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REVIEWS OF Music Box Theatre IN Illinois

Gwendolyn Webber

Beautiful original Chicago theater. Plays a wide variety of both new and vintage films. Fun events that keeps things interesting. I'm a third generation patron to this theater, my baby girl will be the 4th

Erin RavenSkye

Have been here a few times over the years. No, it’s not a modern, state of the art theatre, so don’t expect all the bells and whistles. What you do get is an authentic experience you aren’t going to find at those newer theatres, so sit back and enjoy...or stand up and dance. It’s all good here.

kate vrijmoet

My favorite theatre in Chicago

Celeste Trevino

An old theater kept up to date.

Jake Braeunig

Great atmosphere. Classic movie feel. Good beer. Wish seats were more comfortable but not a dealbreaker

Steven Edenburn

One of the coolest theaters in the city. Fantastic curator who brings some great showings. The seats are ungodly uncomfortable but I mean everything else is on point and I understand not wanting to update them, the original feel is important in a venue like this.

Andrew Stewart

Amazing place. Great films, great presentation, great atmosphere

Cati Glidewell

An incredible theater that beautifully reminds one of the birth of cinema while also being set in a modern presence. THE cinema experience in Chicago.

Peggy Jacobs

Vintage theatre. Atmosphere

Dominic DiFranzo

One of my favorite theaters in the world. Such a special place to see a film


Went to see White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life double feature with family just before Christmas 2018 and we had a great time! The hot chocolate cocktail is amazing!! Staff was great as well. Highly recommend.

Kelly Hantes

It's a memorable and magical feeling experience coming into this theater. It's like traveling into the past and becoming a part of the theater's 90 year history. Thank you for doing special 70mm showings of such incredible films!! I'll always keep coming back. ♥️

Jennifer Stoeckel

Love the old theater feel! This place is fun!

Joy Schaad

Interesting movies, many foreign or avant guard. Historic theater (1929) decor & vibe. The seats are not up to current standards, but worth it for the authentic historic experience. And on Saturday evenings and other special dates, the organist plays before shows. Very special.

Jacob Snyder

Best theatre in the city. Love watching 70 mm here, and the unique events.

corey nunley

Best theater when it comes to actual film, indie flicks, film festivals, foreign films, anime, old school film.


Saw 2001 A Space Odyssey there. Great theater that shows things you won't find anywhere else.

Nima Shams

A beautiful theater, well-known, clean, good service, and good film selection. Parking can be difficult.

Tom W

Such a pleasure to catch a movie here. Classic theatre with great independent film series. Proper film buffs will love it.

Jacob Novak

Cozy little theatre with an interesting atmosphere. Offered 70mm showing of Joker. Well worth it.

Heather Lalley

Love the interactive movies. Sure, the seats could be more comfortable. But this place is a Chicago gem. They show things here you won't see elsewhere. And there's an organist! And a twinkling ceiling! Parking around here can be dicey. Allow extra time.

Charles B Haller

Best remaining example of a movie palace in Chicago still has organ and old (not very comfortable) seats

William Gonzalez

Very nice old, vintage decor. Awesome organ player in the main theater. Well kept bathrooms. Seats are comfortable but have no cup holders.

Maxwell Schulz

Great change of pace from a big theater.

Ryan Hewitt

Best theater in chicago


Hump! Film Festival.... gotta love it. Anyone else in the mood for buttered toast?

John Otto K

Very excited space for a smaller theater! Comfortable seats and old flair work good drink's!

Arthur Vaisvilas

I was never a patron at this venue. i have a video projector at home and watch what I want on a 300 inch screen. and I do not have to listen to babies crying and others talk while the movie is on. but i do hear a lot of good things about this theatre. and in my opinion, if you want to see some b movies or the Rocky horror picture show in style, see them here.

Christian J Brooks

This place is a local (nay, national) treasure. A great theatre with a great selection of films.

Meowmeow Meowmeow

A fantastic local theater that has been in service for multiple generations. A perfect place to bring the family or to enjoy a movie by yourself.

Justin H. S. Breaux

Wonderful, old feel, space. Intimate and great sound. We had the chance to see the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones. There was commentary before and after. Felt very comfortable and bathrooms are super accessible.


The music box theatre was amazing! The show we went to see was ThebRocky Horror Picture Show and it was phenomenal! We will surley be back for any future shows because this experience was beyond expectations! We had so much fun! The way they included the audience was awesome! Thebservice at the consessions was great also!

Nikolas Zulca

Come out and support your local indie theaters! Nothing beats watching a movie in 70mm film


Always enjoy coming here for movies and special events.

I Marcus Cicero

A beautiful old fashioned theatre.

Charlott Owens

The best spot to watch a movie! It has great dining food next to it as well as shops to do before our movie started.

Jeff Williams

Great historic theatre. Very nice time. Great holiday showing every Christmas of old movies.

Colleen Creamer

Attended the Hump film festival. Interesting films...

Bill Brock

One of the best arthouse cinemas in the world!


It was fun seeing a bunch of short films

Isaac Estep

FAVORITE EVENTS: Chicago for critics fest. Cinepoclypse. The silent film matinees. Great staff and events. National treasure etc. Go to the music box!

Susan Barmes Erickson

I absolutely LOVED this place. It has been kept/restored to how it probably was originally, and walking in is like walking into another time period. That said, conveniences are available, such as e-tickets, a bar, the things we are now used to that make it easier for us to enjoy our experience. The prices are reasonable and we found easy, free street parking 2 blocks away. The workers were friendly, the theater was smaller and comfortable. Everyone was there to see the show, so we had no issues with disruptive audience members. We saw an Japanese anime movie from the 80's and it was fantastic! I would love to go here again!

JP Bader

If you go for an interactive movie, those are the best (i.e. Princess Bride), however there are also live organ shows and great screenings. A great place to catch indie and minimal release films.


This is an awesome place to see a movie. The 70mm showings are truly unique, and the old theater really brings a fantastic atmosphere for the viewing experience. Be sure to get there about 30 or 45 minutes before the showing to get a good seat.

Mario Dominguez

Hope line management gets better or actually getting some thing from the bar was easy..lovely atmosphere but really vintage seating

E. Campbell

Nice little movie theater that offers a unique screening experience. We sat in the main theater and there's a good number seats, though they aren't terribly comfortable. Tickets are little pricey ($14/ticket) but it's to be expected for the cool ambiance and live organ player before shows. They sell typical concession drinks and light snacks. The screen is a good size and the sound system fills the room. It's worth checking this place out and catching a flick.

Ravi Sivanandham

A really fun venue and experience. Beautifully built theatre, and great service.

Richard Chaput

Nice and old fashioned no heater

Pat Laurence

Wonderful theater! Saw Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's film, Never Look Away.Well told story based on I believe, on the life of Gerhard Richter. How does an artist find his own unique style... Excellent ticket prices, non inflated concession prices. I will be back soon.

E.J. Sutton

A great venue for just about any show. A really great, nice staff. The bar is a really nice touch.

Eduardo Jiménez Rojas

Great movies with amazing cocktails. What else do you want?

David Gurak

We've only ever gone for the It's a Wonderful Life event at Christmas time but it's always fun and nostalgic. Parking is pretty awful but it is what it is!

griff infinity

Not sure how many old school movie houses are left in town, but this is one of them. Always a great experience, with respectful movie goers means you'll see what you came for without interruption.

S. Samusen

old school nice theater

Claire Coyle

Seeing Clue was great. Audience participation was fantastic, the acting along was cute and the balloons were a cute touch. Big fan of seeing classics here.

Philip Brown

One of the few places any where in the states that can show a movie in 70mm and has a great sound system. The showing on the film Roma is one I will remember for some time. Highly recommended.

Chris Bench

Best movies in Chicago, tho they could still stand to upgrade their speakers in the main room.

Dominic giafagleone

Always a treat, 70mm theater, with she live events and a Chicago mainstay. Cute Lil bar, not to pricey and great selection of movies old new and artsy. Seriously thinking and a membership.

Amy Volpert

Place was beautiful, clean and staff was friendly. Seats were comfortable and clean as well. I enjoyed my experience here. I'm planning on going back!

Brian Truslow

My favorite for smaller independent films.

evening morning dinner later earlier

Great vintage theatre. I go ever year to their White Christmas showing. People dress in Holiday themed clothing, they sing and add hilarious sound effects. It is a must, if you live in the city or are visiting. I've seen multiple films here and recommend everyone visit it at least once.


Very cool space with great acoustics. Hope to see more animation both old and new there!

Nathan Pabich

Best theater in Chicago. Without a doubt.

Sylvia Massuda

I would give the place 4 1/2 stars. Have good independent movies.

Lucas Welsh

Best movie experience you can have in Chicago. Go for an older movie you love or a new release you can’t really find at big box theaters.

Nate Rock

If you like films and movies of all calibers Music Box is a fantastic place. They have Multiple screens which include a fantastic 70mm setup and an old-school theatre decore. One of the best things is when they bring in directors, actors or producers for the movies they show typically followed by a Q&A session.

Jon Ruffolo

I recently saw One Upon A Time In Hollywood in 70mm here. The projection was misaligned so there was constant flickering throughout the whole film. And the volume was too high for what their system can handle. A lot of the dialogue was unintelligible and if I hadn't already saw it in a different theater before this I wouldn't have know what characters were saying. Overall very disappointed and bummed because it's an awesome place with cool history.

Hudson Lawrence

Esthetic is amazing. The various screenings they host are great. Be sure to check out their schedule via their website or swing by and grab a pamphlet. They also have a lounge area with a bar. Staff has always been nice too.

Deedi Plangton

Nice theater around this neighborhood

Christopher Fedak

Only went there once to see The Shinning, but it was a wonderfully creepy experience. The old deteriorated film and the ambience of the theater really made for a unique experience. I plan to go again.

Angela McElwain

An elegant theater with live organ performance waiting for the film to begin. The sound level is much better than other theaters, that is not so loud that you need earplugs. Also, no annoying previews or advertisements. Comfortable seating.

Taylor Barstow

Historic, no frills theater with a consistently great lineup and special events. Favorite place to see a movie in Chicago!

Josh Tischler

As a first timer here, I had a great time watching The Room with a bunch of noisy fans throwing spoons and yelling at the screen. I definitely recommend watching the movie you're going to see at this theater beforehand, though, because you can't hear half off the dialogue.

Tom Norvell

Wonderful adjoining smaller theater where you can still see the classics and smaller films

Miguel Santiago

Best place to watch special movies in Chicago


Would go again for the rocky horror show. It was amazing!!

Douglas Schwall

Fantastic little theater that does 70mm and tons of festivals and special screenings. Lovely ambience. Seats are a tiny bit uncomfortable if you're seeing something long.

David Lynam

Amazing place for your favorite movie, or just to explore film

Brock Sliter

Amazing venue, great film selections, and friendly staff. Can't give this place enough praise.

Kathy Garrett

This is a great traditional old school theatre. I visit here every year at Christmastime for the showing of White Christmas, (my old time favorite movie) on the big screen. If you are in Chicago or plan to be check out their website for a listing of movies. Not your typical new releases. Some older movies, foreign movies, Sundance selections. If you love movies, definitely worth checking out.

Scott Sachnoff

Chicago's premiere art house movie theater. Seats aren't very comfortable but that's my only complaint. One of the few places in the city to see 70mm films. Good munchies and beer. Cute lounge next door. Try to catch the live organ music.

Stephen Reginald

Great theatre for off the beaten path films and festivals. Wish the venue was nicer, but the films and festivals are worth ignoring any of the facilities shortcoming. The lounge area is lovely, however.

Steven Burmeister

Nice venue. Older but quaint.

Erin Sweeney

Wonderful selection of films. Great art house. Main theatre seats are very uncomfortable. Go on a day they have the organist. He's excellent.

Bayo Bankole

Excellent theatre. I have been coming here since 2011 and it has never disappointed. Really kind and amiable staff and a great atmosphere. One of my favourite spots in the city.

Thomas Z

Having lived in the neighborhood for many years, MBT performances are top notch for the price you pay. Can't wait for Ghostbusters!

Adam Rowe

An amazing movie experience. I went for the first time to the music box to see Roma this weekend. The large theater has a wonderful working organ where someone played walking in a winter wonderland with someone in the projection booth shining a spotlight on him. Expect that restroom lines will be a bit long and be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time. Theater is really cool and reminds me of how movie theaters used to be.

Leslie Zellner

Wonderful old school theater that offers a unique viewing experience compared to the multiplexes of today. The programming, which ranges from independent and cult films to classics, makes it all the more special.

Michael Undas

It's a really unique movie theater to showcase indie movie projects ;)

Aiseneya W

The sound system isn't great and the seats are not comfortable enough to sit in for long periods.

John Crouch

This is one of the best places in Chicago. Their programming is amazing, and they clearly care about the movie going experience. Everything is perfect ... but it's time to replace the seats.

Monica Newton

Love this theater. Awesome special events for film lovers! They show both new and classic films in all genres, and also in 70 mm format!

postoffice cb

Grand old theatre with nice staff. Cool lounge area. Interesting mix of movies. Saw Mexican horror in smaller theatre (wished we had chosen beautiful mainstage instead!)

Erin Dashnaw

A beautiful gem in the city. Go to a fest and make friends, grab a drink, and see some esoteric movie you never would've experienced otherwise!


Really pretty theater and great vibe. Highly recommend going whenever possible.

Natalya Critchley

Enjoyed one of the most moving films, 'Never look away' at this wonderful cinema

Debbie Savaiano

I'm not a huge fan of old timey. If I were, I would have given them 5 stars. The organ playing before shows is weird and way too loud, but I think people love it. Their lounge is clean and new feeling. Overall a good theatre experience while watching the movie. And of course I am thrilled they showed Marc Maron's movie Sword of Trust. I am not much of a movie fan in general, so take this review with a grain of salt. Real movie fans love this place.

R Dz

This has to be my favorite theater in Chicago. From the architecture, latest releases and old school off the wall events (Jaws drink along to mothers day Mommie Dearist) Silent films with live organ accompaniment... Stop reading about it and just go... It's over... Go in

Vanessa Oertel

Amazing as always, best place to see special films.

Kate Schuetz

Awesome theater that plays film in 70 mm


Fabulous time at the movie debut of "Saint Francis" plus meeting the Director Alex Thompson and wonderful actresses. #SaintFrancismovie

Mal Uminse

Needs more help at concessions, drink holders, & large comfy seats but its an otherwise amazing theatre.

Shwetha Ramachandra Acharya

Very quaint movie theater that also plays not so mainstream movies

John Cooper

It is a wonderful theatre! The remodeling was done exceptional well. Love that the lights remained in the ceiling- so many old venues removed them when they were remolded. And the fact they still have the old pipe organ is a nice touch. Plant go back for some of the organ events on a sat or sunday.

Julie T

Great vintage theater!

Kara Peterson

Their holiday sing along is such a great cultural experience. Seeing White Christmas on the big screen was so much fun. Hearing the audience sing along & dress up and jingle their bells and throw snow made it such a fun afternoon. I had never seen the movie before and it was totally fine. I didn't feel out of place whatsoever. Santa as the music conductor really makes you feel at home too.

John Kehl

The Music Box is worth a visit for the interesting films, cool vintage decor, and live pre-show organ music

Thomas Franson

Great spot. Comfy seats. Games. Such fun.

Ryan Kent

Loved this place! Came for the monthly Rocky Horror Picture Show performance and we had an absolute blast. The theater is really cool and unique. I love the layout and the decorations. The show was hilarious and everyone was having fun. Super raunchy and very "weird," so make sure you're into that. I'm happy they play some really unique movies here.

Neil Karels

A great classic theatre. Good place for special events or to see a movie that might not be playing at the big multiplexes. The audience always seems to appreciate the films by staying quiet, respectful, and actually keeping their phones away.

Carl Quash

I love the look of the theater. Howeever it feels like you're in an airplane watching a movie. If the seats got more comfortable, it would change my rating to a 4. The Joker was great though.

Sara Nash

This place was so cool. I saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 70mm and had a great experience. The staff was so helpful, and friendly. The popcorn is super tasty, and they use real butter. The theatres themself are beautiful, really stunning. Also I left my Bluetooth headphones there so I called and left a message and got a call back later that day saying they found them and I can pick them up anytime. Very impressed.

Bruce Taylor

Anyone who can should go see echo in the canyon Majesty of great music is timeless and so much of rock and roll routed through the historic Canyon

Ken Whitener

Always a great place to see unique films!

Sam Dicks

A beautiful place to see movies!

Alvaro Blazquez

Great place with a good movie selection. You won’t find mainstream titles. The bar has a good beer selection.

Jeremy Patterson

The Music Box is a neat venue for films that may not make it to your local multiplex. Downside of being indie film and re-release driven is it doesn't have some of the amenities that chain theatres have. You will not get a recliner. There's no reserved seating. Nobody's going to bring your $11 margarita to your seat mid movie. That being said if you want to see a 70mm print or a classic movie or a thoughtful introspective film that doesn't feature knuckleheads running around in Spandex punching their way to plot resolution this is the place to go in Chicago. There are two theatres. So if you want to see a specific movie BE ON TIME. Some of that stuff only gets run once a day and if you miss it you may well be outta luck. There is a quality bar/lounge attached and only like 30% of the patrons are hipsters/ frustrated former film majors with an axe to grind against major theatrical releases. 45% tops.

Laurie Bender

We love the Music Box Theater with the pump organ, the great side bar for drinks before the show (you can take them into the theater with you), and artsy movies/films. We also love their annual showing of It’s a Wonderful Life & White Christmas with the Christmas carol sing-along and Santa Claus before the shows. It’s an unusual, authentic, beautifully restored, old historic theater and we always have a great time there. Something different.

Mike Greenstone

Love this place, especially the bar and outdoor beer garden (when the weather’s nice!).

Leonard Hythcap

One of the best venues in Chicago. I've seen some the best art films here, as well as old classics.


Beautiful theater that's surprisingly large. I had a great time here.

wjd b

Extremely atmospheric. Great experience.

Juan Diego Veintimilla

Loved this theater. Such a great vibe with such character! And the selection of films they show really make it such a fun spot. I just watched Alex Honnold's new documentary, Free Solo, here and it was the perfect first experience at Music Box. Definitely archiving this gem for future date nights

Michael Ivy II

Good people; especially when big events are going on. It's hard to find good quality in the people that are hosting or serving you, even on nights that have big events going on.

Dannie Fountain

I was here for the Tan France event and I just have to complement both the theater and bookstore staff. I've been to other book signings and it's taken 2-3 hours to get to the front of the line for photos, etc. We were in and out of the line in literally seven minutes once our group was called (and it only took about 20 minutes from the end of the event to our group being called). PHENOMENAL event production!

Nick Keutzer

This is absolutely my favorite place in Chicago. The indie films, the old cult classics, the guest speakers, the lounge/garden area – the Music Box is the best place to spend your time in Chicago. I wish I could live there.

Carla Barger

Love the special shows. Have been going to the Christmas Double Feature for so many years it's become a family tradition. The bar/lounge was a great addition. This place is one of the things that I love about Chicago!

Thomas Boyd

I never been to the Music Box theater, because I like old movie theater. And movie palaces like the Chicago Theater, Netherland theater, formerly known as the Oriental Theater, for the Performing Arts. The CIBC theater formerly known as the Shubert Theater also the Roosevelt University Auditorium Theater . These are old movie theaters and movie palaces, you will never ever. See them built like this again in this Century ever, so I will be going on tours. So I can see and take pictures, of the inside these existing theaters.

Jess Colopy

Really enjoyed it here! I came for an event but would definitely come back for a movie or show. It has a sort of old school, creepy vibe. But I was surprised to find the snacks are as expensive as your average movie theatre. I understand they have to make money but it felt oddly out of character for the place.

Myles O'Hara

Great spot for movies, documentaries and other non-standard events that an actual movie theater does not usually show. Not your normal theater as they also serve alcohol and such.

Sabrina Castillo

I like this theater because they have obscure/ cult classics to show regularly!

Elinore Moore

What an amazing space! Chicago Humanities Festival event

Brian Christ

Music Box Theater is an absolute treasure. They show a great mix of movies - old classics, indie movies, arthouse fair - in a theater that makes you feel like you are walking into Chicago history. This means you feel like you're walking into cinema's golden age, but it also means you get some of the less wonderful things about historic theaters, like uncomfortable seats, scant legroom, and tiny bathrooms. The programming they offer makes it worth it. There are two theaters: one giant one where they'll do big events like sing -a-longs and talks from directors and one very small one where they do the more intimate screenings.

Alana Hill

This is a very nice and quite movie theater they also validate your parking which saves you money

Devon Green

This theatre is waaay cool! They have a great combination of obscure movies and super popular ones. They have nights where they play cult favorite movies, it's not just watching a movie, it's an experience! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is SO MUCH FUN! I just went to their Hocus Pocus showing and it was so fun! It was really cool because they had the original film still!

Nicole Bernacet

Absolutely amazing. We went for the Music Box of Horrors. 24hrs. of horror movie madness. Great vendors with reasonable souvenirs that are one of a kind. Super friendly staff and great crowd. Plus, the vintage ambiance is epic.

Luke Grimes

We came to the “White Christmas” sing-a-long! Such a fun yearly tradition that happens at the Music Box and just one part of this theater’s programming. The myriad of events and marathons that are offered at this theater is a huge part of this 5 star rating. Annual events that draw in people from all walks of life who all appreciate getting lost in a film (or several depending on what you’ve signed up for). Most of the original structure is in tact and the efforts to preserve the space are impressive. The next area to focus may have to be the seats - I think people in the 30’s probably just had stronger gluteal muscles because making it through the 2 hours of White Christmas was no easy feat.

ron sangthong

Classic old small movie theater. Show art and special interests films

Todd Graff

Great old (90 years old) theater. One of the great places to see 70mm films in all their glory. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Judy Taylor

Love Love Love... Wish I lived in the City so I could go more often. Very unique film offerings. My favorite... Silent films with the accompanying authentic organ and knowledgeable player who introduces the film. A truly awesome experience!! Try the holiday film and pre-film singalong. If this is important to you there is also a full bar. Classic old theatre experience.

Andrew Kos

This theater is the best theater I've ever been to, no joking. The interior is beautiful and they regularly have an awesome lineup of movies showing. If you're around for their 70mm movie festival you should definitely try to catch 2001 and another movie or two in that lineup. There's also a nice lounge/bar area that has secret nice bathrooms (use these when the other set of bathrooms is full

Jay Saunders

What an absolute gem of a theatre. You really should check it out. The theatre, from what I can tell, often plays old movies (we saw bedknobs and broomsticks). There is an organ in the theatre, a cool lounge area to get a drink or wait for your movie to start. If I lived in Chicago I would be a regular here.

Yelena Barabanova

There is only one "Music Box" and it can't be topped. Very nice addition of the lounge. Hope to be enjoying one of a kind movies there for years to come.

Royce McQuoid

A wonderful place. Most movie theaters are just comfy(hopefully) rooms you watch movies in. This place has an incredible feel to it that just adds something special to the movie experience. Combine that with a line up of cult classics, foreign films, and fan favorites and you've got an amazing theater. Can't wait to come back and watch another movie!

Paul Bradley

Enjoyed once upon a time but disappointed it was in small theater. Still a great place to see a moview

cj ussov

Historic really small and cozy location, 70 mm movie format is wonderful to watch

Nancy LaBreacht

Great programming and 70 mm films (on occasion). Love a beer with my movie and real butter on your popcorn.

Jennifer Gaag

Great theater showing cool films that aren't the same 'ole same 'ole.

Alvaro R Obregon

Absolutely great movie house. A rare gem.

Griff Daddy

The theater is nice, old building with solid amenities. Seen the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot screening and it was everything we could hope for. Kevin Smith and Jason M. are wonderful to their fans!

Jerry Varghese

Great atmosphere. Foreign film spot

andy park

Cool historic theater dedicated to excellence in cinematography. Come here to see great movies and documentaries that you may not find elsewhere!

Brian Foster

Easily my favorite theatre. From classics to current independent films to drink-alongs this beautiful theater has it all.

Kevin Dietz

Old school, so cool! Find an offering you like and enjoy

Richy Sandberg

The only theater nearby that provides 70mm film. It is an old, historic theater, with great architectural features. The concession stand is, surprisingly, awesome. They offer coffee, liquor, popcorn (of course), and other candies/goodies. The counter was staffed well, so everyone in line was taken care of promptly. The theater was clean, for the most part, and their bathrooms were clean, and updated. However, the seating in the theater was awful. My wife, and I wondered seat-to-seat looking for seats that did not sink in. One section, you could smell a foul odor coming from the storm reciprocal in the floor. I recommend the Music Box for special events, and viewings in a grand theater. Though, the theater needs to invest in their seating, and upgrade to a more comfortable arrangement for their guests.

Phillip Haley

Saw the Joker in 70mm, if you've never been do yourself a favor.

Andrew McGuire

This one of a kind theater is a must visit for a self proclaimed film lover. They do an excellent job of showing the indie scene type films along with giving the fans what they want (classic showings). I saw Mrs. Doubtfire here in the summer of 2018. The place was packed with all ages. People seeing a the film for the first time and others watching and knowing every line. Its a great way to see a film! I would put in on the list for travelers as well. It's not often you get to see a film in a grand 800 person theater that gives a nod to the old Hollywood days.

Wolf Peddinghaus

I only have it 4 stars because the seats are extremely uncomfortable, but I'm tall. Everything else about the place is very good. Concessions are good and include alcohol. Prices are fine. Parking can be hit or miss, better on weekdays.


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