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204 N Mauvaisterre St, Jacksonville, IL 62650, United States

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REVIEWS OF Illinois Theatre IN Illinois

Aurelio Ceballos

I love this place.

Amber Jacobson

bryan briggs


Great little secret of the town!

Josh Fritsch

Tomica Allen

Joseph Aanenson

Service is super friendly! and you can't really beat the price!

Lesa VanHyning

Illinois theater has been on our downtown square for many years and is clean with fresh popcorn, soda and candy. They are wheel chair accessible but it would be a good idea to park on the square to get to the smoothest sidewalks. They have tons of movie times available. They will be on the northwest corner of the square. Don't worry if you pass them because there is parking behind the theater.

andrew buikema

Shelley Singleton

Tonight was the premier of the movie Halloween. Unfortunately there were several under age kids in the theater who were talking, shouting profanity “f” word, and running up and down the aisles! I have never had this type of experience at a theater. Finally a young movie attendant asked several kids to leave. The manager said her hands were tied since parents came and bought their kids’ tickets and dropped them off. My research shows that for an MPAA “R” rated movie, kids under 17 need to be accompanied by an adult. What a night!!! Plus the movie was horrible! It was gory, boring and not scary or suspenseful. And the “f” word was very overused so it lost its effectiveness. Hated to see it used by so many teens in the movie. Not a good example. Parents be aware!! Jamie Lee Curtis disappoints!

[ That_Guy_Gaming ]

Bad popcorn and was way overpriced but friendly staff

Alejandra De Los Santos

Great theater! Super friendly staff, always clean, and very affordable!

Regina Nichols

Wonderful atmosphere and I love the $5 movie with the $3 add on for popcorn and drink.

Larry Johnson

Always a good time

Samuel Morris

Denise Woods

Such a wonderful hometown theater!. You can't beat the price,which included popcorn and a drink!. Service was very friendly. Very comfortable seating.

Cambrea Brackett

$8 movie deal us AWESOME

Joe Mull

Love the sofa

Haydn Coats

Amazed by the customer service received by a strange fellow, I believe his name was Jordan. Nice moves

Hannah Geer

Good price, but uncomfortable seating.

Angelia Ruby

Andy Turner

Impressive. I had never seen the lion king, well the new one was great and the food and service was awesome. Cool staff and great vibe.

Mark Holman

the seats where comfortable and recline. It is very affordable when you can get your drink and popcorn for $10.

Lisa Warner

Can't wait to go back! Haven't been to a movie in years. Can't bring myself to pay for price of ticket and food. Illinois Theatre has a great movie deal. Owner came in before the movie and stated that he didn't want to keep us all afternoon so we only had 2 previews. Had a great time for an affordable price.

Hunter Mogg

Non expensive and is cheaper than most places for movies. Would recommend to anyone

Ingbing Tv

Lee G

Like stepping back in time with updated screens. They are not the biggest screens but all the seats are close enough it does not matter. Place is beautiful!

Trenton Driver

Robert Surratt

Sydney Mullinix

December Bugg

People are super friendly and helpful, their prices are cheap and the quality is tremendous. Definitely going back again.

Lisa Hill

John Jones

Great movie clean place and glad the kid that was kicking the back of my seat left half way through the movie

Kathy Rahe

Saw Peter Rabbit, great family movie.

Travis Vaughn

Has a nice nostalgic feel to the way the theater is set up.

Dustin Waid

Hannah Crawford

Affordable pricing. Great movies and popcorn. Friendly staff

Susan Jachino

Very affordable, $8.00 for movie, drink and popcorn. Staff is very pleasant and they only show 2 trailers before the movie. Family friendly!

Sena Burton

Candace McEvers

Friendly service and cozy theatre

Joe Mcc

Great value and friendly staff, i will definately be back to see more movies even though its a 40min drive

The Robinson Family

Kim Holman

They are affordable and the theaters are clean. They have movie deals that include popcorn and soda. The seats are comfortable and the staff are very friendly.

Jeff Strate

Dan Deady

Very good prices on tickets, candy, popcorn and sodas. They show current movies.

Herr. Katzen

I always have a great experience.

Linda Schwartz

It was cold, movie was o.k., prices too high for someone living on social security. Guess I'm getting old.

Beth S

Went for the first time since the theater had been sold about a month ago. We loved the value of the "best movie deal" (ticket, drink, and small popcorn for $8) and the service. The manager greeted us in the lobby and introduced the film. Great experience and makes me want to come back soon.

Amanda Cox

$8 movie deal includes popcorn and soda

Dameon Divers

Nice little movie theatre, with "welcoming" staff and great ticket prices.. Found this place whilst visiting from the U.K.

Tabatha Maddox

Steve Smith

Jeremy Decker

Karla Cannon

Movie and snacks/service was good. I don't like the stairs,however.

Samantha Gomer

brandy bowen

Christa Andrews

I loved the overall experience. Very nice workers. Clean enviroment. Good popcorn. And the 8 dollar deal cant be beat. Plus i love that they have sensory days.

juju utter

I went to their pancake show with my little one and it blew me away. All of the employee’s were VERY polite and the prices were mind boggling. 8 bucks for a ticket/movie/popcorn AND pancakes?!? It was a dream. Will go here from now on.

Cheryl Powell

Loved it. Seats were comfortable and it was not crowded so there plenty of elbow room.

Ashley Shawgo

Best movie deal in town!!!

Taylor Michelle

Glen Clatterbuck

Once a single large theater with balcony, this theater now has five smaller screens of various sizes, some on the upper level, and some with stadium seating. There have been upgrades to improve handicap access and better seating options Including recliners. A decent concession stand with fresh popcorn, and prices are tolerable. A traditional/classic setting to see a movie.

Marybeth Smith

Tim Darr

Mike Perry

I enjoy watching movies here. A community jewel, in my opinion.

Mayank Lakhlani

Very simplistic, reasonable and enjoyable place to go for. Staff is very genuinely polite and kind. I will definitely give them a visit again.

Simonne Lashmett

Small but mighty!!! Love this place. People are always nice and helpful. And they dress up for star wars

Kevin Klein

Comfortable seats and a good price for first run movies.

Jason Youngblood

Melisa Queiro

Caroline Boris

A really nice small town movie theater. Go for a matinee and you can see current movies for less than it costs for a movie rental at some places. The theater is anyways clean, the staff is airways helpful and the movie selections are always great!

Jose Arce

Bargain prices with very good movies.

Greg Elliott

april little

furry furry

Woodturning With Elijah

Julian Evans

Absolutely love it here.

Andrea Borman

donn james

Ronster Game's

Debbie Jackson

The price is great and only 5 buck for a soda and popcorn

Anne Mayberry

Great theater... But, if you have mobility issues, make sure your movie is on the lower level.

Tw1sted Torture

Nice quiet place

collin brennan

Great prices and movie selection. Plenty of snack choices.

Mary Pruett

Michael Robinson

Jackie Flynn

Reasonable prices great movies and theater

Alexander Meier

Great old time feel movie theater

Beezlebub Demon

Really good prices and everyone is friendly

Kris Frisbie

Very clean. Friendly staff. Really enjoyed myself

Innkeeper Gwenn Eyer

First run movies in a great location in downtown Jacksonville. Friendly staff. Management provides seasonal specials for kids, seniors, etc. Closed caption movies are available from time to time.

Lil Nilla

Better chairs then Springfield's movie theater. That's saying a lot!

Elayna Updegraff

My husband and I love this theatre. The staff is always super friendly and we love the ambience of the place. We will continue to frequent the place for many years to come.

Kasey Burger

Great value for a family activity!

Joey Bigley

I love going here to watch movies! The staff is always very friendly!

яυвуяσѕєвєяяу яρg

Smite 04

will levy

Kenneth Birdsell

Jay Berry

Great older theater. Hate the upstairs theaters but the main floor is awesome

Dawn Jones

Ive been going here sinve I was a kid and still love it

Nicholas Hester

Nicholas Brown

Its a good place to bring the family and catch a movie for cheap!!

Michelle Davenport

Love the $1.00 Holiday movies!! Please start this Thanksgiving weekend for the 2018 Holiday Season

Stephanie Kemp

Amazing prices, pleasant staff, comfortable seating, family friendly

Jill Turner

Great little theater. Reminds me of going to the movies when I was a kid. Much cozier than the big chain theaters. Comfy seats and great picture and sound.

Zackary Stewart

Great seats, comfortable great service

Daniel Coatney

Nice prices, clean and friendly

Marrion Ore

Stevie Timmerman

Very pricey, could b cleaner

Graciela Jones

Andrew Bishop

No better deal in jville

Andrew Williams

Kelcey Fanning

Great service, friendly workers,and really great prices. The movie only had 2 previews and the sound was great. The theatre was a little cold, but other than that it was a great experience!

Lynnette Bailey Freand

Popcorn and drink prices are so much more reasonable then other theatres.

Jay-R Brenenstall

Smokey Southpaw

Love this place! Always friendly and they treat me and my partner who have anxiety very well!

Shannon Manley

Always luv the Summer Series !! Easy fun time with the kids !!!

Wendy Ferguson

Old school theater in the old Town square area of Jacksonville. A multi theater, Offering the latest releases weekly and affordable with a quaint atmosphere.

Hannah Elizabeth

Nolan Welch

Great old time movie theater. Kind people behind the counter and comfortable seats. Would recommend!

Virginia Wardell

Love the feeling in there

Brittny Buhlig

Jamie Stewart

Way to expensive!!!!

Mike Rutledge

Best value for movie theatres around.

Ashley Moore

Honest Reviews

Fantastic place havi been going since I was a teenager and now my teenagers go there .

Cathy Robison

Jenna Mullens

Great service but we went in wrong theater place because they did not make it clear

Tudor Balint

Dani Hudson

Great prices and clean theater

Melissa Northcutt


Mandi Chukin

I really like this old movie theater. It's comfortable thanks to the remodel, and the staff is always friendly.

Jonathan Warren

I went for the first time this weekend and was surprised with that it had stadium seating! I will definitely be coming back.

blumpy79 Ole Gamer

Comfortable seats and reasonably priced considering other theaters overcharge on snacks.

Samuel Higgins

Gwen Addler

Laci Looker

We will only go to movies at this theater. We wait until this specific one has the movie we want to see. For a family of 4 to get tickets & each have their own popcorn and drink the price comes to around $30!!! You cannot beat that! If we were to go to RMC it would easily cost us $80. The Illinois theater’s new owners are awesome. Everyone is friendly and it’s clean.

Yt Universal_duck

It's great since it's close to town, but all the new movies take a week to even show up. So if I want to watch something new I'd have to go far.


Steven H.

Its an older theater but they keep up modern times with the projectors and seating, and that's what its all about anyways so its a great place!

Ronda Tippett

ICY _Hardyz55

Pokémon CardCollectors

Corey G

Great place. Service was awsome. And to all the people. ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) that leave all the filthy nasty messes after the movie is over are horrible people and I would hate to see the way you live at home. The employees there are to provide you with great service. Not to be your mom!! Please show some respect for other people and dont be so nasty in public.

Audrey Ham

Loved the show

sabre strubbe

Nichole Busch

Brenda Friday

Great price good movie's and friendly services

Russ Hymes

Jacksonville, IL is fortunate to have this gem of a theater. Through the years I have seen improvements continue in customer service and renovations to this classic entertainment venue. Bad movies are sometimes inevitable but definitely not a "bad" theater. It you want a movie experience with a touch of nostalgia, Illinois Theatre is definitely an enjoyable choice.

Dennis Haverfield

Nancy Harris

What a great place to bring the family. Always a good variety of movies and best part is the price.

Peter Berwyn

Good prices

Luckys Chick

Andriy Chukin

Dentler Loschen

Great old style theatre to go to. Prices are also good for a movie theatre.


Loren Jaja


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