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REVIEWS OF Legacy Cinema IN Indiana

Gabby Goins

I called an hour in advance to see how much money I had left on a gift card. I gave my card information and phone number to the employee that answered the phone and he said that the manager would give me a call back. I never received a call back. When I arrived , the theater was not crowded nor was it busy in any way. I am not sure what the hold up was for the manager to give me a call back. Very disappointed!

crystal darrah

As a family we always enjoy our time at Legacy Cinema. Good atmosphere, good food, and friendly staff! This is the Darrah Family's first choice when planning a night at the movies.

Cameron Arrington

Small, but good theater and nice employees!

Samuel Napier

Great place,, until you try to take a load off in these very hard and uncomfortably small seats..the seats are old and worn badly. That said new seats and I'll go atleast 2-3 times a ml month or more. Maybe 1 time every 3 months now

Brian Nelson

Sound and seating horrible. Barely hear them talk, no bass, sounded like they only had one speaker working in the front corner. Go down the street to Showplace 12 which is only $5 for matinee and they have recliners

CG Production

Went to go see Good Boys and damn it was super funny and the best part is it was just me and my brother and sister in the theater!

Jo Anne Bath-Miers

Great theater, good prices, and the seats are very comfortable. I would recommend anyone to go to this theater and watch a movie.

Candace Carter

Still relatively new to the area, but I'm sooo happy we found this place. Much better than the theaters in the Indianapolis area.

Taylor Utt

Always clean. Not as high priced as a lot of movie theaters are. Offers the newest movies released. Fun family free Wednesday a.m. movies throughout summer. Overall always a good experience. Oh and I love how ample their handicap areas are!! You don't see that very often!!

devin turner

Ridiculous policies towards movie choices. You have to have Id to watch a rated r movie despite clearly being old enough. Parental supervision required despite giving verbal permission for your own kids to watch a movie rated “r”. Will not be going again. Cop always on duty to make you uncomfortable

Paul Denney

Great theater at a value price. Clean and had the latest movies. Seat quality is a little poor but the cost makes it acceptable.

Gsry Myers

Good place to watch a movie. Seats get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Paul Findley

A really good experience. Clean and efficient.

Tyra McCutcheon

One of my favorite theater's. It's so friendly and a smaller theater not as many people.

Ouida Norris

Everything you want in small town cinema but nice big screen and clean. Perfect.

Judy Weybright

Comfortable seats, great popcorn with single refill. Definitely a fav

Smooth Gibson

Good customer service and clean facilities.

Brian Kirkwood

they treat everyone well and have hot popcorn. : )

Felicia Corrie-Hunt

Staff is great, theatre isn't the cleanest, and prices are great.

Edward Hornaday

Small theatre with painful seats

Ryan Simpson

Comfortable seats and usually not that busy. I like the new combos but they are very expensive. Staff is usually very polite and courteous. They always have the newest movies and a decent selection. Showtimes are also usually at convenient times. It is always very clean as well.

Alisa Schwartz

Love this movie theater!! Friendly people and always clean

Jamie Mason

Good place.

Kenneth Martinez

Great family owned movie theater! Definitely recommend seeing movies here

Brian Michael

Nice place to see a movie.

Lance Cool

Good time great service

Jamie treat

Great place to enjoy a movie

Matthew Gebhart

Love the movies just not the food charge.

Lana Hines

Good movie but adults playing with there phone during the movie was very distracting.

Ashley Zucchini

It's Gucci man

Dianna Kennedy

We took my granddaughter to see the Lion King and it was very good! As she put it, It Was Amazing

Angie Tarter

Went to see Ready Player One, staff was excellent, popcorn was great !!!

Jacki Barnhouse

Good view, seats aren't too comfy, but the popcorn is real good

Larry Killian

A nice theater with good prices. The seats where clean and the screen was clear. My son and I where in the area and decided to catch a movie. We have no regret about stopping here to watch it. If you're in the area and it's time for a matinee I suggest swinging in.

Kristen Lisk

Popcorn can sometimes be stale but always shows great movies.

cory knoblett

I watch all my movies here

Julie Jacobs

It's so nice having a theater near home that is outside of the busy city. We always have an enjoyable time at Legacy!

Jack Loftus

It was a great first visit. Parking lot was clean and in good repair, no potholes or surface damage and all parking was clearly marked. Lobby was a good size and there was a good variety of things to choose from. I went went nachos, double cheese, triple Jalapenos along with a pretzel, 2 pickles and large drink. Theater was a nice cozy size and seats were clean and comfortable. Good line of sight to screen and volume was just perfect. Some of the cleanest washrooms at A theater I have seen in a long time. Overall a great experience.

Amber Trimpl

I like this movie theater it's just a little out of date but it's usually a lot cheaper than any other theater and it's never extremely crowded

Ashley W

Always great customer service, but I wish the seats were a bit more comfortable. It's hard to sit through a 3-hour movie in those.

Fearfully Made

Overcome was amazing!

Matthew Townsend

Great theater, all though they do not have all of the movies that are out sometimes.

Ernest and Kim Bell

Great price for movies. A little high at the concession stands, but 1 free refill is included.

Amadeus Wagner

I love it, nice and cheap, but has the same quality as any other theater! So you get MORE FOR YOUR MONEY

Nick R

The staff was really friendly, the prices were good for the first showing, overall a very good experience!!

Autumn Rowe

Always very courteous employees. Very clean as well!

Lori Smith

Great prices, top movies, our family always enjoys watching movies at Legacy.

Mark Dykes

Always great time when we go and watch movies there

Jackie Marshall

I have always loved taken my grandchildren here. Not the biggest but everyone is so nice and helpful.

Paul Throop

Great time

Wendy J Wells

Totally awesome movie place and the prices were great we came from Anderson

Randall Wells

Good place to go for a movie. Expensive snacks, like most places.

Ron Duffin

Good theater and good service.

Natalie Young

Great Movie Theatre

Rickey Spencer

Always clean and delightful place to take on a movie! Thanks

Doc Hinshaw

This is a great movie house. Well maintained and clean. Even the restrooms.

Mr.Lewis's Math Emporium

Reasonable concession prices, friendly staff, large seating areas let's you find your spot. An older building but clean, and well kept.

Kevin McCarty

Very nice theater. Cheap matinee prices.

Andy Gibson

I enjoy the theater but the seating needs a reclining upgrade

Jensen Smith

The sound & quality of this movie theater is great! The seating in the theater is a little off set of the screen. Concession service was amazing!! Food options were also very good!! Great place to hang out on a rainy day!!


Best theater around....clean...short lines for admission or refreshments(if any at all). Less expensive than the larger chains as well.

Phantom Edge

Love end game

Vicki Pankhurst

It was great I took my two granddaughters to see the Grinch and dident have enough for three tickets and I said I would sit and wait on them cause they were so excited to be there and the main person gave me a ticket so I could go with them I am so thankful for her kindness and my granddaughters loved the show thank you Legacy.

Rebecca Hollingsworth

Clean, small theater. No barcaloungers, no IMAX but had decent picture and sound. No reserved seating but finding a seat wasn't a problem. Concessions were a bit cheaper than other places in Indianapolis. Good place to take family-has kid appropriate films and summer kid movies. Wish patrons would refrain from taking little kids to adult movies (kid talked throughout the movie), but that isn't management's fault. Will go back, for sure!

Kelly Milburn

Very nice clean safe theatre good for families. They offer free morning movies in the summer and are more affordable than some other locale theatres.

Candlelight kid

The floors were very clean and the popcorn was delicious.

Michelle Andis

Always timely, clean, and friendly

April Sheedy

Love this little theatre. Staff is always so nice and it is always clean.

zoebean 10

Great for family night out

Jeff Ricks

Amazing family owned and managed theater. We won't go anywhere else!

Jim Buist

Nice small-town theater with very reasonable prices and excellent selection of movies.

Victoria Coulombe

Doesn't except American Express doesn't have an ATM. Made us late to the movie.


Great small, clean theater with lots of screens. Rarely crowded

Robert Archer

Great place to watch a movie - clean and comfortable. Tonight we saw 'Yesterday'. What a great movie!

Mike Ball

Movie was good. Nice and clean. Very over priced on snacks and drinks. 20 z Water for $ 3.00 that's out insane.

Patty Bostic

Just the right size and very clean.

Chris Dressler

Good service and screen quality terrible seats

Jeremiah Hebner

Been going here for years with the family, both day and evening prices pretty average as far as pricing. Like any theater though expect to spend if your getting snacks. Other than that while it can get crowded during new releases, its not to to overbearing during the week or even on the weekends.

Kim Howard

Always enjoyable. The theaters and bathroom are always very clean.

Colin Sanberg

Glad to have a theater of this size and quality in Greenfield without having to drive to Indy or someplace else. Plenty of screens. Always clean. Staff is always very friendly. Not a huge state-of-the-art cineplex, but just right for Greenfield and the eastern suburbs.

a horrible place for horrible people

This theater really needs to update their screens and seating


Great prices, awesome small town theater!

Whitney Roll

Very clean, good selection of snacks, strange setup.

Jeff Jarrett

Just watched movie tonight. Staff was responsive and respectful. Theater was clean. Very happy.

Jeremy Milner

Great theater with even better pricing

Vicki Williams

A little pricey but clean

Becky Myles

Had a great time seeing Wonder Park!

Brandon W

This movie theater is always very clean. Bathrooms have always been spotless. Prices are always on par with other theaters. The food prices are high but still affordable. They do not have mixed drinks or anything exotic. Seating and sound is always nice. Workers are always very friendly.

Rachel Wilson

Great clean theater with fairly comfy seats. Great ticket prices, concessions a bit pricey though. Free movie Wed. during the summer is always packed full but you can't beat free! Overall a very nice hometown theater!

Vincent Schurger

We love our local theater. They have reasonable ticket prices and popcorn/concession prices. I love the family friendly focus with a refill and share boxes. Their staff is helpful and positive. The venue is clean. We always come here first over Indianapolis for movies. We are grateful to have a local movie theater. Thank you Legacy.

Net Venable

My fave theater! Love the flavored drinks.

Sharon Meade

Very nice and clean. Made my twin granddaughters very happy as we went to see Dumbo...The concession stand help could use some pointers on being much nicer they were very young and inexperienced on dealing with the public other than that my girls had a wonderful time!

Billy Crist

Reasonably priced, clean, been coming here for over 15 years. Never had a bad experience, besides a bad movie or two haha. Would be nice if they had fancy reclining seats, but that would drive the price up

Meka Smith

My 4 yr old granddaughter and l had a great time. The two young ladies there was sooo sweet to us l really appreciate it. But, the small popcorn and candy was tooo expensive! $7 for the both of them and $15 to get in..l would of been better of waiting until it came out on DVD and went to the dollar store for the snacks. That's why l dont go to the movies cause, they r tooo expensive but, still we enjoyed it. Thanks to the young ladies!!

David Phelps

Nice clean theater, snacks are good.

Eric S

Great cinema. Very clean.

Daniel Stone

Legacy is great for movie goers of all ages. Prices are generally less then a lot of others. Popcorn is always fresh.

Kaitlin Fischer

Had a great time with the kids watching Secret Life of Pets 2 today!!

Scott Ervin

Great theater

Amy Rob

Clean theater fast service

Amy Belden

We had never been their before. We were very impressed. Very clean bathrooms spotless no trashy smell . Very nice place keep it up we will be back great food and prices were reasonable.

Ron Barnes

Greenfield, Indiana legacy cinema

Patricia Vaughn

Clean, reasonable price, friendly staff. Enjoy going to movies there.

Brad Carter

Best popcorn of any theaters in the area, friendly employees, clean and decent prices.

Janet Haden

I enjoy this theatre reasonable admission price, staff is courtesy and professional.

Jeremy Pea

The place was clean but prices were high, staff was not friendly and could hear sounds of movies from other theaters bleeding into our movie. Also, drinks didn't fit right in cup holders

Bob Marley

Clean cinema, reasonable rates, offers 3d movies sometimes, pricey concession rates like at other theaters,doesn't have the new recliner seats like other theaters have

Carol Newhouse

Yeah! The bosco sticks had cheese inside again. Only got empty ones one time. Otherwise, yummy. Enjoy the polite staff and the friendly camaraderie of the hometown crowd here. Plenty of toilet paper to stuff my ears because, while I enjoy seeing a first run movie now and then, I do not understand the whole super loud volume thing. Oh well. Comes with the territory. :)

Donald Hull

Great, clean place. Screen and sound system is on fantastic.

Michael Howald

The cinema itself isn't super big, but the price was very reasonable - cheapest I've paid in Indy. Staff was courteous. Floors relatively clean. Overall, a very good value.

Lori Jones

Really nice older theater, priced appropriately, popcorn is good

Chad Bishop

Great, small local theatre with competitive ticket and concession prices.

Michael Watson

Throws it back, but maybe a little too much

Apollos 02

Best place to watch movies. If u Wanna hear people talking during the movie go to indy.

Jennifer Swift

They have the best popcorn, and you can go in and buy it without going to see a movie.

Zaneta Scott

This little theater is great! Clean, relatively inexpensive and has friendly employees.

james fisher

Very clean, great accommodations, well staffed, very hospitable.

bob moss

Great locally owned theatre. One of my favorite places to see a movie.

Adam Cunningham

Local movie theater, just outdated and low quality small theater. No disappointed, just expect more when they still charge close to the same as a more updated and nicer facility.

Carter Bailey

Nice place. Good to see popular movies there without the long waits and bad choice of seats. Love that. Good sound system.

Kathleen Goldstein

Legacy Cinema is a very clean and kind of old fashion place. I met the owner and his workers they were very nice and professional. I will definitely be back to watch more great movies. P.S. The popcorn is nice and fresh!

Deborah Kuehn

For as busy as they were everyone was very patient and pleasant to work with.

Cy Loveall

Good place to watch movie

Vickie McDaniel

Great flick

Kate McMillan

Great local theater! Lots of choices and fair prices for tickets and food. Theater is clean.

Ken Seier

The retro suburban theater I remember from my youth.

Sarah H

I enjoyed watching the movie the people there were rude. I did enjoy watching jumanji 2.

Jeff Bell

Good theater with the latest shows. Not very crowded even at premiers and prices seem to be less than big city cinemas. Is on Washington St just west of SR9 in Greenfield, south side of street.

Pamela Bayes

Decent prices for their early show times and an overall clean theater.

Deanna Brooks-Bever

Always clean and the latest movies.

Karen Meineke

Love the place!

Sammy Zamora

Best LOCALLY owned theatre with reasonable prices on tickets and concessions

Adrian Hampton

Pretty standard movie theater. Shows the latest movies, sells popcorn/candy/drinks, reasonable seats, and restrooms if needed. No complaints!

Daniel Riley

Great theatre, good prices, helpful staff.

Ashtin Rinehart

It's amazing everytime we go and Loved #ToyStory4

Julie Terry

I enjoy bringing my granddaughters to the free summer movies. It's the only time I can see a movie and buy treats, lol. This is the second year I have been able to do this with them. We have so much fun. Thank you #LegacyCinemas.

Eric Lynch

Nice place to go and see a movie very clean and friendly people

Tim Renshaw

Good selection of movies. Good management. Seats are a bit cramped and uncomfortable.

Jamie Dye

Low prices, usually quiet, friendly staff

Jon M

Perfect place for new releases

Gary Clift

I have been watching movies for quite some time and this theater is always clean and inexpensive. I hope they will continue to be a nice place to enjoy our movies.

Angela Cavaletto

The seats were not the best but still comfortable enough to sit through a 2 1/2 movie. Sound system is excellent and food prices not too bad.

Emma LeeAnn

Good place to watch a movie if you have a group or by yourself. Seat are pretty comfortable and prices aren't outrageous.

Chris Bolyard

Overcomer is the Best Movie this group had made yet!

Jessica Bean

Great shows clean restroom and great concession prices took a group of girl scouts and we will be going again

Tonya Weaver

Pretty nice place. The seats could be a little more reclining.

VCD Burn

It's the local theater. Rather basic overall. Popcorn tastes like they pop it at the beginning of the day and store it in trash bags until they need it (they do) I saw it. I would, and I'm sure others paying $15 for two cokes and a large popcorn would like it to be somewhat freshly popped. Seats feel like an elephant sat in them and broke down the foam. They do not tilt and there are not reclining seats. The GOOD: The staff are always friendly. They have the newest blockbuster films. The movie prices are around $10 a ticket. Generally it is not super crowded. Writing the review I changed it from 3 to 4 stars. It's not a 3 star place and I shouldn't be so critical.

Mia Rich

Lower cost than what we expected for brand new movies - we splurged and got a drink and popcorn too because of that!

Jessica Bryant

Always a good experience and friendly service. There popcorn OMG so good!!

Looshone Scastara

They had a good movie selection but past that not amazing

Robin Smith

I rarely write reviews...but here's what I know. My wife and I go to "the Legacy" nearly every week for date nite Usually the late afternoon discount matinee...sometimes later show for a couple extra bucks...medium (actually large) drink and small popcorn. You get free refills for both...and we get our popcorn refilled at the same time. We've never...ever had an issue with speed of service or an employee with an attitude Every theater is cleaned following every movie and before customers are allowed to enter the next showing Restrooms are kept very clean as is the concession area and equipment. As another reviewer mentioned, during the summer, they offer a free Wed matinee for kids...who does that these days. Need I say more??


Great movies and improving

Kellie Bentson

We love watching movies at Legacy! Just got done watching Toy Story 4 and had a fantastic time!!

Angela Evans

Decent prices and great staff. Can't wait to see all the improvements that are coming. Is it possible to do like some theaters and have specific showings that children under 6 aren't allowed in even for pg13? I can't believe the number of people who bring infants or toddlers to action or horror movies.

Jamie Maynard

Good prices, excellent seating, and a great variety of snacks.

austin wood

Great movies and staff. Pricy snacks/drinks... but it’s a movie theater.


Great place to see a movie locally. I don't feel the need to drive 40 minutes to go to Indianapolis to see a movie. It's great!

Brianna C

Quick and easy to get tickets, snacks, and seats. Clean restrooms. Booster seats for kids.


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