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REVIEWS OF The New 400 Theater IN Illinois

Patrick Johnopolos

reduced price movies. New releases. They even sell alcohol. It is close to the Red Line and the # 147 bus. The people are very friendly

Aries L

Why does it need to be so cold in there?

Kendall Payne

No frills movie theater...has a vintage feel. Check em out Tues for $5 movies

Chelsea Homawoo

This is an awesome place to hang out to watch movies with your friends and family.

Brittney Hodges

This was a great theater. Really got back to the basics of movie going before all the bells and whistles.

Jeffrey Coard

This place is awesome.. Super friendly staff, great drink specials, and they have the newest movies playing. They just need to turn the volume down on their movies, that was loud as hell lol.

Gerard Argento

Huge place great location

Monique Baker

It took a bit of standing to get in cuz they had to clean the theatre but you can't beat nice workers, great prices and a big screen

Official Danny P OG_YT

It’s a decent place Food and Drinks Aren’t as expensive paid about 38 dollars for 6ppl not bad I recommend it.

Nate Bartlett

This four screen local theater is cheap, but offers current films and local beer to Rogers Park and Chicago customers. Tuesdays are just $5, all day. The theaters are small, but the seats were upgraded recently so they're pretty comfy now.

Art Bell

Great little neighborhood movie theater. Prices are great, and the cta service can't be beat if you live in the area. It does fill up quickly though if you go on an opening weekend, so plan accordingly (I would get there early to buy tickets, then go get lunch or dinner in the area, you have plenty of options).

Samer Tayar

This nice place next the cinema to have Thi Ice cream

Nicholas Farrar

It's everything you want in a movie theater without the packed crowds and high prices of big-chain venues. It's cozy, well kept, and has a full bar. Shows three films in any given week but they're always the ones that should be featured. I'm lucky to have a place like this in my neighborhood.

Judith Herrndobler

Great place to see movies offers alcohol and student discount days

Kayo Karma

It's a nice, small neighborhood theater. Current staff friendly, but they need to invest in power washing floors

EstherSylvia Firlej-Perisin

Much bigger theater than the outside suggests. Comfortable seats. I like the senior citizen matine prices. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Ivorie Chavours

Good place to go see a movie

Bob G

Inexpensive, with 5 screens; clean and a friendly, helpful staff. The only negative was that it seemed a bit cold, but we all have different opinions as to what that means. Alcohol and food are available.

Nicole Tuthill

Old fashion movie theatre, with traditional snacks. They sell alcohol. Ticket prices are the best in the city. First run, popular movies. I love having this movie house option in my neighborhood rather than travel all over the city and pay a lot more money. The whole place does need some investment in repairs and appearance.

Brian Engebrecht

Affordable and cozy with very friendly staff. Our new neighborhood movie spot.

Tommie Winslow

Good show house and Vets go Free after movie has been out for a week.

Kate Abraham

Great location, affordable movies every day. Only sucks that they have limited movies showing at a time but still can't beat it

Selamawit Anderson

My cousin and my sister ordered a lemonade but when they tasted it it was straight water

Christopher Hall

Great little theater. Smaller than the chain places, it's cute and intimate, and the ticket prices cannot be beat. It's also great to be able to get wine and other drinks to enjoy during your movie. I've always had great experiences here.

Chelsey Mason

It’s pretty small but I like the theater friendly staffs

Lindsay Funk

Love this theater I've been coming for years! They have fantastic popcorn and their prices are right. There usually always playing the popular movies out and they have a rewards program with every $5 you spend on consessions you get a stamp, 10 stamps gets you 2 free movie passes. The consessions are reasonably priced so it's definitely worth it.

Daniel Thorpe

Cozy theatre with a bar and decent popcorn. Very affordable. My go to theater when I want to stay low key. Good location with great food places close by. Has a local feel to it, not a huge theatre or movie selection.

Wendy QwenAsia

Cheap, local theatre. Ceiling was hanging out in the theatre room we were in. :/ food took a long time to prepare and it was only a hotdog. Otherwise would 7/10 go again.

brent Sullivan

Neat place with a lot of history. Don't expect a lot of amenities, just movies with and old school taste.

Elizabeth Marie Smith

Small, 4-screen theater, full bar for the grown ups. 2D-only, which I'm fine with, personally. Tickets a little under par on cost--Matinee showings only $6 (tax-inclusive!), but concessions are a bit more. Don't sneak food in here, folks: its different at the big box cinema but support your neighbors here!

Jesica Mika

Great little neighborhood theater with a bar on site. See website for weekday specials offering discounts on movies or drinks

Ruy Filho

My fave theater in Rogers Park

William Balsam

I love this theater. Two years ago I moved to the rogers park neighborhood and it is so nice to live close to a theater that is friendly, economical, and efficient. Although they have a small number of theaters, they do rotate their films frequently enough to catch all of the up and coming movies. Keep being awesome!

John Vulk

Current films and great prices!!

TAra Moore

Good customer service just not modern enough. But really enjoyed the movie

Reggie White

Personal, intimate theater with great concession stand prices.

Xaria Howard

It's trashy and they charge so much money for lame food and tiny popcorn bag with tiny sodas. The seats are so close together that you can hardly get through and there is paint crumbling off the walls. The place needs to be shut down or remodeled immediately and the prices need to be changed.

Beatriz L

I think this place is great. The prices are actually reasonable for a movie theater! It has a small, homey feel, and the staff are very friendly. Our preference is always to go to this theater first if the movie we want to see is playing here-- it easily costs half the price of tickets and snacks at any other place. And, the movies start on time-- they don't show a half hour of commercials like the big chain theaters. A hidden gem!

Ana Isabel Coss

The staff is so very friendly. The theaters are small and not fancy like the cinemas, but you can't beat the ticket and snack prices as well as the service.

Lalece Slack

Great for me and my kids. My 2yrs old loves to run ariund while my 7yrs old stayimg in to watvh and staff are great n helpful. But after 6pm adults only and Love the the bar & the bar service.

Christa Pierce

Love the theater, the prices and everything. The only negative is that it was very cold in the theater tonight.

Yisroel Brownstein

The essence of what going to the theater is really all about. So few of its kind left in the world, and it's right here on the north side of Chicago! I happen to be close friends with the owner, and he is extremely generous and accommodating to all that come. It's not necessarily the stadium seating of it some of the bigger theaters, but that's the whole point! I enjoy watching films there more than anywhere else in the Chicagoland area. Enough said.

Carlos Rodriguez

Very family friendly. Great prices. Friendly staff.

Peter Craig

Had a great date night at the new 400.….beer and broads..

Wren Moor

It's small and of those "almost missed if you're in a rush passing through" deals... With the lake to the east, it makes for fun date..

Monica Guio

Such a cute little theater! They serve drinks too and good popcorn. Good deals. Only thing is people tend to talk more because its more of a laid back theater. But honestly its not crazy common

Kimberly Mandera

This "Secret Theater" is my Favorite Movie House in Chicago! Nicest Employees EVER!! Best Ticket Prices + concessions R fair too. Reminds me of some "Small Town Theater" Where U can go to see the "talkies".

Veronica K

One thing I enjoy about the 400 theater is, very comfortable nice service, people are caring. They always have a smile on my face. The food is awesome. Family day is great too but don't forget to bring your friends. I truly know that the kids would love it.

Ric Radick

Drink,watch movies,..drink..and it's in the best part of Chicago... Rogers Park.

Ryan Beth

A great locally owned and operated theater. The prices are great, and the selection of beer is pretty solid as well. You can't go wrong! Check out their website, because they do have specials throughout the week.

Ahson Noor

This place is great! Very close to the Loyola campus and a lot cheaper than other movie theaters. This place is relatively small but its kept in good shape. Theres a full bar and concessions stand built in so no need to worry about any of that. Definitely stop by if you're trying to catch the latest flick at a quarter of the price! Bring your student ID for a discount too.

Gita Anne

Friendly staff and Tuesdays are the best $5.00 movies all day. There is a $1.00 service charge for online purchases. The bartender was super friendly and there was a drink special as well on Tuesday. The only thing, was that the seats were very close together and not super comfy. I would go back

Steven Thomas

Really nice movie theater. Been coming here since I was a little kid. Just like fine wine it got better with age.

Sabrina Stelmaszek

This place is an awesome little hidden gem. It's cozy, inexpensive, great for impromptu date nights, and they have nice staff. I would definitely recommend coming here vs the big name theaters.

Joel Chaiken

Great theater that always has first run flicks in an intimate setting, with awesome beer, wine, and cocktails. Need a good spot to take the kids to see that new pokemon movie and hoping for a cocktail to make it all go down easier? This. Looking for a perfect date night spot? This. Good people, great ticket prices, always something fun on the drinks list. Kind've a perfect neighborhood theater!

Tasha Dunklin

Staff is always really nice. Will help you to your seat if it's too dark to see. Will also help you carry your concessions if you need it. The only drawback is you if you're more than 20 minutes late they won't let you in to view the movie you'll have to wait till the next one. Bathrooms are always clean.


It's a great small movie theatre but I've got to say, those seats are so uncomfortable. If you are someone who is tall or taller than the average height, you would not enjoy your movie because those seats are closed up together that your legs don't get enough space to stretch them.

Greg W

Fantastic theater - small, cozy and local atmosphere without feeling too modern. A rare spot that's fairly priced - if you go on a midnight release show you might be able to get a ticket, (specialty themed) drink and popcorn for the price of a ticket at some of your large corporation theaters. Staff go above and beyond - always warm and friendly but I was especially impressed when one night an employee and a manager ensured that a group of people who would not stop yelling at each other during a movie (Joker, of course it had to be this one out of the hundred times I've been here) were escorted out of the theater in the most professional manner. Always try to bring friends, family and dates here and would recommend this place to anyone.

Stephanie M Bica

Me and my family we love this place. It's a small size theater but we friendly staff nd a affordable prices

D.M Mcgee

It's a nice little gem. I live in the area, so it's nice to be able to stay in the neighborhood and still have the movie theater experience.

Will McShane

Cheap movies, good service, and friendly atmosphere

Chelsea Sherlock

Seating could be better, but they have great pricing and drink specials and the screen and sound quality is great!

Belia Rodriguez

Terrific theatre tucked away right on Sheridan road. Cozy theatres, fresh popcorn and you can grab a beer to take in the theatre.

Wayne Washington

I was visiting Chicago for the holiday season and decided to take in a movie. Got an iced double shot nice movie and my wife, what more do you want.

Sophia Khan

This is a cute little theater, the prices are the best! Just $6 for movies every day before 4 and even after 4 they are $8. But the theaters are a little small. They are not very crowded though.

Mallorie Klemp

Nice, small theater with great deals through the week. I love going on Wednesdays for 4 dollar student tickets.

Jomel Bobbitt

Always friendly staff. Can't beat the prices, great neighborhood theater.

Burul Dooletova

Great theater. Great atmosphere! Very fitting location!


Beautiful old theatre, showing new releases at very affordable prices. The seats are very comfortable and the concessions also very cheap! The sound and image on the theatres are both very good. And on Tuesdays the movies are 5 dollars!

Patricia Ross

This theater is old but pretty comfortable. The popcorn is cheap, but they don't have a lot of food choices. Just hot dogs and popcorn. And I think nachos. They do have a full bar though.

Mariah Eversole

Very cozy and I love how high the screens are.

Michele Patterson

Wonderful place to see a movie!

Dan Pruss

I love this theater, you can't beat the price of tickets or food. Small screens, but seeing new releases for half the price of other theaters is amazing. The staff are always great and easy going.

Gregory Linington

Perfect local cinema with 1st run movies. Smaller screens, but stellar staff and, they have booze.

Juan Pina

Love this place able to come with my kids and watch movies all in my neighborhood

Benjamin Anderson

Classic small movie theater. It reminds me of the small town theaters I went to growing up.

Rocio Parra

Nice place, not expensive

Daniel Jakubczak

Awesome little theater with bar service. Near great restaurants. Worth the trip if they have something you want to see.

Brooklynsecrets Brooklynsecrets

I really enjoyed the 400 since i havent been there since i was a teenager took my grandkids to see the grinch . i asked for more butter on pop corn and i mean i like mine loaded with butter and the guy really hooked me up and didnt get mad or nothing . to bad its not big enough to open a bar area they could of it they would of bought the restaurant next to but they didnt and i think they would mk more money and employess would get great tips from the drinkers other then that its cool

Charlo Snyder

If you want to watch a Korean movie this is your only option here in IL. They have different snack options than other movie theaters(different flavor popcorn/beef jerky). Seats are pretty much the same with others and have premium seating at the end for a bigger seat for more $$. The only negative part that I experienced is the contrast, which was too dark.

Brian Lewis

Cool staff. Clean bathroom

Joshua G

I have been going to the movies here since 2004. A quaint local theater that sells beer, wine, and liquor and first run movies. The employees have always been very friendly and courteous, and this theater also is part of the MoviePass network, so when I go there my movie is part of the unlimited $6.99/ month. The New 400 has fresh popcorn available and for a reasonable price. If you order a large popcorn or soda, they will also give free refill!

Andre Gieniec

Lovely place to hang out and have drinks during the screening. Staff is just awesome.

han han

Very cool place to watch a movie. Very nice seats. Have food delivered right to your seat during the movie. Screens are smaller than normal. Buy your seat ahead of time so you don't get stuck in the front row. And hey!


Awesome staff, I tip every time. They're really friendly, have great drinks (though I think they could expand their bar a bit) and it's super clean. Will be going back.

Sarah Munson

It's our naborhood theater we just saw it chapter 2 there.

Ashley Kennedy

great prices, great staff, great theatre. the 400 is an awesome place to go as a family, or just on a date night (they have a bar!)

Ayo Maat

Best prices for seniors in the movie industry. Love the wide open space for wheelchairs and companions in Theatre 1. Watched The Black Panther there though I wanted to attend in Chatham and participate with my friends from IPE and BettyShabazz. But I enjoyed watching The Black Panther here and well as Wonder Woman, Infinity Wars. Very well-mannered youth attend. It is great to be able to hear the show and see it.

Stephen Jones

Great prices for a good theater.

mollie dowling

I love our low cost local movie theater! And they have a full bar. 4 stars!

Chris Cleland

Fun and easy date spot as a lowkey destination for walks near the Loyola or Morse redline stops on Sheridan.

Krista Muscat

Nothing nothing super fancy but I love neighborhood feel and friendly staff and you can't beat the prices. Concessions much more reasonable here compared to your big chain theaters abd they have daily deals on drinks. Yes, this theater sells drinks! The neighborhood is really fun as well plus we've never had trouble finding street parking.

Ricardo De Leon

Small neighborhood theater, super cute and affordable

Mich Goo

I love this theatre it's so close to my house the people r very nice my only complaint is that's it's a bit dirty and smelled a little.


Literally pretty much the only place my fiancé and I go for movies anymore.

d green

Great place to see a movie, have cocktail

Michael Coleman

Local neighborhood theater. Great place to Catch a cheap movie.

Reese Lanay

May not be the most technically advanced theater around but it is the BEST with service, feel, and price! The employees are always pleasant and keep the place clean. The concession stand prices are low enough that you are breaking the bank to snack while you enjoy the movie. Yes, they are in need of an update but it you like a true old school movie experience this is the place for that.

Jennifer Bayona

Cheap tickets, great venue!

Harold Mosley

The New 400 Theater is a small, intimate theater. The staff is friendly, attentive, and helpful. If you're into having a brew while you view, they offer a small but decent variety of adult beverages, along with traditional, theater fare. It's a good idea to arrive a bit early for your viewing because, as previously mentioned, it is a very small theater. Getting there right at start time could leave one in the first couple of rows, which could be uncomfortable for some viewers. One, great feature worth mention: Free refills on popcorn, during your viewing! Go with a few people, and draw straws for who will miss a few minutes of movie, to score more fresh popcorn for your crew!


Has changed since I first came in (early 2011). Seats are more comfortable, entire place is clean, and the staff is knowledgeable in movies and drinks. Their signature cocktails for movie premiers are witty and delicious. Better than most AMC’s IMO

Darren Unrein

Good local spot for movies. Decent selection of drinks. Need a little updating.

Tamu Andrews

Great neighborhood theater.

Otrebla Tejómez

So lucky to have this theater in my neighborhood. Lowest ticket & concession prices in Chicagoland. Old school feel. Always a good time.

Coreen Lopinto

Good service, good popcorn, always clean, always that you can reserve seats!

JChicago IL

When you don't want to see movie cast to TV or iPhone this is a Rogers Park alternative. The grand audition has been chopped into three spaces. They are reasonable prices and open air patio for the hole block. Starbucks to talk about the movie and enjoy your friends. There is bankofamerica ATM if needed. Two Asian restaurants, a bar and more. Make it a multi-purpose evening

Martin Cambron

Nice & quiet place always go to 400 theater

mechecicul turner

Nice but people will talk during the show

Riordan Scalzitti-Sanders

Fun, relaxing and intimate place to watch a movie. The sell alcohol and have affordable ticket prices! Has a mom-and-pop feel but with a younger, hip employee base. Great for a date or just catching a flick on the cheap with a family or friends. Never have had a bad time!

Michael Talley

Reasonably priced, but pretty no-frills. They do have beer, which is nice.

Alycia Slavin

Like the people they are nice. Big and roomy. Play nice movie and easy for me take short cut my home

Maclin Schweger

The crew here deserves a round of applause. Always friendly and accommodating, the staff really go above and beyond to make the moviegoing experience a breeze. If an incident crops up, they're on it in a flash. A staple of Roger's Park. Shout-out to Madisen and the team at the Sunday night showing. We WILL be coming back!

Collin Nioi

This place is the best! You just can't be the prices. If youre looking to simply watch a movie without the plush chairs and order service, come here. Great deal

Louis Khor

Small indie theater whose listings tend to be inaccurate.

Israel Heredia

It is the second time coming into this theatre in a 1 year time span.My wife and I only order a bag of popcorn and in the morning we both vomit horribly both times we went to this theatre! This place is dirty. The food needs to be inspected. They probably don’t clean the machines and butter does spoil! The city needs to inspect this place immediately and shut it down!

Girl Scout GCNWI Troop #25891

$5.00 tickets (tax included) for movies that have just released. Cheap popcorn again tax included. They do fill up fast so get there 15 min early. The seats and screen are kinda oldish but not scary old so don’t expect fancy dancy stuff. Great place to take the kids.

Christopher Cooper

It's a quaint local theater.

Eric Sykes

Great neighborhood theater they even have a liquor license

Harish Vellore

I love this theaters. Very affordable prices. I love popcorn here.

Judith Suggs

This is a neighborhood theater. We like it. It has 4 theatres in the building. You can purchase alcoholic drinks if you like also with soft drink, popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos. This theater has been here for years with a couple of updates. Is accessible by bus and 3 blocks from train station. There is no parking, sorry.

Kevin Surbrook

Reasonably priced. But cinema itself small and seats uncomfortable. Also men's bathroom was oddly situated.


I had some really great times here. nice cozy and clean.

Claudia McDermott

This was a really fun place to see a movie for half the cost as regular movie theatres. It is small and pretty close to your neighbors, while watching the movie. Can't beat the price tho!

Patrick Chism

This is my favorite theater in Chicago. It's simple, small, affordable, and the staff is great. And it's super convenient to have something like this Rogers Park.

Terence Nesbit

Decent little theater. Pretty busy today for a good reason.

David Fagan

Nothing new about this place

Adenike ogunsola

Was great

Aron Fleming

My go to for family outings!

Leila McClure

Great independent theater

John Mgtow

Love this location. Use to go on dates here. Great place, great location.

Alma Karen

Love this theater! However my last visit was a bit unpleasant one of the employees working at the popcorn stand gave me a nasty look and barely wanted to take my order.

Nornu Kaka

As others mentioned, this place is fantastic for a movie night because the rooms are small enough where you can get cozy. The tickets are at a reasonable price so I'd love to make this my main theater to watch movies! Also, I went yesterday for Valentine's Day and it was the best time I had.

Liz St

First necessary trait for a movie house; great movies! and great sound! Oh, and comfortable seats. (Sure, it may be obvious to you now, but I mean, really! This is rarer than you might think. Sitting for 2hrs or more fully immersed in what I'm there for requires an ability to forget my physical surroundings. And THAT can only happen when my toes are not tingling and my butt is not numb!) Then of course, I count a friendly and engaged staff as requirements. And yes, good popcorn too. The _New 400 Theater_ succeeds grandly in all of these! So. Go there. Grab a good hot box of popcorn, settle in to a comfy seat, and lose yourself in something great!

xavier Taylor

I love the cozy theaters & pricing specials they have. They even have a bar.

Kyle Stong

Full bar and affordable prices along with first run movies! What more can you ask for


Comfortable theater.


It's a movie theater that's been there awhile, they got your snacks, drinks and discounts! The only issue is that a lot of the tiles are missing throughout some of theaters so it's not really all that dark usually.

John Kryl

Old building with great staff, great deals and a great atmosphere.


Great place to see movies with the family and they have a bar and snack specials

Martie Wynne

I have been going to this renovated old style for 30+ years. Back in the day, the whole place smelled mouldy. There were minor improvements over the years, but the latest is a real renovation. There is a serious problem with lack of parking. It can be impossible, even after many trips around the block. Add in one-way streets and the "L" and it is just not worth it.

Tanya Nolan

Great early movie. Clean and semi quiet. The parents and young children were out to see the new Marvel movie, a bit too talkative for my taste.

pierre jeanpaul

One of my favorite theaters in Rogers Park 34 years

Gene Lee

I go there to watch movies

Nadrienna Damaris

Very cozy theatre, almost like a family theatre. Great for birthday parties. Plays newest movies as well as older favorites. Not the newest theatre, so seats are old, the rooms don't get pitch black during movies (family plus for the small children). It's an experience to take in and enjoy with the whole family.

Sareth Meas

Great employees

Cindy Plante

Great neighborhood movie theater with reasonably priced tickets and reasonably priced beer. They upgraded the seats pretty recently, which is cool. My only gripe is that there's a center aisle in most of the rooms that would be better if it were seats instead. This is a minor concern that's more than outweighed by the facts that it's affordable, they serve beer, and I can walk there from my house.

Robbie R

Good movie option in the neighborhood but don't expect the screens to be the same as the big box theaters downtown.

Tim Disher

Been here a few times, and it's definitely the theater I'll keep going to. Have good prices (and discounts for students), and always a selection of good movies. Only four theaters and they are a little small, so show times are limited, but haven't had an issue getting seats when I've gone (both weekday and weekend nights). Also, 2 for $6 well drinks on Wednesday is great! Includes almost all the mixed drinks they have on their menu -- just with bottom shelf liquor. So lots of options (instead of the usual rum-and-coke type choices I've seen other places).

Patrick Lyons

Convenient location.

Bernadette Corsaro

Cute old theater with potential; however, don't eat the popcorn. It tasted like old, bad oil, and I only ate a handful and felt sick most of the evening. The sound is great!

Yseson _

Few things say Rogers Park like this small intimate ( in the you're sitting too close to me on the El but it's rush hour so this our lives now) theater. It's well priced, and janky in the right way, the employees are cool and its super convenient. This will never be one of those fancy theaters but it will always be just what you need.

Arnulfo Huizar

Great neighborhood movie theater!! Staff are friendly and they offer great prices. Our go to movie theater!!

Alastair Watt

Holy cow what a steal and a deal with booze. Will be coming back

Griffin Baron

One of the old school mom and pop shops. Get a beer, get a mixed drink, a bag of candy the size of your face, sit in actual comfy chairs and watch a movie. Not one of those mega mall theaters with tiny seats. I love this place.

Jennyn Pope

I want to give this place 5 stars only for the fact that they play korean movies (some with and without subtitles) but the service here is just whatever so I want to give it 1 star. That being said, I arrive at 3 stars, middle ground. Parking is also difficult so be prepared to fight your way out of your tiny spot with massive amount of cars driving by and not letting you pull out!

Justyce Broadway

First- run movies. Bargain

Seekret Cahil

It was unnecessarily cold

Arsene Boundaone

This a friendly neighborhood theater. It's not your fancy Century 21 theater but the pop corn is great, they have a good variety of drinks, and the staff is really helpful!


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