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8101 Roanridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151 Located in: Barrywoods Crossing

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REVIEWS OF AMC Barrywoods 24 IN Kansas

Bethany Wright

The seats could be more comfortable. The theater is getting old and dated but the staff is friendly and it's mostly the same as every other AMC.

Joel Schultz

Good place to go see a movie in the northland. Staff has always been friendly and helpful. Prices are a bit high for what it is but it's conveniently located for me.

Marty Whitaker

It's clean very comfortable seats

PJ Miller

This is usually a pretty good place to see a movie. I really enjoy the assigned seating and the theaters with recliners. I do wish the women's restrooms weren't further away from these 4 prime theaters than the men's rooms. When you have to pee during a movie, time is of the essence!!

ChaNeedra Howard

A large movie complex with films playing from morning to late night. We enjoyed our movie very much.

Darryl Wanamaker

Great movie experience all the time.

Michael Flynn

Admission is expensive, food/drink is expensive, but you can meet some fine people here. Very diverse people, some have all four limbs while some don’t have any!

Cavin Bardi

Coming from someone who used to work at this location, I enjoy being there. It's almost like a 2nd (or 3rd) home to me. The people are (mostly) inviting and friendly and if there's a problem, they are quick to resolve it. (As best as they can.)

Gray 1754baker

Enjoyed the movie. Seating was great

Lil- Hate Vlog

Great customer service.. theater could have been a little cleaner.. but always a lot of fun..

Steve H

Somewhat dirty, paint chipping off walls, long lines to buy a ticket, same long line to get ticket verified and short but long wait ti try to get popcorn- gave up. 25 minutes of adds prior to show start Haha! Movie was good Seats were comfortable

Pappa Don

the seeds need to be updated to the recliners that they have now we're defeat come up and lays back those recliners are really nice at the theaters now and they need better bathrooms and the food selection there is good you can get a nice snack or a meal which is very nice

Tracy King

Really nice. The seats are comfortable and they recline. I like the idea of purchasing your ticket online all we had to do was look for the seatt location which is lit up. Very clean bathroom.

Jesse Rowland

Big fan of reserved seating, the pros outweigh the cons! I also enjoy the Dolby Cinema quite a bit! The power seats are very comfortable. Great theater with many viewing options! Prices aren't terrible compared to other theaters. Loyalty program is great! Deals are great! Freebies for opening movie events are great! This is my go-to theater!

Kezia Bohanon

Great theater with employees who are helpful and kind. They move the lines quickly. I love the Prime and Dolby screens, but they are expensive so we stick with the digital. I like how we can reserve seats ahead of time, even in the digital shows, so no need to go an hour ahead of time. I also always order concessions ahead of time so no need to wait in the line. I love using the app.

Barbara Timothe

Nice theater. I just wish they'd hire more people to keep the bathrooms clean! They're messy most of the time.

Aaron Alvarez

They friendly and take care of you. Getting better each time I go.

N8T Blacksher

Good place to watch a movie even have a drink if you so please.


Dolby Atmos theater with reclining seats is the leading edge of a movie experience. A little pricey, but the place to go for the big movie events in your wish list. I like using their app to reserve blocks of seats for family or friend movie outings. Reserving specific seats is so much better than first come first serve, takes the rushing and worry out of the visit.

Bill Casselman

I love this theater it's always kept clean the restrooms are clean and they have some of the coolest theaters there

Melinda Gilkison

Poorly organized when giving out free tickets.

Kathy Parks

30 min wait to get drinks. Phones in theatre recording movie. Movie was 15 min late starting

Audrey Berry

Wasn't very busy but still managed to take their sweet time. Odd set up.

Miguel Rivera Caban

Good theater, usually not that crowded. Nice specialty rooms.

Ethan Ward

Great prices and movie quality. The classic AMC experience.

Ronnie Crafton

Came to see "Hustlers" with the wife tonight. Movie was okay. Went to get a refill @10:45 and all the machines were shut down. Granted it was the 9:50 showing, but it was Saturday night. Almost 20 dollars for popcorn and a soda, I don't think the coke freestyle machine should be shut off before closing. Just a "customer service" thought...

Esther Muecke

IMAX has reclining chairs. It had been a long time since I went to movies, lol

Lily Jawad

Holy cow never been to the theater this big it was super cool. The service is great and the bartender was very nice

Helena Mouncey

Love coming here. The theather was dirty this last visit but not as bad as could be. Prices are reasonable. Friendly staff. Good bar. Always an enjoyable experience.

Nicholas Porter

Comfy chairs, reserved seating, quick polite staff.

Nicholas Smith

Good luck trying to watch Shazam in theater 5 no sound keeps going in and out.... Sound went out at the critical point in the story line when you're trying to get the origin story and 5 minutes later the sound died again...guess we're back to the silent movie era...

Tashia Cramer

Overall great theater. Typical prices and offerings.

Dave Lawrence

Great venue. Good seating. Very clean. I had a nice time.

James Sherrell

Wow.... this was one of the nicest theaters that I have been to.

Tracy B

I LOVE AMC Theatres!! They have Coca-Cola, reserved seating for all screens and great popcorn! Concession prices do keep rising and I am a Stubs member and have been for years thankfully!! I can't imagine not taking advantage of those points that add up and the discounts that are offered. I will always be an AMC girl!

Mark S

TL;DR - 1. AMC is owned by Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate. 2. If you have back-ache issues, find another theater. Usual AMC amenities - bar area, custom coke machines, etc. It's slightly older theater though. The reserved seating does not make up for the non-movable, plywood backed seating -- you cannot even lean back in them (in theater #11 for an opening weekend movie).

Alex Fairley

Very clean and nice. Great staff

Adam Buie

This is my favorite theater. The best customer service I've experienced. We have experienced some problems there but nothing that wasn't fixed immediately. I wish i knew the managers name because he is good.

Jennifer Heady

I love this theater. As a premiere member I can watch up to 3 movies a week and I love that is does not matter which screen. They have even been accomodating when my rewards were not working and comped me a free popcorn. 5 stars.

Karalyn Pines

We were there on a pretty slow, but not dead, weeknight. Toy Story 4 came out like a couple months ago or something, so they had a few of those metal popcorn buckets out for sale. My husband asked to buy me one and they had already rung up our other concessions so they just took 3 bucks cash for it. Then while we were waiting for his food the guy filled it with popcorn for free. This is the kind of little stuff that brings people back!

Walt S

The theatre was pretty warm. Nothing like sweating through the show & popcorn didn't seem very fresh. I was surprised because AMC has always been a top notch movie theater. Maybe I just caught an off experience this time.

Helen Aidoo

Was a nice atmosphere. I thank the ticket person that said ok for my spouse who is disable, to go in ahead of time in between the next show. It is a long walk for someone who has a disability in walking but not at the point of wanting a wheel chair. The seats are really low for a tall person to get up from. Overall we enjoyed the show. Will probably come back.

Kevin Plummer

We went on a Friday night and they only had one ticket window open. Finally got our tickets and they only had one person taking tickets. After that, we went to get concessions. Once again only one person working. Finally got popcorn and a drink. Coke machine out of regular Coke so we chose vanilla Coke. Now needed butter for popcorn and all 4 butter machines were out of butter. A Friday night seems like a big movie night and to not have enough staff was ridiculous.

Rob Perrone

Didn't get to see the last hour of John Wick due to power outage...we waited for 35 minutes for power to come back on and it didn't, so we left... very disappointed that there was no manager to let people know what the problem was, or offer a refund...a waste of 50 dollars...I would suggest that you should at least cut the sound off also when the picture goes out...

Bill Maddox

Good place for a good movie experience!


Solid theater. The dolby and IMAX theaters all in one place is really nice.

Desirae Griggs

Lines for tickets were long, and the self serve kiosks were a joke. Of the 4 only two worked and even then, their touch screens were ridiculous. The concessions line was nearly back to the ticket taker. The popcorn loomed like thru scraped the bottom to get enough, it was all small tiny pieces with lots of unpopped kernels. I get that it was Saturday night, but this is their prime time, they should be doing better.

Sandy Sharon

Very disappointed in the service at the refreshment line. It was a 130pm movie today. There are now two lines. One for stub holders and one for everyone else. I waited for 35 minutes to get popcorn and a drink. Gave up and walked away. I was not the only one that walked away. The 3 cashiers kept having the stub holder line step forward. I paid as much for my ticket as they did. Their increased menu means nothing if they don't have the cashiers and workers for the volume of customers.


I have been going to this theater for about 18 years, and it has steadily gone downhill. Prime and Imax theaters are nice, but be warned all the theaters are now reserved seating. In the smaller theaters the seats are so close together it is very uncomfortable. There have been so many little kids and babies in the late showings (after 9 pm) that it has been incredibly distracting and rude. Staff doesn't seem to care. After all these years I hate to change theaters, but that is exactly what I will do.

Sarah Swain

Wonderful theater with easy online ticket sales. It would be nice if all of their theaters had recliners but its still a nice experience.

Gretchen Wildrick

Need more people at ticket counter, but otherwise good.

D Byron

I'd rather go to the Drafthouse, but this is a second best.

Beverly Gibson

They have special lines for the ones that choose to "pay" for joining their rewards program. Otherwise you wait to buy a ticket or beverage. When I went to buy tickets yesterday for a movie tonight I was overcharged ($10+) by a "glitch" in their new system. After noticing the error in my car I went back in to talk to someone. They had to call a supervisor over to figure it out. I paid cash for 2 tickets & was not given a receipt by the lady at the window. Only 2 tickets showing the price I should have paid & my rewards statement. I would recommend everyone confirm the price they are paying because you could be next. If you don't catch the error they are richer!

Bianca Davis

30 mins to get tickets ...30 mins too get through concession & lack of cleanliness in restrooms.

Sara D

The seats in the imax theater are amazing - reclining loveseats that can be made into individual chairs if needed. The place itself outside of the theater is only OK, though - it seems a bit empty and in need of a style update. The bar seems weirdly isolated and there wasn't anyone there when I checked. Worth going to if you can get a discount.

Ginger Tousseau

I really enjoy going to this theatre. Because it offers so many viewing options, we are always sure to find a movie we want to see. Each theatre is clean with stadium seating and great sound. They offer a wide variety of munchies at the concessions counter as well as coke products. The restrooms are always clean. Pricing is moderate and they do offer some discounts for seniors and military. They also have the stubs card, which is a rewards card for and annual fee of $15.00. By far, my favorite theatre in the area.

paul rodriguez

Great theater. Clean. Good selection of snacks.

Robin Pennington

Wide variety of shows and times. Love that I can order my ticket and food online and it's all ready when I arrive. Definitely suggest signing up for their rewards program. The $15 a year is worth it as you get special combo deals, $5 ticket Tuesday, and all online convince fees are waved. In 2 years of being a member I've saved over $700. Plus special b day gifts. The app could use some work as it has glitches during busy times.


I great place to go with friends and family! I have so many memories in this place. But, from experience I know the bathrooms don't smell very good.

Rodney Greasham

Coke selections kinda watery, but not too bad. Lovely seating and atmosphere

Kenan Haynes

Been coming here all my life. They took out the stars in the lobby which I always messed around with as a kid. But it's a great place. Big movie theater. Decent prices for a theatre

Sherrie Schmidt

Great reclining seats, huge screen with Dolby sound. But bring a jacket or blanket...cold!! Loved the new Downton Abbey movie with souvenir snow globe

catharen gutierrez

I like that theater in prime seating. I saw John Wick great movie.

Helen Scott

Was so disappointed they didnt have the reclining seats.. also had an old lady at the ticket window and she couldn't hear or use the computer.. kinda felt bad but also waiting forever to get our two movie tickets right was irritating

pharrah smith

Its expensive but they have good pretzel bites and its close. Nice to go every once in awhile.

Kathy Schroepfer

Horrible experience. The wait for concessions was 40 minutes. They ran out of popcorn, candy and ice. How does that even happen? I understand it was avengers end game but y'all should have prepared better! The seats are horribly uncomfortable and they didn't recline unfortunately. I love AMC. I'll stick with ward parkway.

Erica Dowd

To the managers that run this place. Please go to theater 9. Go to the top row. Sit in the far right seat, facing the screen. And let me know what you see. Because I saw a WALL where the screen should be. You guys should volunteer to help President Trump build America's wall! I mean you built a wall IN FRONT OF A MOVIE SCREEN, where I paid to watch a movie, so I am confident you guys would do a good job! Epic fail AMC! EPIC.

Mary Manning

Overall it is a decent place to watch a movie. However who is the non genius moron who designed pick your seat while buying your ticket? Great way to hold up the line and drive people insane.

Queen Of Newblood

Seat's weren't the best, comfort wise. Spent $32 on popcorn, 2 large drinks, a hot dog, and some candy. Bathrooms were clean. The movie took forever to start due to trailers, bts, ect. But had a good movie experience.

Angela Marrali

Love this theater. We enjoy going to the prime or Dolby theater and relaxing in the recliners. Their app makes it easy to buy tickets online in advance and even order your snacks in advance. Any issues that we've ever had have been handled in a timely and professional manner.

Lala the Great

Great theater complex! Clean environment, friendly & helpful employees, great concessions, clean restrooms!

Haydn Davies

Really comfy seats, good customer service, good food that can be pricey. I always drive the extra 20 minutes to make it here instead of going to other theaters around my house. They also have a really good rewards program and I suggest you try the A-List program so you can watch three movies a week for $20 a month.

Cynthia Elder

Awesome theater! But I will say with all the updates to some of the other theaters it makes you feel like its outdated.

SP 64152

Subs members line we had to wait meanwhile other line was going faster really!So i said something

Samuel Jr. Vargas

Our family has seen some great movies at this place... it is our first choice for where we go see movies the Prime theater is or favorite but all of them are pretty great

Renee Barger

It was uncomfortably hot in the ticket area, and there were no clear signs where to go if you bought tickets online. It wasn't the cleanest either when you got inside, but we enjoyed our movie.


It's your run of the mill theater. Nothing special about it save for the fact that it does have a bar with some decently strong drinks. It's a theater though so the drinks are exceptionally expensive. I recommend pre-gaming unless you just won the lottery.

Kathleen Nelson

That waiting in line to select your seating is down right a waste of time. 25 minutes at 145pm ridiculous.

James Hicks

Movie was great, can't figure out why im paying 40 bucks for 2 cans of coke and a half cup of popcorn seeds. #conartists

Lion-O J'Onzz

Very comfortable seating and quality sound for movie hearing also

Fred Patrick

Is always the best experience with movie going!!


So how is the priority line a good thing when there are 4 people in it and 26 in the other line and no one moving. So 30 people in line and only two people working to serve people and 4 people standing in the back dancing and doing nothing. Yeah that’s a good way to run a business.

Freda Gilpin

It was a great place to go watch a movie. It is very Clean and alot of movies to choose to watch. I just wish there were more reclining seats!!

Oscar Sevilla

The Prime sittings are great but they need to update the regular sittings. The regular sittings are smelling and my wife and daughter where itching through out the whole movie and the smell was funky.

William Jay

Theater was great but they charged us more then what was posted on board above ticket agent. When asked why they said, that's just the was it is. I was with my 2 grandsons so I didn't want them caught up in the BS. I Will Not Ever Go Back !!!

mike nichols

Would definitely go here again ...good employees but need to clean the bathrooms a little better

S Alllen

Good clean establishment" friendly environment, good workers!!! The only thing was I went to see a boxing match and there was no advertisement of the fight anywhere" kinda confusing.....

Kim W

Dolby Cinema, IMAX and AMC Prime options! Love this theater.

Victoria Hinkle

Ww enjoyed the IMAX theatre so much!

Brett Wright

Overall it's a good place. Was a little frustrated that it took so long to buy our tickets. Only one window open and you have pick seat assignments??? Really??? That takes to long for just one window open. Also could use new carpet.

Jose Murillo

Movie screen shut down twice in the middle of movie (Toy story) floor extremely dirty & sticky thought my shoes were going to stick to the floor, not to mention restrooms are sick! Last time I come here, place is do for remodel bad.

kristy woods

It was a fun experience. The staff were nice. The place was clean.

Debbie Carpenter

Love seeing movies here. Go to the matinee n it's $5!!! Perfect for kids and Saturday mornings

Rusty Burdette

Movie was great...the theater was a mess. It had not been cleaned after the last show and the person was cleaning it during movie previews. Really need to allow more time to clean between shows, get more help, or don't open the theater till it has been cleaned. Very disappointing!

Steve Reiter

Tornado heading right at the theater where my son was and they did NOTHING to warn them! Had plenty of time to warn them. Thankfully we got ahold of him and got him out of there and got him home. Tried calling theater several answer! We got lucky, tornado jumped over us. But surrounding areas not so lucky. Check the weather from May 28, 2019. You dodged a bullet AMC....this time! But at least you got his ticket money huh!

Susan Neumann

Didn't realize we had assigned seats. Unfortunately they were to close for me to enjoy the film so I had to move.Will check before I end up on this situation again

J. Wilson

Great movie theatre.

Charles Beeghley

I love going here for movies. They have done a lot to improve customer experience.

Jonathan Pope

Always great. Just wish movies weren't so expensive!

Brandon James

They still have the old seats and theater 22 they need to upgrade that area with reclining seats very uncomfortable

William VanZant

While the premium theater experiences are excellent, the un-upgraded theaters are kind of a disappointment. This is clearly an older theater struggling to upgrade to a modern design.

Rene Carter

AMC theaters are so comfortable. I feel like I'm in my living room.

Phillip Coonce

Great theater. Great memories of yesterday and of tomorrow.

Nikki Williams

Probably my least favorite theater in the area. The bathrooms were flooding and the floors were sticky. There was only one ticket person and two concession workers working on a Saturday.

A Webb

Nice theaters and looked really nice they just need to hire more workers a little understaffed

iNate Sparks

Very good place and fast help. The only thing is how expensive the food is which I guess should be expected from a movie theatre.

Christine Morrison

Lovely facility, but the food is overpriced and underwhelming.

Dan T

Love the A-List pass and go here almost every week. Only complaint is that they need to start offering some healthier food options. Everything is either deep fried or just horribly high in fat/salt/sugar.

Roberto Romero

Needs a refresh to compete with some of the newer theaters but I would definitely recommend a visit. Good but not amazing.

Keri Saulsbury

I’ve been going to AMC for a long time, but they need to renovate and clean up to keep up with the times. We saw a movie last weekend and started itching halfway through. We left with flea bites. Gross. I emailed customer service to notify them and got a generic reply. More options will be coming to the Northland soon and I’m going where it’s clean and bug free.

Justice Poage

I love AMC theaters! If you frequently see movies join Stubs Premier... it's worth it! A+

Donald Townsend

Theatres are great. Good sound, comfortable seats. Do not try to buy tickets at the self-service kiosks! Out of 4 units, 1 said "out of order", second one wouldn't change screens, third one's printer was broken! Didn't bother with 4th one. And not unusual, its a constant problem, bigger surprise would be if they ever worked. I've never had the 1st unit work that I walked up to, in 10 years going to that theatre.

Jeannette Lawson

Largest wrap around screen in the world! Besides movies...we go to"attached" jazz bar with live entertainment (no cover charge) and have great wings and meals on cozy date night. Even dance on small dance floor!


Nice until near end of Spiderman when screen went black. Still had audio. Never saw the end or extras. Disappointed.

neversaynever ever

Always love AMC-24. Clean theatre & bathroom. Sound level not overwhelming.

Rhetorical Zombie

I usually have a pretty good experience at this theater. Sometimes it seems like they are short staffed, and the theaters can be a bit dirty. Occasionally snack lines are long and it takes a minute for your order to come out. But these are minor grievances. Overall the experience is amazing, especially if you pay a bit extra for the prime theater.


Dirty. Over priced. Near the end of the movie staff were talking so loud downstairs that customers had to ask them to hush twice. People keep taking my seat and its normal and get upset when I make them move.

Talented Mars

Very good movie theater, reccomend using the app, Atom Tickets. Very easy to use, you can reserve streets and preorder snacks and tickets before you get there.

Anna Spexarth

Huge theater with a good selection of food and a bar

Wyatt Gerbracht

The seats are pretty nice, they recline in most of the theaters. The IMAX and Dolby theaters have fantastic speakers. It's a bit pricey for those showings but worth it for the block buster movies in my opinion. On Tuesdays they even have$5 off ticket prices.

Teresa Park

I enjoyed it concession stand moved pretty fast excellent show we watched and had a great time

Marty Kamp

Always a decent place to go, pretty clean compared to other theatres

Joyce Hadley

Great theatre! Always clean, especially the bathrooms. Only problem is their self service ticket machines NEVER EVER work anymore! I've reported them multiple times but they never fix them. So why have them???

Sckethia Byrd

Love It. It's My Favorite Theater... I always come to this location. It has everything you could possibly need including excellent customer service which is always a big plus.

Melissa Ori

Something kept biting me and my spouse. Bathroom could have been a little bit cleaner, but I've seen worse...

Fuzzy zeller

This place always has been a nice theater. With new recliners and Dolby and IMAX it's the place to go. I go 3x a week. Dolby is the way to go it's the loudest. IMAX is great if the movie is shot with IMAX cameras. But relatively prime IMAX and Dolby are the same. But if u ask the employees Dolby is the way to go hope this helps.


the seat was sticky and I found gum the cup holder but I really like the sound system in there. They do a great job having a variety of movies for each person. It would be very cool if they had merch in the theater that we could buy if we really liked the movie.

samuel sisco

The best theater around love it great food

Jay Brown

Great overall experience. Good food, very polite and friendly staff. Theatres themselves are very clean but drink areas need more clean up in between shows. Reclining seats are the best way to go in my opinion if you're not watching from home. Offer multiple viewing choices 3d, prime, IMAX.. really can't go wrong here.

Frank Bohanon, Jr.

Normally a very clean place. Very nice employees, but could use more of them. They seem to be very short staffed. Movie theatres are well maintained.

chris mcdaniel

Tried to redeem prepaid movie tickets only to be upsold. I feel like we were being scammed. $66.00 for two adults and two children for an afternoon show is ridiculous. And doesn't include refreshments. Save your money there are more reasonable options in the northland...

Anthony Rustici

This place has it all, reclining seats buttery popcorn and big screens! Its pure heaven for movie fanatics.

Crystal McClenathan

I've been going to AMC for about 4 years now. I've always enjoyed the theater and the staff there. Last night I had an exceptional experience with one staff in particular. Her name was Jennifer and she went above and beyond for my friends and myself trying to catch a late movie. I had worked at my job all day and was looking forward to seeing a new release after my shift. Jennifer made it so that we were able to enjoy the movie even after having some technical issues. We appreciated her very much and wanted to make sure she was aware of how she made our night. A perfect example of the staff they employ.

Bob Parsons

We love the Dolby Theater in combination with A list, which is the only way that makes going to the movies affordable. The theaters are generally clean and being able to order concessions online is very convenient.

Stacey H

Service by teenagers isn't very good. Need more training. Movie & snacks were good.

Bonnie House

Saw Yesterday, the movie, at an afternoon matinee. Parking can be tricky but there were plenty of spaces today. The line to buy tickets wasn't too long but moved slowly. First time I have been to a theater in a while and didn't know that you choose your seats when you get the ticket. So that made it go slowly. They finally opened another window, which helped. The lobby area was clean and the ticket takers were well-groomed and friendly. The theater was clean & seats were comfortable. You don't have to stand up to let others in the row! A good thing. Didn't visit the concession stand. Restroom was clean & well-maintained. What I would expect from an AMC theater.

Clint Walker

What happened to the old days when you could take a date, get drinks and popcorn ect for under 20.00 sheesh, still a good time though.

david peters

Nice and clean. Need to stepup the seating game though.

Danielle Mayo-Todd

I joined the Premier offer and eerytime I go get a ticket I'm made to wait even tho I'm suppose to have priority. I suggest you do an online reservation and skip the ticket booth! Food is great and it's very clean.

Nick Vargo

The full Dolby Atmos surround theater is spectacular!

Carol Coomer

Absolutely awful. Now I remember why we don't go to movie theaters. Received "yellow tickets" as gift from son. Long line to exchange tickets with only one poor guy working as hard as he could. Each transaction takes too long as everyone has to pick out their seat! How dumb! Finally got to ticket window only to find movie we wanted to see was in theater with broken AC. It felt like 102° outside. Never again.

jose chavez

Comfortable. Good service ay front desk and the concession stand.

Matthew Welters

Great place to watch a movie or two. This is my go to theater

Barbara Aker

Just a comment, it's amazing that top rated movies that are independent films are not shown north of the river, case in point, The Farewell. This movie would appeal to all ages and has rave reviews, 98% rotten tomatoes. please show the lower budgeted Independent films that have excellent reviews and that are critically acclaimed, at BarryWoods 24.

David Carter

This used to be my go-to theater. It offers pretty much all of the modern AMC amenities. (Recliners, IMAX, dine-in, etc). The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Maria Gonzalez

I like to go to the movie theater this is a good movies theater

Adam Love

Great theater. Always has been. Gets updates regularly to keep up with latest tends and tech.

Bet L

Popcorn is good. The workers are nice. I like movies

Matthew Woodruff

It's a great experience if you go with a premium theater. 3D is not mine thing after trying it out. I was at Dolby theater and it was great. It had very comfortable recliners, awesome picture, and super sound. Great deal if your an a- Lister and would gone any if not one for I wanted to see captain marvel. Only thing is that the prices for food and drinks are little high compared to grocery store. Overall lived the theater and can't wait to see another movie in Dolby theater. It would be a five star if not for the price of food and drinks. The rest I loved. It nice, clean all over, and not very crowded if you go late at night or during the week.

Robert Barber

Love this place we are watching shaft. We also stop @ Texas Road house before our movie!!

E stearns

Food a little bit high but overall was nice place

Aimee Love

Nice place but way too expensive

Kent Jacob Codilla

The AMC Barrywoods 24 Theatre seems almost run-down compared to other theatres in the Kansas City metro. Every other AMC theatre in KC has upgraded recliner seats but for some reason this theatre does not. The auditoriums which are NOT IMAX, Dolby, or AMC Prime are old and the seats and extremely run down. The floors are sticky and some of the upholstery is fading and coming apart. This theatre is in desperate need of a renovation. The concession stands also typically have an incredibly long line. The restrooms are incredibly gross and not kept well. Compare this theatre to the one in the Legends and you are paying about the same for a lower quality experience.

Kyle Morgan

We complained twice to management about movie hoppers incessantly running their mouths, and they did nothing about it. They didn't ask the loudmouths to show their tickets, and they didn't ask them to be quiet or leave. I personally kicked them out of the theater like the spineless management failed to do, and several people thanked me.

Joseph Friesz

Great place for grabbing a beer, food, and a show!

David Rogers

Their latest upgrades have made them even better than AMC Legends. Thank you for becoming my favorite again!

George Cook

Great screen view but very narrow npn-reclining seats

Barry Holcomb

Ratio of concession stand employees to people in line very bad. Huge wait.


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Regal Warren West ScreenX & IMAX
Regal Warren West ScreenX...
Movie Theater - Kansas

Movie theater

Movie Theater - Kansas

Movie theater