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Not a bad theater, great movie selection. Girl at the food counter was very nice. Their bathrooms are clean and the movie theater chairs are very comfortable! Only thing is that the person who was giving me my tickets wasn't exactly friendly, he seemed a bit rude and just looked like he didn't want to be there. He could've done a better job. Movie was good though.

Laura Lucy

Nice theater but hated the front row seats. Too close for the limited recliner seat. Need to make the front seats go back further or eliminate them

Meron Parkman

Great theater

Jodie Schamper

Like the movie theater. The seats were comfortable and reclined, but if you sit closer to the front it is still an awkward view and position for your neck. Likes the assigned seating option.

Idaliz Kaminski

Watching a movie here will make you feel like you are watching in your own living room.


I really enjoyed coming here and I'd love to come back soon

Andrew Hofmann

Nice theater. Very clean with comfortable seating. Concessions are a bit pricey, but otherwise an excellent destination to see a movie.

Mike Citrano

Great place to ser movir

Fawn Vincent

Awesome movie Zombie Land 2 speaker's not working to well.

Micheal McCann

Website is down a lot but a fine theater

Ryan Treadwell

All in all a really nice theater. Pricing is a bit high compared to other places but other than that no complaints!

Bre M

I walked in this place and walked right out, how do you not have updated recline lounge chairs with so many competitors out there. I left and drove to AMC. I had no problem getting a refund.

J. J.

Nice comfortable seats but WAY too loud volume settings! My niece and nephew kept putting hands over their ears because it was just too loud! And my ears are ringing today after watching The Grinch there last night. Please turn volume down some, the high decibels there can damage hearing!!

Leah Zeller

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Floor was a tad bit sticky though.

Jerrold Zich

We saw Shazam with the grandkids very comfortable

Margaret Gel

Comfortable seating, it's reserved though so you pick your seat when you buy your ticket, and the chairs tilt back like recliners. Lots of arcade machines; they play anime here every month, which is pretty sweet. They also have live events and you can see teleconcerts here.

Brayden Kaspari

Great food nice seats

David Demma

Good seating, good popcorn, good movies.

Walter Melon

Super clean, very good quality theaters, easy to sneak in soda and candy. Only complaints are Tuesday matinees are more expensive than other theaters and the front ticket sales staff are not very friendly.

Becky Stanford

This place is nice but real pricey. $76 for three of us to see a movie! The people who sell the tickets could be friendlier. They seem to think your bothering them(at thier job). And I really don't like that u have to pick your seats at the time of purchase. Somebody is always sitting in ur seat so what's the point?

Denny Gonzo

My fav local theater. So much leg room!. Getting in and out of the isle is never a problem, even when people are sitting with their seat fully reclined!

Dee Casta

Great theater expect the website makes it very hard to see what seats are available for multiple shows and/or showtimes.

Etnan MEOW

The usual go to for our family. The new recliner seats are nice.

Bradley Fiorito

Well kept cozy updated movie theater. Always clean and inviting place. Staff is usually chipper. A pointer not to forget with this movie theater, order tickets and pick your seats ahead of time. You might get stuck with your only options being the first two rows. Which are up front and center a little to close to fully enjoy. Early bird gets the worm.

Naseer Javaid

I like the cinema as it does have movie timing and options till later time as well and area is very clean and staff is very friendly. I would love to see see more food options in the food court area. Overall it's very good place to come with ur family or your date to have a fun movie experience.

Vicki Marshall

Just left the theater and this may be a minor point but the popcorn was the worst we've ever had there or anywhere. Not sure what happened. Ordered a large and tossed most of it. The movie was good and everything else.


What's with your employees running this place like a Casino? Constantly giving incorrect change, broken arcades with no prior notice, and for god's sake, TURN THE VOLUME UP! I can hear a pin drop across the theater midway through every single movie. I've given up on this place and switched to AMC, things are much better now. They don't rip me off, and I can hear the movie!

Tward Landscape

Another great movie theater with great customer service. Always a fun time with family and friends

Jessika Darkstar

Saw A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper. WHAT A GREAT MOVIE! Tear jerker but such a lovely story. No spoilers but Lady Gaga is gorgeous even without her costuming and make up. The theater was nice and clean. It wasn't hard to find. Seating is so much better than I remember. I have to say recline seats are super comfortable. My large soda lasted through the whole movie. I really had a lovely time and movie theaters always make the watching experience more immersive. Glad I came.

John ONeill

As usual, seats were great but WAAAY overpriced for the movie & refreshments!!

donna williams-peela

The seats were very comfortable and cozy. The snacks are a bit to pricey but overall we enjoyed our outing.

Scott Bradford

Really clean. The theatre we were in had reclining seats. The ticket prices were right, concessions like anywhere were a bit overpriced. Go see a movie here, you won't be disappointed with the experience. (Maybe the movie if you see something awful, but that's on you.)


The scanner for electronic tickets do not work. When the hell are you guys going to fix that. It's not like you are not making enough money! Bathrooms are very clean. They put TOO MUCH SALT on the pretzels, they are not edible.

Ray Jones

Saw the 5:20 pm show of It part 2 on Friday the 13 the. I haven't been here in years and I may not go back. The guy at the ticket counter with part blue hair was rude. We asked about the loyalty card and he didn't want to exsplain to us. The popcorn was great so was the person serving it. Now the movie was good except for whoever is in charge of the lights didn't turn them off for like 25 minutes till some guy got up and told them. Then some girls a couple rows behind me wouldn't stop using the phone's. I told the usher and he did nothing. So basically had a half as* time.

Steve Shrout

Very movie theater like. Brought back pleasant memories.

Ruben Meneses Jr

Excellent place yet a little too pricey on all items

Jesus Hernandez

We enjoy going to this cinema theater. Great staff very friendly and informative.

Jay Rudak

The only downside is that their reclining seats don't have arm rests that lift up for snuggling

Mary Wood

We like this cinema. It got a 4 only because the movie room was alittle cool. Being its 86 degrees outside. I will next time take a sweater for inside.

Jason Booth

Very helpful staff, clean movie theaters, nice place to go.

Ted Kern

Comfy, reclining, reservable seats. If only they had alcohol service, but there's ipic in Barrington for that.

Heidi Maschmann

The theaters offer large comfy seats. Great sound systems, too. Convenient location near plenty of local restaurants.

Laura Cholewinski

Great theater. Clean and staff very pleasant.

Jeff Wills

Today there was a family with babies crying during the whole entire movie I complained half way through the movie, management did nothing. I complained again after the movie management was rude and didn't seem to care. I will be going to different theater.

Tim Jensen

It is a nice theater oh, I like the reclining seats.

Danielle Gallegos

super clean and the staff is great. They always play the best movies for the lowest prices.

paul rizzo

The place is clean, the movie experience is good, but the reclining seats just aren't comfortable to me, there's not enough leg rest passing and they don't recline enough

Deb Blee

Meh, on the recliners... seats are way more comfy at AMC... great staff however.

Kris Haas

This is a great theatre. There is more than enough concession space, so the the wait to get refreshments and food is never long. The staff is friendly and helpful. Usually has a good movies selection, with some 3D Theatres available. The stadium seating is well arranged, seating is comfortable and reclines. The movie and sound quality is great. I took my kids here for a movie and we had a great time.

Dave Cummins

Large relaxing theater seats. Electronically raised and lowering seats with large cup holders. Popcorn was fresh and expensive. I thought the sound could have been louder bit it was enjoyable. Park on the north side of the building. It's a longer walk in but when you leave you exit closer to you car.

Jason Downes

I hate to say this but they caught me off guard here with how wonderful this theater is. I was staying at a hotel across the street for business when i first came here on a quiet afternoon. From the outside looking in it appears to be nothing more then a rundown dollar cinema when in actuality the inside is anything but that. Great seats. Fantastic sounds, excellent view in every single seat.

Daniel Kahn

This is one of the few theaters we frequent when heading out for a movie. While I do prefer our theater in Lake in the Hills, this location comes in as a close second. Parking is never an issue. Popcorn is always hot. Staff is always pleasant. I suppose the only negative I have is the cosmetic appearance. I think this location needs a little freshening up. Again, nothing major, just an opinion. Great theater, but it takes second place in my book.

Paul Sonnabend

Large theaters 16 screens with first-run movies and power-assisted reclining chairs including footrest. Refreshments a little pricey but not more than other theaters

tibzdot 246

Clean, very comfortable, can't justify the $$$ of snack bar though.

Ellie Akola

Everyone was friendly. The buttered popcorn upset my stomach a little bit. My reclining seats worked well. I thought the theater was a little chilly.

Deanna jasiak

Everyone is very helpful. I always enjoy this theater and feel it's such a good break from the every day responsibilities. Thank you

•Ashley• K-pop fan

My second favorite movie theater!


Almost all movie theatres are over priced but this one has good seats

Stephen Sawyer

Great local theatre! Nice reclining seats and normally clean. The only issues I’ve seen are the screens sometimes have defects and need to be repaired or replaced and the sound equipment could be updated.

Rashelle Gines

This was my 1st time going to this theater. The atmosphere was nice, friendly and clean. Parking was easy too and we got a spot near the main entrance. Kristi and I enjoyed the movie and we loved the reclining seats. Also, the bathrooms was fairly clean. The only bad thing is the fountain water was warm, distasteful and unbalanced. I still give them a 5 out of 5 stars.

Nichi S

This place is super clean every time we come and the seating is so nice and comfy! The food is perfect movie theatre food too

Lyle B

Nice big theater comfortable seats.


Theater is just fine. It's a very nice theater inside and all, very clean, good service. But the PRICES. No. That's what draws me out. I pretty much never come here because of the prices. And the recliners they have in their rooms aren't as comfortable as other theaters. Save your money. If you have a movie you are really interested in seeing, see it elsewhere.

Mike Books

This place is ok but i found a place with better recliner chairs.

Bob Hanson

Standard movie theater but they do have stadium seating with recliners. The sound system is good, as is the popcorn. The bathrooms and facility in general are clean. I take off a star only because the tickets and food are way overpriced, just like any other movie theater.

Jeffrey P. Radtke

Great show, seats don't recline like the ones at home.

Maria Rabenda

A relatively clean movie theater but admission prices higher than AMC

Cindy Larsen

Just average theater.

Michael Schulz

Great theater, super comfortable and roomy chairs, good refreshments. Nice place to see a movie. Clean restrooms.

Daniel Vazquez

The recliners would be better if they reclined your back. Otherwise they have a friendly staff, always helpful as well. I was inna situation where I couldn't see a movie. So they readmitted the ticket for the next day. Thank you.

Oliver Bailey

Very nice theater. Comfortable seats and plenty of room for people to get by. Easy to view screen and the sound was just right, now too loud for senior citizens. Prices are reasonable as well.

William Hoffman

Comfy seats, good sound system, good views no matter where you sit

Don Malzahn

Nice place, consistent good experience. Easy parking, staff are helpful. Can reserve tickets / seats in advance. Good after movie, before food choices nearby. They show some anime once a month and other things, I think Opera and special events are telecast. Can't go wrong with this first run movie theater.

Gregory Williams

Conveniently located, Polite staff, and plenty of room in the oversize reclining seats. Assigned seating.

Charlie Lawson

Best movie theater to see anything new!! Loved the help booking and reserving handicapped seats for us. Great experience.

Eddie P

Great place to watch a movie!

Evovprime V

Always a clean facility! The Mgmt & staff are most accommodating. Nice theatre!!

Dakota Rodway

Seats are a little small. wish the arms would move like the Emagine theaters but besides that comfortable and a little pricy

Nick Nelson

During one of today's showings the power went out. This was obviously not the fault of the theater. The response however was less than great. People were left to sit in their seats for 15 minutes without direction. Someone finally did come in and tell everyone to go to the hallways. Another 15 minutes went by without any idea what the guests should do. People were left to try and find a theater associate for direction as to whether they should wait or come back another time. All information came by word-of-mouth after people went to the front end. The only associate that most people ever saw was who I can only assume was the manager on duty. She spent her time running full speed through the hallways yelling on the phone and at other associates as if the guests were invisible. She berated one employee in front of a bunch of us sitting in the hallway. Then proceeded to yell at the staff behind the concessions to tell them to get moving as if she was leading them to war. Everyone standing in line at guest services was wondering what was going on. Again, a power outage during a storm is nothing the theater can control. The response however is in their hands.

Jim Keane

Nice theatre,convenient ticketing,clean.

Amy Pfeiler

Love this theater. The staff are all great. Everyone very friendly. The concessions offer a wide variety of choices. The seats are comfortable and they recline. Always have recieved excellent customer service.

Troy W

Great experience, good prices. Comfortable, reclining seats. Lots of leg room. The food was delicious. All beef, high quality hot dog. The onion rings were warm and crispy, not at all greasy. Great customer service, very friendly staff.

Jim jimmy jam

I liked the movie and how awesome that theater was. I totally reccomend it for your next movie.

Nick B

Not a bad theater. The recliners just don't go back enough and actually stopped right in a very awkward spot. AMC in Lake in the Hills is much better

Renee Mueller

Comfortable seating, very clean. The app is great and makes purchasing tickets super easy. By using the app you can earn points to redeem. You can earn free popcorn and many other things that I don't remember at the moment.

Alice Castillo

Prices are very high for concessions. 5$ for small bottle of water and $5 for dollar store candy.

Clinton K

I left my phone here on the arm of my chair in a theater and it was never found...I had called the next day only a couple hours after it opened and apparently there wasn't anything which is very suspicious because the movie I watched that night was the last showing. On top of that, I found out that they donate the lost merchandise if they find it and noone shows up to claim it in a very short amount of time. I don't trust this establishment's crew and I'm pretty disappointed to find out that they give away these people's lost items.

Joshua Porter

We've visited this theater several times and always been satisfied with the experience. Today, however, as I, literally, walked in the door, the power went out for the entire building (there was a storm). They took fast action (Manager Dan?) and did their best to accomodate patrons who unfortunately, had their movies cut short. I was not able to stay, but came back several hours later... the power STILL was not back on. I really needed to get ticket that day as part of a promotion that included a free poster that was almost ended. The supervisor (lady sitting at the door) spoke with me and accomodated the free promotional item, even with the issues still ongoing. I felt blessed and appreciated that they took the time to honor my small request among all their much larger issues. To me, it's not about everything being perfect, things happen, and that's normal. It's about if a company will make a good effort to fix things when they do go wrong and have a good attitude about it. I think they did just that.

Mary ann Schubert

Good place to see a movie, comfortable seats and free refills on pop and popcorn.

Harley Flynn

Great place to watch movies. The big chairs to put your feet up. The theaters are always clean. I hope there often to watch movie.

Mary Guardyak

Very nice theatre. Clean as well

Safeena Cassidy

Good movies, comfortable seating

Gail Gray

Many movies available. Modern theatre and very comfortable seats. Shows and snacks are costly but going before 4 pm is cheaper. Going on Tuesday is the best deal. Anyone can get in for around $6:50.

John Hancock

Best seats. And always room

Lynn Radeloff

Nice place to see a movie

Brad Stephen

Great movie theater. Staff is nice seat are pretty comfortable. But can you turn the a/c on higher during the movie. I always sweat my butt off during the movie. Then it feels like it kicks on as soon as everyone starts to leave. I'm gonna have to bring a portable fan with me next time Haha.

Ashley Miller

Nice and clean comfertable environment.

Stephen Katz

Great reclining seats. Good popcorn. Prices not too bad for a movie theater.

Night Watermelon

As always I love going to the movies and the Crystal Lake Regal Cinemas is my favorite place to go! I always have fast service and meet nice employees. The best part is the joining the Regal Rewards Club and earning points for going to the movies that you can apply toward your food purchases (saving money) or you can receive free merchandise or purchase merchandise. The choice is yours based on your points and selection. Let's get back to the cinema, it's always clean and in working condition. I never worry about it being dirty or crazy. The additional movie goers are always nice and friendly.

Noah Priddy

A pretty regular movie theatre.


Those blue lights tho.... I now go to LITH AMC.

Earl Past

If you go on Thursdays make sure you talk to Don at the counter. He has excellent recommendations for what to see. Half priced popcorn for crown club members on Tuesdays.

Josh Marchant

No bar, small theaters, and seats don't recline fully to a comfortable position.

Jordan Kessler

Great theater. Very clean and friendly staff, some projectors seem dark.

Steve Kupitz

I've been going to this theater for years and it's always satisfactory. I, myself, prefer theaters with higher inclines/steps to avoid sitting behind someone tall; obstructing my view. However Regal Cinemas has a slight slant throughout most of the theaters. This isn't a huge issue but if I'm being picky it's an issue. They added lounge chairs/recliners which are great but they don't go back as far as they do in most theaters. The place is really well kept and always fairly clean.

Shannon Doschadis

Clean and adequately staffed at the snack counter so lines aren't long. Love the theaters with the leather recliners!

Stephanie Noel

Their computers couldn't find the SEVEN tickets we pre paid for online when the confirmation email never came, even with the purchasing card and bank bank account showing the charge. Concessions are rediculously over priced for stale and soggy popcorn crumbs not even kernals and rock hard pretzel bites. And ladies room was a mess. SEVERELY ANGRY THAT I WASTED OVER $100 AT THIS PLACE! Next time we'll go to Lake Zurich.

Brian Fluegel

Nice chairs, but don't bother getting any "hot" food, they take forever and you will miss the start of the movie. I was waiting 10+ minutes for my soft pretzel bites when a manager came over told the to kids working that she didn't need two employees back there. When one employees barely could keep up. Obviously this " manager is an idiot and not in touch with her theatre at all.

Bradley Stephen

Love coming here. Last 2 times it feels like the a/c turns off and it gets very warm. Wearing shorts and a tshirt, I shouldn't be sweating that much.

Mack Marquette

This place was cutting edge 25 years ago, but unfortunately the only thing they have updated since is the decor and the seats. The seats aren't nearly as comfortable as most modern theaters. They sell seats ridiculously close to the screen, such that the employees warn you not to buy them

Abby Gonzalez

Took our special education program here for a community trip, and it was a great experience! They were so accommodating and helpful. Dan and Dave were a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend :)


Great movie theater with modern seating. Lots of parking available too. Easily seen from Rt.14.

Bethany Nelson

We love going to the movies and Regal Cinemas never disappoints. The theaters and restrooms are always clean and staff is friendly and helpful. Love earning points and getting free popcorn and drinks!

Jadielynn Lee

Awesome theater, come all the time here. Seats are super comfy, always clean. Except last time coming to see a movie it was super hot and uncomfortable ... normally I bring blankets and wear sweats during the movie to be comfortable but it was so hot took my sweatshirt off and I was still sweating and super uncomfortable. Not normal but I definitely will be back hopefully that never happens again...

Michelle Linton

Excellent seats!! Great way to watch a movie.

Sara Mohnen

I frequent this theater, my two biggest complaints are that the recliners don't go back far enough and therefore less comfortable than the Lake in the Hills theater, and also the lids for the sodas don't seal so if you tilt your full beverage you will be wearing it, it's been that way for at least a decade and I can't be the only one who hates it. I love this place, I just needed to get the lid thing off my chest, lol.

Martha Stawiarski

Love the stadium seating and wide aisles. Always friendly staff. Great theatre to catch the latest movies.

Matt Queen

Have always had a great experience here.

angie shaffer

I went to see Venom last night and was disappointed in the theatre. This was not the first time but certainly will be the last that I will be disappointed by them. It's almost as if you are watching a black and white movie, the darks are too dark and the lights are too light. The movie was so loud that it was uncomfortable. I will forgo coming to this place again.

Ben Kaiser

Great staff, decent prices, amazing seating and good quality showings!

Elizabeth J

My cashier (Matthew) was extremely rude

Debi Jones

Love movies I go on Tuesdays its cheaper clean overall good experience

Mike Walden

Seats and arm rest a little rough. Everything else was good.

George Castillo

Nice n comfortable

Bere Nuñez

I wish their chairs were comfier.

John Hook

Saw Green Book. It won Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards

Maulesh Patel

Good place not so expensive

Shamarri Lindsey

It was amazing and good customer service

Jim Ambrose

Very warm in theater and seats are uncormfortable, head rest does not fit proper angle to watch movie for me, felt like I was slumped over the entire 3 hours.

Josh Gold

Chairs so comfortable.


Not a bad theatre overall it’s just prices are really high. Best value is on Tuesdays.

Rachel Wright

I like this theater, but, the reclining seats aren't all that comfortable. Some other theaters have better seating.

NXS Racing

Good selection of movies... great seating... but a little pricey.


Clean, big and they have birthday party options with an arcade inside.

tony bilbao

This place is great! And now they have a deal for only $21 a month you can watch unlimited movies! That cost just a little less than 2 movies!!!! Recliners!!!! Dont fall asleep lol! And dont forget free refills on sodas!

Jc U

Clean place with nice seating, great place to see a movie with the family.


The best place to see a movie , nice people

William Cummings

Place is old and dirty. The seats are not very comfortable. Much better to go to AMC in Lake in the Hills.

Jan CC

Clean, comfortable, stadium seating, great sound. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie here.

Candice Reisinger

I really like this theater. Comfortable seats. The staff is always nice. Plus, this place is always clean! A+

3rD eYe

I'm glad they still showed the Avengers Infinity War nearly 3 months after it was released. I just wished the movie audio was louder than the commercials before the flick. I mentioned to management during the film but it was never turned up like they said they would. They did provide me with 2 free passes for another movie afterwards. Not bad overall. One more star if you turn UP your surround sound during the movies. Commercials are at 1,000% volume, movie is at like 35% audio levels... Just saying

Karen Vito

Tuesday's are economy price night and popcorn was 1/2 the price. Excellent.

Go Jo

Big leather seats that recline and less people per theater. It's at the point where movie theaters are blending together. Good sleep of arcade games for those stuck waiting. Kids movie we saw had a few talkers and kids vocally exited to be there. One person was an amazing slob and trashed their area pretty good when we were walking out.

Diane Howard

The girl selling tickets was very rude and short tempered. We didmt realize you had to choose your seats when buying your tickets. She was very short with us. There was no line behind us. She showed us the seats and said middle or front. I said ok...she rolled her eyes and said louder middle or front and tapped on the glass loudly. Her name is Dawn!


Womens bathroom dirty & 6 of the toilets didn't flush. They need to fix their plumbing problems.

Mario Garcia

Great service.. fabulous job steff..

Jim Pike

Clean and good matinee pricing. Roomy seats and well placed as well as handicap seating.

Steve Maye

Nice, clean theaters. Very comfy seats that recline back. Would definitely recommend anyone to use this theater.

Laura Power

very nice but need free refills on all sizes popcorn

Yurvae McClarin

The seats are amazing and the customer service is awesome.

Ryan Yantis

Regal Cinemas Crystal Lake reached out and apologized for the problems with the Dec 17, 2018 showing of "They Shall Not Grow Old" and is trying to make things right. That's really good. Someone from the theater came into the theater during the filming, mumbled something and gave us a couple of movie passes that evening, and they followed up to my original posting. Better. Thanks

Lianne Scarpelli

The recliners aren't as large as the Lake in the hills theater but I think they are more comfortable. There is also more room between rows of seats. We saw toy story 4 tonight with my 10 month old and 4 yr old, it was a pleasant experience. We didn't need a ticket for the 10 month old since he doesn't require his own seat yet. Prices were a little lower than LITH as well.

Jenn Tedmon

Spacing seating. Nice atmosphere. Clean theater Concessions are pricy, but movie tickets are reasonably priced. Staff is friendly.

Melissa Cantrell

We come here quite often.The way they redid the theater a while ago looks great. It is very nice and up to date. You can really enjoy coming here with family or on a date and have a great time.

Al Smith

Always great service,great sound excellent selection of movies,Half price popcorn on Tuesday's with Regal card, fantastic selection of food and drinks great atmosphere

Error 404

Generic theater. Acoustics were a little echoey, making movies seem noisier than they may actually be. Asked for a tray of nachos with cheese, but was instead handed a bag of Tostitos and a sealed container with cheese in it. They served it to us in the tray, though. "Here's the ingredients for your already overpriced nachos, make them yourself." Regal Cinema nachos, some assembly required.

Colleen Schor

Fun, Fabulous Seating, Great Food, But More Expensive Than Any Other Local Theaters.

Shane Pertler

Love this theater! Always clean and staff always nice.


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