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1698 Exchange St, Okoboji, IA 51355

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REVIEWS OF Cinemagic Great Lakes 7 IN Iowa

Mike Hawkins

Good service and comfortable seating.

Colleen Duranceau

The movie theater itself was nice, comfortable, and Good Boy's the movie was a 10. So funny. I gave this a 4 because, of the staff. They were very cold towards us. It seemed as though we were annoying them by coming in to watch a movie. I understand if you have a bad day however, to have both workers be very gruff towards you is off putting.

Travis Hammervold

James McDonald

Comfortable seats with good movies

paula deuel

Nice clean and friendly....

Nate Ward

kylin the subscriber

David Loebig

Good ticket pricing. Digital projectors. No distractions.

John Bailey

Daniel Fox

Shawn Olsen

Don Delgado

brad horstman

$5 dollar Tuesday!!!

Robert Bonham

Good deals on Tuesday

Sarah Alexander

Classic staple for random nights out with the family. Popcorn kinda sucked tho.

Ryan Pavelko

Kinda spendy

Ron Hyvari

Wonderful small town theater. Good concession prices!

Tracy McNair

Nice place. Very clean but anyone who is a little over weight is gonna find the seats very narrow. My mom couldn't even fit in the seats. We had to get a refund. They need some bigger seats, at least maybe one row. Ridiculous!!

Brance Frehse

Nice place

Wendy Rogotzke

Great theater, reasonable prices. Minus one star for the amount of times the staff walked through the theater durring the movie.

Sara Allen

Michael Martens

Sorry. Terrible service

Mark Stover

Karla Kopsas

Nice movie theater

Diane Meyer

Theater seats are to small. The cup holders are hard on your hips when you go to sit down.

Nicky V

I've never had a negative experience at this theater; employees are always friendly and helpful and theater, as well as all the auditoriums, are always clean and maintained well. I can always count on Great Lakes Cinema 7 to offer first-run movies on their nation-wide release date and don't have to wait weeks before finally catching the latest films. Another big draw to Cinema 7 is the seven screens, offering a decent array of current releases, from family-friendly to adult horror to drama, and everything in between. It's a bit disappointing that indie or art house films aren't shown here, but considering the location, I can't and won't hold it against the theater for this. Their concessions and variety of snacks and treats are top-notch. The only reason I took one star off of this review is because the theater currently doesn't offer online ticket sales. Personal inquiry has the theater slated to offer online ticket sales by the end of this year (2018) or early next year, which will surely be appreciated by movie membership holders of Sinemia like myself. Until then, I'll have to continue using MoviePass; however, each time I use this service to check into the theater, I predict it'll be the last time I'm able to as they continue on the downward spiral of an unsustainable business model. Cinema 7 will remain my favored theater in the area, and it will be that much better once I can purchase tickets online.

Jed Siegwarth

Many different movies at one time, seats are tight and concessions are pretty pricey.

Ruth Albrant

I Always Enjoy the movies here! Sooo Comfy!

Sherwyn Greenfield

Tren Dennis

Positive atmosphere! Love it!

Ian F

Pegleg Swantoon

I have never had a truly bad movie going experience here, the price of the concessions is high, but considering the movie studios take almost every penny of a movie's box office these days, the price has to be high enough to cover the theater's overhead

tracy nielsen

nice theater, needs some updating and new carpet. why did you not get new seats that the arms go up? excellent feature at the southpark 7 in spencer.

Autumn S

Courteous staff, good prices and nice comfortable seating. My son lost his wallet here with quite a lot of money and they found and returned it. I’m very grateful and impressed with the kindness and honesty of the staff.

Mitch Zinnel

Amy Svoboda

I liked the chairs that rock, but some seats were filthy.. but enjoyed the movie

Jack Petersen

Clown King

Robert McKevitt

Great place all around. A little expressive but still competitively priced. This is our 2nd go to movie theater if the one we like isn't showing the movie we want. This movie theater has more of a movie selection with 7 screens

Paul Nelson

Raymond Rivera

Tehra Drost

Dan Robertson

Good clean theater

Sam Odendahl

It was an amazing experience could've been a bit colder in the theater however

Charles Oleson

The staff are not very friendly; a week or two before Halloween, on a Sunday afternoon, a friend and I went here, and i tried to engage the guy who sells tickets in small-talk, as he used to work in the Worthington, MN theater when we had one there. He looked at me like, why the hell are you talking to me and replied just as nastily. The two girls at the counter were just as bad: when we tried to be friendly and commented on the refill bucket we brought along, rather then be friendly back, they looked at us like they would rather spit on us. Tried to connect with the/a manager via phone, but it never worked out.


Cute theater, very friendly employees!

Hugh Hazelett

Luis Lugo

Theater was nice

Heather Nase

Movie screens and seating are pretty good. This is a great movie theatre to go to if you're trying to save money because their popcorn is disgusting. Spencer and Milford theatres are much better for food, but McDonald's is right down the street from here so it has a good location.

Aaron Bayerkohler

Friendly staff, good food options, and comfortable theaters. PS - the people complaining about prices must not go to many movies because the prices are typical.

Victoria Blanchette

Teresa Sorensen

Joshua Duerksen

Clean facility, courteous staff, and plenty of parking. With several movies playing at a time, there's a decent selection to choose from at reasonable times.

Mason Vandenbrink

It's a pretty nice movie theater obviously like most during theaters it is quite expensive for any sort of food or drink the theaters themselves are nice the screens are clear the stereo system is nice but they packed the seats really close together not very much legroom if you are 6 foot tall

Jordan Loes

Very updated small local cinema!

Cindy Dagel

They have some great deals daily and their bucket deal is great

Judy E Johnson

Tighe Herren

Lori Haffner

Another great movie...Cinema 7 always has a great selection movie choices...(but so tired of immature rude disrepectful teenagers and young adults)

Brandon Barthel

Brian J

Theater is ok, but the food and snacks are REALLY overpriced. Expect to pay the same for popcorn / a drink that you will for a movie ticket. Plus they won't give you even a small cup for water. You can either buy one of their bottles of water for $3 or a small pop for the same price. Ripoff.


Comfortable seats. Good quality theater

Marlin Olson

Clean..?? Its a movie theater

Michelle Clark

Jake Blomster

Great staff and very clean.

A Milk Man

Remake of pet cemetery was good and scary.

Amber Turkett

The experience at this theater was ruined by the incredibly rude man at the ticket counter. There was no greeting, just his miserable "I have somewhere better to be" scowl. He audibly sighed at me and my family while we took a beat to decide on a movie to see, despite no one else waiting behind us. Everyone else was pleasant. Hopefully this gentleman just woke up on the wrong side of his mom's basement and doesn't treat all of the customers with such disdain.

Serena Dean

Darla Van't Hul

Comfy seats!

Mahmoud Ezzat

Theodore Cromwell


Debra Robinson

The Art of Driving in the rain was great movie. Clean friendly place watch a movie.

Kris Green

Friendly and helpful employees.

Dee Meyer

Too loud.

Carol Wilson

Ryan Petersen

Seats arw comfortable but not enough room between rows of your over 6ft

Dominic White

Very good place to sit down and watch a movie

Barry Williams

Great movie theater but everyone is higher with food cost and tickets. You get what you pay for and I feel it's worth it.

Kathy Batman

Good movies. Fresh pop corn.

SusiePie13 !

Todd Gordon

Very clean and comfortable chairs. Friendly employees.

Wanda Olson

Karyn Engebretson

I think you should go back to listing your movies in the paper. Much more convenient for moviegoers.

Brandon Sire

Ticket prices are reasonable but they are not really family friendly whatsoever when it comes to concessions. You blow $30 plus bucks on concessions and they wont give you extra small paper popcorn bags so you can divide your large popcorn up for your kids. Silly from a customer service standpoint. Although some staff was friendly, others weren't so much so. Probably wont come back for a movie next time we're in town.

Jordyn Tepfer

I love and enjoy your theater but I feel like the snacks and tickets to the movie are very high priced.

Grant Sincox

Our family went here to watch a movie on a rainy day. Two of us went to one movie, while the other three went to another. The movie my brother and I went to was having trouble playing, so after about half an hour they apologized for the wait and gave each of us three coupons: Free popcorn, free admission, and free child admission. They also gave us a full refund and let us go into any movie we wanted without charge. The staff was very professional and courteous and I would recommend this theater to anyone who was looking for a movie in the Okoboji area.

Robert Nagel

Matthew Theisen

Al. M.R.W.

It's the only movie theater for spirit lake. It's decent but nothing fancy.

Danielle Lyn

Dawson Frink


Ethan Untiedt

A great theater, prices are reasonable and seats are comfortable.


We took my grandson to the theater over the holidays. Our grandson is deaf and asked for a "closed captions" emitter and they don't have one. Acted like they didn't care. Returned the 3D eye glasses they next day and appoliged for the kids bringing them home and not even a "thank you"


Good service, decent location, and the most recent movies. Comfortable seating and good popcorn.

Ben Boyles

Zoey Jones

A couple of my friends and me went to a 9:40 show. They live way way out in the country and we’re 10 minutes late. When we tried to open the door they were closed and the night manager came over and said that we couldn’t come in because they were closed And was very rude about it.To which I replied we were ten minutes late to the movie and your not letting us in? None of us had coats on and it was 17 degrees outside. After an hour and a phone call they let us in so the movie was almost completely over. We watched about 45 minutes of it and they made us pay full price. Very responsible people right there not letting kids come in at 10-11 at night in freezing weather.

Kyle Clark

For a Small Town Theater the place is actually all right there's really never a big crowd except on a big premiere on the weekend otherwise finding a seat is no issue pricing is normal, never have seen a mess so the staff cleans up well I just wish they had more early weekday showings for people who work nights or weekends it's a little more and convenient to catch the newest Flix but overall a good theater with decent showings and theater sizes

Brandon Westhafer

Nice movie theater. Great prices.

Another Galaxy

Slow consessions, we are often late for our movies because we have to wait at least 20mins to get popcorn and a drinks.

Josh Slifer

Super comfortable seats just remodeled theater

Kathy Boe

Uncomfortable tiny seats.

Connie Behrends

Comfortable seating

Josh Johnson

Seats were really nice - semi lean back Theater was overall nice. - Draw back was when leaving asked for a new bag for the buttery leftover popcorn..... Was told we cant give you a new bag, there are some napkins you can use

Douglas Kizzier

Jason Preston

Fatguy Littlecoat

Old style seats. Had to go ask to turn on projector. The bathrooms had a horrible smell and needed to be cleaned.

Ed Brackett

Needed to take out a 2nd mortgage for an average experience.

Michael Darling

Cramped seating, OK

Coley Monster

Great small town theater! Perfect for families

Cujoman 187

Pretty good seats although most don't recline much at all.

Cynthia Dagel

Great matinee rates

Luke Halverson

Very nice and clean but seat a tight if your a large person 6 5. 250

Candee Lee Lee

Steve Schesso

Alekos Doll

Charles Bischof

Great selection of kids' movies. Like all theaters, the concessions are expensive.


Nice small town theatre.

Cello Lord

Mark Irwin

Nice theater.

Elizabeth Lichtsinn

These guys were super-awesome to me last night when my boyfriend was a little late for the movie because he didn't get done with work until 10!! They were really great about it

Tim Ireland

john Frederick

Comfortable seating, clean theaters, standard movie snacks with enough staffing to handle the customer traffic.

Stacey Horn

Good service and good movies

Angela Rivera

Seats uncomfortable:( popcorn wasn't good either

Jean Bischof

Always liked going there, but now they have new seating that is very rigid and uncomfortable.

Michelle Rozendaal

Clean fun place!

Dale Clefisch

Sara Steinback

Nice theater!


Deathwatch9999 9

Fair price food, drinks, and movie tickets for a movie theatre. The workers are professional and helpful. They get most of the popular movies for a movie theatre of its size.

Amanda Howard

Alot of movie choices and always seems clean, friendly staff.

David Rubis

chantel white

A lot better than Spencer! Love this theater

Kent Cunningham

Didn't care much for the seats

Judy Roddick

Gayle Mayer

Does have senior citizen rates/ sometimes pricey, especially food, but food is good. Not sure I like the new seats, OK for me, but I heard some people complaining that they are smaller and cramps the arm room, might agree on the tight arm room.

Ken Kelly

Nice place, good movie.

Casey Lawrence

Jeff Salisbury

Ciara Bents

High prices but decent quality concessions. Good seating

Douglas Weber

Watched Jurassic World today $6 tickets, took all the kids, discounts on refreshments also. Very comfortable. Had a great time on a rainy afternoon. Will definitely come back soon.

Alicia Rios

Good place for good movies.

Sheila Ove

Good theatre

william madrigal

becky ebbers

Its clean and the seats are comfy


Nice and not very crowded

J L Crisman

Nice theatre. Friendly staff.


Always a good time. Go on Tuesdays and get cheap popcorn.

Calculus Tv

Cozy place

The J&M Show

Marissa Garvick

Very high priced

Joel Bordewyk

Clean, and good service! Sound and picture quality is good! Lobby and exterior shows signs that updates are needed.

Kaleb Peschong

D Denny

Such rude employees. I would be ashamed if I employed these kids that don’t know how to treat customers with respect.

Dylan Lende

Good theater with new leather seats. Food can be a bit overpriced bot so are almost all other movie theaters. Tickets aren't a bad price and if a movie gets stuck they sometimes give you a free movie pass.

Pablo Martinez

Clean friendly enjoyable for the whole family

Madelyn Koep

james caulfield

Very nice place to see a movie.


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