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REVIEWS OF Marcus Cedar Rapids Cinema IN Iowa

Kathy Bauer

The chairs are great and so is the service

Mary Reynolds

Awesome lounge chairs make the movie SO MUCH more enjoyable. Nice theater with full bar, large food selection. Food prices are high because it's a theater, but not as ridiculous as some theaters. Also it is fairly clean especially the bathrooms which are often not as clean in some theaters. This is my favorite movie theater by far.

Kevin Simpson

Could be cleaner in the theater, Cheetoes popcorn way over inflated in price...but still a pleasant experience... I will go there again

Cindy Kimmer

I love this theater! So many movies to choose from and the lounger chairs are so comfortable!

Kathy Cooper

Love the lounge seats and also discounts offer'. My son and I go there often staff are always pleasent.

Zack Holland

Great service and the reclining seats are comfortable even if you are in a longer movie. Highly recommend

Dezere Achey

Always love going here. A bit pricey, but worth it.

Allison Aird

Employees are nice and accommodating. Leather recliner seats are very comfy! And can't beat the matinee prices. My theater of choice for sure!


Seen Avengers Endgame. It was amazingly good. There was only 3 other people in our theater so it was quite nice.

John Husemann

Pizza was great, self check in picking your own seats ahead of time

Wanda Detert

The Movie Toy Story 4 was excellent! But the volume was Abit too loud for me. The popcorn was sort of too salty but was buttered well. We were guests of Eagle Financial and they supplied Movie, Popcorn, Candy and Pop. Made our Movie experience Most Enjoyable!

McKenzie Gilbert

Best theater in the corridor!

Meshia H

My favorite place. The update is amazing, the seats are so welcoming and the staff is friendly. I just moved out of town and am most sad about leaving the theater. I was a regular.

Jennifer Barr

Great movie theater! Recently renovated with a bar & pizzeria and the standard concession. The Dream lounger love seat-sized recliner seats are great & you get to reserve your seats when you purchase your tickets. Very comfortable way to watch a movie.

Dick Gudenkauf

Best theater I have ever been in

Shannon Constant

We had a good experience at the theater. Friendly face greeting us. Fresh popcorn. We were frustrated with the fact that we didn't want to pay the online fee, so we ended up with tickets in the very front since it's all assigned seating. The seats there are very comfortable and recline and turn into love seats if you prefer.

Colleen Ott

This is the only theater I want to go to now w/great food (highly recommend the fresh DONUTS=NONE THIS GOOD EXCEPT FRM the Fairs!!). And I only want to sit in the comfy recliners now! Not young enough for those old hard movie seats now.

Robert Levis

Great amenities after the renovations. Awesome reclining seats with tickets still in the price range of an average theater. Also you can take food and drinks from the lobby restaurant into the theatre if you're craving a good beer with your movie.

Rodney Fell

1st time. Great movie theater. Very comfortable dream Loungers would definitely recommend to anyone. Captain Marvel was awes6

Akim Nilausen

Nice theater that offers the online ticket sales. A large selection of concessions and heated, reclining seats.

Scott Breckenridge

Very clean theatre, staff was very polite. Movie sound was perfect it wasn’t super loud like most theaters. Price of drinks a little high but that’s to be common in theaters. Only theater I’ll go to in CR

jessica mcwilliams

It would be lovely if people could go a whole movie with out using their phones. Other marcus is very fancy

Mary Conklin

Tuesdays are great days to go and see a movie for only $5.

Jonathan Campbell

I really like how they are catering more toward adults now. The chairs are more comfortable, more like recliners than typical movie chairs. They have restaurant style food and beverages, including alcohol. Burgers and fries are awesome. You can order your food and go to the movie and they will give you a device that will light up and vibrate when your food is ready. Then you can take your food into the movie theater to eat while you watch. I had an issue once where the device didn’t light up. After a while I went looking for the food and they made up for it by giving me a refund on the food, so they’ve got good customer service. If I could make a suggestion, maybe they could bring you the food to your seat in the movie once it’s ready. There are assigned seats so it should work fine.

shameer sheik

Great seating and screen, sound systems are good

Kevin Daniel

This is the nicest theater I have ever been in. Every time I go back, I love the experience. Honestly, it's mostly the dream lounge seats that makes it great. I guess the bar is nice too, but I don't need alcohol with every movie.

AJ Papakee

Really nice place but kind of overpriced food. I understand that the actual ticket is worth what you’re getting, especially now that they have the super nice dream loungers, but I don’t think an icee is worth like $7.

William Hunter

Awesome theater. Clean, comfortable and relaxing.

Rebecca Moehn

They have a self serve ticket machine, awesome food from their restaurant, and reclining heated seats. Love it!

Alyssa Conrad

My favorite theater in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area! The reclining seats and ability to choose seats is definitely worth the extra price for tickets. The seats are comfy and I'm always impressed with how clean the floors are, considering popcorn is being spilled all day. Another bonus is that there's a mini-arcade area on the second floor of the lobby. They also have other food/drink options, which makes it a one stop place for a dinner/movie date. The only downside to me is their popcorn tastes stale, even if it's fresh. The Marcus theater at Coral Ridge has better popcorn.

Bridgit Laur

The seats here recline and are super comfy. It's weird that the concessions menu only shows calories and not prices.

Eric Stephenson

awesome theater. remodeled with comfy recliners to enhance movie experience.

Jonathan Bates

Sad. I just watched the 40th anv of Alien. The "other" Halloween movies cost around 6, while this cost 13.25. The recliners are ok, but zero or negative lumbar support. So if you have an achy back, good luck holding your curve. And the lights, there are round lights maybe 1/2 way up the side walls. They were on the entire time. Perhaps they are needed in addition to the floor leds, so people don't trip walking along the edges by the seats. But "Alien" is a dark movie most of the time. The wall lights were directly in my line of frontal vision on the sides, distracting you from the movie the entire time (2 per side where we sat). Oh yes, we paid for tickets directly in the center of the theater, but the numbers were somehow shuffled so we were 3rd and 4th seats from the left by the time the tickets printed. Maybe I'm old and cranky. I got there before my buddy (not knowing what to do) but the cachier seemed very bothered that i showed (the cashier) the funny block thing i got on a text from my buddy. The cashier took my phone out of my hand and printed out 2 tickets. I would say the treatment was borderline rude. I own the movie on bluray and have a pretty good system. I'd been looking forward to this for months. What a colossal waste of time. I passed up double time at work for this ? Oh, on a positive note, the air conditioning was silent. You could feel the breeze time to time but i never heard the air handlers.

Ethan Zmoos

Love the recliners and the burgers are fabulous! Definitely my favorite date night.

Laura Harmon

The dream loungers are AWESOME. We are now spoiled and refuse to go anywhere else to watch movies.


Great place to watch a movie. No problems. Great Seats and staff

Nicole Lesmeister

Absolutely love the reclining seating and self check in. Food and drink is decent but very expensive. The bathrooms are in desperate need of an update. The sinks and towel dispensers do not always work. Overall this is a fine place to see a movie but could use some improvement.

Keri Ann Martensen-Kula

Me n my BF hadn't seen a movie in quite a min. Was good 2 have some personal time!


Doesnt leave much more to want. Great experience.

Jacqueline Woods

Great recliner seats!! Thru even deliver food and drinks to you during the movie.

hp gaming

Amazing nice employees great movies cheap price for tickets food is exspensive arcade is great could use more arcade games tho recliners in all theters are rly comfy could honestly fall asleep in them and the movies are rly loud with a huge screen!

Stephanie Timm

Loved the remodel! The staff was nice. Chairs were very nice to see a movie, feels like home

Fun Coder

Nice and clean. The audio system and reclining chair was awesome.

Danielle Ellickson

The comfy reclining seats are the best, but it does get chilly. People do bring little blankets.


Great theater exceeded all of my expectations. However, I wanted to see Pet Sematary with Mia and they were no longer showing it. Nate said we could go and she deserves it because Mia does a really good job. I will give 5 stars after Mia and I see a movie together.

Mark Mccormack

Very nice theater. Friendly staff, and reclining seats.

Chad Cleppe

Great theatre. Assigned seating is long overdue. Very nice bar as well, a bit overpriced though.

Nilesh Udeshi

Superb place to watch the movies Excellent environment and good sound quality too

Mark Lauterwasser

The place is very nice after renovations, and I gave it 4 stars only because the popcorn tasted old and stale. If they could make it taste like the Theisen stores' popcorn, which is free, they would have something!

Jennah Bramow

Love this place! The seats are so comfortable and I like how you purchase the exact seat you want to sit at

Cady Cummins

My husband and I love going here!! We love the new seats. I just hate the system of seating now. We have had 2 couples try to tell us that we have their seats when we bought them. So I wish that was somehow helped? Other than that, fantastic theater!

Tim VanDerHorst

Comfortable seats and a great concession stand. Favorite place to go to see movies

Bryan Ballard

I Love this place. comfy seats and the burgers are better than alot of restuarants. The beer is a plus as well

Dara Leick

Staff was generally satisfactory in service. Not the friendliest. Theater was clean and so were the restrooms.

Beth Tuecke

Great reclining seats! Nice that you can get reserved seats, if you like that, and $5.00 Tuesdays are great!!

Adam Hale

This is a whole new place since the name switch and renovations. Everything is really nice. Big leather seats that could become loveseats with a middle arm that goes up or down. Heat warmers too! The screens are big, the sound is bigger. One of the better theaters I've been in.

Brennan Russell

The way a movie theater experience should be! Nice comfy reclining chairs and you're not sitting on top of one another. No different than any other theater where you spend more on food than your tickets, but don't hate the player, hate the game! I've been impressed with their ability to keep lines manageable. Never have had more than 1 party in front of me at concessions and they're quick to open another lane if things back up. They keep things clean and it's an easy in and out experience.

Terri Rhoads

First time being there very nice! Very comfy

Michael Walker

Nice and clean. Comfortable chairs and friendly staff.

Stephen H.

Love the updates to the theater. Great bar inside. Movie based drinks. Awesome!

Stephanie Pipkin

The seating was amazing and the movie Dark Phoenix was even better


A great, modern cinema with a spectacular staff. The theaters themselves are as modern as they get, possessing large, cushy seats that recline, and include footrests. The theaters are clean and appeared to be overall well maintained. This cinema also has a bar and restaurant that is open evening during the weekday, and I believe most of the day over the weekends. All in all I would strongly recommend Marcus Cinema of Cedar Rapids.

Abby Scroggs

Very updated, very refreshing. I love $5 Tuesdays. Great member benefits. Recliner chairs are very comfortable- they make for a nice nap during bad movies. Love the upstairs arcade. Nice, big screens. Expensive concessions (normal for movie theaters). Popcorn could use more butter. Bathrooms could use some updates.

brian campbell

Amazing Dream theater seating! OMG heated seats! Auto recliners... Nice legroom and space... I am so happy with what Marcus Theater has done to this theater! I would give it 10 stars if I could. Oh and the pizza was fantastic... Great job Marcus Theater.

Matt Miller

I really like the movie watching experience here. One complaint is the main mens restroom smells terrible. With such a cool theater that is really disappointing. If that was addressed it would be 5 star.

Joe Eappen

The dreamlounger chairs are great! So comfy

Tamra Roberts

Amazing theater. Recliners/love seats in the theater. Get your own foutain pop. Clean.

Andrew Lutter

Love the dream recliners. Makes watching movies in the theater so much better.

Patricia Merideth

Great staff and great atmosphere

Emilee Stephens

The movie quality was great but snacks are very overpriced and when you choose a seat, it doesn't load properly or something and so done else got the same seats as me last time.

marianne satinsky

Has always been clean and good popcorn. Tuesdays are bargain days 5$ movies and concession sales , would give 5 stars if they carried coke products.


This is the best theater in the city. The chairs turn into love seats, are heated, and recline. There is a bar up front and an a small arcade upstairs. The snack stand serves actual food that is very good. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because they don't show 3D movies. I posted a picture of the awsome Monster Burger I got.

Mark Thompson

My kids love it when I take them here. We all love all the new upgrades! Best theater in town

Douglas Hamer

Love the reclining seats and the Dolby Atmos sound (only on the super screens) really kicks butt.

Neeko James D

Always a pleasure! Can't beat a great place like this!


I hope you have a app if you want to see a movie here

Mackenzie Carpe

Really nice theater with reclining/heated seats!

Sommer Raines

They are super expensive and if you go anytime at night the popcorn is cold.

Amanda Harris

I wouldn’t say that there’s many things that make this cinema super outstanding, apart from the arcade (to which I have not been). But this is a great theater overall. :)

S Johnson

The theater is great shape and the staff is really nice. The gameroom is also great as well! The layout is perfect!!!!

Geo Dean

Love this place, always a good time, service is always friendly. Great place to take children of all ages, huge soda machine, upstairs arcade, even has a bar inside! Good for dates, or just a family chill day. Highly recommend you go here! You are also able to select your own seats. 5 star from me plus some!

Dhaval Shah

It's a cool place with lots of screens. On Tuesdays they have $5 tickets & Free Popcorn to their members. What else do you want !!!

Ray Stone

I visited for the first time last week with my son. We bought tickets online, but when we got there one of the seats was broken and would not recline. I found an employee and he literally banged on it but could not get it to work. He suggest I get new seats. However, turned it the theater was mostly full. I got great seats booking on line, ended up with really bad seats. The sad part is I still ended up paying the online booking fee. Otherwise, the theater was really nice. Comfortable seats, friendly staff.

Scrappy Coghlan

Just left from seeing good boys and my seat was broken section G seat 1 wasnt happy . uncomfortable seat

_Justinside _

The arcade is awesome! The general feel of the place brings you a lot of joy

Emily Cronin

I will never be happy at a normal theatre again. Marcus makes going to the movies a fun experience again. And $5 Tuesdays is a wonderful way to have a cheep date night.

Brad Suarez

Skip the Iowa city and Coralville Marcus theatres and come to this one, this theatre is amazing. Reclining seats that you can reserve, and they have an arcade to kill time while you wait for your movie. I love this place!

aiden christiansen

Newest movies, but prices are too high.

Spencer Orcutt

Awesome seats. Just don't go to see a boring movie, you might fall asleep in the amazingly comfy recliner chairs.

Richard Smith

This is just an amazing theater heated reclining seats. It's like being in your living room. They have delivery service to your seat if you'd like some pizza or other snacks a bar in the lounge. What moe could you ask for how about a large game room upstairs great place!!!

Dustin Miller

I love the new theater.

Alicia Bogard

I really enjoy the comfy, heated, reclining chairs! I also do enjoy being able to reserve my seat. The theater is clean and well kept.

Gina Cooper

Always a good time! Love the seats.

WonIl Kang

I have started enjoying coming to this theater so much more since they upgraded. The seats are so much more comfortable, to the point where I didn't feel any discomfort sitting through Endgame, a 3 hour long film. I also enjoy the fact that they do reserved seating, so I can come to the theater at the start of the movie time instead of coming much sooner to try and get myself a good seat, wasting what feels like an eternity watching ads.

Alex Volden

The movie was very good and I enjoy the seats

Daniel Lang

While I will always love and cherish the "Wehrenberg Whisper" ™, I have to admit I LOVE the upgrades to this theater since Marcus took over. The Dream Loungers are, well, a dream, and I love knowing which seat I'll have ahead of time--no more paying for a movie, only to be stuck in the front row with a stiff neck! Food/drink is pricey as with most movie theaters, but they do run really great specials on tickets AND food, so keep an eye out for those!

Martin Rupert

Awesome theater even better now than it used to be when it was just Wehrenberg

Aaron B

The dream lounger seats are awesome. Staff was friendly. As always, the food prices are highway robbery, and even though they are the norm in the industry, I withold one star in protest. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! We want cheaper popcorn!

Cheryl Hartman

I was disappointed in the service. I've been to other similar theaters and they address so much better. All you get here is a recliner and movie. Other theaters serve the food that you order directly to your seat. Paying$20 for a burger and beverage with no service is ridiculous. Recliners also had trays for your food and the availability for two people to snuggle.

Robin Graves

They wanted $10 for a water and a tea. I suggest sneaking in your own goodies like I do. Also, the arcade games are cool, but they need like 20 more. Lots of utilized space. Overall it's an expensive visit which doesn't justify the cost.

heather shane

Has all of the modern amenities. Popcorn is only ok, though.

Kara Federow

Extremely comfy seating!! Makes watching a movie so much nicer. The popcorn is good, the theater is clean.

Johnny Sanders

Seen Avengers End Game with my cousins & it was awesome. Super clean good food. Definitely a good theatre to go with family & kids& friends.

Alica Trawick

I love this theater especially since they upgraded I love the recliners, Tuesdays are the best. My favorite theater so far!

v marie

not recommeding their 3d. went to watch avengers endgame. was blurry for $14 ticket. i would not usually say anything, but i’d been to other theatres to know the difference. they got us with their “super widescreen” scheme

Linda Mitchell

Comfortable, service quick and efficient with that crowd. Movie a little loud. Chairs great.


Greatest experience I've had ever while watching avengers endgame. This place deserves a 5 star. The place is well done. Good 3d movies too.

John Davis

A must go to on Tuesday for $5 movies and free popcorn if u join the loyalty program that's free to join

Alan Buss

Awesome movie theater! We always enjoy going to Marcus Cinema. The seats are super comfy, and the fact that you can reserve your seats ahead of time is the best way to go to the movies! The bar selection is also super, and it's nice to be able to have your drink in the movie with you. Highly recommended!

Keyur Patel

Great experience. Theatre has Launger sofas for seating for all screens and it is very comfortable and spacious.

Phyllis Camp

Nice place but not to happy. Was expecting to pay a certain price but had to pay higher cause it was playing on the super screen. When I called about prices and times they never mentioned the price for the super screen. I am a mother on a limited income. Paid it but was not happy. Cause they came with friends...

David Klarkowski

The only thing good is the new reclining seats. Otherwise the concessions are way overpriced. $12 for a med popcorn and soda. And I'm not a fan of the reserved seating. If you don't Order them in advance you probably won't get a very good seat.

chloe williams

Good theater pricy because the seats recline

mark van handel

Great place to watch a movie. The lobby had game and a bar and grill. You can catch games there and a movie. The theaters are set up with large electric recliners. But your seat before you leave the house. It the best way to see a movie.

Margie L

They will now deliver your good to your seat.

Diana R

Very nice. Comfy seats. Just a bit odd to pick them out not really knowing the theatre. Then going in and having to walk way across in front of everyone to be able to go up the steps seems odd, but at least there was room to walk thru without people having to put their feet down

Rachel Klein

Recliny couch seating, alcohol available, so cozy! A bit pricey though

Adam Gray

One of the best theaters I've been to. Reclining seats with footrests, a bar, and overall great atmosphere!

Terell Harper

The seating, sound and picture quality are the best. The bar, concession stand and gaming section are a plus!!

Tammy Reynolds

Great place to watch a movie

Christophe Granger

Great new seat. Alcoholic beverage serve. Food good

isaiah levy

Tonight I had a young bartender named Luke that gave my wife and I excellent services. Kid always had a smile and made the experience great. I definitely suggest ordering your drinks from him next time.

Pamela Swales

Lovd the reclining chairs.

C. Grimm

Amazing place. Best movie theater around!! My kids loved the reclining chairs, felt like watching a movie at home! I am also impressed with their staff, I've said before good customer service will always get you 5 stars in my book! Keep up the good work!

Sally Houser

The movie was great! The food was fantastic and delivered hot! And the lounge chairs were wonderful!

Ryan Wilson

This place has really shaped up from where it was a couple years ago. The heated dream loungers are super comfortable, the lobby area is very well set up. The whole place just makes for some great memories. The ticket retrieval machine could use slightly better instructions on how to use your card..

Greg Finch

Haven't been to a theater in years. I have to say THEY HAVE RECLINER SEATS that are moterized. Very clean with wide isles . Only reason not a 5 star is expensive .but relaxing atmosphere. Recommend

Zoe Hauprich

This was an amazing experience :) being able to kick back and enjoy the movie was awesome. I have bad legs. When I go to the regular movies I am very uncomfortable having my legs bent for so long....

Fia Flora

Comfortable seats and good prices!

Marie Cosenza

Took the Grandkids to see Wonderworld. They loved it! Comfortable seats, games upstairs.

Suzy R

This place is so much fun! The theater experience is fantastic the recliner seating makes the movie experience much better. Marcus $5 Tuesday’s & free popcorn for members is just amazing. They have a game area on the top. The bar has a great ambiance. Newly renovated. Maintained well. Able to provide good movie experience.

Jay Garnell

The remodeling job turned out great. Concessions has so much to offer . The bar area looks very nice. I didn't check out the game area, but it sounded like everyone was having fun. Very nice.

Nyx Umbra

Quick service, great food, you can pick your own seats, and the seats are amazing double recliners. The other people that traveled with me had to go 3 times while we were here.

Robert Lander

Comfortable, good number of previews


Over Priced, Rude Employees and Arcade is awful. $70.00 on Movie/popcorn/Soda and $20.00 at Arcade. Not Worth it. We used to love coming to this theater before they remodeled. The Arcade used to be amazing. We would come an hour early and hang out in the Arcade, but that wont be happening anymore. It went from having a full arcade with over 25 games, now its overpriced @ $1 per game and there aren't even 10 games to play. Waste of time and money. The gentleman at the front of the theater was extremely rude when we didn't understand how to use the new machines. The movie didn't say sold out, but it wouldn't allow us to choose seats, so we asked and he rudely commented that the movie was sold out. After $90.00 spent on a family of 3 at the theater- we wont be returning. Way too much money to enjoy a movie and a few arcade games. We will be enjoying other theaters in town from now on. This theater needs to work on employee training and customer service.


My favorite movie theater to go to when I'm in town. My son and I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. We loved the seats, so comfy when you recline. I was told that they even heat up?!?! I wish I would have known when we were watching the movie. I love that you can reserve your seats online. I hate waiting in lines and then getting into the theater and all the good seats be taken... NO MORE!!! We stopped at arcade upstairs before heading out. Games were very pricey. And 1 of the games glitched, causing us to lose a dollar. The manager was able to refund it back though. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was the girl that took my order for the popcorn had a sour attitude. But other than that, PERFECT!

Stacy H

This place is great with their Tuesday deals. Prices aren't great any other day but it's always clean and the staff is friendly

Nicholas and Denise White

Good facility with overall good prices consistent with nation-wide pricing. Love the fact that you can pick out your seats before you get into the theater. The dream loungers are a nice touch but get very uncomfortable after sitting for 2 hours.

Matt Santiago

I was able to pay at a kiosk to pick up my tickets about 30min early. Then I was able to run an errand and grab some food (the theater is attached to Coral Ridge Mall). When I came back for the movie, I was able to walk right in. Theater room was clean and well kept.

Haden Hall

Love the remodel. Great place for the movies. Reclining chairs are awesome and comfortable.

Trisha Hansen

Best theatre found so far; reclining seats and cleaned up nice

Jennifer Ensminger

Most comfortable theater in Cedar Rapids. Lost one star because the place was filthy.

Sue Palmer

Good movies, clean and great seats.

Crabby Rangoons

Love the new lounger seating. This will always be my first choice in seeing a movie.

Jacob Korducki

Really nice renovated theater with fancy auditoriums (with the dream lounger recliner seating). A wide variety of food and beverage options for a premium movie experience. Tickets are a little expensive, as is food (like any movie theater) but it’s a very quality theater.

Alex Pence

The theater is always full of people talking and on they're phone during the whole movie. If you complain to the staff they rool their eyes at you, bad mouth you to your face and then do nothing. I'm not paying 20+$ for some jerks color commentary. There are other theaters that value the guests experience more.

Michael Heffling

Once you go you will want to return. Spacious comfortable seats with cup holders and place to put popcorn. Almost impossible to get view blocked even for kids. Reclining seats great but could not figure out how to turn on seat heater. No directions anywhere

James Merritt

The theaters are always clean and the staff is friendly. We love the loungers while watching the movies.

Quinton Gaul

It is a clean place with reclining chairs. The prices are about what you would expect from a movie theater, but the big popcorn buckets are actually decently priced. The screen is stellar along with the speakers and the chairs. The only additional thing you may want to know is that a LOT of people go here so the movies are usually pretty packed.

Sanya Hassan

Very cozy theater. Watched coco here and it was amazing.

RaeAnn Allen

had less then 5 minutes to get to our movie after paying online just to have someone come in and sign to watch the movie. bad service. id rather go somewhere else to see the same movie that’s cheaper and has better service.

Mona EL

Good comfy chairs. $5 on Tuesdays.

Cachet Hoyt

Awesome place to kick back and enjoy your movie.

N Oxley

Sense this place was taken over it is so amazing. Always get tickets fast. The bar has opened and is decent for being at a movie theater. Have not tried any of the food yet only the popcorn which is perfect. You get to pick where you sit at the counter. With a option of heated seats in some areas. The new recliner sets are amazing. It's like hanging out on a couch at home. So far no one has sat in the seats we have chosen at the ticket counter. The sound quality is great. The screens are perfect size not to huge. Tuesdays you can get cheap tickets. Next time will have to try the food. Plus go upstairs and play some games.

kevHD 24/7

Loved it! Reclining and heated seats, cup holders, large aisles. Not a bad seat in the place!!

Janet Hansen

Had a good seat it reclines to comfyness!! Popcorn was another story...ugh too many hulls leftover probably from 2 days earlier

Rachelle Coughenour

The chairs were nice and it definitely wasn't a bad experience but the cleanliness didn't meet what I would consider standard. The area around the soda machines could have been kept up and there were black garbage bags over a couple toilets in the women's room. Other than that, the concessions were pretty outlandishly priced unless I just haven't been 'out' in awhile. $17 for a lg popcorn and 2 med drinks or $14 for LG popcorn and 1 large drink is too much in my opinion


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