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4074 Hwy F48 W, Newton, IA 50208

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REVIEWS OF Valle Drive In IN Iowa

Jolene Brown

Perfect drive in night. Although some people brought their pets. Which was weird. But to each their own

Eric Bell

Hard to find drive in theaters as there aren't many around. Always show double features so quite the value. Offer pop, popcorn, snacks and pizza! Get there early to get a good spot.

Becky Acheson

Great experience for the whole family. They could fix the outdoor speakers for the price to get in.

chris grimm

Staff has always been helpful. I grew up going to the drive in and this place brings those memories back and now my sons first pick of weekend activities is always coming here.

richard sweetman

Good movies and good snack bar

ray lumley

I wish we had more drive-ins left. I'll keep going here for as long as I can and I tell every one I know to too. So that my kids will be able to take their children and so on for as long as we can......

Ian Brau

Geat prices and atmosphere. Me and my family had a great time, we will watch a lot of movies here, that's for sure.

Kory H

Really fun place not many left like this.

not suspicious user at all

bad volume, and speakers dont work, so best advice..get up front :(

Sue Long

Movie night at the Valle Drive-in is one of our favorite date nights. We drive an hour each way when we go there, but it is worth the trip. Sometimes they can be REALLY packed (as in sold out packed) but the vibe has always been family-friendly and fun. The snack bar sells the usual fare (popcorn, soda, hot dogs and pizza) plus frisbees and blankets. Thank you Valle Drive-in for keeping a fun tradition alive!

Robert Baca

A fun way to spend a family night out. Priced great and a clean well maintained area. There are more good parking spots then not if you get in early enough.

Patricia Findley

Watching movies outside.

ricky mccreary

A lot of fun..

Bill Johnson

Old school drive inn, I love it. Get there early though.

Tiffany Speckles

One of the only ones left of its kind still really nice to go to for the nostalgic feel

Mrs A Hyde

All good experience but who’s the app showed hours of operation.

Ryan Finer

Very family friendly place. The service was really good. They were able to make room even though they were really full. The only thing I have to say about it is it gets full really fast on a good night so be ready to get there earlier than you think you need too. The food in the concessions is fairly good but a little bit expensive. If you go I would bring food but that is completely up to you in the end. Overall it is a great experience and the staff had a very family friendly atmosphere that I would go back to in a heart beat once the new movies come out. It is also really affordable 16 dollars for two people for two movies I don't know anywhere you can go to a movie for that cheap.

Bryant Anderson

Don’t bother asking questions, I’ve never been here and wanted to simply find the times the movies start, messaged them over a day ago and they read my message, but I must not be worth their time since they just ignored it completely. If you can’t answer a basic question I doubt you face to face service is anything beyond garbage.

Jason Mongar

One of the last few drive-in theaters left around here. Good price for a double feature movie ($8/person), and the concession prices aren't too bad, either. The only downside was that the first feature was a little difficult to see for the first 20 minutes due to it not being super dark out yet.

Steve Williams

Love this place

Brittani Larrew

The only great drive thru in iowa

Dan Burkett

Compared to some other drive-ins we've visited, this was great. Remember to bring bug spray and speakers of some sort.

Bonnie Close

Wish there was more of you around miss these so much.

Christi Russell

Love, love, love the drive in! It is a great place to spend time with the family. As you wait for the sun to set you can play some catch, soccer or card games. Good value as you can see two movies for price of one, but you don't have to stay for both shows. We usually pack a picnic for dinner and snacks for the kiddos. Be prepared for any type of weather. You'll always have a good time there and make great memories.

J Wig

Worth the trip to Newton! Every kid has to experience a drive-in at least once. Grab a pizza on the way - go early and let them play in the grassy area up front.

Jessica Clark

Great time had by all!

Deidra Rankin

My favorite place to take the family to watch movies. You can bring in your own food and drinks or buy the reasonably priced snacks at the concession stand. The kids can run around and burn off energy in the grassy area up front before and in between the movies. Get there early for closer parking during popular movies as spots up front fill up fast. The FM radio station works great for listening to the movie when a speaker isn't abailable. Bathrooms are tiny, but clean and in the summer there are typically a couple porta potties. Bring sunscreen if you come early and bug spray for when the sun goes down. My only complaint is the smokers. Sometimes you get unlucky and unknowingly park beside a smoker.

Gregory Ingram

I enjoy it here, but there's one downside: the landscape. If you're parked behind someone in a pickup, your view is ruined. The ground seems to be too evenly leveled. Concessions are so-so. Really does depend on what you get. It's a solid experience overall.

Angie Dostal

This was such a fun night. Took my daughter and grandsons. The road construction sucks. We missed most of the first movie because of it. Will definitely go back

Cole Mundus

Awesome Drive-In theater, and the only one left in the state. You can tune into the drive-in radio station to hear the movie from your car. The screen is big and easy to see. There is lots of parking place to accommodate even on some of the busiest nights. There is large areas of grass on the sides and in the front to play or watch the movie from, although watching from the side grass may be a little bit hard to see. The restroom facilities are not very nice. The men's only has two toilets and the sit down one doesn't have a door, and they are quite gross. The concessions have lots of food and the popcorn is very yummy, the large was $6.75 and at least 3 gallons of popcorn. Its awesome that they have double features so its not too expensive to go and take your kids. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Thai B

This is one of the last great American drive-ins around and the closest one to DSM, just wished it was a little closer. We love this place and try to get out here at least a few times a year. It really just depends on what they are playing, we usually come out when they are playing 2 family friendly movies. We prefer coming out either early or late in the season, even if it a little chillier, because the movie starts earlier and we still have a 45 minute drive home. But coming out in the middle of summer on a great night is still pretty awesome. This place brings back so much nostalgia from my childhood. They have the field out front where kids play before the movie, concession stand, and the window speakers. Although, a lot of the speakers do not work, we usually bring a little transistor radio. You need to sign up for their emails or check out their Facebook page to find out what is playing.

Chris Peck

Great people and family friendly

Rachel Raibikis

We went early September, the place wasn't overly crowded. The concession stand had good movie type food, we brought in our own but did grab some popcorn. The screen was huge and had a good picture! Perfect place for kids. We listened through our radio but they had speakers as well. Bring blankets, lawn chairs, and comfy clothes. The double feature makes for a long night! There is plenty of room to leave if you don't want to stay all night. Definitely going back!


Fun time , good movies , reasonably priced for 2 shows.

rory rodriguez

Love this place. My family and I had a great time and it such a good deal.

Laura Hansen

Honestly, a pretty fun night. With low prices and the ability for the kids to just run around, excellent for a family night. We went up with friends, and had brought our own sandwiches and wine. The one con, is no one appears to respect the rule of large vehicles in the back, and the drive-in doesn't enforce it. VERY frustrating as a small car owner.

scott marnin

Had a great time with the family. Friendly staff.

Rebekah Rietveld

A must do on the summertime checklist in Iowa.

Josh Heath

Love this place!! The nostalgia of being little once again and watching our kids run around and play until the movies start! The movies can be heard through your car radio, how cool! Overall a great family night.

Lyssa Henderson

I've always loved this place. It is a great night with family or friends. I will say it's time for a remodel or at least a deep cleaning of the bathrooms. They smell strongly of urine but appear visibly clean.

G Cadogan

Lines were long. Line to get in, line to get snacks, line for the bathroom all long. Price was excellent for a double feature. You can bring your own food and drinks. May be difficult getting a spot with a clear view of the screen. Screen needs to be higher.

Mary Vandorn

Love love love this place, relaxing fun family environment

Ken Stouwie

Awesome place, but the speakers could use some maintenance.

April Backous

Only drive-in theater left near the Des Moines metro. So much fun, low movie prices, great snack shop with good prices.

Joan Milez Wilson

We watched A Quiet Place and I Feel Pretty.. the place is ok.. the downsides for me are expensive snacks and static or almost broken speakers.

Nate N

The best place, and way to watch a movie. Worth the drive every time

Mustafa Avdic

Always wanted to experience a drive in movie theater. Staff was friendly and everyone we met was kind and hospitable. Looking forward to next time!

Jenny lovan

Great time and affordable. Valle takes me back to my childhood and I am happy that I can share this experience with my children and reminisce with siblings about the good old days

Diana Brown

Great place to take the family to experience history and have a great time.

Doug McHone

Come early for a good spot, bring a battery operated radio, bring some yard games!

Backdraft 5577

Great place love it very much

Emmett Skelton

Nothing on website about the highway being closed both directions, looksl like nothing has been spent for up keep bathrooms run down, concession run down, most speakers don't work all they say is yup they're old, radio broadcast is to weak to reach entire place without a bunch of static and worst of all the picture was too dark and missing about 10% of left side due to old digital bulb or ?? VERY Disappointing

Stephen Genovese

Awesome time

Zachary Scott

Love the Valle, try to go a couple or a few times yearly. For the love of God though please pave that place! Absolutely hate that it's on gravel, it's dusty and dirty. I get it, because it's a Mom and Pop operation but pavement would be oh so nice. That's just a minor gripe though. Love the drive-in, not enough of these left today! To the guy complaining about smoke, you can't really deduct stars from their rating for something patrons choose to do. They have no control over that. Individuals are accountable for their own actions.

Samantha Brantley

I love the drive-in! In my opinion, it is the best way to watch a movie these days as the prices in standard theaters have sky-rocketed. Drive-Ins definitely offer more bang for your buck. Also being able to watch from the privacy of your own vehicle is much more appealing than dealing with a crowded theater.

Stephanie Cleaver

Love this place. #lastdriveinninIowa

Elizabeth Lee

I think that the drive-in theater is amazing, we enjoyed the setup, staff are very friendly, the environment is very kid friendly, and the prices are reasonable for two movies. Hopefully it remains in business forever because it's a great piece of nostalgia

Charles Schwarz

Very chill environment to watch movies

Dylan Lee

I'm thankful

John Bryant

Only Drive-in left in central Iowa. Reasonable prices. (yes some stuff is pricey but you are at the movies) A nice place out front for kids to play. People and staff are friendly. Take your kids here. Show them the little bit of the past that was really fun. No the sound or the picture isn't what you would get at a nice theatre. You also don't get to sit outside or in your car and watch a move. I love this place. We go a couple times a summer.

Svana aka Terri

Good day to go. They were not busy at all.

Angela Carr

Great overall experience. However the speakers that are there don't work. We had to use the car radio on full blast to be able to hear it. If you have one of those giant speakers that has a radio, that would be best.

Shawnalee Seward

So much fun for the whole family

Amanda Snowden

Best place to go watch movies in the summer. 2 shows for the price of 1 can't beat that.

Preston Hoyt

Fun place to take the family or spouse date. Reasonably priced entry, and they have snacks. Enjoy the ability to watch two movies from the comfort of my vehicle or a seat. Also enjoy the fact that we are able to bring in our own dinner and then have the ability to get popcorn later. Overall I love going here but hate the fact the its so far away and that in order to get in you have to line up on the narrow shoulder instead of a larger lane style space.

Eric Delaney

Where else can you see 2 yes 2 movies for the price of 1.

Jayme Marquardt

We come at least once a year. Ton of fun and a unique experience. We come early to get a good spot and kids play in the grass. They need more bathrooms and I wish smoking wasn't allowed.

Craig Pantzlaff

Too level. View impaired

Spencer Hoyt

Very fun place to go and watch a movie. Majority of their car speakers don't work but you can listen on a radio. Great popcorn! You have to get there early to get a good spot. Opens at 6:30 and theres already a line. Movie starts at dusk

Magpie Rages

It's a lot of "fun" saying, "were going to the drive in tonight!" But not so fun once u get there. Screen quality is terrible couldn't see anything as it was a dark movie we basically listened to the last movie we tried to watch. Won't be going back.

Dusty Tilton

Drive-in was great! besides old bathrooms that need updated! with no door for the mens. and the food was overpriced! with no free refills on the xtr larges like there is at most movie theaters! other than that me an my family had a great time! i would still tell people to go and enjoy!

Megan Hardman

This place is wonderful for outdoor summer entertainment. We really enjoy the movies and the prices. Plus they have really good a concession stand. The only thing I think they could do better is designate rows for cars vs SUVs. That way everyone can see since the rows aren't tiered very differently.

valerie cooper

Love this place and staff is always friendly

Ray Williams

Awesome place to take ur kids for a family night out.

Jonah Olson

The food was really good, all-around fun night

Jason T. Ramos

Little bit of a drive from Des Moines but totally worth it. This place is a gem.


I love the Valle! Even though I live an hour away, I still come a few times a summer to see a drive in movie. I love how they have double features and allow you to bring your food in! Definitely a great place to bring a family and make memories, even if you have kids. There is a large grassy area in the front of the screen that kids can play and run around in before it gets dark. Make sure to bring your own chairs or blankets if you’re sitting outside your car. Also, a pro tip: bring your own radio or speaker if you have one! I have never tried the speakers they provide, but I’ve heard a lot of them don’t work.

Dan Fynaardt

I like going to drive in movies here but it can get late and the parking is a little weird at times.

Mahlon White

This place goes beyond being nostalgic. The prices are good and the concessions are what you would expect from any theater. Everyone needs to go at least once every season to experience the drive-in. You won't be sorry!

Ashley Boatright

The only place I like to see movies at! Great place for a family night!

Frank Chirico

absolutely love this place. great fun for the whole family. staff is very friendly and quick. food and snacks are great especially hot dogs and popcorn. this is our favorite place to go in IOWA!

Allen Baker

It was awesome...the family had an amazing time

Paula Kasper

A long way to go, but hadn't been to a drive in for years. Unfortunately, too many people with vans and SUV's like to back in and put the tailgate up. This blocks the bottom of the screen for those that sit inside their vehicles.

Trish McMahon

Very fun! And great movies!! Everyone needs to go to this drive-in!!!


Love going to this place we used to live in Des Moines and was a short drive but after moving to Omaha Nebraska we still make it a point to get over when we can.

Clyde Andrews

Always enjoy an evening Under the Stars and a good movie

Lynette James

Took my son for his first drive in experience on his 20th birthday! IT2 was great, darn storm cut the night short fort us, but wow took me back so many years and we actually found a speaker that worked!

Molly Hart

Had an amazing time seeing mamma mia here

Chandra Harper


Richard Davis

Great drive in. Reasonable admission price.

Shon Sherwood

To my 3 grandkids for there first time they loved it .


Very fun family and friends experience!

Tristan Burkett-murray

Not many drive in movie theaters left. We go at least once a year. Great place to take the family!!

Jesse Bainter

A fun family atmosphere

Billy Grear

Horrible. They "forgot"to update their website. We drove 55 minutes to get here for you story 4..without 5 yr old.... to be told sorry it's all adult movies. Then the snotty kid in the booth said " most people check Facebook. I don't t know what to tell you." No sorry, no hey come next time on us. Just a shrug as he looked @ his phone. Sooo how bout we never go back! Stick to dsm free movies in the park.

Kim Reynolds

Great experience

Angie Terrell

Live the drive in but wish more of the speakers worked

Kathy Loving

Brings back good memories. ..not many left...well worth the drive!! Reasonable prices for admission. ..did not visit concession stand

Rick Peugh

I took my girlfriend there for date night, she'd never been to a drive in movie theater so it was a new experience for her and a nice change of pace. The movies were great, prices were fair and the screen was clear and easy to see.

David Keith

My favorite place to spend an evening under the stars watching first run blockbusters! I love Valle!

Amy Snyder

It was a nice place to be nostalgic and reminisce, but honestly,if you are going there to see a good movie, don't expect much as far as high quality viewing or sound on speakers.You can listen to your radio which is cool,but is in convenient if you want to park a certain way to view the screen.Was fun to experience,but wouldn't be my first choice if I really wanted to enjoy the movie.

wolf gaming

Love it as a little kid and is still the best

Doxtor Bork

I love this place! I go a couple times a year. It's one of the last drive ins left. They are pet friendly, but please don't let your dog off leash or let it bark constantly.. that's just rude. The bathrooms are not accessible for wheelchair users, and neither are the porta pottys.

Chase A

awesome place for a fun family time

Shellie Ballard

A wonderful new experience for the current generation, and a walk down memory lane for the rest of us! Courteous staff, all the great concessions I remember... Just like the good old days!

Emily Rasputin

A fun place to go with a group. Very casual and one of the few drive-in places anywhere near Des Moines.

porcha hill

I love this movie place me and they kids really enjoyed are selfs

Sheila Vonstein

Great place to take the whole family. So much fun!!! Great prices too

Veronica Ferreira

Clean bathrooms, wonderful set up. Great family activity. DO bring chairs, blankets, games. Arrive early!

Dave O

Not a bad place to go with the family. The kids can run around while movies are playing. The bathrooms are a little small but not to bad. The first few rows only have speakers so you will need to bring a cordless radio or use your cars radio. Parking is simple and easy to get in and out. Everything was clean and the ground was smooth to walk along. Staff was friendly and plesent to deal with.

Jeremy Smolik

Great prices, good concessions, but the best part was the friendly staff. Making sure everyone can see & offering help to lower tailgates was a nice surprise

David Johnson

Bathroom bad

Emily K

You have to come here! This is one of very few drive ins left in Iowa. The snack building has the shortest roof of any building I have ever been in but they have all the snacks you need, including popcorn, pizza, pop, candy and blankets! There are real restrooms here. Some of the speakers work and some do not, so come early to claim your spot or bring along a radio or tune in on your car stereo. Super fun date night or family outing.

Dee Capps

I'm from Montana and I was visiting family last year. I thoroughly enjoyed going there. I miss going to drive-ins. Very glad Newton still has theirs.

Bill Hickey

Nice family fun

Pixar Latios94

It is fun to watch movies outside.

Megan Pospisil

fun drive-in experience!

Anne Delk

Great place to catch NOT one But two movies... Definitely worth the drive and always a amazing time !! Truly a great family oriented atmosphere. And a great American Pastime preserved right in the middle of Newton Iowa❤❤ Friendly staff I've been several times I make the 40-minute drive for my movie and I've never had a bad experience even if the movie wasn't the best my experience has always been nothing shy of amazing!!

Taylor Iregui

Only drive-in in the area! They show a double feature of movies that are currently in theaters. Only issue is if you have a small vehicle you won't be able to see past big vehicles parked in front and it can be hard to hear past all the vehicles that are left running throughout the show. Admission: ages 5-11 = $5 and ages 12+ = $8. Can join their weekly email list or facebook page for updates - or check the website to see what they'll be playing! Hope they stick around for years to come!!

Cj Sherlock

I've come here quite a few times and the 2 and a half hour drive is totally worth it!!!! I wish I lived closer so I could go more often!!!!

Grady Starks

Horrible place to go! My family and I showed up to an overcrowded movie experience. The place was filled beyond capacity with no place to park, so we were forced to leave without getting a refund for a service we never received. The staff that run the place are extremely unprofessional and rude. Best advice: don't waste your time or money here.

knuckstermom k

An excellent value for your entertainment money!

Ima Limabean

Nostalgic old school drive in theater. Like stepping back to the 60's. Show started promptly at dusk. Families present with children, date night? Something comforting about traditional drive inn fast food, no matter how greasy. They still had the old malt-cups, hot-dogs, pickles, popcorn...Ah; movies from the comfort of our own wagon.


Very nostalgic for me, but I took my friend to the Valle for the first time and she absolutely loved it too! Kid friendly. They also jumped my car.

Mercedes Hackett

If you live close enough to visit the drive in, do it! Make sure to get there early and get in line. The front few rows have old school drive in speakers but the back rows don't. Definitely take an outdoor radio if you have one. Make sure to pack dinner or bring extra cash for concessions. They have fresh to order pizzas that are ready quickly. Make sure to bring things to do for your kids while you wait. Bug spray is a must!

Avery Lees

Great, cheap way to see movies with friendly staff.

Cheryl Bledsoe

Love this place

Scott Schafer

Every movie I have seen here was great. Feels like a tailgating event pre_movie. Great for families, teens or anyone. I love that the sound comes across your car stereo and good site lines when I've gone. My kids prefer it there and the pizza is surprisingly good. If you haven't tried it please do. We drive an hour to each way and it's worth it

Pattif 61

Fun for everyone!!

Daniel S.

It is a good place to go with you family and friends.

Brandi Shively

We couldn't hear over another cars air conditioner and the manager came out and apologized and got us our own personal speaker. Great service! Love our trip here each summer!

Esther L

It was crowded, but had a fun time

Brent van hauen

Love this place reminds me of when I was a kid very few places like this left. If you get a chance it is a must go. Thank you to the owners keeping this place a live. In business for over 70 years.

Alysia Larson

Great place and incredible pricing.

Alla Smothers

One of very few drive in theatres left around. Fun for the whole family. You can bring your food and drinks in and kids can play on the grass field while waiting for the movie to start. Come early to get a good spot and bring your chair and a portable radio if you want to sit outside.

Angela Shafer

Really need to update the bathrooms, they are horrible! Also need to do something about the sound for the movies. Lots of speakers don't work not everyone wants to rundown their car battery for the radio station.

Susan Wojcicki

They best me senseless

Tim Menzel

Bring a chair or put a mattress in the bed of your truck. Also make sure you have access to a radio (movie sound is broadcast). I enjoyed the movies, and it was a good price. Not a bad way to see a flick, but also definitely not a theater experience. Double feature ended almost 2 am.

Iowa Photos

Go for the nostalgia! It's well worth the $8 for an adult for two movies. The food is great. Costs less than a sit down theater.


Drive in is a dog park anymore. Dogs poppin everywhere and not getting cleaned up. Wondering aimlessly getting aggresive with kids. Its a joke. Can't believe people are that stupid to ignore it happening. Too damn lazy to look after your pet then get rid of it. Tried contacting the management or owners about this and no response. Typical for the way this place is run.

Brett Altman

Very worthwhile place to visit

Josh E.

This place is pretty cool. Glad it is still in operation. Worth visiting Newton just to go here. Few drive-ins left like it in the whole country.

Zach Sainz

I took my son's there yesterday got there at 4 p.m. glad we did as there was Cars piling up behind us we got a great spot out front only complaint was the audio was real crackly through the whole movie other than that had a great time

Jennifer McMahon

Food is really good. Fair prices, usually the movies that play are really good

Macie Grear

Super great family time. Get here early or u r doomed for good spot

Jeanne Snyder

Packed to capacity! Great shows♡ Wonderful company ♡ Robert Snyder♡♡

Steven Klemzak

I enjoyed visiting. It reminded me of going when I was a kid. I enjoyed seeing families out and enjoying being out before the movie. I also enjoyed seeing families and friends just hang out before the film. I also want to thank them for allowing a family friendly environment and allowing me to bring my dog.

Nadia Galvan

An oldie, but a goodie. Classic!

Andrea Torres

We got there late for a good spot get there early.

Lee Garrett

Great experience that brings me back to my child hood when driveins were common.

Luis V

Food is excellent and the price to get In is wonderful

whitney smith McIntosh

Love it cannot wait until this summer

Mary Klemzak

Really neat place to go for a date or a nice time. Movies begin at dusk. Lots of places to park and listen to the soundtrack from many years ago. When the movie starts, the sound broadcasts either from a speaker, or from a radio station. Dog friendly place to go. Consession stand with good pizza and food. Just be prepared to pay a little extra. Its worth it, for even parties, or special events.

Jennifer Miller

LOVE this drive in. Inexpensive, friendly staff, great movie options, and always a double feature. Just tune in on your radio to hear the sound perfectly.

Erica Yetter

Great place, great family night. We'll return again for sure. Kids loved playing before and between the movies.

Jesus Pelayo

Great place to watch a movie with the family.

Loise Wairimu

Nice experience for us with kids. Speakers don't work though and bathrooms need renovations.


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