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Fred B

Great ticket price. Awful staff. They were told 10 times (6 by us, 4 by the row in front of us) that the sound wasn't working. We were told "We will take care of it" but they never did. No apologies, no refunds. Ridiculous. At least get a capable knowledgeable manager in the place !!

Ryan Edge

I love going to the movies here. The ticket price is great the concession are not that bad price wise the seats are comfortable sound and image quality are great. Best part is overall they are the best movie experience for a family budget. I have a family of 5 ( soon to be 6) we can come here together get snacks and be under $50. I have lived in KC and Dallas to go to the movies there for just 2 of us could cost up to $100 at times, but I can do 5 for $50 here yeah got to love it


Not had any issues, good place for a night out

Varun Doddapaneni

The theater and mall is good place to shop and go to a movie. Be safe with the valuables in your car. I have lost nearly $1500.00 worth of stuff that I left in my car. Someone broke in to my car and stole my laptop bag which has laptop, iPad, headphones.

Jordan Starkweather

Love this little theater with excellent prices. We try to make trips over there when we can. Surprisingly great sound system, though the old school seating can leave something to be desired. Always nice to have an AMC around though and they did a great job on the renovations.

Jacob C

Great prices for tickets, can be either too hot or freezing cold on occasion.

Ruby Dempsey

It was great.

franklin torres

We were watching the Avenger endgame, and is the last showing, but for real, the workers did not do their job. The Coca-Cola machine area, was dirty and the floors were literally so sticky that my shoes got stuck

Thomas Lanham

This place is amazing. I know, it's a movie theater in a mall, right? What would make it amazing or different than another theater? For one, pricing. My wife and I are from KY and travelling across the country via bicycle on the Transamerican Cycling trail and we have never seen $4 matinees anywhere where we are from. Two, friendly and helpful staff. Because we needed to put our bikes inside so we could watch an entire movie without being concerned with someone getting a little too curious about our bikes that are loaded down with all the gear it takes to travel the country, we asked Lexie before AMC8 had even opened if stashing them inside would be okay. Not only did she say yes and then make our case to her co-workers for us, but she took a genuine interest in the adventure that we were on to make it across the country. We won't be forgetting our trip to this theater anytime soon. Additionally, if you haven't seen Ant-man and the Wasp or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, you should.

johnny williams

Great place to go for a good movie. Prices are cheaper than Joplin

Warren Purdum

I do not remember what I watched.

Jess Tipp

We usually go to the matinees, which make it very inexpensive for a family of six! We have enjoy every movie we've watched here. The staff is friendly and the bathrooms are clean.

Jacob Moore

Clean, bathrooms well kept, and ticket prices are the CHEAPEST in the area.

Jeremy Hicks

Cheap tickets! Only downside is walls aren't fully soundproof

Tom Spurgeon

Good movie theatre... some first-run movies don’t get here... food a ‘bit pricey... but a great place to take the family!

Michelle Lucas

Friendly staff but too much movie ads when getting ready to watch, but overall its fun.

Karissa Eaton

Best pricing around!

Christopher Sivalingam

Very kid friendly place to go and always up to date with all their movies plus they have 3D movies. They are open late and have food to buy

RedHotCole 35

Always love going to the movies here. They recently updated their drink fountains and it's great! Low priced movies, comfortable, friendly staff.

Honeycomb Bees

We went last week and the line was very long, considering there were two check out registers. Yet only one was used. We were couple minutes late, but we still went cause there were 8 kids and we don't wanna disappoint them. So if you wanna go see movies on wkends, it's better to buy tickets online to skip the long line

Melissa Viergever

Good prices and the staff are always friendly

Ryan B

Movie and a sauna? It was so hot in theater 4, I left drenched in sweat. One end of the parking lot it was blocked off with dumpsters causing traffic issues.

Nikki Nelson

They only have the big name movies, but other than that, they have great service and are reasonably clean.

Mark Drake

What a great hometown movie theater and great prices on new 3D movies

Rebecca Bellington

Nice theater. It is small but very clean and the employees are always friendly and helpful. Shows lots of different movies so is good if not everyone likes the same genre.

Maggie Thomas

We attended the 7:15pm showing of "Escape Room" on 1/4/19. The female cashier was extremely unfriendly and the service was slow. As the lines grew longer the staff didn't seem to show any sense of urgency what so ever. The biggest problem we encountered with this theater was the fact that they didn't dim the side lights so we had to watch the entire movie with a light shining in our peripheral- which was very unpleasant.

Wanda Rice

Great prices good picture quality

Brian Jones

These guys do a great job and have reasonable prices. Go figure!

Alicia Mosley-Rives

We love this theater. It’s way cheaper than Joplin!

Glenda Crouch

I would not use this theatre. We purchased tickets online an the system was messed up. It took our money. Then we waited an hour to speak to someone who said there was nothing they could do. We ask him considering what happened could he reserve tickets an he said no. It was for avengers an we were afraid it would sale out. I do not fore see pittsburgh kansas amc staying open with this kind of bad business. I just want every one to know so this doesnt happen to anyone else.

Jared M

Most reasonable prices in the area - friendly service - it's a bit outdated, as are ALL of the theaters in this area. It really stinks, because we are so far behind the times. Elsewhere in the country, just a couple hours away even, there are theaters that serve food, hamburgers, steaks, etc. and they also have reclining seats! Being a disabled veteran and no small person at 6ft 1in tall, sitting in a cramped chair for two hours at a time without being able to put my feet up is not a pleasant experience having an artificial knee, I can assure you of that. By the time the movie is half way over I can't wait to get up and out of there, so it makes the second half of the movie less enjoyable. I hope that one of the larger chains will move into the area and build a new theater that's actually upgraded with modern amenities and reasonable prices

Ashley McClure

I love this theater!! You can order your tickets online, and then walk right in bypassing the ticket counter! Very friendly staff! The only thing that could make it better would be reclining seats!! Going back in two weeks!! Can't wait!!

Dan Weibel

Clean theater, great prices, only $27 for family of 5.

josh webb

Cheap, high quality theater, great for dates

Lucinda Thomas

The theater is easy to get in and out of and has ample parking. It was clean and the associates were helpful. The only drawback was you purchase tickets outside and it was 19 degrees out. Just a little chilly waiting.

JanielGraceffa16 JanielForLife

Best place but they don’t have the nicest humans

Erika 0000

Nice small little mall type.

Alison Hasselquist

Affordable movies. We just saw Breakthrough Movie. Very well done.

Michael James

Staff was friendly and the movie was not interrupted so I'd give it 2 thumbs up

Michael Crider

I live 25 miles away and there is a larger/newer theatre closer to home, but unlike the one in Joplin this theatre is very clean and always friendly. Not to mention so, so, so much cheaper.

Beverly Graham

I really wouldn't suggest this theater for many reasons. 1 it's 24 miles away, 2 your movie is always interrupted by the noise in the other theaters that are playing something different than what you're watching, 3 it is so expensive 4 tickets popcorn Coke. When my grandchildren and I went we could not afford to have snacks like we can at the Plaza Theater. I will probably never go there again.

Chelle Lear

We always really enjoy going to this theater the seats are pretty comfortable the employees seem friendly the environment is relaxing we always get something to eat or drink or both sometimes we sometimes even watch 2 movies

Lawnmowerman AKA David Braun

Small town and a compact theater . Decent deals and good location . Large selection of snack items . Then take a walk through the " s-mall " ( small mall ! )

alex brinley

An okay theater, nothing special. The seats don't recline, and it could be cleaner. At least the tickets were cheap.

Penelope Jonesel

Cost more for popcorn and pop then to get in the shower

Ann Lea

The chairs were not very comfortable.

Stephanie Loyd

Love going to the movies with my daughter's

Terry Carter

Great classic multi-theater in a mall. Takes me back to the future every time I go. If going during a busy time, be prepared to spend time waiting in line. Love the $1 dogs for 99¢ deal!

Jesse Rhodenbaugh

Lots of fun for a fair price!! Family friendly movie theater for a family fun night without breaking bank like at most theaters! A must visit location for sure. New movies at a great ticket price.

Ian Henderson

If you like cheap tickets this is the place to go!

John Moore

Great place for family fun

Victoria Backerman

Great staff. Clean faculty. Family friendly.

garrett miller

Way better pricing than any other theatre I've been too. Comfortable roomy seating, pretty good sound quality as well.

Crista Suggs

Good movie. Cool place to watch one.

April Walker

Nice theater.. our first time... they need more open lines and more drink service areas... slow slow service but very friendly

Adam Kaufman

This is a great place for a cheap date. They have discounts for both college and military along with the usual senior discounts. While inexpensive this theatre is just as good as any big city theatres.

Derek Frost

It’s a good theater unless you have AMC A-List. There’s little to no ways to use my perks. There isn’t a kiosk so I can skip the line and no priority lane. I love this theater, but it badly needs updated for the sake of AMC members and the employees.

Gold Blood

Great small theatre that has a discount for pitt state students. Best in the town even if it's the only one

Mechelle Blundell

This where we always go for movies!

ana shomaker

We went here to see the new Avengers movie we actually got the last two tickets for that night and it was super packed I was also very pregnant so it was super uncomfortable to sit through that movie although it was clean the had really good popcorn I do not recommend getting their pretzel bites they were gross. They're bathroom should be updated but they weren't bad and half of the mall closes around 9 so you should probably park in the back if you're going to go see a movie we had to walk

Joplin Outdoors

Very nice affordable place to watch movies

Luella Trudell

Well tonight the movie would have been better if it was darker.

Amanda Godsey

Nice theater! Love Wednesday summer movies!!

Jennifer Ryan

Great pricing. Awesome concessions

Bethany Halstead

Much, much better than the Joplin theater. The prices are impossible to beat, we didn’t have an over crowded theater with people talking through the movie, and the concession line wasn’t long at all. We’ll definitely be making the drive to Pittsburg for movies from now on!


Best local theater. Clean and matinees are very affordable. Popcorn is pretty good and now they have the self serve soda fountains removing a significant bottleneck. Local kids work here so be sure and support them.

Rob Tucker

Slow during the week, that's a plus. Can't beat a $4 matinee and $1 hot dog lunch for the kids.

Nicole Gilmore

The cleanliness of this theater isn't the best, but it's tolerable when the ticket itself is a great price!


Saw Rocketman today, and had to sit through 25 minutes of movie trailers before the movie started. It was advertised to start at 1:30 pm and we rushed around to get there on time since we live out of town. We sat and watched movie trailers from 1:30 until 1:55 and I feel that I paid good money to sit through 25 minutes of advertising. Some of the movies weren't even going to be shown until September and November. I don't mind a couple of movie trailers, but 25 minutes of them is totally excessive and an insult to consumers who paid money to see a movie.

Gaby Thiessen

The movie was great!! However, both pop machines were not working, we waited in line for more than 10 minutes for them to get it going. Also, no napkins at counter where butter is & popcorn everywhere all over the floors by snack bar & front area & movie theater was pretty dirty, also

Misty Walker

Always a good place and has wonderful deals I'd you get the stubs card.

Jason Feagan

Good prices. Also if you purchase tickets online you can skip the line

Bailey Gilmore

Very affordable, friendly, and clean. I am just North of Joplin and would rather travel further to this theater then to Joplins!


Been going here all my life. Very reasonable movie ticket prices! The popcorn, drinks and candy is a bit expensive but it's worth splurging on every once in awhile. Love going to the movies here!

Abigail Berryann

I love this little theater. Prices are great and the people upfront are always so sweet.

Deborah Fischer

Busy theater with good movies and great ticket prices but does show some wear

Travis Smith

Best deal on movies in the area. Dagen is great.

Gabrielle Squires

You can't beat their prices anywhere! I love our movie theater!

erick youvan

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Mavis Benner

Upright..good movie.

Sarah Ogle

This is by far our favorite movie theater! We drive from Carl Junction just to see movies here. Their prices are reasonable, and the theater is always clean. We have never had a bad experience!

David Lewis

Great prices. Good food. Always clean.

Cia Berry

Very kind and very efficient

JoAnna Ekhoff

Clean, priced good, and people nice.

Dani Norris

The service and concessions were great, but it was SO hot during our movie I was miserable. I'm not sure if it was just theater 4, or all of them.

Andrew Williams

Went and watched a movie with my son today. Friendly staff, fair price, and it was clean. Only thing I could suggest would be reclining seats and more pop selections. Not everyone is a coke product lover.

Dakota Lewis

I love stopping in on leave and seeing a movie here. Friendly staff and reasonably clean theatres

Meleia Burnett

Not enough employees and the movie started late, but those who were there were kind and working hard.

Chuck Parsons

We go at least once, sometimes twice a week. It is very affordable entertainment.

legally human almost

AMC has a whole sucks we bought tickets online and something went wrong rather than fixing the mistake and reserving our tickets for us so we could pay up front they refused it was their mistake and they didn't fix it! On top of that everytime I go to see a movie here there's something always wrong with the screen and you can hear other movies going on it's distracting I am not impressed

ColtonTheJames 2

It's very nice of a theater

Julie B

Clean and good prices on tickets. Staff seems friendly enough. Snacks are high but that is to be expected. They have the flavored fountain drinks machines which are nice but can also cause traffic congestion when there is a line of people getting their drinks.

Linda Gragg

Chairs were comfortable, seating was fine. Enjoyed the movie.

Todd Lollar

Nice cheap place to watch new movies

Lindsey Greve

A very nice theater.

Marilynn Maddox

The floors in the theatre are sticky. Bathrooms are clean. Staff is awesome. It's the only theatre we go to.

Amber Stewart

Love going here. Can't beat the prices. The city cost three times as much. Icee machine and fountain machines. Free refills on drinks and popcorn. Sunday matinee under $4 each

Poppa Summers

I love their movies

Donita Burton

Love the movie Awsom friendly workers will be going back for sure it's our go to place!

Bud Hawn

Good choice of movies. The concession stand prices are ridiculous.

nathan crites

Way better after the renovation. Good service.

Tiffany Mathews

Comfortable seating but the sound wasn't loud enough

Barry Garbrick

Very good family atmosphere! Money well spent...

Keith Huffman

Definitely worth the money!

Lynn Hoyt

Great atmosphere, amazing prices, fun for all ages.

Sabrina Stansbury

I really love the experience! Worth the money. I go back sometimes! I recommend if your a movie fan!

Christopher Tuten

Was and has always been great to visit

Ryan Green

Love going here, everything is better than the greedy theater 15 minutes closer. The employees are nicer, the lines are shorter, the prices are based in reality, and AMC has great rewards programs. This place reminds me of when I went to the theaters as a kid and it was enjoyable. I give them my patronage every chance I can and encourage others to do so as well even if only so there is some small amount of competition in the movie theater business in the four state area.

Karli Rae

Dated theater, great prices but they only had two ticket counters so the line was super long. Would have been nice to have an electronic way to get tickets or print our tickets we purchased online. The popcorn isn't worth the price either.

Damon Ball

Its not the fanciest movie theatre out there but its definitely one of the cheapest. And for college students its perfect for a random movie night

Spencer Bauer

Great experience!! Probably the best value of any theatre I’ve been to: newest releases and cheap ticket prices!

John Horine

Best deal for a movie in the 4 states. Love taking the family!!

Zach Kennedy

Love this theater!!!! It’s the one I visit the most!!

Susie Kingman

I love going to the movies

Jackie Carter

Prices are good. Some of the screens are a big messed up but you can't always tell. Food is way overpriced but it's a theater so no surprise there.

Tonne Ramos

They kept messing everything up. Didnt give me my candy.

Justin Wilkerson

This is an old, unrenovated movie theater. It does not have stadium seating and the screens are very small. It is the only option in Pittsburg, so I assume they don't feel any pressure to update.

Jim Zeth

Nice little theater. Bought my tickets online knowing that Avengers - End Game would be a sellout (which it was for 6, 7 & 8). Tix were $13 and change for one senior, one child and the "convenience fee". Of course a large popcorn, 2 large drinks and a package of Twizzlers was $23. Eat before the movie, stay away from the snack bar and you've got some cheap entertainment.

Pyxl Willhite

So much better than the Joplin 14 screen. Comfortable chairs, clean floors fantastic. Tickets were abpit half the cost of Joplin's. Worth the short drive all the way. I'll be back.


We saw a movie,ate some popcorn...great time

Julie Straw

Great theatre! Enjoy it whenever I get the chance.

Lisa Stotler

Great movie prices. Would love the upgraded movie experience in Pittsburg, though, with more comfortable seats. Like cinema suites or dolby 4 d surround.

Jeffrey Sterling

It's not modern but the prices more than make up for the dated condition...there are always friendly and helpful employees also.

Jessica DeBusk

Cant walk and they really went up and beyond to make sure my kids and I were comfortable. Carried food. Got booster seats. Very happy.

Ben Robinson

Moderately priced, comfortable seats, clean bathrooms, good surround sound and in about 30 times viewing movies they have never had technical difficulties with a film.

Marlon Dewey

Love the upgrades since I was last there. Great selection and convenient pricing.

Denny Flowers

Great cheap place to go see movies. It was very clean. Popcorn and drinks was cheap. I will be going back to see movies there.

Sheri Modlin

I drove an hour to watch a movie that wasn't playing in our area. And this movie theater was amazing. Lines went fast, ticket prices was cheap and staff was very friendly. The areas was clean and Conner helped us find our way around. Thanks again for a great night

Jeremy Cleaver

Nice seats and great sound with a clear picture. Only reason this small town theater doesn't get a 5 star is to really reap the benefits of this place you need to be an AMC rewards member. Which is cheap enough if you go to the movies slot and live close enough to use an AMC theater.

Kimi Dowling

I love coming here for movies. It's so affordable that I don't mind going to a movie several times if it's good. I recommend joining the loyalty program. I paid $15 to join in December and since I've had several free tickets and snacks for rewards.

Denise Robinson

Very comfortable place and chairs. Wonderful prices. Great staff.


Small but good enough

Janna Heinlein

Family had a good time and snack bar was awesome

Jeffrey Youngblood

Fantastic theater. friendly staff. The place is clean and good seating.

Lorrie Reilly

Good price good theater

The Channels

Prices are great

Donna Mayes

Great theatre, good price. Great place to take grandkids.

Leonard Kazmier

Use walker. Staff member carries my soda & popcorn to proper theater, waits until I find suitable seat for 3D/Bose A/V experience, hands me my Drink & Popcorn & asks if she can be of any more help, then tells me that she hopes I enjoy the motion picture. Now, in my book, You can't find better, more friendly Service @ any theater, anywhere. Sincerely, Leonard Kazmier Pittsburg, Kansas

Morgan Windsor

Amazing people and amazing prices. My favorite Movie Theater by far.

Mike Jones

Affordable tickets and mix your own fizzy and sugary beverages.

Tim Stevens

The movie was good, but cashier wasn't very knowledgeable on his job.

Sal Paradise

Prices stupid high! Insulting high....

Thomas Wilson

Wish we had one in Joplin much cheaper than regal and love the refillable popcorn buckets.

Kelli Jones

Ticket prices are reasonable. The actual movie experience is usually just fine. The bathrooms, however, are terrible - stalls are tiny and usually not very clean.

Lexis Coelho

Great prices for students

Vickie Williams

The women's bathroom was a nightmare. No toilets were flushing and the floor was flooding.

Paul Johnson

Always a great time!

Patrick Johnson

First time back since it has changed names. Very pleased with everything except that they claimed toy story 4 was in 3D when in fact it was not.

LoNdOx Adventures

Best service best service ever

Zach W

Lots of fond memories at this theatre. I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience.

James Clark

Went to see pet semetary. Very clean and nice.

Carson Jensen

Great prices! However the facilities were dated. We still enjoyed going too the movies and having popcorn.

Jenny Blanchard

Cheap tickets, clean theatre. It's a small theatre but very economical night out!

Darin Mahaffey

Very affordable! The only good thing about Pittsburg, KS.

Thomas Helm

Most of the time very clean but this trip was different popcorn all over hallway, watched two hour show and seen the popcorn still in the hallway smashed in to the rug. Other then that not bad.

Augie Sanchez

Love this theater, best priced in the area, clean, and comfortable

Heath Lucas

Cheap fun place for entertainment

Walter Moran

Good place to relax


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