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REVIEWS OF GQT Savoy 16 IMAX IN Illinois

Chaitanya Jujjavarapu

Great theater and it's on Atom Tickets, so you can get discounts if you buy Atom Ticket gift cards from Costco or Sam's club

Rafi Khanjian

This is a good theater with friendly staff. Decent movie selection but limited on movie times. They offer special seating that shakes or moves for a little extra which I've never seen elsewhere, but I didn't try it. The theater is clean and the screen quality is great although I was a bit distracted by a small rip in the screen.

A.B. Coffer

Great experience....great tasty popcorn.

kathleen hayes

For 11.25 you can get reclining chairs absolutely love this theater!

Jeremy Martens

Always enjoy my movies here. Did try the extra comfy theater- well worth the upgrade cost. Have not seen IMAX, so I can't vouch for that, but regular theaters are great. Clean theater, reasonably comfortable seats and quality sound and picture.

Yanheng Chen

Great theater, seating space is great

Kalen Bentley

Best movie theater in the area! Get the recliner seats if you can

Chopper Originals

Just had my first iMax experience here. I live about 35 minutes away but I can assure you I will be returning and more often. The video and audio were superb! Very comfortable seating and clean!

Carol Nofftz

Good movies to pick from, clean, friendly. Would recomend. We did afternoon movie.

Christina Kniskern

It was clean, service was fast, employees seemed nice. Went in theatre 11 and the reverb was distracting, lot of sound effects seemed to be bouncing off the left wall. But otherwise it was a good movie experience.

Samantha Smith

Amazing theater. Friendly staff, clean, quick service, and a wide variety of choices in concessions. My favorite place to see a movie in the Champaign area. Would highly recommend!

tracy anderson

The seats are mildly uncomfortable. The concession prices are a little high. Would probably recommend the Beverly in Champaign over Savoy.

Patrick Martin

Wonderful theater. The staff was friendly. The management was on site and working. The restrooms were clean. My popcorn was a little burnt but overall good.

P Kurz

Nice huge and clean place to see a movie, be sure to get your tickets for the big IMAX screen and preferably in 3D as well. There are also weekly special event showings of classic movies and kids films. Plan an afternoon and see a few films back to back

Chad Thomas

Awesome experience! Comfortable seats!

Michael Guder

Older theater but nice seats and the terminal ticket purchases were easy to skip the line.


Theater was nice. Staff could have been friendlier and more polite.


Having an Imax screen automatically trumps other movie theaters!

Ronnie E Randall

It's a nice theatre, like most. But the other theatre in town let's you butter your own popcorn and make your own soda, which I like to do. But to watch a movie, you can't go wrong here.

scott leon

Friendly, wonderful always going out of their way people. I love going to Savoy theater.

D Stutts-Eddington

Great location, fresh popcorn and really Friendly Staff. Very comfortable seats!!!!

Mathias Kirkland

Savoy 16 is a nice theatre. They show a great selection of movies and have a number of theaters with reclining seats which is a large plus. One downside is they don't serve Junior Mints which would be my movie candy of choice but overall Savoy 16 is a great place to go and catch a movie

Brian Feld

A bit in the middle of nowhere (only accessible by car), but easy to go by car and you can get there 5 minutes before most showings and still find tickets. Seats are comfortable and there's ample legroom. Discounts could be more frequent/larger

Denise Blaser

Love this theater. I love the FMG savings program, it saves me a fortune for our family of 3, it counts tickets and concessions. We went in this time and received a free large couples special - 2 large drinks and a large popcorn. The reserved seating is wonderful for me, I'm disabled, and having a guaranteed seat where I need it to be is a wonderful help. Staff is also friendly and helpful as well.

Brandy Young

Maybe I'm just used to luxury heated dream loungers and a huge kitchen area where you can even enjoy a veggie burger, funnel cake and craft beer during the movie, but I found this theater to just be "tolerable". The seats are uncomfortable for long movies, the screens are rather small and beyond popcorn and a few candy selections, the concession stand is incredibly limited.

Luke Anton Wilson

My seat was nice and clean. Very comfortable. The employees were helpful and welcoming. The popcorn tasted fresh. My drink wasn't too watery. My only real complaint is that they do not sell Junior Mints. Five star experiences aren't cheap, folks. I need my Junior Mints.

Christopher Arnott

Best place to see a movie in Champaign. Clean theaters good popcorn and lots of options to view a movie

ahmed adel

Great place, clean and not crowded

derick tharp

Totally sucked!!... Guess we aren't well versed on trying to see a popular movie on opening weekend during a prime time. We allowed them to sell tickets to us for the show starting in 30 min.... All the seats taken. Exception was very front row. Can't handle sitting that close. We did see one seat open here and there. But we needed 4 together. Ushers would be great in this case.

Stephen Rudolph

A really nice theater. Great screen and sound was super, but just a tad too loud. Did not have refreshments. The seats were very very comfortable.

Randy Mason

We went to the luxury theater, w plush reclining seats it was very comfy.


My favorite theater. Not usually packed and plenty of employees at the concession stand so you're never late for previews!

Kelly Chartier

Love this theater so much!!! It's our go to place now. Great service, tons and tons of snack options, super comfortable seats, and their IMAX theater! Looking forward to going back again soon. Highly recommend!

Donnii Love

Fairly clean, most of the staff are friendly, l was fairly comfortable.

Jason Martin

Always friendly staff, popcorn is always good, and quite a bit of movie choices. IMAX is awesome. And the frequent movie goer card is worth it's weight in gold.

Jeremy Greene

Always a great place to see a movie. Very family friendly and people are always nice and helpful. Concessions arent that bad prices compared to the competition either.

Timothy Allison

Great customer service

kevin nham

Very good seats

will s

Went to see the original Jurassic Park re-release summer special. We used the Goodrich app for our tickets and FREE popcorn! Like a goof though I arrived 1 day early, the movie wasn't showing until the next day. The staff was very accomdating and friendly. Popcorn was delicious, and the seat were comfortable. I like how dark this theater gets too, makes the movie watching experience better.

Laura Boyd

Ticket prices are decent, food is overpriced. If you skip the snacks it's pretty inexpensive.

bonnie pruett

I took two of my grandsons to see Spiderman. We got three small drinks and two med popcorns with Xtra butter which costs xtra It all cost $30. Ok, that's fine, but mine barely had any butter on it and there were sooooo may unpopped kernals that I couldn't even eat it. I was afraid of breaking my teeth. The boys said they'res was the same way. It was a Hugh waste of my money. Fix the popcorn popper or purchase a higher quality of corn Lord knows at the prices you charge for it you should be able to afford it.

Donovan Rathgeber

Got seats easily as well them being comfortable, and friendly quick service when getting snacks

Zona Lemke

Great place to go watch movies

Marcos Calderon

Good place for movies, have a 3D with good seats and sound. Consecions have variety, unlimited pop refill and pop corn refill for 0.50 cents close to a strip mall, food and shopping is near too. I just tried the premium seats, they are very comfortable, all leather recliners single sofa you will have a great experience for a nice price.

Denitra Kelly

It was my first time there and it was nice and clean. Very much room and the people there were very nice!

Jasper Abon

Not a fan. Usually go to the other theater in town but went here recently and manager was rude. Charged incorrectly on tickets and popcorn tasted old and nasty.

Evin Sanders

My go to theater. 10 out of 10 for 26 years!

Jazmine Vazquez

Great prices. Clean facility. Friendly staff. Love the frozen drinks!

Natasha Engel

We ordered our tickets ahead, got great seats and it was super quick and easy!

Anthony Luggz

Good theater.. just don’t recommend going when there’s a popular movie that comes out the first night.. it gets a little loud from the people!! But still good theater

andrew shelton

For our date night we went to the Savoy 16 for a movie. I've been here before for the IMAX and it is awesome! This time we decided to try the dbox, where the seats move and vibrate with the movie. I definitely recommend the dbox if your coming to watch an action or adventure movie. You will get your money's worth.

alicia luth

Great movie food and drinks bring a jacket

Barb Pastore staff was very helpful, considering we arrived a few mins late- I really.apreciated thier help.

Raymond Rogers

It was very good I love it thanks for asking

Pat Laurence

Enjoy the film selections but always chilly here. Turn on the heat...

Johnnie Cornwell

Great service

Dessireé Zerpa

Love their nachos!

Make it or Break it!

IMAX is the way to go... Cant remember what i watched but i know it was awesome!

Julio Mioto

Nice place and high quality service

Anvita Mishra

Well connected by bus, well maintained

Cory Dastous

Hands down my favorite movie theater. Worth the 50 min drive. Seats are always comfortable. Usually never any screaming kids or obnoxious adults. I like being able to buy my tickets online from my phone and pick my seats.

Ben Gulley

Nice enough movie complex. Much more enjoyable for matinee than busier late shows. Clean, comfortable theaters. Overall, if you want to see a new release, this is the place to do it in the Champaign area.

Carrie Kitsune

Their recliners were very comfortable, the place was clean, and the staff was friendly.

Bryan Sigafoose

D Box seats are worth the money. Alot of fun.

jason ensign

Best location for watching movies in the C-U area!

s. Daily

First time watching IMAX movie. Wow what a difference.

katie hopper

Great place to go see a movie

Marla J. Francisco

Helpful staff. Quick service. Clean theater. Seats were really comfy! Only thing was price, I consider it almost too expensive to go. If I wouldn't have had a gift card, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to go to the movies, especially since I'm on a fixed income budget!

Cold Management

The place was very lovely and clean. The staff helped me access my e ticket. The parking lot needed to be shoveled. Free refill for me kids soda and popcorn which came with gummy candies. Very good GQT

Jennifer Delp CHOOCH

We saw Aquaman. Popcorn was yummmm. Mamoa was yummmmmm. Theater was great!!!! As usual. Love the IMAX! Can't go wrong.

Lori Wilson

Great staff and up to date movies prices aren't Bad either!! They even show some ol' Fav's as Well!

Peggy Loftus

Great theater complex. My first choice in town.

Kaitlyn S

Simple atmosphere, clean bathroomsband theaters. Ticket prices were a bit pricey but otherwise a great theater.

Tricia Armour

I was most impressed by the cost. We took several people with us and expected the tab should be much more than it was. The one thing that stop me from giving them five stars is that we were there watching Dumbo, and granted we had a 4 year old asking questions about the movie in the beginning, somebody must have complained which is understandable but instead of coming in saying something to us they sent an employee to just come and stand next to us for half the movie. I didn't think that was the way to handle this situation.

Kaylene Byron

Saw Aquaman in IMAX... nuff said!

Brandy Miller

Always playing a good selection


Great theater and awesome staff only giving 4 starts cause they charge so much!!! I know they are getting that candy from Dollar Tree then they charge like 3.50 plus tax. Not cool bro

Kylie Stinar

Worst theater experience ever. There was a family behind me during Scary Things to Tell In the Dark who would not shut up and ruined the whole experience. This isn't the first time I've been here and there has been a disruptive group of people. I feel they should do better on monitoring movies to make sure people aren't disruptive as well as having their cellphones out. Never going back to this theater again.

spring simmons

Always a good experience!

Melissa Silvester

The luxury seating is a nice treat, plus they're the only true IMAX theater in Central IL. The staff is friendly and the theaters are always clean.

Mollie Samet

Great place to watch old movies and there seems to never be a line to wait in!

Tim Witek

I wish I had one of these in my hometown. The tickets are usually cheaper than competitors plus students can get discounts. Seats have plenty of leg room and overall just a good place to catch a movie!

Rebeka Herringtom

Clean theater, nice staff, didn't have to wait in line (I was few minutes late but worked out, better the rush). I seen "isn't it romantic". Cute movie, ladies, has a great plot.

Amy Lohn

A good movie theater that shows several movies at the same time.


Nice theater. IMAX is good.

Mary Cummings

Good service. Establishment us clean. Reasonable price for movies.

Stewart Waltner

We drove 52 minutes to see a movie that is not showing in our town. Arctic was as good as expected. Theater was cold and even with the blankets we always bring along we froze through the movie. Bathrooms were not clean and smelled bad. Raising evaluations to 3 stars. They responded to my feedback and I appreciate their letter.

Jeremiah Johnson

Met friends there and watched lion king had big order of popcorn and drinks and the lady helped me carry it u guys r awesome thank u so much first night out in years

Tina O

Good theatre. I like that ticket and concession sales are separate vs. how AMC 13 on Neil street. Tickets are higher than AMC. It may have just been the day we were there but the theater was not well cleaned.

Rebecca Terhark

Good sound and comfortable seating! Really enjoyed the show and the whole place was clean.

Jake Briggs

Nice place to watch a movie. Expensive but all movie theaters are. The IMAX is amazing.

Misty Specht

Good deals on their popcorn but it's not great popcorn. Plus and this is not their fault but I can't stand the noisy very talkative teenagers, that always have to sit right behind us even if it's just us and them and no one else around

Michael Davis

Very great sound quality, beautiful screen and pictures. Comfortable seat.

William Alexander

A good theatre to see a move....and the stadium seats that recline all the way back Makes you feel like your at home watching a movie on family night....i give them an A++++

Mathew George

Great movie theater! I love the luxury seating this place has

Longxiang Zhang

Best in champaign, hands down

Jennifer McBroom

Comfy seats, especially with the luxury seating. I wish they had luxury seating available in all of the theaters! Something new is that they have real butter available for the popcorn and it is awesome!

Donna Miller

This is a great theater located in a very convenient area.

Tim Hoel

aquaman was great.. also great to watch people leave right at the end and not stay till the credits are over because there's always an additional scenes

Mary Bowman

Theater was clean and any seat would have been good. My only complaint is that sound is way too loud!!! Good Lord, save our hearing and take it down a notch.

skyler prahl

The imax theater is top notch

Parker Schroeder

I have so many bad experience's here, that I don't think I will ever go again for any reason. Here's just a few... 1. Once my family and I went there to watch a movie that was only showing once (at least in English)for my birthday. They put us in the wrong theatre and when they finally decided to tell us, the movie we wanted to see was almost over. They were basically like, "Too bad, so sad. Here's some free movie passes". However we wanted to see THAT movie, and it was only showing once. 2. My friends and I went to see a movie for one of their birthdays, but as soon as the movie started the screen had this red tint over it. Eventually they fixed the problem for a little bit, but then it came back. Eventually they just cancelled the movie and gave us more free movie passes. 3. We were watching a movie one time on a rainy day with an uncle who was only here for a week. We almost mad it to the end of the movie when a ceiling tile fell onto the seat in front of us, almost landing on us. Do you have any idea how unsafe that is? They cancelled the movie (again) and gave us free movie passes (again). FREE MOVIE PASSES DONT FIX ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! I make my exit here...


Food is a little pricey, but the tickets are cheaper than most places. Chairs are comfy. Good sound quality.

Retardation Children

It was alright but the AMC is better

Carole Westefer

Finally a theater that has somewhat reasonable pricing for popcorn and drink if ordered before 3pm. Clean.

Roberto Sabas

Clean, modern, comfortable space to watch movies and I love $6 movie nights on Tuesday for us FMG rewards members.

Jason Palmberg

They are a great theater. Better than Carmike 13.

Nathan Dodge

This is one of the nicest theaters I've ever been to, it's very clean and you won't see any popcorn on the floor and it's all really nice looking. The seats are very comfortable but the seats in the iMAX are better then the regular ones. But over all a very good theater

Javed Hassan

Worked here 10 years ago, and I still enjoy the concessions - that says something! The management has always insisted on clean - really clean - absurdly clean - when it comes to the theaters as well as concessions. They tend to offer the most options so far as films, viewing options (standard, 3D, Dbox, IMAX, 3D IMAX), and showing times. They updated the theater a few years back as well. They offer online ticket purchasing with self-service pickup and in-theater self-service ticket kiosks, so those complaining about having to wait in line clearly didn't try other options. Concession prices tend to be a bit high, but not any higher than the competition. Last I checked, they don't have an official policy on bringing outside food (although it is very frowned upon). This theater is better than others in the area. I've been to theaters in some of the big cities (Indy, Chicago, St Louis), and this is still better than many of those. I HIGHLY recommend this theater!

Daniel Slack

Great theater. Join their frequent movie goer club FMG for discounts on tickets and concessions. Comfortable seats. Imax! Usually plenty of staff during peak hours to move you through lines quick. Ample parking. Comfortable seats.

Mr. Aqua

I prefer this theater over carmike. I'm six and half foot tall so leg space is very important to me. If I'm cramped for a movie like at carmike I can't enjoy the movie. I enjoy the student discounts as well.

Blaidd Mathúin

Clean. Open early. Very fair prices. Fantastic service. What more could I ask for. Spent an entire day, 4 different day I have had in over 6 months. Only issue I had was the theater was a tad bit chilly. Not cold enough to drop my 5 star rating though!

Marvin palmer jr

The show I wanted to see was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday if sold out . It sold out for Monday and is not showing Tuesday. WHY!

Matthew Hales

Too expensive, but all theaters are. Still, they lose a star for making me take out a second and third mortgage to see a movie and have some snacks. Over $5.50 for a fountain drink, for instance. Aside that, it was clean, well staffed, the seats were comfortable and the picture and sound were top notch.

Joseph Mitchell

The movie was good, sound and video quality were great and the recliners in the theater we were in were extremely comfortable

Darci Meeker

We love our family outings at this theatre over the one in Champaign. It's always full of friendly staff, delicious popcorn..way better than GKC, and the theaters are always clean, as are the bathrooms.

Amanda Pirtle

I do like this theater however they have put in new seat and took out the best seating areas to make room for these new seats that vibrate and move. I am not interested in that but am interested in the seating area they put these chairs in. I feel like they know everyone wants to sit in the top rows so putting those chairs in will either force people to buy those tickets or annoy them as it did me. I saw IT 2 and not a single person paid to sit in those chairs which means the best seating wasn't being used at all. SMH not all new ideas are great ideas.

Angie Crawford

This movie theater is always clean when I go and offers more movies than the other theater in the area. It would receive a 5 star rating if it were cheaper.

Nicholas Hall

The theaters are clean and the staff is helpful.

Brad LaPayne

We're here to see Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again. It was clean, comfortable and no long lines! The movie experience was excellent with excellent audio.

Derek Williams

Seats are comfy.

Roger Sanders

We went to go see Arctic and had a good time. Everyone was friendly and they had plenty of concession staff on hand to make sure you didn't have wait in line

Bradley T Wells

Good rewards program for GQT members.

Jennifer Bunch

Favorite place to watch a movie!

Brian Blair

Excellant in every way

Tina Manasra

It was okay. I got a seat in the D box, and the motions were in sync with the movie soundtrack and visuals so it was pretty good. But while the moving and vibrations of the seat were cool, the chair itself wasnt comfortable. You're sitting at a stiff 90 degrees with no recline at all. That was mainly what I didnt like.

Sam Araya

Friendly staff, high quality movies, but the bathrooms were not very clean.

Trevor Karuzis

Clean and well run

kavya kuntumalla

Theater is small but audio and video quality is excellent.

Hyoeun Choi

I love this huge theater, but the food is pretty expensive. I mean it's not that expensive, but it not cheap than I expected. But this place have big screens and lots of huge posters on the wall! I love this place :)

Wendy Stephenson

Great theaters and sound, IMAX 3D is a amazing! Just dont like the long walk to the IMAX theater. I'm disabled but try to get around without a wheelchair, but this was like a marathon. Jurassic World in IMAX 3D is the only way to watch it!!!

Claire Dolan

Really love how they offer a student discount. Your average movie theater but close to campus which I appreciate.


I cannot say enough great things about this theater!

Joy Adams

So expensive, then they ask you if you would like extra butter on your popcorn and they charge you for it! If you say no you won't get any butter!

Kim D Graff

Great place, just wrong choice of show for me. Halloween will definitely be different for me this year. Great seats tho.

Ashlee Schoonover

We visited this theatre for a special event. The movie was FREE and we (as well as several other families) arrived about 5 minutes late. The 1st theatre was full (cue sighs of disappointment) so the manager opened the movie up in a 2nd theatre so everyone could view it! Definitely above & beyond! The popcorn was amazing and drinks had free refills! Seats were comfortable and so was the temperature in the theatre (and I never say that)! Good job, Savoy 16!

Timothy Lang

Always great, friendly service. Offers a student discount!!

Christine Lucks

Love going here! And they have great popcorn

James Zielinski

Great theater. To pricey . The IMAX I recommend.

Indigo Zach

Decent theatre, seating felt weird but that's probably just me. The actual theatres are larger than you'd guess and the sound was crisp without blowing out my ears.

Lymetime Productions

Just dropped friend off at work

Donald J. Jackson

The movies are amazing expiriances.

Leala Scott

Awesome place with a diverse movie selection.

M.A. Gamble

Incredible theatre(s) and plenty of snacks/food

Kimberly Priester

We went 2 watch the Peter Rabbit movie today. Thought it was $1 per person 4 this movie but ended up being Free!!! Hey that's even better lol. The prices 4 the popcorn & other food items are expensive. It was pretty busy 4 this movie the bad thing was we had some rude people of course constantly getting up & standing n ur view, several babies crying, few different things. Plus people trash the place while they r there making the workers Really work 2 reclean everything. Yes people can make messes easily eating popcorn but u don't need 2 b rude & leave ur trash around & then others have 2 walk through it all. The movie was Really funny. We will come back just hoping next time maybe b better.

Akhil Burle

Pretty packed when I was there. Bad line management but good ambience.

Thaddeus Brown

Incredible customer service clean relaxing environment and I would suggest this place to anyone

Taleena Wright

Snacks were more expensive than the movie but otherwise great experience.

marshay davis

It's really nice and affordable, even the food. The only reason I'm rating it 3 stars is because the seats smell of urine and therefore ruining my experience. Maybe it was just the seating area i was in, either way it was terrible.

markal powell

It was great....had a great time!

Alexia McCabe

I have been here multiple times and it's always a good experience. Great movies, and it's very clean. The staff is always friendly as well.

Jan Petee

Prices are too high. Same $1 box of candy goes for $3.75. Popcorn that should be $2 is almost $10. Want to fill the seats? Better prices. I'll wait for it on my Netflix and Fire Stick.

Quanata Pelmore

The service was respectful and responsible and the food is out standing.

Ed Bernson

I saw a review covering the popcorn earlier...we LOVE the popcorn! The staff is always very professional and helpful. Sometimes it's a bit messy, but with so many people coming in and out that is understandable. Its a great place to watch a movie in my book!


Great sound needs a premium section for separation and way better seats!! Staff were the best part of the theater!

Stacey Hester

The recliners really make the experience more enjoyable, especially when you have back issues.

Silas Wheeler

Love This Theater. The staff are always very nice and helpful. The concessions are decently priced but taste delicious. Anyone will love this theatre.

Matt Beever

Just saw Avengers Endgame in their luxury seating (basically recliners). Really nice theater.


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