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1325 Copper Creek Dr, Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

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Where is Fridley Theatres Copper Creek 9?

REVIEWS OF Fridley Theatres Copper Creek 9 IN Iowa

Lori Patten

Nice seating. Good popcorn. Pricing wasn't as bad as it could be.

William Moulder

Reserved seating. Good place to see a movie. We have gone two times. We will definitely go again.

james costa

Nice theater with comfortable seating but as usual overpriced popcorn and soda say a family of three it will cost you with tickets approximately 35 to $40

Jacob Belcher

I have been going to this theater my whole life. I have seen probably 100 movies here. It's always a great experience.

T Tar

Upgraded seating, expanded food options, great value compared to Cinemark and AMC.

ultim0 ching0n

Nice place good seats very comfy and clean great staff good deals

Joanna Lewis

Great movie.

Adam fry

The best price in town for snacks an a movie. An love the new upgraded seats...

Sandy White


mirela hadziomerovic

I had fun

Daniel Fox

fine great movie great popcorn!

Lezlie W

Nice and clean. Free refills on larges.

William Green

Tuesday nights are movie nights. The movies are half off and they have the best deals on refreshments.

Kenny Nulph

Really enjoy the new seating it's much more comfortable, picking your own seat ahead of time is kind of nice too

Enchanted One

The place is cool. But... the they need honest workers. I paid for Batman & Aquaman large

Tyler Stricker

The staff is always pleasant and there's always a seat. The theaters aren't super huge but for a closer theater, it serves me very well.

emmanuel nkengla

The staff members were really nice.

Jim Worthington

Great place to go to see a show without it being packed. Great food selection that includes .beer and wine options.

Debbie Bond

Had other patrons throwing stuff at me and management did nothing

brenda mckee

Reasonably price. Nice seating and very clean

timothy powers

Um it's a theater

Nate Samp

Convenient location, plus inexpensive ticket prices

Crystal Carleton

We love this theater! We can always find good seats, they have great prices on Tuesdays, and friendly staff.

Dawn Stangl

Nice place

Blake Royal

Best theater

Kyle Robberts

I absolutely love this theater. The seats are nice and clean, the parking lot is easy to get in and out of. When other theaters are full, you can usually still get tickets here. A great option for all movies

Anthony Smith

Decent more old style theater no beer or recliners. But it is clean and the upkeep is good smaller theater than others around here. I gave it 3 stars because there are nicer theaters around with better seats and accommodations.

Nawras baniata990

Good one But they need reclining seats

Mike Stanley

I would give them 5 stars if they would just turn up the AC it's always too hot in there.

Adam Smith

Best theater in town in my opinion


Great movies!

Olivia Kane

Friendly staff and good prices!

Kate Miller

Up until tonight, this place would of got 5 stars... I dropped my 20 y/o son, his 16 y/o sister and her friend off to see Joker. Ticket guy wouldn't let them in because my sons ID is expired and the girls don't even have ID'S yet!! I have dropped these same 3 off for other rated R movies and they have NEVER been asked for ID'S before. I will not drop them off there again, I'll take them else where!!

joe JenkinsII

Usual theatre expectations. Clean, bathrooms are updated and look nice almost inviting. Food choices are better than most places. Staff is Young but courteous and nice.

Patty Wood

WOW!! New chairs are like settling down in a marshmallow! Chair were so comfy the time zipped by... helped that the movie was awesome - Simple Favor, this movie had it all! Plenty of parking, bypassed the concession stand and now on the way to dinner.

Michael Vercande

Lower prices then other local theaters and great popcorn.

Lesa J

Friendly people...and the STILL advertise in the newspaper so you will know what is playing! My fav theater is much closer (10 min vs 30 min to Copper Creek) but you have to call to find out what is playing. And the workers at Cobblestone or Wynnsong hang up on you if you ask too many questions about the movies.

Kim Wymer

Very nice theater! Great staff, very clean and always have the latest movies! Prices are fair. Seating is comfortable!

Becky pearson

i love this place. the employees are always nice and helpful

Anthony San

I love coming here with my family fo watch movies have been for years. I love going here with Metro Kids. The staff is so friendly and helpful.

Mary Vandorn

Clean atmosphere, good service

IX Stripes

Clean. Courteous staff. Reasonable prices. Comfortable chairs. Nice screens and sound system.

Arica Brinegar

Seats could be more modern like other theaters

J fmdevil

I have not been to this theater in a while as it was not aging very well, but I had a gift card so we thought we would give it another chance... and we were pleasantly surprised. The theater has had an overhaul and has been modernized very nicely. Their prices are still fair and the location is great because the area dramatically lacks entertainment options. Will probably be going back here soon, and actually looking forward to it.

Mary Custard

Friendly service, nice set up to prevent people from sneaking into movies, which was a little confusing but over all great visit.

Karen Van Hoever

Very clean movie theatre. Lobby was especially clean and inviting. Seats were very comfortable.

Michael E. Witt

We will go back.!!

Lora VanRyswyk

We have called this our favorite theater since it was new. The remodel was overdue, but was worth the wait. Love the new seats! The best popcorn and Pepsi products puts it over the top for us!!!

John Harvey

Nice place

Deborah Fogle

Prices of tickets and concessions are good.Seats are comfortable but the new theatre recliners are a little nicer in other theatres.Still,they are friendly and clean here,and the lower prices here are worth it.You don't have to pre reserve seats,I like that.

Adam Richards

Best deal around. Comfy new seats. Great sound. Dolby atmos

Pamela Patterson

I took my mother to the theater she had a wonderful time it was comfortable clean wonderful place to go

Simon Vos

$7 for a Sunday afternoon show. That's decent. Really nice seats! My daughter dropped her Icee when we got to our seat, they cleaned it up and topped off her drink for free. Free refills on lg pop and popcorn too!

Judi Webb

Snack prices are ridiculous

Shawna Meyer

Nice little theater. Less expensive than the new Altoona theater, and they have a lid that doubles as a bowl for the popcorn which makes it easy to share.

Phyllis Childers

Great ! Too bad you dont advertize the movie Overcomer more ! Was an awsome movie ! Have less problems if all movies like this !

Steven Sprague

I like this theater. The seats are not the oversized recliner types but still spacious enough that your not on top of the person next to you. The picture and sound is great and the popcorn is the best in town. Tuesdays are their bargan day, with discounted tickets, and if you buy a drink you get a small bag of popcorn.

Paul Ellis

tiny quiet theater.

Adam Shelley

It was a great experience, since we went late at night during a snowstorm, we pretty much had the theater to ourselves, aside from that, the concessions and service were good, but not the best.

Michael Burgan

Always, a good experience.

Isaiah Boren

Comfy seats. Clean place. Good popcorn. Nice employees. Definatley a good place to go

Dan Sziber

Love the renovation

Randy Ervin

Very comfortable and more reasonably priced then the new state of the art theaters

Barb Dumstorff

It's been years since I was here. Love the new seats! Excited I could get Iced tea! Not impressed with thier concession stand special on Tuesdays. I'm still shocked I paid $5 for an ice tea

Gerardo Hernandez

Good and place to see a movie and the prices are good

Tim Wheeldon

Great place to see a movie. Had Pepsi products and free refills.

Jerry Baker

Movie Great parking losy

T.J. DeBolt

Customer service is always great, because the employees are happy and friendly. The new seats are very comfortable and allow for more leg room. Popcorn is always fresh. The ATMOS theatre sounds amazing. This theatre is always clean, especially the bathrooms. On Tuesdays, they offer a deal with matinee pricing and free popcorn with drink purchase, which is perfect for families.

Nick Asjes

It's hard to seperate the experience of a theatre from the experience of the movie you saw there. It wold be especially hard of the movie was about a theater, witch is probably why you don't see a lot of those. Big Movie Thearer lobbyists probably keep Washington from making those kinds of films. Get money out of filmmaking, I say.

Spencer Hoyt

A smaller theatre but has comfortable seats. Staff are super friendly and the theatre was fairly clean.

Denise Carroll

Nice place comfy chairs

Cindy Dennis

Nice clean and comfortable. Concessions staff gets an A+ from me!

Barb Malone

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie.

under dog

Has a new idiotic policy about parents and rated r movies

Carla Weimerskirch

Expected more from the movie, Us. Other than that it was nice.

Cathy Dimit

Great seats! We ate before we left so we did not consume anything.

Elvis King

Watching good movie there

Jayden Graves

Not crowded at all because of Cinemark. Good cheap movies

Debra Gentosi Roberts Roberts

Great customer service at the ticket counter, concession stand and even the guy who was taking tickets....Very helpful and courteous!

Shawna Johnson

I love this place. It's close to my home, the staff are friendly and efficient and the rooms are always clean. Love watching movies here.

CJ Bloyer

Not the greatest theater I've ever been to, but it was clean and the seats were comfy. The staff was polite and helpful and we had a great time.

cammie herborn

We went to a movie at prime-time, 9 people total in the theater. Only to have 2 people talking for over an hour. I finally said "shh" in a normal tone. The man said "F**K you, then a young girl sitting 2 rows away from where the "talkers" were jumped up and said "Shut the F**K up, that's my mom!" I then walked out of the theater to talk to the manager. He did NOTHING to keep the pair from talking. My son and I had to move to the front row to finish the movie and had to worry the rest of the time if the agitated guest would approach us again. I now remember why we haven't been to Copper Creek in years. We will drive 20 minutes to the other side of town to Jordan Creek like we normally do. Trashy theater, no rule enforcement by management.

Jordyn Costa

I've been coming here since I was a kid. I've always loved the friendly service, the delicious popcorn. Favorite movie theater

Elijah Nelson

it was a beautiful theater the movie that was me and my friends saw was hilarious, but the theater itself was beautiful and well taken care of and the service was very good.

Molly Hart

Comfy Seats, Great Theater!

Jamie Amble

Prices are great, friendly staff, great sound and comfy seats.

Jessica Thompson

Great staff! I was impressed with the service. Clean, fast, and friendly.

Roseanna Hockett

Good place to see a movie!

Ryan Moran

Comfy seats and best prices for everything. Cheapest theater that we've found in the Des Moines area.

Jesse Bainter

Good food, comfortable seating, and friendly staff.

John Walling

Excellent service..nice theaters ..good sound...close by Eastside of Des Moines

Rhonda Schuling

That movie was so good I Can Only Imagine

Kevan Murphy

The theater has always had great prices for films and concessions. It has been completely updated yet their curtains over the screens still give it that classic theater feel. Extremely clean lobby, theaters and the restrooms were spotless. Recently started selling alcohol if you are someone who enjoys a beer or glass of wine with your movie. Staff were fast and friendly as always.

Chris O'Keefe

This place isn't the fanciest, but unlike most movie theaters the prices are reasonable.

Barb McDonald

Nice place. Clean and very friendly staff

Todd Hoffman

Sound system is nice. Chairs are comfortable. And clean auditoriums

Martha Rowley

This is a great place to bring the family or a date!lots of good seats,great parking and a good selection of movies to choose from. I would not go there hungry as the snack bar is costly!!you can prepurchase tickets on line and pick your seats!Recommended it highly!

Amber Zink

I prefer this theater over the Altoona theater. It's a bit cheaper and a lot less crowded! Very nice and the rocker chairs are comfy.

Beth Lewis

Nice theatre but I've almost come to the conclusion that it's getting too expensive to take my three grandsons out.

Cynthia Nielsen

Nice movie theater with modern seating. They even serve beer now!

Diane Warren

Good ticket prices. Seats aren't very comfortable but for the price it was okay.

Aleisa Madison

Love movies prices are ok don't like prices of candy popcorn etc

Stan Gourd

Our go-to cinema experience with the friendly Fridley touch. Comfortable and non-crowded seating, large select screens with Atmos and Dolby 7.1 sound give this remodeled theater an upscale feel. Concessions here are still handled personally (unlike a certain westside chain), and while nowhere is cheap anymore, (Varsity, come back!) they're as reasonable as any with a bucket deal that helps if you're a regular. The western Pleasant Hill location, while not always convenient, makes for less congestion on those opening weekends. Recommended.

Tiffany Watson

Never ever had an issue at this theater!! Go there all the time, because prices are low and service is fast and always extremely friendly. Theaters are kept in great condition and always very clean. Same with the restrooms, always clean and well stocked. I truly only go to other theaters if I am out of the area!! A++++++++

Karen ....

2 people behind concessions stand .friendly employees.not recliner chairs but more comfortable.Great during the week.

Darlene Reighard

Seats almost too comfortable!

Julie Bernal

Always a great experience really affordable

XxMyth TitanXx

Very nice people, and awesome theaters. But not much leg room but overall it’s awesome!

Rob Dobek

Very clean and comfortable. Loved how we could pick our seats at the time of purchase.

Kimberly Smith

Really enjoyed taking my boys to the movies. Love that you get a free popcorn on Tuesdays with a purchase of a drink

Yvette Clausen

Clean lobby, bathrooms, and theatres. Comfortable seats; excellent video and sound quality. Good parking.

King McElwee

Have comfortable seating, have spots for wheel chairs, and the sound is great!

Jeff Saltzman

As a lifelong Sci Fi enthusiast im qualified to say. The new Star Wars film sucked. Any more of that crap and i will stop going to the movies.

Jamie Foster

This is the best theatre in town In my opinion. Don't bother going anywhere else. They have the best prices of any place around, and they have the cleanest and best facility of any place I have been to. Their big screen is awesome. Plus it has Atmos sound. I love this place. Tuesday is deal day for all tickets, and you get a free small popcorn when you buy a drink. They get all of the best movies. They have meals. They are great as well. I have had the nachos and the hot dog. I recommend you try them both! Their popcorn is amazing. Super friendly and knowledgeable.


Popcorn is the best here. The service is PERFECT. And the seats are amazing. The screen is nice and clear. I'm very pleased with this theater and will continue to take my services to it

Roman Garcia

It was a nice movie got drinks and popcorn

Peggy Van Den Baard

Comfortable seating, prices reasonable on popcorn!

Scott Ingle

Nice clean theaters and super friendly staff

Nina H

They have the best popcorn and are always friendly with the best prices.

shane carstens

I haven't been here in a few years until recently and noticed the new seating which was very comfortable. As always the picture and sound quality were awesome.

Michael Mitchell

Seats were very uncomfortable

Tony Seliquini

Comfiest seats and best audio/video for the money!

cesar gutierrez

Very clean and nice staff.

rhonda zarr

Very pleasant theater

Everett Leonard Jr.

Tuesdays before 4 are the only time worth watching a show. Because of free popcorn with purchase of any drink including bottled water. Other wise why spend $45 on a movie for 2 when you can wait and own DVD for $20

Justin Braden

Our family's favorite theater. Fast, affordable and always clean. Staff is awesome and I love being able to book my seats online.

bummayata the great

Totally awesome experience

Terri Glas

Love the chairs! Nice cool place to go on a hot summer day. Clean facility-bathrooms were clean, too. Friendly people working.

Lee Martinsen

Decent. Fairly comfortable seating. Not too fancy, but comfortable.

rogue warrior

Took my girlfriend and my four year old nephew and it was a nice friendly clean theater I would definitely go back.

Alma Silva

Like the atmosphere and friendly service, I give it a "three star rate" because of the leg room for the seating area in the theater. You get your chair constantly kicked and it's annoying and frustrating to enjoy your movie.

Martina Cason

Location close to home. Quite environment

Junior/Karen Jennings

Great service and movie, I Can Only Imagine.

Rich Thorpe

I love the Copper Creek theater. So much so that I don't want to leave an overly positive review strictly because I don't want it to become as crowded as all my other local theaters. But that's not fair cause it's great. It's always very clean, smells nice, is cheaper for both tickets and snacks, and has a very friendly staff. I believe there are 8 screens in total. 1 bigger one and the rest are average size. Seating is very comfortable despite not having recliners like their surrounding competitors. I always check Copper Creek first for new movies. The only reason I go anywhere else is because I live literally across town. The 30 min drive is always worth it. They also give you free refills on larges. Dunno why other theaters stopped doing that.

kerrie williams

Clean and good selection of seating.

Brenda Pinczer

They have done some remodeling on the inside of the theater, the seats r more comfortable ECT.

Luxury Lifestyle Group SMG

I love this location because I'm always able to get in a see a movie right away & it's one of the most affordable theater's in the Metro area

Brad Manfull

I've had great experiences here. Not super busy. Reasonable prices on both tickets and concessions compared to newer theaters. Well maintained. Friendly employees. Will continue to come back.

Josh E.

I've only been to this theater a couple of times. It's certainly not the best theater in Des Moines but far from the worst. It is moderately sized and is well managed. Since new cinemas have opened up recently business here is a little slower but a good option if you live close by.

Dusty French

This is a great movie theatre..comfy seats

Charles Ellis

Always a good seat

Stephanie Olsen

Movie creed 2 was good. Seats arenvery comfortable.

Pam Lewis

Great staff, and my favorite movie popcorn.

Linda Barron

We have only been here once, but we will make the drive from the south side of Des Moines to come back. The prices are good, the theatre is clean, the seats are so comfortable & the employees are friendly. No more Southridge Theatres for us.

jprem 99

After visiting the Fridley Theaters, for the first time three years ago, the theater was good, but needed improvement. Since my last visit after the remodeling, the chairs are suited to optimize comfort, food , and drinks have been majorly improved, and the waiting area is much more inviting. As for Customer Service, it was before, and is now, one of the best I have come across. I highly recommend.

Duane Daniels

Awesome Theaters to see movies in!

Antonio Banuelos

Excellent theater with upgraded seats and very friendly service. Great neighborhood theater with some of the amenities of bigger ones and for an excellent value. Their staff is mostly kids from the area so you get that small town feeling in their service and attention to guests.

Dana Scrowther

Very clean, great customer service and reasonable prices!

Todd Cosner

Copercreek Cinema is always clean and there is not a bad seat in the place.

Kurt Brannian

5 stars because the popcorn was top notch.

Nick Souza

The remodeling really helps this theater keep up with Altoona.

Ted Phillips

Nice People make the show more enjoyable. Good sound and picture. Chairs are average. It is easy to pick your own seats for the show from the video screen at the ticket box. Popcorn was excellent and they put on lots of butter at our request. I like that they offer some other options for food including pizza, hod dogs and a few other hot snacks. I will definitely recommend this theater to my family and friends. I am sure you will enjoy it too.

Peggy Propst

Very nice.. chairs are comfy

Trent Frohock

Great movie theater.

trudy hodson

Nice neighborhood theater

Aaron Tullar

The place was clean and had really comfortable seating.

Debora Hudson

Went to the movies of course (Breakthrough). The attendants were nice. The cost was $7 for a matinee (afternoon). Popcorn with 2 drinks (all large of course) were $15. We practically had the place to ourselves (one other person). This was on a Friday afternoon. The seats were great, very soft and they rocked a little, the only thing I would like is a way to prop up my feet : ) go and enjoy yourself : )

whitney smith McIntosh

One of the only movie theaters to show Gosnell. Thank you

Carolyn Sheriff

Good prices

Stacy Ratashak

Best popcorn around! Very comfortable seats in the theater.

Angela Roberts

Plenty of leg room, comfy, wide chairs that rock.

Brandonlindsay Frueh

Place is always clean and comfy. Staff friendly and management really seems to care.

Kelsi Papesh

Great theater for families! Fair pricing. Seats are very comfortable, even though they don't recline.

Michelle Lucas

Prices are on the rise!I remember a simple combo for 2 used to be 5.50 and matinees prices are higher. So what makes it special to go on a Saturday afternoon after waiting all week. Too bad times have changed!

Eric Allen

Cute little theater that has jalapeño poppers as menu item.

Catherine McCabe

This theater is my favorite! I have worked at theaters and I know it can be difficult to keep everything clean and running smoothly, but this place is always spotless, the staff is friendly and the prices are EXCELLENT. You can actually buy a large popcorn and drink for half of chain cinemas!


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