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Where is Century 20 Jordan Creek and XD?

REVIEWS OF Century 20 Jordan Creek and XD IN Iowa

Jeremy Virden

Great place to bring someone like KT and get some Top-top in the dark, while watching Pet Cemetary.


To many people and not enough space to move around to get your food

Brenna Palmer

Love the newer reclining seats, and how open and spacious the theater felt. It was also nice to be able to purchase tickets in advance and pick our seats online.

Paula Weaver

Location was good and seats were great. First time and would go back.

Kevin Ross

I enjoy the movies here however I live on the Southside of Des Moines so I don't get there very often due to cost of transportation and movie prices

Lezlie W

Everything is so expensive. Also, their ticket pricing is wonky.

David Carver

Great place to go see a flick! You get to choose your seats when you purchase your tickets, the place is always clean, and they even have a bar for adult beverages.

Andy Crow

Good movie theater that is starting to show it's age. Would recommend Flix Brewhouse or the Waukee IMAX before this one.

Jake Hagerdorn

Fantastic seats(other than the "leather" sound as u recline. Great xd screen. Great sound!

Steven Bohlson

Nice theater, Tuesdays are half price.

Bradley Swan

Good seating, XD had great picture and sound, and pricing was reasonable as theaters go.

Defne T.

The movies they show are amazing! Great cozy feel. Although, concessions are expensive

Desiree Allen

Comfy seats. Friendly faces. My parents and I bought and reserved our seats online. They seem to play the movies a little too loud here. And their concession stand is overpriced. 3 561ml smart waters was just under $15, this isn't even a liter bottle, I can get these at a gas station or grocery store for half the price. They also have a bag and purse policy in place now because people have been bringing their own food and drinks in.

Gavin Lange

End game is the best movie ever

Vishan Nep

The security is very weak. My personal stuff got stolen from my car and they are not able to do anything. The security told me that I am the third person that happened this incident. Therefore I highly suggest to park your car where camera can see your car clearly. DO NOT PARK IN THE MIDDLE of the parking lot!

Jessica Wainwright

Clean, friendly people. But no chocolate covered peanuts

Nicole Lee

It has comfortable chairs so oo tht you can enjoy the movies

Jessica Wilcox

Friendly people, beautiful place.

Eric Gaby

This space is even better with the newer, lounger seats. Always clean with a fairly good selection of movies. They have also begun serving beer, wine and pre-mixed drinks.

Miguel Reyes

The place smells like urine, I am certain someone urinated on my seat, because it was a strong penetrating urine stench. Had not been there in over a year and the awful smell made for an unpleasant experience that did not allow me to enjoy a movie I had waited for over 8 months to be released. Waste of time and money. Will not be returning.

Bharadwaj Nimmagadda

Nice ambiance. Good recliner seating

Tim Coble

Really love this theatre! Don't usually like the mall, but it is worth it.

Jaclyn Jay

Food is very pricey as are tickets, overall a great place to watch a movie

Maddox Bago

Wonderful seating and comfortable chairs. Amazing sound and picture for a decent price

Robert Pittman

I love this theater. The D Box experience was great! But aren't you sick of movie theater prices! For two people the price was 41 dollars for the D Box. That is insane, I'm only going to do it once. Don't even get me started on the price of drinks and food, the price here are nuts, bring in your own.

Peggy Pentico

Very nice theater. Love the reclining seats!

Dane Hopwood

Expensive but good place. They have arms you can pull up to hug someone.

Alicia T

Excellent facilities. Comfortable seating. Clean facilities. Friendly staff.

Christi Russell

Very nice theater. They have recently installed leather recliners for the ultimate movie experience. Popcorn is always fresh. Great service.

Jennifer Leonhard

Newly renovated seating is so comfortable and clean. Love hitting the uncrowded weekday matinee. Too bad if you have food sensitivities, though. Staff will not work with you to keep popcorn away from those woth corn allergies. You *must* remain in the seat you purchased, even if someone with popcorn buys the seat next to yours - you cannot exchange for another seat even if your health depends on it.

Amanda Coffin

They fill up fast. I recommend ordering tickets online.

Tony Robinson

The theater was comfortable. The screen crisp. The concessions were overpriced for the quality; popcorn so dry, butter didn't help! Wine and alcohol sold with ice cream and ☕ coffee versus in an area prone to adults.

Chrissy Fintel

The seats are fabulous! Plenty of room in the aisles to pass by other patrons. Clean bathrooms.

Travis Bell

Always have a great experience at this theater. If you go a lot, and haven't joined the Cinemark Movie Club, do it. You'll save a lot of money.


Excellent room, modern seating stadium seats food good food fresh staff helpful

Chris Nearmyer

Movie was great but I think it was warmer outside then inside, would've paid a more to have some heat! !

Allison Smith

We've been here multiple times & have never had any issues. They have the reclining chairs which are comfortable & quiet a few food options.

Evelyn Garrison Robertson

Was fun but come on the food and drink is way over priced they really need to Stop

Tex McCurley

Friendly staff, always very clean and super comfy seats!

neal fox

Very nice cinemark theater. The d-box seats are fun too!

Pam Landry

Beautiful theatre, comfortable seats & lots of choices for food & drinks.

Rebecca Starmer

Nice theater. Comfy seats. Love the early bird prices. People just need to remember it's reserved seating now so sit in the seat you paid for so I can sit in the one I paid for.

Dane Roaseau

Was worried because we could only get 2nd row seats, but those reclining seats are amazing! No problem seeing the screen even on the 2nd row.


Nice place. Parking can be tough. Good food

Joseph Cosenza-Weaver

MyAwesome venue. Awesome food. Could stand to hire more employees. No one checked my ticket or told me where to go.

Clint Eckerman

It had been quite a while since I had been out to Jordan Creek for any reason, but I had family in town and they wanted to go see a movie out at the area's best mall and theater. Had a really great time, love the wide selection of concession options and even though the prices are of course a bit on the high side, they're not nearly as bad as they could be. Really enjoyed myself and look forward to going back another time.

Dexter Jacobs

Prices are better than I expected and the newer recliners are nice. Though, last move I went to a kid kept messing with his chair and you could hear the motor throughout the movie. Buying tickets online is nice and fast. When you get them online, you can pick up tickets at the front registers, a kiosk, or go straight to the ticket taker and they'll scan your phone. So that's nice.

Erik Farrell

didnt like the seating change at first, but now im super comfy with it

ALICIA Gutierrez Hall

Clean and comfortable. A big mess by the pop machine - leaking water on floor. They were trying to tend to it. Popcorn was a little salty tonight.

Charles Howell

Grate place to see the latest movie's was fun and relaxing atmosphere.

hunter wooten

Favorite movie theater in the Des Moines area

charlene chanen

Comfortable seats and good food.


I love the chairs there and it has some decent service

Shelli Keller

Love watching movies here Their popcorn is so good and buttery and all the other snack selections are great too!!

terry richardson

Great comfy seating.

Jennifer Johnson-Kernes

Seating is great, just wish they would staff concessions near the back.

Love Bug

Comfy and great sound

Benjamin Mughal

Went to see the Lego movie with my daughter. It was her first movie, and my first since she was born. Good experience. Tickets are pricey, but the seats aren't as greasy as other places. My daughter had a blast.


Unbelievable how comfortable the recliners are, makes the movie experience a 5 star outing.

Iris Villegas

No lines, fast service, super clean and comfy. Normally It gets cold as soon as the movie starts, well here the temperature was perfect. Love the seats!!


Comfy seats,expensive snacks,vibrant atmosphere and state of the art Theatres

Connor Gregersen

It's a great place it has everything

Suzanne Young

Awesome place to see Bohemian Rhapsody in comfort.....! Love the recliners, friendly atmosphere

Amanda Godfrey

Always clean but hate how they always only have one concession open and have to walk all the way back around to get to your side. Plenty of room to move the setup for more functional flow.


Good place. But expensive for Indian movies. $20+ for a movie is on higher side.

Melissa Reyerson

One of the best theaters in Iowa hands down. It's a bit more expensive, but worth it for the luxurious recliner seats. I also like the plethora of soda options and the option to buy candy by the pound. It gets super busy on the weekends, so I suggest buying tickets in advance, as they often sell out.

Debra Hartman

Great experience w seating and theater in general. Very clean. The tasty hot dog i had was fresh and the bun steamy. Just seen "Crazy Rich Asians", my new favorite movie of recent years. Relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. Worth your time!

Tony Marr

Theater was clean, seats were comfortable and aside from some noisy kids that left about 20 minutes into the movie, everything made for a good experience.

Jake Ham

Overall great theater - weird connection between theater and snack area when movie is opposite side as where you get drinks and food.

Jayme Marquardt

Love the recliner seats and ease of buying tickets. The summer movie club is fantastic since it is normally very expensive to bring my family. The popcorn is great and you get a free refill with the large.

Mike Dickey

Very nice and clean, would have been better if both lines at the concession area had been open the wait would have been much shorter.

Isaiah Guest

The best theater I have ever been to with reclining seats and cold beer. I plan on going back soon.

Spencer Hoyt

Very nice theatre with recliner seats. They show lots of movies and have the XD theatre. It is very convenient as they are connected to the mall and allow food court food inside which is always a win. Popcorn is good as well.

Chinmay Bajikar

Great theatre. Great lounge seats. Little pricey.

Kevin Hoekman

That's courteous friendly employees. Soft comfortable chairs you can put your feet up and recline which helps me as I have bad feet and legs. Popcorn is always good. They have good prices competitive prices.

Bora Rem

Comfortable seats. Food could, have been better.

Kriptic Omega

Great theater. Comfortable chairs, great food selection, and an awesome moviegoing experience.

J. Mac Jordan

The best theatre in the Greater Metro area. It's pretty far West, but another, smaller Century theatre is in Altoona (East).

Nicholas Lenoch

Good experience, reminds me a lot of the Marcus Theaters back home.

Mahlon White

I like how comfy the chairs are now. I feel like there is enough space for me to sit next to someone without feeling like I am intruding on their space. The theater was nice and clean. Had the chairs reclined further I would have given it 5 stars.

Doug Baker

Nice time with the grandkids

Marcie McCutchen

Great theater service and stores food court seating areas and book stores and service

Maurio Mckay

One of the better movie theaters in town and at the best shopping mall too! Recliner seats were a recent addition. Pretty wide selection of hot drinks but other than that it's your standard movie fare. Good place for a quick movie after shopping !

Adis Nukic

Awesome place and nice seats that recline.

Deepika Shukla

Great place for watching Bollywood movies, shopping and restaurants. They also have an ice cream shop that's so amazing. Highly recommended.

Simon McCoy

Different auditorium choices. Decent snack bar. Large selection on movies. A little pricey compared to small town theater.

Laura Lee

Ticket prices are very affordable plan weekend to Sunday morning ticket prices were for a while you got a refill on large popcorn and large drinks which is awesome because some theaters won’t do that or about that I do what I wanna do in our mind God the chairs are amazing if you haven’t been to Jordan Creek since July you really need to go!!!!!!!! Family friendly atmosphere, great place to take a date !!!!!!!, they have a Starbucks and an arcade plus a fun photo booth . Great selection of treats aside from popcorn, they also offer bottled water and Gatorade along with kids juices if your wanting to go a more healthier route for your kids. Wheelchair accessible in front row.

Adam Armstrong

Love the new seating plenty of room, and can stretch out, and not be in someone's way.

Debbie Wainwright

Great reclining seats. Prices a little bit higher than other theatres. Popcorn just OK.


Gets busy fast. A lot of good stuff to grab to eat and drink for a good movie, even has a mini Starbucks to get a drink if u enjoy coffee. Pretty fast to get through lines. They keep the theaters clean and clean up between each movie. The chairs are reclinable so u can lay back and relax. U also get assigned seats so you don't have to figure out where u go

Kevin Reed

Technical difficulties prevented previews at the late showing of "Angel Has Fallen". After a few minutes of no picture but full sound of previews mgr informed us of the issues and then announced previews would be skipped and would go right to the movie.

Brooke Pereira

Great theater, comfy seats, great popcorn. What else do you need in life?

Roy Lubkeman

Very nice. Reclining seats, wide aisles. Good sounds. Heat show.

Jason Brown

I've seen a few movies here, and have enjoyed the accommodations each time. The seats are very comfortable (especially reclined), tickets are affordable, and the employees are helpful and attentive. The snacks are priced comparable to other theaters, but the popcorn was good and they have the high tech 'select-your-own-Coke' machines that I like SO much. I have this theater currently selected as my favorite (in Des Moines area) for my Fandango account.

Zack Tigges

Pretty good. Like the movie theatre

Autumn Brandt

Love going here!

Alex Sipes

I like this movie theater, the seats recline back, and you have kettle popcorn as one of the choices of popcorn. The sound was great, the picture was great too.

Big Pop Productions

Super comfortable chairs. Pleasant staff.

Tammy Harris

The theater was clean and the staff was friendly. The seats are very comfy! It would have gotten 5 stars, but our high dollar popcorn was cold.


Leather seats and humid rooms...torture


Great place to watch movies

Christian Styles

Not the greatest theater I've ever been to but no where near the worst. Venue is clean, seating is comfortable, staff is professional/friendly. This is the venue I go to most often.


Expensive. Plus compared to other places I would stop here last if I really wanted to see a movie.

Chris Keenan

I want to premiss this review by stating I am 6'10" tall. The chairs at this location are just too small. The floor was sticky and I am not even saying movie theater "normal" sticky. My shoe got stuck so tight I came off when I tried to walk out. The staff at the concession stand we're of little or no help as they where more interested in talking to each other the answering my questions.

Nicholas Lundstrum

The new reserved seating luxury loungers make watching movies a much more enjoyable experience.

Andrea Breeze

Love the game room

Sharleen Agee

Attached to Jordan Creek mall. Loads of drink & food items to choose from including adult beverages! No recling seats yet

dakota crow

Chairs are comfy, sound is good, screen is good. Better come hydrated and full or else pay an arm and a leg for a drink or popcorn. Can get same quality but better pricing at Altoona theater for 10 min extra driving.

Mexicanigorditos prro

Nice staff, nice chairs, nice snacks, what else can I ask for?

kristie hynes

Love that you can kick your feet up and watch movies. What a get place to go to relax.

G Edison JR

I wish I could have gave this four and a half Stars because I really did like this theater and the concept the d-box is incredible. But the truth is the seats just in move enough for me. I guess I was looking for the extreme version of this nevertheless the movie was good the concert was great and I had a good time

beNINjamin Perrier

excellent screen, super comfortable seats... obviously the concessions are mucho $$$$$ but that's every theater.

James Sturman

Sat in the luxury loungers, best movie experience I've had in a very long time.

F. Ben Bianco

Fantastic power rrecliners with so much leg room. The days of having to stand when someone needed to get past you is gone. Very well designed food and beverage area. Serves cocktails, too. Huge ticket counter with no glass between you and staff. Assigned seats are AWESOME! Especially for people visiting alone. Can go to restroom without losing seat and can show up close to start time and still get the great seat you selected earlier. Always spotless restrooms. Staff works very fast to clean theaters after film so we can sit down quickly. Only downfall is long walk from your car.

Lucy Haakinson

Clean theater with a great staff! A good selection of movies with comfortable theaters. They also screen a lot of indie films, foreign films, and special event screenings. Food is good. They also offer beer and wine which is a great step in following popular theater trends.

Carol Ragland Jones

Nice theater, comfy seats, big screen, fresh popcorn, good HD ....awesome!!

Chelssy Cole

Always have a great time here. The food is not that great.

Nomad Bob

Great seats. Lots of room to spread out.

Kelly Marie

It has honestly been a long time since I’ve been to this place, but they are really over the top with their prices compared to what you get, i.e. the value for what you buy. They’re honestly already starting to lose business from the new location in Altoona, which has taken off. The layout is not great for the size and location they have either... They have it set up to herd people in, and get them at the door, making it extremely uncomfortable, this includes up to the main entrance which is very narrow for how high of traffic they get, and it’s honestly one of the worst places for this problem within Jordan Creek, which just doesn’t make sense to me, since they are catering to larger number of customers per day than a lot of other places within the mall. It’s not that it’s a bad movie theater, but other places have started to take over, with the greater luxury comfort you pay for, and and all around better theater experience. However, the customer service is really great. Even for the younger, sometimes more inexperienced employees and staff, they still do very well, and I’ve never had a single bad encounter when it comes to that. Their snacks and soda station have a great selection, and the arcade area is fun, unfortunately due to it being a high-traffic area, it can get kind of gross and dirty pretty fast. Same goes for the bathrooms, but again, the employees really do a great job and do the best they can to keep up on everything, as I always see them sweeping and cleaning.

Brian Scaggs

Awesome theater!! Seats are recliners and they sell beer. What else can you want..

Kollan Kolthoff

Amazing theater. Tuesday’s are discount days. Lots of options for people to choose from. Didn’t know how I would like the “choose your seat” option but definitely a nice touch. Also, the reclining chairs give the right amount of comfort! Clean and still looks brand new even though it is a few years old. Definitely a top theater in the area.

EL Williams

Nothing beats the kettle corn here! Comfy, reclining seats. Great sound. Always a good time.

Janet Stewart

I don't like those new recliner chairs. I like the old style chairs better. I guess that's cuz I'm old and set in my ways

Charles Bischof

We took our grandkids to see Mary Poppins Returns. It was nice to have reserved seats so that we could arrive when the movie started and not have the little kids sit through the previews. The movie was excellent and the seats are very comfortable. Of course, like most theaters, the concessions are over priced.

James Hartman

Chairs are a little larger than what I need but it is a nice screen and sound is good. If you are going to order tickets online join the membership program and save a few bucks here and there.

Benjamin Meeks

Exoensive food, but whatevs comfy seats.

Janell Norris

Went to a late show on a Sunday night and they weren't busy so I was hesitant to get popcorn but so glad I did because it was warm and fresh!! Nothing beats movie theater popcorn!!

Chuck Bickel

Higher prices, mediocre popcorn & they refused to serve me wine once because I had a foriegn passport with other IDs yet not a state issued license. Plus the manager was very rude about it. Copper Creek has the best popcorn with free refills on their large popcorn and soda pop.

Katelyn Noah

Love the recliner seating and the Movie Club membership gets me a ticket monthly, 20% off concessions, and coupons. Love it!

rachel willock

The DBOX movie experience was excellent! Service was friendly will definitely come back

Joseph Kennedy

Wonderful seats and a great place to view specialty films like for Fathom Events. Great place!

Lilly LossnerStonehocker

The X-box seats were fun to try. Prices at manatee were $20.00. I didn't feel that some opportunity was missed to utilize the XBOX seats. Also I would have liked it to follow one character at a time. In the same scene it would jump from our website character to another. The tilting of the seats enchanted the screenplay. I've noticed that there is a "try it out" seat in the lobby.

beverly scott

Very nice environment, loved the new chairs and the fact I could go online and pick our seats! Great bunch of employees,helpful and management was awesome!!!!!

Babatunde Agbaje

Good selection for concessions items. Large luxury recliner seats. Nice restrooms. Tons of flavors at soda machines and they have hard ice cream.

Zach Click

To be completely honest, I don't much care for the loungers they added. Sure, they're comfy. But hearing people squeaking on leather throughout a whole film is annoying. That, and this theater costs waaay too much.

Christopher White

Pretty great theater. They have very comfortable reclining seats and the rows are high enough that if someone sits in front of you then you can still see over them. I can see how it would be difficult to get a good seat without reserving in advance. Keep in mind reserving via online will cost an extra $2. So far I've lucked out in getting good seats just walking in and seeing what they have.

Alina Gubina

Great experience! Loved movie. Chaires are so comfortable.

Jane Hoerner

Comfy recliners, great selection of snacks and beer! Kids snack pack great for adults $5 for popcorn, m&ms and small drink. Nice theater

Dallas Fisher

Best popcorn in town and the seats are so comfortable.

Isaak Ajanee

Good theater, comfortable seats, friendly staff, haven’t really had any issues with them. Snacks are extremely overpriced, but what else can you expect from a movie theater?

David Robinson

Best movie experience and modestly priced! Recliners are a great addition!

Jom Jose

Pretty comfy seats. Well maintained and clean. Great picture and sound quality.

Baba Agbaje

Nice Theater with comfortable seats and a variety of options for Concessions. Employees taking tickets could be more attentive and helpful to people trying to buy tickets to go to a movie.

Janice Kunzman

Huge reclining chairs, great treats

Rebecca Frahm

Nice place to relax and watch a movie

Claudia Perez-Ortega

Best movie theater in the West Des Moines area! Love it!

Super Woman

Watched Wonderland with my baby and my man. Life couldn't be better:)

sarah winters

Chairs don't recline far enough, but otherwise good. They also don't advertise the motion seats well enough, my mother in law has pain issues and she sat through the seats moving. She said it would be cool for everyone else but clearer signs would be good.

Kevin Munoz

Nice Ambience! Nice service! And most importantly, Nice popcorn!

Jerry Uhlman

Love the seats? Roomy and comfortable.

Sammy Santana

Really comfortable chairs. If it were more comfortable, I would fall asleep.

Donald Steger

Great place to see a movie.

Kerri Holm

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to this theater!! We drive from Fort Dodge when ever we decide to see a movie because it's genuinely a nice theater

Tiffany McKee

We love coming here for family nights out of just to meet a friend for the afternoon!

Neal Barks

The XD experience was really nice. Very comfortable seats.

Misty Swensen

Loved it, loved the reclining chairs, variety of food & drinks

Roxann Smith

Seating is great, good sound. Employees very personable

Bridget Holko

Comfy seats and usual prices. It is almost ALWAYS too hot - should turn up the air... just don't wear a hoodie lol.


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