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2340 Valley W Ct, Clinton, IA 52732

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REVIEWS OF Clinton 8 Theatre IN Iowa

dale smith

Friendly staff, seats are comfortable and the overall experience is fine but not on the same level as the Rave Theatres in Davenport. Clean though prices are high enough but all theatre experiences tend to be.

Alec Evans

Great clean theatre

Sean Doyle

free refills on large soda

Andrew Penniston

Comfortable seating, a friendly environment, easily accessible, and cheaper than AMC.

Diane Heisner

We love this theatre! We go on Tuesdays when movies are just $5. Comfortable seats, clean bathrooms and friendy employees. We see movies a couple of times a month and its consistently great!.

Dennis Gisel

Nice theatre

Daniel Brockett Sr

Needs updated seating and more larger screens

Tricia Petersen

$5 Tuesday's, weeks where families can come for $2, clean, comfortable, and plenty of snack options.

John Grathwohl

Quiet cozy place to watch a movie. Very professional and friendly and helpful and courteous staff great food great prices

Ron P

Nice theatre to see a movie

Ashley Jo

Friendly staff, reasonably clean atmosphere, prices are not insanely high.. about what you expect at a theatre. The building is pretty new and the lobby is very nice. There are arcade style games for the kids.

gazmen jusufi

Nice and clean!

Jennifer Petersen

So nice to have a local theater with multiple screens

Brent Tomman

Very nice theatre, clean, nice people, best theater in area hands down

Debra Luce

My grandson and I enjoyed the movie. Concessions are over priced for quality. Popcorn was almost like it was reheated. Cost more for 2 sodas and popcorn than the cost for admission. Theater was clean for the most part.

Whitney H

Nice place to watch movies! Good popcorn too!

bill alber

Stadium seating with comfortable reclining seats. Always clean,friendly staff...

Jacob Smith

Not a bad little movie theatre and for a fair price. Wish they had a better selection of movies at times but I would recommend it.

Malinda Krebs

A little pricey for a small town theatre.

Linda Weakley

Love show. Friendly courteous staff & comfy seats

Sharon Monaghan

Was good experience.

Guy Williamson

Nice local theater. Can get right in and no overpriced luxury seating that ppl reserve.

Heather Brooks

Great staff

Brian Rahn

Saw a movie with only my wife and son in the theater. The person at the concessions helped carry refreshments to my seat.

Sharon Kavanaugh

Great place

Chris Remrey

Clean and Efficient. Just wish they had more comfy seats!

pradeep maturi

Good place to watch movies

gabe bice



Staff is wonderful. Almost always plenty of seating.

Clayton Schuler

Nice theatre seating, good selection, not hard to find and pretty dang clean for a movie theatre. Food is expensive but that's to be expected (they make only a small fraction of the ticket price, most of it goes to the studios that make the movies).

Wilhemina Road

Staff was horrible. Food was cold. POP was watered down. Bathrooms nasty and toilet seats broken. Cashier at the front was rude and kept smacking her gum. Movie seats were broken and smelt like urine. -1/10 would go again.

jim hill

Great choices of movies

William Burgess

The guy taking money for tickets was real nice.

jd russell

This theater needs a renovation, totally outdated.

Karin Harmsen

Great place - they offered a close caption gadget for my hard of hearing husband, very friendly. Fun movie "Crazy Rich Asians"!

Allyson Milnes

It is my favorite movie theater in the area! Some things seem over priced. But that's most movie theaters. Love the seats, staff, and overall feel of the theater. :)


I have been here many times!!!!!! Its clean, quiet, peaceful, well until that explosion scene comes on!!!!!!!! BOOM

robert wachowski

Nice theater but a bit small

Everyday I Decay Gaming

No Fandango.

Patrick Connor

Clean, well priced,great date spot

Dawn Hemesath

Great prices. Popcorn cold a lot.

Pat Sexton

We really enjoyed it. Movie was great, and the workers were very polite

Vicki Feddersen

The staff is very friendly there I love their popcorn everything is very clean and I enjoy seeing shows

Patsy Banks

This is my neighborhood theater. I visit often. It has always been a pleasant experience, staff are friendly, theatre is always clean.

Debra Witt

Friendly and helpful staff.

Jason Thomas

Highly recommended. Clean courteous staff with good facilities, including comfortable chairs. The popcorn was good w extra butter as requested. Soda came w just right amount of ice. AND I even saw n heard an employee offer to help a mother w five kids to their seats. Quite outstanding I'd say

Gary Vandekamp

The Green Book is a terrific movie. I recommend it to any music & history lovers. Also, the struggle for Blacks in the yet segregated South of the early 60's is very well presented. You will not be disappointed.

Harvie Herrington

Great place, their Tuesday special makes it possible for me to take my family out for a movie and pop corn. Very clean and super friendly staff.

Renee Roling

This is the best theater within 30 miles of me so I do like it. Like others, I wish the seats were reclining considering the ticket price. Hopefully, you all are saving up for the upgrade. The reason for one star off, and others below me have also said it, TURN OFF THE WALL LIGHTS! I know you have to keep the exit sign on (which is annoying in and of itself) but I go to theaters for a theater experience, which is not achieved at all when the dang wall lights are on. It's like watching at home. Seriously.

Bobby Williamson

We love to rent it out for my sons bdays. There all so friendly and the place is super clean. Our favorite outing for sure

Nathan H

Popcorn very cold service was very slow and rude and trash all over in theater!!

David Mulfinger

Theater was ok, it does the job. Seat was broken so I leaned way to far back. Popcorn was yummy and audio/video was good. Bathrooms were pretty clean. It was fairly humid in the theater.

Ashley Foley

Love the $5 movie nights. Clean theater. Variety of treats.

OutdoorOutlaw TV

Awesome movie theater friendly staff

Heather Parks

Overpriced snacks. Average priced movie tickets. Not every movie is offered here. Stadium and handicap seating. The sounds level is average. Great service from ushers, ticket and concession stand employees.

Thomas Havens

Great movies, good popcorn and drinks, clean restrooms.....

Jessica Vaughn

When I called it said they were playing little I get there they are not and they avoided us when we got there

Brandy Young

The only thing. That was a nuisance to me was how bright. The lights were on the wall. Prior to the movie. Blotting out. The screen. And what was showing on. It. It's a nice theatre. Comfortable seats,. Good sound,. And I can't remember the last time this happened. All the kernels were popped on my popcorn

Matt M

As one of the few movie theaters in the area, Clinton 8 has a bit of a corner on the market for a larger multi-screen facility. Good show selection, pricing is ok, but call me old-fashioned when it comes to concession items. Over 11$ for a popcorn and a pop just grinds me...but I understand the need to pay the bills. I guess. But yeah, I will go back!

Karina Nehrkorn

Average theater with non-reclining seats (that I know of currently.) Price was average. Candy and drinks were average. Not bad for a movie theater.

Sheila Stickell

Saw Yesterday. Very chilly in the theater.

Amanda Smith

Love this theater.

Mike Wolfe

Every Tuesday it's $5 movie and free popcorn.


Best place to see movies

Doug Todd

Friendly people nice theater

Anthonee Stickell

A decent theatre. People are friendly, prices are not the best but it's the only movie theater in town, and the the closest ones besides it are more expensive. This is good for weekend moviegoers. The one thing I do not like about it is that they do not get every movie that comes out, even ones that have enough demand to warrant showings in town. I am sure that it has a lot to do with only having eight theaters and being in a small town.

Broderic Nelson

we walked into the theater and it smelled like nobody showered in there and i couldnt even focus on the movie. never coming back

Maria Valkyrie

Nice theater kinda high food prices and cold in the winter

Douglas Macgregor

It's a decent, local place. I wish each cinema was a little bigger, but it's close to home.

David Simms

Very great place to watch movies ,good prices


A bit over priced but overall it's pretty good

Luann Morine

Nice place. Expensive. A lot of games in game area are out of order!

macabre children

the saturday after it was released, I went with some friends to see deadpool 2. I loved the film and I would love to see it again. I always avoid buying snacks/beverages here because they are overpriced for what you get. the theatre is pretty clean and the staff is generally friendly. however, the entire film there was a family behind us with a child who would not be quiet despite my friends and myself telling them to be quiet. the parents were just as bad, playing on their phones and talking the entire film. I’m not sure what you guys could do about this sort of thing as this is something that I have encountered on many occassions, but it definitely ruins the experience a bit.

Grendel Khan

You act like there's another theater in town? Prove me wrong.

Liz Turner

Needs to upgrade seating also needs more space for people to set their drinks and popcorn maybe a table the movie was awesome .

Andrea True

Always pretty clean- theater and restrooms both! And I don't need earplugs because of the volume


Great place i love to go here

Noah Heister

Love this place it is expensive but thats with any theatre and its the best around

whitney cassaday

Good, food is a bit over priced but over all its a very nice place

yadora locey

Very nice theater! Pleasant employees! Comfortable seating! Great all around!

John Juhl

The staff was extremely helpful and nice. Inside the theater room it was clean and quiet. Movie was a good

Justin Tate

This really is a small town theatre. Needs a lot of upgrades and better food/options. Also would like to see employees be more friendly and stop eating/drinking up front as well as acting like teens.

Zach Agnew

Overall is a quiet and decently clean comfortable movie theater. I've always had great experiences here!

Michelle Jager

Good place to see a movie. Smaller but, good seating and well located

Michael Wood

Always been a great theaters

George Cockerham

Local theater, expensive snack bar, always clean.

My Krazy Media

Favorite place to take the kids to a movie.

Rick Wright

Saw Star Wars: the Last Jedi. Comfortable, roomy seats that recline slightly. Nice theater with 8 screens.

Dena Olson

We saw Mary Poppins. 2 adults and 5 kids. It was a most enjoyable movie. The kids sat still for the whole movie. Nice friendly atmosphere. Check it out.

Sckilar Davis

employees at the front counter were very rude also the worst part was the manager was right there and was ignoring the situation I’d rather drive out to Davenport to see a movie

Teresa Dunn

So expensive!

Latoya Gavin

Its an OK theater, just if you want to take the kids, or last min outing its OK. They should get the reclining seats

Michael Anderson

Nice theater. Not very big.

Nate Hutchison

Nice but love to see new carpet

Jennifer Weaver

My favorite movie theater. Friendly, helpful staff and decent prices!

jeff marr

Size of seating was a little snug for persons larger than 200+. Air conditioner was working fine for 90+ degree day.


Good friendly and clean environment

Elle Honeycutt

Seats are great! Staff is friendly! I do not like going to any other theatre...prices are definitely a plus as well!

Terry Bailey

Clean place . great staff

Damian Stingley

Watching 'Logan' during an "emotional" scene, and i can hear things from the movie in the theater adjacent from us. Didn't care because I'm a man and don't cry like a wiener.

george Dryden

Tuesday is $5.00 day at the movies. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful, The theaters are cleaned between each movie showing and my experience is ALWAYS pleasent.

Tami Leavens

Pleased with the movies, and great food, great employees, clean environnement!

Dean Shady

Nice movie theatre ... a little pricey


We just love it here. Movie choices could be better.

Angie Holt

Kids seem to like it here whenever we catch a movie, No complaints for a small town.

Hank Rejlek

Good selection of movies


3 stars cause it's a nice place to take my kiddos. But the choices to watch can be somewhat of a let down.

William Lu

It was clean, and the theatre surround sound was great. Prices on drinks were high, but to be expected.

Jason Paysen

I've been seeing movies here since it opened up and I love it. Yes the food is a bit high prices but oh well I'm over it. I've never had a bad experience with this place

Danelle Hungerford

Very friendly staff. Food and drinks are a bit pricey, but so is every theater. I love that they have $5 Tuesdays, we take advantage of that often. Well kept and clean theater.

julie reckman

It can get rather cold in there, but other than that, we always have an enjoyable experience

Randal DeMeyer

Seats weren't very comfortable

Donna Matson

We like so much we come every Tuesday

Troy Layne

Nice clean theater, tickets are priced fair but expect the snacks to be as pricey as they usually are.

Jasmine Tanner

Movie theater never show black movies ... If you want to see a black movie you have to go to Davenport, Iowa ..... did not have Acrimony or Traffik to latest movies.

Jay Moore

Not to high priced, comfy seats.

myra rhodes

It is ok as we are located close to thw theatre.

Connie Paysen

Very nice theater. Always very friendly with my individual's.

Eric Johnson

Comfortable but sometimes needs better cleaning between shows.

Dory L

Always great experience! Love Clinton 8 Theaters!

Courtney Nicole

Had a great time love the snacks.

Georgios Anastasiadis

Small and dated but nice.

Elaine Brandt

Friendly, very clean, the clarity of visual n hearing was exellent. The theater is highly recommend!

Joshua Hines

It was nice

Shannon Mussmann

Always have a great time. If problems occur due to rowdy or unruly children the manager takes care of it. Place is always clean and staff are great.

Terri Fierce

Great place to see movies

Loretta Arnold

Nice Theatre

April Herring

Great theater with really reasonable prices!!!

Jennifer Trich

Its the only game in town

Richard Paul

It's okay. Clean, and cozy

Murry_Murr Holzerland

Good Tuesday deals

Ryan Cummings

Nice theater, clean and great selection of movies.

Haley Jae

They're a bit too pricy when it comes to food, but other than that they always have good movie choices, and people are usually considerable and quiet during the movies, and the restrooms are quite clean.

Scott murray

Been going to this theatre a long time, well at least for me, and it does exactly what I need it to do friendly people, quality seats, decent prices especially on 5 dollar tuesdays

Linda Archer

Very good

Joy Klavenga

Wish they had more Christian movies.

Brandon Garcia

Was a decent place.

Jim Ferry

Good comfortable and clean

Rita Garshak

Fun day or night out. Always friendly service from employees. Clean bathrooms and the popcorn always fresh.

Brenda Doty

Very clean an friendly staff

Jay Johnson

Saw a good movie but I could hear the movie from next door at times. They're ticket prices are a few dollars higher than a theatre at another town. Also not affiliated with either Atom Movies or Fandango for online ticket purchasing options.

JoAnn Hunt

Comfy seating and good movie

Wes Salmon

Cozy and clean

Thomas Striley

Great place. Wish they would put in recliners and cheaper snacks.

nathan diss

I don't live here anymore but I still enjoy this theater

Kathy Massingill

The seating is very comfortable.

Bernie Carroll

Good screen. Sound left a little to be desired

Joe Kennedy

Clean and great service for the most part

melissa cutler

Good movie's

Susan Bloom

Nice clean theater. Good parking.

Levoi Dannatt

Its the only one close to me but its always clean and friendly

Fred Phillips

Great visual and audio. Nice seating too. Good rates ... Especially on Tuesday

Ashtyn Kudelka

I loved seeing will smith dressed in drag AND breakdancing IN ONE MOVIE!!

Tishly Herrington

On Tuesdays if you buy a popcorn, you get a free drink and the movie is a bit cheaper.

Joe Ottens

Best popcorn around

Nana Campana

Tuesday $5 movies and free popcorn is great for all families with fix income THANKS a lot

Melissa Davis

Great place


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