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53 S Evergreen Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, United States

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REVIEWS OF CMX Arlington Heights IN Illinois


Used to love coming to Star Cinema Grill, but now it’s the same as AMC but with a lot worse drinks. The whole appeal was to come have a nice dinner and a few drinks. Now it’s like every other theater why bother driving out there if there are theaters closer with better drinks.

Vicki Smith

Great theater. Best popcorn. Friendly and helpful staff. Clean and comfortable.

Eliana Egeland

i haven’t even gone yet but i am sure by the pictures i am gonna absolutely love it. sincerely, your most loyal coustmer

omar torres

Same prices you find at a regular theater but with the added benefit of food and drinks. The fried pickle Spears are the best.

Colin Cabana

The best movie theater my family has ever gone to. All of the food their has great quality and at a short wait. Simply press a button and a worker will come to take your order. I HIGHLY recommend you go here because they have such good food.

Jean Bolliger

It was ok. When purchasing tickets online to see Wonder Woman, I didn't realize it had changed ownership so many times since my last visit to watch Fury Road. I was looking forward to having gluten-free pizza served at our seats during the movie. Neither the pizza nor the at-your-seat service are available anymore. Still a nice local inexpensive theater though.

vicki. tenforty

Very nice theater. Reclining seats. Food trays. Smiling staff.

Shiva kiran

Good place to watch a movie.

Joanne Scholin

Took my son to see the last Paul Blart Mall Cop movie. I was surprised that the only way I could get a bag of popcorn and drink was to sit in a seat, and turn on the little button to summon a server who should up 15 minutes later. I placed my order ... 1 medium popcorn; 1 medium diet, and it took 40 MINUTES to get it! The constant movement of servers passing in front of me taking and delivering orders was very distracting to watching the movie. So the movie is halfway finished, and I finally get my order. No napkins were provided, nor was their any salt on the popcorn. To summon a server for salt and napkins would have taken who knows how long. The bill wasn't presented until the movie ended. It took another 20 minutes for the server to run my debit card (over $9) to pay for my popcorn and drink. Needless to say, I added no tip to my bill. I won't be back.

Kate Hales

Great sound system

Taylor Bombard

Small theatre. Decently priced given that movie companies steal all their income

Cesar Muñoz

Cozy rooms, comfy seats, good AC.

Rachel Pollard

Chairs are amazing, so comfy! Good snacks too.

Richie G

Love this theater, great seats

Sana Hasan

Comfy seats,great screens,and almost always empty.

Shahzad Daudi

Great place... clean, comfortable seats, easy parking!

Becky Spiwak

Great atmosphere and so clean. Loved the food and everything about the experience. I highly recommend it

Jesse Campo

Nice, small movie theater. You pick your seats in advance, and they're big, comfortable, power-controlled reclining chairs.

Olawale Adekola

I love the adjustable seats and their popcorn is a lot.

Barbara Blye

Comfortable, clean and convenient!

Bill Davenport

New owners have done a good job in updating the theater, adding lots of extras and making this a great entertainment experience.

M Hinklin

Always clean, not crowded and the movies are excellent! I'm usually late but they always hold the movie for me.

Kenneth Slava Adamson

Used to love coming to Star Cinema Grill - with the waiter service and all. Now, under Paragon, you have to order food at the concession, just like any other movie theater. Food quality is worse, menu is very small now. I hate giving bad reviews to places, but this place lost the only thing that differentiated it from all other theaters... Not going back to this place any more. I will simply go to AMC Randhurst, which also has a bar, and overall nicer amenities.

Rebekah Rucker

Very nice recliners to sit in to watch the show. Snack bar with a variety of food. They also have the regular popcorn and candy as well. Great price as well.

Stephanie Will

New ownership is terrible. You can't enjoy your hear recliners moving or buzzers going off. Then you go down to get your terrible food in a to go box. Food was expensive and I would've rather ate McDonalds for a 5th of the price. Our order was completely messed up, and they advertise the sampler for $10.99 pick 3 and once you pick 3 the total comes out $12 or more for upcharges of each choice. It's not worth it here! Now, only Pepsi products now too...another disappointment. When it was star cinema we were frequent customers, we will NEVER be back. This place will not last at these prices, quality, and service. Go to Rosemont or Schaumburg don't come here!

Aspi Havewala

Great prices, every seat has a clear view. The food isn't the best, but hey it's a cinema.

Joe Roznai

Decent food. Great way to have dinner as you start your movie. Courteous wait staff.

Chuck Cooper

Great place to see a movie.

Elliott Heckard

I come here a lot with my friends to watch new movies whenever we are bored or if something interesting came out. There usually aren't too many people, and the reclining seats are great feature. They also show a good collection of movies new and old, and as a bonus, the prices are pretty cheap for a teen. Would definitely recommend.

Randall Scott

Well I'm going to start with three stars we'll see how the rest of the night goes considering the fact that I called your office for over an hour to get specific information, only to be in contact with nobody other than a voicemail. It's a shame now on days when you can't get a hold of somebody for information, but yet they're willing to take your money. Perhaps get in touch with your staff and re-orientate them as to what their job duties are.

Jack Gillespie

Great service and food. This is a really nice theatre. I would definitely recommend this movie theatre.

Thomas Woullard

The movie theater is really nice. The inside is beautiful, and they serve good cocktails.

Son Of The 80s

I love this theater. I for one am VERY glad they got rid of the annoying and distracting food service in the theater. It was inefficient and disruptive. I want to see the movie, not hear the people in front of us order their dinner. At the end of the film they'd come with all the bills, right as the plot was coming to a climax. If you wanted a pop, you had to go through the same ritual. This works 10x better. Love the seats, the underground parking, the prices, the location. THANKS for keeping the theater in town! We are loyal fans and almost never go to AMC any more. My only wish is that I could buy a bottle of water for $3 or so, not $5. We aren't pop drinkers, I get the whole concession stand thing, but that bottle of water is more than it is at the United Center and that seems not right.

Marshall Moore

I have been going to this theater for years. Love the $6 Tuesday. Seats are comfy. Easy parking from the garage and easy access to the rest of downtown Arlington Heights. The lobby recently was updated giving it a trendy bar look. Miss having the food delivered to you at the seats, but otherwise a pleasant experience. .

Erik Johnson

New ownership changed menu, decreased food quality, and removed in-theater service. New chairs are nice. If they raise prices, this will drop to a 0 star theater.

Mary Young

Great place to take the family!

Sarah Lewis

Seats are always clean and lines are always short. Great spot for date nights in downtown Arlington Heights!

Gregory O'Laughlin

Great value. Love the electric electric recliners and the full bar!

William Lang

New recliner seating is awesome... For the adults the bar is awesome...

Thomas Deming

Great experience! Comfortable leather reclining seats with plenty of personal space. The food and service are excellent. This is NOT a mill of the run movie theater!

Dave Mahadevan

Recliners, concessions and great head sets

Alec McKay

When I'm forced to go to a movies it is okay because I love the food there.

Scott Mandu

Comfy seats, great sound

Sel Sal

Bad experience ,no staff around when you need them , specially when your watching a late movie .

Amit Mathur

Nice experience, food was good. service was nice and quick. catch was there were only 4 people in our call but we anyway loved it

Alice Moreno

Great service... Clean place and the new G.M. is making a difference!

Kyle Buchanan

Great Theater! Manager very friendly and professional! Can't wait to see the finished product when construction is done!

Matt Teeter

You can't beat big leather recliner chairs. And it's right next to a frozen yogurt shop for a quick snack after.

chris cavi

Comfortable seats, friendly staff, affordable tickets. This is why I'm coming back to the cinema again. Nice work!


6 dollar tickets on tuesday. Love the location and I like that it is a small theater. They also have nice seating like AMC without the AMC price. Even a normal day doesnt cost as much.

Robert Grajkowski

This was the very first time visiting this place with my 7 year old son. There was no one at the register to purchase tix from. Tried to buy popcorn and something to drink for my son and myself. It turns out you can't. You have to order it from the seat once seated. This is all great but to wait for popcorn 15-20 minutes is no fun when you come with kids plus it takes away the fun of going to movies. Once in the movie theater #5 it turns out that the heat is not working. Some one forgot to mention this when purchasing Tix. The air blowing felt like AC. This is with the temp at 28 degrees outside. I called the manager and she offered to refund the money and give us 2 passed for next time, however i had to walk out in the middle of the movie so we don't get sick. Now I am not even sure if we will be able to see Star Wars since this may be their last week playing it. Not happy with this place.

Chris Osswald

The serving of food/drink during a movie sounds great in concept but in reality it encourages everyone to treat the experience like a restaurant and talk to each other during the movie. Will not go back.

Jenny Martinez

Staff is super friendly! It's small but clean and the prices for combos and what not are good! The food itself taste good. love the art in the hallways! And unlike AMC, you don't hear what movie is next to your room I will definitely be going back (:

Omar Diaz

There is construction going on right now but the theater is still open. Construction is for new bar and more seating!

Jerry Bradley

The picture quality was poor. The screen would get darker then lighter and darker again. The images weren't crisp. Sound was good. Theater was very clean.

Rob Lamantia

Nice. Great seats.

Allison Lindrum

Excellent customer service! Great theatres!

Jeffery Scott

Super nice. Comfy. Great food.

Mary Skocz

Nice clean theater, Reasonable pricing, service with a smile, very friendly servers. Tuesdays you get a fantastic deal.

Vernon Guttman

My son and I really enjoyed ourselves

Montoya monsters


Lucian Jian

Great experience. Good selection of drinks and food. My family had a blast going through the menu as they have a clever movie pun for all the food items like "Gone with the Wings" or "Nachos Libre" Look forward to go back on our next movie night

Michael Bogan

I love the parking garage especially when it's raining or snowing. Went here when we couldn't get tickets opening day. We were able to buy tickets here when there were none to be found in the major theaters. It is a little older but the seating is being improved, little by little. Pricing is comparable to other theatres. The snack bar is small but has all the usual theatre fare.

rylee sahl

it ‘‘twas amazing

Zachary Paeth

Cute little theater. Looks like it was remodeled recently, or they just keep it up in great repair

Chris Kramer

Love this place. Great friendly staff, comfortable seats, full bar, very reasonable prices, very clean and modern atmosphere.

Paul Borczykowski

Great place, love it

Ariel C

This is a super cozy, clean, well maintained theater. I LOVE the throwback movies they feature. The folks who were working were really pleasant, and the little touch of waiting with a chocolate after the feature is charming.

Ted Ward

Great neighborhood place, hope it stays.

Anthony Mele

Easily my favorite theater. I've been coming here for years, initially because of proximity, but even after checking out other theaters, this one still comes out on top. It has a great intimate feel while still being clean and well kept. Recliner chairs with swivel tables on them for your popcorn/drink is fantastic, and really should be the standard everywhere else. Possibly above all else, though, is the staff. All extremely nice and friendly.

Ekta Paliwal

Good theater! All recliner, seats are very comfortable. They have pretty good food options. We got little confused with the name, its displayed as Paragon Theaters. You can park anywhere around the theater. They also have parking garage.

Jennifer Morgan

Great local theater. Recliner seats, good food.

Cameron Terry

Nice lil' theater.

Maddy DiGirolamo

The seats are so comfy! The place is small but still really clean, going again soon can't wait!

don krist

Great theatre. Newly remodeled. Drinks a little expensive tho.

Emily Gruber

Great service, good food, and good movies! I love that theaters are becoming more popular, it can get expensive but it's a fun experience!

MJ Fishing

Quiet, comfortable chairs, and also very luxurious

Cody Temple

What a find! We were on a weekend get away with our family and we originally went to the AMC Up the street. We left because it was packed and over priced. This place had it all! Affordable tickets. 7.50 large popcorn and the overall experience was great. If you’re visiting and want to see a movie this is the place to do it.

Gayle Mitchell

Clean and comfortable with good visual and sound quality. Staff at the counter could benefit from additional training though.

Marti O'Neal

Nice and comfortable

Sergio Cruz Zepeda

I very good not very crowded movie theater

Hector Carabez

Great theatre, great experience. The seats are out of this world. You can recline back, put up your feet and have plenty of space. Good? Fantastic

Barry Koehl

This theater - now called Paragon - appears like it may have been nice at one point and time. Their website claims patrons can order food in the lobby or in the theater and have it delivered during the movie, but when we requested this service we were informed it is no longer available. The only option is to order food in the lobby beforehand, at which point the patron is given a pager, which goes off when the food is ready. At that point, the patron must get up and leave the theater temporarily to grab their foot outside the theater door. Very strange and inconvenient for theater guests. The other critical point I must mention is the movie started early. For most major blockbuster releases (such as Avengers: Infinity War which we saw) guests can count on 20-30 mins of advertisements and extended movie previews before the feature starts. Our movie was scheduled for 6:15, which is about when we arrived, but since we had to order our food in the lobby it was 6:28 before we got to our seats. At this point the movie had already been running about 10 minutes, so we missed the start of the feature which is extremely frustrating. All that being said, the food was good, the seats were comfortable, and the bathrooms were trendy and clean. Since this theater is priced less than AMC, I still give it three stars for movie quality and seat comfort versus price. However, for any patrons seeking a higher end "dinner theater" experience, stick with places like iPic or Studio Movie Grill. For a basic movie experience, CMX (aka Paragon) will work fine.

David Lieber

Great theater with a unique food service. Decent prices, but the food and desserts are well worth it! Exceptional service that stays out of the way during the movie.

Arvind B

Small but extremely comfy theater, with top class seats. Add to that good food and drinks combo. Everything for price which is less than what a typical AMC or other multiplexes charge. Overall has everything for a great family afternoon or evening.

Tina Nguyen

Used to come here once or twice a week and loved the food service at the seat. That's the reason why we came all the time for the cheap movie prices and a "finer" in theater dining experience which was really unique. Now we have to order outside, take in a buzzer, pick up our food outside, and food quality went down. Not only that, they didn't know how to make the drinks on the menu. They were frantically looking around, asking each other, and reading off a book. Tasted horrible and I think they forgot the liquor. I rather pay the extra bucks for better snacks and better environment. Now it's just like any other theater but with worse service. New ownership is garbage. Will never be going back.

Michael Lenczuk

Small theater with nice seats. Optional drinks.

Mukta Parikh

I went into today on Christmas to see a movie with my sisters. However, I purchased our tickets online through the Fandango website. Getting into the theater we found our seats were already taken. The older gentlemen in our seats went with me to talk to a manager about the mix up. I explained our situation to one of the staff members who agreed that it had to have been some kind of misunderstanding. He went to grab the manager. Meanwhile, the old prick, left me there to wait saying, "Well while you figure this out I'm going to go watch the movie". Needless to say I was dumbfounded after that sentence. What an ignorant and disrespectful individual and on Christmas especially. I explained the situation to the manager, Amanda, and she was very empathetic. She apologized for the situation and even for that nasty old prick. Amanda and the other manager, Rob, came over to apologize and gave my sisters and I a refund and a few extras due to the nature of the situation. I was obviously very upset by that older douchebag at no fault of the management yet, they still took care of me as their customer. I appreciate the service that I received today & can only rave about the staff of the Paragon theater! My sisters and I will definitely be back to enjoy movies there more often. Merry Christmas to that prick of an old man- and bless his grandchildren he was with tonight, they sincerely need it. Thank you to Amanda, Rob and staff of the Paragon Theater. Keep up the excellent work!

Tania Diaz

It was my first time here on 7/29 and it was amazing I love the place will definitely return


The wife and I really love this place. Great food, decent prices. Be sure to come in on a Tuesday or Thursday the tickets at $7 each. Compared to other theaters in the area this place is a deal.

Bonnie Reidel

Soooooo disappointed!! We used to come here for the dining and movie experience. The last time we were here was a few months ago, and I remember them telling us we should have ordered out specific seats online ahead of time. So this time I go to THE SAME website, select my location, and noticed that it said Paragon for the theater. That's it; nothing else mentioned the differences on the website. I ordered our seats for the lunch-time movie we wanted for our family holiday outing, and was pleased with the checkout experience. A short while later, however, I learned that my daughter's schedule had changed for the holiday vacation, and I needed to change the tickets. I looked all over the confirmation email for a way to modify our tickets, and there wasn't even a phone number to call, much less an easy way to change. So, back to the (same old website) for the phone number, which I called to explain my predicament. The gentleman was friendly at first, but wouldn't let me choose seats for the later show - he just assigned them. Oh well, at least we got the dinner show and it wasn't a complete loss. When we arrived, the check-in lines were confusing and staff was clueless. I explained how I had changed times and they still printed out my old tickets with previous seats. I explained (for the third time!) that I had changed my tickets, and the girl went to go find someone to ask. She came back later and verbally told me our seats. I asked about the tickets she had just handed me with the wrong seats and times, and she assured me that it was fine. After a quick trip to the bathroom (that was out of paper towels!) we go in to our theater to find our seats. We noticed that aisles were dirty and the seats were different, as were the tables. We sat down and started looking for the menus, only to realize THEY NO LONGER SERVE FOOD!!! We had SPECIFICALLY picked a meal-time movie instead of going out to eat beforehand, and NOTHING on their website mentioned that they no longer serve food!! We went out to find that you can order from the concession stand, and they now "bring it to the door of the theater" so you have to miss parts of the movie to go get it when your buzzer rings. What's the appeal of that?? By the time we ordered (rather expensive food for what was essentially take-out), we had missed the opening of the movie. So much for 15 minutes of previews - that would have been nice to know too! When the food was ready, the buzzer was embarrassingly loud to let us know to go to the door - I felt bad for all the other patrons, as I'm sure it interrupted their movie experience. And the great new seats? Well they're nice if you like to watch a movie lying down. If you want to sit with your feet up, you can't. You can either sit, or you can recline completely. You can't have a combination to sit back with your feet up. After all this, the food itself was tasty, but they messed up my son's order and what can you do about it without missing even more of the movie?! After the ownership change, this is just an ordinary theater, with mediocre staff and service, poor cleanliness, and horrible parking. Next time we'll just go out to eat first, then go to a movie at a theater closer to home. Bummer on the new ownership.

Stephanie Sutton

The server forgot about one of the people who was in our party. We were told there was only one way to cook the hamburgers because the patties were so thin. At the end of the night our check was wrong and when my husband went to talk to the bartender about fixing it he was literally ignored until my husband made him lock eyes. Then my husband was told by the same bartender to "fix the bill with the same server you had and you should go find that person." Yup go find the server who's running around with their head cut off and already messed up my bill? Fortunately, the manager (a pleasant young lady) came to the bar just as my husband was being told this. She was polite and possibly even had some customer service training! She fixed the bill and we left never to return again.

Kimberley Hawkinson

Great up to date movie theater can get food besides popcorn and soda chicken, pizza, ect , great friendly staff

Michael Swain, Jr.

Clean place, recently renovated, price better than the others I look in, comfortable seating

Christine Hecht

It's a nice neighborhood theater. Menu is ok. Better then just popcorn, candy and chicken fingers. Seats are comfy too

victor r soto

very friendly staff ,Excellent Drinks - Keep up the good work

David Norman

Our first experience was a good one. Good food. Reasonable prices. Good service. Great picture and sound. We will be back.

Steven Schechter

I don't understand why these places keep getting fancier and fancier... What happened to just going to see a movie for cheap? The theatre itself is very nice and I had a good experience, but it is still pricey. If you want a cheaper theatre, see Elk Grove theatre or AMC $5 Tuesdays for Stubbs members.

Scott Vandy

Comfy seats, underground parking, decent prices

Chad Torgerson

I love this theater and visit often. When I took my 13 year-old, she said, "Whoa, Dad! This is the nicest theater I've ever been in." CMX impressed a teenager - no easy task.

tracy groark

Very nice theaters, with reclining chairs

Lisi Strickling

My preference is to choose my seat in the theater not on a computer screen.

Russ Noftz

I've been to the new Star Cinema Grill in downtown Arlington Heights several times since they've opened. One time, I walked there from the train station and enjoyed dinner and a movie because the weather was bad and I had to wait for a ride. I love the convenience of 'dinner and a movie' all at the same time. The theater is very roomy, the food is very good (which was a pleasant surprise, given that they are not a traditional restaurant) and the prices are reasonable (slightly inflated for the dishes served, but not 'movie candy' inflated and the convenience makes up for it). Each time I've been there, the service has been very good. And finally, the picture and sound were great. All in all, this is my favorite place to watch new release movies.

Chargold 12

Expensive tickets compared to other theaters, as well as overpriced and disappointing popcorn. Seats squeak too much during the movie but are comfortable.

Nicole M

This place used to be great, now it's gone down hill and I would not recommend. The food is not worth it, the sound in the theatre didn't work and then there was a false alarm fire alarm. It used to be a good experience that was worth it but not anymore.

Michael Holton

The food was extremely expensive and very bad. Cheap and bad fine but expensive and bad is a no go.

g•r•e•e'n E.y.e.s

I love the Reviews and I do respect that then please give them reviews back I can’t wait to be there today from my first time thank you keep u posted

Hugo Guerrero

Been going there for a couple of years and loved it, but now they got bought out and eliminated food service at your seat! No more real food, no more servers, just candy, soda, and popcorn. The whole reason for so many people going there is because it was a unique place to have dinner, a movie and a drink at a sort of fancy theater! Now no difference between AMC and this place. Won't be back anymore, I will miss the old place.

Alexander Shevchuk

Great place, reclining seats and you can have any alcohol during your movie time

Menoats Untouchable

This theater has gone through so many remodeling but I think they have it finally figured out. Great reclining seats and the price is reasonable compared to the competition. If only they had Frozen yogurts.

Michele Banks

Love it. Clean cozy recliners with attached trays for food. Decor is great. Staff friendly.

Nachi Salasini

I come here when I want to treat myself to dinner and a movie

moises vallejo

Good place to ser a movie

Daragh F

Basically the old theatre, with dinner which is admittedly cool. However when it's busy the ticketing falls apart. The food is also way overpriced considering it's Sysco you're eating. Prepare to spend over $30 per person, which is expensive when you have kids.

Bill Cordts

Best theatre around

Rudresh Ranaswi

This theatre has got wonderful ambience, multiple shows and different genres of films. New recliner seats are great. Location wise, it's easily reachable. There are various restaurants in the near vicinity as well.

Janelle Ketterer

$6 movies on Tuesday's can't be beat! Comfy, reclining chairs, and good selection of food and drinks for a tiny in town theater. Movies circulate quickly due to small sized theater, so if something is released, go see it ASAP!

Matthew Gregory

Great food and comfortable seats!

sonia werba

Please I don't believe some of the negative reviews. My children 19, 11, my husband, and I totally love this movie theater. This is pretty much the ONLY theater we like to go. (If the movie we want to watch is not showing, we will go to another theater). It is true that some of the "fancy" entrees are NOT great, but you can't go wrong with burgers, sandwiches, some appetizers, ice cream, shakes, pop corn, etc. (and cocktails of course). I think it's pretty cool that you don't have to wait in line to buy anything. Just go to your seat and press the button ASAP : ) It's SUPER CLEAN, and beautiful!

Ericka Garduno

New seats are great, food sucks. They no longer have food service with waiters. Instead you have to meet them outside your theater room and pick up your food. Use to be a great theater, no longer worth the long drive.

Brenan Salgado

Nice little theater. Cool art on the walls and motorized reclining seats. The screens are off center though so choose your seats wisely.

Mark Thoms

Nice place to watch a movie. Seats are comfortable and no bad views.

Mark Norton

Arlington Heights is a nice place to stroll around on a sunny afternoon.

Ariel Hernandez

1st time there wasn't pleasant. I'll start with the good. Concept is great. Beer, food while you watch a movie= GREAT! Admission is cheap. Food pricing is reasonable. Staff is good. Get to pick your own seats, comfy seats as well. The bad. Not clean! Movie theater we were seated in was filthy! Popcorn, food crumbs all over the floor. Some seats still had plates and cups sitting on tables from prior show. Half of our food order never came out had to ask for it. Food was bland tasted like it came straight out of the microwave. Don't know if I would go back.

shakti lenka

Very good recliner seats and prices are cheaper

Tanner Hart

Great food, great seating. Only been here twice, but both times were great.

Ted Campbell

Great reclining seats with a small attached table! The seats and cup holders are numbered. This place has a bar. Food is expensive compared to other theaters.

Daniel Duval

Good prices for a theater with recliners and a bar.

Tom Walsh

Installation of recliners a really nice improvement. Food was good and milk shake nice and thick. We'll be back.

Linda Heard

Love the seats, the cashiers are very nice & polite!

Bonnie Ladgaard

Super clean. Great seats and sound system. Nice easy parking

Robert Schultz

Great Vibe and Prices. The seats are great, food is well worth the price. You get free pop refills, free refills on Large Popcorn. Try the pulled pork sliders are my fav. Get tickets on line.


Very good seating.. with restaurant facilities.. tickets rates are very cheap too

John Kilroy

Great Clean, all seats are a good view Great concessions.And all the people who work there are friend ly. Love this show

Erika Golder

I'm pretty bummed out about having to write this review. I've been going to CMX since they changed owners and like going there because it's conveniently located and pretty empty most of the time. However, the last two times I went, I have found some bugs in my food and/or drinks. The first one I found IN MY TOOTH, like wedged in when I got home, so I figured it could have come from a different place (I had coffee before going) so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Then last night I went back and ordered food and an alcoholic drink. When the movie was over I was carrying my left over drink out of the theater and I happened to look down, and there floating, was another one of the same type of bug! The restrooms are always very smelly and the place just doesn't seem to get cleaned. It's not how I expect a place that serves food and drinks to be. I will not be coming back to this theater which sucks because now I have to find another one to go to with the same amenities (minus the bugs).

Jason Sternburgh

Wife and I use this place for date night frequently. The bonus of dinner AND a movie is great. However, the quality of the food has really gone down hill. Dry, dry, dry. Except for maybe the Gyro sandwich, we haven't had a good (read: acceptable) meal here in a while. Still, a nice place for drinks and a movie, clean and roomy so that's still working for it. Will pass on the food.

Tareq Abdelrahim

Great location and fun place

Karen Klaus

The movie seating and the the interior are very nice. The concession stand is very very very expensive for a small bottle of water it was $5.

David Horn

The theater was immaculate; very clean, and well lit prior to the show. The aisles are roomy allowing east travel to and from seating. Service response time during the show was reasonable (not instant, but certainly within 5 minutes of putting up my order card). The food was delicious, I had the baked pasta. Beer selection was nice; plenty of high quality beers. The desert cocktails were very enjoyable (try the chocolate covered pretzel martini). Great experience, will be going again.

Gisele Samora

Best cinema in Arlington Heights. Not always crowded, very very comfortable with the reclining chairs and the pop corn is the best! I always try to go there first!

Natasa Radenovic

Very clean and nice movie theater. I have never been there prior to my visit however I will definitely go back!

Mark Moody

ZERO STARS IF I COULD Horrible experience at the CMX Arlington Heights Theater today, and will not return to see any movies in the future. After purchasing 3 tickets online and selecting our seats for Star Wars The Last Jedi at 2:15pm, and arriving early enough to get in, buy snacks, and make it to our seats at 2:09 the movie had already started. I walked out and asked how long had the movie been playing and was told "oh it just started"... no when Star Wars "just" starts you see the opening dialog scrolling up the screen, and we were in the middle of a battle scene. After the movie I spoke with the manager along with another couple who were in the same situation as us and all he could say was "I'm sorry" repeatedly. The couple said they would not be returning there again and neither will we, and I will make sure to let everyone else I know not to see any movies there either. There were approximately 10-12 people in the movie and a total of 7 arrived prior to 2:15 but after the movie had started. VERY SAD since it looks like they need the business if there are only a few people at any given show. I'm not sure how they survive financially, so the end may be near for this theater.

Jay Gopal

Love the feeling of watching movie and ordering drinks/food. I would rate food 3 stars, but not bad for a movie theater. Service was great.

Jack Mcmahon

Big screen, great sound, and recliner seats

Eric Klink

This place is great. The prices and food are at a great point, not too expensive with good quality. Also, on Sundays, you can go and watch Bears games on the big screen.

Julie Osterhout

We love this theater. When my husband was stationed in Virginia we had something similar to this, but not this nice. This theater is it set up well, its clean, and the food is pretty good.

Montrell Neal

This place was much better three years ago. I miss the white movie chairs & when your food buzzer used to buzz, the servers would bring your food in yo your seat before or during the movie....that was one of the big reasons I visited the movie theater.

Edmund Centella

Looks nice but has changed

Tom Marchok

Went to see a movie. Didn't because the a/c was out.

Chris McNees

The theater and experience was outstanding. Everything was very clean and well played out. The food was pretty good compared to other eat in theaters and the service was very good. My wife and I will be more than happy to come back again very soon.

D & T Electric

Great sound seats and bar, highly recommend.

Matt Mcclusky

My fiancé and I always make it out for date night on the weekends for dinner and a movie. We love the food and the service is great. They did a great job with the renovation and it's just a fun place to grab a movie (and drink if you're up for it!).

Mustak Alam

This theatre has got wonderful ambience, multiple shows and different genres of films. New recliner seats are great. Location wise, it's easily reachable. There are various restaurants in the near vicinity as well.

Peter Frankfort

This is what every movie theater should be like. Comfortable seats, good food, easy parking. Better than catching a film at home.

Donna Radisic

Great theater - reclining seats, prices more reasonable than other theaters

Oleg Simkin

The advantage of this place use to be seat side service that they stopped doing. Now this place has nothing special to offer


Awesome and super comfy

Tim Rachke

Very clean location, comfortable reclining seats, very friendly staff always helpful.


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