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3151 N Penstemon St, Wichita, KS 67226

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REVIEWS OF AMC Northrock 14 IN Kansas

Matt Armstrong

Showed up 8 minutes after the scheduled movie time. The doors were locked and there were about 20 people standing outside waiting to get in. This is a very poor way of treating those who are 8 minutes late for a show. Management didn’t even come apologize or anything. employees stood there looking and didn’t want to come explain anything. This place was great but has gone downhill !!! Will not be going back!

Lester Terry

I've had great service both times I've been to the newly revamped Northrock. The ticket sales help were on point. Once all the glitches are ironed out, this will be great. I liked that we could reserve good seats on line as I was coming straight from work. The staff were very friendly and quick, I just showed them my confirmation text and we got our tickets right away! The seats were very comfortable!

Ghost Tech

Seats are wonderful, sound is great and was a very awesome experience overall. Id recommend it to anyone.

Christina Diller

Trying to buy tickets online for 4 adult seats at a 1pm showing on a Sunday. It wanted to charge me $67. Plus, 3 large drinks are $21. Seriously? We went to the Warren today, with 4 tickets and a buffet of food that was served to us at our seats was not that much more than the price for the 4 ticket price with AMC. Your staff and facility isn't worth that price.

Robin Ybarra

Great price for a fantastic experience. The seats are super comfortable and the fact that they recline made it even better. The surround sound was amazing and really enhanced the movie going experience. We went on a $5 Tuesday which is a great reason to be a stubs member! We purchased the large popcorn and large drink that is originally $16 but being a stubs member I received $5 off which was nice. The large popcorn had one free refill and the large drink had unlimited free refills. The bathrooms were spotless as well as the rest of the theater. The theater we were in was smaller than I thought, but it was due to the fact that the seats are so large and there was so much room between the rows! I loved it and will definitely be going back again soon!


The seats are comfortable and relaxed. Just dont reserve tickets in row a. Too close to the screen. Zaza


Love the recliners but I absolutely hate that I have to choose a seat now and they never have a seat that is center and upstairs for me. The seat is always third row from the screen and off to the side which is the absolute worst location. I guess you need to be a member to get a good seat it's not a bad theater it's overpriced just like all the others. I've stopped going to theaters because you can't just walk in and choose your own seat now it's ridiculous. I'll never understand why they charge so much for food. $4 for a box of candy $5 a drink it's insanity but if you want it you pay it.

Stephanie Ervin

Our 1st time coming here. It was a late show so we didnt order food to the seat or try any of that kind of stuff. But it was the 1st time we had recliner seats in a movie theater. That was really nice and comfy. A bunch of people in our row took off their shoes and socks and kicked back barefoot....could have done without that! Luckily there is good ventilation! We haven't been to see a movie in a long time and it was my grandsons 6th birthday and his 1st movie theater experience. He had fun and can't wait to go see another!

Brian Ray

Great new movie theater. They serve alcohol and their seats recline. Cheaper than the Warren, too.

Sara Cherkaoui

Great theatre, great seats but not the greatest service. It’s very annoying that they close the theatre so soon after their last movie making it impossible for people who want to catch a late movie to do so. Also, my boyfriend and I another night sat at a table at the bar for 10-15 minutes and didn’t get served on until I finally had to ask for a drink menu. He then didn’t even come back for our drink order, instead I had to go and order from him. Not ok.

Flor Varela

This movie theater was okay for it being my first time at the movies in 5 years. The new renovations made to the AMC theaters is okay, I just think that it makes it feel too much at home on the reclining part of things. The options in food haven't changed a bit, they are still a bit pricey for the things that are offered.

Angela Schroeder

I would have given it 5 stars, but we were on the front row and it's WAY to close. I know that's normal, but no front row should be that close.

Gabriel Turner

Nice staff! Nice recliners! Loved the 1 l lb and a half pretzel. It was yummy!

Mike Ingram

Nice comfortable chairs. Very enjoyable experience!

Jessica Camacho

I love the AMC in comparison to the Warren. The seats are way more comfortable!

Amy Payne-Wells

An absolutely amazing experience! Best movie experience we've ever had!

ckym yates

What a nice clean friendly theater, really enjoyed my movie viewing

Morgan McDonald

The theatre was clean and I loved the reclining seats. Ordered some drinks from the bar and the bartender, Drew, gave fantastic service!

Sean Simpkins

Spacious, incredible sound and I can serve my own butter n drinks all I want!!!

Jo Ryder

Nice option to refill your drink for free! Bar available for those who are legal to drink alcohol. Prices a bit higher than competitor, but what we ordered (flatbreads) tasted good and was prepared fresh. Preordering seats online makes it easy to skip standing in line and purchasing tickets.

Ian Huntley

Very nice and comfortable seating, but has a few problems. House lights glare on the screen during pre-show. The food menu is limited, and the employees seem unfamiliar with the combo system. Could use another soda machine - two isn't cutting it during busy times. That having been said, it's an excellent value for money, especially if you take advantage of Stubs and A-List promotions.

Rachael D'Angelo

Where to begin, the remodeled AMC North Rock is going to become the only place you want to go for your movies!! 1. They have have the best luxury reclining seats! 2. The Dolby Digital Theater has the same reclining seat that rumble and vibrate with movie!!! 3. 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM $5 MOVIES!! SEE PIX BELOW 4. $5 TICKET TUESDAYS 5. AMC STUBS PREMIER REWARDS PROGRAM IS ONLY $15/YR. 6. 3 FREE MOVIES PER WEEK = 12 FREE MOVIES FOR ONLY $20 each month!!! 7. 3D MOVIES 8. Use the app to buy, and reserve your seats, then you get to skip the lines!!! Your ticket is on your phone, be sure to have your ID ready!! 9. Buy the refillable POPCORN BUCKET AND BRING IT WITH YOU TO EVERY MOVIE ALL YEAR!!!!!!!! THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST THEATER IN THIS CITY FOR 2019!!!!

Karri Fisher - Animal Informist

Better than the Warren/Regal theaters.

Kris Rodgers

Definitely the most comfy seats of the theaters in Wichita! Used to love the Warren before the Regal take over but happy to have found the AMC

sps 333

Nice theater with a maddening automated box office. It would be nice to buy tix at home, but there's a convenience fee. The convenience is that you'll be able to avoid the automated ticketing.

Clayton Handy

My favorite theater in Wichita. I love the AMC Premium Club you can join for a super cheap price. You can reserve any tickets online with no convince fees. You also get into the premium lines. Lastly you get a large drink for the price of a small. The place is very nice as well. Very friendly employees and well kept up.


They really need age limits on movies to ensure children don't ruin it for the rest of the theatre

Karly Schulte

The only positive In my opinion is the seats..they recline and are comfortable. But If you enjoy food or drink with your movie, go to the Warren Theatres. At this AMC, unless you are a premier member you will wait and wait in line at the concession stand. I could have gone to the concession stand 3 times at the Warren theatre in the amount of time I waited in line at this AMC and still never made it to the front. Eventually we bailed and left the line. Wasn’t worth the money.

Hannah Gillman

Giving the theater a low rating due to the mess. Looks like they don’t clean anything. There was popcorn all over the seats and grease on the armrests. There was trash in the hallways and the bathrooms also had trash on the floors and the toilets need to be cleaned. The cleanliness of this theater makes me not want to come back here.

Nicholas Bonavia

The staff was really friendly which I wasn't expecting. Really impressed by how clean the entire place was including the facilities. The kicker which makes this the best theater in town is the recliner seats. Not just in a special section but every single seat in all theaters. Like being a living room with tens of thousands of dollars worth of technology but without the remote.

Ashley Brown

The staff was very polite and courteous, willing to help at a moments notice when ordering. The auditorium was clean and well kept. Definitely will be returning again!

usssmart doofus

Awesome, the staff are nice, the reclining seats are really nice, I saw "ready or not" and it was great. The rooms are a little chilly though.

Cheryl Shellenberger

Our first time at this theater. It was very nice!! Seats are super comfortable and recline. Soda and popcorn tasted great!

Robert Crowley

Very clean and comfortable theater. The reclining seats are fantastic.

Rodney Rouse

Great spot. Clean & comfortable. A lot cheaper and convenient than the Warren Theatre! Highly recommend and will be coming back!

Dave S

Super comfortable seats but in some theaters the button to recline is on the inside of the chair and it’s easy to hit it and have it recline or retract when you didn’t want to. Great picture and screen sizes. Staff is hit and miss on friendliness.

Taylor Mayfield

Ever since the Warren was bought by Regal, this is my new go-to theater. Love the large, reclining chairs. Smaller, more cozy theatres are also nice. Screen is still very big for how close you are.

Regina Miller

Very comfortable..excellent screens. Food service could be better.

Michelle Moore

Loved this movie theater so much the seating was spacious and overall was very clean. I had a great experience there!!

Louis Shafer

Great place to catch a flick or Sunday NFL Ticket game.

Angel Lily

Had a great time with friends even if I wasnt impressed with the movie they chose. The seats are very comfortable and I like that when you purchase the tickets you select which seat your going to be in so it makes it easier for you to sit in groups. They do have a food stand and a bar, both being very nice quality and staffed with very friendly helpful people. I enjoyed my time and plan on making this one my main movie theater

Kathryn Sargeant

Seats are great. Pick your spot. No hunting. Food is expensive but good.

Billie House

This is the coolest movie theater I have ever been in. They have seats that are so spacious, comfortable, and recline almost all the way back. There is a full service bar in the lobby that serves delicious drinks and beer on tap and bottles. They will even deliver your drinks and any food you order to your seat before the movie begins. When you go online to order tickets you get to pick your seats beforehand so you know you will get a good spot. I was very impressed with the set up and cleanliness of the theater as well!


Good service. Clean and modern facility. I don't like advertisements before movies, unless the movie is being offered for free. Either bill your advertisers, or bill your customers, but don't bill both in one experience.

Ivan Trail

Started out great. Now declining. Too bad we don't have nice theaters in Wichita any more.

Kaylie Felix

Got to seat down at the bar & talk Drew! Amazing guy worth a conversation. Has a lot of idea for AMC ! He can take it to the next level : movie & dinner & bar ! Amazing

Nick Hammel

The seats are very nice, we sat at the very front but didn't have to crane our necks because of the reclining seat. There was also plenty of room to move in the aisle, no more squeezing past other patrons to get to and from your seat. Snacks were still the usual movie expense but they did have more options with some more meal like options that were reasonably priced. 10/10 would watch a movie here again.

Mandi Galloway

The theater itself is very nice and clean. Reclining seats made all the difference during the movie. Very comfortable.


The best place for movies

Mechelle Utz

Love the movie experience hate their ridiculous high prices for food or drinks.

Amy McCoskey

We love this theater! The ticket prices are great. We love the popcorn (you get to add your own butter!) & the soda options. The seats are so comfy & everyone has plenty of room!

Jay M

Man I have been here a couple times to watch a film and enjoy their internet deal with the popcorn and soft drink. The last time I was there about a week ago or so. I went to see the film titled, "Stuber". I was with my date and we decided to sit by the bar. The bartender I believe his name was "Drew". He was very courtesy, professional and showcased a lot of humility. He made our experience very worthy and respectable. I mostly like about this theater that you can put as much butter on your popcorn too. That is definitely a treat right there.

24Karat Kari

I come here once a week and there's been times they keep asking me for ID to watch certain movies when I clearly look older than 18. Overall I love coming here because the reclining seats and snacks they have. But one thing..... THEY DONT HAVE POPCORN SEASONING lol. So that kinda sucks a little

Jacob Motley

What a worthless staff. Asked for help finding a lost item. Had to call thirty time to get a answer. Manager of no use. Couldn’t give a accurate time to come check it out. Drove back to have to look. Absolutely the worst customer service. Spend your money somewhere worth while

Rachel Creel

My husband and I went to the late showing of Avengers. We first noticed that the theater was littered with trash and popcorn as though it was not checked between showings and the trash cans were full. When we found our seats (the number was missing from the chair so it took a moment to make sure) and my husband sat down he noticed that the arm of his chair was broken and nearly coming off. We both used the restrooms in the lobby while we were there and they were dirty as well and not stocked with supplies like soap and paper towels. The lobby floors were filthy when we came in and were still that way when we left. We didn't see any staff cleaning and when we left the only person we saw was the security guard. We had ordered candy, sodas, and popcorn to be delivered ahead of time. The popcorn was pretty stale and my husband's drink was wrong. Considering how much money we spent on tickets and concessions including upcharges for delivering the concessions and for purchasing tickets online it was a very disappointing experience.

Uri Giorgi

I love this theatre. Comfortable and reclining seats, affordable tickets, and if you're going on a date then the paired off seats let you lift up the armrest to give an opportunity to get a little closer. (When you buy the tickets you choose your seats. No need to worry about some random person stopping a couple or family from sitting together) Definitely worth checking out. I'm pretty sure Tuesday movies are cheaper too!

Abdulrahman A

This cinema is amazing. The seats are comfortable and most screens are big. Be careful when booking as some screens are small and take away from the experience. However the dolby screens are amazing. They are overpriced though, like the concessions. A way to go around that is signing up for their monthly memberships which will save you money as the price for one month is equal to the price for a dolby ticket. Therefore being free.

Brianna Sponsel

Amazing monthly deal love this place always makes me feel at home, treated like family here ❤

Karen Hyman

Too expensive. Between our tickets and concessions we spent over $50 for 2 people and our reclining seats were broken. Definitely not worth it.

Joshua Norman

Love the theaters, concessions and ticket service areas need help. I get it though, not a lot of foot traffic during the week so staff is down. Always clean and comfortable!

sasha slifer

love taking the fam here.

Racheal Hamous

Amazingly comfortable! There seats are amazing! Affordable prices for tickets during the day. Consission prices are a little high but that is at every theater

Brien Munoz

I love the lounge seating. Surely gives Regal (Warren) a run for their money

Shelly McCray

Dolby theater was great. They were busy and the rest rooms really needed attention. Also the drink area is always a mess since it is self service. I think they would benefit having more employees. But I do like the prices at AMC.

Alex Stong

Clean theaters and stadium seating with recliners. If you go to the movies fairly frequently (like once a month) I recommend joining the stubs/premier program they have (you earn things-- like occassional free drinks and/or discounts, plus you get to go in the special lane and bypass a lot of the crowd when getting tickets and refreshments). We like to go on Tuesdays because, if you're a member, tickets are $5 and they have other deals at the refreshment counter.

Misty smps

Quick check in. The restroom and lobby were filthy, and there was dried, sticky soda spilled all over the arm of my chair. Seemed understaffed to handle the crowd and keep the place clean.

K Lee

Watch Upside. Great movie. Loved the recliner seats and butter your own popcorn. Staff was friendly. Highly recommend!!

Josie Johnson

Since I started going here I refuse to go to any other theater. The reserved seating is the cherry on top. Everyone is always a friendly and helpful and the Gourmet popcorn is perfect for the family. 2 love the hot cheetos and the rest love the caramel. I think it being warm is what makes it perfect!!!

Nicole Swart

Really enjoyed how clean it was. The seats recline to varying angles which I enjoyed. I got to have my feet up and felt like I had a nice amount of space to myself.

Kathy LeBlanc

Recliners were comfortable and good sound.

cindy smith61

Great seats,quality sound and very clean theater.. The staff very helpful and attentive. We will definitely come back.

Kim Sprague

Love this place! Makes watching a movie so much more relaxing and they bring your snacks to you.

Tanzimul Farabi

In my opinion the best movie theater in town. Can't beat the comfort of the recliners, lots of leg space, great dolby sound quality. Also they have some great offers, bought the A-list pass for $20 where you can see 3 movies/week (12 per month for $20!!), reserve seats online, no queue....almost the perfect movie experience.

lashonda gillis

This is my spot. I’m a A lister. I like it so Much I bought my best friend a pass as well. The seats are amazing. You really want to make this the place you go to to watch movies. I give them

Rob's Games

I went to the dolby screen and the sound and picture were great, but the theater itself was filthy and the seat i reserved was covered in dry sticky soda and popcorn was everywhere out in the open, also the theater was really hot and it wasn’t just me because i heard people complaining as we were leaving. This wasn’t my only experience in the dolby screen this happened to me before. Do not go to the dolby screen i do not recommend it

Courtney Clodfelter

Movie tickets were cheap. Seats were nice. Food was terrible and highly over priced.

devron smith

An overall pleasant movie theater experience, everything was clean and tidy. They have one of those soda machine that lets you mix different flavors. Some of their screens have the reclining seating!

Laurilei McAllister

Seating is very comfy, food is very good, the movie price are way better than most especially with their memberships. I recommend to anyone! the only part I didnt care for was the Dolby theater the seats werent as comfy and its Extremely loud (way more than necessary) but we are good going to the regular shows and even the 3D's

Angela Nkrumbih

Clean and comfy. Had no problems getting our online reservation. Ordered food before the movie and it came out nice and hot. Theater sound was good.

Donna Godwin

I love this theatre and the chairs are so comfortable. Love it love it

Maria Garcia

Loved it! First time ever being there. I loved the reclining chairs. Would love to go back there again.

Felicia Torres

Stood at the bar for several minutes with no sign saying closed or nobody asking if they could help. I finally went to the consession area and asked if someone could help me. I was very disappointed to be told that the bar was closed. Oh well. Headed to my seat and the seats were filthy! I've been here a couple of times but not sure I'll make the drive from the other side of town again.

Chris Platzer

Great place to see a movie! We used the AMC app to get our tickets. Got right in, no wait to get snacks, and the reclining chairs in the theatre were really comfortable.

All Ornone a2z

This is my new favorite theater. The prices are competitive and the theaters have great sound. The reclining seats are very nice and comfortable as well. Also the fact that they let you butter your own Popcorn is absolutely wonderful! Not good for the ticker I am sure though! ;-)

Wesley Mitchusson

I prefer this over the newly owned regal theaters. Superior sound that keeps you captivated to the movie through the whole experience. The food here is $$$ for small portions but it is delicious. I would recommend people go here for there movie experience than food.Overall a better experience

Shauntell Rohner

Kind and courteous staff. Didn't have to wait long for food. Reservations online were easy to understand.

Jeri Edwards

We were excited to finally try out the new AMC Theater, as we have always been loyal Warren/Regal customers. We get there, and find that the movie we want to see is in a room with MAYBE 16 seats, and our family of 5 couldn't sit together... Onto the concessions. After we finally just ask the cashier, because not all of their combos are listed, we get 2 large popcorn with 4 large drinks (and pay $5 for a cup for water that wasn't an 8 oz paper Dixie cup). $51 later, we reach into the tub to chow down onto some of that delicious, movie theater popcorn.

Austin Graves

Overall not a pleasant experience and definitely not a value. Saturday evening my wife and I went to see Glass. It was the 10pm showing. Upon arrival we found out our seats had been double booked. Luckily there was another group of moviegoers willing to move spots. The front counter was not helpful in resolving the issue. I asked if this happens a lot and her reply was "yeah it does. some kind of glitch" The movie experience that night was not enjoyable. There was a green exit sign almost at the movie screen that was lit up very bright and was distracting from the experience. When we booked our movie for Saturday we also booked for a Sunday matinee for our children. Again our seats were double booked. I went to get concessions and discovered that not only were the prices very high but I also was expected to manufacture a lid for my drink or go without. Staff at the concession area was not helpful as well. The place was a mess. Popcorn and trash thru out the entire facility. The movie starts and it's EXTREMELY HOT! Absolutely unbearable. I went to the front desk thinking for some strange reason that someone in this facility would be useful enough to help. couldn't find anyone at any counter so I took matters into my own hands. I opened the door to the theater and also wedged open the door to the outside. It helped. I will not be returning to this establishment and recommend avoiding it. In my experience companies ran this way don't seem to last as the customer will choose to spend their money elsewhere.

Pamela Hanson

Great experience. Seats recline in all theaters. Sound projection is good. Nice to chose your seats ahead of time.

daylene barrett

Very clean and good selection on popcorn and drink and chairs comfortable

David Miller

Drew the bartender is excellent know how to make a great drink and very enjoyable conversation.

Travis Pittman

Had an issue with the projector in the theater our feature was in. However the manager stepped in assured everything would betaken care of. We received a free movie pass for every person for our experience. In the end no matter the problem the staff take care of you and the theaters are clean and is a little on the pricey side but worth it for the experience. Make sure and get an a list stubs membership.

Matthew Rupp

No Pepsi. No Coke. No DrPepper. Who wants to drink generic DrPibb or orange pop!??? Raggedy way to save a few pennies.

Margaret Chisham

Love the recliners and great deals they offer. Now need a west side location!

Daniel Bateman

Great location. The self service is nice and we liked the annual popcorn bucket.

Karina Montoya

The AMC theater is great. Comfy seating. Great foor. And very nice place to be in general. It definitely my go to theater

Paola Velazquez

We bought the membership here but I prefer the movies downtown. AMC employees need more training in customer service as well the bartenders. The bathrooms are most of the time are duty. .... The prices are more reasonable is a good thing.

Brandi Willett

Reclining seats. Good selection of sodas. Refills free.

Danny Yun

I like the reclining seats and being able to pick seats. Smaller theaters are good for smaller crowds, but I do miss having very large screens, so iMax is preferred. I am a fan of the soda fountains that let you mix all kinds of soda options.

Chanda Franklin

I love the intimate quiet setting with less traffic and people. Great price for movies love reclining seats!

The gamer beast

It was great, the chairs the sound and the quality was the best I would recommend it to anyone.

Isaac Cota

My absolute favorite theater to watch movies. Amazinggg audio and visuals and decent prices!

Jessica La Valley

Best reclining seats and frozen slushies drinks. No complaints.

David Nguyen

Declined a lot. Was pretty good when it opened but now bathrooms are awful. Soap usually out n towel machines don’t work. Not enough ppl taking tickets. Useless having machines give us tickets then still wait ten min in line for someone to look at id. ac was down and amc Stubs WiFi too

Daniel Archer

Tickets are very reasonable. But concessions are even more expensive than the Warren. Seating is very cramped even with the nice seating with reclining available. Very narrow seats and the theater was unbearably hot. No tray to pull out for food and limited drink holders. Will be back at the Warren next time

Melinda Salazar

The remodel of this theater is AMAZING!! Absolutely LOVE the feel and environment. The sound is off the chart awesome and so are the reclining seats. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND pampering yourself to an evening here!

Karen Shamblin

I loved the lay out of the seating area. But their Deli prices are outrageous! Lower those prices, people will buy more & want to come back more!

Shawn Stockemer

My new favorite theater in town. The seats are incredibly comfortable. The Dolby Atmos theater also has the best picture and sound of any other screen in town. The bar is great and the serve a good variety of specialty and themed drinks which can be brought into any theater. AMC perks also help make for an even better experience.

Rita Wright

It was a nice theater, but I dont like how if you just randomly decide on going to the movies you might get stuck in the very front row with a crick in your neck. Consessions are also ridiculously priced, but aren't all movie theaters?

Lee Shaw

Good theater. Good popcorn. However the women's restrooms were a total disaster. No toilet paper. No paper towels and the sinks and toilets were nasty according to my wife. Totally unacceptable. She told management that if she ever goes in a restroom there again and find it left in a similar fashion it will be the last time we go there. I agree totally. Otherwise the movie was good. Comfortable seats and an excellent picture.

Maria Hernandez

My favorite movie theater, I love their seats

Kelsey Crider

Nice clean theater. Good sound and picture! The reclining seats are comfortable! I just wish they were a bit wider, as my leg kept bumping the recline buttons lol! Still comfortable though! Clean restrooms.

Junior Mint

Love the recliner seats, food prices r bit high even for movie food...

Cynthia Moody

Seats comfortable, did not like that you have to get resv. It was Not cool. People fanning themselves. I will not be back to AMC. If u go out to the movies I will go to a Warren theatre.

Jody Anderson

The highend seating and Dolby sound were phenomenal

Hitesh Rathod

Great theater with really comfy seats.

Robert Harris

Sears where great, mens restroom was ok but my wife said the womans restroom was really bad. Other wise good popcorn and soda.

Tek Ken

Nice place, seating arrangement or having to pre-select was a horrible experience. Couldn't move seats and the guy next to us was freaking loud and annoying! Other than that, was ok.

rebecca houchin

Went and seen avengers endgame in 3d and it was AMAZING.... I love this place and i will be returning again❤

Alicia Moss

This is the place to watch a movie! All reclining seats and so comfortable! I would recommend bringing a jacket or light blanket as it was a little chilly. The concessions snacks are delicious and unique compared to other movie locations!

Christy Niebaum

Not a fan of the Dolby theater. Sound was great, but the seats weren't very comfortable and didn't recline very much. When I ordered the tickets online, the seating chart is shown as if you were looking down into the theater from the very back instead of looking out into the theater from the front. I thought I bought seats three rows from the back, but instead they were three rows from the front. And the guy at the concession stand gave me a small regular cup instead of an icee cup.

Weslea Sanchez

Great movie theatre with prices similar to the Warren's. Pros- -The A-list program is great for anyone who sees more than 3-4 movies a month. -The Dolby Digital is basically Imax, making it easier to see movies in a similar format to it if you live closer to the AMC. -Well maintained, friendly staff Cons- -This is the only one in the Wichita area, at least that have been able to find. -Hard to find, its next to Walmart and a Bowling Alley

Michelle Vogt

First time at AMC North rock. Went to see Unplanned which was an excellent movie. The seats were very comfy. The movie should have been showing on a larger theater room as it was completely sold out. We got the last two tickets. Recommend purchasing tickets on line for this movie.

Marquis Mello

Been twice, seems alright. Nothing to bother driving past one of the many Warren's for. I won't be visiting anymore due to posted no firearms signs.

Tammy Sue

My 4 year old had fun. 6.98 for an icee a bit much but it was a good time. Nice seating.

Melissa Niblett

Decent prices, maximum comfort with leather reclining love seats. Concessions and alcohol available. Even the ease of buying tickets is wonderful. Cheaper than warren Regency theaters if you can believe it. Highly recommend.

Steven goss

Decided to go to amc because had gift card. Ticket prices were ok concession prices very expensive and the all three soda machines don’t have me pibb. Then the gift card didn’t work and answer is call this 1800 number on back. Asked guy about mr pibb and think were out and didn’t care. 100 dollars later to go to movie not a good experience back to regal I will go!!

Gary Eis

Great place to see a flick. Seats are very comfortable. Also, they have a plethora of fountain drinks. And of course you have to like butter your own popcorn.

Jason Peterson

The sound experience is absolutely amazing! You are fully emersed in the movie. The seating is out of this world with plenty of space and comfort.

Elijah Owens

Theatre is great, but as you can expect the concessions are quite pricey. The Dolby digital theater is a great experience with incredible sound. My main issue is that even with 2 bathrooms, there's a combined total of 6 urinals and 2 stalls for men. All of the theater seats recline, so that's a great improvement to the classic seat expectation.

Annie Evans

Usually very nice - last visit the theater was just plain dirty. Front staff is always very nice. Love their reclining chairs.

Jason Eberl

Pleasantly surprised by the seating. Electronic recliners with mid-walls between each row as to prevent looking over heads to see movie. Very comfortable seats with large armrests. Concessions are pricy of course--I would certainly be more inclined to spend more if they had better package offers for couples. Definitely one of the better experiences when it comes to movie theatres.

Ganganath koralegedara

Lot better than old days!! Love the improvements. Conssesion stand is good and seating is awesome. Like the picking your seat option.

Chris R

Good ticket prices, clean, and very comfortable reclining theater sofa style seats. Will go back for more.

Michaela Hardin

Had a little trouble with the seating but all and all very good service and great quaitly of movie

Jennifer Rateliff

The place is nuts. Ticket taker said they had cancelled our movie. When I went to get a refund on my tickets I had paid for online, I was informed they had moved it to another theater. But then we sat for nearly an hour waiting to get the movie started.

Kevin OBeirne

Hands down the best in town! Key day- Tuesday deep discounts!

Bridget Vaughn

Great theaters, not too busy. The staff are very friendly.

Mary Hill

it was awesome. First time I've been to a theater with reclining seats. Love, love, loved it! The movie was great. Fantastic experience. The only thing bad was l didn't get my free popcorn for my birthday month. I just became a member last week and l guess I wasn't totally in the system yet. Bummer. Live the 5.00 Tues. Movies!

Promise Hofmann

It had been a lot better if they didnt have everyone froze out. Make sure to bring a blanket

Dahlia FC

Food is way overpriced. The flatbread pizza was so awful we only at one bite. The popcorn is fine but their other food is just so gross for so much money. The theaters themselves are great though. I love being able to reserve my seats and have only had one time when someone took our seats. They were cool about moving over.

Travis Jaye

Best movie theater I have ever been too!!

Brynlee Wilson

Love this theater!! They have awesome food and comfy recliner chairs

Lee Brinkley

Great friendly staff. I'm in a wheelchair and they always help open the doors! Love this place

Christopher Roberts

Love this theater,my family loves zombies so we had to come see Zombieland double tap!

Melanie Ann

We are loving the AMC Northrock! Premium seating, clean bathrooms and seating, and good food with delivery. Can't ask for much more and it's made us rethink going to the movies more.

Reina Arana

So comfortable, love that there is reserve seating so you don't have to get to a movie early to have a good seat.

Bryan Brauser

Clean, quick lines, and concession staff were friendly

DaVida H

Recliners are comfortable and the Dolby is unbelievable! I won't go anywhere else.

Tesia Clay

This movie theatre is absolutely amazing.. Found a new movie theatre for date Night

Cassi B.

I love going to AMC. Ever since Regal took over the Warren, I didn't enjoy going to the movies. The service tanked. AMC opened and that's been my go to! I don't enjoy the concessions as much, but the overall movie experience is phenomenal.

David Gould

Great sound and picture quality. The seats reclined in theater 6 anyway, not sure on the others. Staff was very pleasant and nice. They have good food and standard ticket prices. We enjoyed our movie going experience.

Jay Bailey

I like the old town Warren better. The way Northrock does food service is not as good as the Warren. In theater food service wasn't available for me since I wasn't a member, so I can't evaluate it. The theater itself was nice with comfy recliners.

Ryan P

$5 Tuesdays are the way to go. The newly redone theater is really nice with electric chairs that recline. Great acoustics also

Rosalynda Hernandez

It was amazing very clean standard ticket prices loved the chairs they were so comfortable and being a Premeri member has great benefits for such a small price!!!!!! Loved it I will Continue to go there even though I live closer to the warren. AMC won our business completely!!.

Stephen M. Woodburn

Obviously it's a pricey movie theater, and snacks, while offering some interesting options, are outrageously priced, but the recliner seats are comfortable and the screens are large, which makes for a superb movie watching experience. I got the caramel corn and spicy cheddar corn combo, the equivalent of cracker jacks minus the peanuts and flaming Cheetos added to cheese popcorn. It would be okay to share but it's a bit much for one person.

Scott Hoopes

It's over priced but still better than Regal Warren.

bernard reed

Great movie theater. it's the only when I go to because of the comfy reclinable seats, The great A-list deals, The gourmet popcorn, Adobe digital experience. And nice accommodating staff. all around best movie experience in Wichita.


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