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774 W Mayne St, Blue Grass, IA 52726

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REVIEWS OF Blue Grass Drive-In Theater IN Iowa

David Domaine

Nice drive in theater. Good food and a good experience. Get to listen to the movie on your radio

cheetara daal

Great close drive in. The dual screens is a great option for when u want to see just one movie.

Jory Punkiewicz

Great place to take the family. Kids movie first, then they fall asleep and you got a date movie

Derek Sellers

Great showings all the time. You outta be allowed to punch the people in the car in front of you who continuously locks their car and shones their head lights tho.

Melissa Schussolin

The staff is really nice and you can't beat the prices! I love taking my family here for a night out.

scott wagg

Good drive in experience! Was there for a Members Credit Union event- great food, nice people, fantastic deals in food. I didn't get to try much- but saw a lot. Clean concession area, clean bathrooms, and attentive service. Will be back again :) Also- never heard of Oreo nachos... GENIUS!!!

Payton Mink

Love this place! Never too crowded because of the two screens. You get two movies for the price of one movie that you would see in an indoor movie theatre. The food is tasty and the employees are nice! Great environment! Will always come back every summer!

Rich Gadient

This place is not as good as 61 drive in maqoketa why you cant bring in your own food , you cant wacth one movie on one screen then wacth screen 2 for your second movie according manger in the money hut serving up the tickets youll be kicked out he got very aggresive

Mona Blake


Jennifer Ehlers

We love this drive in! And now they have mini golf behind the screen so you have something to do before it gets dark when you come early to get a great spot since it does get busy during the peak hours of summer.

Ashley Kaalberg

Love this theater. Definitley worth the drive!

Johnny Harris

Awesome drive in and so close to home.

Marcus Stoddard

Great staff, awesome atmosphere, fair prices.

Jabin Ritchie

Don't trust the the listings I went to see mission impossible and skyscraper but they didn't have skyscraper they changed it and didn't update the website and it changed to the equalizer 2 which was rated R and was not appropriate for my kids and if you call they will tell you the wrong movie which I called.

brett goss

We go every year and it is always a blast... thank you as always!

Jeff Sturm

Great place to take the family. Clean facilities as well.

Brian Gramenz

Great place to take the family!

Daniela Artola

Been there a couple of times, and as a first time drive-in user, I can say this place was pretty reasonably priced and offers a wide variety of treats to munch on while enjoying a movie. Check out their Sunday price specials, two movies for $6/adults and $3/kids.

Xxhailey xX

Amazing, loved to watch the movie!

Angela Rhoades

A wonderful place for family! Very friendly and clean! Great prices too!!

Brittany Neece-Taylor

My husband and I went to see End game last night! We had a great time. We were in the back and The picture was still clear. We rented a radio and it worked great. At the end of the movie we used the restrooms and they were very clean and well maintained. My husband had the nachos from the concession stand and he said they were really good. So thanks for a great evening.

Ashe Susac

Such a cute and quaint hometown feel. The amenities are great and they help accommodate everyone between speaker and chair rentals to blankets for purchase. I did feel like the picture was a little hard to see sometimes but thats just the nature of a drive in. Such a great place to take your family.

Litonda Sheets

Fun for the whole family

Sherry Good

Nice place has great concession stand, very clean bathrooms and friendly staff. Price is fair also.

Jay Liu Bondurant

Super fun experience! Great prices, staff, and awesome set up/system they have going on to watch movies! I will definitely be back. I drive an hour to go here and it's worth it honestly. I really love the radio station feature to hear movies so you can stay inside the car if you'd like. But also the option of listening to it from speakers outside. Very good system.

Stephanie Moore

Great drive in with good concession items and prices!

Rheise DeTombe

You show up, go the the ticket booth thing, and if you bought the tickets online they will just look up your name. Then you pull to the parking lot of your screen, and tune into the designated radio station for audio and enjoy.

Chris Malmloff

We went at 4:00 am showing and the screen was all checkered and looked as it was bleeding from the seams of wood. If not for that I would give it 5 stars. If and when they fix that we'll come back definitely.

Nathan Murphy

Wonderful drive in and priced well. Will definitely be back for more movies

Emily Fowler

Love this place. Clean and has double features and 2 screens!


We bought the entourage package for our son's birthday! They were extremely friendly! The whole family had a great time! We'll definitely be back!

Marci B

Love going here but wish the communication was better sometimes! Have had movies not showing but not posted, and have been directed to the wrong screen twice.

Heidi Brown

Great place would be better if the movies screen was not so clothes to each other

Amber McCaw

Fantastic place. Good food and everything is reasonably priced. Always the latest releases.

Scott Wiebel

A well managed facility. Our family went there for a work party. Nice reasonable concessions and friendly staff!

Aaron Van Noy

I've never been to a drive-in before! I enjoyed a nice scenic drive from Iowa City, IA. I only stayed for one movie (you get to see two) but I was going to be home so late and needed to work the next day. Why such the late start at 9? Because the sun is still up and you can't see the screen. So it makes total sense during the summer months to start at that time. I wish I could have watched the second movie. Modern cars have auto lights on features, and some drivers aren't either aware or overly considerate. That was my only negative. Well, that and my car radio doesn't like FM channels, but I was able to rent a radio for $5. So totally worth it!


Nice people, great experience

Jesse McKowen

Haven't been to a drive in theater in a long time. Been here twice now and it's my new spot to watch movies. Will continue to see movies here.

LeArta Romero

Went to the drive in to watch Avengers End Game during their first showing. Coming back to the QC after 40 +/- years living abroad and or on the west coast it was a delight to hear on Facebook we had a drive in near by. Enjoyed the experience entirely. We will be more walk in theaters for me now knowing there's a drive in near by.

Charlie made

Worth a trip for a blast from the past

Bruce Butler

It's a great place to watch a movie the price is 9 bucks a piece for 2 full length movies when you buy popcorn or a pop you get free refills all night and if you don't want to run your car they'll rent you a Jambox for five bucks

Bailey Bicknell

I love the drive in theater but for how new it was it looked dirty inside but it might have been the old fashion team they had going. Reasonable addition somewhat pricey very fatty food options.

Jason Bovée

Great experience! Competitive prices and friendly service is why I keep coming back year after year since they opened. Highly recommended!

Arron Johnson

Loved it. I'm here and it's so cool how everyone can come together and have fun and just be happy. Very inexpensive and a great experience overall. Will be returning in the future without a shadow of a doubt.

Kelly Vogel

Summer staple, have to go at least once!

Garrett Jahns

Great place to bring the whole family!

mike plate

Great place, prices are incredible and the staff was so friendly.

Ernest Peterman

Great place.

Conor Carr

The Blue Grass drive in is a fun time. I do recommend getting there early--a prepay only guarantees you a spot, it's not necessarily going to be a good one. If you're unlucky, you could also be located next to groups who just aren't that respectful of others trying to watch a movie. The concession and restrooms are clean and well-located.

Aniessa Carter

The Only Place The Family And I Will Go To Watch The Newest Movies Wish They Were Open All Year Round

Brian Marshall

Coming over from England in August and definitely want to visit. Can't wait, it looks great

Shane Wheatley

Great place to enjoy new movies as a double feature. Plan on staying up until 1:30-2:00 if you're staying for the late show.

Julie Briggs

We drive an hour to have the drive-in experience. You can order online also.

David Wallace

Having different movies running at the same time can mess with your experience. But getting there early and spending time with the family playing games and enjoying the day makes it worth it.

dawn barlett

This is really cool. Good old fashioned drive in but all digital. No outside food or drink. They need an app for the station to use phone. It was too hot to sit in car, chance running battery down on a double feature & I don’t own a portable radio

Heather Elliott

Love this place. Very casual. Very reasonable priced.

Sheila Hynes

Amazing place to watch anything. The screens are perfect. The concessions are hot and fresh, cold and refreshing. You can take your dog so long as it's on a leash and you clean up after it. You can even bring your kids but you do after clean up after them too. They have a playground for the kids while you wait. Pretty often they have a bounce house. Overall this place is great. The one time they had technical issues they did compensate us. Give this place a try and then recommend to a friend. You will not regret it.

Robyn Schlieper

I love being able to see movies outside! Having 3 screens is very distracting though, as you can hear the sound from the 2 other screens over the one you are watching.

Jon M

A great experience. Drive in theaters are a completely different experience and you are missing out if you have never been! I love the more modern setup with multiple screens playing different films. It let's mom and dad take the kids to …

Brent Whittington

The guy that welcomed us in was extremely nice...and the pizza was delicious!!

Clint Heitz

Great selection of movies, clean concessions, and staff working to keep the lot organized. Definitely will go again!

Michaela S

It's cool that they have up to three movie screens running at once. Sometimes during the quiet parts of your movie you might hear the sounds from a different screen, which is kind of funny and adds to the drive in experience. Bring your own battery operated radio or make sure that your car won't die if you play the sound through your vehicle. Or, you can rent a speaker from them for about $5. Be polite, turn OFF your headlights before you pull in or turn your car on during the show! Great tasting and affordable options for concessions - including burgers, ice cream, walking tacos, popcorn, etc. The line for the bathroom is long if you go right before or after a movie. $10 for both movies showing on one screen Thursdays through Saturdays, or $7 for both Sundays and Mondays. Check the movie run times and do the math, if you watch two long movies you might not get done until about 1am. They have car battery charging packs to borrow if needed. Overall way cheaper and more fun that going to one movie at most theaters!

Amber Tew

What a treasure! I was so excited when we moved to the area and found out there was a drive in!!! Fast service when ordering food and snacks. Reasonable prices too!!!

Megan Jensen Zalzala

What a treasure! I'd never been to a drive-in movie, and this place was fantastic! They have a great concession stand, playground and mini golf for the kids while they wait, and over double features. Highly recommend

KD Morr

Absolutely love this drive in! They get great movies, usually at the same time as the theaters and have awesome prices on admission and concessions. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I love that I can bring my dog! :)

Adam & Amanda Creighton

Friendly staff, reasonable ticket prices, very reasonable drink and popcorn deals. They have mini golf and a swing set to keep kids busy while they wait. Great place to take the family for a night out!

Heather Jay

Awesome.. love the drive in feel. Do not like that lots of children were present for rated R movies. Love that the price for double feature. Great place for those that do not like traditional movie theatres

Tessa Morrison

Great service! Excellent movie selection. Vehicle even died at very end of second movie, they had a battery charger to use for free!

Mia Valentine

Love coming to the drive in It brings back memories when we were kids. The place and staff are all friendly.

Susan Spalj

We pulled up to the theater and the line wasn't moving too fast but realized why when we got up to pay. The owner works the pay station and was very friendly! He took time to explain the set up. The price was great for a double feature! There were two screens- one for family movies and one for adult movies which was awesome. We went in to get food and we were waited on by one of the other owners. They had a great food selection with decent prices. They had many extras to purchase or rent including camping chairs and radios. They also had battery chargers in case your vehicle dies while watching the movie. The facility was clean and modern inside. The parking was laid out quite well so it wasn't just people parking every which way. After the movie, it was quick and easy to get out. I would say this is a must stop and we will be stopping by frequently.

Mike Shaw

i have zero complaints. friendly staff, easy parking, nice view, super convenient audio system, and awesome concession prices. this is our new go-to for movies while they're open!

Brian Mattson

Best place to watch movies when the weather is nice.

Jeff Newsom

Excellent food and frozen lemonade


Really great experience! The owner welcomed me on my first visit recently and he was lovely. The concessions and restrooms were clean and you cannot beat the price—10 dollars for a double showing! The sound quality was good, depending on your positioning. The screens are placed in a square shape that cars sit in a circle around, so if you are parked off to the side ( like I was) you can see the second movie playing around the corner from the one you are viewing, which was a little distracting, but this is my only small complaint. When it came time to watch the second movie, we walked with lawn chairs to the other screen because we wanted to see that showing instead of the one coming up next on the screen we were already at. Overall, I had a great time and I will definitely be going back to this drive in in the future!

Micah Mosher

Nice place, lots of fun

Kalanna Phillips

really fun experience with movie and food can’t beat it but it’s a little late at night for children

Randy lorenz

Bring the kids and have fun!

Phillip Flores

Pastor Craig Eberley has taken my two children and change their name so I can't find them please do not let him around your children he is a pastor at Victory Life Church

Charles Pruden

It movie watching experience was fun. Bring a portable radio comfortable seating and bug spray

brenton peterson

Great place with a great price. We always enjoy coming here. Plus it's dog friendly.

Christopher Ravnos

Great staff and atmosphere. Best way to watch a movie!

Jamie Bryson

concessions/bathrooms very clean. $5 for large soda, $5 for large popcorn with free refills was an excellent value. for 2 people we spent $30 to watch 2 movies. You cant beat that. great experience.

Christopher Jones

We tried this location as an alternate to the 61 Drive In near Maquoketa. I was surprised that this is a dual screen location that shows two sets of movies each night. You can watch a "family friendly" set of movies that are usually G or PG rated or go to the other screen and see films along the action/adventure style that would appeal to adults. The broadcast towers provide a good signal and reception was never a problem. Probably the best feature of this location is the concession stand. It's an enclosed, air conditioned concession/dining area with full bathrooms. This alone makes it the top drive-in to take my family to. Probably the best drive-in option for the Quad Cities!

Emilie Brandau

I love this place. It's always a great time and everyone is super friendly and helpful.

Shannon Peters

Awesome Drive In! 3 screens, great prices!

Brett Hodges

Good movies and resonable prices

Eric Lindhorst

Cool quadplex drive in!

Bob Bring

Manager is rude this place is expensive and he was being aggressive towards needs better gravel and people directing me to place

Gabe Rizzio

Super cheap prices for what you get, awesome experience and a great place for a date night or to take the kids.

Araceli Kendall S.

So cool!

David Patronagio

Great place to enjoy with good friends

Robyn McDaniel

Love the drive in such great family fun and Tim is always gracious and attentive.

Mike Kelly

Dont like how they park

Lock That Vic

I love coming here with my family the double feature is worth the price

Emma Carter

I love it. I recommend everyone to go.

debra althiser

Love it had a awesome time on my grandma and grand daughter date at your drive-in

Joe Wise

Really friendly staff and clean facilities. These people are doing a good thing by keeping the nostalgia of the drive-in alive. For 5 stars they have to figure out a way to keep the noise from neighboring movies subdued. It tends to distract. We'll be going back. :)

Austin Burkeybile

They park vehicles to where no one can leave enless several cars move, a long with parking cars where they can not see what’s so ever and over all very unprofessional also over priced Will not be returning. #drivein61isthemove #delmariowa

Madison Streeter

They try to fit people in where they can’t see. And if someone had to leave in the back row they can’t cause they have people park behind and in front them.

Lisa Blank

Always a fun time! Clean facilities and good reasonably priced always...we will be back!

Elijah Wright

Great family experience. Worth the time and drive. Very inexpensive, highly recommended and will definitely return in the future.

Kelli Bruckman

Great place for family outing!

Erik Hicks

Watching multiple movies on a big screen outside under the starry night sky with the moonroof open and seat kicked way back. Priced better than the regular theater. Friendly service. Great value. Love it!

E Patters

1st time going to a drive in theater, it was really fun. The concession stand has way more selection then I imagined it would. We will definitely be going back.

Rachel Ozburn

Love this place. Great prices all around, staff is awesome. We come several times a year

Jacki Tucker

I love this drive in. Parking can get crazy but always a good time and good food! Prices are reasonable to.

Aaron Dodds

If I could give 4 and a half stars I would as this was a very fun experience overall for our family. The owner working the booth was very friendly and explained how everything worked which was nice since it was our 1st time. There was another worker directing traffic to marked parking spaces so there was plenty of space between vehicles. The concession stand and bathroom were centrally located under the screens and had standard food options you would expect at a drive in and were reasonably clean. The only knock I would have would be that when viewing one of the screens from the side, you can see the other screen playing too and when they're not sync'd up it can be a little distracting. It really wasn't bad though. There were also a few smokers that would smoke on their way out to the designated smoking area which was mildly annoying, but is not necessarily the drive-in's fault. Maybe a little more communication about where smoking is allowed would be helpful. All in all this place makes for a fun family night outside watching a good movie though!

Mike Ryan

The early attendees got a great experience. The free popcorn refills were great. But the screen was way too small. And it was packed. But they kept letting people in. I would estimate 1/2 the audience had a darker screen because they were way off to the side.

Michele Stenbeck

It is always worth it for me. Free refills on pop and popcorn and 2 movies.

Tori Gray

It was awesome! My family and I had a blast. The people were so nice and so was the movie experience.

Kristal Sky

Great family fun. Swings and put-put golf. Good food and drink selections.

Nathen Kennedy

We went last year and it was a blast! At first my sisters and I didn't think it sounded fun at all because my mom kept saying how fun the drive ins were when she was little, and she's so happy they built one here. We all thought "boring"... But wow we had a great time


Great place , tonight's second feature Aladdin was blurry due to condensation on window,and customers and staff had to keep wiping the window on the outside to make it halfway on focus. Needed access to projection booth to clean up inside of glass. Maybe need to think about that in the future

Anna Gadient

Needs to Clean or air conditioning doesn't work needs cheaper price overall very dissapointed I am not coming back for many resons like the manger is very disrespectful

Gary Kodat

Entrance needs some help with the potholes as well as the entire graveled driving areas. The screens need numbered so people will know if theyre at the correct screen!

Andrew Kellett

One of the best treasures the quad cities has to offer truly a classic way to watch a movie!

Jessica Kramer

Love it! Such a good time, remember to plan on being outside - bug spray and blankets. It's the simple things. And good pizza!


What a good night

Marcus Gagnon

Definitely worth going for the double feature. Also, they have great deals on food and drinks!

Stephen Smith

Awesome place to stop in for a movie!

Melanie Scott

We got there the place was confusing, we paid for our tickets and since no one else was there I had no clue exactly where to park so we just parked front and center. It was a triple feature, had a blast. 3 movies for $9 amazing deal. I don't understand the complaints that the food was over priced, it's no more expensive than a regular theater, or other drive ins I have gone to, they give you free refills on large popcorn and pop. Everyone was sweet and friendly answering all my questions. The exits could be better marked or better lit, we had a heck of a time finding it at 3am. All in all it was an excellent time and we look forward to coming back time and again.

Kayla Mott

Very nice! You can bring your dogs.

Tim Feckers

Nice change on pace

Kelly Musher

Great place to take the family or go on a date. The owner thanks you for coming out. The snack bar has 14 inch pizzas made to order and free refills on pop corn and pop. Plus the have a full menu. Restrooms were large and clean, staff was nice. Movie screen was huge. Great experience

Joebean Adams

Great drive-in. Have $5 rental radios.

Mark Frederick Sr

Great value, great food, and brings back memories. We took our kids to the drive in when they were little. Now blessed there is a drive in where we can take our grandchildren.

Heather Grabow

We always have fun here! Our dogs love it too!

Holly Rawlings

What a great experience! Took the kids here for a double feature, concession stand was reasonably priced and had many options.


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