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REVIEWS OF Crossroads Cinema IN Iowa

Conner Becker

Its a good theater, has nice comfy chairs and great quality over all.

Robin Richardson

Very accommodating on what had to have been one of the busiest days of the year for them... the staff fixed our mistake for us, quickly and efficiently, with no fuss at all.

Sheryl Butler

This is one of our favorite theaters. Generally clean. Not super long lines, fresh popcorn, competent employees. Only one theater with recliners.

Jenny pittman

I love the reclining seats. The staff has always been kind to me and helpful. The 5 dollar Tuesdays are the best when you have kids. Highly recommend

Chris Salinas

I go to this theater on occasion to enjoy a movie I truly want to see. It's clean and comfortable. Staff needs to be more happy.

Drew Crisman

Best theater in town. 100% DreamLoungers!

Phyllis Foley

It is vary nice


Good theaters neat n clean, good service

Julian Abrams

Courteous staff, electric atmosphere! Reclining seats extremely comfortable - rival any metropolitan theatre across the country. Concessions a little pricey, but theatre allows for a relaxing and exciting show. My wife and I visit frequently. Thrilled about Marcus Theatre Waterloo!

Ben Wilson

Great movie theater, we visit on Tuesdays for 5 dollar movies and if you have the rewards large drink and popcorn for 9 dollars

Lori Hug

I just saw The Nun on the ultra screen and this theater is amazing. The seats are reclining and so comfortable, it's like being at home only with a huge screen and surround sound. The place has been remodeled and it's very nice, very clean. A little pricey but they offer special deals so that makes up for it. Nice selection of snacks and nice selection of movies being showed.

Mike May

Saw Gemini in 3D, I think something was wrong. The movie was blurry with or without the glasses.

Mark Mohr

Very satisfying, and the movie was good too.

Jennifer Drewelow

We LOVE that all theaters now have dream loungers! Makes us want to go to the movies more often!!

Robin Ann

This Theater & it’s friendly Employees are the Best Movie Experience that I’ve ever had! Thank You for helping Me to know that I deserve some Quality time for myself ❤️

Reed Reyer

Favorite place to watch a movie. Having a member card gets you discounts on food and tickets.I like to go on $5 Tuesday's for the best discounts.

Billy Owens

Ok chairs but probably the most expensive 2 drink and popcorn combo I've ever bought

Cash Campbell

Wonderful place I would recommend it to anyone

Delbert Hemmen

Great senior discount on Tuesdays

Josh Deeds

Love the recliner seats!

Steve Leonard

Can’t get back in. Walked out to the car to grab my phone and told the guy I’d be right back. One minute later I returned. Staff saw me and ignored me for a good fifteen minutes. Young woman cleaning the concession area. Probably needs to know why she’s here.

Sheryl Kinney

Perfect for a late afternoon show. Really good discounts dependent on time, day and age.


Beer in cinema theatre. Oh yes :)

Hestia Goddess

I always go here. The price for food might be outrageous but the people there are always doing their job. The cinemas are very cool as well. They recently put in dream loungers for every theater.

Ryan Flaherty

The Ultra is the bomb! Love the loungers and the concessions offered.

Nathan Hartley

I'm not giving 5 stars because they cut you off after two beers... but other than that it was a good experience and the staff was super friendly

Lori Erickson

Would like to give it more stars but when I wanted to get a medium drink with my large popcorn but was told I couldn't do that. It's all good I liked the large cup and all but COME ON let people get a medium drink id that's what they want! !!

Ephemis Priest

Convenient location for taking the nieces and nephew for films, and the loungers are so comfortable I have seen plenty of younger kids carried out by their parents. Not bad at all for catching the latest action movie either.

Samantha Cummings

Great theater. Comfy reclining seats. Much better after the remodel. Always friendly staff.

Ethan Kayser

Good theater, Endgame wasn't that good though. Only cried a little.

Grant Ingamells

Very comfortable seating.


Love this theater! I always choose Crossroads over College Square due to the super comfortable seats! I get to kick back and relax like I’m in my living room! Always kind staff, quick service even when they’re super busy! Thanks for being the best theater in the Cedar Valley!

Catherine J

Great seating, so comfy. Friendly service. Decent food but at the pricey theater cost unless you know when to go with a rewards card. Cost is normal for a cinema. My only really issue is sometimes hearing a bit of the other movies through the walls.

April Schmidt

Great! End Game was awesome!

Mary Brennan

Super clean, friendly service and great lounger for watching movie.

June Sorensen

I love the seats! Especially because they have warmers!

Travis Caruth

Went to see The Mule today (12-16) at 4:20pm in Waterloo and the screen was flickering and had something that looked like it was floating all over in front of the projector. I thought at first maybe it was part of the movie, but it persisted throughout the whole thing. Very distracting, made it difficult to even pay attention at times. Reporting to an employee was a fruitless effort, they either couldn't do anything about it or didn't care. Bathrooms were clean and stocked. Seating is comfortable. Prices are comparable to other theaters. There are lights on the ceiling that remain on (but dimmed) thoughtout the duration the movie. I assume so you can see the aisles to get up during the show, but personally I'd prefer them on the floor.

John Jensen

Our favorite place to see a movie. Ultrascreen DLX and Dreamloungers are incredible.

tammy barrett

Had a great time. Clean staff was very efficient will come back again.

chris pont

Love 2 get away 4rm ppl here.

Manfred Ennen

We were the only ones at this show this morning, i would think they would treat us with popcorn or treats its not like your it would hurt but would give you great reviews from the 4 of us P.S senior citizens

Faith Hahn

Love this theatee. Always friendly and helpful employees. The new seating is awesome!

Timmothy Tinman Nelson

I truly felt I was single out due to my race. After arriving, paying and finding my seat, I was approached by a kid working for the theatre, he had two other kid co workers waiting to escort me out, asking about my back pack in the seat next to me, he tells me that my back pack is making other guess uncomfortable. I either could leave it up front, or take it to the car.. I’m here visiting, Waterloo Iowa, so I didn’t drive, I walked a mile in the snow to go see a movie at this theater, I carried a back pack to hold my personal effects such as my cell phones, Bluetooth ear piece, gloves, hat, battery charger for my phone, asthma pump, my wallet. There are no signs that anyone at the ticket counter, concession stand, or the guy who verify the ticket had concerns. So if you you are black..... African American , you no longer can carry a back pack. They never asked to look in the bag, that wasn’t an option. I would have been happy to allow them to look in my back pack to make them feel comfortable. I feel I was profiled because of my race. I felt belittled and humiliated. When I asked for a refund, the manager didn’t even ask why? What’s next women no longer allowed to enter theater with purse.☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Bryan Schaufenbuel

Always love the dream loungers. The ice and snow on the sidewalk was bad

Latish Williams

If you love the movies then this is the place to be! They have the Ultra Screen with lounge seats which are so comfortable. The movies showing are all up to date and snacks are available. There's also early bird pricing available which is great for early morning movie lovers.

Shalaya Garza

Went to see Godzilla King of Monsters today which was great. The receptionist at the ticket counter was very friendly but the people at the concession counter were a bit off putting. It wasn't during a busy time, we went at 4 and were the only people at the counter, and they didn't have some things we wanted like nachos or sugar for my coffee loving mom. (Who orders coffee at the movies? Lol) The pretzels were also hard from sitting under the heat so long even though we were told they were fresh. We didn't complain since we were running a little late and just wanted to get into the movie. It was an okay experience made better by a great movie but I will try not to go around that time and hopefully have an even better experience. My mother said she will continue to go the the Cedar Rapids theater.

Brian Pfaltzgraff

The Dreamlounger experience was great. I am still a bit perturbed about the assigned seating.

Michael Manning

A group of kids/teenagers kept running in and out of the theater during the whole movie. We went at 7:30 on a Thursday. It was very distracting and although the attendants shouldn't have to act as their parents, i was surprised no one said anything (we heard the manager apologize to another family who complained and the manager said they were too busy to do anything). Nice seats and relatively clean.

Cheri Pierce Pierce

Great for movies

Beverly Crawford

Great experience....infact we were the only 2 people in there watching Toy Story

Christa Lampe

Ultra screen is great and super comfy. Good concessions too!

Jessica Murphy

Love the seats,atmosphere,and no lines.

Ken Simmerman

Loved the new seats. Was a very good movie going experience.

Angela Anglin

expensive but had fun


My husband and I go to this theater at LEAST once a week and the staff is always very pleasant but the bathrooms disgust me. It's like a dirty musty urine smell throughout the bathrooms. I try to not have to use the restrooms when I go there, because I usually don't eat where the restrooms are filthy, but during a two hour movie it's kind of hard not to. Please try to fix the issue..

Larry Kriener

All theatres have dream lounger seating. Like sitting in your power recliner at home. This takes away the number of seats, but are much nicer.

Dawn Keown

Loved my first time in stadium seating. Comfy. Huge concession stand. Fun experience!

Linda Benson

Great theatre. Comfortable.

Kevin McRae

Got to love the Dreamliner seats! The theater needs a policy where they assist in each theater to remove squatters who take the seat you just paid for. This happens *every* time we go to a movie at this theater. Some folks move when asked, while others love to bring the drama, which is ironic, but not really fun. Either enforce the seating you have or just go general seating for all! Non-enforecment gets three stars in an otherwise awesome theater.

Jacob Oclair

I love Marcus theaters. They have just upgraded there seating to leather recliners which are super comfy. The theater always has hit movies and fun promotions. I hope some day to see ours get the bar and restaurant like the one in MN.

Brian Hunemuller

love the new seats. Great movies and very comfortable. If you have the rewards it is even better.

Cory Ohara

I love Marcus theater's. The people there are so nice there are poster boards everywhere for new and upcoming movies u can stand by and take pics

Tali Stevens

They finally fixed their handicapped doors! They also started serving beer & wine since I've been here last. From blue moon to budlight, reds & whites..they serve pizza, cheeseburgers, pretzels, etc. Every theatre has reclining loungers & you pick your seat before you get in. . Loving all these upgrades!!

Lisa Tinkey

Get place to watch movies!!! Reclining seats, choose were you want to sit, and they have adult drinks

Clyde Johnson jr

Good place to on Tuesday it's 5 dollars

Jeremiah Amo

Great seats tickets only 5 dollars on Tuesday

kari long

Love the seats......recliners! Seating is great and so is the popcorn.

jerry pint

Nice seats good experience

Robert Tyler

Awsome good inviermeant for kids

Marvin Exson

The movie theaters Loving

Dulce Orozco

All I have to say is "Dream Loungers" they are the best.

Michael Emerson

Nice place to go for $5 movie Tuesdays. They have really invested a lot making improvements like the reclining chairs. I haven't been there on a busy weekend however but a great place to see a movie, especially on Tuesdays when it's cheap and not packed!

Dakoda D Sellers

Clean theater. Watched hundreds of movies here and always come back.

stephanie weber

Had a great time! All theatres are dream lounges now so it was an amazing time!! Staff was great too!

kunal chawla

I didn't enjoy my movie experience because of the lights. I am sorry but I like to enjoy my movie without glare

Megan McFadden

I have a lot of great memories going here on Christmas Day after going to morning Mass and having a brunch like going to Les Misérables in 2012. They have a perfect balance of enough movie choices but not too many movie options to be overwhelming, and the food selection has good popcorn. I recommend trying this movie theater out, especially as a fun get-together or doing something non-traditional for a holiday like what my family does by going to the movie theater on Christmas Day.

Robert Fuller

Nice theater. Dream lounge chairs. Expensive tickets and food

Justin Beall

Love the online ticket buying options. The reclining ultrascreen theater is pretty neat too. Don't miss the early bird special on your day off to miss the crowds at a good price.

Jeremy Gruber

I love the ability to choose your seats ahead of time. The recliners are awesome too!! I love pre ordering my tickets and just printing them off when I get there. The food service is horrible though and people being too dumb to read their tickets to figure out their seat number. I constantly see people in the wrong seats and moving several times before they find the correct seats. I think having someone in the theater to help direct these people would help tremendously. Getting food is difficult because you get in a line and wait awhile and by the time you get to the counter the person running the register leaves and goes to another register. It is embarrassing to stand there and no one even acknowledges you. Other then that everything else is grade A!!

Arealle Erickson

If you plan on going for 5$ Tuesday allow up to 30/45 minutes before the show. Even if you order your tickets before you need to have them printed at the kiosk. Food lines are long but they move pretty efficiently. I love the specials and all the perks of being a rewards member. The seats were amazing we went to the packed Aquaman show and it didn't bother us one bit. There is plenty of space for everyone.

Ron C

My family

Mike Ubben

Expensive but fun. The reclining seats are great for watching a show.

John Venem

Been coming to this theater for many years. They always keep it fresh and up to date. Movie and sound experience is great and new seating is definitely a plus.

Stephanie Strickland

Soooooo comfy and clean.

Mark Wubbena

Best cinema in the area

Adolph Isom

I cannot understand why this place continues to use their dream lounge seating for movies that's not popular. Why wouldn't you treat movie goers of your popular movies to better seating? Whoever is managing this place should be replaced asap. Ridiculous.

Joseph Robledo

The staff had me and my girlfriend waiting in a line that stood completely still for 15 minutes while every other moved like clockwork at the concession stand to the point where I said no to the 5 extra minutes we were told it would take to make our hot dogs. We missed the first 10 minutes of Joker and had to bother our most gracious neighbor about what transpired in order to catch up. It was the first and most demoralizing movie-going experience we've endured in years. I would rather wait for a movie to be on Netflix or free at the public library before I contribute another red cent to this kind of Mickey mouse excuse for a theatre. The only reason they're getting even one star is for the sake of this deservedly scathing review to register.


Went to a new movie and only 10 people in the entire theater. Pretty lit

Will Frost

The best box-office movie experience in the Cedar Valley. The Ultra Screen and it’s lounge reclining chairs are amazing! Now if it only had a bar and restaurant with small plates.... #hinthint

Mike Moore

Great theater. I am always happy going here.

Sophia Adame

Pretty friendly staff. Seats are comfortable. Popcorn could be fresher

Dan Harvey

Love that they now have the reclining dream loungers in all of their theaters. They keep them up pretty good and clean. The big DLX screen is worth the extra for the high definition special effects types. Great sound in all of them I've been in.

Roger Peters

Pretty Pricey admission and Concessions !

Will Barnes

Decent movie selection. Usually not to crowed in movie we go and see but awfully expensive for tickets per person and food and drinks are way over priced...which why give it lower rating.

Jeff Kurth

Theater was okay. We saw a movie on the ultra screen and found out the chairs reclined. That was awesome!

Don Griffin

Endgame was great, senior discount was worthwhile.

Donna Cafferty

Saw the new Spiderman Movie. Good one but we were the only ones who waited till the words were over to see the teaser.

Amwanakickbooty Now

Nice comfortable seats good sound system a very good experience

jasmine Carter

Love the environment and the seats are great

Gwen Berry

Love it.

Tom Jennings

This is run like a business should be run. Clean with staff that knows what they are doing.

Terry Brown

Every theater has leather recliners. The best movie theater around hands down. It's always understaffed but I don't care because I never get any food or drink. In fact I don't even have to interact with anyone there since I buy my tickets online and use the kiosk to print them out.

Yalonda Winston

$5 Tuesdays are the best. Discounted concession items. Thursdays are good too for $5 if you're a student or school faculty member. .

Andrea ChaLee

This place has really grown in the last couple years. They offer awesome deals on movies and snacks which helps when visiting the movies these days. I gave you three stars because there could be friendlier faces at the front desk.

Dusten Rose

Nice theater, comfy seats.

Daryn Salger

Nice theater cozy chairs

Michael Mitchell

Nice seats but way to many lights on during movie. The lights along the steps are to bright. They distract from watching the movie as they are always shinning in the corner of my eyes.

Dean Marie

Movies are always great and the snack choice is marvelous, but the theatre was TRASHED when my friends and I went to a later screening, and even after we went and told someone, nobody did anything. That's not acceptable.

Erin Hill

The new heated dream loungers in the ultra screen theatre are a nice touch. Although the seats are a bit smaller than the previous dream loungers. They are still very comfortable.

Allison Rasmussen

Courteous staff.

Dorothy Desouzaguedes

The Dream Loungers are so roomy and comfortable! What a fantastic upgrade. Also, Tuesday $5 tickets and snack bargains make for an affordable date night.

nuky boi

The seats are nice but show times are odd.

Savannah Hyssong

Amazing dream loungers and easy access to tickets bought online. Nice cinema.

Jeremy Furman

Friendly staff and comfy seats!

Deb Williams

Make sure you buy seats for the right day. We got in the theater but the seats were taken. We had just bought the tickets. Then we were told to and escorted to seats that were open but then they sold them to another couple!! Let's just go back to walk all in and find your seat. Great movie!! Third speaker from the front in the wall away from the enterance is blown.

Heather Lee Crandall

Great service and awesome movie (How to Train Your Dragon 3). The refreshments are ridiculously overpriced though. Seriously, I am not going to pay $5.00 for a cup of soda, even if I do get to refill it for free a whole one time... yeah, feel free to gasp at their "generosity."

James Wahner

Great Show Recliner Loungers! Funny movie. Madea!! Great Popcorn and Beverage!

Misty Bergmann

Love the seating but when I ask for buttered popcorn I hope I get actual butter next time

Sport Plex

Good movies but unbelievably bad food prices

Rhonda Williams

Clean place. Great deals on Tuesday.

Jessica Hahn

I give mad props to the gentleman who cleaned the theater after the movie was over. I will never understand why grown adults cannot manage to clean up after themselves. I could see if the massive mess was from a child, but this destruction was from grown adults. Yes it is his job to get the theater ready for the next show but come on people, he doesn't get paid enough to be your mom too. Other than that rant, I had a blast and all the employees were very nice.

Jeff Sorensen

Family fun and memories

Loni Meier

Love all the new seats.

judy smith

The staff were friendly & helpful. We were in the Ultra Theater so the seats were very comfortable.

Alex Akhoondmirza

Everything is great about the Waterloo Marcus Theaters. I go there all the time and I've never had a bad experience.

Cory Abernathey

$5 Tuesdays can't go wrong...consessions expensive though

Marcelle Jones

Nice upgrades with the recliners just make sure it's a movie you like or else you'll be sleeping in those chairs

Jason Hoffman

Great enough I forgot I was in the getto, hide your pearls on the way out so we don't have any more wannabe Bruce Waynes without the fortunes

Jeff Brockmeyer

Always clean. Good picture and sound quality. Love the dream loungers.

Dinae Greer

Love the chairs !

Ruby Fitzgerald

Very relaxing with reclining seats

Carol Hoskins

I always enjoy Marcus Theatre's.

Trevor Bardessono

Not bad, I like to go in the morning before 11 that way it is only $6.42 with tax unless it is $5 Tues. Plus tax. The last movie I went to there I definitely did not like. It was raved and suggested that I see that particular movie. I just didn't care for it and felt like I wasted my $ even though it was only $6 and change. Still want to feel like my $ was well spent.

Henry Riley

The had very courteous people that worked there. The environment for lounging was very comfortable and the movies are always AWESOME!

Jordan Hutschenreuter

Great place to unwind that's for sure. Clean theaters, high prices for drinks and what not but over all great quality. Definitely will be back there soon.

Cynthia Golden

Good customer service. Friendly staff, positive resolution of issues.

Darla Fowlkes

I go to the movies often. I like the recliners. The prices for snacks is steep but I think that’s all movie Theaters! This is a good one to go to.

brandee pettengill

Love the recliner seating! $5 tuesdays is a great deal too. Concessions are outrageously expensive but i think all theaters are like that anymore.

Jessica Lieb

I love the lounge seating! It's so comfy, and great for couples or parents with kids. The popcorn is pretty average. Prices are just as outrageous as any other theatre. Overall, it's not bad. However, the bathrooms were a revolting nightmare. They smelled awful, the stalls were filthy, and toilets hadn't been checked in a while. I wouldn't make a point of mentioning it, except that it's not the first time I've gone in and seen it in that condition. So... enjoy your movie, but wait until you get home if you have to use the bathroom. Yuck.


Nice recliner seats, best pretzel bites

walker hovey

Comfy seating!

Tony Sharp memes

It's really expensive and the cashier even ripped me off! Stole ten dollars by changing the return cash! But the popcorn is good, terrible candy selection but the movies are amazing! The picture and sound are so nice! And the nice theater room is amazing and soon all rooms will be like that so its so far the best theatre I've ever been too!

Kyle Schares

Grateful for them to get 5 dollars Tuesday of the customer experience to see in there movies theater it soo alsome to have the experience

Alex Davis

Great place to catch a afternoon movie especially in a dream lounger.

Malisa Fender

People were very nice and the new chairs are great.

Bella Frost

As usual the Dream lounger seating is amazing. And the staff is very nice.

tech king

Very fun


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