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550 S Gear Ave Suite #38, West Burlington, IA 52655 Located in: Westland Mall

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REVIEWS OF Westland 10 Theatre IN Iowa

Karen Walker

It was GREAT felt like home in my recliner.

LoRena Allen

Very good. Comfortable.

Mya Andrews

Great food and theaters were quiet and clean.

Open Road Driving

BEST movie theater! Best price, best popcorn, best people, hands down! I love GOING to the movies every other week to de-frag for a couple of hours often by myself or with my hub. I have been to every theater from Orlando, FL to Cedar Rapids to Iowa City to Rave Cinemas in Davenport and this theater is truly THE BEST! Rave Cinemas in Davenport bought out by Cinemark nixed free refills on their large $6 pop. Matinee prices keep inching to the 4pm hour and the rip off feel continues to grow at every theater EXCEPT the one in my hometown of Burlington. Best combination of VALUE and cinema experience anywhere! Love it...keep up the great work, see you next Friday afternoon!

Frankie Eid

Wonderful theater. I highly recomend the LDX seating. Very nice staff and never stale popcorn.

Skam Life

Nasty Burlington theatre....... What is there to expect.?

David Cox

Nice place to be. Chairs.

matt matt

Not great graphics but nice movies

amanda lawrence

Fun theatre!

Kelsey Tripp

Nice but my gosh the prices are nuts.

Ray Simmons

Decent theater 10 theatre

Jacob Franklin

Great visual and audio. Very comfortable reclining seats. Also very clean.

marcia robinson

Great movies

Gary Mccall

Love movies. Love having a place to enjoy them in comfort while eating my popcorn. The price is not cheap but with a good movie, it's worth it. Would recommend to anybody who enjoys movies.

Tim King

Very nice theater, awesome concession. Very comfortable seating, lots of leg room. Overall a very happy experience.

amanda Schappaugh

Comfortable seats big theaters really enjoyed the movie and all

Kaleb Nicolson

Real clean, real cheap tickets, real nice facility, awesome employee's, good food and popcorn, the seats are very comfortable, and if you need to use the restroom during or after the movie the are right there.Pluss, it is the only theater I've seen with free drinks.I love my town's theater.

Ann Kauffman

Very nice clean facility. I ordered the kid's special I wanted only a small size as I am a single Senior. The size options are too expensive for popcorn and pop otherwise.

Brad Rothlisberger

Nice theatre! $5 Tuesday is a bonus!


I've never been to a theatre with heated seats before and my Lord was it great! Amazing theatre smacked in the middle of a totally dead mall. There's a decent arcade down the hall if you have to wait for the movie and you can even preselect seats. Really good experience all around.

shay mixon

They would let me and my 18 year old freakin cousin in cause she didn’t have an I.D so you don’t deserve a 1 star

Lisa Emken

Very nice theater. Clean. Friendly staff

Mike Scudder

Good movie (Indivisible)! Comfortable theater.

Pam Gerhardt

Love the seating. Good choices at concessions. Wish there was a better variety of .movies. Some geared toward men, women and children all at the same time so we could have choices. Love the $5. Tuesday!

Joyce Desotel

Clean, comfortable. Nice staff. Great sound. Fun time

Brian Miller

Love the LDX theater. I have taken others and they say it's the only theater they will ever go to.

rich plate

great ldx theater

bill marlin

Great place to go for family entertainment.

Danelle Bauswell

Great service, super prices, clean environment! Thanks guys!

Mike Walker

Love the LDX theatre good prices.

Donna John Slahor

Great movies, clean, comfortable seats.

Britegamergirl .fortnite

Great place! Very nice and clean! Great food and drinks as well! I highly recomend

Shawn Johnson

Great theater, especially LDX

Deb S

Clean,very nice peoplee working there. Only problem for 2 people it was about $30. So price is to high.

Courtney Sattler

Clean and great movie. Chairs were a bit wobbley

Mark Masterson

LDX seating is the way to go.

Ruth Fortune

Clean. Service at snack bar was great and fast

Gary Eisnnicher Jr

Friendly staff, clean theater, and delicious popcorn

Carl Rippenkroeger

Comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. The place is always clean. $5 for a small fountain soda is high but it's the same at all the others.

Jewel Schultz

Recently, I took my sons to a movie and learned something new: They now have heated vibrating reclining seats for some of the movies. I didn't like this though, because I couldn't figure it out and got stuck in my chair. At the entrance of the theatre, there is a sign stating that they might search people's bags or purses. I suppose this could be good or bad. I like this theatre because they offer a large choice of new movies. Their website is easy to access and see what the movie times are. The popcorn tastes fresh, but like most theatres, the snacks are way overpriced.

Jonathan Sandidge

I've been to quite a few Movie theaters in the local area and This one is the best by far! Special matinee ticket prices are great and the Cleanliness of the theater and the Friendly staff are even greater! Seats are the comfiest seats I've ever sat in at a theater and the fact that they recline is even greater! And of course you can't watch a movie without popcorn and the great selection of snacks and drinks is wonderful! 10/10, Would highly recommend. will DEFINITELY return to this theater over others in the area!

Brian Murray

All the top movies.

Eugene Alvis

Very comftorable seats. Sound in theatre is very good. Every seat in the theatre has a good view.

Dylan Jern

Got to be the best, cleanest theater in iowa!

Ava Beckman

The man that takes your tickets is almost always not at the booth so my dad and I have to stand there awkwardly until he sees us. You honestly could go in without a ticket if you wanted to.....other than that it's fine

Easton Meyer

I love everything about it except for that my kid is there and I can’t get a hold of a person because I am worried about them. That has really upset me tonight.

millard 61469

Just drove 45 mins to watch a movie my family was taking me for my birthday and we found out when we got there age limit was 6 we was honest my son is less than 2 weeks away from being 6 and they refused to let us in. We come here at least 4 times a week and we will not be back. way to lose 240 dollars a week. If we new there was a ge limit we would of said he was 6 and would of been watch the movie right now

Steve Elder

Great place to see a movie

kathy smith

My Granddaughter works here! My Daughter also worked here when she was in High School! I love going to the movies and the popcorn!

Sheri Austin

I love this theatres the prices are great popcorns always fresh the staff is always friendly seating is always comfortable and other people that come to see the movie are very quiet and considerate and enjoy the movie and let other people enjoy the movie this is a really good place to take your family to have a good time


As always good place

Sheila Braggs

The theater had a Very convenient ticket dispenser. We didn't have to wait in a long line to get our snacks. The seating was very comfortable with Recline seats that haf plenty of leg room. The place was very clean as well.

Rod Merfeld

Very friendly staff. Clean and well maintained. Reasonable prices.

Tamara Donaldson

The movie was amazing!

WIlliam Cummins

Another place I have never been. Google maps seems to get confused If you go near a place, in this case the mall.

Jacque Doane

People are always friendly. Love the ldx

Dave Greenan

Great theater! Awesome sound!

Brynn Scott

Um, them prices are wayyyy too high

Trisha Jackson

We come here quite a bit. The people are always friendly, the place is always clean, and the concession food isn't too badly priced as far as movie theaters go.

Ben theshiznit Kline

Theaters are small enough to allow a cozy experience with comfortable seating and great sound.

Patricia Williams

Seats are comfortable, popcorn was yummy. Had a nice experience

Deb King

Love LDX theatre

Robert Jern

Employees very helpful and friendly.

Jaime Bigger

love the new LDX. seating very comfy great service

Charles Commander

We went to see Annabelle in the movie Scared the bejesus out of me you. If it weren't for that I would have rated I five star. LOL

Gene Drebenstedt

Great staff , always clean, super gun.

dawn harriott

It's always a great time

Pam Hayes

Love that we were able to find a wholesome movie to attend.

Dennis Wixom

Fun times there. Drinks are expensive but worth it considering the cups are big enough to pour in a pint or 2 of Jack Daniels to mix up with Coke.

Mike mitchell

Good movie

Kelly Samberg

LDX theater is the best! Recliners and surround sound. Great selection of concessions.

gina westercamp

Nice place

Jeff Crane

About 10 different theaters in this complex so you have a great variety. Popcorn, drinks, and snacks are pricey.

Eric Miller

The new theatre seating is great

Tracee Jones

The new seats are absolutely wonderful and make the movie experience all the better!

Kelly Crooks

Always a great experience.

Michael Carr

Great experience and wonderful employees.

InViNcIbLe BlueMooN Alpha

Fun place for lit people to enjoy an awesome movie Venom lol go see it before its in u Xp

Kathi Linn

Comfortable seats. Nice staff. Clean location.

Dennis Duke

Love the seating good atmosphere nice place to watch the movie of your choice

Eugene Clawson

Excellent location for movies

Elvis Crabtree

Nice atmosphere, clean and the employees were friendly.

Hank Rearden

Must check out the Ldx screens. What a experience.

Terry Cale

LDX is the only way to go....

Robert Cordero

Very nice staff and clean theaters!


Clean theatre with friendly staff. Has movies in 3D and LDX (assigned seating for LDX only). No IMAX.

Annabelle Hedges

Love everything there

James Skubal

This place is affordable and clean, a great theater

Lori Doolin

The best prices and popcorn from Quad Cities to Iowa City! Plus all new, comfortable seating. Friendly staff.

Dan Oliver

I watched a movie in one of the LDX theatres. It's nice being able to watch a movie in a heated recliner. The sound system in the theatre was also top notch. It was pretty good value for my money. If you want to save money go on a Tuesday when they have reduced admission and a free small popcorn

David Russell

Great movie theater. Not too pricey in the snacks like most movie theaters they serve icees and have 4 soda machines with every different soda. The LDX is every bit of luxury reclining seats and a cupholder. Can almost lay down and does not affect the person behind you.

Big Daddy

Comfortable and peaceful


This theater is the best! They have real nice popcorn, although expensive, but it's a theater, what were you expecting. The staff was also very nice to me. However, the best part of this theater isn't the popcorn or the employees, it's the people. During all of my visits to this theater the people were great, because almost no one was there in the theater with me. There were most likely 30 people there, and that is being generous. The first couple of visits I thought I was just really lucky, but I have now visited enough times that I know it wasn't a fluke, perhaps it is my movie watching habits that cause this situation, but you don't see me complaining. People are the worst part of a theater visit, there is nothing quite like watching movies in an empty theater. The lobby, theaters, and restrooms are all really clean, and their seats are really comfortable too. It is a pretty good theater.

Jay Day

AWESOME Place. So clean!!!

Chris Williamson

Seating is awesome and it's very nice

Mitzi Jessen

I enjoy going to the theatre. This time I tried the new seating with the big easy chairs. I know some people like these chairs, but I still prefer the old chairs best. I don't like my legs dangling and I really don't enjoy the reclining position. It's too easy to fall asleep and miss the movie! I'll plan to choose the regular seats on my next visit.

Clipman 101

Great theater's

Steven Mcintosh

Great place

Anthony Onesto

Very nice experience there. I wish some movies have better 3D choices but what do you expect with a small town theater.

Trisha Wixom

Love it. However the price is a little crazy

Scott Brant

Awesome...America needs more Theatre...they are Amazing!

Tara Johnson

Theaters are usually very clean, most of the cashiers are friendly except the younger ones. I am 22 years old I forgot my ID today and trying to watch a rated R movie..when I told him I forgot it he was very rude and started listing off “the policy” to me. Just very irritated and the lack of professional service at the theater alone.

Marquis Johnson

Just like any other movie theater in a small town. Price are high for snacks

Christian McGowan

Nice discount on Tuesday! Only $8 for the nice comfy seats, and also a good deal on a popcorn and soda. Staff was very friendly!

Denise Daniel

Like every other theater. Popcorn cost a million dollars. But the theater and the recliners are awesome!

Tyler Owen

I generally do like this theater, but their 3D showings are just atrocious. I've been to probably a dozen different 3D theaters and this one is by far the worst I've ever seen. My wife and I have tried to see three different films here in 3D hoping that they were just a fluke, but three times is not a fluke. The projectors are blurry and the image is super dark. It makes it impossible to follow along to dark action scenes. If this is the only 3D experience that locals have been exposed to then it doesn't surprise me at all that there was only a half-full 3D showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on OPENING NIGHT. I will still watch 2D showing here simply because it's the only option within driving distance, but when there is a 3D movie I really want to see I will be going elsewhere.

Pam Steward

Great time!! Went to Halloween in the LDX theater last night. It was awesome. The chairs are super comfy!

Sweet T

Love y'all

Aaron Kimzey

A nice movie theater with two theaters having reclining seats. Food is a wee bit overpriced.

michael hamma

Tuesday, $5.00 movie night.

Shane Engle

Idk inwent in to Melissa for tickets. If Burlington and West Burlington llikes having this mall, probably should start supporting it. Would make a great place to walk or run a mile or 10 everyday.

Beverly Thornton

Comfortable but the popcorn and pop is too expensive.

Tera Hoffeditz

The seats are amazing! Very clean. Clean restrooms also.

James Jackson

Worst 3D movie experience I have ever had. I don’t know how but the 3D glasses actually made everything darker. I also don’t know of any theater that is still using the reusable 3D glasses. If you want to see a 3D movie go to Iowa City or the Quad Cities.

Bob Sanchez

Always a great time. Southeast Iowa is lucky to have this theatre.

justin fiems

Good. Nice theater. Restrooms are clean.

Tony Witte

Love going to the movies with my wife. Decided to try out the LDX experience and took wife to see The End Game . One of the worst experiences we have ever had young girls 2 seats down talking the whole entire time. A gentleman even told them to knock it off then he even went and told staff after they continued to talk. They should have been escorted out of the theater right then and there. Should have just stayed home and saved our money. If they continue to let unescorted children into the movies we won't be attending anymore.

Kelly Carver

Very nice theater inside Westland Mall. Just remodeled two of the theaters to play LDX movies! Choose your seats when you buy your tickets! About half the normal capacity due to all the extra room! Cushioned recliners, special high definition screen, thunderous 7.1 surround sound make for an enjoyable experience!

Michael Bandy

Have no idea wasn't there

Maggie Hawkins

I love to take my family here on Tuesday night $5.00 nights

Patty Revels

Awesome theaters.

Seth Aitchison

Decent movie prices, but the snacks are way overpriced. Good seating though.

virginia fisher

Nice place

Chet McBride

Great selection of movies and multiple theaters. The LDX screenings are worth the extra money plenty of candy and snacks to choose from. Easily to find location due to it being located in the mall. Only reason for only giving the location 4 stars is the cleanliness of the theater.

Brian Thomson

Love the LDX theater!

Adam Genkinger

The new leather recliners are amazing!

dustin foley

I like the fact that you guys acquired the LDX theater. I've been going to those for quite some time now and your movie theater is the only one I'll go to around the area

Cameron Gardner

Very clean movie theater.

Christina Ferrell

Execllent theatre, But it cost $20.00 for 2 med. sodas and 1 small popcorn.

Carolyn Cloke

Comfortable seats. Love new Lx seats. Friendly service.

Zach Decker

Over priced and had someone walking in and out every 15 minutes the upside it was only myself and daughter and noone else

Tammy Long

I love it

Curtis Lalumondiere

Love the heated seats and big chair . It a reclining chair too. Love the sound but it is to loud . It needs to go down a little for me.

Corey Ward

Confirm seats, clean bathrooms, nice just small.

Chris Miller

LDX is the only way go!

Ron Russell

Great spot for movies. Love the new seats.

Ryan Locke

Staff was friendly and very clean place. Looking forward to watching more movies there.

Rayne Schmitz

Easy to get to and frendly...a good place to go if you want to see a new movie

Jo Steffensmeier



It's a very long walk to get to theater which is in middle of mall. Also seats are small and very low to floor.

Donita Coffee Corner

Comfortable. Clean

Caitlyn Millard

Average theatre. Unfortunately located in a dying mall! Clean and people seemed friendly.

Casey Luke

They still do $5 movie Tuesdays which is the only reason I go back. They keep finding ways to justify raising their prices even though the movie quality hasn't improved. I don't need a big fancy heated/air conditioned seat if it means I have to pay more. Consession prices are outrageous. This isn't big city America. It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to see a movie with some popcorn and a drink.

Teena Craff

Amazing seats! Love the sound and real feel seats!

Eleanor Stever

A great place to see a current movie. The theatre has multiple movie showing rooms. Seats are comfortable. We always love the popcorn. A place to spoil yourself!

Kirk Schappaugh


ramon schmitz

Cool seats

PaulaAnne E.

LDX is a great way to watch a movie if you don't want to wait for it to come out on Blu-ray, but I still prefer my own home - the pizza wasn't half bad

JD Ellison

Westland CEC Movie theater in W.Burlington is showing this absurd so called documentary “Death of a Nation” from Alt Right purveyor Dinesh D'Souza!! Westland 10 CEC Theater didn’t show the doc about Fred Rogers but they show this propaganda trash. This is so wrong! Now I hear they refuse to show Fahrenheit 11/9. This theater and management has a political agenda.

Heather White

Good place to take the kids to

Tishika L

Very cheap especially on tuesdays!

Barb Meth

Love $5 Tuesdays!! Great for us retired folks.

Kelly Jones

It was the best me and my cousins enjoyed it!

Seth Foster

its changed a lot from when i was younger but i really enjoy seeing the movies there just wish they would make it easier to find time dates and prices for there matinee

Susie Holstein

I love their new ldx theaters

Ashley Sherwood

Went there to see detective Pikachu today with my five-year-old daughter and we used to the new theaters very clean love it the only thing is is the food is a little overpriced


Great place to watch a movie.

Jackie Arnett

Great theater!


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