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REVIEWS OF Marcus Theater IN Illinois

Frank Gill

Well staffed and clean movie theater, with large reclining seats

Misses Lovable

Love the snacks and seat very clean! Staff is very nice and smiling!

Maria Garcia

Amazing experience super clean and luxurious loved being back to addison especially at Marcus theater amazing staff!!!!!!

Corinne Wisowaty

This is the perfect theater for date nights! The oversized super comfortable reclining seats with removable arm rests are the best for cuddling with your girl or guy. The theater is clean and well-kept, picture and sound are on par with every other major theater. They also have a bar, and allow you to bring drinks into the theater with you. Great experience all around every time we come!

Monica Feeley

Nice recliners. Clean and a bar.

Benny Ortiz

It’s only $8.75 right!? Marcus Cinema’s system glitches on a recent purchase we made to see the Lion King. I don’t realize that even tho I purchased them on the Marcus Cinema Sturtevant site “the system” purchased them for their Addison location which I’m not close to and have Never been to. We don't realize the error til we arrive at the theatre on time only to be turned away. The cashier tells us that I need to call Addison that same night to let them know so that I can get a refund. No courtesy tickets for sending disappointed patrons, kids away, only call them tonight to ensure a refund

Mickinite cool guy mike

the service there is greate and fair

John Fatigato

Good seats. Above average popcorn. The cups are flimsy and can be difficult to drink from when you are in a reclining seat. Spilled the whole cup all over me. I like the bar and TV set up.

Jojo Barr

I love this place. Everyone is always so nice.

Jennifer Schmuhl

Peanut butter falcon Great movie

Norma Vasquez

I love the recliners was really nice and clean I enjoyed myself

PG Fitness

Best place to relax as you watch your movie

Dexter Morgan

I had to sit through a 3 hour movie and it was SO FREAKING HOT!! It felt like it was 90°F the entire time!!! It was so uncomfortable it ruined the entire movie. Turn on the AC! Also u guys have tons of ripped leather seats!

Soraya Khaksari

Great price on Tuesday and Thursday

Forrest Terry

Great place to watch a great movie at a great price!

Britt M

First time here...young man we got our tickets from was nice and friendly. The young lady however though at the food counter was not as pleasant. She was too busy "talking" to her coworker she forgot I already gave her my card and paid for my stuff. The theater is small but the reclining seats were nice. Bathroom small as well but clean so thank you. If I'm ever back in this area, I'll most definitely come back to this theater. Thank you!

Peter Papachrisdoulou

I know I walked into a late movie but only because your employees was cleaning up early doesn’t mean they can deny me service of certain snack items cause it have to mean he has to clean again What’s the point on coming here to spend my money to enjoy the movie theater experience without the stapled snacks items that come with it

venu jd

Clean and comfortable recliner seats. Easy booking, user friendly kiosk. Highly recommended this place.

Bernabe Martinez

Very Clean Place Really Fun day

Justin S

The Marcus Theatre is such a bargain. On Tuesdays especially, each movie ticket is 5 dollars! No other big movie chain, ehem AMC, can beat those prices. And did I mention they have reclining seats? If you want to go to a movie in comfort for cheap, this is the place to go.

Jack Lowe

Clean, roomy, with good sound & sharp visuals. Pricey, though, on both tickets & food.

Rizwan Vahora

Love the recliner seats.

Miguel A Leyva

Clean comfy chairs the only thing dontd like that you have to buy cheddar cheese for the popcorn


A Great place to go with family & friends especially the food an

Ethan Montague

Great prices and deals for members

Samantha Boglioli

Always a great place to get a movie. $5 Tuesdays are awesome! Comfy chairs. Get the membership you'll save on popcorn!

John Sikorski

The Marcus was the first theater to go to the comfortable seating. Since then, others have surpassed them with amenities, but I still like going there.

Mark Craighead

Great place to watch a movie, totally awesome.

Romie Flanagan

We love the seats and the military discounts

ron miller

We love the reclining seats.

Joyce Budnick

Seats are comfortable, good drinks from the bar. But we waited over 20 minutes for our movie to start. Very disappointed.

Isaac Strauch

Great theater!

Fazzío Love

It's just nice to be able to grab a beer while watching a movie.

Darren and Helen Gruett

The seating is amazing with reclining chairs and foot rests. Unfortunately, I did not realize it was better to purchase tickets in advance since some seats were already reserved in advance. At least I know for next time.

Diany Nieves

Love gkmoing to this theater. Gets cold so bring a blanket but it's worth it

Daniel Leggin

I love going to this movie theater!...everyone always greet me with a smile!... very great experience!

Squidward Tentacles

Very cool theatre, nice with the 12:20 show coming in clutch

Alma Rivera

Fantastic love this theater.

Leanne Santoro

Movie was great. Theatre was disgusting. Very dirty. Popcorn all over the floor of the lobby and concession area. Napkins and salt every where. This was at 5pn on a Saturday. Very disappointed.


Not too crowded good deals

Peter Chmura

The place is good, however the management needs to do their job instead of baby their employees. There is a lot of dust in the theaters. After I came out of a theater, it looked like everyone was gone. I saw a employe that had a manager name tag. He was latino, very fat average height. I told him about the dust issue and showed him a picture of the dust. He looked at it and ignored me. Said its not his job to dust. Very upset that a manager would refuse to dust something that would take 2 minutes to fix. The bar closes really early, get there before 9 if you want a drink. Some of the seats are ripped.

Chuck H

Tuesday movies for only $5 all day. Big recliners are so comfortable and theater acoustics amazing. Add free popcorn for members and you can't beat it

Dewey Guzman

Movies to see and clean recliner seats you choose your seat that most comfort you.

Lucia Torres

Always enjoy Marcus, love the seats!

Ellery R

$5 Tuesdays - great deal!

Karyl Glasser

The area by the fountain drinks desperately needed attention...wet floor, supplies in need of restocking, salt spilled everywhere.

Ashley Diener

$5 Tuesdays are the best!


Always clean and neat. Special pricing on Tue. Can reserve seats on online.

Kwtay Calvin

Seats weren't working in the theater I was in and in the middle of the movie it lost audio temporarily. Let's not discuss the poorly made pretzel bites, some were soft, some were too hard, and some extremely salty.

Dolli Camarra

Was our go to theater until they recently cut the portion of the pretzel bites in half but charge the same amount. Lost our business and good riddance to the creepy owner dude that comes on before the movie.

S Soni

Don't go by the exterior of the building. The inside is amazing

rick bullis

Detective peekachu with my son !great time and clean

Mary - Priya Roberts

Great Theatre. They have cotton candy!!! They also have the regular sundry items of popcorn soda and other snacks. I was surprised at how clean the bathrooms were. The movie theaters themselves were clean and comfy. The do it yourself kiosks made the lines move fast!

Chris m

I love this theater. The scenery is just like AMC and the seats are too. Not sure if they are same company. The atmosphere is great too


Love going on Tuesday

Anne Marie Dando

Really nice place to see movie. Comfy seats and plenty of room between the rows.

William Tresch

This is my hometown movie theater. My brother used to work here and it's comfortable and familiar. The ticket prices keep coming up but with the recliner seats I can't blame them. My girlfriend likes the adjustable arm between every other seat so we can cuddle during a show. The snack and drink prices are a little high but for a theater not bad. When there's a new movie I really want to see I imagine myself coming here.

Cailan Shannon

This is our go to movie theater for any new movie we want to see. It's clean, the staff is friendly, and the seats are still in good condition. it's worth a little bit of drive for us to view a movie in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Plus Marcus Movie Rewards really do make it work it in the long run.

Steve Heminover

Comfortable reclining seating, great sound, good popcorn.

KaSean Ballou

Comfortable seating. Enjoyable entertainment.

marta torres

Be aware rat and mice infestation. I will not be returning.

swapnal dubey

Very nice seating. Recommended.

Rafael Ramiro

Awesome theater to watch upcoming blockbusters! It’s super convenient to be able to reserve seats, they have nice recliner seats. The only minor downfall is some of their seating looks worn down, some minor wholes in the seats and tearing in between the material. Overall staff is cool and the atmosphere is nice

Aneta Wojtach

Wonderful movie theater. Clean viewing rooms and bathrooms. Chairs comfortable and I never experience one that's not working. Air conditioner in right temperature during summer- not to cold not to warm.Popcorn not necessarily freshly made which is a little disappointing.

Michele Radney

I truly enjoy taking my granddaughter here. We have a blast every time. She loves the big, comfy chairs and being able to recline. The theater is clean, and the popcorn hot and fresh. I look forward to our next special trip to the Marcus Theater.

Kenneth Dawson

Love going to the movies here. So comfortable and great service!

Brandon dizon_1211270

The recliner seats there are the best, the snacks and drinks there are dope, and also Excited for Endgame!!!!

Sue Lamczyk

Always clean and comfortable seats. A great way to see a great movie.

Melissa Kivi

Great bartender, fast concessions, fairly clean bathrooms.

Lillian Ramirez

Always enjoy the movies here. Nice and Comfy.

Mary Ingole

I was caught in traffic on Lake St and was almost an hour late

Ashlynn McBride

Love going here! Reasonable prices! Student discount! Rewards program! And THE most comfy seats of all time! A+++

Todor Todorov

Great Theatre, always loved it been here

Shie Nah

DON'T RECOMMEND!!!! THIS PLACE IS RODENT INFESTED!!! My kids and I walked out at the beginning of the movie. After I looked over and saw a mouse/rat eating off food my daughter had left on arm rest to go take my granddaughter to the restroom. I reported it to the cashier where I purchased tickets. They sent someone to verify. That person came back and told them that in fact he had seen the BIG rodent on there!!! They gave me passes to go back and refunded money from meals. My money down the drain. Since they wouldn't refund my money from the movie tickets. Passes to go back??? Really!!!


Great family place to watch movies and a lot popcorn

Jose Marrero

Nice theatre. Very big, very clean.


Really good. Best movie theater i have ever been.

Kathy Bilski

Nice theater, they need to clean under the seats

Gilbert Gines

Marcus theater in Addison. Il is always a great entertainment experience. Drinks food movies. Wide recliners a plus.

Steve GeDovin

I'd like to personally thank the Marcus family for the budget movies on Tuesdays. I loved Unplanned. Very moved and shocked.

Aiden Arzamendi

Best movie theater in Illinois. Much better than those dinner movie theaters.

Stephanie Schultz

I love 5 dollar Tuesdays! You can order tickets in advance for the 5 dollar Tuesday with no service fees if you get the reward card. The reward card is great adds up cash fast to use on tickets or concession. Great variety of food and drinks. You can get a large pizza for 20 dollars. Ive never had a broken or ripped seat.

Pranjal Desai

My favorite movie place in Chicago. 6$ movies for students on Tuesdays and Thursdays! So when a new movie like Avengers: Endgame releases on Thursday, you get to watch it in reserved seating for 6$ which is incredible. Love the place and the people working there are amazing too.

Jason Pease

Always very hot in there sound quality subpar,it just needs updating badly


Horrible coustmer service & outdated policies!! Managers are unapologetic. Don't waste your time going to this dirty theater. The seats and arm rests are all ripped up. Seats are sticky with popcorn in the cracks. If you request to speak with a manager they send a bunch of teenagers to handle the situation. The general manger Jen can't even take the time of day to talk with customers!! Never again will we waste our time and money at this theater! We will be happy to take our money elsewhere.

Jas High

Very clean. Fresh food items.

Kristen Malloy

This place has slid down hill since it 1st opened. Posters out front need lights replaced. Boards with theater #s & movies listed do not work. Many seats are ripped, have cup holders missing, broken buttons. Concession stand is a pig sty with food and popcorn all over the floor. Movie starts after the time it should. Not impressed. I worked here when the theater 1st opened. It was exciting and impressive and new. Now, it's sad and depressing and needs a lot of love to fix the small things that would make it impressive once again.

Theodore Fusco

Best and most comfortable theater in the area

Bryant Gomez

Took the kids here recently to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. With the advent of Netflix and other entertainment options, the movie theater business is not what is used to be. The upside of this is that shows are rarely sold out and the waiting time to buy tickets or concessions is reduced significantly or completely eliminated. This theater offers reserved seating, and each seat is a comfortable recliner. Concessions were unnecessarily large and expensive as usual (about $21 for 2 LARGE drinks and a bucket of popcorn), but worth every penny for our kids to enjoy the full movie experience. I strongly recommend this theater for a movie night with a date or with the family.

Eduardo Cortes

Best place to watch a movie. Sound is remarkable and you always get the best sit in the house, because they all recline. Free refills on large popcorn and large drinks.

Carlos Marquez

Great place to watch movies. Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Mercedes Kueking

We were watching Godzilla and a quarter way through the film. Kids snuck into the movies and and were talking the whole time I asked the nicely to be quiet. Than my husband had to tell them to be quiet even thought they did not pay for the movie. This is the second time he had to do this

Alexis Coburn

Great food ( but pricey) clean and fun

Joanna Szaro

Luxury movie theater with amazing reclining seating that can convert to sofas. Its usually not very crowded and seat selection is great

Joseph Decarlo

You think maybe you could clean the auditoriums after a showing?? Went to see a movie in the afternoon and there was popcorn all over the floor and on my seat.

Christal Peden

Comfortable seats nice theater has bar

Matthew Foster

Place is going downhill. Staff and management don't seem to care anymore. "Oh that digital sign, yes, we know it is keeps breaking."

Mark Harrison

Decent theather.. I love the junior popcorn. Tuesday is $5 films. Last time I was here it was really warm inside and I was very uncomfortable.

Philip Sitkowski

Awesome! Always is a great night out.

james hylander

Don't go to first show of the day. They didn't open doors until 20 minutes before show time wait till show time to leave still at least 5 minutes to get ticket then 15 minutes for concession no way

Donna Swope

Great theater and great value! Love the cheap movies on Tuesdays! The rewards program is great too! Be careful though, the recliners are so comfy you might fall asleep!

Shabbir Akailvi

Always a great experience. Their recliners are so comfortable that I always fall asleep while watching the movies. I slept in Avengers, Black Panther, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp, to name a few. Can't wait enough to come back here and have the same experience that I have been having for a few years here at Marcus theater. Thank you Mr Marcus for making it so enjoyable. Would for sure recommend this comfort to anybody. 10/10

Kerry Dean

I always have a great time at Marcus Theater because there are no people talking through the movie and the food is good.

sulaiman sayeed

There was great service and the theater experience was good.

Gloria Estrada

Very hot inside and all the soda fountain drinks were out.

Keren Gallegos

Did not turn off the lights for movie! and their kitchen was closed at 1030pm! the seats were neat they lay down that's all I liked.

Lan Anh Hoang Thi

Never come back here ever again. Left my car key there and when I came back looking for it multiple times, the staff was very not helpful at all, didn't even try to help. It has been months now and I have to drive with my spare key, I expect better customer service than this.

Norberto Vazquez

Nice place to wacht movies.

James Mc Garvey

I like this family owned movie theater chain. Well maintained first in our area to offer different food from the tub of the mill. Adult drinks. Plus if you go on Tuesday you can go for a fiver.

Rondell Jefferson

This place has good selection of draft beer and it doesn't take 20 minutes to get your drink. Last, good comfortable seats that recline. Great place! Plus they have the $5 Tuesday deal.

Michael McCabe

Personally I think they need to adjust there brightness setting on there projectors.

Gail Quinlan

We love the Marcus theater's. Always a good time and like their $5 Tuesday deal! Thanks for that! One thing I would suggest to check is the seat J5 in theater #10. It needs to be repaired. Other then that, good visit.

Robert Rhinehart

Very comfortable and relaxing! Almost as if you're home on the sofa. Very happy that they give military discounts!

Mike Moklak

An enjoyable theater the staff has always been helpful and the concession has some decent specials. Great event theater for things like March Madness too

Michał AlwaysOnTime

Best Cinema in Illinois!

Frank Ambriz

The service was Slow,food Court was faster than ordinarily

Islam Zaghloul

I just love this place! The movies, sound and the whole experience are fantastic. I love those reclining chairs too lol

Christian Lech

Relatives and I came to this movie theater to see a late morning/early afternoon screening of Mary Poppins Retruns. The theater was easy to navigate, the screen was vibrant and detailed, the sound was crisp, and the seats were very comfortable (the seats are among those that have button based recliners). Only problem was a possible sound glitch (for a minute or two, a few of the speakers might have been playing sound slightly after they were supposed to). Otherwise, I saw no problems with the movie theater. However, don't ask me about the food and drinks since I had neither during my trip.

Giovanny Morales

Better than AMC

timothy cherwin

We love this theater! The reclining seats are wide and comfortable, and the picture and sound are great. There is a variety of food and drink options, what more could you ask for?

Monica Banuelos

Our favorite movie theater, the best popcorn

Nicole Krause

One of my favorite Marcus movie theaters. They have a great team of people and their drinks are fantastic! Always very clean inside the theater.

juan santillan

It is the family day and it is a suitable place for this my family comes out very happy and with new islands very pleasant the excellent attention the clean and very passive place we like

Jacqueline Gonzalez

Took my kids to see Missing Link on Tuesday. We had a great time and loved the specials.

Omar Diaz

Great theater. Reserved seating. Comfy recliners.

Calin Bodea

Amazing place to take your family for movies. $5 movie Tuesday, need I say more? Parking lot it’s always full. Their reclining seats are much more comfortable than AMC’s and price of tickets much cheaper. They have a bar and you can take your unfinished drinks inside the movie theater, also offer a rewards program.

Kru Patel

Very good theater, seats are comfortable, prices are reasonable. They have Indian movies too.

Gary Wurzinger

Not a bad seat in the house.

Ricky Suavè

Better than Melrose Park cinimark

Grainne O'Malley

Love Marcus theater.. especially on $5 tuesdays.friendly service, great real drinks, wonderful popcor.

Jeremy Berlanga

Friends seen two rats yesterday while watching joker...

Terrence Johnson

Great classic look inside. Clean theather, clean restrooms. Popcorn was soggy or chewy, if you will, but that didn't keep me from enjoying my time there. 4.5 stars

Andrew Vock

I liked being able to pick your seats online for shows and the seats are almost too comfortable. If you cant stay awake for the movie, take a good nap!


Great sound, comfortable seats, excellent ticket prices on some days

Bob Evans

One of the nicest movie theaters I've been to.

Roshini Balasundaram

We love this theatre.. their seats are comfy.

Nadine Heinrich

Love Tuesday's movie deal

Francine Murphy

Good movie theater, clean well kept and friendly. Both it is expensive 1 child 1 senior $21.00 Doesn't that sound like a lot?

Kat Hadi

who can say "no" to $5 Tuesdays with complimentary small popcorn, and leather recliner seats? always clean.

Nikita Dixon

“Clean, warm and inviting”. We all had a wonderful time yesterday and can’t wait to go back.

Apex FPS

The staff are so nice and helpful, movies are top quality and there are great food options! Love this theater and the best part is $5 Tuesday's! Would definitely recommend you and your family to come here for a great experience.


Theater is always clean, I love the DLX! The recliners are amazing and the sound quality is great too. If you sign up for their rewards you get a lot of awesome perks :)

Debra Anderson

Great movie place with lots of theaters. $5 Tuesdays can't be beat. Pizza available, and a bar. Clean restrooms, pleasant staff, plenty of parking. Good night out.

Andrew Bohnenkamp

I've been coming here for about 20 years, and it doesn't disappoint. It has all the modern upgrades that the movie going public enjoy, and the popcorn is tasty. Besides popcorn, they have other food options that are good as well. It's in a convenient location that is by some shopping destinations and restaurants as well. The ticket buying process is easy as well, and I will be coming back

Ana Perez

Free popcorn and $5 movies on Tuesday's! They also have recliner seats, a bar, other non'-traditional movie food like pizza, mozzarella sticks, etc. And, $6 tickets for students on Thursday's

Eric Da Garzster

Very clean, updated, and fun to visit for great blockbuster movies. Highly recommended

Matt Walsh

Recliner seat was busted. These new types of seats were nice several years ago but seem pretty beat up now.

Sagar Shah

Solid theater with great screens!! Also $5 Tuesday and free popcorn with rewards membership is a plus! Beer and drinks are also reasonably priced. Clean lounger style seats with high quality sound and picture! Hope they open one near my house in the future!

edgar mauleon

Great seats good food options good prices

Jessica Magana

Helpful staff and very comfortable seating

Fide Core Cane Corso

This is the best movie theater I'm experienced. I love popcorn there is fresh, not too salty and crunchy. There is always clean. Also ventilation in the rooms are great. I have be in the crowded places bc of smeel but there is always fresh air . Highly recommended.

Eddie Wolves

Had a bad experience and approached the manager about it and she did absolutely nothing about it. The movie I went to see was so dim and the volume was so low. It was so difficult to even see the screen because they keep their lights on throughout the whole film. The screen on my phone is brighter than the movie I saw. It might be a long time until I return, which is a shame because I've been going to that Marcus Theatre since it first opened in '96.

Aj Fletcher

1st time at this theatre and I was a little disappointed. My dad was taking me to go see a movie. At the concession stand there was a young Asian kid wearing glasses helping us. He was going fast with everything he was doing which I don’t mind cause I understand a fast pace working environment. But he asked my dad to slow down an I told him he was speaking to us super fast an doing everything fast an to ask my father to slow down was crazy cause he wouldn’t of felt rush if he didn’t make him feel rushed so he asked my father to slow down an he asked my father multiple times to repeat himself so his service wasn’t horrible but it was pretty bad. Also I didn’t like that you can’t put butter on your own popcorn an also the food menu was very generic I guess I’m more used to amc who has a bigger selection. The movie was good and seats were nice an comfortable but service wasn’t to good

Cheryl Sullivan

Fairly priced and great customer service!


Great deals, kind staff and comfortable seats. Couldn’t ask for more.

Jon Darby

It was a nice theater and the seats were very comfortable. The only issue was it that it was kinda hot for my tastes. Of course, we went during the heatwave so maybe that had something to do with it.

Robin Herr

Never too busy, convenient location and comfortable seats.

Charline Moore

Never overly crowded it's very clean and the staff is very nice and friendly.


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