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1175 S Sangamon Ave, Gibson City, IL 60936, United States

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Where is Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In Movie Theatre?

REVIEWS OF Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In Movie Theatre IN Illinois

Big C

One of the best of the best drive-ins you can go to food was freshly made and a good deal Price's are reasonable on addmission and food . what made it 4

Rachel Berry

Really loved this place. It's a local gem. Something for everyone.

Rachel Martin

Pickle Ice! The drive-in is great, but Pickle Ice gets me most excited, lol. Pricing is great. Movie selection is great. I like the double feature nights. Not a bad parking spot in the house. Really enjoyed our time here and we really look forward to going back soon.

Race Quinn

Best family entertainment in Illinois! Take them to the drive in and enjoy movies under the stars.

Brian Anderson

Double screens double movies good time

Matt W

World class double screen drive inn. They have plenty of parking, courteous staff and a fantastic world class atmosphere. Located on the outskirts of Gibson City Illinois give it a rural feel which is perfect for the setting.


Was overcrowded and noisy, full of little babies children. Both theaters play at once and if your stereo isn't loud enough the sound competes. DONT SIT OUTSIDE YOUR CAR. The light also competes making dark movies grey in color. Trains also go by, as do loud motorcycles. The food is reasonably priced but the line took forever. I would have been much happier seeing the movie in a normal theater.

Carol Tilley

I'm so very happy this place exists! It's a breath of Americana and a great place to see an old favorite film or a summer blockbuster.

Lacy Howe

My husband and i have gone here several times and we love it. Its awesome! They play awesome movies and their food is amazing. Great selection of movies along with food and drinks.

Orlando Martinez

Great food! Great parking! It was our first visit on our 27th wedding anniversary !!! Haven't had deep fried mini doughnuts in OVER 20 years!!


A real jewel of central Illinois! Two screens. Wonderful snack bar. Stuff for the kids to do. Highly recommend! If I had to find something to complain about, maybe it's the wait for snacks. The workers move quickly but still takes a while. Goes to show how popular and good the snack bar must be!

Brittany Johnson

Great experience! Absolutely loved it. Felt like I'd gone back in time to a classic drive in.

Will Barbour

This was my first drive-in experience and I was very impressed! Not only is it cheaper than a regular theater, but it's a much more fulfilling experience. That night was a double feature and though we wanted to stay for the second movie, it just got too late to stay up (since the sun doesn't go down until late). Keep in mind when calculating your time that there will be 15+ minutes of intro before the movie starts, as well as an intermission for 10-15 minutes. We got there about 30 minutes before the movie started and that was sufficient to get an okay parking spot. Next time I go, I'm going to pack dinner and snacks and a frisbee and get there 1.5 hours early. The food at the theatre is solid and reasonably priced. The employees are well-coordinated and do a good job of making people turn off their lights.

Jon Gooding

This place is always great. I love going here to watch the newest movies! They always do an excellent job providing a children/family experience on screen 1, while offering an experience for an older audience on screen 2. Great for all ages any night. Also, there is an amazing plethora of food and snack options available. I can't say enough good things about this place in one review, you'll just have to experience it for yourself!

MA, MS, LCPC Julia Madden Bozarth

We make a date of it! Food is great. We drive our convertible.

Samuel Livingston

It was very cool. There aren't very many drive in theaters remaining and this one is one of the best I've ever been to. The only thing I wish was different was that they accepted credit cards to pay for tickets.

Brandon Signorino

Love the old-school drive-in! The food offerings are great too... especially the fact that they have RC Cola on the fountain! I have never seen that anywhere else. They always show vintage ads during the intermissions, which offers a glimpse into history. Plus, the price per ticket is great.

Josh Henry

Harvest Moon is reminiscent of another time, a time before our entertainment was instant, ubiquitous, and palm sized. Here you have to wait with expectation for the sun to set, which can often be breathtaking. There aren't many drive-in theater's left so being close enough to take advantage of this one is a rare treat. Finally, the massive screen and community feel make this a magical place to share a movie with friends, family, or even genial strangers. A true treasure of the prairie.

Walter Leger


Batty Beauty Creations

This was my first time going here and also my first time ever going to a drive in. We drove about 30 min to get there. It was a great time. It reminded me of a mini festival but with movies. Great food vendors, large space so there was a lot of kids running and playing before the movies had started, decent parking and two screens for different movies. We just sat in the car and listened to it through our radio and our speakers. Fun stuff. They have a intermission part way through to restock on snacks and such. I feel by the end it does get late, especially if you have a little drive home... But it was totally worth it. Not to expensive all around either.

Matt Heisner

My family and I love the Harvest Moon! It's been a family tradition to go as often as possible, especially these last 2 summers. I went with my wife when we were in high school and am so glad to that I get to take my kids now as they are growing up. I can't say enough good things about it - the indescribable "old-fashioned fun" atmosphere, the freaking awesome snack bars, the smart setup of everything, the small-town location. I have never had a bad experience here and have gone too many times to count. It is a great family or couple event to go to for a very fun time. Some might complain about this, but I love the intermission. I love being able to get up to go to the bathroom and get more food without really missing the movie. I drive down to Harvest Moon from Onarga (IL) along Route 54 and part of the mystique is driving along the peaceful corn & bean fields with excitement building up on the way down and a happy & content feeling on the drive home, sometimes literally not encountering another driver. I am so grateful to Harvest Moon for the great memories I have already of going there and for the happy memories that I'm able to continue building with my wife and kids. I hope it stays open forever because I want to keep going there forever.

Wesley Thompson

Very fun time here, two extra large screens playing different flicks simultaneously. Very reasonably priced. They even have battery jumpers if your car dies

chris Bonner

Great place, it had been to long the last time I was at a outdoor movie..

J Yates

A flash from the past This is an awesome drive in movie theater. Concessions overpriced but whose isn't? Carousel for kids on weekends. There's a Casey's and McDonald's they let you bring food in if you buy a food permit that allows you a free popcorn.

peggy atkins

Had a great time. The Lion King was great ! The only draw back was ordered a pizza the people said 15 minutes, didn't take money,name or anything. Went back in fifteen minutes and they didn't even make it said because didn't give name and number so we had no pizza.

John Woodard

Great time with the family

Paul Ram

The family loves this place it's a absolute summer favorite.

nickie embry

Was a nice place. Kids really enjoyed it.

Ed McBride

Decent theater.

Official Zaerek

Always amazing. Lovely concessions, wonderful environment, wonderful people, nice area to just lay back, relax, grab a snack from the concessions, and enjoy a movie.

William Jurak

My youngest daughter was conceived there......awesom

Susan Vannote Lewis

Nice place. Two screens Hamburgers cotton candy etc

Alycia Lindsey

Had an absolutely wonderful time this evening. Fun stuff to do for my toddler, great food and drinks. Fantastic prices on concessions. It was a great time. I can't wait for my family to do it again ASAP! They charge $5 for outside food, but, you get a free large popcorn or two small drinks with the outside food ticket at the concession stand. What a deal!

Mario Caballero

Family fun night. Trip back in my youth. Shared a love of outdoor movie.

Sandy Leppert

This is one of the last great blast-from-the-past places you'll ever find for drive-in movie goers! It brought me back to my childhood fun-filled days and made me feel wonderful that this feeling could be captured once again so many decades later. The people that work there are very polite and nice, just like when I was young. The food is great, and what a variety! Even the cotton candy machine is a rare thing to see anymore. The tiki hut shop for glow-in-the-dark rings etc. is perfect for the kids. They even have a horse merry go round for small children from days long past. Go - you won't be disappointed!!

Jessa Stevens

Love coming here!! Such a fun experience. My favorite part is that we can bring our dogs to enjoy the evening with us!

Hot Mimi Hall

Moon It's always a great time at the Harvest Drive in! You must experience it their hospitality, they treat you as family.

Grace Yep-Con

Great quality! Good date spot or fun w friends.

Chris Heater

Harvest Moon has always been a fun evening out to go to. The staff are very friendly and they do a great job keeping the grounds clean. Food and drink options and prices are fair too for a movie theater. Will keep coming back all the time! If you have never been to a drive in theater or just want a fun movie evening out, come here. You won't regret it

Colbey Steffen

Been there several times to watch movies... 1 of a kind experience u wont get at just any theater


Great place

Ken Walker

Great dual screen drive in. Bright, clear picture... 4k. Huge food celection... they even have Green River. One central Illinois true gems. Make sure to visit them to help keep this drive in thriving and around for generations to come.

Angela Davis

Love this place! Only drawback is that it's an hour away.


Classic drive in. Was amazing. Also locked keys in the car and gentlemen Jake had a car opener kit handy to help get me inside my car!!!! Will come back and reccomend!!

Gabi Rba

I love it it was cool there were rides and the food was so delicious

andrew shelton

This is definitely one of the best drive-ins ever! They have plenty to do for the children before the movie starts including a vintage 1940's carousel. That's what have a miniature train ride for the kids as well. What's three different places you can get food and snacks you're sure to get what you need before you watch a movie. They have two large screens so they can play two different films. Be sure to get here early because many times they sell out. Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In is a must for everyone to come and visit for a great experience.

Nicole Creech

Fun place and great nostalgic entertainment

Adrienne Umbarger

I have brought my children for years to this place always on Thursday!!! It's not that busy and normally great! We are trying to squeeze everything in before school starts and pulled in at 815, after we traveled an hour with two children and left one home and paid a babysitter. We pulled in to see the place closed!!!! I am now listening to 2 kids crying all the way home. Update your website!!! This is the only drive in an hour away! We will not be back we will make our own or travel 5 hours before I come Back to this place!!! Soooooo disappointed!!!

Tim K

If you haven't been then what are u doing with ur life?

Ashley Arnette

My kids loved the free train and carousel rides before the show. They even gave them free glow sticks.

Trebor Newson

It was great! A real throwback to a simpler time. I loved it!!!

Robert Ling

Best ever. Kids have so much fun. Adults get to relax.

Liz Chippewa

Good place too watch movies

Stephen Nesbitt

One of the best ways to spend an enjoyable evening in central Illinois. The family atmosphere was second to none. Food options are tasty, and plenty of space for the kids to play before the movie. Definitely a treasure!

Lidia Zehr

Good place to go with the family

Wicket Warrick

I will say that they facility was very well kept. We came for Fright Night, and maybe that added to the business but lines for the concession stands were ridiculous and very slow moving. We spent 35 minutes just waiting to order and receive our food. The prices are high considering the fact that they appear to use Aldi's as their supplier. And just when in the middle of the movie, its interrupted for the longest advertisement of EVERYTHING they sell at the drive in. I doubt we will again make the long drive there again.

Ronald Owens

Absolutely one of the best things to do in Central Illinois! We love this place, great place for a date night or a family night. Very kid friendly!

tiffany eason

This was our first drive in experience and it was WOUNDERFUL!!! very clean, up to date, very reasonable prices and the staff was super friendly! Our kids had a great time! I would suggest to get there right when the gate opens for the best parking and bring something for the kids to play with while waiting for the move to start! We had a great time and will be back before the season ends!!

Jesse Felmy

This place is great for what it offers. Drive-ins are a wonderful experience and this place is very accommodating with its 2 large screens. Cash only, so bring enough ahead of time. They do charge extra if you bring outside food. (even though nobody was actually checking)

megan bonner

Loved this place!! Great price

Isaiah Whittaker

great place to come and watch the newest movie hits with your friends. great vibes. only $7. they say you can't bring in outdoor food buuutttt....

Nancy Casperson

Very clean. Entry is controlled with two windows open to take money and to give food passes to those that bring in their own food. Food passes are five dollars. Prices are reasonable to get in. Good selection of food drinks and snacks on hand. Food prices aren't bad. They have a train for the kids to take a ride on around the grounds. They have another things for kids to do for free. They have two screens that usually has two different movies playing. Overall it's very enjoyable

Ashley Cohen

This is one of the few places that we go to as a family and everyone has a blast everyone just enjoys the time together. All the little kids play in the grass before the show while adults sit around and talk. There is something special about drive-ins that just make them awesome, drive-ins just make the movie experience even better that the cinema.

Carolyn Jo Ramirez

A fun experience for the family! The movie starts at dusk, which was 8:20 for labor day weekend. We watched a double feature that finished at 1am. We brought a tarp, beanbags, and blankets to cuddle up and enjoy. The kids really enjoyed being outside after dark, just something unusual.

Seth Was Here

It's a fun thing to go to on a Friday night. There is a place in front of the screening areas wear children play before the movie has started and during intermission. I love it hear. Would highly recommend.

Dan Moisson

Great place to take the family. One of the few remaining drive-in's. Affordable price for movies along with affordable food and snacks. Never a bad time with the family. A+

Tyler Schaffer

Always a great place to watch a movie, concessions are affordable, the atmosphere is great, and the unique experience makes it a must go to place!

Katie Martin

Good old fashioned family fun. My kids enjoyed the train, carousel rides, and playing with other kids. Lots of food and snack options too.

angel bogard

We had so much fun this place

john allen

Awesome fun

Chance Hoover

This place is great if you want to watch a movie at a drive in. You can also bring your own food in for a fee but the food there is good and not over priced like at movie theaters. They have chair and radio rentals bit I would recommend bringing you own. The double feature nights are the best because you only pay one price. I would recommend getting here about 30 minutes before gates open to get a great spot.

Rainah Howe

a fun way to spend the evening! the screen and sound are good and allow for a fine moving viewing experience. this is a must-do while in the area!

Allison Carlson

Had a fantastic time and loved all the extra events and snack options!

Vanessa Navejas

Cool place to go to watch movies, some prices on concessions are over priced in my opinion.

Mary Rascher

Love this place!

Lori Keller

Awesome place for the family

Nelson Gowler

Great time! Always a blast!

Shon Allsop

Very well maintained, very big selection of food snacks drinks toys etc, price is beyond great.. all around great place to have a cheap night w family

Jordan Conerty

Not to be missed. Reasonable prices, kind staff, dog friendly, and laid back atmosphere. What's not to love?

Brandi Olson

2 screens make it nice so you get a choice of what to watch

Kevin Remick

Great drive in theater! Dual screen setup lets you choose which movie you'd like to see. Very friendly staff, and huge selection of snacks. Dog friendly, and they even provide a snack for the pup!

David Barnes

Always love coming out here and watching a movie under the stars.

Robert H

I liked everything except the sour old ticket lady at the entrance. Maybe she was having a bad day. I understand that you only want a car driving 5 mph in the entrance area because "[some kids come running around here next to the highway]" (do they really though?), but there's a better way to promote a change in behavior rather than berating people who want to buy something from you and enjoy their night. I went during the last week of July, so maybe there's a different person at the ticket window now.

p Paulys_garage

Nice place reasonable priced food

M Avery

A great time!

Dianna Childers

Great experience for my grandson. Perfect night out hosted by great staff.

Blake Chenoweth

Awesome place I'm 26 but I feel like a kid again with the atmosphere at the drive-in!!!!!

Juli Nelson

Every summer I go here with my sister and her family when I am in town visiting. The visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to the drive-in. It's very clean and well kept. The concessions offer a large variety of snack foods and drinks. Love this place!

Marilyn Davis

We don't go very often but it is nice to have a place to take my husband who is on O2 and dont like crowds...The movie houses in town are to loud and to crowded for him..We can use our radio and have it as loud as we want...also brings back a lot of memories of our younger days...

Sara DeGraff

Absolutely love the drive in experience!!! Absolutely go if you have a chance!!

Lynne Nichole

Amzing place to go on a date, hang out with family, and watch an amazing movie.

tom henkelmam

Family fantastic

Joanna Emmerson

Haven't been here since I was a kid. Brought my kids tonight we loved it!! At the end our van wouldn't start 2 employees went above and beyond to make sure we will were ok and got our van started! Thank you!!

Rick Ashley

Great time family fun. Food was great but lines for food is super long and super time consuming. Best to get to the drive in 2 hours early for good viewing spot and food. Need to update size of restrooms so the line isn't 15 yards long. Same with food lines, just need a better system to speeds things up .Don't get me wrong we enjoyed the place tremendously but restrooms size and and food lines and being able to wait on and serve more than 1 customer at a time when the place is full should be a priority. Would make it alot more pleasant experience. We will be back.

Andrew Ball

A wonderful place for families!

Sam Fletcher

LOVE this place!! I look forward to going every season! We take the jeep up there with the top off on warm summer nights! Make sure to get there a little early for a front row seat. A lot of food choices and I also love the old classic commercials and intermission. Great place to go.

Tyler Bess

I'm so glad we have things like these around I hope this place stays up for a long time I loved it

chaney gniadek

Food is really good, loves the chicken bacon ranch fries. only thing I was disappointed with was the snocone but other than that great experience to take the family to.

Becky Kuhlmann

Every kid should go to a drive in at least once in their life time!

Ryan Reed

Old man didn't believe my daughter was 3 yrs old. Wth, I thought to myself. I gave her d.o.b. of 08-16-15. Guess it didn't register, idk. He just stared at me. So I give him the whole $20 and drive away. Not worth it. lol

Whitney Akhtar

I'm grateful this place is around. It's a wonderful way to get out to a movie when you have very young kids.

Emily Delaney

They are the best place ever and I loved the good screen when I went to see it2 awesome food and awesome monsters

McKenzie Nickelson

It's got plenty of parking and a super friendly staff. You can rent a radio for super cheap or listen in through your car and it's a great experience each time I go whether it's with family or friends. Seeing a movie like this is an experience you are missing if you haven't gone to the drive in.

Michael O'Connor

Always a fun time.

Mel-mel c

My kiddos and I love the Harvest Moon Drive-in! Summer is not complete without several visits. We are so blessed to live so close. Bring your own food and drinks in for a $5 fee and they give you a coupon for a free large popcorn or 2 drinks at the concession stand.

Aduwb H

I'm give them one star because me and my friend took off work to go see super troopers 2 and they changed the movie the day before we were going to see it

Coffee Chronicles

Fright Night

A.W. Koonce

A must go kinda gem

Melissa Shepherd

First time here for frightfest and absolutely love it!!! Great people, great atmosphere, great food!!!

Lori Metke

Love this place! Great summer night activity!

Charlotte Ratty-Kucer

Hubby took me here a few times! Best drive inn ever!!

Cassie marrow

It was a nice place to go to. However the food lines where ridiculous. We was in the food line for half of the first half of the movie. We would of taken our own but you still have to pay $5 to bring in your own stuff. That really was the only complaint I had. Maybe speed up the cooking process would help. I'm not sure. But we will be back.

Dave Ingram

Family-friendly, good staff, good quality screen and projection system. Bring your own chairs and rent some lawn chairs for a few bucks, find your spot, and enjoy.


Took my kids for the first time to the drive-in and they absolutely loved it. The food was fresh cooked and was really good. They have a huge selection of food and treats. Not to mention the souvenirs available. The nostalgia of going to the drive-in was so worth it. Looking forward to going again.

Bradly Reed

Great place to go for movies definitely nostalgic

Lynelle loy

I attended FrightFest last night and entered the 50/50 raffle. They never called out the winning number....yet they had a winner who already claimed the winnings. They specifically said #'s would be announced at the end of movie when the lights came on. Seems suspicious

April Crawford

This place is a piece of childhood memories. Amazing family fun.

Jerid McCormick

Had a great time at the Harvest Moon Twin Drive In theater. Great snacks, $2 bills, and great picture quality. They provide jump units if needed and allow for an intermission to turn on and recharge your car if needed. I recommend this drive to all who have never tried and drive in theater or are just looking for a quality drive in. Very unique way to watch a movie under the stars. The prices are reasonable as far as concessions go. 10/10 will recommend and make this an annual visit.

Jkr backflip and vlogs

My kids and I love the drive in. Always a good time.

Heidi Cano

Always a good time at the drive in! Feel blessed to be able to share this experience with my kids!

Jessica Jean

Love this place! Wonderful family atmosphere, reasonably priced on everything!

Kimberly McGuire

Always a Great Time had by All ! Green River Float ! Bucket of Popcorn! And all Good shows ! Love this place ! Hubby and Myself throw back weekends! With a bounce into the future !

Kristal Tomko

Favorite summer movie spot for big releases! Great concessions, carousel, fun events throughout the year

Tim Lewis

Great experience for my Grandchildren!

Jessica Leschewski

A great place, frightfest I so much fun! The snack bar has so many cold and hot options! Great price!

Whitechedda Mac

Tryed to make me pay 5 bucks to bring in outside food and drink.

Rita Anderson

Great place to take the family

Jo Daly

Love this place. They often have double features, events for kids, car shows and always great movies. The food is great and reasonably priced! Or you can bring your own food for $5. One of the last great drive inns.

William Rosser

Simply the greatest drive in I've been to. They offer double features on two screens and have special events on a regular basis

Chris Drummond

Love the drive inn

Rich Bell

We love coming here! Great views of the screens, clear sound. Well stocked snack bar, good popcorn, and the outside food ticket at $5 is worth the little extra. We really liked the old intermission videos played during intermission.

Andrew Miller

This place is great to take someone out on a date or to take your family f for something fun to do. It doesnt have handicapped accessible bathrooms. However it does have a great staff who can help and acomidate you if need be, but i recommend going to three bathroom before hand. Enjoy!

Howard Tabor

Great place to watch movies with family and friends. Great food selection.

melissa vessell

We had so much fun. Next time we'll pack our grill and come earlier

Rick Atkins

Highly recommend. Great time, safe family place

Scott Pickering

This was my first drive-in experience in over 30 years. The family ran business has kept the drive-in movie atmosphere the same as always, family friendly. There's a lot of grass around so you could set up your lawn chairs or put down a blanket. There's even an intermission during the movie. The picture was clear, the audio was transmitted via FM radio and in stereo! Pricing was more reasonable than going to a sit down theater, you may bring in your own picnic for an additional fee, but even then you're given a ticket to redeem some concessions equaling the fee charged. What a great time we had! We will be going back!

Ryan Kingery

Have had no problems anytime I've been here! Great atmosphere and a great experience await! Hard to find drive ins anymore so I'm glad to have a good one so close!

Kendra Allsop

Excellent drive in! Good movies, tons of snack and burgers plus pizza and frozen bananas to choose from! Very friendly staff as well.

Casey Overlin

Great atmosphere, great food, and I was impressed with the service!

Ashlee Schoonover

Love this place! Reasonable prices, yummy food, great family atmosphere!

Christina Pedroza

Nice place I wish they would have speakers outside. Didnt even know what was going on in the movie due to listening to other people running their cars.

Charlina Kelley

Had an issue about popcorn they drenched in butter and the answer to the problem was for us to buy another bucket.. Wasn't pleased about that at 6$ a bucket, however mgmt team did offer to fix the situation after it was all said and done , so plus side.. Just not interested in arguing with teenagers lol other than that great place for family fun or date night

Kurt Wagner

This place is awesome as long as the weather is good. Food prices aren't bad either so get there early, get a good spot, and buy dinner while you wait for the movie to start.

Matt carter

Awesome place so many memories here. So many selections available for the concession stand too. If you can go you won't regret it.

Bradley Beyer

Great food and service. Fun for all.

Tigerlilly Whidden

Good would go again

Avanna Lowery

Such a fun place for kids, plenty of snacks and drinks options and awesome to get there early and spend time with family and friends :)


Was ok but stopped the movie halfway through it. For intermission was kinda a joke. Lost interest in the movie and just took a nap.

harlan Judd

A blast from the past and a great way to bring back old memories

Tonya Chester

We have always loved going to the drive in. It is perfect for us and our children. The only down fall is that the lines get long for the consession stand. They always have great movies and events. It is perfect for the entire family.

Betty Carrier

I love Harvest Moon Drive-In it's so much fun I can go by myself relax watch a movie outside get fresh air or I can take my grandkids and let them have fun and watch a movie great place to go great family atmosphere

Matt Sly

You must visit this gem of central Illinois! They really engage the community through social media and while you are there. Great image for outdoor experience. Food options are super impessive. For our family, cotton candy, popcorn, candy, drinks, pretzels, pickles, and more have all been enjoyed!

Doug Ward

True drive-in experience! Friendly staff and reasonable prices. Great quality movies and sound. Rent the speaker for 2 bucks and you don't even need your car radio on. Fun time!

Jessica Swiebocki

Great place to have a nice night out

Randy McNamara

Awesome time. Dont bother coming on an opening night unless u r hours early tho

Mike Bonds

Super great!

Damian Mailloux

Outstanding place for family and friends! Not high price. Food is excellent on weekends. Things to do for kids. Very spacious parking.

Raymond Tester

Very nice drive Young two separate sounds how many things for your kids to do sounds of food snacks and toys handling excellent place to go you will enjoy it a whole lot


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