fancy with the adjustable seats. While it was nice and all, it wasn't so great that it added anything to my viewing experience. I would have been just as content in the regular seats. It was very clean in the theater though, which was a plus for me.

Raymond Lowe

This is our go to theater. We love that the seats recline. AMC 28 doesn't do that, which is why we avoid 28 unless there's no other option. I know it's a small thing, but that reclining comfort changes the whole experience. Also, 20 has wonderful service.

Alexis Richter

Concessions were out of stuff and not enough staff. Theatre is clean, though. And the manager who helped us get our tickets was amazing!

Tony Trinh

I like the Dolby theater here. The popcorn and nachos are usually fresh here even late at night when I normally go. The bathrooms are usually nasty, but no worse than other AMCs I've been to.

Frankie Feets

Clean place extremely over priced! 22$ for a pretzel w/ cheese and a large drink smh ...

Charryse Berry

There were good things: Lori poured the drinks well. Seating in theater was nice. The movie was not too loud as it can be at times. Bar atmosphere was nice. Food set up is confusing - having to go to two different stations to complete the order is a lot. I get that kids are working, but that is no excuse for a lack of customer service. The young lady at the ticket machines did not smile, greet us, or appear at all that she was intetested in helping. She barely looked up from her phone. The kids at the pay stations were rude. The soda station is a mess. It is a complete MESS. None of them were operating correctly. One had no original taste Coke. One had no ice. One did not work at all. One lack syrup in the original taste coca cola. There should be someone there to move the crowds along. Parents should be asked to monitor their kids so the do not cut in line. All of this just needs to run better. I will never go again on a Saturday afternoon.

Kristin D

Amazing seats, wasn't too crowded like before with old seating!!!

Schuyler Cavender

I liked it, however AMC has been getting more and more expensive. The workers here are very good and the theaters are clean.

Jeff Carroll

Awesome Dolby Digital theater. Recliner seats make it great.

Bill Willm

Nice theatre, great service!

Valerie Petrie

Go somewhere else. Floors were sticky. Prices were outrageous and staff was slow and rude. Go to B&B Theathre

dan martin

Nice seating, great screen and sound, but 2 issue's, one IT WAS HOT AND HUMID, for the entire 3hr 15min movie , sweating in a leather chair, the people next to us and us complained but it didn't get better, second issue, drinks for a no sugar diet, I drink Iced Tea, they don't offer it like other theatre chain's , they only offer flavored teas from the machine that are full of sugar or artificial ingredients, so that's a big reason why I prefer B&B theatre's over AMC.

Benjamin Baellow

The theaters are always clean. The experience is great.


Love the seating in this theater since all of them have signature recliners except Imax. I usually tend to go to this one since I'm an Alist member and see multiple movies a week.

Girish Katta

Watched Spider in Dolby and experience is good.

Dave Lawrence

Good variety, a few art films, limited runs - one of my favorite alternate theaters.

Charles Brotherton

Saw Toy Story 4 and loved it! We'll be seeing spider man far from home!

Andrew Angell

Great place for a movie!

Robin Ritch

Great movie experience. Seats are great. Rock, soft and comfy.

B. J. Montgomery

What a rip off, One and only chance I will get to see this movie. So I show up to find a note on the door that they have no power. Everyone else around them have power. Or is it they needed to do some maintenance and figured they don't make enough money on a Tuesday night to open up? I drove all the way there constantly getting reminders on my phone that the show was starting at 6:00 pm. Here 45 minutes later my phone still shows that I am late for the movie. How is it they have all this technology and cannot give me a bit of a warning. A ruined evening. Guess I will start using B&B theaters as I live half way between them.

Katie Semrow

Seemed like there wasn't much staff around. Bathrooms were a mess (but I feel like that's expected for a theater). And the chairs in the IMAX theater were kind of worn out. They were comfortable, but I honestly expected them to recline and they didn't. There was also gum stuck to the side of my seat.


Fun times comfortable reclining seats

Randy D

Theatre was clean. Staff polite. Ticket wasnt ridiculous but concessions were as usual.

Maruti Avantsa

If you're a stubs member, you do get a free WiFi that you could use. So, if you are a person looking for free WiFi, this place has got you covered. It's a large multiplex with many screens of all types with all the top class facilities you expect (Dolby, IMAX, Recliners). You just can't mess up that easily. I have had fun visiting this theater and seeing movies in one of the excellent screens the industry could provide. Even during the prime times it goes smooth. You have a great a helpful staff always available to you. So on the whole, you will have a fun day visiting the place

stacia garcia

Clean. Comfortable seats recliners. Not a lot of people. Huge screen

Sharon Mehl

First time at this theatre location. Also first time I took advantage of snacks being delivered to our seats in the theatre. Awesome! Skip the concession lines! $5 Tuesday movies are a great deal as well. Theatre was very clean and recliners were comfy.

ReeRun Mac

I love this theatre. It's a lot bigger than the one closest to me, and their theatre is always well kept, with fairly consistent service and friendly employees. Sometimes this location will have better options for IMAX or Dolby Cinema movies and the temperature is typically PERFECT inside the different theatre showings. We will definitely be coming back, especially to the IMAX reserved seating section!!

James Marx

Mildly over-priced for what you get. Nice, reclining seats that you can reserve ahead of time. Frankly, it's not worth the cost for me personally, and I like getting to movies early to get good seats, rather than just reserving them.

John Newton

Very nice movie house. Seemed to be very clean. Large screens theaters of different setting size. Comfortable adjustable seating, a Dolby Sound Theater and IMAX theaters.

Marcia Pierce

Enjoyed the movie in the reclining seats

Jessenia Hernandez

Loved it, loved the chairs the facility and service.

Madison Mclawhon Marie-Mclawhom

Love the location. Love the seats. Food is good, but every soda machine in the main food court was out of nearly everything.


Nice theater. Dolby is awesome. And who can beat 3 movies a week for $20/mn?

Neal Pascaretti

Only movie theatre I ever go to. Always clean. Good reclining seats. Easy concession check out etc.

Nico Tarantola

Venue is super clean and staff was very friendly!

Dave Gatliff

Cleanup after the early evening rush leaves a lot to be desired. Messy drink stations, random paper trash and dirty restrooms. Definitely some room for improvement.

David Alford

Great place for a date night movie.

Roxanne Reimer

Great Movie Theater. We especially love the big houses for IMAX & 3D shoes.

Matthew Taylor

The ONLY AMC that I take my family to on a regular basis. Friendly staff is always helpful and pleasant. Place is always very clean!!!

Karen J. Campbell

Went to see a movie with my Daughter and Granddaughters for a girls night out. We had a very good time and I must say movie theaters have changed since the last time I was there. I felt as though I was in the comfort of my own home. Jammies was the only thing missing. The seats are so comfortable any where you choose to sit. The Theater was clean and the concession lines moved fast. It was a fun to be with my Daughter's, Granddaughters , and some of their good friends. By the way , saw A Star is Born. Great Movie.

Josh Hendren

Well, I've been here a few times, and well... It's a giant multiplex movie theater. Can't really screw that up too much if you ask me. I've not been during really peak times, but it's clean, easy to get in and out of and the big seats are great for me (6'6"). Wish the food and such wasn't so expensive, but I also want these kids off my lawn

Melina Herrington

This movie theatre was great. Not too packed, super clean, and the seats were awesome. I usually go to PrairieFire or Ward Parkway, but I'll definitely be coming here instead.

James Boy

This was my first time at this theater. Ticketing out front went smoothly. Seating was very comfortable (#12) and concessions line moved at a good pace. A bar inside was something different but appeared to be well stocked and busy.


The amc theaters are good, but they sell extremely overpriced popcorn which tastes pretty decent.

ereri shipper

The food was ok the movie quality was good and the chairs were my faverot it was a bit cold in the theater tho.

Michael Duntz

Best AMC here in KC.

Ecstaci Davis

I love the seats and the sound system!

Zechariah Hargis

Great theater. One of the cleaner / nicer AMC's in the South Kansas City area. Many rooms and good selection of movies. Stubs members get $5 tickets on Tuesdays


Good sound effect for all the movies. Only problem was with the seat inclination so 4 stars.

chris bender

Theater and onsite amenities are always 5 star, but it is always too warm in the theaters. Zero air movement and people constantly complaining about how hot it is all around me bring the movie experience down a little, otherwise it would be 5 stars.

Ross Dreeszen

Dolby theater for Endgame was incredible. My first time going. Electronically reclined leather seats, plenty of room. The sound was INTENSE.

Mike Amos

No one in the ticketing box to help with purchases. I found someone at a table off to the side. They refused to take my gift card saying that the cards in the block had been scammed. I paid cash for the movie. At home after the movie, I went through the time consuming process of reporting the issue via the AMC support line and proving my gift card was genuine. I was told this was the dispute process and that I had to go through another online process to request AMC to correct the issue. This is the second time I've had a simulator AMC gift card issue. They make the problem yours instead of owning it themselves and fixing their security issues. With this in mind, can you trust AMC with your credit card numbers?

Darren Arnett

Excellent experience, sound and picture first class. A drink refills. Will be back.

Jason Tillotson

It's a fairly nice movie theater. You need to get the A list membership ($20/mo) and you can see 3 movies a week which unless you're an unemployed teenager you won't be able to use all of them so for us it's effectively unlimited. Includes imax/3d and all that.

james byrne

Definitely the best AMC experience we've had. The self serve snack bar is an awesome concept. Seats were comfy though the theater was pretty hot. But it's that time of year.

Ryan Parr

Good theater. Great seats. Almost too flashy for a place to go sit in the dark.

Chet Sutton

Real nice experience deathly will go again

Bonnie Keating Vail

Went to the movies last weekend. Concession stand is mostly self serve. The prices are ridiculous for food and drinks. When yo go to fill your drink the floor is so sticky your shoes stick to the floor. I do not feel like its very clean at all. The popcorn is popped in coconut oil. I had been getting an upset stomach when i would eat popcorn as does my son. We tried other theaters and they also used coconut oil to pop their corn. So a warning if you get upset stomach that’s probably the reason. They have been doing it a while, but we don’t buy popcorn now because of it. The theater seat is comfortable. But so many adds.

Anthony Olaki

I always enjoy when I bring my family over here


Had great time here. It is the last resort for a popular move like the Averagers.The seats are smaller than other AMC stores but it is good overall

Karen Lewis

Great place to see a movie in KC!

Mary Deatherage

Detective pikachu was amazing all three times that I went to see it at AMC. They gave out promo pokemon cards the first night, but ran out quickly after that because so many people went to see it. They always have something good for popular movies. Highly recommend!

Garret Cochran

Nice theater with good equipment, projector sound and seating. A bit pricey but a better experience then some other theaters


I hate the assigned seating and that is the only reason I knocked off a star. The temperature was perfect. The leather chairs can lean back, put your feet up. Super comfortable. Wasn't as terribly loud as most theatres. Everyone is polite and kind.

Gabriel LaRose

Being part of the AMC a-list, I expect exceptional service! And this theater does it right!

Jason Thomas

Imax screen and sound were awesome. The seating and temp control, not so much. Imax seats do not recline and were a tad uncomfortable. It also seemed very warm. Also agree with many others on the high prices of concessions

Leslie Smith

Love the fill your drink in the hallway instead of walking all the way to the concession stand. Comfy seats

Will Reece

Great experience at IMAX. Comfy chairs with soft drink refills!

B. MIchael McFarland

One of my favorite AMCs. Always clean and soda machines never run out of ice or syrup like a few other AMCs

McKinley Strausbaugh

Definitely my favorite AMC in the area! All theaters (with the exception of IMAX) have reclining seats. Dolby Digital is my favorite premium format theater. Price isn't too terrible, and they have a great rewards program. Overall a wonderful theater!

Lawrence Land

Went to see The Wizard of Oz. Great seats; comfortable and spacious. Ordered refreshments to be brought to our seats; they arrived when promised. A fun experience.


Great theater. Love the seats.

Jeremy Troia

Currently sitting in the theater trying to watch spider man. Movie has broken twice and going to take another 10 minutes for it to probably break a third and fourth time. sure well get some new passes for a movie but that's only cause they know you'll have to spend another $30 for popcorn and 2 drinks.

Anthony Ellingsworth

Ward Parkway AMC is still the best theater in town for my family but this theater is nice but seats are not as nice as the ones at Ward Parkway AMC.

Donald Brain

The theater is nice and new enough. The concession stands are pretty quick and they've got a good selection. There is a bar and it looks fully stocked. My biggest complaint here is the seats. They're the oversized reclining seats, but they don't recline back far enough or let you out your feet all the way out. Not sure if this is a space thing or not, but they're less good than at other AMC theaters.

David Tousley

The lady they had bartending on a busy Friday night was incredibly slow. That's fine and all, had she not been casually chatting up customers and taking her sweet time. On top of that, she did not even serve the people who had been waiting the longest first. That is just poor bartending. That is not how you should train any bartender, let alone one at a movie theater. Where people have MOVIES to catch The manager did nothing but cower away when notified. Real shame AMC just bought-out Cinetopia. Never had this problem there. All their bartenders are competent and know what they're doing. Wouldn't have even had to come to AMC had Cinetopia not been closed because of the buy-out.

Barbara Stubbs

I love this place this is a nice place to go see a movie. There set up is different then i have seen yet when it comes to there consation stand. They also so have a little bar on the right hand side as you come in the door so you can get your drink on. I would recommend anyone to try this place out.

Phaedra Phillips

Would love to gi e 5 stars but our movie started late, and we didn't get to see the previews.

Jim Arndt

Great place overall, but it seems they've gone to a cheaper napkin that feels like Kleenex (thin and doesn't work very well) also the cups no longer closer correctly, they feel thinner than before and lids slip off unless you are very careful.


Fantastic!! We gave our son a birthday party there last month. 24 second graders & the employees were so helpful. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Godwin Iloka

Really nice theater, very comfortable stadium seats!!

Rusty Lemur

This theater was filthy! Dirty, sticky, you name it. There was popcorn spilled on a bench in the hall and on the floor, old ticket stubs and crumbs down the carpet of the front entrance, water and paper towels all over the bathroom floors, and old popcorn in-between our seats in the theater room with soda spilled in the cup holders. I was so disappointed. I don’t get to go to the theater often, and at the prices they charge, it should be a stellar experience. I’m not recommending this theater to any of my friends.

Jenni Kulzer

We love this theater because of the awesome reclining seats!

William Akers

Nice theater. Right next to the headquarters of AMC Theatres. Excellent service and overall experience.

Janice Gordon

Perfect place in Leawood to shop, eat or see a movie. Plenty of parking. The AMC is a comfortable theater.

Missy Etzenhouser

Great movie theater, comfortable, up-to-date, good location. The parking can be a pain.

Anna McCormick

This location is the best AMC I have ever been to. I visited the Dolby theater for the first time and I don't know how I will ever go back to a regular theater. I felt like I was in the movie and not watching it. The reclining seats were so comfortable. The only thing that dampened my experience was the four guys talking incessantly during the movie, but that had nothing to do with AMC, LOL. I would highly recommend this theater and you really ought to give the Dolby theater a try, you won't regret it.

Anne Schmidt

The reclining seats are uncomfortable for shorter people -- kids, some women, etc. I do not like having to make a seat choice before buying a ticket online, I prefer to show up early and find a seat. The food is VERY overpriced -- be sure to take your own treats in with you. But my biggest complaint is how LOUD the previews are -- enough to actually be painful and damage the hearing of children. If I must see a film here, I take earplugs for the previews. We much prefer the older art houses to see the films we like.

Sharon Williams

Saw MALIFICENT 2. Loved it

Gajula Sangameshwar

A good theatre excellent quality of sound system ,picture and seating.

Brent Bettis

I enjoy this theater. The sound system is set up perfectly.

Sherrel Smith

Like the theater, however the computer system for acquiring tickets could be improved on. This afternoon, 2 of the machines were not working-seemed to be stuck on the "processing" phase. One of the machines was "out of paper" which left 2 or 3 working machines. I observed 2 different groups of older people attempting to buy tickets with little luck. It would be very helpful to have a person who monitors the machines such as at the grocery store self checks. I mentioned the problem to the ticket taker who said they were short handed today. The machine that was "out of paper" when I bought tickets was still "out of paper" when I left the theater. Surely this situation isn't the norm.

Jennifer Stamp

5 stars to lower the price a bit but otherwise they are fantastic. They have some of the best seats in the industry.

Debbie Griffith

Nice reclining seats,air conditioning was great!

Kim Estis

First time but definitely not the last


A very nice and picturesque location. Gordon and Biersch had a great menu but unfortunately the kitchen closes before ten p.m. and I couldn't sample the fare. The bar staff couldn't have been more friendly and rewarded me with a discount pass for my next visit. I was impressed with the whole Town Center Area and the convenience of all the amenities ie, movie theatres, restaurant and lots of shopping within walking distance of the hotel.

parrish warren

Reclining seats. Nice selection of concessions. Plenty of restrooms. Friendly staff.


Everything was fine until our popcorn unexpectedly flipped upside down on my seat while I was getting a refill. Poor popcorn tub design? Otherwise a good experience.

Aidan Kopp

This is where you go for an amazing Cinema experience. Expect to pay in kind for it though!

Kendric Beachey

A very good theater, just a notch down from Studio further west on 119th.

Ashley Funes

Two of the recliners I selected weren’t working. It was really hot in there!

Mary Jagow

Nice theater. Seats were so comfortable as if I was reclining in my own home. Every one was respectful. No cell phones going off or talking. Very enjoyable. Staff were polite and respectful. Wonderful experience.

Becca smith

Great place for kids, recliner seats are almost in every theater. It was pretty clean too.

Benjamin Reed

Too expensive... What a waste of time and money. You've got to be kidding me. This place is a joke.

Dan Brune

Great watching experience. I would like my over priced snacks handed to me. It's a theatre, not QT.

Rob Ochs

AMC is the middle of the road theater for the area but has the highest pricetag. It is good but not great and nothing really special in the experience. This location is still a great option with plenty of screens to keep the showing times good. The IMAX screen we were in was comfortable but is probably the low bar given the competition's upgrades. We were in the third row for a big opening and that was borderline too close but there was a walkway and two more rows in front, I pitty the fool who ends up there.


Clean, comfortable seats. They brought the snacks and drinks to our seats which was nice. Amc never fails to be amazing.

Rebekah Vandrey

We went to a later showing for the first time here. No ticket clerks. Bought tickets from the kiosk. Took them to the ticket Master, received no thing from our stub.... only going off memory where our seats were. Wanting concessions, none of the workers were letting us know we pick up our own popcorn (not close by the payment counter) and they give you any cup for drinks as you pay. Comfortable seats imo

Nikhil Raja

Very clean and comfortable. The line for snacks was very quick and the cashier's were very efficient. I was definitely recommend going to AMC over other near by theaters.

ron crenshaw

Easy ticket buying and clean environment

Hayward Spears

I grew up going to this theatre. The atmosphere/ setup and the friendly and helpful staff makes this my go to theatre. In addition to my previous comment I would like to add that it's a very comfortable theatre and clean.

Sonya Bartholomew

I love this theater. It is my favorite. However, my arthritis is acting up very bad. We were meeting our daughter and granddaughter to Secret Life of Pets 2. Very cute movie. We got there a few minutes before they did. They have a HUGE foyer but not ONE bench to sit on. I went to the girl taking tickets. I told her I needed to sit down to wait. She informed me there were benches inside...after presenting my ticket. There NEEDS to be a couple of benches in the foyer for people who can't stand.


Workers are really nice! I love the seating, very comfy. Movie Quality is on point! Delicious popcorn and food. Everything is just an amazing Experience.

Karen Rust

Great theater! Very clean and modern. Sounds system is great and the reclining seats were SO comfortable. One of my favorite theaters!

Vanessa Burrell

Super nice. First time I've been in this one. Everyone was nice and helpful and it was laid out very nice.

Jayhawk 99

Love the recliners. Good clean fun.

Mary Grace Boreen

New comfort seats, adjustable for reclining. Great sound effects and viewing from any seat. Concessions is organized and popcorn fresh.

Camilla Kachar

Best movie theatre in KC. I live downtown and I drive all the way here sometimes just to get a good movie experience

Francisco Rodriguez III

Usher for whatever reason directed us to the wrong theater... By the time we realized it, we Missed the first 35 minutes of Captain Marvel. Brought it to the front desk attention, and they immediately gave my wife and I free passes for our next visit or showing for free!! Thank you guys.

Farrell Mason

Great atmosphere. soda machine near theaters for a quick refill during the movie. Dolby 3D was awesome.

john massey

Lots of options at this theater. Very comfortable seats. All the new movies

Seth Jantz

Awesome movie theater! Very clean! Friendly staff!! Loved my experience!

Roger Dickson

Great facility and service. Food and ticket prices on hi side

Courtney Jordan Levy

I saw a lot more of the theater than most people probably would. My younger brother, excited to see Lion King, didn't wait for me after finishing in the bathroom, and went into the wrong showing... The staff were amazingly helpful. They went above and beyond to help me locate him, and were really supportive about the whole situation. Eventually he was located, safe and sound, with the help of local dispatch, and we were able to finish the rest of our viewing. All the auditoriums looked very comfortable and I personally recommend the Dolby auditorium for movies with a lot of action. The added rumble and surround sound are very immersive. A very, terribly stressful evening ended up turning out just fine thanks to the employees, a pair of local officers, and a very comfortable theater for me to untense in, lol.

James Eastman

Stubs is so worth it! Prime is awesome!

David S

Always a good experience. Reccomend stubs a list membership (three movies a week for $19 a month).

Lilian J Valdez

Favorite AMC in the area, it probably would be my favorite movie theater in KC, if they had more strict no talking/no phone policies like the Alamo. It's always clean, and worth paying the extra $$ for a comfortable movie experience.

Jeff Springer

paying admission is a real hassle. there is nothing but a kiosk

Sherry Peyton

The theater's here are amazing, great service too

William Fitzpatrick

This is a good theater. I just don't enjoy going out to a movie when I can stay and home and have a quality movie experience. The price of the ticket is part of it, but the people are the main reason. The food in the theater is distracting along with the noise and talking. This happened the other night, the guy next to us was talking and rattling packaging, only cared about himself. We moved back a row and down a couple of seats and could still hear him. Enjoy this theater when you go but I will enjoy my theater at home with mega sound and 4k video quality.

Azure Hawk

Theather was small, really small. I knew the chinese film was mandarin with english subtitles but wish it was english dubbed.

Michael Dziedzic

One of the best theaters in Kansas City, if not for hundreds of miles. Very nice and up to date.

Rick Barton

Bought tickets for Saturday 2/23 and arrived a few minutes before showtime. Found that the building had been evacuated due to a fire alarm issue and the AMC employees were telling customers that all movies that evening were cancelled. We were told to contact AMC for a refund. Wrote two emails requesting a refund for the 4 tickets we had purchased online. No response to either one. Called AMC requesting a refund. AMC's policy is that no refund will be issued. AMC has decided to keep the money I paid them for the service they were unable to provide. They instead expect me to drive to the theater and ask for vouchers for a future movie. When it comes time to see that movie, I will then need to drive to the theater in advance in order to get seat assignments. Absolutely ridiculous excuse for customer service.

Paul Ebeling

The seats are comfy and projectors/audio are great... But the facility is severely understaffed. You always have to search for an employee if you have a question or want to put in an order. You have to ask them to clean the theater. Popcorn is popped in bulk at the beginning of the shift and just left to sit without anyone buying it... which means it's not fresh if I want some in the middle of their shift. For being the location next to their headquarters, I don't understand how it us managed so poorly.

cori bos

We loved it, saw toy story 4 with all the kids. Was disappointed with the previews that were not appropriate for the small kids.

Jorge Mejia

Great place to go and watch a movie.

Nicholas Burton

Comfortable Seating, at the right volume, easy to purchase tickets with multiple options.

Gammy Ziener

This is my favourite movie theatre! The closed caption devices never turn off mid movie here and all the seats (except for IMAX) have reclining chairs. And since the seats are assigned and can be reserved online, you don't have to show up until the movie starts, so you can miss the same previews and commercials and sneak peaks for shows you have no intention of watching and just enjoy a good movie on a big screen. They also will deliver your food/beverages to your seat right before the movie if you buy it with your ticket. One less line to wait in. (I recommend getting food before the theatre, because the food here is never worth it).

Shelly S

Clean theaters good food. Wish prices were better!

Monty Austin

Great theater. Super clean. Latest and greatest movies. Matinee discounts for early showings. Good place for large family and church groups. Plenty of seating available.

James Chretien

The recliners need to be moved forward away from the wall so they fully recline. Got stuck at a less than comfortable position.

Jennifer Smith

One star for parking. No matter what, you will be far enough to get soaked if it's raining

David Thiessen

AMC is well staffed and usually fast and efficient. We know going in that the concession prices are high, but that's we know that going in... However, my son and I generally see big Marvel movies at an early, 10am showing and the last 4 times the hot dogs are started but not ready for 20 minutes. Why are the dogs spinning on the warmer and not ready? Bad planning. Oh well, skipping the dog saves me $$ and my health! Your loss AMC! Why do I want a hot dog at 10am? Life long tradition!

John Cisetti

Great Dolby theater.


AMC Town Center 20 en Kansas
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