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4201 167th St, Country Club Hills, IL 60478, United States Located in: Country Club Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Marcus Theatre - Country Club Hills Cinema IN Illinois

Stephen Tyler

Want to dip off late Friday and catch a blockbuster? This is the place to check out hot new movies!

Khrys Dixon

I really wish they would let me put my own butter on my popcorn. That also makes the lines longer in my humble opinion.

J Roberson

My mom & I usually go to this theater on Tuesdays, but we certainly won’t be back. The purse restriction is absolutely ridiculous, & it’s definitely a new policy, which was put into place with no warning at all. On top of that, the staff isn’t the most friendliest either. I can see this theater is about to go downhill.

Vera Flournoy

I love Marcus Theatres but refused to stay. If your purse is too big, you can not bring it in...unacceptable.

Ronald Price

This Marcus is the worst! EVERYTIME I go there is a different issue. From bag checks or random paying patrons to security guards falling asleep and snoring In your movie. I understand public safety with the bag checks however, you can not pick and choose who you want to do that to. That scan be considered profiling! If you are gonna check bags then check everyone, every time. No exception. Also, if you are not going to allow outside snacks, then you need to be willing to have food and snack for all dietary needs(vegan). Not all vegans eat iceberg lettuce salads. And processed foods is not something that many vegans look forward to. And where are the snacks? Anyway. Every time I've voiced my complaint to the manager(Chris Summers, same manager every time) He NEVER gets back to me, never a follow up, never a resolution, never tries to make things right with the customer. I have countless emails after taking the survey and him reaching out to me about my complaint. And that's it, no other follow up. That's poor and its disappointing! We no long go to this Theater and we definately don't recommend it to anyone else.

GC Smith

The place has very deceptive business practices! On there website it said shows before 11 AM are $6, however, when my son and I went to an early show before 11 AM, the cashier charged me the regular price. She said the movie was playing on a super screen and there's an additional charge for that. I told her it doesn't say that on the website and she talked to the manager (Black bald guy I wish I had got his name). He said although it doesn't say that on the website, it does say that on our pricing menu. He goes on to say that he can't change the price because the prices are set in the computer. He is such a LIAR! We went to this theater before and had a similar issue with movie prices being different from what was advertised and the manager honored the advertised price. Beware when going to this theater because the price advertised online MAY NOT be what they charge you when you arrive! In lieu of the poor customer service we received from the manager, I will add that the movie theater was clean, quiet and the lounger seats were very comfortable.

Ucarelle Smith

It's an okay place but I don't like that they try to sell old popcorn 2&3 days old with a small amount of freshly made popcorn on top of the pile.

Dan Martin

Beautiful theater, reasonable prices, great movie food


Great seating. Good service

Barbara Oparah

The recliner 20 21 and 22 were stuck in the recliner mode. It was awful..

coupons sales

Love this theater, we got to see Breakthrough the day it came out for two people paid $12. Love their early bird prices!!

Evelyn Howard

I love $5.00 Tuesdays clean, and great people work here .

carol mcneely

We went on 5 dollar Tuesday but it would be smart to reserve your tickets on line. They do have fresh popcorn we just didn't get any bur my aunt did that went to a later show. Guess you need to request it The gentleman that waited on us was outstanding and so were the prices. For example a bottle of water was 4 dollars and some change. Be prepared to spend some money if you do not have a member card then they will give you a baby bag of popcorn for free.

love bunny

Seats comfortable I didn't like the atmosphere people was ok food was not good

Marie Watkins

Always Clean and friendly Staff,....the food is waaaay better than AMC

Vanessa Gomez

This movie theater is horrible. Save yourself the headache and aggravation and drive to the Marcus location in Orland Park. We stood in line at the concession stand for a good three minutes just to be sent away to another register because the cashier was closing he said. He clearly saw us waiting to be served prior to explaining this and even had the audacity to roll his eyes when we asked why he didn’t tell us this when he first saw us. We get to the next cashier and she waits on us but is mumbling about her register not working the entire time. No hello, no can I help you, no thank you, no interaction with us besides the total and the mumbling. We visited this theater on Valentine’s Day, which may have been a bit busy for them but this is the service they provide ALL the time. We get to our seats and they are filthy. Popcorn was all over them and gum was plastered on one of the seats. I had to sit on napkins because of this. Not cool for a date night. This theater needs employees who want to work. Not employees who hate their jobs. The service is horrible, the theater needs a good cleaning and overall, not our choice for theaters anymore.

Barbara Russell

Staff was the greatest. Very helpful

Dee Lam

I don't like the fact they are now putting restrictions on the size purse that women carry.

Kenyatta Howard

Good food and drinks. Needs to be cleaned more but that's it

Michael J

Very nice movie theater with huge screens, comfortable recliner chairs, food beyond popcorn & candy, & a bar & lounge. Just about the best theater in the Chicago area.

Michael Moustakas

This is a enjoyable experience. Get in here and relax.

Henrine Edwards

It's so comfortable

Kato Vega

Great movie theaters my favorite always very friendly.

Thompson's Karate Foundation, NFP

Much better than the past 2 weeks. The staff is always pleasant and smiling.

D WHill

Five armed police officers acting as security on a Tuesday night?!?! If whatever is going on at this theater requires FIVE ARMED POLICE OFFICERS as security, then I don't need to be there ever again with my wife and children.

Tiffany Harrison

I had an over all good experience. The young lady at the register needs to work on her customer service skills though.

S. Benford

Do not go to this theater. This is an unprofessional establishment filled with children working and new unfounded regulations. It did not seem like a recreational experience, more like a lockdown. After waiting in line for several minutes to order popcorn and snacks, my husband and I went to the movie entrance and at that point my bag was measured, it was almost empty, then I was asked to bring it back to the car. We asked for a refund. If you are an adult with class, you will not enjoy this facility.

Constance Sydnor

Terrible customer service skills were exercised even by the manager. Every time we come here our order is messed up and they always display attitudes when it is brought to their attention. When we asked to talk to manger, he walked up to us as if he was already irritable and didn’t even show any interest for our concerns. He cut us off before we even could explain what our problem was. He was very rude and unprofessional. I will be contacting corporate about this matter because it was not resolved correctly.

Anne-Marie Zmek

The theater is clean and the people working there are very nice. But, the restriction on the size of a women's purse to enter the individual theaters is ridiculous!

Rachel Ferrero

Wow! Great theater! Lots of reclining seating, a restaurant & bar, a burger stand, and regular concession. If you get Marcus rewards there are lots of savings. Tuesday's are $5! How awesome is that!

Mariana Diaz

The seats are super comfortable and have heating. This is the theater you go to if you want a quality movie experience.

Ricardo Martinex

Luv it had a lil issue with t clerk for tickets.. but i understand t rated R and PG.. but other than that i will visit again and again..

Kiam Kweli

I enjoy the redesign and updated look. Though the touchscreen on the ticket kiosks are already damaged so you have to press very hard to get them to register your choices. Just order your tickets from a movie app and have the kiosk print them out. Though I wish someone was available to scan digital QR codes for tickets at this location.

wendell mckemey

Very good theater. Love the seats and the deals. Especially, the $5 Tuesdays and reduced concessions with the free card. Very relaxing...

raquel medina

This theater is so ghetto and unprofessional! First off, they have police that stand there to check your bags to make sure you don’t bring in snacks lol. Second, they asked my son his age? I asked the police woman security person why are you asking his age, that’s irrelevant? They said because we have to make sure he’s of age to see a rated R movie. Excuse me, I’m his damn mother, so I’ll take my kid to see child’s play if I damn like! Don’t go to this theater if you want to be treated like your in the public aid office! I wouldn’t even give them one star!

Kevin Palmer

Recliner chair didn’t work. After hunting down someone to help (they don’t have a customer service area), they sent an usher who was completely useless. The guy shows up, checks to make sure it’s plugged in, then just says “it’s broken” before walking off without any further regard. No help with getting new seats, tickets, or refunds.

Queen Peach

They will not pick up if you call but they do work hard and the theater chairs recline and are super comfy. My kids love this theater I will be back again.


Love this theater!! $5 Tuesdays are great. Food is good, especially the chicken strips. Popcorn is usually fresh. It is usually clean. Great place for family nighta

Ayana Smith

Very unorganized, ticketing was incorrect, concession line was long and slow. Will not visit this theater again!

william mackey

The worst place ever! Management and security is horrible! Its ran by little kids with little to no direction! Save your money and go anywhere else! If I could this place would have no stars! Never will I go there again!!!!!!

Amber Dowell

I heard they remodeled, and the recliner seats were great. However; they must not have anticipated the day after Thanksgiving rush. Waited in long concession lines only to be told there was a 30 minute wait on food....sat through my movie dreaming of Thanksgiving leftovers and wishing I had paid for parking to just go downtown to Icon...

Alaine Bohnsak

MARCUS THEATRE Country Club Hills was a positive experience for me. The parking was ample around the building with handicapped spots available. There was handicapped seating below...not too close to the screen which was thoughtful in design. The theatre was clean & not chilly .. a comfortable temperature setting. The chairs very nice although my arm kept hitting the setting control so i was moving back and forth alot. The sound was clear and not too loud...all in all a nice morning matinee with a good price. I enjoyed the movie as well as the people who accompanied me..


The last movie I saw here was happy death day, since that time they have made significant changes to the theatre. Great ticket prices, much more affordable than the city. This was a loews theatre but it is now operated by Marcus.

Theresa Ware

It's a great place. Plenty of parking. Good food but come early because it is slow. Great big comfy seats. Can order tickets online so you don't have to wait in long lines. You pick where you sit. Easy in and easy out. I miss the IMAX though.

Symone J

Been awhile since I been to this theater, but it's still a good one, thankfully! Sadly this time, I went for a 10:30p.m showing, so I didn't get to fully enjoy everything the theater had to offer (bar & lounge area, food place and etc.) But I must say, the place was clean, quiet and the few employees that were on the night shift were nice and helpful. Now if I ever return during the day and it's still a good place, I'll give 5 stars.

Sonja Wilbon

The Marcus theater is is the worst one I have ever been to. First, they have a purse restrictions. I have never heard of such going to see a movie. I had a normal size purse nothing big at all. I inform the way I could enter the show I had to leave my purse in the car. The customer service were very rude. Going to other events they search purse and that the end but not at this garbage theater. Find another theater that doesn't have this ridiculous policy.

JaQuann Rush

It was fairly clean inside the movies and inside the lobby. We ran a little late to the movie but the new computer check in for tickets made it faster. I enjoyed the movie and the environment. The movie theater was quiet and was relaxing a little too relaxing. However, I would recommend to others if you want to go to the movies this is a very good place to choose.

Iona Wilcher

It's reasonable. They need to open the kitchen earlier. I like burgers and fries. Just because I get there before 11am does not mean I want pretzel bites and popcorn all the time.

Renee Jackson

Love these theaters here, especially Super16 with the heated seats...

Tony Garner

Me and my wife go almost every Tuesday for date night, but this last Tuesday we turned around and left. We was running late so when got ready to go in, they have purse rule which is fine if they don't give consent to look in it, but the security lady was rude and condescending. Saying thing like " it's the rules homeboy " I'm a 55 year old man not a child. My wifes purse wasn't even a half inch over, and she said they can look in it. I had a bad day and that made it worse.

Aleta Adams

Popcorn and seeing. Spiderman late. Enjoyed better than what I expected.

Shanavia Green

Ladies can not take a purse into the theater ?? What kind of restriction is this I never heard of this in history .... never will I go here again .

Carrie B.

It's really comfortable and everything but I dont like how they gave me just 3 sliced jalapenos for my nachos.

nah g that's game

the milk shakes took too long but it was really good

Ikshundo Porter

I choose no stars but you have to choose at least one,Terrible. Wife couldn't bring her undersized purse in. Date Night totally ruined

Nile Robinson

Best theater around. Try the food and drinks.

Jessica Baker

Best place for great movie entertainment. Seats recline a


Marcus Theatre is one of the best theaters I've been too. Despite being a little overpriced it's great. The food is amazing and the seats are very comfortable. It's a very modern theatre and I recommend everyone go there.

John Powell

Customer service is great but it was a bit dirty and our theater stunk like urine

TitanPlay's 17

best theater ive been to.

Margie Wolff

Comfortable seats, good movie!

Tanisha Okechukwu

Love this place! Good food and drinks and comfortable theater seats!

Viper 269

Nice quiet place to watch a movie

Blanco Tv

Nice place. Went to go see The Lion King!

Hovita Torres

Great Theatre had time with husband and sons on my husband Birthday

Theresa Jackson

I love going to Marcus theatres always clean and comfortable seating. I just don't like having to pick seats I rather just go in and sit where I want. I'm just old school, that's just me times are changing. Other than that it's a great place.

Darren Edwards

They need to let it be known that there's a purse limit size on line I had too leave out & put my wife's purse in the car

Sharon Clark

Polight and professional staff!. Clean & comfortable!

Roni Griffin

I was hesitant on even visiting this theatre because of past experiences with poor customer service but against my better judgement decided to go anyway. I have a normal size purse and after purchasing tickets and $40 worth of snacks was told verbatim.... “I noticed you walking around with your purse and you can’t bring that in here. You’ll have to put it in your car”. Felt like I was being pranked because I’ve never even heard of such a thing. I requested a refund for tickets and food. While doing so 2 women with purses larger then mines were allowed to enter. So does that mean the policy only applies to certain people? Will never return. This policy is going to cause a lot of unnecessary anger amongst your customers who are already not being treated the best by rude staff members.


At 2:30 show for Hustlers in Theatre 10, why does it smell like mildew and my seat is broken......... refund please. Will not be back, never seen this theater like this but it has been awhile. A shame how you treat your customers, o but your a customer when your not at work. Something to think about, if you don't stand for anything you'll fall for everything.

Allie Brandie

Will not go back. Asked to check my bag and all others were not asked. I feel I was targeted. I was profiled by security guard for being white.

francisco vega jr

Love the renovation and the seats are extremely comfortable. It feels like home when watching a movie.

Celestine corrigan

Be aware that you cannot bring a person to the theater.

Ian Robinson

Enjoy fling here for movies. They have a bar where can sit and watch sporting events as well.

Brian De Vries

This theater chain is the best in the nation. There for, you cannot miss in going to this theater. The seats are comfortable and great, the food is very tasty and affordable, am on the every Tuesday, they have 5 valor Tuesdays where each movie is $5 the food I the menus are very much on sale. All you need to do is join their rewards program.

Planet Daystorm Studios

Good service. Good seats. Great food. Very nice experience!

Chevalier Gilbert


atiba edwards

Very friendly Place good pricing love their $5 Tuesdays and they always have good promotions and Deals very hospitable entertaining place

Jude Ibe

Went to see lion king. Food was good, they have a pager that alerts you when the food is done then you go picked it up. If your already in the movie that could be a disturbance to other guests. Seats were ok they reclined and were heated. Some man kept on walking back and forth in front of the screen. That was very distracting.

Tamir Sharif

Saw "Angel Has Fallen" here with my father earlier today. NOT a good experience at all. I stood in a long line for tickets ($5 Tuesday), and when I finally got to purchase them, I asked two for the 10:30am AHF in the Ultra Screen. The box office cashier, Wahdeen, was not paying attention and gave me two tickets to the 10;30 in the smaller Super Screen. I then told her nicely that I wanted the Ultra Screen... She then told me they're both the same size and tried to brush me off. I then said 'no, Ultra is bigger and that is what I want'. Her *getting impatient*: "is there a difference!? and I told her yeah, it is. It's a 70ft wide screen, and I work at a theater so I know the difference. She says 'yeah I work at a theater too'. She then made the switch to Ultra #15, grudgingly gave me the tickets and shouted 'next guest!' trying to be dismissive. I then had to stand in a long concession line with only two people working with over two or three dozen other customers trying to make a purchase. It would be common sense to have more people working, especially on a day like Tuesday where it's discount day and more people are coming out. I finally got my popcorn, hot dog and drink by 10:45, missing most of the previews. And finally, the projected image. Look, I love the Marcus Ultra Screen, but as a projectionist and budding filmmaker myself, this was really poor. The image was murky and dark, bordering on hard to see during the nighttime scenes. From what I could tell, the 3D polarizer was left in front of the screen, which is a big fat no-no when projecting a 2D movie. That is the major lesson they taught me during training. I found no problems with murkiness here at work, and I am willing to bet that if I saw the same movie at the much superior Marcus Orland Park or Addison , there would be no issues. This is sad to me, because I want to support my fellow Black people. But as long as p*ss poor standards like this are the norm, I cannot come back there. If I want the Marcus experience, it is Orland Park or another chain altogether. I was happy they came and took over Country Club after AMC closed it, but it seems that it was better run back then. If he witnessed a fraction of what I and my father experienced earlier today, Greg Marcus would be ashamed.

Derrick Dorsey

Service is very poor and they check bags at rhe door

Jerry Seals

Apparently tractors are not allowed in the parking lot, I was threatened with a ticket unless I left right then.


I love this theater ever since its opening! It's so close to home. Some days are more crowded than others, depending upon what's being shown. Hope to have more years coming here with my family.


Really was nice different huge facility and clean bathrooms were intact!

Michelle Jones

Love the reclining seats and food big screens and speakers.

Jaden Coffey

5 stars, I went here to see ALOT of movies, because I live around 6 minutes away, awesome food, i love the nachos, if you move to country club hills, try this theater out, it’s awesome, I recommend the nachos with cheese, and jalapeños, again awesome food, snacks everything, I can’t say anything about the bar, i’ve never been there, but I recommend you try this theatre out, goodbye.

Michael Smith

Really nice atmosphere not a lot of kids I watch the movie it was quiet Tuesday specials I had nachos the popcorn was free on Tuesdays if you purchase of a movie really nice time comfortable chairs

Judith GotYou OnCamera

The experience getting into the theater was awful and unacceptable. They have a new rule that your purse must be 12 x 12 x 6. They've been wanting to tell you this has been the rule for two weeks as if you you look for their updated rules on a regular basis. Then they want you to take your purse back to your car with your items in it with the potential of someone breaking into your car and stealing these items. One of the security people told me this information was on the website. I brought it up on my phone and ask her to show it to me unfortunately, she was unable to do so.

mark Galvan

Best Movie Theater ever felt like Home!!! Food is great, Their recliners WOW!!! An their heated!!!!

Denzel Averhart

Bag check and turnaround is over the top.

mika lynn

I've been there 3xs on a Tuesday and they are always sold out until the late hours. I stay too far to come out for nothing It truly sucks

Akila Grace

This place is nice. Me and my boyfriend have been a couple of times and this is going to be our go to theater.

Gezelle Adams

I love $5 all day Tuesday's


Nice theater, clean and friendly staff.

Angela Oliver

There is no values here at this location, then how you going to sell a large


This is the worst movie theater I have ever been to. They have children running things. I went there was a fight in the kitchen. There was about 4 people standing around. When I asked for a manager they sent me two different people who weren’t managers. I told them once my movie was out I expect a manager to be here. The manager came out and told me no one ever called her which was a lie because I heard them radio her to come up front. I am so sick of their bad service.

Jakayla Jay

Their purse policy is terrible!!! Wouldn’t let me in because my purse was a little past the weight requirement

Ashlie Angotti

This is the best Marcus theater in the area... By far!

Deanna Roberts

I will never go to this theater again. It was nasty. The beverage station had no ice several of the options for drinks were empty. There was trash all over the floor in the lobby. Theater 1 smelled of urine. When they served our nachos the cheese was all on the plastic bag. And lady who took the tickets asked to look in my purse. I'm a 60 year old. Why? Now the movie was great but I have other options.

Jada Trent

They have the best popcorn. I kept it sealed and it stayed fresh and was even better two days later.

Ace G

30mins in our movie the power goes out. Apparently this happened the night before As well. Staff was very unorganized and had no idea of handing the situation. The manager just walked out and left her staff confused. Instead of having her staff issue refunds or vouchers, she continued to have them sell food and drinks knowing all of the theatres had stopped working.

c smith

New purse restrictions. Crazy policy. Dirty concession stand and carpet.

Catherine Green

OMG! This place gave me a cultural shock today. All walks of life where there today couldn't get a seat. Crowded! #$5TuesdayBlues

Michael Bradford

A large, spacious, modern, multipurpose facility! My only real complaint was the movie I went to see didn't start on time & managment/staff wasn't proactive in dealing with the situation.

Moo Gai

Nice atmosphere and a great place for a family outing.

Keon Sumbry

Nice staff, no dine (aka ordering from your seat) in which is disappointing but there food is pretty good and you can take it to your seat. Seats are smaller than most theaters but still pretty comfortable.

Carmen Buchanan

Movie was wonderful but as much money as I spend here I shouldn't be told I can't bring souvenir cups in building that I have to purchase new cups. What's the purpose of buying a cup everytime I go to movie.

Marlin Allen

This Marcus theater or always my first place to see a movie. I like that the theater is large and roomy, fairly clean and the staff are fairly helpful.

Dab Bunny

This place has the food the cinema and if ur lucky u might get seat warmers,also,they have a recliner and OMG it's sooo useful

Richard Hall

Went early morning very pleased with the whole experience

Candace Stoakley

Stupid policy change October 1st with bags. No notification! Notposted on their website. If you're not searching the bag what is the point?

darnell taylor

Pop machines not working smelling funny not a great place to see a movie

isaac graham

Whole theater went out doing the End Game and had the nerve to say come back tomorrow or Monday. The show is sold out for 2 weeks, plus paid for the Super Screen and had good seats. I was gladly support may local theater but NEVER AGAIN. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. INSIDE THE THEATER WAS PITCH BLACK AND IT HAPPEN THE NIGHT BEFORE AND STILL DID NOT HAVE THEIR STUFF TOGETHER. THEY BLAMED COM ED BUT EVERY OTHER BUISNESS IN THE AREA RUNNING JUST FIND. I THINK THIS IS WHY THE OTHER THEATER DID NOT WORK.

Dominique Tucker-Roberson

The new purse policy is awful!!!! I didn’t see the sign on the door. I walked in purchased my ticket then purchased from concession and when I trying to go to the theater they turned me away because of my purse size!! I asked the lady would she check my purse she stated they are not allowed to check purses. I had to take my child back outside with all our food to the car to drop off my purse!! Literally a purse not a tote book bag.

Lisa Bryant

The theater lights stay on the duration of the previews. This is their policy. It’s quite stupid in my opinion. The point in previews is to get me to come back. If I can’t see them, then how do I get the effects and come back? I’ll never choose to come here.

Ms T Vaughn

Never again a mouse ran across my husband foot and they theater Had a musty smell

Maria. macc

love this place such a great atmosphere and very clean. the food is expensivce but what movie theater isnt?. Always a date night move and the area is awesome too

Tom Ostrowsky

Amazing movie theater, awesome resteraunt/bar. Nearly IMAX sized screens available & all have adjustable heated seats

Erica Adams

Went with my son and daughter nice movie

Leah Jowers

The people working in the concession stands were great. The restroom was clean. The movie was great!

Eve Washington

Nice! Reclined seats and a Bar

Noe Lara

We come here for every movie. I love that they do $5 dollar Tuesdays, as well as matinee shows for the same price. They have plenty of theaters along with comfortable recliners and some even have heated seats!

tia thomas

Movie was great. Customer service was good. Had a great time visiting here

Nila Dimangondayao

Moviegoers just need to pick up after themselves. Come on guys, leave the place better than you found it!


Security guards at Ticket Entrance are overly aggressive. The lady guards are rumbling threw purses and belongs viciously. Making adult women return their purses to their cars for being too big and speakint very disrespectful to the patrons. We are coming to watch a movie and people should be greeted with respect. So many people returned their movie tickets due to the overwhelming security presence and their blatant disrespect.

Andrea Hernandez

Nice, well kept up place. Love their seats. Heated and reclining seats. Cant beat that. Good staff. Clean bathrooms. Well then again this was on a saturday morning.

Don Gallegos

It was so much fun. Had a date with my wife and son and i had a great time. Great customer service and the security were awesome. I will recommend anybody this place. They have some nice reclining chairs!

Its Exotic

Its okay one time i had touched a sticky cup holder and it literally ruined my movie watching experience. But I get ocd outside of my home so it could be just me.

Ruth Hight

Luv their $5 Tuesdays. Nice staff.

Clinton Oshodi

Not as great as the AMC in Crestwood but I had a great time seeing Spiderman. Not a fan of the big crowds $5 Tuesday brings but I love that Marcus offers an affordable option for moviegoers to get out and see a movie at a pretty affordable price.

Laurell S

It was nice did not like the goldenfinch but enjoyed the atmisfere

La H

Always on point. We all know movie theater concessions are priced high. However, their good service and friendly staff make it worthwhile. Our movie house was a little warm and stuffy. Someone should really come through and check on that at least once per show. I appreciate that they help you save $. They honor their $5 Tuesdays even on holidays, unlike AMC. They have morning matinee prices which make it affordable for larger groups or families. The magic rewards really pay off too. Its nice when you get $5 off. It really feels like they think of ways to make your movie going experience pleasant. This isn't a hard thing to do. Yet, so many business fall short of the basic things as well as the little extras that will earn repeat customers.

louise deberry

My favorite place to go to the show because of the atmosphere. They do have a bar area to enjoy. I don't purchase the food, to expensive.

Joanna Dornick

Everything is great but leaving the lights on completely facing the screen during previews. I almost went out and asked to turn them off. Or at least down

Sharif A

I would rather go to the one in Orland. They really need to clean the chairs a lot better maybe use a vacuum to vacuum out all the food people leave on the seats after every show. The seats are kind of sticky so they might want to start wiping them down as well. Also some of the recliners do not work so if yours doesn’t work you should just get your money back right away otherwise you will be uncomfortable and not get your money’s worth. On a Tuesday show arrive early because tickets are 5$ and the snack lines are very long. The cashiers all have bad attitudes. The pretzels taste like they have been sitting there for four hours.

pamela bellamy

Great place for a get away. Tickets was 5 dollars on tuesday, free pop corn. Wii visit again when in town. Check it out.

Latisha Strong

This location is comfortable and clean. However, there is a new rule about handbags that people need to know BEFORE they come to the theater. It was inconvenient and dangerous tho ber told to take your purse back to your car if it wad over a certain size. This was communicated AFTER tickets were presented causing people to have to return to their cars and leave bags in them. We know that it's not advisable ro pt things in your trunk at the mall especially as we're go into jeopardy season. More needs to be done to forewarn moviegoers of this procedural change.

Melissa Nobles

Love to come here on Tuesday's, not only because of $5.00 but when you are a rewards member you can get a complimentary popcorn with free refills and $2.00 hotdogs

Evening Star

One of the best theaters to visit on the far south side

Ariel Barrett

The manager Jamie keeps his ship running in tip top shape. His leadership and customer service skills are A1!!!

Shelly Oliver

Always clean. Love this theatre chain. They now have specials on Thursdays for students if all ages

Catherine Rogers

Kinda bothered by the fact that I was turned away because of my purse size. Apparently you have to have a 12×12 purse in order to be in compliance bs

Gwen MCG

I love that Marcus Theaters shows a lot more then just the new main stream films. They show all the major boxing matches, throw back films from the 60's and 70's and during Halloween they show all the originals, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St. But this particular location is loud and crowded with a staff the could use a course in customer service.

Cozah -

My go to theater to watch $5 movies on Tuesday !! YOU ALSO GET FREE POPCORN ! I love it !!!!!

Christina Labriola

It was my first time at this theatre. It Was a good crowd for a $5 day but half way through the movie I felt something weird on my arm. I kept feeling something so I go into the bathroom and pull up my sleeve and see marks on my arm. Take off my shirt in a stall and look inside my sleeves to find a bed bug! Not thinking I took it off with tissue and flushed it. Told one of the employees and just said they'd let the manager know. We left early. I wasn't staying any longer.

Paula Strahan-Gadson

Always a great experience. Friendly staff & clean.

Stacy Moore

Rude staff, food was just a step up from popcorn and the seats were broken so my expectations for the movie declined with a but for real I gave 2 stars because the movie was on the screen.

Rae Rae

I like this location. Anything away from the City is a Great place for Me. I can alway find great parking and good seats. It’s never too crowded there either.

Louis Bustamante

The best time to go is early when it's not too crowded. Best time to save money is $5 Tuesdays where tickets are only that price.

Lenora Brown

This venue is really nice. I enjoy the atmosphere here. Great fast food and concessions. Generous popcorn portions. Sports bar and restaurant. Adult beverages. Really good. However, they should provide their ticket takers with ticket scanners to avoid overcrowded lines. The whole point of purchasing my tickets in advance, is to avoid the long lines at the theater. If I have to stand in the same line as those purchasing tickets to have my e-ticket scanned and exchanged for a piece of paper to show the ticket taker, what is the point? Otherwise, this is a really nice place to see a movie with my Family and Friends whenever I am in the South suburbs.

Tina Bella Brown

The shopping was nice but when I got something to eat, the guy who fixed my food was rude! I wanted gravy but didn't ask because I knew he would have given me a problem.

Nicole Richard

Overpriced drinks. Come on now. But was clean and the staff was friendly, just dont carry and oversized purses or bookbags.

April McPhearson

You cannot bring big bags into the theater but we had a great time there for Family Movie Night!

scott simons

Decent prices on all concessions and clean

cassandra pittman

Absolutely horrible when you walk in your theater room and it’s completely nasty and hasn’t been cleaned. It’s stuff everywhere, I had to clean my area myself! Very displeased..

Chef Johnson

I love this theater and the heated seats

Angela Russell

Friendly staff, clean comfortable and even more safe. They now have purse size restrictions that have to be abided by. Large purses not allowed. Not sure about backpacks. It's really not a hassle and I'm glad. So if you want to sneak in snacks it better not be a meal. Lol..

Kathy Rodriguez

Any other day I would give it five star but today I give three, theaters felt warm in there, like there was no air conditioner n popcorn or hot dogs wasn't ready


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