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901 11th St SW, Spencer, IA 51301 Located in: Southpark Mall

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Now the firm receives a rating of 4.3 stars over 5 and this rating is based on 176 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Southpark 7 Theatres IN Iowa

Helen Henriksen-Schuler

Always a fun plac

Lori Heemstra

Jayden Sias

Decent staff and excellent movie options! Glad to have 7 theaters in one location!

Debra Mitchell

Omar Geronimo

Small city cinema, but great in all ways

Holly Urban

Free kids movies are a nice treat for families during the summer and you dont have to worry about spending to much money on every ones snacks I'm glad they do this for the kids ❤

Creation Carvings

Cassie McCreary

Jaden Bouma

John Atchison

Tom Espelund

Jackie Rapp

Jeremy breyfogle

Jake Schmitt

Drew Lundberg

Deb Howard

Allen Stowe

Really nice employees and well cleaned.


Really nice theater. Big rooms and nice concession stand.

Zach Farrenkopf

Robert Weisbrod

Nice theater, up to date releases

Will breck

Nice family place

Ralph Ruggles

Thanks i really did like the show end people that ran the cleans invirement good seats and good leag space thanks southpark 7 theatres

Hope Garman

Great staff!

Mona Boyd

Very nice

Steven Moeller

Karla Kopsas

It's a movie theater!

Misty pettit

Marcus Guider

Morgan Countryman

Jerreca Murdock

Jay Werth

Ruth Albrant


jod enderson


stuart french

Nice theater

Pegleg Swantoon

A very pleasant theater going experience, though their concessions are expensive

tracy nielsen


Sam Neuman

Miranda Johnson

Cassidy Hannah

The lady at the front where you buy the tickets has been awfully rude to my friends and I every time we have gone there. We had to drive back to Emmetsburg to get our ID's to see the movie It, when we are all in college and had our college id's on us, she would't let us use them. The last time we went she searched us! She made my friend pull her tampons out of her pocket! She claimed it wasn't embarrassing for her but my friend was mortified!

Robert Hunter

Best place to see a movie in town

The Flash

Missy Zmudka

Nice and cool

tman m

Movies r n escape

Destinee Wilkins

The food is a little pricey

Carlos Celeste Vittini

Peggy Olson

Great theatre for a town its size. They always have current movies and offer great prices. Staff is friendly and accommodating

Marlene Pedersen

Awesome! Very clean and enjoyable!

Mikayla Fiddelke

MCS Caleb

Some of the staff could be friendlier. Boom.


sam morehouse

(Translated by Google) For (Original) Za

Dean Key

Nice theater, usually not packed. Cleaning crew came in a little early, but stood aside until we all left.

Forrest Yoder

Great theatre to attend. Stadium seating with armrests that fold up and great sound.

russell gorski

Rod Merfeld

Cheri Prange

Tristan Loving

The movie we went to turned out to be down right awful but the theater itself was nice. Plus I always enjoy and Icey when I'm at a theater.

Sara Morro

Jackie Skinner

Sean Johnson

I go to South Park 7 at least twice a month because they carry all the current movies. I love going on Tuesday's for free popcorn with a drink and $5 tickets. Comfortable, clean and convenient and affordable.

Ashlei Mawris

Love that it's close to home. It's clean, and really nice seating. The back set is the unfriendly cranky old lady at the ticket booth. I would much rather take my business to spirit lake and be treated with respect. Do not be surprised people when I freak out in her one of these days. She just rude in general. Always getting the 3rd degree about everything and is just a jack ass about any question you ask or have.

J Rustad

Matt Goyette

Losing Hxope

Ben Petersen

Affordable movies, refillable popcorn, and comfortable seats. But if you want to see one, don't wait longer than a week or two after it's released, they don't keep them very long

Kiesha Hall

Michael John

Jeannie Luchsinger

Austin Bartley

Okay..... Be better if they had a bar like the cities movie theaters

Pam Lux

It was a great movie. Very clean both in theater and restroom

Rick Osler

Devesh Choubisa

Megan Dvorak

The grumpy old lady that works at the front is the worst. She’s so rude and not accommodating at all. My sister and I went to buy our tickets in advance a couple hours before the movie started and she told us that she’d “prefer if we just bought our tickets closer to the movie start time.” What’s the difference?? She never smiles and she never makes you feel welcome. In fact, she kind of makes you never want to come back. Other than her, everyone else is nice. If they got rid of her, attendance might go up!


There is an older woman at the ticket booth who was rude to my father and our family.two of the four people were under 17 and my dad was buying tickets for us including him. She assumed that my father was just buying the tickets for us and leaving so she stopped us and even after explaining the situation she still questioned us. We barely made in time before the film started. If she was not there my rating would easily be a 4.

Sarah Bush

Lilie Posey


Best movie theater and best movie selections around!

Brandon Needs

Ben Helmers

Bria Boeggeman

Older theatre but very clean.

Mason Herrig

Great concessions, friendly staff, always clean and comfortable theaters.

Dylan Hauschen

The seats are not very comfortable if you have long legs

Mason Griffin

Blonde girl wouldn’t let me in to movie even though I showed ID. pray for the tall bearded guy he’s a homie. She was very rude and disrespectful

Michele Shortley

the madc2004

They never show good movies. They only show movies that draw few per show, and the movies everyone wants to see are never there.

Scott Rix

orlando perez

BlackEarth Java

We love the theater and all the entertainment it brings to our wonderful area! Love the new expanded menu choices (although popcorn continues to be our choice, we hope to try others in the future). It looks like these food choices are currently the only food available in the mall, so "bravo" to them for having more options! The sound in the theater has been great! Not too loud when we've gone to kid movies, so thanks for keeping the sound in a good range to protect their hearing. Much appreciated. Only suggestion I might have for the theater is to review lighting in the theater to ensure it's good and dark. I've just noticed is that the theater doesn't always seem to be as dark as it used to be, with lights along the side not always being turned all the way off. Maybe it was a fluke, it's just that lack of darkness takes away from the theater experience. The lights along the floor seem sufficient to lead people out (in my opinion) & side wall lights really take away from the movies. We'll see if this changes in future trips & update this if it was a fluke.

eieio 1

Empty theatre. Very nice time.

J Foley

Comfortable seats, good selection of movies

Jim Ransom

Like this place and great movie

TJ Johns

Nice staff went last night to watch star wars but concession stand didn't really season organized with people who knew

Micah Baschke

Brian Hamilton

Always like coming here. Awesome staff and good variety of movies. Fairly comfortable seats and not too loud on the sound system. The only complaint I have is the price of the food but I also understand that is how they make their money.


Trevor Hagedorn

Neato movieo

Brown Home

Friendly staff, eager to serve. Enjoyed taking my children to a movie here.

Aaron T

Wanted to watch the new Resident Evil movie, but couldn't get in due to the older lady (Brenda?) not letting us in becsuse my 18 year old brother (who is over 6 ft and definitely looks 18) doesn't have an Id. She was very disrespectful to us. The other employees working the food stand weren't very happy that she didn't let us in. Normally evergone else is VERY nice, so 5 stars to them!

Chris Keenan

seats are a little uncomfortable...other then that nice theater

ankit narsi

Jose Cortes

Josh Slifer

Comfortable seating but as with other theaters the concession items are quite expensive. Overall a great experience.

Nathaniel Neumann

Overly charming personal! Would addend any day of the week:-) Prices are high on food but it's the experience that matters!

Jamie Igou

Great environment! Friendly and always smiling faces every time you go!

Kade Carpenter

Wasn't great. The old lady named Jerry is by far one of the biggest ass holes ever. I have had multiple experiences like this with this lady and will never go again

Jnels 77

Frank Garris

All the employees were on their phones kinda ridiculous

K&K Masonry, Inc.

Nice , clean movie theater

Freddie lee

Mitch b

Meeps.are.beeps 123

Not a whole lot but its a pretty cool place

Tammi Dickman


Clean and nice staff

Amanda Palmer

Natasha Suzanne

Great theater for a growing rural area.

Joyce Heiller

Very good thought provoking movie

VICTORIA Samuelson

Never been to a movie here it's inside the mall.

andrewj lovig

Christmas Music

Always have good experiences from there. Nice staff. Clean facility.

Katnip Cordova

Alex Kaldahl

Nicole Gerdes

Karen Snider

Nice place

Julie Jorgenson

Clean, fast service, and excellent seating. Everyone could see!!

Vickie G.

Seats are a bit uncomfortable

Lady B

The older women who had worked at the spencer 3 theater, needs to learn to be more friendlier to the customers that come in. She is rude, doesnt smile, doesnt have any manners. I dont feel like valued customer when she is there. I know many others have complained about her. Sorry I just feel like she needs to just go and not be there or change her attitude.

Sara W

Karen Lori

Lori Gilman

Expensive but nice.


Kim Holbrook

Very nice and clean

chantel white

The lady at the front was very disrespectful and rude!

Miranda Scott

Judy Roddick

Allison Schroeder

The staff was very rude.

Thomas Lane

This movie theater is a very friendly place they have very good movies there all the time and they are very reasonable price on all their stuff

Shawn Ellison

Christian Kwikkel

Great theater


They have updated their showtimes board to digital, as well as their concession stand menu's which is a plus. The staff are very quick and helpful when ordering. However 3d movies get far too much theater time and none or very little if any enforcement of people talking or on cellphones during feature presentations.

Steven McNea

Lana Vandenbrink

Maruschka van der Merwe

Angi Knutson

Briana Dandy

Ryan Siebrecht

Nathan Huff

They wouldn’t let me and my friend go to see it we are 15 and our parents where there saying it was ok for us to go to the movie

Devin La Rue

Mike Rodriguez


Taneka Butterfield

They don't play any movies with any black culture. There were a lot of movies that came out this year and just because they were based on a black culture they didn't get played. Some of these movies were about history. So black history is only important during February. And we get chucked off to the side after that. How are we suppose to come together as people if no one gives a damn about what the black community has done for this country.

Tate Misery

I really love the seating as it's very comfortable. Concessions are relatively inexpensive, and reliable, refills at any given time during your movie viewing experience; which is, overall, wonderful. they offer enough show times to suit nearly anyone's schedule and the biggest issue is staffing. while some staff are wonderful and really seem to enjoy their job, others appear to dislike being there and thus are very irritable towards customers. overall, I've never decided against going. ** I just want to say the last time I went, i got there early so I had to wait about 20 minutes before going in. Which wasn't a big deal except the lady who sold me tickets allowed me to stand by the wrong door even after she said we could go in; she let me and 4 other people make the same mistake without correcting any of us. It was very frustrating, and when someone finally directed us to the correct room. She laughed and the gentleman who directed us apologized profusely. So again, the staffing is mixed and you really have to be vocal.

Jayden Hibbs


Clint Henrichs

Ryan Haywood

Kevin Rohan

Lori Grote

Tanner Deuschle

Caiden Rebhuhn

Nice, clean and good service.


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