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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Altoona and XD IN Iowa

Betzaida Vega

Drove 45 minutes to go to this theater and once we got there we paid and proceeded to watch "It:Chapter 2" and right before we got to the actual movie, we got told we could not watch the movie because our son was too young but didn't even bother to ID a girl in front of us that looked younger than the age needed. Will stick to going to AMC

Amanda Bullard

My kids' first movie theater experience and they loved it! The cashier was super friendly with the kids, made them laugh. Comfy seats and yummy popcorn!

Doris Boyd

Like going here but wish the seats were little bit bigger to accommodate bigger people

Paul Sawyer

The staff was very pleasant. The movie was great! Will be back.

ray lumley

Got passes from work, tried using them online and couldn't so I called to see if they could do it via the phone and the manager was rude and wouldn't even try to work with me. So called the Ames theater instead who was willing to work with us and very understanding. Won't be back to the Altoona Theater.

Michael Fitzlaff

Best place to see a movie, now if they offered a remote to mute people talking...that would be great.

Indigo Meadows

Went and saw Endgame at this Cinemark. The place was packed! It is an average movie theater and they offer your normal popcorn, candy and sodas. The way they have the sodas arranged is a bit inconvenient as you must wait in line to fill up (it is self serve soda) after waiting in line to order it. The theater itself was great, I love the big, comfy reclining seats and cup holders. The one star taken away is because the popcorn and soda prices are always really high. Would go again easily!

G Hansen

Very good theater

Nancy Hawk

Love this place 1st time there staff was great

Brandon German

The experience was great overall, but it was uncomfortably warm in the theater, like they shut off the A/C at the start of the movie.


Always appreciate the seating. Comfy, roomy, adjustable so I can recline sitback and enjoy the show!

Ken Appleby

Pretty good movie experience!

Nick Snow

That movie theater was amazing. It was super comfy and the movie was extremely loud. That's a good thing the audio was crisp clear and impactful. You could feel the base and every single low audio pitch. There's a large selection of food to buy as most cinemark. The people are friendly and don't look like they want to die. Prices are a little out there but for the level of comfort and amazing sound quality it's definitely worth it. Best movie theater in the area.

Eric Kain

A nice and shiny new theater that is always clean with plenty of ways to print off or purchase your tickets, the lines are never too long and I never have any troubles there.

Brianna Carlson

The managers are super neat-o

Gary Hulme

Great theatre....after my movie...found out I left my lights on ( cause of rain). My car battery was of theatre staff came out in rain and brought his car and jumpstart my car....that was very nice and helpful.

Arcelia Marquez

Its was berry good

Amila Saric

Three people were being distracting during the movie and were rightfully warned but after these people were warned the employees stayed and walked around the theater for the entire movie. Multiple times during the movie they talked to people and disrupted the movie. It honesty made me feel like we were being treated like children being babysat. Nearer to the end of the movie the people directly in front of me were asked to leave for seemingly no reason. When I say that they were asked to leave for no reason I mean that these people could have been the model of perfect behavior, no talking, sitting still, watching the movie. I felt insulted when I left the movie and I feel that the employees ruined my experience.

Kingbutternubs Jr.

Ugh the seats were horrible. My cousins had to share a seat because a lady took our spots and my mom was about to sit on the other row of seats. There were loud people behind me as I watched the movie.

Tyler Evers

A/C in the main XD theater was either broke or not on during my last visit which was extremely uncomfortable. Normally a 4/5 star experience depending upon how much prices matter to customers. Staff is nice and theater quallity is top notch.

Dylan Smith

Great place to grab some food and watch a movie. Comfy reclining chairs and you can reserve seats.

Clark Melohn

Love the seating and ease of getting tickets on line.

Anthony Smith

Nice place comfy Sears they have recliners here.

Travis Bell

Between this one, and Jordan Creek, I love having Cinemark options so close. Comfy recliners and awesome sound. I go here frequently.

Summer Roper

Seats are really nice, concession isn't bad, and it's usually pretty clean. I've given it three stars instead of four because of the speed bump in front of the building. We were going slow and our car still drug. After us, someone else's did the same thing. I'm hoping our car doesn't have major problems from it. They know it's a problem, they need to spend the money to fix it. If they don't, I guarantee someone will sue them for their car repairs. While sitting in the parking lot, while my husband checked the car, I heard four other cars scrape. At the very least they should put a sign.

Timothy Butler

Awesome movie experiences! :-)


This place is very family friendly. There is an arcade while you wait to be seated. Many concessions, and a little shop with all the most recent movie merchandise. All around warm environment and everything is clean.

Lynn Lively

If you have a problem bringing up your tickets on your device, management will help you. Bring the card you used to purchase the tickets too. The manager that helped us was awesome!!

Brad Jefferson

This is a really nice theater. All of the seats are power recliners and the video and sound quality are excellent. You can buy a beer or a glass of wine to enjoy with your movie. We have seen multiple movies here and will be back for future movies. My only complaints are standard for any theater; people seriously need to shut off their phones and not talk throughout the movie.

Trevor Harnack

Comfy seats and an efficient setup for snacks and drinks.

deb miller

Very comfortable seating. Recline and enjoy the show


Expensive but clean. Theater seating was great.

Kevin Halfpop

Very nice seating, clean bathrooms.Eat well before you go.$$$ Infairnes all movie theaters food is way over priced

Gerald Washington

The best theater you will love it

Marcus Jackson

I enjoy going to see movies at this theater. The actual rooms and reserved seats are great. My only issue is that the restrooms are always filthy and some facilities do not work. Hoping management reads this review and does the necessary fixing to maintain this place of business.

Ben Zilla

I've just spent 20 minutes arguing with a manager. A while back I had to leave a movie cos their projector broke. So they gave me a movie pass. Now they're telling me my movie pass won't work on a movie unless it's been out for 2 weeks first. So much for taking care of the customer. She just wrote down my pass # and walked a we at without saying anything at all. Update: I've been standing here for 30 minutes now. Still waiting. This is insane. These people are so rude. They won't do anything to help you and their clearly apathetic when it comes to helping their customers.

Josh Heath

This place is always a great time! One thing I will say . Never sit in the front row! Such an awful view but they were the only seats left. Lesson learned. Still love this place..

michelle wilcox

Not very polite people in the consession area.i usally love this place

Jared Mellody

Good theater nice fancy electric seating. Prices could be lower and they a a little cheeper on Tuesdays.

Cm Mc

Went last night for Avengers. I understand it was busy, but the men's bathroom had NO SOAP IN ANY DISPENSER. I asked an employee who said they would send someone to refill them, and waited for a while. Still no soap. It is disgusting. That should have been priority number one. My stomach is still churning thinking about employees using the bathroom, wiping themselves, maybe touching the door handles and faucets, to just rinse them off with water and then scoop up popcorn. I hope there is a faucet in the concession area for them, but didnt look. I threw my popcorn out. Who knows how long they were out of soap? I ended up washing up in a unisex bathroom. Thoroughly disgusted with that place.

Conrad James

This is our place to getaway and enjoy a early Saturday or Sunday afternoon, together watching a movie eating popcorn washing it down with a tall cup of pop.. what a wonderful way to spend the day with my wifey.

Debra West

Great details for a movie theater. Starbucks, wine, pretzels and cheese are the best! Pricy!

Jared Howat

Terrible. Worst theater experience ever.

IX Stripes

Stadium seating. No more heads in the way. Clean and comfortable place. Friendly staff.

J fmdevil

This is an excellent theater. The sound and picture quality are great, and the comfortable luxury loungers allow you to just kick back and really enjoy the movie. Another thing to note is this theater finally entered the 21st century and adopted assigned seating, so if you buy your tickets in advance you will already know that you have a seat that you are comfortable with. The price is very reasonable as well, it was only $9.25 for a regular movie (3d is more), and a matinee is $8.00. looking forward to coming back soon and watching Avengers Infinity War.

Brooke Kienast

If you disliked going to the movies because of the seats.... you need to try Cinemark in Altoona! The reclining seats are comfortable and a drink in the hand doesn't hurt. This movie theater is my new go to place for any movies!

Emily Covault

Wasn't a fan of the movie we saw but the atmosphere is great the seats are amazingly comfortable. Prices aren't horrible for what you get either. Will definitely be back

Jonathan McCann

Love the recliners and the big screen. Popcorn is not the best and concession prices are higher than other theaters around. Connection theater rewards are not that great.

Scott Swacker

Nice comfortable seats. REALLY pricey concessions. Movie theaters are notorious for expensive popcorn but this place was a step above the usual price. Took my 2 kids to weekday matinee and bought the popcorn special and spent over $50.

Jay Wenzel

Not so much a Theater complaint but there's no mention of shutting your phone off and shutting your face during the movie and people seem to take that as permission to be as rude as possible. I ended up yelling at a dude last time I was there because he kept getting on his phone.

Karen K

Love the reclining seats and great movies.

Jon Schlatter

We are a movie going family and frequent this place often. Overall a good theater, like the larger and reclining chairs and good selection of movies.


Great theater, great staff, great food options, and comfy seats. What else could you ask for, excellent theater all around!

Jenny lovan

❤ Tuesday's so affordable.

Deborah Fogle

Very nice people. Layout is great ,seats are very comfortable .Concessions are pricey, but in line with all other venues.Alcoholic beverages are available if you are so inclined.Online ticket ordering makes it quick with very little line waiting.

Tess Dieter

The movie theater is so boujee. The seat are comfortable and recline. The food is delicious. The tickets aren't as expensive as other places that have the same amenities. They always have the newest movies and are very friendly and helpful. It is a very nice movie theater and I hope I go again soon.

Evelyn Briggs

Love the reclining seats!

Bette Bartsch

My grandson is 6 & we both love to go to this place for the comfort.The staff is always very helpful & nice.

Jennifer Manuel

Great theater. I enjoy the reclining seats. So comfy!

Maureen Backstrom

Loads of good things to eat (snack food like hot dogs, chicken strips, ice cream) drinks and popcorn, of course, so you can eat while watching your favorite flick. Refills on drinks are $1 with your movie receipt. Take care to not lose it. Food is $$, like most theatres prices but pretty tasty. Pick your seats out when buying tickets. Seats are marvelous like Lazy Boy with headrest--so comfortable! The movie club is worth looking into so check it out on-line. Great action see WIDOWS and ROMANTIC, A STAR IS BORN

Steven Sprague

Big reclining chairs, reserved seating (if you like that) nice picture and great sound even in the smallest rooms. Only negative is pricey concessions, but hey they serve adult beverages.

Paul Ellis

clean nice place. seats were super comfy. staff very pleasant.

Michael Burgan

I really like this theater, the comfortable chairs, that recline are great.

k Adams

Always have a good time. Nice and clean establishment.

Michele Hegna

Staff is always friendly and they have a great variety of snacks there!! The theater is always very nice and kept clean!

Fatme Jaydar

I love this place

Melissa Reyerson

One of my favorite theaters due to the recliner seats, Cinemark club, ease of reserving tickets online, and craft beer.

Dan Mathews

Great place to see a movie

Ashley Sholley

I love this theatre so comfortable and sound system is great but you get what you pay for, it's a little pricey so be prepared to spend at least $35-50 on just two people


Love to see movies here, friendly people. Good food

Isaac Meyer

This is a great Movie Theater and the seats are really comfortable and they even recline. The food is great and it is a fun spot to hang out with friends and watch a movie.

Jayme Marquardt

I had to wait so long for my concessions that I missed the beginning of my movie. I don't know if they were short handed or what but the line was super long and this was on a Wed night. No apology, no explanation. Besides that it is a lovely theater with very comfortable seats.

R Ki

1-19-2019 the place was a complete mess. Trash everywhere. Trash cans in the hallway were over flowing with contents spilling onto the floor. There was popcorn all over the theater and our seats. I won't be back.

Laura Love

Love this theater. Clean, nice staff, snacks, Starbucks, little toys or items to remind you of your movie or trip there. Fun times there.

Royal Corbin

Great movie experience... parking, showtimes available online or phone

Stephanie Andrews

I absolutely love this theater! They have large reclining leather seats with cup holders, very spacious, fast service, many restrooms, and offer a movie club membership for $8 a month and you receive a fee movie ticket every month, which pays for itself!

Elizabeth Burciaga

The place is great, however the manager its somewhat unprofeasional to handle some situations.

Vu Vo

Best theater around Des Moines Area. Seats are very comfortable!

hailey eve

Always have a good experience when I go there

Wally Kenison

Great reserving seats online with the cinemark app always get our favorite seats do have to reserve a few days in advance clean and the seats are very comfortable only problem was a person close was so comfortable she was snoring lol

Stephen Smith

Nice staff.

livingthefreelife G

Everyone should watch movies in power recliners and in such a clean and we'll kept movie theater once in their lives to know how good going to the movies can be

Shannon Watts

This is my favorite theater. Good location, easy to get to. Love the reclining seats, they are nice and spacious. I appreciate the fact that you reserve your seat, and know exactly where you're sitting. Food and drink items are always fresh, can be a bit pricier depending on order. Employees are always very friendly and helpful.

Zoe Meek

It's about how you would expect, I don't usually go to movie theaters but there's always exceptions. I don't particularly care for the way the snacks / drinks are set up, but that's just because I never get anything so I wasn't sure if I could just skip going through the whole string of stuff. Ended up just going right into the hall to find my movie and I wasn't told it was bad so I guess that worked out. I will say, I know stuff is silly and over priced, but I do love that you can get Toys, shirts, etc at this place.

Will Kaptain

Rawr (cinemark altoona and) XD

Alix Guillaume

Love this theatre so much! Comfy chairs, lots of options food and drink-wise. I also have the membership and I love it!

Doug Bockover

Incredibly comfortable seats, but really overpriced concessions. I also HATE having to pick your seats ahead of time. If you've never been there before you'd have no idea what the theatre looks like and would not know what seats were good. Seats should be given first come first serve. If it wasn't for the seating and the concession prices I would've rated it 5/5 but those two issues drag the score down to 3/5.


Nicest theater seats my behind has ever had the pleasure of resting on.

Kayla Baldwin

Nice setup but needs some cleaning in general area

Justin George

Best theater in greater Des Moines. Amazing leather reclining seats. Highly recommend.

Gjs Gfn

This theater is fantastic and has a great comfy set up. Ive been here twice this week. As far as staff goes, Kim did a great job and the teenage boys working concessions and podium (Chris)... Very unprofessional. Simply put I guess you shouldn't expect much from Altoona teens at their first job? I've worked every type of job and even when customers are confused, be sweet because they are paying customers. Earlier in the week I was very impressed with the day staff. Concessions this time and the time of day changed everything and now I think id rather go to copper creek, where I'm more familiar with pricing, get a student & veteran discount and feel generally respected by the staff. This date night was a splurge, it was our monthly dinner and a movie, and the experience was still good however irritating it was to get into the movie itself

Kayjai James

Movie was great staff was nice the food was freash

M Bartz

No issues chairs were so comfy I passed out. Popcorn had a butter bar which is awesome. Sound and screen was excellent.

William Cooper

I love this place! Every movie I see here is awesome. The seats are comfy and spacious.

Cheri Braman

Enjoyed the movie. The seats are incredible. Popcorn was delicious, there is nothing like hot buttered theater popcorn. Everyone was cheerful and helpful. Can't wait to go back.

Sarah Bierce

Super comfy. Great viewing experience. They need to list prices of their snack combos.

Jake Barnes

Awesome newer theater with all the amenities! Reserved seating ensures you and anyone else with you can stick together and be right where you want to be. All the usual concessions but in a self serve and checkout isle style which was great. Plus you can even grab some beer for your movie! Yeah maybe ballpark prices but nice to have something for the adults to sip on! Reclining leather loungers! What!? You can even turn it into a loveseat! I normally leave a theater with a numb leg and annoyed that I had to sit next some stinky dude, but not here! Will be going back!

Sandra Cluck

I had a wonderful time. I hope they make another dounten abby.

Josh Buffum

Awesome theater with nearly every option one expects from a 5 star theater.

Matthew Sellers

Great, perfect chairs, great corn, wish it had Pepsi products but dont like the selling of alcohol at any theater. Other then that I'd of ranked it 5 star, good experience.

Rachael McDonald

Seats are great and comfy! Popcorn is day-old, cold and chewy, though.

Matthew Frideres

My favorite theater, staff is friendly, theater always clean, reserved seating in luxury loungers, on the weekends they usually have a police officer for extra security.

Tracy Stamper

Great place for a matinee. Not too busy and theatres are awesome. Comfy seats that recline with a push of a button.

Donny Rudd

Awesome reclining leather seats.

Martha Rowley

This is a great theater. Lots of movie rooms and great chairs that rock!its very clean and family friendly. A good concession stand with lots to choose from a bit pricey though! But I recommend highly!

Janet Gay

A little costly but the theater was very nice and the reclining seats are very comfortable.

Sarah V

I was so happy they had BTS playing here. The recliner's are prerty nice and cozy too.

Carrie smith

Amazing food selection and great seating

Maria Peterson

Great space! Clean and so fun for the whole family! The reclining seats were a hit! We will go back for sure!!!

Amanda Lee

Seen the new Halloween movie. Movie was amazing, seating was great love the comfy reclining chairs. Food and beverage is easy to do and prices are very fair! Staff is friendly and welcoming.... Great place highly recommend it!!!

Jazz Cason

Love it... the movie club is a great subscription

Allan Keller

Comfortable seats. Like options for concessions including beer.

Pam Prohaska

Great place to see a movie. Concessions are expensive like all theatres. Love the luxury loungers.

Matt Jergens

Very nice place. Comfortable and the sound system was great.

Vinnie Chase

Really clean movie theater with comfortable big cushy leather chairs that recline out. The movie screen is very clear and clean I highly recommend this place.

Jason Brady

Comfortable seats. No "waiters" so refills cost you movie time. Pizza was meh. Popcorn barely warm. Sam's 76 was cold and decently priced.

Allen Smith

What a great theater. Chairs are so comfortable I fell asleep but had a great nap.

Charles Furrey

Comfortable seating and good popcorn. Also offering movies you can take kids to enjoy without the sex and violence.

jack steele

This place is fantastic. You sit in a Recliner and there's plenty of room

Kevin Miller

Theater 5 had a malfunction. Staff wouldn't issue refunds or exchanges. Bad handling overall.

Julio Jurado

Great sound system

Jackson Doyle

Charged a little to much also map on website is messed up

Sami Bodine

Only movie theater I use best seats in town

Crystal Conroy

Make sure to become a movie club member for great savings.

Blair Hall

Chairs and movie was great. Concession line is kinda confusing but other then that great experience.

Liz Tarr

Best movie theater in the Des Moines metro hands down!

Craig Gates

Great theater. One of my favorites to go to. Great seats and sound. Beautiful screens.

rhonda zarr

It's so beautiful and provides so many options

Melissa Pagel

Always a good time

Pattif 61

Great reclining seats, huge concession selection and audio and video are top notch.

Justin DenHartog

The Altoona theater has been open for a while but I have always been true to Flix Brewhouse here in town. Tonight I watched a movie here and it was great. Seats are comfy location is right off the highway for easy access. If I didn't live in Waukee, I would go here more often.

Lory Kerner-Billups

Can't wait until my next movie.

Shaunell Ranglin

Fantastic! Comfortable. Love the seats.

Nicky Lian

Great place to see movies,

Ben Glover

Friendly staff, comfy seats, great movies! Expensive food...

Evander Stieler

Very helpful staff, good movie selection, great overall building and theater quality, and plenty of parking! My only complaint is that it is a little ways out, but i'll manage.

zam te

Biggest screen in DSM. Comfortable chair. Convenient store. Very good view. Excellent!

Dani Clair

Clean place. Seats are great, plenty of room, reclining. Concessions are pricey, but I think every theater is anymore. Great movie experience

Tammy Howard

Love this place. Service is fantastic and very clean.

Double S

I like the reclining seats and the price is fair for tickets and concessions but I cannot give them 5 starts due to the moth problem and lack of staff. On a weekend I can tell they are short staffed. I go here weekly but only because it's close to my house.

Jacob Feld

Really nice theater. New and clean. The seating is the best even if you're not in the center you can't really tell and the chairs are super comfy. The prices are atrocious as all theaters are but the Cinemark club makes it a bit better. The only complaint I truly have is that the staff rubs me the wrong way. But they're mostly high schoolers that come and go so meh.

Jedre Moore

Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Love seeing movies here. And you can never beat the price.

Mechanical Machine

Awesome theater. It was packed, but the staff kept the lines moving steadily. This is my go to theater. :)

Wayne Anderson

We enjoy having a movie theater in the town we live in finally. I wish concession stand was laid out better. It's not good for large amounts of people to move through. The bar area in front of concession stand is a big waste of space. It could have been designed and laid out better.

Kevin Munoz

Always full. Good sign for them. Popcorn is always served with just enough butter and salt. The beverages are always balanced between syrup and water.

Aja Porter

We love going to all Cinemark theatres but love this one the most around here. It was built for the recliners, rather than having them put in after like most of the theaters. Staff is friendly and helpful. Popcorn can be expensive, but it works out if you attended on discount days. They always have lots of times for the best movies and make purchasing tickets easy.

Donald Steger

Nice clean place.

Linda Biagioni

Great place. But could you please turn volumn down? When kids complain how it is hurting there eats must be loud.

CntrlLtDlt arenuts123

I went to see pilgrims progress it was awesome I loved it

Dave Backstrom

Very nice new theatres. Seats recline with foot rests are very comfortable. Be sure and sign up with their movie club to get free stuff including tickets. Prices of food items are $$$ high. No longer will people with large purses be allowed in movie. Pick out seats when paying. A nice feature! One decent movie playing about a dog's view of life which was sort of sad but realistic. Other features looked like horror films and/or vile or violent films not worth seeing. Too many of these movies made now. Had popcorn and pop also high priced.

whitney smith McIntosh

I went here to watch Unplanned. I was very impressed that they had the movie and I was glad that they let us get tickets ahead of time. Theater was packed for this movie.

James Nicholson

Great cinema been here 3 times now and will be going again joining the club is a great idea too get a free ticket every month and 20% of your condiments always clean and the seats are great very comfortable

Dana Sadler

We were so excited to see a movie in a theater again, as I have a disability and am only comfortable for extended times when reclined. So finding a theater with reclining seats was a thrill! We purchased seats in the front row, thinking they world only offer them if they were a good way to watch a movie. They were horrible!! We were way too close to be able to see the entire screen, so often missed a lot of what was happening. All 4 of us had neck aches for days after we were there. Using the restroom was difficult at best since I could not fit (& I am 138 lbs., 5'6") having straight ahead with my walking stick between the front "wall" and other people's reclined feet! The theater and restrooms are dirty and full of litter on floors with overflowing garbage cans everywhere--all at 12 noon! We were surprised and disappointed up say the least. Won't go back here anytime soon.

Kale Freilinger

I love this theater. Power recliners, great snack selection its amazing

Shayla straight

Comfortable seats, very clean throughout.

Sheryl Byrkett

This was our first time here, seemed pretty clean. great concession options, the chairs are super comfy. The only thing I would make a bad comment on is I went back out to concession area right before movie was to start and there was only one person to handle a fairly busy time.

Kimberly Steil

We were shocked when we found out they had Tuesday special price. Love it there!!!

Dave Corbett

We have been several times and there are always moths flying around which is very distracted. When we saw Ad Astra there was a cricket chirping away during the quieter space scenes which takes you out of the story. Hire an EXTERMINATOR please!


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