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REVIEWS OF Century 16 Deer Park IN Illinois

Bob-Pam Bouse

Seats were good. Show was good. Popcorn was good. Staff was friendly and helpful. We will be back here again.

krishna kumar

This is a nice place to spend quality time with family or friends. Theaters are adequately sized, not too small and not too big. Seating is comfortable, proper height allows you to watch the entire screen and not the head of someone sitting in front of you. Staff is also friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work. Thank you for great time we spent here.

Guiselle Vega

I dont understand why people complain so much about this theater. It is for a fact one of the best theaters if not the best on its area. Why? A. Because its cheap. B. Because there's so many discount days or times (other theaters dont have discounts everyday) c. The staff is never rude. The problem is people expect to get away w things that are against the theaters policies. They r very strict about rated R movies and people can't seem to be smart enough to understand that. The theater can get in trouble if they let a 15 or 16 yr old kid watch a rated r movie and people dont realize its not the employees fault it's rules they need to follow. Period!! No excuses!! If u r a parent then u should know better than that and if ur ok w ur kid watching rated r the stay w them. No need to be all stupid about it. Just saying.

Ted Lee

Awesome reclining leather theater seats

John Kuschel

Huge place to see first run films. Liked the selection of movie snacks.

Reese Funk

Good movies

Daniel Hernandez

Worst theater ever they won’t let me bring my 17 year old sibling along even though I am 23 years old! They’re saying it needs to be a parent but we don’t all have parents that are still with unfortunate and disappointing.

Salma & Zayda

Terrible place to go, I try to go today and watch cunjuring 2 and they didn't let half of the people go in because they didn't have prove that your family was you're family!!! (STUPID) they didn't let me go in after I had lurches tickets because I didn't have prove that my brother was my brother. Manager was nice, although the employers were rude and had attitude, security guys are even worst and rude. WORST PLACE TO GO!!! Don't recomanded people are loud and when the movie is done they always try to kick you out when you are waitting for you're ride.

Alexander Issakoo

Great theater all new movies never really packed.

Paul Lanci

Theater number 4 has serious climate control issues. We had to get a refund because it was so hot in the theater. Don't go if the movie you want is in number 4.

Diane Ganden

We bought tickets online for First Time which played Robin Hood. Ticket prices were discounted, free large popcorn and a FREE memorabilia glass for each ticket.

Kiki Kobakov

There was an emergency a guy was throwing up 10 min after the movie began also kids throwing popcorn and yelling worst movie theater ever!



Rob Z

Clean theater with great prices. Not too busy either.

Chris Maher

Took my son to see a super hero movie and the opening scene was very exciting and cool! My son gasped and said did you see that daddy!? I of course said yes but Shhhh. Then he was quite because I raise my boy to have manners. About 4 minutes later a teenager kid who works came up to us and said we had to leave because he got a complaint we were loud. I couldn't believe it! The movie just started, my son during a kids movie talked one time, and we never even got a warning. First off, the person who got up to go complain SO quickly is absolutely ridiculous, and second the theater handled the situation very poorly!! I told the worker why didn't he stand in the theater and listen. Then he would have seen we were quite and there was no issue. But if we weren't, then he could have known first hand. I also said why not come give us a warning that someone said they heard us ONE time so please keep quite or you will be asked to leave. I couldn't believe the ridiculousness of the complainer and that the theater jumped the gun like that taking their word for it without actually knowing. I'd never go to this theater again and would recommend everyone not to. For kicking a little kid out of a kids movie for talking ONCE in the very beginning out of excitement just say wow, did you see that daddy!?

Olga florea

Chairs are not so comfortable but prices are very good

Justin Freeman

It was good

alan langlotz

Robin Netzel

Decent theater, good parking, and easy to get to.

William Schatz

Good prices, good movies and clean theaters. Great popcorn too.

David Demma

Go here at least twice a month. Comfy seating and good viewing from anywhere. Popcorn is a little overpriced, but where isn't it? Temperature is good, never cold unlike some other places in the past. Also, nearby restaurants provide a wide variety of food to choose from before or after the show.

Catherine L

I enjoy going to this theatre. They have lots of good movie snacks and the place is usually not too crowded. Prices are fair, but check for discounted days for a cheaper price.

Tom Matijevic

We live in the area, but always enjoy coming here.

Carter Powers

Nice organized movie theater

Ken D

Shahzad Daudi

Very clean and well maintained theatres... improvement would be to have some of the luxury seating available too!

Sonam Pansari

Great place and nice seating to be comfortable. Staff is friendly.

Frank R. Grace

Stadium seating. My hangup, popcorn with unpoped seeds. Hasn't happened there yet. Price in range for top movie houses. Staff is attentive. Comfortable. Get there early if you want $5 price. Call first.

Jim Pierson

Pretty good theater quality

L Aphrodite

I went to the movies today with my fiends. It is a nice movie theater and and we had fun. Clean with great popcorn

Ana Enrriquez

(Translated by Google) It is a very nice place I always take my children to see the premieres the staff is very friendly. (Original) Es un lugar muy agradable siempre llevo amis hijos a ver los estrenos el personal es muy amable.

Amber Domanus

i came here with my friends and 3 of us were 17 for the R movie but one was 16 and they wouldn’t let us see the movie with him and i know it’s their job but i’m just upset so i felt like giving it a one star bc i’m salty and they sent security after us even though we didn’t do anything wrong

Shannon O

Big theaters, but concession area was kinda messy

Cindy H

Very friendly staff. Welcoming atmoshere and spotless theatre. It was worth the trip. I saw Western Stars with Bruce Springsteen in it. I do not know why this wonderful movie was in limited release by the way.

Quentin Kakuda

Mahdi Hassan

This movie theater is so great !!!!

Yanto Njam

Clean and lot of parkings.

Ella McNeil

Most of the people are really friendly here and they always smile when they talk to you. Plus it's a great place to go and watch movies. I go here every-time.

David Phinney

Great movie theater, comfortable seating

Geri Trocola

Clean and comfortable seating. Good popcorn!

Charles R.

Always a nice place to see a movie. Delicious popcorn.

Omar Bernardo

it was a nice place the staff is great

Marie Honeywell

Great place for movies. Great service

Ana Bedard

This is our go-to place for movies - the seats are comfortable, the staff is well-trained, it's clean, and it's the best buttered popcorn in town!

David Ready

Your general run of the mill movie theater. The food service area is almost self serve, which I do not like. The food selection is pretty limited basic. No alcohol service. As stated in other reviews, their popcorn is very good.

Js Carlos

Schoen Aldrich

Always a pleasure!


Love the movies and the staff were so nice

Keith Bayer

Nice facility, employees could use a little more training but are very friendly!

The Baller Brothers

I love this place every time I go it is great

Erica V


Mike Gallo

I only was there to see the new Godzilla movie with my son and his family.

Laura Fields

Great customer service. The concessions may be pricey, but well worth it and it is the way they make their money, not from tickets of the movies. Very patient with rude people as I have witnessed. They try very hard to please everyone. Great place, clean theater, very accommodating. very hard working.Awesome place to go for a movie!

Johnny Reed

Julia Kubik

Antanas Andrusaitis

Great place with good movie selections and tasty ice cream!

Evencio Hernandez

Andy Hanscom

Nice theatre

William Brown

Anastasia Beaverhausen

Holly Bowen

Wonderful movie theater at a fair price.

Matthew Payne

Cozy. Great place to see a movie!!

paty magueyal


Brundon Majors

Clean movie theater with wonderful staff. It is my go to movie theater. Just avoid keep kiddo and teenage times to avoid some of the rude patrons.

Owen Japuntich

Wonderful popcorn. Comfy seats, reasonable prices.

Ron Stern

Very reasonable compared to any other theater. Lower prices for the movie and for the snacks. Very comfy seats and good sound systems. This is our go to for seeing movies.

Jessica G

I love this theater. Very comfortable, great prices (especially on Tuesdays!), and friendly staff. My only complaint would be that most of the time, their bathrooms could use some work...toilet paper rolls missing/rolled across the floor, sink messy, etc. But otherwise, love the theater!


Love em good movies to pick from and the quality is great just great BEST MOVIE THEATERS EVER

Shanti Taylor

Nice show but seats could use some updating.

Nikola Bosnjakovic

Very nice and pretty clean place.

Janice Belen

McKenzie Sweno

Really great theater for cheaper movie tickets. The seats aren't really fancy but they are always really comfy. The concessions are a little on the pricey side but pretty good. Always a great place to go to see good movies, and with $5 Tuesdays and student discounts, it makes it that much better!

Madeline Cramer

I've had it with this place. The security guards are very rude. They checked our ID's at the front (we're 19) and called over someone to specifically check ours again before we were allowed in the theatre. It was highly unnecessary; we were being treated as if we were using fake UNDERAGE ids to get into a R rated movie. Absolutely ridiculous.


Liz Crothers

Clean and friendly

Karen Martinez

Lots of movies to choose from. They add butter to the middle and to the top of popcorn.

Holly Hitchcock

Nice, just needs some up dating

Barbara Johnson

Your theatre is too cold for watching a movie confortably. Its not healthy either. This is ridiculous that we have to wear our coats and gloves to be warm. I recommend all patrons to not go to their theatres until summer.

Brian Trees

Some kid threatened to burn it but otherwise pretty tight

Benjamin Hernandez

Non reserved seating got the true movie fan. Lots of good events as well. Reasonable prices and friendly staff.

Sujatha Bharadwaj

Comfortable seating!! Courteous staff!

Jang Bahadur

Real good service

Nicholas Versino

Brandon Georgen

This theatre is really great. I had a really good experience with it. I go every week and one employee stuck out particularly, Brandon. When getting popcorn he knows how much butter I like and he also assisted me a few times when he ushers. I see him sweeping popcorn all the time as well as doing theatre checks in my theatre to make sure all emergency exits are not blocked and my viewing experience reaches its maximum cinematic potential. Give this kid a raise! -Sharon

Kandy Ponce

Disappointed in the fact I can’t bring my 17 yr old sister to the movies without a “legal guardian” when I’m 24 yrs old. Unfortunately our parents aren’t in the picture. And it saddens me I won’t be able to enjoy a night out at the movies with her. Worse place ever 0 stars

Jack Frost

Nice theater! No problem with the theater, just the old couple next to us. They were filthy kissing and petting. Taking out there dentures and making noises like sucking jelly out of a donut. Great theater though!

Allen Rosenston

Nice theater. Special prices for early bird. Disappointed they started reserved seating.

Karla Johnson

My only issue with this theater is the same with all of them, the concessions are TOO high. It cost more for treats than the movie. $4.50 for a 10oz slushy is ridiculous!

Olivia Schwan

great popcorn

Ajsivsan AJ

I had been here before several times but today had worst experience. The Air conditioner was not set enough. The theater was almost full and felt very warm and uncomfortable. And the seats were stinking bad. There was urine smell, couldn't bear it. Hope the theater takes steps to keep the seats clean. Update: I contacted the theater management to resolve the issue. They sent 4 tickets to me for the inconvenience caused which was unexpected.

charles lawhun

Great theater with lots of venues.

Daniel Noto

I would guess this is a theater run by people who have never attended a movie before. When is the last time you saw a movie theater charge for soda refills in 2014? This one does! And to add insult to injury, they will then hand you the cup so you can go fill it yourself. But you better not fill it MORE THAN ONCE! Or else. Because apparently the cup, the soda, and the 3 seconds for someone to hand it to you runs the theater $4.98 of the $5 you pay for it. Also while waiting to PAY for my refill I was ignored by 4 cashiers so their manager could tell them at length which napkin dispensers needed refilling, while I was missing my movie. Come on, guys. Get it together.

Adam Bischoff

Great prices for what you get!

Heather Ulrich atkinson


Concepción Arreguin

(Translated by Google) First we visit the stores. We had a coffee and continued with the movies ... good combination

Matthew Kelly

Not "the best theater around" but it is certainly very cheap and not very busy. It is convenient for big groups of people.

Sree Anba

I love it.

Blake Kret


It needs to be cleaned inside the theater

Gilberto Vaquero Jr

Tried to buy two tickets to Bad Moms, one 17year old (has no state ID) and 22 (drivers license), we had just come to watch don't breathe the Wednesday before, also rated R, with no problems. Lady at the counter would not sell us tickets, even after explaining her no ID situation. Didn't try to help in anyway, and had a condescending tone. If you are going to have a policy, stick to it universally, not when it's convenient.

Keyontae Thomas

Comfortable seating

Vamsi Krishna

Nice place for the movies

Donna Lynn

We love going to the movies here. It is always fun and comfortable. My girls love the popcorn . Nice people We love it !

Óscar Eduardo Torres Gutiérrez

Excelent!!!! Very nice!!!

Mike K

Good theater, my only complaints are that on big debut nights the parking and inside facility is absolutely packed, and being unable to reserve your seat means that you end up having to arrive early to compete for good seating.

Dave S

Nice theater.

jose uvera

Good teater for those prices

ShuVaughn Shelley-Yancy

M Hirose

Perfect movie viewing place! Great benefits programs and discount movie Tuesdays all day.


Terrible staff and managers

Elizabeth Gilbert

Very nice theater. The local pick, and convienently located.

oliver mason

Great place to go in your down time


Captin marvel is hot

Nancy Henley

Grwleat prices and good popcorn

Jodi Steiner

No help

Karen C

My family and I have been going here for years, as well as to two other comparatively local theaters; and I give this one our highest rating. As others have mentioned, it is clean and well-maintained, seats are extremely comfortable. sound and picture always of good quality and staff members are invariably friendly and polite. Although it is perhaps a bit pricey, I LOVE the popcorn and butter! It appears to me that reviewers who have related bad experiences were generally attempting to gain access to R-rated movies with no, or incorrect ID, which is entirely avoidable, and not the fault of the theater which must abide by laws and corporate policies.

John Severin

Always clean and comfortable with consistently great sound and picture. Just avoid the concession stand (as with any cinema) prices are more than outrageous.

Jack Childers


Cold Nu66et

Dope man

Matt Z

Dimitry Fabrje

Reasonably priced and comfy recliners Large stadium seating One of my favorite theaters

Juanito Guarneros

It’s so good I love going on Tuesday’s especially because it’s only 5 dollars!

Nunya Bidness

Really nice theatre. Comfortable seats and a lot of choices for food and drinks

Jerzy Kajmowicz

Talk about a friendly staff, everyone from the ticket sales clerk, to concessions, to the ticket checkers, they're all so polite & friendly. Also the seating levels are just right. The audio quality isn't all that but it's not overly loud like most theatres.

Kevin McKevett

Clean and Comfortable!

The Cringe Kid

Love it


I went to this theater to see a decent good movie. The only thing wrong I think is the theater needs some updating, such as new seating.

D Net

Love this theatre complex. Only 10 min from the house, employees are friendly and nice, seats are the greatest.

mauimaf furuta

The movie my friends and I planned to see was published to be shown at 11:55am - it was published at that time in the newspaper, on multiple sites and - the theater's site included. When we arrived at 11:40am, we were told that we were wrong - the movie had already started 45 minutes earlier. No explanation - no apology - just we were wrong. WE WERE WRONG? All the websites were wrong? Days later, it continues to be published at the 11:55am time. What's going on Century Deer Park?

Lisa Scher

We enjoy this theater- it's located in the back of Deer Park Mall. The tickets are decently priced, popcorn is fresh, and staff is friendly. Bathrooms can get confusing, boys on one side and girls on the other. So you may have to walk across the building to go.

Patricia Calendaridis

My favorite movie theater

Kirsten roberts

I love this theater but I do try to avoid this place on a busy weekend. Audiences can be a big what if and some of the staff even the managers can be a bit clueless. Like a Saturday a man and his kids were getting a dressing down by a staff member Literally 5mins to end of an action packed Summer blockbuster! I did not hesitate to shush the employee and asked if this could not wait? The staff member continued to talk!!! I was livid for the employee wrecking my ending of the film I paid good money to see!

FlipDragon nation 11

Good moves



Caramelsalvation \\

Bobbi Lamb


maridel menguito Anama

Always a great deal and new seats really comfy

Sue Palmer

Today we were at this theater watching a movie when a young patron had a medical emergency during the movie. Someone started asking for a doctor and 911 was called. The movie was paused while the young man was taken care of and paramedics took him on a stretcher for additional treatment. Theater staff were AMAZING! They tended to the needs of the young man and also reassured the audience that all was ok. They gave us all free passes for another show. The audience members were fabulous and patient with everything going on. Here's hoping the young man is doing well. Kudos to theater staff for doing such a great job - they are an asset and century should be proud of them!

Nora Maceda

Ethan Woolford

Ive been to this theater dozens of times, but recently i went to see the conjuring 2,was asked for my id at the desk (im 20) and right before I entered the theater a man not in uniform very rudely proclaimed "give me your id" so i complied and he was ver unpleasant.

Jeremy Roberts

First time I have been to a place that actually assigned your theater seat. However, I was amazed that there were recliners instead of the standard theater seats.


Great Staff, senior friendly and clean !!!!!!

Larry Benrus

This used to be THE place to go to see a movie in the area. Now it lacks the latest creature comforts of other theaters in the vicinity (power recliners, lobby bar, etc.). The stadium seating keeps it way ahead of our other local theater but it's time for Cinemark to make some upgrades!

Modro C.

My favorite place to be and a Tuesday or even Sunday morning. Good gaming inside

Tierney Mullins

Clean and decent, but they don't honor pricing listed on their website.

M Reaves

Great location. Plenty of parking. Staff was decent. Good selection of movies. Pricey.

richard gunnell

Scream and the staff is friendly

Ken Wolfson

Comfortable. Good movies. Relaxing chairs. Price

Charlie Philippsen

Good theater to catch a movie. Priced as expected for a movie theater. Good selection at the concessions.

Claire Bertone

Didn't get what I ordered, not a fan

Jimmy S. Shin

Love the discount Tuesdays promotion. We always get popcorn here, it's very addicting...

karen reinhofer

Popcorn was fresh, coke was fresh.

Matt Mottier

Robert Perrye

Nice theater with comfortable seats and good sound.

Yul Ri Kim

I like the Tuesday deal!!

Patti Argyrakis

Love the Starbucks kiosk!!!!

Kinnie Presberry

Clean theatre reasonably priced variety of movie options


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