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116 1st St N, Newton, IA 50208

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REVIEWS OF Capitol II Theatre IN Iowa

Doris Boyd

I like the fact that we can go here and people don't get mad because my son is talking during the movie.

Ashley Christenson

Nancy Vos

Very nice

Jodie Garrett

Enjoy this place. The staff is awesome

linda newel


Anthony Pritchard

Very impressed. Been in newton since I was 6 years old, it's good to see someone make it Nice and do some much needed improvements!

Josh Weithers

Great owners, and the remodel is awesome

Veronica Walker

The updates to this theater are phenomenal!

Chad Fisher

Only one star because that is what is required to get to this point. My wife and grandbabies were asked to leave a KIDS movie because of our year old grand daughter was being fussy, from being corrected by the way. For petessake it was a kids movie and if someone thinks the theater will be silent they need to be evaluated along with the procedure of the theater itself should be evaluated. I'm very disappointed because I'm big on keeping my business local to my community but you lost business from this and I will be blasting your business all over the web and locally to whoever. I called to talk to someone after my wife told me about this but of course I didnt get anyone. What a joke.

Rod Rosburg

Great popcorn. Excellent staff

Jeff Henderson

The seating is amazing!!!

Lindsey Everly

Great Place to Watch New Movies!

Ashley McGraw

Great place!

Sharla Oswalt


The owners and employees make the business. They are super friendly. The kids luv their pet pig too.

Jeremy Dittmer

Great theatre that got digital equipment

Claire B

Natalie McDonald

Great owners

Russell Sanchez

Great seats, very low consessin prices, pump your own butter, free seasoning, lids to cover you popcorn. This place is amazing!!!

Jimmy V

Great theater

Victor Mckinney

Great little theatre

John Doe

New seats are a major upgrade staffs always super friendly and manage to keep some of the small town charm on the square. Parking on the square is always first come first serve but there is plenty of it. If you get a chance ask the staff about the

Dan Lee

Good movies


(Translated by Google) I love your armchairs. (Original) Me encanta su butacas.

David Elliott

Great place to take the kids.

pearl harbor

Needs a little updating on the seats

Laura Moes

Great owners, for a small theater they get a good selection of movies and the do a special Saturday movie for people who can't tolerate regular movies , lights are up,.Lower volume And not a problem with People who can't sit all the way thru a movie.


Great theater with great people!

amanda menninga

Great classic theater.

Kris Peed

Really comfortable and clean. Exceedingly friendly staff. Having assigned seats according to availability means you should try to get there early if that is an issue but we have enjoyed the times we have visited even when we once got the last two seats

Drew Schumann

We always have great experiences at Capitol II. It is a clean facility and staff is always friendly. I especially love seeing Joy, the super talented theatre pig.

Robin Brenner

Comfortable seating. Could hear the movie in the 2nd theatre over our movie at one point.

eViLxAnGeLx 18

Love it! And Joy the pot belly piggie, and mascot, is amazing! Enjoyed bringing my niece and nephew here a couple weeks ago to watch my all time favorite movie The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, was a dream come true and I am blessed to have experienced it with two of my favorite people! XOXO

Jesse Smith

Met the new owners. I was blown away by amazing and nice they were. The service was amazing. The price is just right.

Amber Griggs

great price family environment

Lisa Richardson

Such an adorable, quaint, old theater! Great prices!

Kate Bauer

Great prices and a great place to have in town. Thanks, Captiol 2!

Nancy Crutchfield

Great theater, not like big city tho

Paul Wallace

Really impressed as to how comfortable the seats are. Well dine

joel peterson

This downtown theater is currently being renovated, but is already very nice! The chairs are excellent, sound and screen are great, and of course the popcorn is very tasty. Come to see a show, and meet Joy the theater mascot!!

john minor


Jessica Iverson

So much fun

Marie Channo

I like it there gives my family some where to go

Kristi Cook

LOVE this theatre! Super friendly staff and always a great experience! The owners always go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy.

Tom Nelson

Old theater working on becoming up to date.

Mark Laehn

Nice local theater,

Lora VanRyswyk

Our first time after the renovation. Love, love, love the new reclining seats! Great popcorn too. Love the new look.


Love having our local theater in Newton. Took grandaughters today to Dumbo. Although I do not like having to pick out my seats ... that's for the big town theaters as far as I'm concerned :(

Jeff Hoebelheinrich

Love this place.

Drew Claseman

Great movie theater, with newer seats, and additions

Matthew Townsend

Good people . Movie the Guardian of the Galaxy sucked, not a family friday movie language and in undo ruined it!

Kelsey Olsen

We love the seating as well as all the other many renovations that were made. So great ful this theater is open and running ❤️

Lana Wohlers

Always inviting! A

Sara Burns

Love this place.

Fana Teffera

Small, but good

Janice Gates

It is a very nice small town theater. They are currently (2019) remodeling to make it even nicer. You must see Joy the mini pig! They offer some free events, check it out.

Alyssa Flood

This theater is great for a parent wanting to take their kids to do something fun. Small, clean, quiet. Not a huge crowd. Even better is the history in the building but the best part is not the prices but how friendly the owners are and the accommodations for people with special needs. From the headphones where the individual can have control over the volume of the film to the balcony where you can sit with little ones that need to have movement breaks. And let's be honest, how many movie theaters have a PIG you can see!

Miranda Caldwell

Love the friendly people. Uncomfortable close seating and the popcorn is lackluster.

Brian Kays

Great place.

William Madoll

A very friendly theater that shows two movies and the have a famous pet.pig called Joy .

Jamie Boots

Awesome original movie theater in the Maytag Hotel. Come see the amazing renovations!

Randy Ervin

great theater the renovations are amazing.

Shawn Walker

Great old theater!

Ben Adams

Jackson Nichols

I love this place because the staff was really nice

Karen Van Dusseldorp

Loved the movie

Joe Spence

New seating is great and prices are great!

John Ewing

Cool venue, good snacks. Sorry we missed Joy the pig!


(Translated by Google) I love. It is a cozy and good environment to go with family (Original) Me encanta. Es un ambiente acogedor y bueno para ir en familia

Bridget Lynn Palmer

Love the remodel. Nice comfy recliners. Staff is always happy to see you.

grace richardson

Very cute little place. There in the middle of remodeling so it was a little messy but once there done it will be very cute! People are super nice friendly and sweat! Also i love the popcorn buckets. At other movie theaters there so thin and they fold at the bottom theres are thick and are flat at the bottom so the butter stays in.

Bobbie Smith

Great seats and service.

Heidi Glassinger

loved it

Taylor Layton

New remodel! They refinished it and kept the old opera house look. It use to be an opera house so there is a balcony which is different than most theaters. They added more soda pop options and they have really nice recliners now. Cheaper tickets than some theaters too! Great theater overall.

Susan Fortune

Love the updated reclining seats! Lobby looks great, too!

Ryan Moran

The prices are good. The seating is wonderful. Definitely will be going to more movies here in town.

Jeff Weldon


curt Jones

Reasonably priced, great staff, great service, great food, and comfortable viewing with the plush new recliners. This historic venue has been treated honorably during the recent renovations. Just as it was decades ago when I first enjoyed this theater, my experience, as well as all other guests experiences, is still treated as the most important factor in the running of this business. Well done Capitol ll !!! Thanks for all you've done.

Amber Zink

Great popcorn--self service station. If you ask they'll fill it halfway so you can butter it and then fill it the rest of the way up! Plus, they offer a punch card for a free popcorn. :), Our kids love peeking in on Joy the pig and the owners have done a great job getting the movies we want to see.

David Suter

Always awesome

Connor Christine

You get to put your own butter and salt on your popcorn! Owners are super friendly. The ticket prices are very reasonable. Plus their pig, Joy, is adorable!

Helix Panuh

Best movie theater in the state!

Travis Padget

Steve Spidle

Like the recliners. Picking your seat where you sit. Great idea.

Amy Hushour

Great presentation on human trafficking

Angel Shultz


Lucinda Sinclair

Pat Tinnermeier

Always a good time at the Capitol theater in Newton.

Sharon Swarts

Always a good time. Love our hometown theater.

Jon Steak

Seats aren't the best but it is an old theater. Food is good and I can always enjoy the movie.

Tanner Auten

It's a small town movie theater, with two screens. They have a potbelly pig as a mascot

Abigail Zieman

It's a wonderful local movie theater with great and friendly service. The new seats are also very comfortable!

Terry Nikkel

Nice people. great experience. Reasonably priced.

Kristina hanson

My family and I loved our experience here. We traveled to Newton from Arkansas to visit family and our children desperately wanted to see Maleficent. After comparing prices online between Newton, Grinnell, Altoona, and Marshalltown we decided on Capitol II. Upon stepping in the doors you instantly get that impression of a family owned and loved business. You have the old theater ropes to lead you to the counter and a couple smiling faces behind it. We got the feeling you had as a child in the 80s being treated to the movies, except the comfort level was WAY better. The prices for tickets and snacks are reasonal, the seating was extremely comfortable, the restrooms very clean and family friendly (there's a tiny toilet for young children), and the people running it seemed wonderful. We would definitely recommend anyone give it a try. We will be back the next time we are in town.

shane carstens

Nice small town theater. The employee's were very nice and friendly.

Richelle Roush

Bridget Lynn palmer

Nice price. there's balcony seating which was nice. The seats are older but still comfortable enough.

Marilyn Mccurry

This place has a great retro the atmosphere

Charles Brader

Great theater, climate control needs a little work.

Analu Milheiser

Great small town theater, 2 adults, 11yr old, 10yr old, large soda and large popcorn, free refills available $35 and hard to beat.. Pre order tickets available smart way Togo, remodeled up to date seating very comfortable, staff amazing, also can pick your seats if you preorder tickets you can still pic your seats but only from what is left over from pre-sale tickets be smart and pre-order...Great small town movie theater... Must come and check it out should have taken pictures but I didn't..will take pictures next time.

Sixf0ur Sixf0ur



PETER McMasters

Loves that the staff let me know to wait for the extras at the end of the movie

Cassie Ellis

This place is amazing! Great prices on tickets and food. Reclining seat which was a surprise. Can't beat the friendly staff and the historical building tops it off. It was beautiful in there.

tim urias

Needs more verity

Erin Hills

David Cline

Ken Shepherd

Move for 2, popcorn drinks and treats 25$. Would be double that in Des Moines. So we go more often here in Newton!

Eric Smith

Amazing! I love that they are being back a classic look with a modern twist!

Leena Gray

It has reclining seats just like the big competitors but still the small town friendly non crowded atmosphere. Love it!

Darlene Lanphier

New owners are awesome!! They're really trying to fix the place up! This is our movie place whenever we can!!

Carol Price

Becca Hart

Love our hometown theatre. The staff is awesome and friendly. The prices are nice as well.

Amber Hull

Great local owned theater with fair prices and great movies

vince king

Great theater. Love joy.

James S

Good for Newton

donna Barnes-Hicks

Alison Kelly

The owners' pot bellied pig named Joy, and the old fashioned movie theater atmosphere make this place incredibly unique! We always have a wonderful time at the theater!

Brett Altman

Excellent facilities, good high integrity, high character people who run it.

Patty Schroyer

Newton's Capitol II Theatre is absolutely wonderful! The employees are all friendly and my family loves the new recliners. Now we have no reason to head to a larger town for similar type seating. We love it!

James Heimbuck


Darlyne Coyner

The owners and staff are great, and they have the best popcorn!

Michael Cupples

Rylan VW

If you ever want some nostalgia with an old-fashioned but still well-maintained movie theater, the Capitol II is the place to go! This place reminds me of the theaters of my childhood, all the way down to the mom and pop accommodating staff, older but comfortable seats and overall atmosphere. I live a couple towns over and happily make the trip to the Capitol II for certain releases.

Darrin Olsen

If you're unable to see a movie outside of Newton, this is your best option. Sub par movie screen and audio, but smaller audience sizes. Seating is also kinda meh.

Robert Gray

Water Hawk

Cool old school theater.

Matt Freeman

Quiet small town theater. Great place for family night!

Tanya Revell-Currier

Very friendly and clean. Very nice up date.

Judy Johnson


I must commend you guys!! You have stepped up your game, I recently finished you guys again & I was very much pleased with the new design! Plz help up the excellent work & help continue the growth of newton!

Vicki Porter

Still finishing remodel. Seats are great Staff very helpful.

Scott Curry

Great experience! The staff is always friendly and helpful. Big city quality with a small town atmosphere.

Sandra Garr

They are showing good movies

Marci Longren

Love the makeover. Friendly & helpful staff. Not a bad sear in the house. Choose between recliner or rocker.

Blake Vandersluis

This place is an awesome little theater. I'd pick it over Altoona's theater any day. The seats may not be as comfortable but the price and charm make up for it by far. Plus the theater mascot is just great, I thought she was a dog for a long time.


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