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5233 NW 86th St, Johnston, IA 50131

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Molly Gehm

I love the movie there are playing right now

Chris Jameson

The atmosphere is dark and uninviting. It used to have a fun arcade in the middle and brightly lit and you could buy tickets in the ticket line. Now it's dark and brooding, like something out of an emo kid novel. And the last two movies I've seen they have broken seats with bags and tape really making it look extremely ghetto.

Alex Currie

I haven't been to movies in awhile and it was great. I didn't know had to reserve seats ahead of time if wanted to get seats used to have to come 30 min to hour early to get anymore. My wife is one who told me all this btw, lol. So that's awesome. And I walk into theater and they have great cushy seats that aren't stacked so close together, i used to have to make wife sit on the inside seat, just because I'm a bigger guy and never could sit in movies without crowding both sides and then trying to squeeze arms in until get claustrophobic. Now I can sprawl out in chair that auto reclines with electronic up and down button... I probably sound old and dated in my excitement of this... but I don't care because it was most comfortable I have been in years. Even my wife smiled and laughed at me a few times because she could tell I was just impressed at the space and comfort I was experiencing. Anyways, I would say as long as get seat ahead of time then if it's the movie you wanted to see, you'll enjoy it. If it's not your choice.... and possible you significant others choice, you have a really comfortable recliner and a lot of space to doze off! Thanks guys! Oh, and yes food is still high priced but now movie price matches amount spent. Would have been 5 stars if guy right next to us wasn't chewing obnoxiously loud and with mouth open at almost every time there was a quieter scene! LOL luckily, my wife said something to gentleman, before I auto inclined back up from wonderful seat. She made it a special night and loved it.

Nathan D.

Always clean and quick with transactions. Staff is friendly and kind. New and updated facilities

Valerie Brockman

Love the comfy reclining seats and the fact that they have movies during the day when they are not crowded. All of these movie theaters need to work on their prices at the concession stand. They are astronomical. I can't imagine being able to afford to bring an entire family to the movies these days. They need a family value movie, popcorn and drink deal or something so families can actually enjoy going to the movies together again without breaking the bank.

Natalie Bensley

A bit messy theater, needs some upkeep but the snacks and employees were great!

ultim0 ching0n

The staff in the evening are like git-n-go employees straight tards and mcguffin bar is over priced the guy that sold me my popcorn and tickets walked over to sell me my beer I bought 2 then the idiot asked me if they were both for me what a idiot I recommend going to flixbrewhouse a real place with a bar food movies and the most consistent staff /mcguffin bar lol

Jason Clements

A nice place. Seats are comfy. Cheaper and have open seating unlike Jordan Creek

Lissa Sampson

Seats are comfortable, but guess we didn't get there early enough, as there were four of us and we had to find seats that we were not able to set together. Part of that was due to people not wanting to move over to make room, which isn't the theater's fault, just kind of selfish people. Snack bar is a bit expensive, but that goes with the industry.

Lynn LaGrone

Good option for seeing first run films plus a rare off the radar movies. A return to the 90's style mega theaters. Tons of screen, a lot of real estate. Comfy seats, wasted concession spots in between the theaters area. Expensive concessions-- about $20 for a Sat.evening show plus a regular popcorn. Good idea to invest in the $25 refillable bucket if you're a frequent viewer. The staff is helpful and polite.

S Sod

Bring Carmike Wynsong back!! Carmike's staff was far superior in every way. Specifically, when I asked for butter on my popcorn they would do it, instead of handing me the bag and telling me to do it myself. When I asked Wynsong for a drink they would give me one instead of handing he the cup and telling me to do it myself.

Josh Allison

The tickets were cheap, but the screen quality was even cheaper. Smaller than average screen and the panel had several dirty steaks that were visible during lighter parts of the film

Darla Davison

Great place to see a movie ! Even give military discount!

Jason Siikarla

Well-kept theater. Showing its age a little with smaller screens than the newer theaters but still a solid choice. Large lobby is great for hanging out before or after a show

Jake Jacobs

Nice theater and comfortable chairs. Good place to watch a movie. As with all theaters, bring your own candy and snacks as the prices are outrageous. Absolutely no reason why prices need to be that high other than people are greedy.

John Mc Kee

Could not finish movie. A/C was NOT on, almost became sick. Shame too, as wife & I was on first date night in months. We had to leave. Poor mgmt. On day like that day to not have A/C on in theater.

Deana Cunningham

Really great movie theater. Staff is always friendly and quick service.

Stephen Dietz

Well maintained theater. Hope it continues.

Richard Schmitt

No complaints. Everything was as expected. Staff was friendly and attentive.

Richard West

It is so much nicer than southridge 12.

Crystalann CB

Would only go here if you can't drive to a nicer theater. Bathrooms were nasty, and our theater room stunk like it hasn't had a real cleaning in a while (and not just talking stale popcorn smell i mean it was like a trash can that hasn't been cleaned in a long time and really needed it)

Mark Doll

Nice, comfortable Cinema to watch a movie! We had a great experience at this theater!

Joel Bennett

Comfy chairs, adult beverages, and plenty of screens to choose from.

Jake Hagerdorn

Great experience! Seats are older but comfy! Wait staff was down on energy but still helpful!

Lorraine Gaddini-Smith

The popcorn was stale but otherwise it was a pleasànt evening.

Jerry Cao

They forgot to turn off the interior lights all the time...

Andrea Irwin

I grew up going to this theater and the updates that have been made to it since AMC took over are welcomed. The ticketing system is better, the seats are comfortable, and the experience overall is great. The line to get into the theater to see a move there is kind of confusing. It isn't well communicated what movie people are standing in line for and if you should get in it or go to the ticket taker.

Steven Liston

Good theater with nice seats. I don't like how they got rid of the ticket counter and they just have a snack/ticket counter.

Andrew Doss

Really nice theater and seating. About average on pricing to see a movie.

Brandon Geier

Dated theater that has been updated but still not to the standard you see at most newer theaters. Still a good experience but there are better options.

Lisa Christensen

Good value for the price, the theater is a bit older, so it's not as clean as I would expect, but still good place to see a movie

gloria coser

Movie theater was clean,popcorn was fresh, concession prices are too high for what you get!!!!

Kati Anderson

AMC club is a good deal. 3 free movies per week and discounts on concessions plus redeemable points.

Brian D Tice

Nice theater with a good selection of movies. The lobby consists of a comfortable seating area with large screen tv's. The theaters themselves have stadium seating with the seats being very comfortable. The previews were overly loud, but the movie just right. I enjoy the cheaper price by going to the last afternoon showing of a movie. You really can't miss by going to this theater.

Christi Russell

Nice movie theater. Never crowded which is nice. Theaters have comfy leather seats.

Ginny McFarland

I brought grandkids to the LION KING matinee, last week. Very few staff members but also few customers. Concessions are grossly overpriced, like all theatres. Nice film quality.

Mary Thomas

AMC, wasn't all I expected it to be the food and alcohol was super pricey and not in good quantity and at the time of my visit the theater lobby was in shambles, drink spills, popcorn all over the floor, I was very surprised. The movie, The Hate You Give was excellent!

Gisele Sullivan

Clean theater with comfortable chair with a lot of leg room

Adam B

Theater and movie was great. However, the Price of 1 Bottle of Water... 20oz was $4.29. I'm used to the idea that everything costs more at all theatres but DAMN! That's re-frickin-diculous! That isn't even the worst part... We bought 2 tickets for a 3:50 Showing of Glass. The movie itself is 2 hours and 9 minutes long. Include a few previews and that should be maybe 2 hours and 15 or possibly 20 minutes long. NOPE! Our movie didn't even Roll the Opening until 4:17. Making the Opening credits last 27 MINUTES! Because of this we missed our dinner reservations and had to wait for an opening. AMC chose to extend the movie by so much that I couldn't Ever give myself enough time to make my dinner. Movie was great. Seating was comfortable. But the ridiculous price of a Single bottle of water and the Shameless advertising amount before the movie started ruined the night. At least post the REAL LENGTH of the movie experience. That way people could plan accordingly.

Robert Knar

Have always had a good experience. Good staff and good facilities.

Jenn Carpenter

Not very clean. Not enough staff to help out. No directions on how to purchase tickets. You had to discern that the kiosk was the only way to purchase tickets. Then a huge busload of kids arrived and swamped the concession stand so we either had to miss our movie starting or not get popcorn. Better management needed.

Walter Segarra

Clean establishment. Full bar, nice snack bar.

Bill G

One word ... EXPENSIVE!! Two tickets, one small popcorn, and two medium drinks = $40.00!! But the seats were comfortable. : )

Brian Bum Hutzel

Definitely could use a cleaning. Comfortable seating.

John D

Old school movie theater. It was clean and staff was friendly.

Matthew Fry

Quick through the lines. A tad overpriced just to get a snack for my taste. Some good deals. My theater screen had giant scratches on it very noticeable during pre-trailer period but didn't seem to alter movie experience.

Jacob Lane

Movie theater is clean and always great selection of movies and food. Great staff and great atmosphere.

Marcus Jackson

A cool movie theater. The seats were surprisingly comfortable. We enjoyed watching How To Train Your Dragon with our granddaughter.

Jamie Madrox

Went to see a movie. Just me in there until right before it started then 2 others walked in. Felt weird watching a movie with 3 people. Pop corn was cold and the fountain machines seem to be off due to the drinks tasting weird. Movie was really dark as well, had a hard time seeing it.

Hunter Pierce

We had a problem with our online tickets but they were very friendly and worked it out with us.

Ahmed Al Kinani

Old chairs, good overall

Karen Keller

The 30 minutes of previews that run after the movie's stated start time are over-the-top loud. Management claims they are unable to turn down the sound. This has happened the last three times we've attended. Shouldn't have to wear ear plugs to enjoy a movie. Won't be back.

Alan Koslow

My go to theater(4 others are closer to my house). Doesn't have reserved seating(which I hate). Free refills on popcorn and soda.

Mike Gerzema

Nice facility. Good except for the cricket chirping all through the movie.


AWFUL! This is not the theater it was previously. Nearly $40 for 2 adult tickets and we even shared a small pop and popcorn. Walked into the theater and we were bowled over by the musty smell and it felt like the a/c wasn't on. Not to mention 30 minutes of previews and super uncomfortable seats. There are plenty of nicer theaters in town...PASS ON THIS ONE!!

Vicki Schaeffer

Comfortable seat, great sound system.

ryan goemann

Great clean theatre !!

Michael Thompson

Great theater!! I am a big movie buff!! Love going to movies the staff was great place was clean and a bar!! They need to let the bartenders take tips plus a high wage, they lost a star bc the chairs didnt go back!

Karen Barker

The reviews and website indicated this theater has recliners (with foot rests) and a bar where you could get a drink for the show . Got here and the theater I'm in doesn't have the recliners and the bar isn't open. Disappointing. Should have picked the other, cheaper theater that had both.

Charlie Sears

Pizza was way better than i thought it would be

angie hagerdorn

Good Experience. Consession counter was busy but efficient. Theater was comfortable and easy to get to.

Jason Kems

The self-service ticket kiosk is nice to get in quickly. Reclining leather seats are comfortable with plenty of room to relax and enjoy the show. Having a bar is so a nice touch. There was some cleanliness issues in the theater we noticed when we sat down. Overall a good visit and we will probably be back.

Orphius News Channel new theater.

Bill Bistrican

Nice movie theater with exceptionally comfortable seating. Not a bad view for a smaller theater. The sound level was good, not too loud and not too soft. Hate it when you go out to the movies and the sound quality is low and/or the volume is too low! Will return!


Nice seating. Good concessions. Clean restrooms.

Pat Bertroche

The ticket buying and concession is kind of funky and not very smooth. Love the pop machines.

Spencer Navara

I have seen many, many movies here. Out of the other AMC's in the area, this one is the best. The new bar is very nice, and the soda machine is the best for choosing a wide array of drinks. Love it here.

Trevor Mc Carthy

Stale popcorn and flat pop.

Armin K

No one ever answering the phone. No other contact information info. Ridicules.

Billie Bergmann

One of our family's favorite theaters in the Des Moines metro. Quick service, clean, friendly people, can use the kiosk machine or live person to get tickets.

Daniel Hall

Great place to see a flic!

Scherry Tichy

The place was dirty but show was great. Bathrooms were a mess.

Ranada Farris

It was soo comfortable I REALLY enjoyed myself (HALLOWEEN)

Jill Lampe

Went to see Coco and my daughter and I really struggled with the sound. Usually it is so ridiculously loud. This time, it was so quiet. Surely there is a happy medium? I went out to let them know early in the movie, volume was never turned up. On top of that, at concessions, clerk was surly, which I find pretty much normal every time we visit. $15 for popcorn and soda that surely cost them less than a dollar is absolutely ridiculous. I would rather pay a few dollars more for the movie than to be robbed at concessions. We used to go to this theater pretty regularly, but now we go to others that provide a much more enjoyable experience with better staff, better seats, & consistently cleaner space.

Lisa Smith

Everything is good except for the prices of a movie and concession food

Janet Marie

Nice clean theaters with stadium seating.

Douglas Macgregor

Very futuristic facilities. I just wish they did not show 25 minutes worth of previews!

Sarah C Reynolds

Friendly staff, comfy seats. Actually tried something other than the popcorn for a change...the mozzarella sticks were really good for the price.

Penney Smith

#1: Love the movies but it was so expensive for 2 people to share a popcorn and a drink - OVER $32 for 2 senior adults for a hour and half movie AND a half hour of commercials at the time the movie was slated to start - very annoying

Alicia Epperly

Movie theaters need better ventilation. Otherwise great place to go. Good prices

Lynda Ogg

DIRTY NEEDS cleaned!!!

Alexander Tsistinas

I love Wynnsong/AMC. BEST THEATER. Great experience, fun environment.

Will Kaptain

Formerly known as Carmike Wynnsong cinemas, AMC Classic Johnston 16 boasts the same qualities of a cozy hometown theater for which the locals have been loving and enjoying it for decades now. The staff are kind, welcoming and bodacious (namely Jay Jay). The entire infrastructure, on the inside and out is sparklingly clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Kick back and enjoy the nostalgia of your local theater today. Enjoy the show. At AMC.

Stephen Schrader

Dirty and run down. Walking through the lobby there was a used flossing pick on the ground and several staff walked right by it. We had to actually wipe our seats down with a wet rag because there was a layer of grime on it. The floor was strewn with popcorn. It was kind of disgusting. The 2 star rating is only because the movie was fine and the price was a little cheaper.

Dori Meyer

I was a little disappointed that everything was so self serve. We could have walked in and not paid for tickets. Otherwise staff was super polite and movie was great.

Paul Clowser

Always enjoy this classic theater!

Matthew R Eslick

Your pretty standard movie theater. It's a notch lower than Jordan Creek because the seats aren't leather and don't recline, but those are first world problems. I'd go here again when they have a movie I'd like to see, but wouldn't necessarily go out of my way.

Cal Zenner

Go here all the time great spot to watch movies

Gerry Holloway

Good theatre. Staff was courteous and helpful. Theatres and common areas were clean.

Kat Schopf

Efficient and clean with lots of screens for all the mainstream movies. Good loyalty program. Lots of options at concessions and a Freestyle Coke machine.

Patricia Brown

The theater was nice, clean and accessible for handicaps. That meant a lot to me. The chairs were comfortable and the best popcorn ever.

Jeff Brandt

What a RIP OFF!! $5.79 for a regular Coke!!


Liked that they had two areas for those to purchase tickets only. And those purchasing tickets and snacks. Comfortable seating.

Sean Conway

Nothing fancy, just a sit and watch movies place. Average ticket prices.

Mercedes Seemann

I've always liked this theater. The renovations they did awhile back have definitely improved it. However, the decision to have ticket sales only at the concession stand can be really unpleasant. When I don't buy popcorn, it gets a bit irritating to have to wait on someone who's getting the works just to buy a movie ticket. But overall, still a good theater.

Wolfgirl Strong

Used to be my favorite theater but ever since AMC took this theater over it sucks. Used to be inexpensive shows on Tuesdays and those are gone. Used to have later showtimes (after 8pm) during the week and those are gone. Used to be able to purchase tickets outside of the concessions and now you have to wait long. Horrible experience anymore, I will not be back.

Joshua Jones

Really nice theater. Very comfortable seating. The seats are inclined so you can easily see over people even if they're pretty tall. Popcorn and drinks are pretty expensive but they give free refills. If you want to see a movie, this is a great theater! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The place is clean and tidy. I'll go back when I want to see a movie.

Jason J

Overpriced...would be better if there were better deals

G Edison JR

Movie I seen was in theater 4 which had nice leather rocking stadium seating. Was very comfortable and had plenty of leg room. Pricing for concessions is pretty consistent with AMC Theaters. Staff was nice and friendly overall this data provided a great movie going experience

Katie Hamman

This place was disgusting! My husband and I took our daughters to the movie this past weekend and when we went to sit down, we had to go through 6 rows of chairs to find one even remotely clean. There was garbage and drinks spilled everywhere. There was sticky stuff all inside the cup holders, and the seats had stuff spilled almost every single row that we went through. I had to finally pull out a wipes and clean the seats to even be able to sit down. The staff at the concessions looked miserable and unpleasant, so that lost our business as well.. The only reason for the 2 stars is because of the nice elderly person that took our tickets! They were so kind and you could tell that they enjoyed getting to see families coming and going. The odds of us going back are very slim!

Linda Depue

Easy to navigate.

Benjamin Vorwerk

Great place for the casual movie-goer. Comfy seating (classic reclining seats, not (loud) powered recliners). Prices on par with the area average, and cheaper on Tuesdays.

Kim Harman

Great place to see a movie.

Ryan Williamson

Time to start reserving seats.

Maxx Menagerie

Well-maintained theaters. Good place to go see a movie.

Carol Ragland Jones

It wad my first time at this theater..wasn'ttoo crowded. Seniors don't get too much of a discount, 20 cents. Prices are a tad high. I paid $8.00 for a regular size of popcorn. I did enjoyed the movie though

Matt Rawson

Large theater setup. Didn't quite get the way they have their ticket sales and concession stand set-up with a roping system. I'm sure they could design a better way to move customer flow. Seats were definitely comfortable.

Josh Bertocki

Way too many previews, concessions prices are more overpriced than other theaters in the area, and the lights that run along the walls during the movie are way too bright. Seats are comfortable, though very creaky.

Felecia Clark

Great time at you theater!

Mike G

Movie theater for the blockbuster first release movies. AMC concession bars are quite expensive, but haven't found a reasonable one yet. They package soda, popcorn and candy combinations to get you to buy more. You can buy one of their popcorn buckets and bring it back to refill for free each time. If you take a date or bring the family, consider dropping some serious change.

Diane G.

You buy your tickets at the concession stand, can't miss it, there's a large sign and roped off area for the line that tells you to buy tickets and get concessions here. Clean, fast moving line, friendly staff. Just saw Jurassic World tonight!!


Very nice, saw endgame and the line was short

Peggy Van Den Baard

Comfortable seating, good view.

Gary Leffler

Their rewards program is the best in town

james christopher

The concession stand ran out of bottled water. I asked for a large cup so that I could fill it with water. But the manager wanted to charge me the price of a soda. He offered me a 4 oz cup that I would have had to leave my movie at Least three times to refill. No thanks. I didn’t feel it was handled very well from a customer service POV. I vote with my dollar and would not return to this location. I live in Arizona and have had many great experiences at the AMC locations there.

John Kennedy

Not a nice AMC. I wish they would update this to be as nice as the cinemark theaters in the area. It is disheartening because the AMC Stubs membership is really cool, but there is not much of a benefit to that membership because of the theater offerings in the area.

Joe Colley

1st visit. Only because we wanted to see Smokey and the Bandit on the big screen. Got tix online for $5 each but concessions are highest in Des Moines. Almost $21 for 2 medium pops and 1 medium popcorn. And popcorn was stale at 12:45 in the afternoon. Probably my only visit here. Very disappointing

Doreen Sawyer

Clean in front. Clean in theater. Comfortable seats. Clean, well kept restroom.

Chad Carber

A decent theater. The screen was good and the seats were very comfortable. The entry and lobby need remodeled.


Great and friendly staff. My kids always have a great experience. Love the choices on the menu.

Cicero Holmes

Dated in the best way possible! It seems like it was last renovated during the first Obama administration and that's part of its charm. Seats are a good size & the screens are nice.


Seems kind of run down. When we got there the bar and grill was closed, so no alcohol, it was ~9:30pm. Not assigned seats. Seat are comfortable. I'd go again.

Katie Minor

The whole place is super clean and the staff is very nice. Plus the seats are very comfortable

Jimmie Woods

Friendly People and respectful

william spencer

I love this theater but my visually impaired girlfriend tried using the discript services and it did not work. The staff seem to not be trained on how the service work leading her to not fully take part in the experience. I am also sure other viewers of the movie were not to happy with me needing to describe key scenes.

Kira Haumersen

Can you complain about a movie theater with recliners? Sure you can, this is America afterall... while the reclining is fantastic, the arm rests, in the upright posistion, do not recline with seats, so reclined snuggling is a no go. It is the Catholic recliner of movie theater seating... #notouching. Also, why does the bar NEVER seem to be open..?!

Chris Warren

Movie started a few minutes late and didn't have sound for several minutes after that even though people complained multiple times.

Misz Parker

Tuesdays $5 movies.. Make sure you sign up to become a member. Its free and the only way to receive the Tuesday discounts

Sarah Gray

New favorite place to see movies

Nathan Lewis

Dated, expensive, the Cinemark in Altoona is much nicer.

Fred G

Lines were fast, employees friendly, popcorn was great, movie production and sound were wonderful. Very nice experience tonight. Thank you AMC.

Bob Fredregill

Great place to watch a current movie. Comfortable seats, great views.


I realize it was Christmas Day but this theater was disgusting. It looked like it had not been vaccumed in months. There was carpeting coming off the steps in theater 7. The concession stands were a mess! Popcorn and papers all over the place. Actually saw a employee push down the trash with his bare hand and then proceed to get popcorn fora customer.

Krista Kielty

Always great shows, comfortable seats and a clean facility. AMC has a great rewards program which you should look into for movie and food benefits.

Isaac Coddington

Good place for a less crowded movie experience

Joel Kruse

One of my favorite theaters. They are always nice and accommodating.

Brad Fuller

Nice revamped theater. Comfortable seats and lots of amenities. Not as over the top as the newer theaters but a way better value.

Lila Starr

Good place, comfortable seats, put on your own butter, alcohol served, good stuff!

Paul Stigers

At one time this was a great theater. I went there on Saturday night Feb 17, 2018, with a friend and was pretty shocked. They used to sell tickets at the ticket office at the front doors but have stopped doing that so if its busy, you have to wait even longer in the concession line where tickets are now purchased along with concessions. Concession prices are ridiculously high at all theaters but for two movie tickets, two drinks and a medium popcorn with no butter, I thought I way overpaid. The worst part of the experience was how filthy the whole place was. It looks like the entire building hasn't been cleaned in months. Popcorn was everywhere on the floor throughout the whole building and it appeared that it had been there a while. The theatre space itself was filthy with people leaving their cups and popcorn everywhere. Had to clean off seats before sitting down. Several garbage cans were overflowing. Even the restrooms were filthy. The men's room was dark with only the vanity light working and a total mess. I was told the women's restroom was flat out disgusting and won't give the graphic details here. The once beautiful carpets were sticky and the smell of the place was awful. The theatre space was so cold, my friend said she thought she could almost see her breath. There is a huge difference in the place from the previous ownership. It was a gem when it first opened several years ago until the most recent change in ownership. The difference is night and day. Even all the glass was dirty. The movie was good and the sound was decent but that's about all I can say that was normal about the experience. It's sad that it could decline as it has, Johnston used to be proud of the place but I don't see how they can be now.

Alvin Wruck

Attention needed in the bathrooms, some bleach and disinfectant would help and maybe a few more employees with brooms and vaccums in the lobby and hallways.

Nick Wynen

Website has no thought behind it at all. It has links to about everything EXCEPT what movies are actually playing. The website badly needs a "Movie Times" link. The fact that management hasn't figured that out says something about their competence.

Mark Maness

I like being able to buy a ticket and popcorn together. The seats are good and the screen is a good size. It is a perfect neighborhood cinema.

Julia Seaton

This cinema was newly remodeled and it is already falling apart. The seats are broken and dirty. The fool offerings are better and it's nice to have GF choices but the prices are way too expensive.


Clean and decently equipped. Low amounts of people which is nice

Kirk Schappaugh

8.45 for a children to see a movie little to much

B Reeves

Saw "Midsommer" last night and the experience was great! Tickets were priced normally and at this theater the seats are placed one row ABOVE the next so you never have to worry about not seeing over the people ahead of you!!

Mike Briggs

Was a better before AMC started the different lines. Now it seems like it's a pain to get popcorn. The theaters are good in regards to seating, sounds and visuals. 20 minutes of commercials is too much though. If we have time, we'll drive to Jordan Creek or Flix, as they offer a better experience.

Sherry Long

Only downfall is no opening night events. $5.00 Tuesday tickets for Stubs members is a good thing. Purchase your popcorn bucket for cheaper refills later too!

Al Rey

Great popcornAMC rocks! Fast friendly service

Becky Wiers

This is nice theater. I really like that the popcorn butter is out for customers to apply to their liking. I always like more butter than employees typically put on, so the fact I can decide how much to use is great. I also like that it's stadium seating.

Bri H

This was one of five theaters we visited in the last six weeks to find which cinema's features were best. This AMC location is good for individuals with mobility issues. The line for concessions moved at a good pace, the theaters were well-marked (with movie title/showtime), and the theaters were lit well enough to be safe when entering the theater. Overall, we had a positive theater experience. I did deduct of star for the following reasons: 1. There Tuesdays deals are somewhat dependent on you joining their club. 2. It was difficult to get all the answers regarding their new monthly go three times a week plan. 3. Because all handicap spots were full, we had to park about 20 spots down. This was especially hard on my mobility challenged friend. More handicap spots really should be added. 4. Their concession prices seem a bit high even for a theater 5. Their seats are set up in a way that the kid behind you can kick your seat throughout the whole movie. (Two of the theaters I visited, have seats set up in a way that prevents this problem).

David West

Great seating and low crowds.

Kathy Caldwell

Very nice theater. Expensive on the snacks that's for sure!! But I'll return

Saugat Saxena

Very nice, the chairs in the auditorium were great, so were the picture and sound quality.

Don Leach

We went for the $5 Tuesday deal seen advertised. Young lady said we had to belong to some kind of club. Then just smiled at me as I waited for how or what this club thing works or is. She never explained just smiled. I guess she did not know either. We left with feeling like the false advertising bug won. No it didn't, I won by saving money and watch movie at home.

Michael Wolford

Cheap tickets, our go to when we cant afford the more expensive theaters with reclining seats.

Sheryl Byrkett

No pictures maybe next time. I really like this theater much cleaner and friendlier than the one on Hickman. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is their concession prices are a little high. I got bucket refill and 2 regular drinks and it was $17 that means the drinks were around $5 a piece for a smaller size. I also bought tickets online they charge a convenience fee, other wise got a decent price for the movie tickets.

Eric Jacobson

The theater is very nice, the chairs are comfortable. There is a lack of entertainment for children prior to watching the movie.


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Crawford County Cinema IV
Crawford County Cinema IV
Movie Theater - Iowa

Movie theater