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REVIEWS OF Fort 8 Theatre IN Iowa

Matt Haviland

Brand new seats. Theaters have been renovated. Clean. Staff are friendly

Lorri Thomsen

Very expensive for snacks $56 for 3, to see a movie and snacks. Seats were uncomfortable and needed jackets it was chilly during the movie.

Tony Ug

Saw Upside there. Staff was super friendly. Enjoyed every bit of the experience. Although, I think I bought too much popcorn, haha.

Kathy Wunscel

Very helpful and kind


Accidentally bought tickets online, wouldnt give a refund unless we came in which we dont live in that town so could not get a refund!

Joe Zittritsch

5 star.


New seating awesome!

Mikeal Campbell

The food is pricy but the theatre itself is nice

William Smith

Never been in there to watch a movie, but been working for the manager Gary Jackson and his wife, doing landscaping. Nicest people ever. And they definitely keep a nice business. Now to talk myself into some popcorn and movie. Maybe this weekend.

Keta Martin

We love this place! Nice and clean! Great movies , friendly people!.

Cathy Scott

Clean, fast service, enjoitge movie. I don't understand how they can charge almost $4.00 for a bottle of water. Their food prices are way out of line.

Nic Fitzsenry

Could be cleaner, but hey it's a theatre and the staff is never rude.

Mike Maguire

The new chairs are terrific.

Sam Milligan

Looking awesome with renovations and tech upgrades.

Jake Bodensteiner

Good matinee prices, updated seats are very comfortable and recline.

Zac Sjoberg

This is a great theater to see movies in with the stadium seating! Tickets are decently priced and the service is good. If you plan to buy concessions I would plan on arriving early cause the lines can sometimes be long.

Steve Gord

Not real expensive , and the seats are comfy. Whats not to like ??!!

David Trusty

The renovations look great! Very comfortable environment for enjoying a good flick.

Angie K

The theater has remodeled from my last review. They have replaced the old theater seats for reclining seats. The seats are larger and more comforable than the chairs they use to have. Most of the chairs are in pairs which could make watching the movie solo uncomfortable for some if you aren't able to purchase a solo seat. This also makes it a but more difficult to view movies as a family of 3 because someone is sitting alone or with a stranger. Some of the new reclining chairs were placed too close to the screen which I thought made it difficult to enjoy the movie. When you purchase your tickets you pick which seats you are going to sit in so it may be better to purchase online to ensure the seats you want are available however buying online comes with a service fee of $1.00 per ticket. The only thing left to update and remodel are the bathrooms. Review from before the remodel: Most theaters are expensive and Fort 8 Theatre is no different. While watching movies I've noticed a glare, or reflection, on the screen while the movie plays; I don't see this every time but I would say about 50% of the time. When entering the theater you might notice a smell (usually a musky smell). Fort 8 Theatre is a decent place to watch movies if you can't wait for them to come out on Bluray.

Amy Bestick Clark

Like it #moviepass

Toy Foxi Beats

I watched "Finding Dory" here and the service and sound quality were great. Can't wait for my next visit.

Angela Sande

LOVE the popcorn! Movie/concession prices are a little high, but you have to consider that they run EIGHT theaters. Every time we go it's clean and free of garbage. Every theater is great - no matter which one you go in.

Samuel Morlan

Awesome place to take a date or just hang with some friends. The new reclining chairs they put in are awesome. The do have a snack stand with the expected popcorn and drinks which are as per usual in theatres overpriced, however there isn't much choose in the matter as they don't allow outside food or drink in the theatre. The staff is nice and helpful I can't say that I've ever had any issues with them. They also have $5 Tuesdays which is a perfect time to take your family or friends for a nice night out and save a few bucks while you're at it.

Carla Renfroe

Love the movies but unless you go on Tuesdays, it costs a small fortune to get snacks, sodas, and a movie when I want to take my grandkids!! The stuff they sell, popcorn, candy, and soda has a HUGE mark up. I think more people would go if it didn't cost so much! Last time I went a week ago, my granddaughter and I were the ONLY ones in the theater for the movie!! Lower prices would mean more people would be able to afford to go and enjoy a family night!!

Steve Schwendemann

Great new seats!!!

Megan Secor

Tuesday night prices are super! Great idea! Unfortunately, this is not the place to watch a movie on a Friday or Saturday night-- the kids are usually loud and on their phones and management nearly NEVER kicks them out or tells them to stop.

Jon Olson

Staff there has always been friendly everytime I go there. It's nice and clean, and the new seats being put in are so nice and comfortable.

Daniel Flippo

The lights don't go out during the movies. They only dim slightly... Prices are good and staff has always been top notch. I drive down to Ames or Des Moines for a lot of showings. Tuesday prices are hard to beat... Upper management (corporate) answered my email and will not be lowering the light any further. Absurd... Never been in a theater where the main wall lights stay on....

Celeste Rice

Loved the experience

Marilyn Johnson

Friendly staff, very clean theater

Jeremy Rasmussen

Great popcorn and nice theater!

Emily Clausen

Several movie options, current movies, comfortable seats, clean

Kelly Bradley

We give 'Miracle Season' thumbs up

Leah Johnson

Great new seats

Josh Peart

Great cinematic experience. Clean, friendly, and professional staff.

Mike Madsen

This place has really gotten better now you push a button on your arm rest & lay back like in your "84 Cadillac

Crystal Gulbranson

I always like going here with my husband once in a while because it brings back memories.

Jered Sturgill

After the remodel it's just awesome. I almost fall asleep in the leather reclining seats!! Very nice and staff is always fast and nice.

Hyde Family

We saw Aquaman tonight. The place was clean with good seating and sound. The bathrooms were clean and the popcorn was good!

Brendon Nicholas

Good theater, comfortable seats. But like most theaters the snacks are very expensive.

beth cox

Love the new seating!

Bobby Barker

It had a big screen with moving pictures and speakers with sound that told a story.

Jennifer Hanus

Clean, friendly, and a good selection for a town of its size.

Eric Thilges

Fort 8 is a great place to see a movie. The theatres are always cleaned well and the staff is very friendly. I always have a good time plus you can't beat $5 Tuesdays.

angie clement

Great new seating

Renae Grogan

I know people complain about the theater not being more modern, but honestly, when you compare the ticket prices are half as much as other theaters, you really can't complain. They make taking the whole family to the theater an affordable experience. Staff is great. Movie selections are great. I don't need a reclining seat. Just a nice day with my family that we can afford. And the friendly staff is a huge part of that.


Great theater. Great staff. Great selection Great popcorn. And $5 movie night is a great!

Kaycie Halder

Very clean. Good prices the staff was very nice

m middleton

LOVE the new renovations! Reclining seats with plenty of leg room for a tall person like me! FINALLY!

Michael Madsen

Great place to go watch new movies......

Barry Watts

The wait was long on a slow day. The prices were high.

r n

Very nice after the remodel

Zack Mosher

The mean supervisor at the counter wouldn’t sell my friend with a beard into a rated R movie... worst experience of my life!! Don’t go here

shane Berube

It was very nice and very comfy with those new recliners very clean just wish it was easier to get to the snack bar

Skylar Brown

Me and my daughter's are huge marvel comics fans and the Fort 8 Theatre has helped us to stay current. I also didn't realize that they have made a much needed and welcomed improvement/upgrade. With the new look and seating, Fort 8 Theatre has prolonged it's longevity. Showing all surrounding theaters that they are here to stay. We enjoyed Captain Marvell at the new theater and look forward to many more stops by Fort Dodge's Fort 8 Theatre. Hope to see y'all there.

Jeanine Christian

Pricey, but new seats are very comfy

Jason Kehoe

Great place to see movies. Nice theatre.

Lana Emrys

Comfortable. $5 Tuesday's rock.

Jobless Guru

The staff was friendly. Tho one person at the concession called to his friends 10 people back in line and opened to only help them.

Slippin Jimmy

Good theater. Good sound. Good prices. Concessions are actually reasonably priced.

Topher McCoy

We got our tickets at the kiosk when we got there, which saved time and the new seats are absolutely comfortable.

Lisa Z

Best place for Tuesday family movies!

Brenda Jenney

Great prices clean, comfortable, frienly service


Like the new renovations. Friendly staff. Very nice.

Linda Middleton

I like the fact that I don't have to pay full cost because I am now 62 that age has to be good for something? :) But really I liked the people that worked there, they were very helpful, I liked my seat and the sound was just fine for me too. I like to come there for movies, with my husband too busy to come with me. I feel very safe in coming there and seeing movies.

Kaci Ainsworth

Great comfortable seats great popcorn friendly people organized seating

William Aber

Decent price for seeing a matinee. Decent food selections and I love the seats.

Renae Grogan Hulsebus

Love that Gary keeps the ticket and concession prices low. With a family of 7, we have a hard time going to the movies in other cities. Always friendly staff. Always clean theaters. Always fresh popcorn.

Chad Hansen

A great theatre with comfortable seats. It is great to have eight different movie choices. Especially for the size of Fort Dodge compared to an Ames or Des Moines.

Amy Massat

Kids love


Awesome new reclining chairs they installed recently!!

James Underwood

Lines move fast nice friendly people even though they are always very busy

Becky Antrim

I've always loved going to the movies here, now that they have new seats its even better!! The ppl who work there are friendly and fun!!

Michael Cote

Very clean and new seats are amazing.

Sheri Gangestad

they have movies start times staggered sp you don't have to wait in line long. love it!

Aaron Simpson

All the new titles, 8 theatres. candy is a little over priced but that's expected. I've never had them check me for candy ( nudge nudge wink wink).

mindy steburg

Love the new seating and $5 Tuesdays!

Mrs. S

The new seating is unbelievable! So comfortable its like your at home but better!

Kirk Meyer

Somewhat pricy. But clean & nice

Herman Stanley III

It was great me and my cousin had a great time

Don Miller

Great time at Mama Mia. Great movie. Loved it.

Steven Miller

It's a very clean theatre comfortable seating and good service. Very satisfied with the whole experience!

Sonia Holiday

Nice seats and it's clean

Marvin Jensen

Who doesn't like a good movie.

Keri Holmes Rojas

The theater is nice. The main auditorium is huge with stadium seating. The people behind the concession stand are disorganized, and on one visit, I saw a trainer berate the person she was training.

Justin McCabe

Love the $5 movies on Tuesday. Great deal.

Amanda Brine

Staff is super helpful!

Bobby Klein

New seafs love it

Wyatt W

The theater just got brand new seating. They are recliners, and man, are they comfy!

Lynette James

Nice theater, clean. Decent ticket prices.

Joann Hauswirth

Like to go to the movies here, comfortable seats and good view of the screen

Joseph Fonville

Very nice and clean

orlando perez

New furniture,I love it

Jacob Schramm

Great service, online ticket purchases, cheap tuesdays, great new renovation. Good quality picture as well.

A Guy

Since the recent upgrade it's a fantastic time. New chairs are nice and comfortable.

J Foley

Nice movie theatre with comfortable seats and many movies to choose from.

Brandy Gordon

I love the new seats. I feel the candy popcorn and drinks are kinda spendy. And the popcorn tasted a little stale when we went last.

Tina Vosberg

You now have to pick seats before going in. Stupid what if my kid can not see over the tall person in front of them. Will never return.

Robert C Evans

Great place for lady to take her man out to.

Summer Christensen

Love the update and reclining chairs customer service is fast And always great

Corbin Dutcher

Really clean and amazing seats. The lines to get tickets are really fast and even faster if you order online. The food line is slow tho.

Tina Wuebker

Movie was great!! Had never say in front seats but think we gonna start cuz just like 3D movie!!

cindy polk

Love the reclining seats

Austin Moore

Great staff and awesome seats

Jeff Habben

Nice remodel

Jon Pool

Friendly staff, comfortable seats, quality screens, and quality sound.

Cody Anderson

Remodeled with electronic reclining leather seats, hardwood tiled flooring, and red rgb aisle lighting. Seats could have been a little more roomie and more elbow room. Reserved seating available. $9 regular price ticket now.

Jill Armstrong

Love $5 Tuesday's. Clean theatres

Amy Miles

Love the remodel and new seating! You pick your seats when you buy your tickets.

sarah fagervik

Very cold. Bring a sweater.

Brian Henderson

Love this place....seats are ok

Josh Goebel

Awsome electric reclining lazyboy seats

suh dude

Great theatre and is now so much better with the recliners. I love this theatre, a d you will too

Douglas A. Martin

New recliners fantastic Major improvement

angel roque

Is a great place to go with your family

Michelle Cagle

Very Nice! We Love the Tuesday $5.00 for everyone Special!

Kierstan Colby

This place is so awsome I love there new seats

Ben Jorgensen

Good place usually has pretty decent movie selections prices are kinda high but place is clean and usually well cared for

Megan Patrick

The upgrades are nice. Ticket prices are cheap.

wayne spaulding

Clean, good service, great popcorn, decent movie experience

Matt Jergens

They have spent a ton of money updating this facility recently. All new leather recliners carpet. Very nice.

A Google User

Corbin Crawford is a good employee

Jellious E

Newly remodeled..

Logan Odefey

$5 Tuesday movie night is the best but i feel like the theater should do something different with there seating better chairs or something other wise the rest is solid

Jamie Saxton

Nice theatre. Good popcorn. Kids always like going.

Gary Harders

Love the new recliners. 8 movies theaters to choose from.

belinda cardona

All new reclining chairs. Awesome staff! Coke and popcorn are perfection!

Christy Hindman

Great movie Great staff

Lynn W

I love this theater! And got to try the new reclining seating tonight for the first time! So comfy!!

Allen Howey

Nice theater, but we were surprised by the $2 increase over last year's ticket price.

Brian Batcheller

Got a lot of fake nice and professionalism from one guy. Sound and visual quality was great.

Timothy Chance

Great service great seats.

steven l fulton jr

$5 tuesdays and good concusions

Amanda Rowen

Good prices and employees. Could have done with wider seats and without the person who kept putting their nasty bare feet up on the back of my seat.

Ken Goetsch

Good place to catch a movie

Ivanosca Borges-Fasano

Good on tue special prices for the movies $5

Chester Hollingsworth

Really clean establishment, service could be stepped up a bit but overall good place to see a current movie.

Michael Jay

If you * just want to go and see a movie in a theater* this is the place. I say this because there is different qualities between theaters. My benchmark is The Grand, in Bismarck ND. The entire place has an Egyptian Motif. Staff are awesome. Concessions prices are decent. And it just feels like an experience each time I've been there. This place, meh, it's convenient.

Mrs.&Mr. Labenz

Always good experience


Great service at the desk. Hey its a movie theatre, not much to expect iut of the ordinary.

Missy W

$5 tuesdays is great especially with people with big families.

Heather Sayer

The renovated theater was comfortable and spacious. I love the new seating and really enjoyed the movie.

Tonya Peltz

Love the news seats, very comfortable and relaxing and everything was clean and of course I went to a cry baby movie and it was awesome and I cried and I loved the popcorn.

Master KJ

Clean and comfy

Mary Eggers

It was very nice but the movie was a tear juker

Kourt Ney

Prices Are Ridiculous!!! Tuesday Matinee Is The Only Time I'll Go. A Large Drink Is $5 So If Your Looking To Take The Family Pack (sneak) Your Own Drinks And Snacks In ♀‍

Carissa Miller

We love going on Tuesdays. Amazing seating

Monte Dudgeon

All of the theater chairs are comfortable recliners! I wish more places were like this once!

Tina Nordstrom



They remodeled just about everything, looks grate an way more comfy!

jason liska

Great place to go with your family especially with the new recliner seats

Kenneth Ewing

3D of jurassic world was great

Vicki Robles

We loved how wonderful and helpful the staff has always been. The $5/Tuesday movie is so nice for those people with families and those on a budget. We just wish there were one or two days that movies started earlier. Kudos to Ft. 8 Movie Theater.

Derek Samuelson

This theater needs an upgrade. Very small selection at the concession counter, facility is dated, a couple of the rooms have a funky smell, and the seating is uncomfortable. That all said, the staff is great!

Natalie Stark

The new seats are incredible! Very nice and we'll thought out.

Glenn Denetelli

Good town theater.

Cristy Meyer

My husband and I enjoy going to the Fort Dodge theater for date night; once and awhile. It's clean, comfortable and affordable.

Thomas Evensizer

Nice place to watch a movie


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