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12075 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe, KS 66062

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Brian Edmondson

without a doubt, I have been coming here for years and love the dine in theaters. I also have had pretty good service overall, but at times they could use extra help. I am glad they have been replacing all of the seating with luxury leather recliners and other reclining leather chairs in their big screen theaters. you can see an IMAX, movie, or Dolby Sound movie, or enjoy great sound systems in all of the other theater rooms. Wish we had a bit more time to order food before the movie.

Raymond Gori

Best way to see a movie, big comfortable recliners and in seat dining service! Excellent food and great experience overall. The wife and I are spoiled now, it's the only way to go. Be sure to join the stubs reward card to save loot and get the online ticket service fee waived.

Kathleen Ashford

I took my husband to the movies for Father's Day. We went and saw Rocketman. It was an great but sad movie. It's a MUST SEE movie.

Stanford Bailey

The popcorn was prepared earlier and it tasted like it, the prices were sky high, but the movie was good. At least, if they are going to charge an arm and a leg, you would think that it would be worth the price... I am so tired of getting ripped off!!! Snacks are now off of my list, at the movies!

Christina Stoddard

I'm from Lawrence Kansas. So this theater is awesome!!! Plenty of leg room ! So much better than Lawrence theater!!!

Brian Coalson

The reclining seats were nice, especially being in the front row. Service was quick and its nice to be able to get real food in the theatre, but it was pretty mediocre. The bass in the theatre rattled, like the sub was coming loose or something. Really distracting, and I could hear a lot more noise from the other rooms than I was expecting.

Mike Hicks

AMC studio 28 is one my favorite theaters but I noticed at Fork and Screen thier math for suggested tips doubles the typical percentages you'd give. 20% of a $20.53 tab is not $8.31. Am I missing something as to why they would do this, beyond tricking folks who otherwise wouldn't pay close enough attention? Make sure you do your own math!

Iwata Forever

Always one of the nicer AMC theaters around. The cinema suites are absolutely worth the money. Our server Andrew was very nice and attentive. The brownie sundae made me feel like I'd gone to heaven. There were a couple things that were disappointing. The power recliners are not as good as b and b theaters. The AMC theater chairs do not seem to be made for tall people, so there were some dangling feet. The fries were also very cold/old. We were starving though, so we just inhaled them and moved on with our lives.

Ashleigh Stagg

The seats are comfortable and that have a good movie selection. The food and drinks are overpriced which is typical these days.

Ryan Meysenburg

Liked just about everything. IMAX theater is lacking reclining seats. The seats they had were comfortable, but not so much by the end of Captain Marvel.

Kendall Michel

Love the din in part has recliners good food and if you want they also sale alcohol drinks

Chanel Thomas

Wonderful Sunday Afternoon, dining in w/ a great movie! Thank you

ivan mcgary

Always great to see an action movie in the Dolby Theater. Love the sound love the seats, great picture!

Glenna Andrews

Love the cinema Suite! Service was much better than it used to be. Enjoyed the wedge lettuce cups and chipotle chicken sandwich. And margaritas were pretty good too. The showing of Downton Abbey was ultra crystal clear and sound was good also. We truly enjoyed the experience

Cristil Singers

Service was quick. Food was good. Bathrooms clean and maintained.

Jason Holm

I am very disappointed. My daughter and I went to watch a show in the dine in theater. We never had a server so much as walk by us for the entire show. We were 20 minutes early, 1st people seated in our row. I would have stopped to complain but we were hungry and doesn't want to wait around for a manger.

Edward Rinehart

Enjoyable experience. Good food.

Robin Hastings

The restrooms are amazing! The crowd flow is pretty good and the theaters have good seats and excellent video and sound playback.

Wayman Thompson

It was great the food was a priced a little rich for my blood but good nonetheless.

Tom Beal Beal

Nice place to spend time with the family and kid's..

Josef Kuehnen

Great place to see movies, the dine in food is really good.

Tanya Green

Had never been here before and since we ordered our tickets on line with dinner and a drink, thinking all we had to do was check k in and dinner would be brought to us. Boy were we in for a surprise! Not only did we have to go retrieve dinner, we had to wait for it, they never called our name, when I asked about it,, it had been sitting on the counter. By the time we got out of the food court and back to our seats, we had missed the whole intro. Plus our pizza was cold. Good thing the movie was a classic. White Christmas was a treat, but that was the only treat. Place was a zoo, for a Wednesday night. And it was a mess. Not sure I could ever recommend it to anyone.

Josh Brauner

The theatre is always clean, the popcorn hot, the seats are comfortable and the screens are top-notch. The parking is also plentiful (though it does get tight during movie premieres and weekends)

Karen Rediger

Food was served cold. Waiter never came back except to leave the check. Worse service I ever had at AMC dine in

Izla DelMar

Really good! Way better than Alamo! The food wss significantly better. So nice.

Roland Bowie

I usually have a good experience, staff has never been rude and always helpful can't give 5 stars cause $17 for popcorn and drink is kinda high.

Matthew Becker

The dine in theatre is fantastic. They have too much security though. Doesn't feel family friendly with a bunch of armed gaurds watching everyone. Perhaps large theatres like this one just aren't for me.

Jeff Levy

I only go to AMC or a drive in movie. I took my two Great Nephews to see Captain Marvel we seen it in 3D. I seen it 3 days after it came out in Dolby with my brother. I was going to take my Niece to see it but she kept blowing me off. So her two boys got to see it when I had them fir the weekend. As they really want to see it too..

Jeraya Torrence

I love it had food have severe like loudly good cooler

Denise Stoker

Went to see The Lion King movie 2019 the staff was helpful A+

Crystal Goodner

First time in a Dolby cinema was great. They remodeled and it is really nice.

Geri Gene Schuler Thomas

Used be our favorite theater but they reduced amount of Cinema suites w recliners. And has one very rude server

Zach Shumway

End game is best. Ive always like the olathes amc. I grew up in hear

Chris Berger

The food is below average in the dine in theaters. It has definitely gotten worse over the years. Service in the dine in theaters is generally poor. There seems to be too few waiters for the number of customers they are serving. They also need to do a better job cleaning the dine in theaters as people seemingly tend to wipe their greasy mitts on the seats after they are done eating. Occasionally you will run into issues with the picture and sound in certain theaters.

Megan I

My sisters and I where seeing a movie in the dine-in theater. Without going into detail the wait staff we had was great! They forgot a coffee we ordered but corrected it and went above and beyond to make it right! We had some funny but good interactions with them. It made our movie night better. I wish I knew their names to give them proper credit. But after the movie my sister said we won't be going to any other theater from now on!

Ashly Bernardi

My favourite theater, we drive 40 minutes out of our way to go there for special occasions. Small reserved seating with recliners and dine in makes our favorite date spot

Kurt Jansen

I love this place. Good location. Area is growing. Theater & restrooms are clean. Service is solid. Fork & Screen good is yummy.

Nancy Sundquist

Literally the only theater I'll go to see a movie. Period. I made exceptions before I always regret it. They're ridiculously expensive but it's well worth the money if you are a true moviegoer. Highly recommend selecting a showing that includes recliner seats in the amenities section.

John D

Theater and staff were nice, but they had technical difficulties and the movie started late. They didn't show any previews. When I asked about the lack of previews, the staff advised since the movie was late, they skipped the previews. I will go there again, I understand there are sometimes technical difficulties.

David Stanton

Did the dine in durring lunch. Kids food was great, mine was overcooked and tasted like the grease needed to be changed. Other than that it was a great experience.

Adam Buie

We go to this theater because they have early showings. My wife and i find this convenient for going while the kids are in school.

Robert Underwood

Downton Abbey was an awesome movie. Make sure you remember the back stories of all the characters.

andrew hoffman

Friendly staff and a nice mix of charming and cozy atmosphere. I wish they played more Hispanic movies and it has a kind of "well loved" feel In areas. Overall I love this place.

leeann clegg

Went and saw men in black. The popcorn and service was very good. The seat were very comfortable and staff was very nice and polite

Aidan Quinn

It is your basic movie theater with helpful staff, but the pricing on all of the food is ridiculous. Movie theater food is notorious for being pricy, however the prices for drinks and popcorn at this place were ludicrous.

Andy Duncan

Food is on the pricey side, but is good quality and well prepared.

Nicholas Hatfeild

Had fun watching the new fast and furious movie

James Peckham

My favorite theatre in town. Wife and I like the recliner seating one. Honestly can't see movies any other way now.


Movie got started late then the wrong movie played waited again to fix the problem. Snacks very very expensive. Fairy clean and comfortable.

Darryl Sweeney

How could you dislike a movie theater that servers liqueurs to your comfortable reclining seats. Good nachos, pizza and ribs, dry or sauce. You never feel cramp in. Lots of elbow room. And no one can block your view sitting in front of you the way the seats are installed. Only theater I go to.

Joel Whitaker

Always fun. Good theater and excellent food. A little pricey, but worth it for a great movie experience.

Pinky Ackerman

Great experience,a little pricey but it was nice to get real food

Matthew Gergen

Love this theater! Clean, tons of food and beverage options, and different theater experiences (standard, dine-in, etc). Love the reserved seating as well.

Billie Wendel

Movie great, seating nice, food over priced and didn't taste that great. Very disappointed in the food quality

N Long

Beautiful Theater. Spent most of my life at the movies since I was a kid

Wendy Kreidler

Fork and screen is always a great place to watch a movie as well as have a cocktail and dinner.

Shelly Alder

I LOVE the self service snack bar. VERY convenient and far better than the wait at the traditional style snack bar. The place was clean enough, no issues there. We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody, and were extremely frustrated when the power went out not once, but TWICE, while we were watching. Good news is, they gave us two comp tickets for our stress and trouble. Overall not a bad experience, and we will return to this location.


One of the best theaters in the area. Friendly wait staff that is very courteous and take care of you in a timely manner whilst doing their best to not disturb the film while working.

Chase U

AMC Dine-In Studio 28 is a true gem to have in the Kansas City metro area. The food is fairly priced and quite good. The drinks are certainly on the pricey side, but it is a movie theatre and to be expected. Staff is helpful and friendly, the theatre is kept clean and the size of the theatre allows for showtimes to be diverse.

Christopher Kuehne

I went back and forth on this post. I gave it a 4 because the seating and movie theater atmospher was top notch. Clean and comfortable and just plain nice. I couldnt have done better if I had brought my own chair or recliner. I didnt give it 5 stars because we paid for the convience of having our food and concessions ready when we was not, and the staff just looked at me like what do you want me to do. Maybe just a hiccup? Not sure I will go back and give them another chance.

Eric Glock

So cool to have a restaurant with waiter service. They gave us two large waters with lime slices. Very comfortable seats. Awesome experience!

Erin Sterling

Wow, these seats were uncomfortable. You'd think they be better by looking at them. What is the point of "reclining" when you can't actually keep them reclined? The popcorn had a weird taste that I can't even quite describe. We were not in a full service area, which I didn't realize, so I'm glad I ate before the movie. It was just pretty bad as far for what they were charging. I go to an AMC back home for the same price and waaaaaaay better seats and popcorn.

Craig Edmisten

Very good experience today great customer service. We made a mistake when ordering ticket online and didn't know until we arrived to watch our movie. We bought tickets for a Saturday showing but we wanted it for Sunday so we arrived 24 hours late. We were directed to customer service desk and it was no problem the manager was called and he got us in for the 9:45 show we were trying to buy. Thanks so much for all your understanding. Show was great and the day was saved.

John Kohler

Great theatre. Sometimes it can be a little dirty but overall good place to watch a movie.

Heather Jaeger

Love this theater. They have renovated it over the past 5-10 years and the renovations are great. They cost a bit more than other theaters around the area. They do offer more types of theaters (IMAX, 3-D, Fork and Screen, and Cinema suites). Their new "order ahead" option for theater snacks/ popcorn is nice as well.

Jordan Mull

it was so awesome my siblings really enjoyed it!!

Matthew Hunnicutt

Loved this place, since I was a kid. I really enjoy the fact that they continue to innovate and grow. Keep up the great work AMC!!

Thomas Arnhold

Clean and a good selection of theatres. Gray popcorn.

Tera Dek

Horrible service. Over 10 mins waiting on cups to get a drink. 1 register running with around 30 ppl in line. Cinamark is 10 times better on Johnson than going here.

Alecia Reeder

Man. I made the mistake of going to a different AMC (the old cinetopia) and it made me hate AMC. Good thing I came here cause me and my daughter had a ball watching Hobbs and Shaw in the dine in. Service was great. Food was great. The movie was good. We were relaxed and had a great time.

Jeremy Warner

Went before noon for $5. Just wish they had reclining seats like the rest of the AMCs in town.

jacob holliday

Very nice theater. Matinee was $4.50. great deal for the family.

Laura Stilwell

Before our movie (first show of the day), I ventured to the bathroom. Only one of the 3 soap dispensers had soap. I informed two females at guest services. We visited the bathroom after our movie and the bathroom still had not been taken care of. When I talked with the managers working their reasoning was they didn't have a female who could take care of the problem in for work yet. Seriously? Several females were working and we were at the first show of the day. Why wasn't it taken care of at close the night prior?

Carolyn Newgent

clean place, courteous employees... but movie fare is beyond too expensive... 1 Sr. 1 adult & 3 children w/stubs discount, buying large popcorn, 3 bottles of juice = $52.51 ridiculous

Janet R.

Movie was great! The only thing I would like to see is Scooters or some way to get handicapped people easily back to the theater where their movie is. I think more handicapped people would attend movies if it were easier.

Julie Fletcher

We are movie lovers and our favorite theater is AMC Studio 28. I am happily an A-list member and love the option of seeing 3 movies a week for such a deal. I have never had a bad experience at this location since the theater opened years ago.

Angela Marrali

Awesome theater with many choices. You can choose normal seating, normal seating with dining or recliners with dining. Also, along with food they serve adult beverages. Comfortable seating with great food at a reasonable price. We drive 45 minutes out of our way to go to this theater. Always clean and friendly staff.

Brandon Gregory

Great theater, very clean and organized. The quality of the food at the Fork and Screen really took a dive—it used to be great, now it can barely compete with Chili's and costs more. But it's nice to have options besides hot dogs and popcorn.


Almost always a good experience here. Food items could be better and more diverse, but overall good. Just saw Avengers End Game in the imax theater and it was great.

Damian Bauman

Always friendly staff and good concessions. Seats are getting old and could do with upgrades in the near future

Robert Gaither

Only my second time at an AMC dine in so I'm not sure how it's supposed to work. No 2 minute check back (only got 5 french fries) and my drink was never refilled. I asked for a refill when the food was brought out. Food was good but hard to eat with no drink. I also told the server I had discounts from my AMC stubs account but they weren't used. Probably just go to a regular theatre next time.

Mary Christlieb

Clean atmosphere. Friendly employees. Great popcorn. Comfortable seats with a good amount of space between rows.

Devious Uno

As far as drive in theaters ive been to better. Must say was pretty good food and service. Comfortable seating and would go again. Because I've had better dine in theater experience, is the reason I can only give 4 stars.

Cameron Leckliter

Had lots of fancy options, which I think makes it more difficult when navigating theater choices. Fork and screen (now called dine in or something) is a neat addition, although the food is pricy on top of the pricy ticket. But convent. The normal concession stand is an absolute pain to navigate compared to the traditional, old school version, but there's lots to choose from at the same old high prices. Having assigned seating can be nice, but sometimes hard to tell where the good seats are on a digital screen.

Devlin Smiley

Food is really good but very expensive, you might find some popcorn in your seat but overall pretty clean

Elise Young

Always good options and an easy purchase of tickets and drinks etc. The only suggestion I have is bringing back the gumbo mack!

Michael Gray

I've been going here since I was a kid and always enjoyed the service they provided, even when it's busy it doesn't usually feel like it takes a long time they have amazing popcorn and their other food options have all been pretty good. Ticket prices are reasonable but food cost is not. The staff are very helpful. Fork in screen is my favorite movie experience but it is not cheap. Servers are strong and great at timing when everything should happen to not disturb the movies. It even has a bar.

Jeff Saale

The new Dolby theater is really great. The picture is very clear and crisp, although it very ever bad. The sound is top notch. It's not just more volume. It's actually better. Everyone gets a powered recliner in a reserved seat. It really is the best place to see a movie.

Luke Collier

Went to the Fork & Screen for a movie with the kids. I’ll knock out the negatives real quick. I understand the Fork & Screen is probably catered more for adults but, the tables make it almost impossible for a child to see the movie. You set down lower in the seats and the tabletop cuts off more than half of the screen for them. I’m 6’4” and felt like I needed to set straight up to keep my view from being obstructed. When you lean back, the bottom of the seat wants to fold up on you. Not too comfortable. The waitress brought out our drinks and spilled it on the counter , which splashed on myself, my kid and our phones. It was an accident and not a huge deal. They took it upon their selves to issue us 4 movie passes to another movie, which was very nice. We did ask if they had booster seats , which we were told they would bring the right up. We never received them so our kids ended up setting on our laps. The movie theater was very clean and the staff was very friendly. It was nice to have a call button if you need anything vs having to get up, leave the theater and miss some of the movie. I would go again to the Fork & Screen, just not with the children. Easy ordering tickets online to avoid the lines as well.

Kenny Self

First you get the Pepsi. Then you get the stars. Why the Pepsi hate?

Mona Winfield

Nice theater but staff don't seem to like their job, especially the rude, large fellow behind the concession stand register. Reclining seats are a joke, as the only way I stayed reclined was to push back and prop my legs up on the bar in front of me. Theater was clean at least.

missy weston

Close by so we frequent it often. Clean and nice. Some seats need repair.

Fairly Decent Comedy

Saw IT chapter 2. Excellent service

Jesus Loves You

We love going to see movies and this place has everything we need with great quality.

B Ruce

Really great venue. Attended a prescreening there. Bathrooms were clean and the concessions were hot and fresh just like I like em!

Ms. Chanté

I’ve been to this theater a few times and it is nice although the lines the checkout your food can move a bit slow depending on the day you go. I like the dine-in experience but make sure you choose a theater that actually has the dine-in experience otherwise you’ll have to get food to-go and take it into your theater. I was excited to eat and watch the movie but either the person at the bar or the person bribing the food got the order mixed up and instead of my chicken tenders I got some kind of salad. Was disappointed because the movie was about to start when we finally got our food. Other than that mishap, the experience was great like always.

Tam E

I like this theater and would give 5 stars if they'd make it easier to see what's playing in the cinema suites only. I very much dislike the seats in the fork & screen theaters as I walk out with a backache everytime. And the service leaves lots to be desired but I keep hanging in there because they are close by.

Charles Mark Steward

Best theater in the Johnson County area. I don't mind making the drive too such a beautifully constructed as well as thought out theater. Absolutely wonderful

Danielle Hix

The food is great and staff is always friendly

Aaron Bruening

We purposely did not eat lunch, so we could eat at the theater as a treat for our kids for their last day of school. When we got to the theater, they informed us that the theater where our movie was to be shown had a projector problem. The guys at guest services tried to make things right by getting us into a show a half hour later (thus a 2-star rating and not 1 star). We waited in the theater for that half hour, so we were the first ones in the theater. Having looked through the menu while we waited, we were ready to order. However, being first in the theater and sitting in the front row meant we were last to order. So after waiting a half hour, we had to wait another half hour to order. (Turns out that our waitress disappeared, so another waitress had to take our order.). So now as the movie is starting we are waiting for our food while the rest of the theater is already eating. Hopefully the movie is worth this experience, so we have a great story to tell.

Gina Myers

Four of us attended the Cinema Suites on Tuesday, 4/30/19, to see Stockholm. We are A-List members, and have been at this theatre quite often. However, the service, as well as the food, was an incredibly poor value. After pushing the call button, it was ten minutes before the server came to take our order. The Lettuce Cups have always been a great option for us. However, these Lettuce Cups were half of the size of every past order. That was sad. The server NEVER returned to the theatre to check on us, or even present our bill. After the movie was over, we stood at the guest services area for five minutes before we were assisted. There was an employee smoking outside. Finally, an employee came out of the kitchen and asked how he could help us. We explained we didn’t get our check. Another 5 minutes passed and we got our bill. It was a horrible experience.

Stephanie Johnson

Great movie! Good food! Fast service!!

Scotty Moon

IMAX was super dated. Probably wouldn't go here to watch an IMAX movie.

Linda Lickteig

Stadium style seating. Those in front of your are out of site. They serve lunch, dinner

John W

The movie theater it self is great since I order my tickets online, but the fork and screen service needs some work. We went to see john wick 3 over the weekend and we waited 15min to get service after pressing the button and then they forgot our waters and the nachos looked nothing like the picture. The nachos were just thrown together sloppy

Debra Shirar

Seats very uncomfortable. Movie was good . Staff was great. Restrooms immaculate.

Kevaughn Kerr

Went to see the joker and ooooo boy that movies was amazing. Anyway, seats are comfortable (not the cool recliner one's though) and popcorn was fresh.


I have been going to this theatre for years! It’s awesome! It is constantly evolving and typically has improvements well before any other AMC theatre’s. The Fork and Screen and Cinema Suites theaters are better than anywhere I have gone. The menu for the food served in those theaters is always evolving too! The convenience of eating a meal at the theatre makes it easy to plan a date night. They still have standard theaters as well as 3D but we just recently saw a movie in the Dolby theatre and WOW! It’s a little more expensive but what a Cool experience. My family loved it! I hope AMC continues to up their game because we are definitely benefiting from it. Thanks AMC!

Tyler Stuart

Good movie theaters, theaters are good and seats are comfortable. I love the Dolby Cinema and having AMC A-List is amazing. The staff clearly doesn't want to be here and I can understand as I used to work at a movie theater. The bar is good but the menu compared to what is used to be is really sad. I don't recommend going to the dine-in Theaters anymore.

Kaitlyn Bauer

Very nice theatre...only complaint I have is not having my preorder snacks done. I ordered hours in advanced just to show up and have to tote my two small children around the snack bar to get all of my order. This resulted in small curious fingers wanting to touch every food item they saw and us to be late to our movie.

Jason Floyd

Clean and nicely run. Well staffed with good selection of drinks and candy.

Nubia Urena

Prices are getting hefty. Even online extra fees. But clean place and good movie experience.

Brooke Leary Nichols

Last time I was here the food was great! However, it took FOREVER! The people next to me ordered the same thing at the same time and they were done with their meal before I even got my food. I also had to bus my own table section despite the sever coming by multiple times. I set my dirty dishes down on the next empty row and the sever even walked by the dirty dishes then. So, I was not happy with the service.

Joel Snyder

Hi there, I was able to watch the new Queen movie with my friend in Olathe, about 3 weeks ago and I really liked that movie! I didn't take any photos of this place when i was there during the matinee performance on a Saturday afternoon. But if you're a big ole fan of the rock and roll band Queen, then please consider seeing the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody before it comes out in video/DVD! :)

Taylor M.

Have been here several times. Each time has been a very pleasant experience! Their prices are reasonable and the sound quality for their movies is excellent. Would for sure go here again with my friends! Good place to be! Thanks!!!

Jimmy Walker

I had the Asian steak shrimp bowl which was delicious. My wife had the Mac and cheese with BBQ steak which was delicious also. Would have given the food a 5 star but a bit more expensive than what I thought it should have been. Setting was very comfortable.

Jennifer Taylor

Very comfortable seats! Clean... great sound.

Matthew Ulasien

Theater-going has gone upscale. Great experience at the IMAX theater, and the concession stand is upgraded as well.


Normally go to AMC over other theaters bc they’ve been good. However, we went to Olathe thinking the same...our area was filthy! Our tables and chairs felt very greasy and I dropped my phone on the floor, only to reach back to get it and stuck my hand in some nasty stuff!!! Extremely disappointed! Not to mention the loud kids and it took our server 10 min to answer our light and another 10 to bring me water

Lee Richards

Ordered ticket and food online. Walked in and asked the girl scanning tickets if I ordered food online do I pick it up at the food area or do they bring it to me? She said they would bring it to my seat. Go to my seat and wait about 10 minutes and another young staffer walks by and I ask again as the movie is about to start and am told I have to go get mine unless I order it while sitting there.

casey and sabrina Evans

Love this place. The doning service was polite and friendly. They kids loved toy story 4 and we will definately be seeing more stuff here.

Courtney Horn

Overall a good theater. My only complaint is that I had ordered some food and they never brought it to me. I had to go out in the middle of the movie to go get it.

Omar Aldelemi

Great place to watch movies with good food and nice people

Honor Quinn

The people were very nice, they gave me a full refund when I needed it, they were great. My only thing is that it is super expensive. Oh well though, I chose to go there

Sonja Sierra

I just love The full experience dine-in theater I wish they had more of the movies that I like to watch in that corner

Brandon Walters

Great Cinema. Even the smaller theaters have very comfy seats!

James Dunaway

Price's a bit high on most stuff but movie prices're standard, the enviroment is birdie to eagle standard. I love it, but get a budget snack menu; be realistic about the location. The homeless and poor have no other way to watch movies sometimes; could be all they got. Don't remind them how bad things are by forcing them to break or out...

Brad Cairns

Good concessions set up. Seats in theater outdated.

Daniel Miller

Lost the good 21 and up theater with nice seats. Now it's wore out and feels like the lowest quality of all the Theaters in the area

Jon Draughn

General movie theater experience, did not like the old leather seats, was super uncomfortable.

Landon Linkous

Best movie place ever! You can order tickets and get reserved seating. It does cost extra but it is worth it. I would highly suggest this to anyone wanting to go to a movie.

Michael Stevens

Went on a date with my beautiful wife. Had an awesome time watching the Lion King. The theatre and lobby is always clean and nice.

Neal tate

I absolutely love the Fork and Screen side of this theater. To be able to sit and watch a movie and have the ability to order food just like if you are in a restaurant is awesome. And that includes alcoholic drinks and nice desserts as well (including popcorn). It can get a little pricey especially if you are going with a family but it makes a great date night. One of my favorite theaters.

Anne Johnson

It is a huge theater with comfortable seats. Really enjoyed the movie!

Beverly Brown

Theater is fine, very clean. The food is just to expensive so I just wait and fo to dinner either before or after the movie. I might get a small popcorn and water.

Kristy Hughes

The seating needs redone. It is not as nice as other AMC’s in the area. Some of the seats we bought on the edge of the aisle and were positioned behind a wall where two of the seats could not see the screen. Luckily we were able to move over to a few seats that were not taken. A man arrived in the theater well into the movie and was quite noisy and disturbing and he seemed to be going into another theater afterwards. We suspect he was just theater jumping after each movie was over without buying a new ticket.

Oblivion Yohen

Free large popcorn + drink refills for anyone (in the Stubs membership, I think you can join the basic Stubs for free and just have the refills) means after the movie, you can take some drink and popcorn refills home, which is really cool. Bathrooms are surprisingly clean for a movie theatre chain. However, when I saw the movie with subtitles (it was the only way to watch it today with an English dub), the subtitles were horribly inaccurate from the official dub of the movie. My Google Assistant could probably do a better job than whoever did the subtitles.

Danielle Leigh

Overall a great experience. Good food. Friendly service. But sometimes their hallways smell like sewer water.

Jawsh Monney

Service was slow for the time of day. Not many people at the time. High priced. Best get the burger for the price. That's a meal!

Bobbi McCallum

Tables you ate from were almost too high and blocked some of my view of the movie

Passionate Patriot

Nothing like catching a flick while being served killer margaritas and eating a steak. Good time and well worth the cash. This is the way to do it if you want to do dinner amd a movie in my opinion.

Lakresha Stewart

The Early Shows are the best! Nice & quiet with the possibility of having the theater to yourself. Although the previews can be up 40 mins long prior to the show beginning. Friendly customer service.

Stee zo

This was my first time at their dine-in theater. I have been to other theater's, however. I'll start with the venue. The seating was too tight. I'm not an average size guy and felt like I was sitting in the middle seat on a airline (but with plenty of leg room). Also, the armrests don't move, so you can't lift them to give yourself more space. Next the food. We ordered chicken nachos and chicken tenders. The food took way too long to come out. When it did come out it was cold. My girlfriend sent her's back, but what came back out was only slightly warmer. Lastly the drinks. My girlfriend ordered a margarita. She's a lightweight drinker and she complained about the lack of liquor in the drink. I had a similar complain about my "top shelf" long island iced tea. I asked my waiter before I ordered if I could return the drink if it was too weak. When it came out, I took a sip and asked if there was anything they could do to it or if I could order something else. He said he could get a shot to put in it. What he neglected to mention than it would be an additional $10 on top of the $13 already spent on the drink. I think this is the longest post I've ever written, but this was an incredibly disappointing night at the movies.

Sachia Perrine

Love the food choices and setup...wish we could have took more pics with the backdrops at Spiderman preview

Mark Alters

Never really had a bad experience here. Theater is great, high quality screenings and clean. Probably sneak in your own snacks though, ain't no body paying their prices for some skittles


Theater is 5 stars . Very well kept. Pricey but nice. However having spent a decade working in and visiting many upper class restaurants and bars the food is very,VERY, sub par for the price. It seems like it's all Frozen stuff sent in and reheated. I've eaten there 3 times during movies everytime the food was just as bad. I'd save your money and get a cheap snack. In all fairness this was from my experience within the first few years it's opened and may have since improved. but for a $50 movie trip I won't take the risk.

Priya Simran

Had a bad experience for the second time. Got all the way to AMC only hear that the movie was canceled since projector not working. No reclining chairs at the Olathe AMC - another disappointment. Rude staff

Peter Wilber

Dinner and a show. Takes awhile to get what you ordered but was decent for the price. Great idea all in all

Diane Freeland

Lots of fun. Prompt service. Helpful employees

Jacob Johnson

This is a great cinema with option for in-theater dining, large snack center, and a full-service bar. The food is unremarkable, but not terrible - stick to something safe (like a burger) and you wont be disappointed. Difficult to see your food in the dim lighting, so arrive early enough that you can eat while the lights are still on. Customer service is good, but not exceptional. Location is great and near several other options if you want to extend your activities beyond the film-viewing experience.


Great movie theater that I will always prefer over other competitors. It's a little pricey, but they keep everything nice and clean and there isn't much to complain about. The volume levels are really good, seat organization is near perfect. Great place to take a date or go with friends.

melissa Bridge

Great place. Clean and updated. WAY TO MUCH MONEY!! Food is crazy high for something that came frozen out of a bag from Sams or Cosco. If I pay $10 for a burger it better be fresh not some dried up flat patty.

Josh The Jawa

I don't like to be negative, but every time me and gf have been here we've had problems. Usually the food either bland or bad, and a lot of the kids that work there don't seem to care at all and are not friendly. Saw Godzilla 2 the other day here and again we were disappointed with this theater. The waffles in my chicken waffle sandwich were literally burnt. The curly fries were bland. And the seats in the non-dine in portion of the theater were very uncomfortable to sit in. The seats were too stiff and small. Plus, why for a brand new movie are we put into the lesser quality seats anyway? Definitely not coming back here anymore. Hopefully things get better for others at least.

Doc Dwayne

One of the best theater experience in town. Clean inside and outside of the movie theater. Just wish the parking lot was bigger, but other then that, I love going to the movies there!!!

Jennifer Image

We had tickets for the other AMC theater on the other side of town. When we approached a few young theater attendants amidst conversation, they quickly stopped their convo so one of them could help us out. He didn't come across rude or annoyed or judgmental. In fact, he assured us that it happens a lot and checked to see if there were some open seats that we could trade our tickets across for. He took care of us and we didn't miss our movie. It was a comfy theater with great customer service. I wish I could remember the attendant's name to give him props. Genuine, kind costumer service is rare these days.

Richard O'Dell

I got 5 drinks 1 large and 4 "small" drinks, cost me $36. My 7 year old had to get a large cup which they call "small" because that's the smallest they offer. Unless you get the meal deal that includes a small cup, why is that?

Jacob Wallace

Never experienced bad customer service and theater seems to run well pretty much all the time. The one time I experienced an employee error during a movie, everyone in the theater received significant coupons in apology.

Riaan Ferreira

I have been going to this theatre since its opening over 2 decades ago. Always had a good time. Cleanliness and customer service is always present. Sadly this and many other i are becoming less bountiful, if you will. I love the Asian bowl they serve dine in.


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