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REVIEWS OF Pickwick Theatre IN Illinois

Ryan Walsh

Huge fan of the Pickwick! I’ve been coming here for years with my family. The recent updates have been amazing and the new screen in the mega theater is perfect!


Comfy theatre. Cushy chairs for this guy. Almost fell asleep, but got through!!!


Nice small place

Sam Banayan

Old school super nostalgic theater. My absolute favorite. Main theater seats 1000, complete with organ and orchestra pit. New leather seats are very comfortable. Prices are super cheap, $8 a ticket. The best by far though are the tiny private theaters they have behind the main building. Can't say enough, love this place.

Patricia Fedanzo

I love the Pickwick! The main theater is gorgeous and for $6 a ticket and recently released movies, you can't beat it!!


clean, good price, the staff is very friendly

D Deneve

The Mega theater is beautiful. Built in the 1920s. It has an Art Deco style to it. We saw the Fantastic Beasts movie there. It was fitting because the era of the movie matched the theater. New and comfortable seats. This place could house 150 people. It's big. The bathroom is updated but located down a staircase. The lobby is small. The popcorn vending is very small. Get there early for the busy nights if you want popcorn.

Oh Yeah Yeah

Amazing local theater with very friendly and helpful staff would give 6/5 stars if possible.

Żaneta Statek.

Very Beautiful Theater That I Ever BEEN In MY Entire Life =)

Magdalena B

What an amazing, historical building, I loved it! Very nice and cozy inside.

Emily Matschinegg

Love this theater and the fresh popcorn.

elizabeth rose

I love this place..the kids who work here are so nice and fun...and it's very comfortable for a show...prices are good too.

Carol L

Clean theatre, great comfy seats. Love this place.

Elias Kondilis

Such a gorgeous theater from the inside and out. It's crazy how they are able to keep this theater in such great shape after so many years! Love coming here not only for movies but to admire the theaters beauty!

Catherine Mackey

I love this quaint little theatre in a historic landmark location. It's perfect. Six theatres, no bells and whistles but who cares. We walked there because we can and the weather was gorgeous. What's not to love? It's inexpensive, clean and shows new movies. Have always loved this place. Beautiful old art Deco building.

Robert Mikrut

Classic feel good atmosphere . A step back to a simpler time.


It's a nice theatre. More than likely, you won't be in the deco building but in the theatre in the back in a different building. They are small and they don't have the recliner seats the bigger theatres have but it's a nice, cozy place to see a movie and feel like you're in a movie house. Expect to see movies that are no longer at the big shows.

George Taylor

Great classic theatre. The large auditorium is Awesome!

Maddie Meloscia

I rented out theatre 5, the smallest theatre, for my son’s 7th birthday party. We saw the new Spider-Man movie in there and it was the perfect size for us! We were able to rent it for a very reasonable price and we got a package too which included a popcorn and a drink for each child. The employees were super sweet when we had to come back because we forgot a present in there! Overall, great experience and will continue to keep Pickwick in mind for private events!

Joseph Browne

Great looking Art deco building big main theater is the best place to see a show. The other theatres are kinda small.

Bianca Nowak

I love this theater! I have been going here since before high school. I love coming home from college and being able to come here and enjoy movies at great prices. They have improved their front theater with a whole new screen for even better quality of movies. I am able to watch IMAX-like movies at unbeatable prices!

Richard Barton

I truly enjoy having The Pickwick as part of my community. Besides showing quality films at reasonable prices, the theatre hosts many community events and live concerts. The owners have done an outstanding job with keeping the inside and outside of this historic building fresh and family friendly. It is a community asset. Well done!

Emily Bialas

This is a great little theater, they show all the big new releases but charge half of what the big guys do.

W Doe

Iconic theater from the Art Deco era. Updated with modern conveniences that you'd expect in today's theaters. Reasonably priced and an overall excellent experience.

Mira Franco

Enjoy watching movies on the main stage most. And particularly love their classic film series. Watch Spartacus and Singing in the Rain as they were intended to be seen - on the big screen (with an introduction from staff, an organ player, and cheap concessions).

Meghan Skok

We save a lot of money coming here and we are always so amazed by the old architecture. Friendly staff and the seats are so comfy.


When I went there, it was kinda messy but comfortable

Michael schnaitman

Saw the "Crimes of Grimswald" Wonderful movie and sound! Love that theater.

David Bungum

Great location, pricing and friendliness. Convenient uptown parking and places to eat/drink before or after the movies.

anna gerbich

The Pickwick has been somewhere I have gone for over a decade, before moving into Park Ridge it was a staple amongst family and friends due to the great prices, friendly staff, and delicious popcorn! There is always a movie for every crowd and there is never a bad time to go! I recently went to the new megatheatre and was blown away by the quality! Definitely a must-go!

Ali kadhim

Classic show place

Marta Z

Small. And outdated but still cute

Sam Gastineau

Popcorn was disappointingly stale.

GottaLuvMeme Jackson

Nice and price friendly.

Emmett McDonagh

I couldn’t believe how amazing this theatre was! It was such a great deal for an amazing theatre! The nice leather seats were amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

Meghan Charochak

The main theater (historic screen) is absolutely beautiful. There are some issues with plaster missing from the mural and the canned lighting on the ceiling not being finished, but overall the owners have done an excellent job preserving and restoring the theater. The newer seats are a huge improvement, but they are also not as good as the recliners most places seem to be moving towards. I do appreciate all the work they have put into modernizing the screen while still keeping the historic feel and appeal.

No estoy Yo aqui Que soy tu Madre

Nice seats ,small over all, Ok

Matthew Blanski

It was wonderful to see Captain Marvel on the new screen in the main theater. The art deco theater remains an iconic treasure of Park Ridge.

Michael Greenwood

Favorite theater in the area.

Fred Sus

Can't beat the convenience and price. Fresh popcorn and concessions reasonable too. Terrific classic theater with updated seating.

sergio medina

Classic theater, great seats and it won’t kill your wallet

Jacob Aynessazian

I've grown up going to see movies at the Pickwick and my experiences have always been memorable. Amazingly the Pickwick always seems to get the best and newest movies in town. From the delicious popcorn to the wide range of candy, the food options are phenomenal. The new seats they just put in are so comfortable and make the experience that much more enjoyable. If your looking for a place to catch a flick for the low price of $5 during the day, the Pickwick is the place to go.

Naweed Ahmedi

A great theater with great prices. Obviously not as big as an amc, but the experience is not lacking. Friendly staff

Karen Roman


Larry Jennings

Ambiance is amazing and the prices are just perfect for me and all my kids! They also have the latest movies which is great at these prices. Wished they had organic popcorn and butter and maybe some organic dark chocolate covered almonds as I am not confident in buying my children the traditional junk sold sold in theatres.

Kevin Lasauskas

Great price for modern movies excellent atmosphere excellent chairs

I'm Hank

Nice cinema with an old fashion charm. In a great area, but is a hot spot for teenage activity, causing some problems. Over all great experiences however.

Anna Rojek

Family-owned Independent Art Deco architecture! I just love this place!

Peter Chmura

The angle of the seats is very bad. If someone sits in front of wount ver able to see ANYTHING. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Teigan Hadfield

Cute little classic theater in park ridge. With a magical atmosphere to make the theatrics come to life.

Robin Moss

Great theater, cool events and old movies and current

Christopher Oliphant

Great old style movie theater. They recently upgraded the seats so it's comfortable yet nostalgic...

Evan Karnes

Love the ambiance. Comfortable seats and kids loved it.

James Foster

Classic, art decor movie house. Beautiful!!

Tabitha Lieber

Some mess but cleaner then other theaters I've been to.

Mary Biancalana

Excellent theater and a critically important old school art deco building that has survived the upheaval of all the older theaters. Excellent popcorn very nice people seats are very comfortable and always easy to get a seat. Most importantly we need to support local Small business!

Jay Hawkinson

The new mega-screen is really something to behold. Definitely worth visiting to see a film projected onto that. Additionally it’s a historic theater in the middle of uptown Park Ridge and charming for that reason alone. Each month they screen a classic film, which is great for movie fans.


I love going to the Pickwick. The new Mega-theater is great and is so much bigger. The low prices and friendly staff keep me coming back.

Ella Main

The cushioned seats, fresh popcorn, and great service remind me of the same Pickwick Theater I loved as a kid! The large, beautiful front theater makes for a spacious and comfortable visit. Even large crowds and busy nights are associated with a short-wait time for concessions and ticket purchasing at Pickwick! This at-home feel is hard to top!

Tony S

Clean theater, good prices, good staff

Ray McP

Cool nostalgic theatre.

azyna azynaa

Economical good time

Mary Fuentes

Needs a little bit of remodeling, and been located at a nice neighborhood they must beautify the place. Outside looks a very old not nice place, they need to paint or make it look much better.

Roland Tolliver

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! So much fun fun "A Dog's Way Home" Premier! Get theater and super nice staff.

Alana Meyers

Love the old time fell of the place. you can't beat the prices. my kids the uptown of park ridge.

Gordon Reiher

One star removed for allowing customers - both adult and juvenile- to prattle away loudly in the lobby during the movies in theater 3 and 4. Really annoying to movie viewers. Get better sound insulation or shush the lobby patrons.

Marian Castro

My kids and I love this old school theater. It’s cheap and friendly

Joseph Panagos

Awesome place, super cheap and nice people bathroom could be cleaner but seats are well taken care of, the price is just so amazing though

RRR Smiths

Tiny tiny screen, first 3 rows can’t see because the seats are so close, if your in the front row half of the screen is dark it’s at such an angle. So bad. Waste of time and money. Only giving 2 stars because it’s clean.

Amanda Hudgins

Went during G-Fest to see the lovely Godzilla vs. Mothra, was incredibly impressed by thr quality, comfort and attractiveness of this theater.

Greg Knickel

Classic, huge theater. A treasure in Park Ridge. Modern, comfortable seats.

Ann Preuss

This is our favorite place to see a movie. Great price and nice kids working there.

sandra reykjalin

I loved the theater better when it was 5 bucks. Now for 8. C'mon and I haven't seen one upgrade in over 10 year s. I go because they play movies other theaters won't. People are nice also ☺️

judy thornber

The new restauration of the main theatre is picture perfect

Maura Burke

The Pickwick is my go to theater! The historical decor makes my movie going experiences more special than just your average trip to any old AMC. The pricing is extremely reasonably, especially if you compare the prices of tickets and concessions to other theaters in the area. The employees are genuinely friendly and all seem to enjoy working there! I asked an usher for directions to a good place to eat and he readily listed off two or three places and couldn't have been more helpful! I love seeing movies here and supporting my local community!

Shannon Ernst

I love coming to the Pickwick with my family! Recently the whole family went to see Star Wars and we were all taken back at the cheap prices and friendly faces that greeted us. The inside of the main theatre is a sight that everyone has to see! With the cheap $8.00 ticket price we also were greeted by friendly staff and cheap concessions. This is a great family environment and we will all be coming back soon!


Floor was sticky. Felt dirty.

Stanley Ramotowski

Keep it up


Main theater is enormous! The seats seem new and are very comfortable. Love that the arm rests go up. The popcorn is delicious and they have the usual snacks/candy. Love the building. Absolutely gorgeous. I haven't seen movies in any theater other than the main one. I've heard that they are fine, but not quite as nice as the main theater.

Renita Vaughan

My favorite place to go.

Giovina Romandine

Classic old school movie palace

Sandra Morris

It's safe bathrooms okay cozy

Michael Pappas

A classic art deco theater. Movies in the main theater are great and the tickets are cheaper than almost any other theater. Go there at least once just to appreciate the architecture.

JD Foster

Lovely 1920s movie palace.

bobby jackson

This theatre is an okay, but it it is kind of small and they don't serve slushy. The movie theatre was big, but there are definitely many more better theatres. They need to upgrade like many other movie theatres. They staff was great.

Marcia Milstein

It's a great place for movies. The seats are very comfortable too!

Sydney Sullivan

A personal and neighborhood theater that shows a wide variety of movies. You're able to catch classics, special releases, modern movie marvels, and family friendly features at the Pickwick. This theater has been a staple in my upbringing, and I am always glad to return my business to the theater. Perfectly priced admition for date nights or to bring the whole family. The theater offers a several moderately sized showing rooms with comfort seating and arm rests that can be put up. A simple but unique selection of snacks and drinks are available at the consessions stand. Go see a movie at the Pickwick!

Ricardo Munoz

love how its never packed. Gives a nice antique old style vibe. Great to take your loved one on a movie date.

Amber Renee

Come here all the time. Prices are GREAT!!!

Beatriz Lerma

We live near by and decided to check it out the other day and watch the joker movie. I was extremely disappointed. The movie didn’t play on the full screen and the quality of the movie was so bad. Seats are uncomfortable as well. Well definitely be going to our usual theatre.

Felicia Falk-Heidkamp

Old fashioned movie theater. Seats are very comfortable!

Jimmy Johnson

It's a great place!!!

Jacqueline Ruiz

Very nice and quiet.

hewey franks

Take the whole family and save big money, cant wait for the new big screen. Everyone in town goes to this place, keep running into my neighbors.

Reach Lantern

A good and cheap spot for a film with good food and nice seating.

Scott Veloria

Love theatre 1, can't beat the price of admission or snacks, still a great place to see a movie...


30 years ago I kissed my girlfriend in that theater. It's a great theater and in historic downtown park ridge

Sarah Nuscher

Love this theatre!! The best part is the ticket prices, only $6-8!! The food is fairly priced too! Highly recommended!

Sweeta Pasko

A Beautiful Historic Theater Comfortable Seats and a friendly staff

Vince Asta

It was a little small but it was affordable and good quality

AnnMarie Biancalana

A great classic theater. Comfortable, updated seats. Good prices

Izabela Wachowska

We love to go there to watch polish movies. Theater is very big , nice we love it.

chick debiker

seats were comfy. sound was good. not crowded. large popcorn is not very big but very tasty


I love this theatre! The new Mega theatre is spectacular! They recently remodeled the bathrooms and they look so nice! Nice decorations for the holidays too. Can't wait to go back!

Michael Mikhaeil

Great place, affordable

Barbara B Flores

Love their theater!

D Anne

Cute, historic theater with latest releases at a great price! Was remodeled not too long ago so the seats are very comfortable. Picture and sound are also great. The prices for drinks and popcorn are very reasonable compared to the chain theaters.

Yulia Ageeva

Great place, great sound, great view.

Lexus Karedes

The main theater was too cold to enjoy a movie when it was 10°F out. I stayed in all my layers the whole movie including my mittens. And they only opened the main theater 30 minutes prior to the show time.

Michele Meloscia

The Pickwick Theater is a great choice for all movies. The showtimes are always convenient and very reasonably priced. The popcorn is always fresh and much less expensive than other theaters. The staff is very friendly and always offers a warm welcome. Overall, a great experience every time.

Voula Bowling

Great place to see a movie especially in main theater

Bryan Kress

Old school theater with beautiful art deco. Main theater has nice seats. Be sure to check out the ceiling in the main theater. They have great matinée prices. The back theaters are okay. Nothing special, but do the trick for movies that have been out a while. They seem to hire good staff as well.

Allen Yang

HUGE theater! Perfect for watching Apollo 11.

Di Campagna

Good prices and always reliable. Smaller theaters that sell out often so be on time. My favorite part is that previews are only few minutes and then on with the show!!

Martin McNulty

Love catching a nice movie at the Pickwick. Staff is always friendly and helpful. The movies are cheap too! Only $6 or $8 dollars to get in and concessions are reasonably priced as well.

Alejandro Garcia

A well preserved local landmark; for a reasonable price you can watch a movie on the big art deco screen like your grandparents did back in the day. That or watch one in one of the smaller theatres in back. A real gem. Shame the same could not be said for the restaurant, which made everyone sick and had to be closed down.

Ngee Lee

Good price for bringing young kids to big screen if they don't care about good seating and good sound effects.

Pam ReikiOilChic

Nice older theater with lots of charm.

John Melendez

Great treat


Where to begin with this wonderfully constructed landmark?! This beautiful historic theater is exactly what you are looking for when you are in need of some good quality entertainment ! From the delightful staff, to the inspiring architecture of the main auditorium, there is just not one thing wrong with the great Pickwick Theater. Every experience I've had here has left me with nothing but the most enjoyable entertainment & the biggest of smiles ! If you are around the area at any point be sure to stop on in for a good time !! Highly Recommend !

John Conroy

Very nice theatre. Its roomy and clean.

Brian Nygard

Love this theater! Always on top of things! TY!

Kathryn T

The Pickwick Theatre is a great place to see a movie. With all the holiday releases, this is a great place to watch most of them at a great price! I recently got a chance to check out their newest theatre. Very cozy and cute. Awesome comfy seats! I hear you can even rent out the theatres for private events. Theatre 5 would be great for a intimate movie birthday party.


It's a cool little theater! I wish we could enter under the glorious vintage marquee though. I also wish I couldn't here the voices of the theater staff who we're outside the screening room chatting and laughing while those of us who were there to see a movie were trying to watch the film. I sat in the second row to the back and heard other people's conversations who were not at in the same room.

Joe Delorto

Beautiful place. We were in a smaller theater at the back that was about the size of my living room. Like, tiny. So adorable!

Derek Johnson

Super clean place with friendly staff A most enjoyable time

Matt S

Beautiful ornately decorated vintage theater with comfortable modern seats. The sheer size of the main theater (seats hundreds) will amaze anyone used to the 6, 8 or 12 screen mega cinemas They occasionally have classic movies on the big screen. Just attended a 50th anniversary showing of a James Bond film.

vince cotter

Great old school movie palace and prices are less expensive than big box theatres and they have replaced all the antiquated seats with new rockers

Diane Harrigan-Kapel

Wonderful building ! Staff is awesome!

Ann Fallonk

Charming. Small town feel. Comfortable seats. Decent snack prices. Great building.

Debbie Lieber

They have 4 theaters. And the 4th theater is upstairs. I am handicap with a cane and bad knee. No elevators. Had two flights of stairs to climb. Only went here because tickets are $8. Others theaters were $12 for tickets. I should have paid the $12. I would have gotten faster admittance into theater. More comfortable seats and definitely more leg room. Probably will not go back

BEER Gaming

Beautiful historical theatre. I met the owner, really nice guy who has a passion for the industry. If you're ever in town and want to see a movie this is the place to go.

Greg Mason

This theater is completely different than going to AMC, it has been standing for so long and there is a certain allure about experiencing a movie here as opposed to anywhere else.

Vincent O'Hagan

great spot to watch a flick

Meghan Burke

The Pickwick Theater offers the best movie experience around! The front theater is home to beautiful art-deco style architecture that is worth coming to see in it's own right. The prices can't be beat, the service is exceptional and the popcorn is fresh and tasty. I have yet to have a negative experience at this theater, would absolutely recommend!

Tino Santiago

Loved coming here since I was a kid and glad to see it's still in great shape. From the awesome marquee to the ceiling mural and statues, it's fun before the opening credits start rolling.

Loopdedoop47 LOL

Main theatre is my favorite

Arthur Siwek

The new Mega Theatre is absolutely riveting. Clean, crisp picture accompanied by the sound upgrade they got too? Can't beat it. Great prices, great popcorn, great staff.


Cozy theater

Kazz Stolitza

Cute vintage theater with low prices.

Steve Vaughan

Great local movie theater in Art Deco style that's been really well maintained (main theater). Nice, updated seating, theater pretty well maintained. Ticket prices are considerably cheaper than any of the multiplexes. Very family friendly.

Tom Majeranowski

No wheel chair or handicap entrance.

Yareli Chavez

Not very comfortable, but very old-fashioned and romantic. Loved it :)

John Rozny

Love coming to this iconic theater. Great staff.

Regina Christophell

Wonderful and comfortable seats. Great movie and good acoustics too

Cate M.

The popcorn is great, the seats are comfy, prices are awesome, and the main theatre is beautiful!

Granville Mahan

Clean and the place was well-kept. Seats were new and comfy. The designs were historical and catchy. Staffs were kind and courteous too.

John Lilianstrom

Price to get in was 12.00. Parking is accessible and easy to find. Main theatre is huge. Plenty of seats. Sound quality is terrific. Will go again.

Maddie M

I've been going to the Pickwick Theatre ever since I can remember and I wouldn't have it any other way. They have the best and freshest popcorn around and the employees are astoundingly friendly. I went to see the new Mary Poppins movie and I came a little late, so the lights in the theatre were already off. I couldn't see anything and I couldn't find a seat. I started walking back to the lobby when a lovely usher offered to help and found me a seat without an issue. Great customer service and great prices!


Got to love good old pickwick, been going here for decades. They usually have all the old movies, but at good price


The Pickwick is an iconic landmark in Park Ridge, and for good reason. This theater has provided me and my family with great movies at low prices for years. The service, quality, and friendliness really makes this a one of a kind experience.

Paul Mehl

I recently saw Star Wars in the main theater. Great prices! Definitely less expensive than any other theater in the area. Staff was friendly and helpful. The popcorn was great. I got a large and got free refills for the entire show. Definitely recommend it!

UrieL AzazeL

Classic theatre... Very good atmospphere..oldschool movies playing ..cult classic hangout. I wish I lived down the street. Good prices Overall amazing spot 2 take a date..the wife..or the kids or all of the above.


Pickwick Theatre has been consistent with their great service. Just recently, they added their mega-theatre which only improved the already great experience.

Nicholas Vergis

Vintage feels that'll keep you coming back for more. Makes you wonder why did people ever stop going to the movie theatre.

Fide Core Cane Corso

I do not like theater like that. Not because everything is old, but bc its bed smell, you can feel it that everything you touched is sticky. Popcorn was unsalted at all and taste like home cooked. Soda was without gas... also parking and direction how to find the entry is not clear and hard to find . We was so frustrated from the beginning.


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