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1482 300th Ave, Spirit Lake, IA 51360

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REVIEWS OF Superior 71 Drive In Theater IN Iowa

John Robinson

Great place to go watch movies!

Eric Sauer

This place is awesome! Always a double feature (sometimes triple?). Bring your dog! Excellent concessions. Fair price. Good old fashioned fun!

shane boer

Nice change of pace.

Jennifer krogman

Rich Sorbo

Stacy Sahr

Great family activity!!!

Jeff Walstead

Tammi Greenough

Great place! My kids love it.


Great aesthetics. Love this theater. Would've gotten 5 stars if they sprayed for mosquitoes. Almost left in the middle of a movie cuz they were so bad.

Tammy Somnis

John Martinsen

Nice place good movies

Susie Schneidermann

The food is great! Love sloppy Joe's chicken strips, and fried pickles.

Emily Anderson

Great family fun. For the price of one adult movie ticket at a local theatre you get to see two movies. Concession food is great and reasonably priced. Love being able to bring my younger children with us to enjoy movie experience without worrying if they will disrupt everyone. From time they open in spring until they close in fall we don't watch movies anywhere else.

Sherry Garrett

Thomas Lustgraaf

Great classic drive in theater with reasonably priced concessions

Shaun Budde

brian pfleiderer

Awesome it's nice to have a drive in theater still around and this place is extremely friendly

Miles K

Great food and amazing cinematic experience, if you’re near this area don’t miss it.

Evangeline Petrowiak

So much fun! I always have a good time going here! Great retro experience with friends and family. (Be sure to bring bug spray!!!)

Me Jewel

Scott Younglove

This place is second to none and one of our families favorite places to go during the summer months. Their pricing is very reasonable especially if you stay for both movies and same even goes for the concession stands. The grounds are always well kept and there is plenty of space for parking and viewing the movies. We love it here and hope it keeps going for many years to come!

Anna Lotts

Prodigy Nerevar

Always a great time when I come food is great and prices are reasonable

Grant Gearhart

Angela Campbell

carrie colvin

Amy Gustafson

We stop here every time we are in the area! The people are so nice and lots of choices at the snack bar. There is no better way to spend a warm summer night in Iowa.

Joseph Brinkman

Stacey Cooklin Montgomery

I love this place!!

Nicky V

My family & I love this place, we go regularly throughout the season & forego the regular theater for this drive-in. We fill the back of our Outback with pillows, blankets & foldable chairs & very much enjoy the atmosphere of this theater. The owners & employees are always super friendly & professional which makes us want to return again & again. As for the actual film-watching experience, it can't be beat. No matter where you park, it's always a good seat, even when the lot is full. I've never found oncoming headlights to be a distraction; in fact, the SOUND of traffic (IF you can hear it) only adds to the ambiance of the drive-in, imho. The screen is very large, bright enough & sound (which is up to the customer on loudness) is always on par & never been a problem. The films offered are always new releases & they offer double features (second film free to watch) every night. There is a charge of $5 if you want to bring in your own food; the concessions have always been our choice except for one visit, but as a local, I don't mind paying this if it helps this local, family-owned business thrive & yes, I'm more than happy to pay this small fee if it helps & doesn't seem outrageous to me. This is one of my family's most anticipated openings of the summer season & we're always sad when the season is over in the fall. Great for date night & families alike.

Glen Murra

Lynette Crees

What an awesome thing to have an outdoor drive inn in our local area. Friendly owners Great tasty concession stand. Good prices

Allen Cole

This is a cool place to catch a movie or two.

amanda ross

Rosanna Nye

Joshua Appel

My wife and I adore this drive-in. The gentlemen at the gate is absolutely the definition of friendly and well mannered. Highly recommend checking out the food they have to offer as it's delicious. The last time I was here was for Stephen King's "It" and it played with a lightning storm just out west beyond the screen. It was one of the coolest and creepiest experiences ever. You have to try this place!

Abbie Ensrud

Fun place...especially with kiddos


So mush fun and everyone should go once. Great place

Kathy Crapser

Loved it! I hadn't been to a drive-in in years. Friendly employees and atmosphere!

Stephanie Colwell

Great bang for your buck, but generally play similar shows all summer, not much variety

Brenda Fischer

Love going to the drive in theater. Concession stand is really good.

Jeff Cookinham

Great movies reasonable concessions


Always love coming here! Good prices and good food!!

waylon Anderson

Great pricing will diffently be back

Bobbi Jo Obermann

Great family night to take your kids


Erik Farrell

great to experience the drive in!

James Williams

Exelent place I love drive-ins

Kole Krumrey

Food service could have been nicer the lady was very rude

Tyler Boesch

Kinda in the middle of nowhere but it is a great price to watch a movie! I would highly recommend this place!

Tina Nolte

Bacon Sizzle

Brian Struecker

Friendly staff. Fun for all ages.

Jeremy Rhodes

Travis Kennedy

Awesome place! Great for kids & adults alike. Awesome consession stand as well Bring a battery powered radio if you want a better experience. That way you don't have to use your car radio. We killed our battery & had to get a jump.

Jesse b

Rhonda Rhodes

This place is awesome!!! Brings us back to our younger, tender years


Wonderful crew, great food, popcorn and experience.

Cheri Prange

Great time!!! $8 for 2 movies is unbeatable

October Trimble

Jusr cant beat a drive in, especially in todays day & age. 2 movies for the price of 1. Good food & Amenities.

Sommer Cameron

Just moved to the area from Baltimore so I was super excited to find a drive in. I absolutely adore this place! Snack bar is great!

David Tillman

Awesome place!! Best way to watch a movie! Cheaper than a movie theater both admission tickets and concessions and a way better experience.

Adam Thompson

I think this is a great movie theater but the lines are long and I could not see over the people in front of me because they had a huge truck.

Harley Bolstad

New movies, high quality equipment, and super friendly staff!


Tao movies for the price of one.

Eli Diischer

Good concession stand and cheap and great movies but you have to have and radio and bring bug spray

John Paulson

Just like being a kid again

Emily Stubbe

Great food and such a nice atmosphere, as long has you have some blankets and bugspay you'll have a grand old time.

Todd Watson

Great place for a movie.

Derek Schwery

Have never been disappointed, been viewing movies their since 2012. Great addition to the lakes area.


Excellent Drive In Experience!

Krystal Crandall

Great parking and lots of food choices

Ashley Kennedy

Stewart Strubbe

It was date night tonight so I decided to do something different fun I thought but boy was I wrong. We showed up and payed for our movie and wasn't told what movie was playing where and what station to tune to for sound for the movie we watched the first movie of a double feature and then decided to switch screens at intermission to watch the movie we really wanted we where confronted and told we couldn't do that which we had no idea and where asked to leave or pay again!! WHAT A JOKE!! I really dont know how you can stay in business kicking out paying customers what damn difference does it make! I wouldn't recommend going to anyone!

Theodore Cromwell

Angel Septer

I saw IT here

Jacob Lowe

We've been here a few times, we have a 3 year old and a 9 month old and it's the only way for us to get to the movies without getting a babysitter. The prices are very reasonable, and the experience is great!

Misty Ried

We took our 4 high schoolers and it was a reasonably priced outing for our family. I love that the PG movies are what you could hear in the concession line. Parking was great, staff was friendly-only drawback was we stood in line for concessions for about 45 minutes. Very long wait for an only moderately long line. We decided it is definitely worth the $5.00 fee to bring in your own snacks. Great family night, thank you!!!

Roxanne Fairchild

Friendly staff, great family activity

Amelia Volgarino

Drive-in theater with double features, what's not to love? Excellent food and popcorn, kid and dog friendly (depending on the movie)

Bria Boeggeman

Tim Bender

JOEY Gaines

Fun family experience. We had our radio on in the car, but many sat outside with radios. Clean, easy parking, good bathrooms, great concessions. Eat there to support the business!!!!

Aaron Lorch

There's not too many drive-in movie theaters out there left like "back in the day", so this place is a refreshing existence for the area. Nice environment, not too bad on pricing, and lots of parking and open area. Concessions and accommodations are good too, and I love the slight remoteness of it as well.

Tasha Johnson

tim Glock

We stop by the Superior drive inn last night and had a great time. Awesome drive in and concession stand. The best popcorn ever, and very affordable snacks.The employees were awesome and helpful. Got to meet the owner and was a very nice person. We drove 4 1/2 hours to to see the drive in it was worth the drive. Great place for your family...

Joel Meyer

Adam Taylor

Great place you get two movies for the price of one!!!

Christian Sjourney

Too bad this drive-in doesn't have a marquis off the major highway so potential patrons can tell what movies are playing while it's still daytime. We love drive-ins but I won't drive out of my way just to read a sign. This place also lacks a playground for the kids under the big screen so it misses out on a lot of early-bird business before the show starts. In short, management seems to be out of touch with what makes drive-ins so uniquely different than just going to a movie house.

Donald Dailey

Great experience and great price, excellent atmosphere. Beats going to the theater hands down. Highly highly recommend it

Shannon Doll

The oncoming lights from traffic was a distraction. Perhaps a line of Colorado Blue Spruce ? They grow fast, or another type of barrier to absorb the lights and sounds of the road? Just a suggestion. Also banning outside food or charging an additional fee takes away from the kids packing snacks to take to the drive in. Plus, Valihi and others do don't charge or prohibit, they allow that, in addition to BBQs and picnics. I think your prices are good and people will buy even if they bring their own snacks. The notice about outside food is intimidating and often people have food in their cars and may turn away if they think they're going to be charged. Plus sugar and highly processed foods are unhealthy and people with health concerns or dietary restrictions should not have to go without as concessions are basic junk food, nor should they have to pay an additional charge for having to supply their own food. Your policy will send me to Lake Elmo instead. I will check back in the future to see if you change your policy and if so, I will revisit you.

eieio 1

Fun time.

Bethany Cink

Concessions were slow and the movie started an hour later than posted. Fun atmosphere and they had fireworks though

nate croatt

They have a great facility. 2 screens and a great concessions stand. Go early the concession lines can get long. The prices are reasonable.

Michelle Richard

The owner's awesome, the new movies are a wonderful experience, the food is yummy. What else could you possibly want from a drive in? P.s. The fried pickles are my absolute favorite with a hot cup of cocoa!

two brothers

Great quality movies

Tyler Luytens

Great place. Decent food. Support these guys!

Brown Home

Absolutely love this place, family friendly fun!

Matthew weise

Good times!

Lisa Sackreiter

Great experience!

Ben Boyles

Great time good prices for everything


Such a good experience here! Great snacks and a wonderful idea of charging a small fee to bring your own snacks. We go multiple times every year!

Shawn Shoen

It's a DRIVE IN. 'Nuff said.

Kyle Clark

I bit of nostalgia that lives on, definitely a different era , and the moves look pretty good for being outside but far enough away from the town so it get dark enough to really enjoy.. of course being the Midwest be sure to have bug spray on if you're going to be sitting outside. and the amount of movies you get out if the night is a good time , smaller kids might end up sleeping in the back seat or on the sidelines in a comfortable chair as two or three movies in a row might be more than they can handle...but that's not a bad thing.

Mike Morrow

First time going there we drove hour and a half we watched toy story 4 and lion king it was a blast and the boys really liked it as well!!!!!! Food was great the workers was awesome

Norman Eide

Fun place to spend a summer night

Kathy Boe

Aaron Boone

Great times with the family

Thad Lochner

A lot of fun! Very reasonable.

Emma Snyder

Rachel Rose van Huyssteen

Love this place. Bring your bugspray though and your coffee. It is a late night

Chris Anderson

Do not entertain this criminal's business at all cost. He is a liar and cannot be trusted.

Jason Ramsey

Looked well maintained

Annmarie Aakhus Force

Great place with great food and movies . Take kids there every year we visit. We love it!!

Nikki Nelson

Great Place!!

Kyler /lego

Mandi Gonzalez

Absolutely love this place great employees amazing food it's is nice to have this close by!!!!

Brad Fullmer

We have more fun going to the drive in. A great family outing.

Coley Monster

Perfect date spot. Great for families


Very nice facility



Amy Chapman


xx xx

Lee Meth

Good food at reasonable prices

Jeff Adams


Stacia H

Every year we HAVE to go! Rain or shine i force my husband to take me to the drive in movies. Such a fun and nostalgic experience! Worth every penny!

Roxanne Dreeszen

Allen Howey

I got to show my grandkids how we had fun, in a much more innocent day and age. We all had a great time. On the way to the drive-in, the kids were asking me all sorts of questions about my drive-in experiences when I was a kid , and on the way back to our campsite they were talking about how cool it was and that they couldn't wait to tell their friends about it when they get home. Reminiscing over my youth, and bonding with the kids was awesome. Its also priced right. Five bucks for kids and six for adults. And that's for TWO MOVIES. You can't beat a deal like that. Everyone should go !!!!!

Jason Ellison

It was my first time at this drive in theater. There was plenty of room for everyone on a Friday night with nice weather. The popcorn was great and cheaper than most theater prices. You can get about any fried finger food you would get at a restaurant.

Jaime Mace

Thank you Superior 71 for giving the classic movie going experience! Concessions and tickets are reasonably priced. Plus, it's a drive in!!! Support this historical place!

Malisa Niles

Classic drive in. Carries current movies. Watch salt container. It comes out fast.

gary greene

Friendly place Love it

Mitch Baschke

Kayla Bohle Frazier

Always love coming here. 2 movies for $8/person is amazing. Definitely a must experience

Wyatt VandenBosch

Nice little drive in friendly people and they have a carload for $15 sometime so you only pay 15 for as many as your car holds

Chris Blackstad

(Translated by Google) On (Original) Na

Faith Nielsen

Fun fun fun

Leilani Stratton

Elizabeth Beukema

A definite diamond in the rough.


While it's not the same as the old days of grilling, smuggling in friends and smuggling in alcohol, it is nostalgic and cool for the young kids to put on their PJs, lay down in the back and watch the movies. HUGE selection at the concession stand, maybe too much. Overall a great experience.

Tracy Nelson

Movie was great, but the people next us wouldn't be quiet. They should also think about directing traffic when its time to leave, people are rude.

Jared Seehusen

One of the few Remaining drive-in theaters.

Grace Taylor

Steven Heddinger

Great drive in theater. Parties of more than two might need to bring some chairs but the movie audio is played over your radio, so it is right there. The set up allows for a good view from allot of different parking angles always a friendly staff I really enjoy going to movies here. I might be wrong but I believe every showing is a double feature.( At least every time I have went). Very affordable and a good night out

Josh Miller

Always a good time and good movies

Jacob Lueth

Ronda Porath

total love this place clean and friendly !! Go check it out

Logan Winford

Great service, good concessions! Overall a must-do when you're in the Okoboji area.

Laura Haase

Nice clean, well maintained place shows new movies, and has an excellent concessions stand.

Matthew McCrea

Two brothers fireworks tent.

Carol Laferriere

Waiting for movie I would go to

Darla Price

Double features one price.....Awesomesauce

Kevin Rohan

Jasmine Carter

Brian Jensen

Donna Haberl

Nice place. Problem with people who maybe never been to a drive inn. And don't park the right direction. Got tired of having headlights in our eyes . When they opened their doors.

Justin Brown

I love going here with my family always a great time

elizabeth diemer-brunk

A fun experience


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