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921 Main St, Grinnell, IA 50112

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REVIEWS OF Strand 3 IN Iowa

Kilted Hammer

Small town theater so not the latest and greatest but certainly adequate

Anthony Nieuwsma

The Strand tries hard to provide variety in it's show offerings and offers reasonable pricing. Stadium seating in 2 of the 3 theaters. Nice variety of snacks. Helpful staff. FREE popcorn on Tuesdays!

Matthew E Nordin

Such a great theater for the price. It won't have the mega screen or crowds as others, but those will cost you twice as much. Very generous on their popcorn as well!

Benjamin Rupe

Love movies and this facility, while the auditoriums are small, there are three of them, giving viewers a choice. Perfect for the size of our community.


I have gone to the theater twice In this week and walked out both times. The employees are not that pleasant but the theater is nice.


Rod Rosburg

Nice atmosphere.

Jeff Henderson

Need better seating due for an upgrade

Doug Cameron

Doug Hess


Maggie Krug

Hometown greatness

Stephen Warrior

Natalie McDonald

Small but nice and very clean architecture

Max Regalado

small but cozy theater at a reasonable price!

Keir Hichens

Cameron Wilson

Small, but good

james zigler

Stephanie Harbin

Rachel Edwards Harvith

We moved to Grinnell last year, and went from occasional movie goers to regulars because we love the Strand. Wonderful experience, fantastic people, the best popcorn, and it's much more reasonable than other movie theatres! We have also been known to get the popcorn to go:)

Stephen Murphy

Great prices. A wonderful old building. I really enjoyed the place.

Colby Heishman

T Savage

Travis King

Ashley Wolfe

Rachel Lakose

This is a fantastic local theatre and we love supporting it. It has 3 screens, plenty of seating, is always clean and quiet, and great customer service! Snacks/concessions are a little spendy, but we still get them every time.

Connie Puckett

Great little place. Not real crowed. Nice staff enjoyed our show.

Ary Ordonez


Bruce Hidlebaugh

William Cavanagh

Cindi Avitt new?


Jayne Blue

Kari Cooper

It's a smaller, clean theater. Staff attitude could be better.

Hector Corona

Joy Hope

Big theater.

April's Love

les taylor

Nice theater

Shirley Hobbs

Panravee Vongjaroenrat

Very nice theater. Clean. Comfortable seats,

Tiffany Matzas

Tracy Shattuck

Marie Channo

I like strand 3 theater because they have good movies sometimes they dont.have good movies in.nweton

Jenn Bullers

Lizzie Keese

Excellent place!

Preston Scott Griffith

Jeff Hoebelheinrich

Patrick doza

Fana Teffera

Robert Wood

Concessions very high for location, movie screen seemed smaller than normal but seating was good

hank buck

The staff was ok, nice clean theater and the price was not bad also give military discount.

Craig Smith

Michael John

Mike Bair

Heath Glienke

Krystal Sanders

Very reasonable admission and concession prices. Lots of good seats and awesome staff.

Katina Woodfork

I like the show the people are great & NOW THEY HAVE NACHOS

Robin Miller

Anjel Hayes

Matt Hansen

Staff is friendly, it’s clean, and the best popcorn I’ve had.

Nate Rodemeyer

Aundi Smith

Always good service! Theaters are nice and comfy, and almost always clean. They always have the new movies too!

Nancy Yarrington

Quick not crowded. Good hot popcorn and cherry Pepsi.

Leanne Starrett

Michael Vey

Went to see Venom today and it was great. All the people were nice, the sound was great and the seats were comfortable. It was great

Eric Miller

Nice little small town Cinema.

Mary Vanderlinden

Love watching movies here..very nice people working there!

Jennifer O'Halloran

Kevin McAlexander

Great, small town theatre with big city style

David Dimit

Jeff Weldon

Nice theater and great popcorn!

Melanie Mathes

Cj Roberts

York Plagge

Great little theater! Movie prices are good and treat prices are better than most.

Jacob Bennett

the staff are really nice

Marchita Thomas

Matt Brown

Jennifer Nate Reints

Robert Ludwig

Abby Pierson

Michael McGuire

The staff are super nice and very helpful.

Adam Solar

Dave Crow

Ginger Burggraaf

Judy Meythaler

Chris Lee

It doesn't have the same coverage as a larger theater, but I've generally found the Strand to be clean and carrying the movies that interest me when I've gone.

Amanda Kay Swan

Bill S

Arnold Burggraaf

Clean and friendly service!

Scott Hendrix

Lovely little small town theater.



Matthew Wolka

Great fair price


Edward Davidson

Great staff and clean

Marilyn Mccurry

Arly Rena

Linda Tish

Very clean, employees very helpful.

Jordan Clark

Craig Gibbens

3 screens, first run movies, and comfortable seating!

Vickie Candles

The employees are some of the rudest people I have ever met.. Especially the "big girl" with black sort of wavy hair. I have been here several times because I always give a places more chances because I don't want there to be problem and want to be satisfied. The lady I'm talking about here has played cards several times with other employees in front of me and sighed loudly when she had to help me. On one occasion she actually ROLLED HER EYES yes rolled her eyes at me. I really don't know what her deal is I'm quite polite but she always has a attitude and speak to me quite rude. Anytime I have asked a polite question she has sarcastically answered me and last time I was here she interrupted the movie we were seeing several times to cram other guests into chairs they did not want to sit in. So not only did she force ppl to be uncomfortable but she interrupted my and everyone else movie many times missing many beginning parts of it. MANAGEMENT please reach out to me and let me know how this is going to be solved or if your going to correct your employees attitudes.

Jill Ragan Scully

Annie Miller

A little pricey. They offer free kids movies in summer which is awesome!!

Mike Pizzle

Just to be clear here when I say the employees play cards in their down time I understand this is something they do out of boredom. But setting up the entire of stack of cards right in front of me as in shuffling and laying them out in stacks on your side and then the stacka for the employee on their side your playing against, then playing several moves in front of me while rudely telling me your help me in a minute while I have been standing their for at least a minute in the middle of my movie just wanting a refill is rude. Then sighing loudly or rolling eyes and acting aggitated with me while I stand their dumbfounded and polite. The card playing thing has happened on at least two occasions. Seriously rude

Devon Newton

Robert Schultz

The Strand has been a local institution my whole life. I love this place! Great, friendly staff. First run movies at great prices! I highly recommend watching movies here.


Good I mean you go there to watch movies nice seats and good popcorn

David Cline

It's a nice little theater. But they really should have had more than one person working concessions on a Saturday at 6:30.

Nikunj Agrawal

Went to watch split. The movie hall is small and a bit pricey but you could go here if you want to go out for a weekend and you're bored of eating at a restaurant.

Carissa Tigges

Dakotah Cole

Amber Buchanan

Love this place. It is quiet kid friendly and reasonably priced. Pop corn and snacks are the only expensive stuff where they get you, but their popcorn is the best. And you get to refill it. So between my 4 kids and I we refill at least 2 times then refill before we go home.

sefonobong Obot

I enjoy going for movies

Bryce D

Great movie theater. Comfy seating. Arm rests do go up. Friendly staff.

Christy Pifer

Prestons Griffith

Robyn Howe

Always friendly and clean!

Tiffany Peak

Movie prices are fine, concession is pricey (like most theaters) staff is bubbly and pleasant actual theater is clean and seats are comfy.

lion Matt

knight-sergeant hutman

Razzy Ragusi

Sundays Paragon Church is here.

Kim Hawkins

Great movie. Saw Aladdin. Bring a jacket, it was kinda cold in there.

Twin Craig

The Theater and Restrooms were very Clean, and the Popcorn was DELICIOUS!!!

Nikki Schay

Darlyne Coyner

The seats are a bit narrow, but the place is clean and the staff is friendly.

Duane Daniels

Chris Risting

Pretty good for a small town theatre. Comfy seating current movies.

Kaiden Keller

Jason Nisley

Obadiah Lee

Awesome, 3 screen theater that's well managed. Rachel is the manager of the Strand and she is one of the most professional and helpful managers I've ever met. I dropped my wallet while I was watching a late showing and by the time I returned home and realized it, the theater was closed. I left a message on their phone that evening and called again in the morning. Luckily, I spoke with Rachel and she said she did have my wallet and I picked it up after lunch the next day when the theater opened. As expected, all my money was gone and with how dishonest people can be these days, I wasn't surprised. I quickly called Rachel back once I realized my money was gone, just to let her know. I wasn't going to make a big fuss, I love this small town theater and want to give it my business. I simply wanted to inform her of the situation as she would likely know who was on staff and cleaning up the night before. We hung up the phone and to my surprise, 10 minutes later Rachel called me back and noted that she had recovered my money! All this to say, the Strand is led with integrity and honesty, the ticket prices are cheap and the theater is clean and well kept. It isn't your big city, huge screen theater, but it's a quaint, small town theater that's I love!

Frank Shults

It's ok

Amy Wade

Small town movie theater. This theater has multiple smaller theaters. It is very clean and the staff are friendly. It is a great place to go after a dinner in town.


Cute little theater. We go here if I don't feel like driving to Altoona. Runs cold, so bring a jacket. Two complaints though, the first is that if you want a refill on your popcorn they will make you wait in line. Unlike major theaters who will grab that refill and send you on your way. This is a big deal when they have a line of 10 families ordering and paying. You easily will miss 10-15 minutes of your movie for a refill. Almost not worth it honestly. I even asked if I could just get a refill after waiting 10 minutes and they said no, you have to wait in line. The other major thing is they will overseat the free movies. I watched people walk in after spending a lot on concessions and have to sit on the floor. So always check before purchasing concessions for seats!

Aaron Stockham

Good value for a first run theater


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