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REVIEWS OF New Vision Theatres Cinema 8 Lansing IN Illinois

Mariah Harris

I like this movie theater but I swear people act like they don't have any home training. They just leave there garbage everywhere. Yes we all know that it's the custodians job to clean up but c'mon now people do you really have to be that messy. Great customer service.

Glencoe Six

Great people, warm, friendly, family atmosphere.

The Cloudy Route

Good service good food

Victor Mazon

Back again! Aladin is playing this time. Having a great time while the storm passes through.

Building pro

Smells like a football teams locker room. No rifill for icee. Cost 8 dollars and no rifill. Stinks bad.

Chris Robinson

Cleaniness and carpet replacement could use some attention. Other than that, I'd give my visit a 78% satisfaction. Thanks for asking.

Kimberly Jenkins

Nice and clean theater. However I went early and you have to buy your tickets at the concession stand. They only had 2 open lines. So it took forever to get tickets. People got tickets and food all in one line. Which sounds amazing however you are in line forever

Destin Dobbey

Very nice experience. Decent bathrooms. The old school fans in the theater kinda threw me off, but nevertheless it was good.

Gilberto Colon

Staff is nice. Bathrooms are clean.


The theater was very clean. The staff was friendly. No lines or real wait. We went on a Thursday night it was pretty enpty, but it's a nice theater.

Florencio Ortega

Great escape from reality. Great service .

Leo Granados

Good tickets price I though it was expensive but not. I will recommend cinema 8 in Lansing

Dionne Bostic

It's ok if you don't want to go far & you cheap & you don't care about how it look, but if you want a nice theater with reclining chairs, food & drinks & clean....don't go here!..ijs

Hope 1

Great experience! Love the movie. Great staff. Kind and courteous.

Tanyika Prince

Filthy theater!!! Terrible nachos!!!

S Robinson

Economical theater. Friendly and slow as hek staffing. Good food, security like Fort Knox lol but not a bad place.

Pam B

This place is ok, they have improved greatly. Could be better. Need more staff. they was very accommodating.

Rhonda Lane

Hoooooooooooood!!! I didnt know people still talked to the movie screen!! I heard all of the background noise over the movie!! RIDICULOUS!!!! I dont mind traveling all the way to Frankfort or crestwood to enjoy the movie and be treated with customer service!

Jdstar 06

Great movie theater

Gregory Turner

Good sound , wish they had reclining seats but for the low price of the tickets it was cool . Food high as hell though

Marisa Arevalo

Family friendly! Please get there early for your show. You will have to pay at the concession stand for your movie ticket even though you may want to skip the popcorn. Clean and roomy theater with excellent sound. Best deal is on Tuesdays or matinee show. Buy the yearly popcorn bucket, if you do mind spending $8 on a large bag. Good local fun!

Yvonne Martin

It was okay. I loved that we didn't have to stand in the cold to purchase tickets. The staff was friendly❣

Evelyn Guerrero

I've been coming to this movie theater for over 15 years it's been through many different owners. For the most part I don't have any issues besides the nachos. I don't like the individual bags of nachos and the small cheese containers. It was better when they just had the trays with the chips and the cheese together!

anishere sade

The carpets needs changing,makes the place look beatdown.

Ivy Hughes

The service is nice but it needs a makeover. New carpet, updated menu, healthy snacks, crystal light then you got something to pull the people in.

Latasha Douglas

They need the DreamLounger chairs

Franco Thrall

Been here twice now and the service is decent, the place itself is clean, and the prices pretty standard. I'd say my favorite thing about this place is that it's the best for catching big Premieres I've been able to get seats on walkins

Diane Davis

I like that it's rarely sold out.

VeronicaRae Salazar

I love this place

Dee Mack

Nice movie

Diane Byrd-Gonnigan

Clean, close to home, and pleasant employees


Pretty decent place

Darryl Fulton

Had a great experience here. Friendly employees. Fast Courteous service.

Ali L

It's the south side so don't expect much.

Nate Calhoun

Nice place to go, nothing special, no reserving seats, just going in and having a good time.

Mahalayah Turner

Old School movie theater with the flip up seats. Good prices though, limited movies

Abhishek Maini

Need a coke machine over there for sure.

Darryl Starks

Slowest concession service I've ever experienced.

kenya smith

It dirty n has a werid smell they dont do nothing about the ppl talking

Tam Hart

Had and amazing experience seeing both Avengers: Endgame and John wick 3 on separate occasions. Would be back again

Thomas Cushing

Prices good

Keaira Denham

Outdated vintage theater. Uncomfortable seats and not enough leg room. On the upside $5 Tuesdays not very crowded.

Lakisha Barbee

One of my favorite movies theatre's!! Great customer service.

Steven Poindexter

As always a good & happy experience

Carolyn Eddings

The only thing was that I was slightly annoyed when one of the cleaning crew came out to soon in the middle of the show to bring out the trash can. They should always come after it's over!

Jessica Baker

Nice theater. Concession stand moves as quickly as they can. Nice customer service. Always come here. Great atmosphere. Tuesday specials and annual popcorn bucket are great too

Larry Rogers

Service is decent. Should upgrade seating to recliners for better experience.

Morgan Douglas

This is a very good venue. I went to this theater to see The King and I, and the theater was very huge. The seats were very good, and the staff was very polite. I would definitely consider coming here again, because I had such a good time while I was there.

Erick Wright

Clean theater good quality screen and sound

Tarsha Bryant

Not really crazy about this place

Hades 1940

Come here very often have a rewards acount here. I do like place and snacks are reasonable prices.

Angelina Prince

Go here all the time. I love it

martin morales

The place is very safe clean staff is friendly and the price of admission is just unbelievable.

debra hill

Nice theatre and you dont have to reserve seats. Always clean.

Tony Maddox

COMFORTABLE, but ceiling fans needs to be off. Cold in winter, then hot in summer...

Kimberly Williford

This is a good old fashioned movie theatre for the family.

Aimee Pate

Need to remodel. Close to home so convenient

Adewale Langston

One of my favorite spots to catch a movie.

Theresa Jackson

I love to Cnema 8 theater in Lansing it's convenient and I don't have to go on line to buy tickets. I can walk right in pay and sit where I like. Love it

Ofelia Tovar

Not much to say. He was fighting for justice, plenty of people get away with murder. And Bruce Willis played a great part in this movie, reminded me of Jody Fosters movie. Thumbs up!!

Nick Kucera

Cinema was nice but location wasn't the best.

James Thomas

A nice place to watch a movie!

Lib Hopper

Nice theater. I go on $5 Tuesdays. Always clean when I am there in the front areas. The bathrooms could be a lot better maintained, and the ticket sales people & work staff could be more pleasant. Glad to see they are starting to put more posters and props in the main area. It was looking very stark in there for quite some time. Smiles from the staff coupled with clean washrooms and I would give it a five star rating.

Sondra Bearden

Very dirty! I could not get comfortable enough to watch the movie and eat the really, really overpriced popcorn and hotdogs.

mary campbell

I like theatre but the wine is extremely costly for 1/4 of cup & popcorn isn't good. It taste stale when it's fresh

Eric Kyles

Great service, the staff members are extremely professional and kind, the food and snacks are all great and of a wide variety, all movies are on time and high quality, and the building is always very very very clean. 10/10

Latia Hinkle

Movie was good concession not great but ok

Kenneth Caston

Clean. Pleasant atmosphere. Not as big as some but nice. Good customer service

Firehouse Bakery & Grill Chef Peppers

For all of the upgrades some people are requesting cost money and those cost will definitely have to be passed along to the customers. Higher ticket and food prices for sure. I have been going to this theatre for years. I'll keep going to this theatre because I enjoy a simple movie experience. The staff is great.

qween erika

It was extra ghetto....this was my first time going I will never go back again..its definitely for thate young kids 14 to 25 years of age..

Shaunti Brooks

Went to see Black Panther yesterday with my family, great experience! Sound was excellent, picture was great. The theater seemed a little too bright once the movie was underway, but still an overall fun time.

Rosann Fischer

Shouldn't have to watch commercials at a movie that I paid for. l could have stayed at home and watched t.v. if I wanted to do that!!!

norman perry

Staff is super friendly and theater gives you a old school feel with cheap ticket prices

d b

Registers didn't work. Theater was dirty and sticky

Hill C

Pretty bad experience. There was a baby in the theater crying and no one did anything about it. People were talking during the movie. Just annoying.

DeAndra Smith

This place is horrible. Spent good money for tickets and food, but the entire experience was ruined by a bunch of kids talking thru the movie, and then fighting after the movie. Had to rush out of bathroom with my children to ensure my family's safety. And to make matters worse, management just stood around looking confused. Never again!

Kathy Pruitt

Nice and quiet during the day.

James Easterling

Fast friendly service. Concession lines move along pretty fast. Clean Theater.

Virginia Rozmus

The place is nice nothing fancy not a lot of games. .it's like an old fashioned Cinema clean and cheap. son and I go here at least once a month

Amii B

Its nice but needs updated. But Im just happy that Lansing has a theater. They offer $5 Tuesdays and you can join their VIP program for benefits you just cant use your bemefits on Tuesdays.

Greg E

Great viewing, friendly staff

Pat Cunniff

Nice theatre

LB Cook

Fav movie spot...tuesday deals excellent

Veronica C.

Great theatre. Very low key location if you want to go somewhere that doesn’t get too crowded.

Angela Jones

Fun Birthday for my Sister Cousin Patricia Falls

Anthony Scott

I really love this place! I feel safe and m so glad it's family oriented. Admission price is good, for is fresh and seatingling is cozy. I'm happy our south suburbs has a place we can go for excellent movies and fun!

Robin Redmond

Ok theather. Fairly clean, however the aspect ratio of the film was off. You could part of the picture was cut off on screen.

kaycay squad

Nice staff....clean..movies on time

Kacee Chambliss

Cool place, alot of memories, wish it was a drive-in

Ahja Coleman

Really enjoyed going here to see avengers. The seating is old school but still a nice place to visit and it’s reasonably priced.

Ria Crosby

The place is really awful. I wasn’t even 10 min into the movie and everything went black. Then I heard the circuit go. I want my mom wanted her money back they couldn’t even do that because of the power outage. NEVER GO THERE !!!!!!

Nina McMiller Montgomery

Great Experience, nice and clean!

Geri D' Fyniz

This place has come along way. The new management has made it an enjoyable place to visit. I would love it if they had a $5 Tuesday special the way rival Marcus Theatres does. Nevertheless, it's still a nice place.

Jasmin Lopez

The ratings should go higher for this one when i went here the guy that had recieved us was really generous and gave us a discount on our tickets . this place is absolutly the best even though it was once in a lifetime i would always come here

Patricia Roudez

The movie was great, just no reclining chairs

Natasha Roman

Love Coming here and watching movie. The rooms are huge so there is a lot of sitting available. Staff is friendly and theater is always clean.

Stephanie Reyes

The only reason I went was because it was close but I normally go to Icon theater on roosevelt downtown Chicago. This place is just old but it does the job. On a positive note. The staff is very nice but I could go to another theater for the same price and better accommodations.

Huston McKinney

Nice place to take family to, especially $5 Tuesdays. As usual expensive and plenty parking.

L.S. Prater

No complaints. Good movie experience

Alaina Entoe

I hope this theater is going to be upgraded. The website doesn't allow you to register. The bathrooms need improvement. The employees are not engaging but the popcorn is very good. I've been coming here for many years and I would like to see an improvement.

Marcia Grinnard-Davis

Went to see Black Panther. Movie was great. Lines moved fast. Washroom was clean. New cheese popcorn was okay. Exiting parking lot went smoothly.

Chris Barnes

If u don't wanna b bothered here's the place to go I wanted 2 b alone an it was cool wit me

Pamela Taylor-Dickerson

Great place for a local movie

Lonzal Edmond


Crystal Cotledge

Needs to be a little updated and seats are uncomfortable.

Blaidd Mathúin

Decent service. Volume a bit loud and screen partially stained and curtain over top of screen was broke but once lights were out it didnt disturb the movie view. Popcorn was not greatest and candy was a bit stale. With all that you would think I had a horrible time...but ironically I enjoyed this place. The bathrooms were clean and the architecture of the theater is very old school. While some might call it dungy or seedy, I call it a bit on the nostalgic side. Go here if you want to relive movie feel of the 90s. Again, service was great and bathrooms clean.

Alice Lockett

Reasonable price matinees, old theatre, not well maintained, cleanliness is not a priority.

George Fields

Loved it. Good sound and picture. Nice staff.

Barnard Johnson

Best prices on evening showtimes every day!! Decent for the money. Updated seats are nice. Clean and decent popcorn.

Tahija McClure

This is the worst movie theater I’ve ever been too. There were rats running all around. I basically wasted my money because i couldnt even finish my movie and the manager refused to give me my money back this place doesn’t even deserve 1 star it’s disgusting and needs to be shut down.

El Porter

Been coming to Lansing 8 for YEARS, and as it happens BABY CRYING is not new unfortunately. Normally if you tell managers that a baby cried during the show you'd receive a voucher for the inconvenience... However in this instance Barbra informed me that "It happens during kid movies." I don't care what type of movie it is... If I pay my hard earned dollars I shouldn't have to listen to it for 40 minutes without receiving a refund. Needless to say this is not the first time I've ever encountered this, but this is the first time a manager justify my not being able to enjoy the movie. I now understand why the theater is receiving such bad reviews!

Kandi Singleton

After the movie was interupted on last week, i came back today to see the Avengers bcz they gave me passes. Got here and was told, couldn't use the passes nor couldn't get my money back.After the fact the movie on last week was interupted on their end. Police had to be called bcz im furious as Hell. Manager was very ignorant. Anthony and Admaris was very extremely un professional they almost got smacked. Last week, power outage.

Lisa Ferry

Fairly outdated and ladies restrooms were poor. Not drastically dirty, but greasy fingerprints and smears on the stalls. It also looked like that ceiling tiles the stalls were attached to might fall at any moment as they were already cracked in half.

Alvin E. Clark

Nice theater, delicious popcorn.

Frank Lucas

Is cheap clean and they don’t give you bs

Jose Muniz

Pretty ok. Concessions are at the usual high price but all-in-all a very good experience.

Emmanuel Leonard

I went here to see Avengers Endgame on that Sunday, the weekend it came out. We came early to beat the crowd. We already bought our tickets on Fandango but there isn’t reserve seating so we still had to be there when the doors open. It was a nice experience. I think this place is a hidden gem. It wasn’t even packed! Good place to go if you want to avoid the crowd that you typically see at other theaters.

Joyce Rogers

The movie was very educational. Hot popcorn is a must.

Eugene Walls

Needs renovation better lighting security was doing very well treated everyone with respect and as a customer staff service was very well with a smile I have no problems at all thank you

DD Harrell

It was clean. They have nice hot dogs. The parking lot was raggedy. It needs to be repaved. Old school movie theater with regular seats that are first come first serve. There is nowhere to sit in the lobby. It was very near to where I live so it was convenient. The times were convenient as well. It is located in the same parking lot as the popular Olive Garden.

Daniel Garcia

Great experience my 1st time there. Don't know if I got lucky from start to finish or if staff is always this friendly. Nonetheless, keep up the good work and I'll keep bringing my family back.

Rachael Guenter

Don’t waste your time period, but definitely do not go on Tuesday's. Bought my tickets on fandango in advance and payed an extra $5 convenience fee to then have to stand in a line that went into the street to get my tickets... PLUS it’s first come first serve for seating. Literally no point in purchasing tickets online. Extremely unorganized extremely trashy. Don’t waste your time. Left just a few minutes after arriving. Very disappointed.

Pat Stepp

Nice theater. Friendly staff

Necole Hooper

Its nice and clean but new seats are needed and the dood is to expensive

Shon Brister

Happy Cake and Ice Cream Birthday

Chausse Manning

The matinee prices have gone up about 2$ this used to be our go to place. Since I'm paying down town prices I shouldn't have to smell dirty carpet in the theater and have paper towels in the bathroom so everything was pricey we spent abt $35 to enjoy this matinee we can Travel further and have a decent experience won't go back


I went to see The Incredibles 2 and it was good. The theater was nice and cool due to the weather and the staff were very kind and friendly. I had a good time and will go back to see all my movies there and i will tell my friends to go there too

Denise Richardson

Had a great time with family

Laurie Rice

Older theater but nice and clean

Paul Fotschky

Over all was great except when getting the popcorn and drinks we where in the middle of ordering and the person just walks away it was very rude i took my wife 6 kids and mother in law and was telling the person that i wanted the bucket of popcorn and then out of nowhere as I'm telling the employee the drinks we wanted they just walked away the popcorn bucket left on the counter empty and as we wait there for over 5 minutes the employee shows back up and ask what we wanted again. I felt that was very unprofessional and just plain out rude

Tamara Johnson

Joker was good

Rosy Lopez

Very clean now. Love the new vibe it has

Roland L.

First visit to this theatre in many years. A bit off the beaten path now that Mall has changed. Theatre was clean but decor outdated. Helpful staff but sparse. Menu expensive compared to other theatres with similar amenities. Theatre lacks seating in lobby for Seniors and ADA patrons. Will return if featured movie dictates this location.

Kym McCoy

Friendly service with friendlier prices but get there early or you might miss the beginning of your movie

Charisse Crossley

It was the last movie so I didn't expect it to be much concessions. However, what I did get from the concession stand was fresh. Customer service was also great

Felicia Alexander

Feels very nasty! Carpet needs to be cleaned whole theater needs to be updated and cleaned

Experimental Hero

I always came here as a kid and it still has its charm, great theater.

Shereece Bedell

Very good customer service

Fernando Martinez

I can't wait for every Tuesday.

Asha Xpressions

Really enjoyed my movie, the theater itself is just nasty. Popcorn was old and stale.

Keundra Daniels

Tonight I really enjoy myself. I saw the 47 meters deep Movie it was so good. The one thing y'all should do is upgrade your seats

Perla Gutierrez


Ina Anthony

Always enough parking and near by is Olive Garden.. So if you wanted to do a dinner and a movie it's possible. Just coordinate your time. Enjoy

C Rob

Opening day of 2 popular movies had this place looking like a war zone. The concession stand was a mess and there seemed to be a lack of order. Only 2 registers to handle the throng of movie goers and the line to purchase tickets was out the door. The best thing is that it has yet to covert to luxury recliner seating like many theaters so it can accommodate more people. But more people equals more problems.

hdederminia diaz

I like coming here, but early, because after 6-7pm alot if getto people be coming and won't even let you hear the movie, parents just come and drop off their teen kids, and they act up

Lisheena Woulard

Lights went out in the middle of the movie.....

Diamond Kelley

I grew up through high school going to this little theater, so I'm a bit biased. It's not the greatest theater out there. But it is very cozy. It's a much smaller theater with less rooms so newer movies push out old movies pretty quick. The theater rooms are pretty small but that just adds to the cozy ambiance in my opinion. Less people to be surrounded by in a theater is always better! Their hotdogs and nachos are really good and they offer Twilight savings frequently where you pay much less for a ticket. It's worth going here if you're on a date and just wanna focus on the one person :)

Delores Jackson

I go often on Tues and li ke it.

Steve Payne

Clean theater, large theaters, underutilized (possibly due to the roadwork on Torrance Ave). Parking lot needs repairs.

Karen Johnson

Love being able to run to a local theatre. However the cleanliness has changed dramatically over the years. I am hoping they will change the carpeting as promised and hire enough staff to keep the facility clean through the day.

kayla's play place

Cool for a chilled movie night

Eric Slaughter

Good location to get in and out of with no waiting for movies


My family went to the show and had a great time. There was no crowd on $5 Tuesday, surprisingly. Friendly staff too.

billy rawls jr

I Always enjoy going out in my own community. Nice and close. Surround sound is great.

Roxann Berry

All they did was talk the whole movie ruined the experience. This is the first time it happened. Disappointed

Anthony Moore

I like the reward program. Last time I got a free lg popcorn and drink.

Shakira Torrence

The line was long put they helped very fast and professional

Alfred Barnett

Good movie, good price.


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