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111 N Mechanic St, Decorah, IA 52101

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REVIEWS OF Fridley Theatres Viking 3 IN Iowa

Jacqueline Ott

The seats are filthy, like there's stuff caked on them. You can only imagine the floor. The projector is off somehow: 3D movies look fuzzy and crooked with or without glasses. Lastly, they have the volume set far too high. I measured the opening commercials at 80 decibels, and I can only imagine how loud any action scenes might be. I wouldn't be surprised if they peak near 100 decibels, which is well above safe, much less comfortable levels.

Justin Trosper

Paula Brown

Glad to have our theater!

Nick Chill

A small, limited theater. Nice staff and clean facilities make for a good experience.

Deb Stevens

allison dunlavey

Ramon Castillo

Joe Afseth

caleb timp

Theater is in major need of updating. Mainly the seating which leaves one feeling a bit dirty after sitting in for any period of time. Gave 2 stars instead of 1 because the staff are always very kind.

Curtis Nelson

Jerry Johnson

Poor location, generally not very clean. I wouldn't recommend..

Crystal I. dhfverson

This is a great theatre they get the newest movies and have great popcorn.

Kathy palmersheim

Seats have been terrible for a long time. But the mildew smell last night will keep me from going back. We used to go to this theater a lot. So disappointing now.

Curtis Derifield

Great theater love the movie selections

Kate Lechtenberg

I stop in to get a Large double-butter popcorn "to go" about twice a month.It's me and my mom's treat (supper)those nights

Tom Foster

Dean Sorensen

Nice clean theater. Audio volume for movie was slightly low making parts hard to hear.

Felisha Flugum

Michael Shupe

Classic small town theatre with friendly service. Great value on Tuesdays with $5 evening shows and popcorn deals.


staff needs a update

Michael Henson

Old fashioned theater, but friendly staff

Brady Jaster

My go to movie spot

Ty Conz

Tanner Imoehl

Best around... literally.

Mushky Rabinovich

Nice small theater! Really nice workers! Best popcorn ever!!!!

Kevin Langreck

Chip Mark

Kiele Vlogs

Good service the popcorn is good too

Phillipa Gowdy-Jaehnig

William Reid

I went and saw Wonder Woman here

Trisha McNamara

Carol Steva

Katherine Strelow- Rustad

Clean, friendly atmosphere a good place to see a movie

Lester Van Beveren

Molly Pagel

Jean Kimber

Joey Clarine

Sound system is terrible. Good snack bar. Dirty seats.

Jan Winke

Sam Hisel

The seats were a little gross looking, but they were comfortable.

James Ulring

Catherine Straube

Drinks and candy are over priced, they even want you to pay separate for the bowl to put your popcorn in... and the website is never accurate.. it always says movies are playing that aren't. They also have a new drink cooler that has ocean spray juices, kick starts act. But doesn't have anything priced inside it. So lit. One choc. Milk, one ocean spray and one bag of Reeses pieces cost $20 !!!!!!! TALK ABOUT RIPPING PEOPLE OFF !!!!!!

Conner Roberts

Kayla Coates

Great movie theater. Great popcorn.

Brad Barrett

Audio:2 Video:4 We could barely hear the center channel audio about 3/4 toward the back of the theater. The lights dimmed during the previews but never went all the way down for the main attraction. It was difficult to see some of the action portions of the movie. I shouldn't be able to see the people sitting in the front row during the movie because the lighting is left up.

Chris Loud

Ann Wenthold

The popcorn didn't taste very fresh, and you could hardly tell that we ordered butter on it!

William Strauss

coty moir

I don't go to the movies as often as I like but when I do they always treat me nice here. With three separate theaters they can have a nice selection to choose from.

Andrew Fritz

Justin Borseth

Kylus Pettit-Ehler

Movie theater building itself could use some work, but still can give a good viewing experience. Food is kind of expensive, but they still have some pretty reasonable deals.

Deprece Pope

They have a lame policy for rated R movies....

Shukurillo Ergashov

Tammy Hovey

Scott Trouten

coyotekillr gaming

Seats are horrible...will drive 50 miles before going there again.

Ryan Bennett

Ian Yanes

Seats are ridiculously awful filthy and felt like when I leaned back I was going to end up on the floor needs major remodel.

Beth Larson

Good small town theater. Great popcorn.

Da Last PolarBear

Joe Mosher

Nicest staff arround

Joe Houdek

Michael Foland

Went to see the 9:35 showing of The Mule tonight and had a amazing time. First I was very surprised they were showing it for a small theatre but very happy it was. My group found out last minute that it was showing and arrived just a small bit late but the staff quickly helped us get our tickets and concessions before the previews were over. 5/5 movie 5/5 service. Will be coming back forsure.


Ginny Clement

The movie was really good. The popcorn is to die for. Food is a little pricey.

Michael John

Mangle thefox

Mark Ruport

Matthew Martin

Nice staff, but the seating is seriously as bad as it could possibly be this day and age. Very outdated, old and uncomfortable seats, and since there are no steps in the theater there is not much elevation difference between rows, creating viewing problem. Definitely needs updating, I believe most people would pay an additional $3 or whatever for an upgrade.

Meghan Scheidel

The audio continues to disappoint, keeping character voices the backdrop to everything else going on. The seats in the main theater are dingy and stained.

tammy tangen

The best popcorn!!

Ma. S

Dale Kleiner

James Collins

The largest bucket of popcorn you can buy for 7 dollars.Clean and cozy.

Jacob Askelson

It is very a good movie theater to go very one

James Spalla

Have been going here since I was a kid, just a small town theatre, good concessions and comfortable seating.

Todd Kramme

Friendly staff! Love our theater! Would be nice to have some updated seats, but I've been in worse!

Brandon Diesburg

Kari Straube

Good theater but the hallway lighting is so bright and someone always leaves during the movie. Plus the seats are in tough shape.

Bradon Knutson

not a bad place $20 is all you really need for as much popcorn you can eat and for seating

Blake Bosworth

Not, bad, but could use some updates

,Mike Stevens

AR 14

Aaron Schutte

Not a bad selection of movies, but the facility is in definite need of upgrades. The seats are in really bad shape; they are really worn and sag low and when the lights are up you can see how stained many of them are. The lighting is usually odd as the lights never completely go down, even during the movie.

Ryan Desselle

Old place. Very dated.

Thawdar Zin

Good that this is the only cinema in the town. However, the facility definitely needs an upgrade. The seats are too many to such a small screen, and the rows are too close together. The screen is pretty dim too. It would be great if the screen is much brighter.

A Google User

Ralph Lessman

It's embarrassing to have this building as our local Theater in Decorah. Employees are nice, cleaning is well done, but the building is very old. Seats, especially in the main room, are filled with holes and make noise when you sit on them, they're all dingy and just very old in general. Many walls are torn and in general the building is just very old. My experience on the main theater was bad, would never advise anyone coming here, until this company changes those seats.

Julie Quandahl

William Marroquin-Haslett

Prices as fair as you can find in 2018, saggy seats, wear layers because the air inside is usually nice and chilly.

Martin Pena

The whole ID situation can be ridiculous, just bring your ID EVERY TIME to be safe. Besides that, it's a nice theatre! Also, staff shows up just after the movie during credits, make sure they can see you so they don't close the door on ya, haha whoops (that almost happened to us)!

Helen Neuzil

I like the small town charm of Fridley Theaters. I grew up coming here (especially in high school). The staff is nice and the movie and snack selection is adequate. Anything less mainstream that is showing in theaters is never shown here. The seating and sound system needs an update. Chairs are super uncomfortable. The deals on kids movies, however, are great.

Italee Castellon

Tara Kleiner

Nate Stee

jorge chavez

Mia Baca

Very rude. Told me we needed 2 parents for 5 kids brought 2 parents and didn’t let us watch the movie.

Deborah Loftsgard

Needs wider seats!! Please

Breann Hageman

Tim Ostrom

Adam Mertzenich

Claire Haedike

Good prices , but needs new seating.

Elijah Sanford


Marc Banks

Needs to be updated, garbage bags over bad seats and urinals.

Maria Frana

Needs major overhaul in the decor area. Majorly needs new setting

Sue Anderson

Nice people Great popcorn!

Siferian Gooder

Loud sound, very friendly small theatre. However, the seating sucks and badly needs to be replaced, and the food prices are insanely high. I purchased 3 waters, 2 junior mints and one airhead bites for 22 dollars total! Disgusting. Hope they use that money they steal from people for some new seats and lower the prices on food!

Alexandra Klug

Heather McCormick

Trevor Torgerson

Been going to this movie theater since I was a little boy and now I take my children there great place to go

Craig Helton

Dirty seating... needs updated.

Jordan Witt

Sarah Johnson

Needs to be remodel... sticky floors and seats.. gross

Liam Murphy

Bryant Jasper

Great Place for my first (of three so far) viewing of Infinity War

Sang Soo Cho

People complain about the quality of this theatre. News flash: your paying 6 dollars a ticket, if you want something nicer go somewhere else. For its price you get exactly what you pay for. I love it. It is always cold in there so being a sweater.

crazybout gamez

Jaime Hackley

Spendy, but good place to go just to get out for a while with the family

Levi Redger

Andera Photography

Kera DuVall

Theater could use use updated seating, but overall good acoustics & quality in screen & concessions. Staff is friendly.

Diana Lawrence

Friendly staff, very good selection of movies, clean.


Good ole small town theatre.

matt schmidt

Wow been years since I ah e been here. Been years since they have updated.

kalvin langreck

Nina Borseth

Staff is great, snacks are good, best popcorn I've every had, but seats are horrible and definitely need an upgrade.

Heather Christensen

Great movie theatre

Stephanie Sigafoos

Shane Sweeny

New seating needs worked into this years budget, it’s not really optional at this. Paying for a movie ticket should include a non sagging seat.

Jeanne Loftus

Sarah Leidahl

Alan Bakken

Lisa Brainard

Pretty typical theater. Staff has been really good to help me get to my seat with popcorn and pop, as I use a cane.

Kelly Yost

Chiyo Sumizome

Awesome place to go for movies, the rooms are huge, and while it may be a little pricey for some people, the staff is incredibly friendly! Awesome in groups! If you don't like the prices, you can always go to the Cresco Opera House, they generally have the same movies for less. They are about 15 miles away, but you should check what movies are on too.

Brenda Ryan

Friendly staff, helpful, professional. Clean facility

Joseph Kammerer

Need more choices of slushes and better candy. lower prices of everything:(:(:(:(

Scott Hageman

Booger Booger

Nice staff and great selection of movies

Kevin Moore

Amy W

Ginger Gyorko

It was terrible, the concessions attendant was very rude. The whole theater reeked like mildew, the chairs were stained so bad, definitely not going to go back there to watch another movie.

PS Glader

Allen Lyon

Ok.... need to update the seating.

missy gill

Nice theater but need more choices

Matthew Zweibohmer

Isaiah Schweizer

Mitchel Kaleso

Seats falling apart... Speakers sounding cracked... Its bad.

Isaac Marshall


Kyle S

Janine Nelson

Paige Woodson

Irma Hudson

Love it. In all ways!

Alan Sand

The disrepair, the uncleanliness, the uncomfortable seats, all only outmatched by the pitiful selection of movies...somethings got to give.

Steven Meinecke

Quiet. helpful staff. Reasonably priced.

Jenny Martin

Great showings


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