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REVIEWS OF Virginia Theatre IN Illinois

Rachel Berry

Beautiful old movie palace. Great venue and awesome event lineup.

Amber Foster

Beautiful theater! It was wonderful seeing Stat Wars, A New Hope on the big screen again with my 9 year old.

Michael Costa

I have seen alot of movies and concerts here. It is a Grand Old Place.

Starlit Porter

Very nice theater.

violet lapine

The play was wonderful. Patty Dudley's crew does such a great job. The children were just too cute. Love to see it.

Patrick Martin

Beautiful location. Great options for snacks. I attended a summer movie there for kids and the atmosphere was great. The updated restrooms we're great. Staff was not as polite at the door, but the concession stand staff was busy and friendly. Can't wait to come back for a show.

Thomas Gebhardt

A wonderful intimate venue for a great show everytime.

Linda Hays

It's a great place to go for any of their awesome events. I love the plays and great older movies. The concerts are always delightful.


Beautiful theater for movies and shows. Really a jewel of Champaign located in downtown. Almost loose a star for lack of parking and metered spots. Wish some of the events were cheaper but they attract world class acts and you get what you pay for.

Ronnie E Randall

An old time theatre restored. Beautiful architectural features, clean comfortable seating, concessions, and modern restrooms. Local treasure.

Ciji Hites

Super unique interior. No bad seats in the place as far as view. But the seats are small so you're in for a squeeze if the theatre is full.

Jason Henry

On my visit the venue was over-crowded, parking was difficult, the A/C was inadequate, the seats too small, and the sound was poor.

Kathryn Wilson

Perfectly restored vintage theater. Good venue for all sorts of performances, not just movies. Huge screen, comfortable seating and popcorn!

lori deyoung

Great place to enjoy the arts as well as to volunteer! Join us!!

Ben Brenner

The theater is an amazing space. It's great for movies, plays, music, and comedians. Unfortunately, the seats are extremely cramped. They are pretty comfortable but way too close together.


Beautiful historic theatre vastly improved when it renovated its seats. A- list performers and films but also community shows

Melissa Oliveira

Virginia Theatre To See Shopkins Live!

Mike Verdeyen

Had a great time, excellent show by Kansas!!!

Timothy Rooney

Great old theater and a good performance. Accoustics are excellent.

k k

Terrific theater Love it! Gorgeous marble bathrooms !

Travis Schiess

Great service and a great set of shows for their Pens to Lense program.

Jon Hoekstra

Saw Lyle Lovett play here. Also back in the day, silent movies with live pipe organ. Beauty and sheer volume of the space = 5 stars. Weird pops in the sound system = 3 stars. Tight but reasonably comfortable seating = 4 stars.

Randy Mason

Great show Virginia theater is a great venue.

Patrick McLane

Lovely venue, friendly staff, exquisite entertainment.

Missy Isles

Really pretty venue! Saw Weird Al there with my husband. The staff were really friendly and helpful. Only critique is that there is very little leg room. I'm 5'4”, and my knees were pressed uncomfortably into the tow ahead of us. My husband is 5'10”, and he had to sit on the arm rest at times. We we're in the very back at the end of a row. Other than feeling cramped, it was a great hall, and the concert was wonderful!

Don Stone

Great place for a concert, but the seats are small.

John Gordon

The Rodney Carrington show was awesome, good time

Derin Rominger

Great venue for concerts and shows. Comfortable seats in an intimate setting with good acoustics.

Ajay Shekar

Excellent facilities! Small and cozy setting

Joan Jordan

Loved Craig Ferguson tonight!!

Matt Harmless

Very nice theater. The temperature wasn't regulated very well.

Kasey Stewart

Wonderful movie going experience that will take you back in time.

Julie Parrish

REO rocked Champaign! ♡ Great show♡♡♡

Cierra Grohler

Beautiful theater, excellent shows. Highly recommend!

Hot Mimi Hall

Awesome historical theater. I remember my Mom taking us here as kids to see a Benji movie. The last time we were there it was for a short movie our granddaughter made it was so cool watching all the talented young people.

Madeline Doon

Very extravagant interior but tickets aren't too expensive and they hold free movie nights!

Scott Wyatt

Great venue for great bands.

Jerry Johnson

Ssw robin trower ,great small concert venue

Lisa Roberts

Always professional and lovely!

Rick Langlois

A jewel in Champaign-Urbana.

Aerika Hutton

Beautiful venue with great coustics for a concert.

Tricia Whitcomb

Thus venue hosts many wonderful family-friendly events. It Is a beautiful, historic looking building, inside and out. I do not know it's history, but we have enjoyed numerous events here.

Mark Bishop

Beautiful intimate old theatre. We had seats in the next to the top row and had a very good view.

Gary Williamosn

As always a awesome place to see a movie great popcorn and a wonderful experience

Tamra Parker

Beautiful place to watch movies or listen to music. Amazing!

Scott Brownfield

Went to see the "Extended Director's" release of "Dances With Wolves". Beautiful movie and a beautiful venue. I always like to see shows at the Virginia.

Bill Davis

It is a AWESOME time having the chance to see old favourites on the BIG SCREEN at such a reasonable price. We try to go often

Laurie Creveling

Lovingly restored, scrupulously clean, beautiful old theater. Shows live performances and classic films. On the negative, some of the seats have very little leg room.

Robert Friel

Friendly staff, not a bad seat in the house, great show.

Heidi Marie

A beautiful, historic theater! It definitely gets two thumbs up!

Teresa Valdez

Beautiful theater. Helpful staff.


Awesome place

Annette Fleming

Beautiful theater, comfortable seating and delicious popcorn! Really fun, reasonably priced events!

Vicki Wilson

A must see. It's beautiful.

William Eddy

Really cool theater. Good prices on concessions. Lots of special events

Gerard Ziegler

Perfect venue, perfect crowd, Art Garfunkel was great, as were the 2 guys backing him up on keyboard and acoustic guitar. A very moving and musically satisfying performance.

L Vogelzang

An unique and enjoyable venue to see live performances ! Just saw the live ZZ Top concert... amazing!!!


Beautiful building, but I didn't like the smell of popcorn while enjoying the show

John Fitzpatrick

Great place to watch movies.

Kathy Findlay

Excellent venue for a performance

Jennifer Johnson

I saw REO Speedwagon here on November 10th and it was a lot of fun. Those guys are still the amazing rockers they have always been. It was my first time in that theater. Very nice on the inside. I hope to go back for more shows in the future.

James Markstahler

This theater is always welcoming and friendly. Moderately priced concessions, well theater moderate, and affordable ticket prices. Friendly, family oriented staff are there to help you get the most out of your theater experience. Some my complain about the seating but please remember this is a historical theater and it shows in the architecture and ambiance.

Tony Schutz

Great screen nicely remodeled. Seats are way too small and close together. Popcorn was good and the prices are low.

Kyle Heckenmueller

I love going to see older movies here.

Patrick Fonner

Always the greatest place to see a show.

Teresa DeWitt

A grand old theater run by the city's park district. Both building and pipe organ have been lovingly restored. Great place to watch classic movies on the big screen.

PGregory Springer

This is a specific review of Ebertfest at the Virginia. I attended to see a movie. It is supposed to be a film festival, but it is a self congratulatory party with no sense of film discovery or direction. The movie started 70, minutes late while the organizers and sponsors, including the University president, made the same fawning pontifications they do every year. I think the festival ran its course years ago, when Roger was still alive. Fully half of the movies are already available in the library.

Laura Lange

Beautiful historic theater! I love when they show old movies during the holidays. Prices are very fair for tickets and concession. Keep in mind that this is a historic theater with original seats so there aren't cupholders, but it's just a small price to pay for the ambiance you won't get in any new age theaters.


Cool old theatre worth it to check it out at least once or twice

Mindy Kirkton

Nice venue. Sound was good but very loud. Beer selection not so great.

Victor John Fleener


Jason Barham

Beautiful. Historic. Community. Ebertfest. Definitely go if there's something happening that you're even remotely interested here. Even if you don't really care for whatever is being presented, just being in attendance for any kind of production here takes you back to a time when theaters had their own unique characteristics.

Joscyln Mohr

Always fun and always a diverse crowd. Up close and personal!

Gerald Wood

Watched a great movie. It was a very welcoming atmosphere.

Linden Warfel

Steady remodeling has reached a great plateau. Really neat offerings at bargain prices. Fun audiences! Volunteer ushers delight full! Best ever! I attended movies there as a child, a teenager on dates, married guy, and now senior citizen. 70 years! Now the best!

Casey Halpin

Saw Weird Al here! Great venue, but finding parking is difficult!

Ashley Dawson

Loved the experience and loved my seats in balcony

william mathis

Craig Ferguson was great.

Jennifer Westley

very ornate theater great for a live show


Saw 2001 in 70MM. Was incredible experience.

Catherine Carithers

The lady checking us in was very friendly & helpful. Had wonderful seats with easy access for the two of us who do not walk as easily. Good sound quality and lighting. Thoroughly enjoyed the recital.

Jackie Brewer

Old fashioned theater. Big screen movies, live organ music, restored vintage decor. Also live theater and musical performances.

Rachel V

Beautifully restored and easy parking. Some shows seem a little pricey but very nice, all-volunteer staff are kind and helpful. Thankfully they purchased more comfortable seating for the balcony so all seats are now comfortable. Accoustics are good.

Bryan Askins

Awesome older theatre. Very well maintained.

Kirby Pringle

One of the most beautiful old surviving movie houses in Downstate Illinois. Great staff and owned by the Champaign Park District, which maintains the theater with great care. Nice variety of programming. We are lucky to have a facility like this.

Mahiyah Godbolt

Great show beauty and the Beast

tom henkelmam

Fantastic experience

CJ Sullivan

Beautiful theater. I like that they let you take popcorn and other snacks in.

Eric Luedtke

A wonderful venue for the Rotary District 6490 Foundation fundraiser showing off the movie....Breathe

Rick Raxton

Awesome old theater. Glad they restored it. Fun events held here like bad movie mondays.

Chad Bryant

Andrew Petersons The Lamb of God show was inspiring. The theater staff is always very helpful. A must see next year!

Pete Rahn

This place was great as a movie theater but falls short as a music venue. Ridiculous lines for concessions and bathrooms. Very dirty. Weird AL was awesome.

Bill Bowman

Vintage Performing Arts Theater - no bad seats

Misty Specht

Went and seen The Goonies, with the kids (23-20) and it was such a blast it was so cool seeing the kids looking all around and taking pics of the place. Makes me feel like I've raised them to appreciate the architectural beauty and art in things

royce wolfe

Best place anywhere to see a concert!!! Why go to State Farm Center when you have the Virginia Theater...5 Star

Karen Hite

Thank you for the CU..on Sunday.

Jacqueline Hannah

It's a gorgeous historic theater with a great variety of affordable events, a total gem in our community. Don't miss it.

Jennifer McBroom

Beautiful, but the seats are soooooooo small, very uncomfortable.

Jonathon Neumann

Been going here since I was a kid. So have my parents. Love Ebertfest and other things they do here

Melissa Mcculloch

Choir of man was such a delight! The theatre staff was helpful and service was perfect!


Elegant, historic theater. Quality entertainment.

David Schroeder

Beautiful theatre, love playing the organ here before shows!

Bill East

Ebertfest is a truly unique event. Thanks Rodger and the Virginia!

Tim Hoel

Virginia theaters pretty cool we saw Jewel there last night great show

Copenhagen dipper81

Nice old place

Beth Funk

Great place to see a movie as well as live entertainment

richard cain

Saw zz top here last very nice small venue historically refurbished

Riff Blackout

Beautiful, historic and a real treat for architecture and design nerds. Great place to see a movie or band.

Golden Neckbeard

Since I haven't really been here when it's acting as a venue this review only applies to its function as a theater. The place is beautiful - really, it merits a star from me just as an architectural object. They really nailed the restoration. The seats are comfortable and the staff is excellent. The projection looks great and the sound is good (only slightly less enveloping than you'd have at a modern commercial theater). No beer or wine is a tough sell in 2018. There's a sort of niche-market-serving element at play here were the Art Theater up the street specializes in new / weird stuff and the Virginia focuses on the classics. I totally get why this is a good strategy for both of them but I do wish the Virginia would routinely be bolder in its selection even inside that focus. Seeing 2001 and Chinatown on the big screen was excellent, but opportunities like those are rare at The Virginia. A quick glance at their upcoming screenings shows... Gone With The Wind, Driving Miss Daisy, Ghost, Road House, and Signin' In The Rain. Hardly inspiring, to me.

Ed Leer

Great old theater. Balcony and well preserved. Beautiful

Rick Manner

Great shows. Intimate venue. Historic building.

Anthony Street

Worth a visit.

Karl C.

Great venue for anything

Barbara Antisdel

Beautiful, old, restored theater with some great events. Staff very mindful of persons with disabilities.

Justin Lee

Great Venue.

Sugar Wilson

Just beautiful...seating is can see everything from every angle

David Nickle

My absolute best place for Concerts and Tonight KANSAS was the Best I've seen in Years.......

Sarah Dial

It's always enjoyable to visit this beautifully restored theater.

Marvin palmer jr

Excellent! There should be faith based events more often.

Mark Helmuth

Always liked this classic theatre!

Alyssa Mandula

Absolutely gorgeous theatre with very reasonable concession prices. The seats are cramped, but it’s obviously in an effort to maintain the original features of the theatre.

Sara Tester

Seats are very small. Not for the bigger folks. Staff was very accommodating for my handicap husband.

Leigh Trail

Beautiful theater

Troy Baker

This place is awesome! And the staff is great.

Cheryl Hughes

Watched the wonderful play Anne... Loved it and will go again.. The place is beautiful...

Brad LaPayne

Fantastic restoration of a beautiful old theater! The details all around this theater are spectacular. This is one of the jewels of Champaign County, maybe this whole state of Illinois!

Leo Bazil

Classic! Excellent venue for movies.

JR Davis

Visited for the Jewel concert. Lovely theatre and friendly staff. Any seat is a great one!

Carol Vieth

Site of the Roger Ebert Film Festival every April.

Megan Krejci

This lovely historic theater has been painstakingly restored. The park district dies a fantastic job of offering a variety of movies, music and artistic performances, and speaking engagements for our community to enjoy. People come from mikes around to attend. My favorite was watching Rear Window on the big screen from the restored balcony. It was like stepping back in time.

Jon Pike

Perfect for concerts

Jamie Cobb

The venue is spectacular. The production team and local crew are friendly and very courteous

Stewart Dickson

50th anniversary 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm (film!) with overture music and intermission

Cynthia Kelly

Supports fine arts programs for youth.

Junhyun Park

A small but cozy and warm theater

Matt Crider

The best atmosphere. Classic theater

Angela Baldridge

Great classic theater, beautiful space, tasty(and affordable) refreshments, friendly staff. Plus, they host great community programming, like the super fun pechakucha.

Caleb Martin

Such a neat old theatre! Saw Dunkirk here on film, as well as Andrew Peterson's Behold The Lamb of God tour in 2018. Great venue.

Gordon Herbert

Always a wonderful experience

Sherrie Carter

We went to see Santa and I was delighted with the results

Ask Amy

Show was awesome! The theatre is old and beautiful. Loved the experience. Cheap concessions too

Laura Palmisano

Great place for concerts.

Janet Ingargiola

Great staff, beautiful setting, Robin Trower a treasure

Linda Trickle

Granddaughter and kids and me enjoyed indoor theater.Reminds me of good old days.

Michael Chipman

Very pretty restoration. Simply beautiful.

Angela Difanis

Love this restored theater downtown. The children's productions are well produced!

Dalton McCabe

Great, magical place to see movies! This place hearkens back to simpler time. It's a nice historical looking building. They always show interesting movies, but alas all I have ever seen there was movies. They also host Ebertfest, which is a great collection of films always. I would suggest going there at least once to experience the building at least!

Curtis Keltz

Historic building. Great place to watch classic films and events

Brieanne Elliott

Great experience @thevirginia! Beautiful venue, awesome sound. Seats are dated, not very comfortable for tall people.

Matt Sly

A great place to see a show or catch a re-ran movie. The Champaign Park District has done an amazing job restoring this space.


The Virginia Theatre, an early 20th Century theatre, is a visual gem. But more importantly, it hosts musicians including Alabama Shakes and America recently, a film festival, comedians, and many other terrific shows.

Julie Lowry

A Community gathering place with great events for the family

Mark Van Moer

Can't beat their huge screen for watching movies.

Cindy Wirth

I really like coming here. The show's are great.

Mike Bonds

Neat place

Robin LaSota

Historic ambiance and great shows!

Johna Von Behrens

You Goooonie!!!


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