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katie dale

I remember when this place opened. We used to go there all of the time and it was kinda cool to have a cheaper theater to go to close to home. I just spent a lot of time reading other reviews. Yes, its older but I can't say it was dirty, it didn't smell bad either, as a matter of fact at one point i walked my daughter to the bathrooms and its smelled of chocolate chip cookies baking! The woman at the counter was nice to us and accommodating. The other girl did get a bit snippy at my husband for putting his drink on a table right in front of the counter to put his straw in it. She said not to use it, that's why it was roped looked like a folding table, why not just take it down? Yes, the movie started ten minutes late, yes the movie stopped maybe a minute into the credits, I wouldn't have stayed for them anyway. Both the seats and theater are what you'd expect of a theater that age. The problem was there was no life in there. There are signs on literally every wall, especially in the front demanding different things. Don't forget to take your garbage with you, we will check your bags for safety, just every little thing you can possibly think of. The front "box office" was boarded up, im assuming that's what causes such lines inside on other posts, it is a small place but thats not a bad thing. Isn't it simply part of the movie going experience to stop out front and grab a ticket? I feel like owner responses in other posts are derived from someone who doesn't care anymore, doesn't find any enjoyment in it, is tired, like many of us are. But we're not going there to feel tired, we're going there to experience something that will pick us up. I feel like we need to support local businesses in the community, but they also need to give us a reason to.

Weekend Days

Late the movie was suppose to start at 8 and its now 8:32! The theatres are good but the sound is so light!!! It’s so sketchy and it’s smells like rotten noodles

Allan Taleysnik

Wonderful service no complaints!

Maureen Alberts

I found the old gray haired woman behind the counter to be very rude. The man behind the counter was telling people they don't salt their popcorn and if they wanted clogged arteries they have to put their own salt on. I bought milkduds and even though they were not expired they were not fresh and they took on the smell of the old theater. I was not asking for my money back, i was somply telling them. I will never tell anyone to go to this theatre nor will I ever be back. So sad for Buffalo Grove.

J. Y.

Make sure your university's student ID has a date on it, otherwise the lady at the front desk will assume it's fake and remind you that most colleges print dates on their IDs - except yours, of course. I will make sure to go to another theater next time.

tmobile prepay

The service is horrible & the owner all nasty and mean & disrespectful, they don’t even let you bring a water bottle, you have to buy everything to be able to bring it in the place is not clean & when they need to check their bags she don’t ask for it nicely she pulled it, with no personal respect, in general everything is horrible this was my first experience here & my last never coming back to this place

Kevin Brandt

I have been auditing theatres for the last 15 years. I have had the opportunity to audit this theatre several times. Here are my comments: * Yes, they actually check patrons' bags. Other theatres have a policy for this but the employees are not following this policy. This is one of the reasons that when you hear about incidents at a movie theatre, it is one of these larger chains that don't even follow their own policies. * The employees and management work hard to keep the auditorium, lobby, and restrooms clean. There are some of the chain locations that I complete the audit and run out of there. * Ticket prices are very reasonable. Part of my auditing, I have to record the ticket prices. The prices at this location are about the lowest prices in all of the entire Northern Illinois. * Concessions. Yes all theatres make money on concessions. The ticket prices are controlled by the movie distribution houses. So the way that companies make money is by profit margins in concession sales. The prices that are charged for items here are about half the price that you would pay at most of the chain theatres. I would highly recommend this theatre to anyone that wants to watch a currently released movie, feel safe about doing it, and is forced to live on a budget! Yes, I am one of the individuals that are forced to live on a small budget!

Brenda Miller

Normally don't write reviews but this place was awful enough to warrant it. First and last time coming to this theater. The lady at the ticket counter first muttered under her breath a rude comment about another customer in my presence. Okay, pretty unprofessional, but we all have our off days I guess. Then asks to search my (very small) purse. Weird, but okay security I guess. Then she made sure to tell us for Avengers: Endgame "THERE'S NO SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS!" ...okay? I didn't ask and would stay anyway since credits are there for a reason. Didn't get a ticket or receipt. No ticket, so be it if that's how you operate, but no receipt? Kinda sketchy, now I'll be watching my credit statement closely. The theater itself is outdated, small, and dingy, but it's a discount theater so I guess you get what you pay for. Annoying layout since the aisle goes right down the middle so you're forced to be off to one side to watch regardless of where you sit, not great. Also every time the door opens it floods the screen and theater in light, which is just poor design and extremely disruptive. Audio was playing but no visual until the official previews. Lady from the front counter came in multiple times to wander around and thentalked to customers about various things WHILE THE MOVIE WAS PLAYING. The poor layout meant every time she did this was a disruption to everyone, not just those around her. Audio quality was not great even for discount theater standards. But probably the worst part, they cut out the end credits almost entirely. Even if there is no post-credit scene, some of us actually still want to see the credits. Also it wasn't just the tail end of the credits that were cut- they were almost entirely eliminated. Screen dark, audio out. Pretty sure that's not legal and/or is a breach of contract. Also put a damper on the end mood. Get your act together. Never going back.

Michelle Berkowitz

I have never experienced such rude customer service in my life. We walked into a disagreement with the lady at the front counter being disrespectful to a young man with a disability. Then we were told we couldn't bring in refillable water bottles even when explained that we are avoiding dehydration. When we asked why we werent allowed to bring water, we were told it was a homeland security issue and that someone made a bomb one time on an airplane which makes no sense. The workers are all trained to be extremely disrespectful and unfriendly. On top of that, the theater is not even kept modern! Do not support this movie theater!!!

Monica Dziarmagowski

Okay place. The chairs are really uncomfortable. It's worth coming here for the matinee. $9 for 2 people cannot be beat. It's usually pretty empty as well. They will check you upon arrival. They even checked my boyfriends pockets which was ridiculous. Okay place for once in a while.You get what you pay for, uncomfortable seating included.

Emmanuel Yin F.

Extremely rude employees, every time we come here the lady is more and more pissed off. Would not recommend P.S.: avoid the crazy pissed of lady Editing to reply: I only swore because the teenage girl with the glasses swore at us first. We had no weapons I only had my arm in my hoodie pocket. Would not recommend this theater it's worth it just to pay a little more to go to a better one. To the owner: I would recommend you get a better attitude towards your customers

Serge Shanin

The pro: cheap tickets. The cons: smells really weird. It's like the building flooded and then was left alone for a few years so the mold really had time to multiply. All the negative reviews are right, they want to search you and make sure you don't have any food/drinks on you and say it's a homeland security regulation. This place is really sad. Please don't tell me you clean, you can't clean 40 years of grime and mold from this place. Needs new seats/carpet to not smell like the petri dish that it is. This place is literally the epitome of "you get what you pay for"

Hope Hussey

I enjoy seeing movies at this theater because the owner here is very nice and also looking after the safety of others. People who does not see best quality of this theater should look else where and not cause trouble for the rest of the people who enjoys coming here. The ladies here are doing a wonderful job in customer service and people who don't appreciate that are stupid .And you know who you are .Please respect others and who ever loves coming here, enjoy the movies and the popcorn and hopefully you will keep coming back to support this wonderful people who are running this place.Thank you.

Rhonda Allen

Buffalo cashier she does everything behind the sence very nice person I will definitely come back to see movie and her

Naureen Merrani-Ali

Very bad experience last visit. We have been coming here for some time now and over the years the place has gotten worse. You get what you pay for, is aligned with this place, however the last visit was far from tolerable! First we buy our tickets (fair price) and the concessions. Then we go inside theater #3. There was popcorn and trash mostly everywhere!!! No one cleaned in between shows apparently. We could not decide where to sit and did not want to sit in the first few rows, so we finally sat down somewhere, buy within no time there was this disgusting smell of urine or something coming. The people sitting in the middle section tell us "its stinky there" and so we agree and move again! We go towards the opposite side, ignore the trash on the sticky floors and sit down. I settle in with my kid, while my husband goes out to the staff and tell her how dirty and smelly it is inside. She takes a call first and later tells my husband she will check. She never came in (unless if she came after the movie started) and at which point she couldn't clean etc. Next I start eating the Nachos, yuck! Stale! I told my husband to try it and he says he will ask for them to be exchanged. I tell him ask to see the expiration date before she puts them in the plastic container. Some time later he comes in and says, she cannot exchange or return the nachos, (we literally ate 3 chips between myself and my husband), and didnt even open the jalepenos yet. She said the chips come in a large bag and she threw it out, has no other bags and the manufacturer supplies it. We tell to call the manager, no manager there. She said she will phone the manager. The manager supposedly tells her to tell us no refunds and we cant provide expiration dates! We kept the nachos on the front counter and left. The smell was unbearable inside and the lack of customer service was insulting! We spent $30+ tickets/concessions and they fail to exchange something like a small nachos. The entire experience was a YUCK! Never got a call back from the manager though the staff/girl took down our phone #. Waste of money, time, and left the movie without completing it. What a horrible way to keep in business! Goodbye!

Yo-lan-da D.I.Y

This theater is horrible! I felt they disrespected me because the old lady behind the counter went threw my purse. She touch my belonging. That was inappropriate and I felt that was unacceptable. Never again will I come back here. Horrible customer service they have no respect for their customers. I will make sure my friends and family don’t come here.

Shari Rotheiser

The seats are uncomfotable but the price is great

Jennifer Stremtan

I have been attending this theatre for many years now. The staff is extremly friendly and hospitable. The owner and her daughter bend over backwards to ensure that everyone is happy and well taken care of. Family friendly, always clean and comfortable!! The screens and sound are great! The price for tickets and snacks are amazing! Overall awesome experience each time!

Victoria Duda

After seeing a couple of positive reviews for the beloved owner, we stopped in expecting a warm welcome (or at least maybe a smile)? A woman who I assume to be the owner was behind the concessions area where we purchased our movie tickets. We purchased tickets and then she asked to see inside my purse which we jokingly said she was looking for someone bringing in snacks or something. We got a dirty look from her and she informed us she was checking for guns (which I totally understand in light of recent events). I was a little shocked and asked her if people really brought guns into her theater and she quickly snapped that she had stopped "over 800 guns since the time of the Batman shooting." We were shocked at the number but more shocked at her kinda crappy attitude with us. I realize the prices are cheap here but there's no need to make your customers feel like dirtbags for asking simple questions.

Tamika Stepney

Love it the cashier lady was so nice everything was clean .I will to come back

Jessica Gossen

Would not return. Theater was much colder than movie theaters generally already are. Bathroom was quite bad, no napkins out for you to take into the theaters (they are kept behind the counter-- had to go ask for some

D Nayana

The worst experience i ever had. The old lady and the young lady at the register were too rude and seem to be offended by me asking them a question a couple of times. I apologised and told them i didn't mean to cut the line but still all i received was rolling eyes, very rude comments whispered. I was with my kid and am very much offended and scared for the child to experience this situation. this is not the situation i ever want a young child to go though ever and have to explain why there are unreasonably rude people in this world. i should have looked up the reviews of this place before visiting. I happened to visit since it was in my neighbourhood and was cheaper than the regular movies. but i guess decency and friendliness comes at a cost these days.

qwersa e

The short grey haired woman that worked at the theater ruined our movie experience by having sudden suspicion on me out of a bunch of others walking into the theater (let me point out I was wearing bright white shorts and a casual shirt when I was asked if I had a weapon of some sort in my pocket and there she claims someone was once stabbed around the area but the reason I took offense was because everyone else had “bulges” in their pockets and they themselves were not asked or told any of the information which I was told then we try to gather a refund where we are constantly asking the lady for a refund and she co tinues to talk about each of us while going through papers for receipts and she yells at my son and starts saying he shouldn’t be seeing the movie anyway due to his age but it should not matter if he’s with a parent the age 21+. The lady then aggressively pretends to swipe our card as if she was giving a refund but turns out there was no refund transaction in my bank account but the lady threw out and ripped our receipt when we she gave me back my debit card.

william brandeis

i love this place!! nicest owners and best baked goods!!

Grace Yash

This is seriously the worst movie theater I have ever been to. I never leave reviews but feel like I have to as to how horrible our experience was. The food is terrible, the place is junky and dirty and smells bad. The worst part is that my kiddos left crying because of the "mean lady" that works there. The customer service is terrible - beyond terrible. This lady has suffered some severe trauma to treat people she doesn't know like garbage. Give yourself a gift - spend more and enjoy true comfort in a real movie theater like we ultimately decided to do.

Theodore Peterson

Old and dingy theatre, but that carries some charm. A fine place to watch a movie. Affordable and without that huge corporate feel, which is a plus. However, one staff member was extremely rude to us and we left feeling like they didn't care about our business. For a small theatre, I feel like customer service should be their number one priority, which it clearly was not.

Cat Sammanasu

Please, I advise anyone who has never been here to NEVER step foot into this establishment. 1) Overpriced. ELK GROVE-$5, YORK-$6.50 2) After we paid 8 something for our tickets each, we watched the movie on a PULLDOWN PROJECTION. 3) They selectively discriminate. My bag was not searched, but the women who came in later(while we were getting our drinks) were. I felt a deep disgust supporting a business lie this. Clearly, all the positive posts mention the "owner and daughter". Seems a little unrealistic and fake like their fake projection screen movie theater. CHOOSE ANOTHER THEATER, ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THE BUFFALO GROVE THEATER.

Neil Goulding

I come here all the time! Every time I come to catch a film with some friends, I feel at home. Very respectable owners. Great food! I have never had a problem. [= I love supporting small family businesses rather than large corporate!

Flo Merion

Great Theater and Staff. I also really enjoyed the concession items I received, very fresh. Theater was clean, movie was clear and the sound was good. The price was very affordable for everything. Will defiantly go back. I don't understand the negative reviews when I was there everyone was treated well and friendly by the staff working. Don't listen to them give the place a try. They did check my bag which was fine with me, I liked the fact they make an attempt to keep weapons out of their building.

MaryRose Peterson

I really love coming here and have always had wonderful and very personable service each time I have been here. Definitely coming back soon!

Howard Marrion

This is our "go to" theater. Debbie and Kim keep it safe, clean and family friendly. They show first run films at reasonable prices and check to make certain that nobody brings anything in that could cause harm to any of their patrons. They are proof that an independent theater can provide an alternative to the big chains that require a home equity loan to attend. SUPPORT THIS THEATER! Florie and Howard

Light Love

Very accommodating. Whenever I go see a movie, I go on Tuesday. And I go HERE. they keep the place clean. And more importantly YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE!! If it weren't for Buffalo Grove Theaters, I wouldn't be seeing movies. I simply can't afford it. But thanks to an honest effort by the owner this place is still around. An immersive experience with quality movies and sound. Thanks Again and Always! - JC -

Luis Diaz

My first choice of theaters, seat are small just like the price, plus so many surrounding restaurant to eat and them snack at the theater is wonderful. They always check my wife miniature purse...fills I am secure and laugh at my wife.

jaykishan mehta

Very rude customer service especially the young lady I ordered large popcorn and soda she threw on the counter as if shes doing me a favor. I left my car keys inside so I went back to get my keys, and the young lady with bad attitude asked me to take other people trash throw in garbage when I refused to do it she followed me to men's bathroom and threw trash at me and the manager just stood there and said nothing to her. Movie ended abtupty without the movie ending. Other people who were watching thought it was weird. One of the customer went to the front and told the the old white hair lady. She basically said the movie is over. Trust me movie was not over. This is the first and last time for me. They made me feel unwelcome. If u want people to respect first learn to respect. I like to support small businesses but this kind of behavior no way.

Karolina Wisniewski

Worst experience ever! We watched movie in 3D the 3D glasses were scratched and dirty. I do not recommend! ☹

S Kessel

As we walked out of the car we wondered why the parking lot was pretty empty for a Friday night movie. Well I wish I would have read the reviews before coming here. The staff was very rude. Got padded down aggressively and the lady who was doing the padding down stuck her hand all down my purse like she was digging for gold. You should really be taking these reviews seriously if you want your business to survive. You can’t treat people like criminals. Also have the person up front who is selling tickets and food at least pretend like they are happy to be there. The family running this theater seem miserable and angry. Maybe you should open a business where you don’t deal with people face to face?

jenii Hanselman

This is my favorite theater in town. It is run by a local mom and she is ALWAYS working. She has great pricing for movies and concessions. Highly recommend. Support our local economy with a hard working woman, doing something you enjoy.

suzie bestew

If i could give 0 stars I would. Terrible customer service and uncomfortable movie experience.

Ryan Diego

I love this place. This place has character and is a gem. If you are tired of your typical amc come into here. It has its own nostalgic magic of an old school 90’s movie theatre. Plus the lady who owns the place is so cool, she knows her movies and cares about people. If you didn’t get along with her it’s probably because she sensed your vibe. Only good vibes in this establishment.

Marge Stabile

Online menu did not match in restaurant menu. Poor service

orlando santana

Place is good if you dont mind simple chairs for the movie.. other than the chairs.. Service was good from the Lady at the register .. is always good for early in the morning movies.

Bob Anderson

Buffalo Grove Theatre continues to be my families favorite movie theatre. The reasonable ticket prices allows us to see more movies with the widest assortment of food and beverages anywhere. We love big screen movies and this is our place. The owners work hard and aim to please. I posted a similar review 2 years ago but have to say it again. Support this independently owned theatre!

Kelly Carbone

the workers here are so generous and humble and kind I have never been so happy with service! the theater is cute and gives you that hometown feeling. definitely coming back!

Susan Stouber

I have been going to the BUFFALO GROVE THEATER since I moved here, over 5 years ago. I feel as if it's my MEDIA ROOM away from home. I am always greeted in the kindness of ways. Many times I have been asked how I enjoyed the movie on my way out. A perfect example of this home town theater is the day I went to see a movie and realized that I had another appointment, and had to leave before the movie ended. The next day, I went back to see it again. When I got to the front of the line, the owner/manager Debbie asked why I was back. I explained that I had to leave before the movie was over the day before. Without a moments hesitation on her part, she would not take my money, and told me to relax and enjoy the movie. That would never happen in a "BIG" theater The theater is kept in fine condition, and I have found the Ladiies Room to be cleaner than some theaters I've paid $9-12 to go to. The movies are first run, and the sound system is excellent. We have very few places we can boost about in Buffalo Grove for "entertainment". I for one would like to give TWO THUMBS UP to THE BUFFALO GROVE THEATER

Akin Tosyali

I stopped going to the big theaters after I found this theater. It is small, and outdated, but super economical, clean, people are very nice and there are no crowds. It’s the best place for families to watch a movie.

Kim Anne

I don't know where all the negative reviews are coming from. The staff will definitely take care of you. Bear in mind, this place is very "mom and pop" style so you won't get the kiss-ass corporate behavior here. The only time I've ever seen staff give an attitude is when customers have screamed at them demanding discounts or free things. As if they weren't struggling enough as a small business, asking for discounts from their already low prices is petty. And since I'm a minority, I can say that this staff has not been racist towards me. They've done multiple charities that go out to different countries so don't believe these "racist" accusations. It's just a cop out for people who don't get what they want. I've watched dozens of movies here. I've seen double the crazy customers who've made death threats to the staff (and have gotten kicked out). I will come here for many many more movies. Safest place to watch a film by the way. The staff takes safety very seriously given the recent events that have occurred at other theaters.

Tamara Kist

We enjoy supporting this hard working family owned business. The lower price of tickets and wide variety of foods available make it a great option for families. We are always greeted as friends when we buy our tickets.

Valerie Centano

It would be better if they would turn the heat up in the winter time very cold in there

Nicolas Rodriguez

Price is good but the owner is kind of rude, it might be Her personality but I thinks She can do better.

Brad Shoemaker

I will not go to this movie theater again. The woman at the counter was rude and invasive. I felt violated. We were told it was normal to go through purses. I have never been searched at a movie theater.

Tara Andrews

This is our favorite movie theater. The seats can't fit an elephant, nor vibrate or massage. Your going to a MOVIE THEATER not a day spa folks! We love Debbie & her daughter- thanks for keeping a movie theater in BG AFFORDABLE and CLEAN. EXCELLENT SERVICE ❤️

Noreen Brand

Not a psitive experience, especially for children. The woman yells that you can not bring in a snack for a toddler, nor a bottle, she is rude, and I don't know why anyone would want to support such an unprofessional environment. The theater is outdated. It would be nice to have a nice theater at this shopping center with a few good restaurants right there. It would be a much better draw for the community. Why support a local business if the people working the counter are nasty, mean, and unaccomodating.

Emmanuel teran

Overall a family friendly movie theater. Always glad to come back:)

Dave Mahadevan

Old fashioned theater with rigid seats, headphones worked much better than other upscale theaters.

B Modi

I am so upset. Not only did the lady ask to see inside my coat to see if I brought food, but she persisted to hold onto any food that I had. I told her I'd put it in my car, and when I came back she asked to see inside my coat again. So intrusive and rude! I came to a cheaper theater to save money not be hassled and invaded. I had my legs up, and the theater was empty besides me and my friends and she came in, told me to "sit in a normal manner because kids were coming". (I was wearing a dress, but by no means was I sitting inappropriately, I can sit how I WANT! I wasn't indecent!) The place did not feel clean, I felt like bugs might crawl up me. And of course I was right, because when I got home I had stains on my dress from the seat I had sat on (I didn't eat anything so it was from the person before). Chocolate everywhere, pictures attached. NEVER GOING BACK!

rajani Kumar Sindavalam

Small screens and reasonable pricing!

Dana Storey

Definitely an interesting movie theater. The tickets were cheap but so was the theater. The theater itself looked like it could be in a horror movie. The place was totally dead. The seats were not comfortable. The theater looked dingy and at the back seats had equipment and junk piled in the back row. The movie quality was good. The seats were very uncomfortable. They also did not show any of the credits at the end of the movie. Honestly, I'm surprised this place is still open. UPDATE There were 4 of us in the movie theater. No one walked out until the lights came on when we realized there were no credits showing. You were not in the hallway. You were by the front of the theater and walked out a door to the right of concessions as you warned us there were skunks outside but not to worry because you said they don't spray anyone. Instead of trying to blame the patrons for negative reviews use it as an opportunity to improve your business. It is a joke. You lied in the response to our review. Why would you do that? Why not just own up to it instead of making up a story about people leaving the theater before we did. There were 4 people total. 4. And we walked out right behind the other 2 patrons there. No one else was in the theater that we saw. The credits never started. Why would you lie about that? I just don't understand. Take responsibility for your business and get over your ego.

Tim Nylander

Great little theater to watch first rate movies without paying the high costs of the major brands.

Patrick Horcher

Just saw endgame cried a bit almost came 2x 10/10

Robert Hudson

An absolute treasure in Buffalo Grove. BG Theater offers the best prices on current movies. Furthermore, Ms. Debbie (owner) supports the community through various school programs, educational experiences and special holiday events. She is truly a community partner who loves our village. This is a special gem - well worth a visit!


I don't understand negative reviews about this theater based on them inspecting bags for items. I want to feel safe during these dangerous times and appreciate them caring enough to be thorough. I don't like wasting money on fancy seats or expensive food or to have an "experience" at overpriced theaters. I just want to watch a movie and for that this is the place to go. The owner is a very nice woman and I get along great with her. Five stars!!

Sharon Benjamin

Good popcorn and hot dogs. Nice people and the theater is very clean

Admin Lshcd

I went here with my friend Meme last year to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 as i am a masochist. .You could not get me to drink enough Ouzo to enjoy this movie. This is regarding the movie not the theatre. It is a nice place as the seats are comfortable and it was clean. It is a nice place to see movie as I rarely if ever get out.

Chris Pink

This used to be a great value and the spot to go. Every week we would go it has good prices. That is until the older lady was extremely rude and asked to check a clutch wallet up close. I understand safety is a concern but she gave us attitude. It was embarrassing making my family feel discriminated. And then refused to give us water which have gotten before. I’d rather pay more to be treated like a human being. now the prices are not worth it for being treated like you are under them Edit: Just seen some of the theater’s replies. Very unprofessional. COPY & paste answer We appreciate hearing about your experience. It is important to us to resolve your concerns. Please contact us at our website. Have a nice day.

Anton Sazonov

The tickets were cheap, the concessions were relatively cheap, and the staff were friendly and nice. I recommend this place if you want a good but cheap movie theater. It is also not far from residential areas, from which you can walk to.

Luis Cabral

Horrible place. The customer service is as bad as it gets.

Andreas Stavrinou

one of the Best and Last independently Owned Movie Theaters left in Illinois. great prices, Friendly service and affordable Concession Stand. i've been a Customer of this Theater Since they opened their Doors in 2009.

Christopher Holcombe

The picture and sound quality was fine, but the staff were incredibly rude. Horrible customer service!

Elizabeth Golding

This place WAS a nasty hole in the wall before Debbie and her family bought it. They have turned it from a last run movie theater to a 1st run theater without the big chain prices. Every time my husband and I go there I see another improvement from a new paint job to more concession choices. She has turned this into a nice family oriented community based business. THANKS DEBBIE. After I posted this I read some of the other reviews and I don't understand the negative posts. I do not think I have had to deal with Debbie's daughter, but I have seen her pajama pants. This is a family run business and if that is their clothing choice does it really have an impact on your movie experience?? Personally I never take my book bag / purse into a movie theater - it a distraction to me. I have never seen a purse or bag get searched but dishonest people sneak snacks and this theater had a reputation for gang and other activities before Debbie took over. It seemed a lot of these people went in with big chain expectations and were disappointed. Others went in and judged the place by its looks and looked for reasons to be critical. That short little hag is a wonderful, warm woman who when treated with respect and kindness will give it back ten fold.

Molly Harris

Went to this theater on Valentines Day to watch 50 Shades, this was my first time at the theater. The two ladies working were very nice and helpful going over all my options at the concession counter because I have restrictions to my diet. The place was very clean and the picture was good. I don't understand the negative reviews, maybe it was you because they were both very friendly and outgoing when I arrived. I liked that they asked to check my bag because they don't allow any weapons in the building. Maybe more people should watch the news and appreciate that they are making an effort to have a safe establishment. I will most definitely be going back here and I will be telling my friends about this great find I heard advertised on the radio.

Matthew Thomas Provencal

The service was fine from what I experienced but the building is dirty and and dark. The chairs in the theaters are uncomfortable and also do not rise, meaning that if someone is taller than you and sitting in front of you, then you won’t be able to see.

Milena K

Great place! Nice prices! Just don't forget - No outside food or drinks allowed!

Allan Feinstein

A badly run filthy establishment

Danny Burton

Would rate zero stars if I could. Went in to see a movie with my girlfriend, I had went outside to return something to my car and the old lady at the front thought I was going to sneak in food or something and was very unnecessarily skeptical. The young girl in the back then continuously called me a "*****bag" and many other words to my girlfriend while I was on the way to the car, despite that neither of us had been rude or disrespectful in any way towards either of them. I asked for a refund once I heard how angry she was (for whatever reason) towards me and the older lady refused to give me one, however one good thing she did was tell the younger girl to shut up. We ended up seeing the movie (the theater was extremely empty, wonder why) and on the way out, despite no instigation on my part, the young girl flicked me off for a solid 20 seconds. I called several times wanting a refund, and was never given one. Terrible business run by terrible people. Can't wait to see how rude of a reply I am going to get from the old hateful lady who works there. Seems as if from reading this I am not the only one who has had a negative experience with her. Here is some advice: when your theater has a maximum of 3 customers in there at any time, it is probably not the best for business to be fighting with people on these reviews, especially when your rating compared to every single theater in this area is terrible. Your prices are not good enough to act like you're above everyone else. My god, you can't just keep saying "no one was rude to you" LOOK AT ALL OF THESE PEOPLE SAYING YOU WERE RUDE TO THEM, MAYBE YOU ARE THE RUDE ONE. Also, probably fire the young girl. You know, the one who called me and my extremely polite girlfriend "*****bags" continuously, and then you refused to give me a refund. The amount of times I would have gone to this theater if it wasn't such a gross establishment with rude employees. No wonder it used to be so packed, now nobody goes there. A real shame, they would have made A LOT of money from me. Do better. Be nicer. You guys are going to go out of business if you don't. Not that I care, but I would assume you guys do. This advice is free, you're welcome. "We appreciate hearing about your experience. It is important to us to resolve your concerns. Please contact us at our website. Have a nice day." But is it really important for you to resolve my concerns??? Doesn't seem like it, since I went on your website and contacted you several times with no response. Stop copying and pasting the same empty response.

BadMan Games

I come here with my mom and dad. It is an awesome theater. Everyone who works here is great. I hope get my first job here when I am old enough!

Tejaswi S

Theater for poor people. Poorly maintained before civil war style theater

Erik Hildebrandt

Great value!! Plenty of parking, easy to get in and out of the theater. Owner and staff are super nice, if you're not being a douche. Huge concession assortment. Screens are bright, audio is good, seats serve their purpose.

Kurt Heerdegen

This theater is a horrible experience. Don't be fooled by the low ticket prices. The lady at the front treats you with such disrespect. They will go through your purse and Pat you down to see if you are bringing in personal items. I understand it is a safety precaution, but there is no way someone would bring in a weapon to a place where no one should be. Terrible employees and they care more about making money then making sure the customers are satisfied. And that's just the service. The theater is small and very enclosed. It smells horrible and the seats are very generic and don't provide a good viewing experience. And the lady at the front always comes in the theater to "check how you are doing" when she is really trying to find people that brought snacks to the theater. They lose sight of what makes people happy, and don't respect their customers. Don't go to this theater. Try Regal Cinema in Round Lake or just anywhere else because this place is the worst.

Patricia W

Love this place! Lower prices for first run movies. Support your local small businesses!

Jason Henson

Found this theater the other day to watch Paul, Apostil of Christ. I have lived in Wheeling for years and didn't know this place was here. Me and my wife went to see the movie and had a wonderful time. My wife had a bag which was check and we understood and appreciated. The staff was very nice and the concessions were really good. I don't understand some peoples issues. We will be going back to this theater in the future. We like to support small business and the personal friendly experience was great. The theaters and bathrooms were very clean unlike most of the bigger theaters. The movie had great sound and the picture was clear, what more could you ask for.

Astrid Doyel

Oh...Im seriously regretting coming out to this place. I got a bad feeling when we drove past, couldnt even see the place because this is literally in a strip mall - very small theater. PLEASE AVOID to not have to deal with managements poor attitude with families. Just please don't even consider it. The woman at the counter was extremely surley and coarse in attitude. I couldn't believe she insisted to check my bag and my grandmother (87 with osteoarthritis in both knees) and mother had to walk back and get their bags searched so we could go into a kids movie on a Monday night. Even my grandmother said, "In 50 years living in this country, I've never had my bag searched at a small theater like this". The woman wouldn't allow my child's graham crackers and cheese and she's 2 with an autoimmune disorder. She told us she can't allow it and she mentioned she keeps finding guns on people. She also wouldn't accept my student ID "because it has no date" and I said really? She says "but I give you credit for going into nursing". There's two people in this theater with us and I can't shake that surly woman's attitude that greeted us with such nastiness. Won't ever come back with my family of six again.

soonwon derfman

Good prices, especially the matinee at $4.50. It's a bare bones discount theater so don't expect the shiny amenities that a full service chain theater would have. It is an independent theater too, so it is a dying breed that I gladly support. Service has been pretty good and I have never experienced any rudeness described by others (though I do not discount their experiences).

Blade. Ãřľəý

The prices are to high 6 bucks for 1 little bag of candy cmon bro!

Lauren B

You know what goes good with popcorn?? Water, water is a thing. BUT the owner took it from me. Getting searched at the movie theater is so old school which this place obviously is. Really not cool. Lol bye, this is why i don’t come here

Susan Dubin

I am always happy to go to this theater. There is ample parking, surrounding restaurants and when I walk in I am always made to feel like I am welcome by Debbie who is the owner of Buffalo Grove Theater. The theater is clean and so are the bathrooms. All in all it is a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend Buffalo Grove Theater. Their movies are always up to date and I look forward to going back time after time.

william b

Nice place!! Owner and her daughter and their friends who work there are very nice! They work soooo hard to provide you a safe experience at a good price! I am affraid of places like amc and regal and marcus because they dont screen for contraband. at least i know i am safe here:) just follow their rules, treat them with respect and it will be a great time for everyone! I recommend trying it here, and getting to know them, and they become your friends in no time.

Nikki Bagby

This place has become such a disappointment. The young woman working the counter is consistently rude and rushing people through, even though there are never enough customers to make anyone rush. They insist on searching your bags “for weapons” FYI, and they will dig through every pocket. Feels like they don’t trust their customers to not sneak in candy. The floors in the theaters themselves are always sticky. The chair fabric is itchy. When we recently watched the lion king, the projector or screen was malfunctioning and the center of the picture was a different color than the rest of the movie. I kept giving this place chances to support a small business, but it’s not worth it anymore.

Striker Venkenstein

Dont get me wrong, the movie experience was okay. But the lady up front was extremely annoying. You see, we already knew that she was strict in making sure that we had no food. We were mildly angered when we werent allowed to bring water. But the last straw was when we brought EMPTY bottles, and she said we cpuld not have them. What?

Vageesh Ramaswamy

Amazing! The movie was fantastic and the theatre is so clean!! Definitely going back.

Sonia Edelman

It is a great theater that is friendly and inexpensive. The owner cares about the people going there. People try to take in food and water which they keep until the movie is over. It is inexpensive enough to buy food there. They search bags and purses which makes me feel very comfortable as they have found many weapons. It is a good place to go and enjoy a movie without costing a fortune.

Hi Martinez

It's not an uptight 5 star place but its 5 stars for us! We love the people that work here and how not uptight they are about our little one coming with us to watch movies. She is very hyper and likes to stand while watching been going here for 7 years and never received a complain and we won't stop going there. Comfy movie theater.

Rene Rojas

One star is too much. First and last time attending this theater. Mutual respect and customer service is non existent. I understand there are policies in place to ensure the safety of the customers and the building. Reaching into purses is crossing the line of personal space. If items need to be removed please ask the customer, do not reach into someones purse. Respect if a customer wishes to place items in the car vs having them held behind the counter. Working employees are strangers, it is not safe to leave open food items with someone you don't know and unable to keep an eye on your items to ensure the safety and dignity of the items. Also I understand employees wish to ensure and uphold the no outside food policy but walking up to children that are underage and that don't know you is dangerous. STRANGER DANGER! Don't take blanket from children without asking a parent. If further items need to be reviewed to comply with policy address the appropriate party. Its disrespectful and dangerous and unnecessary. If employees wish to be petty ask the parent, don't take children's personal belongings. If employees wish to be disrespectful to paying costumers ensure a secure environment to talk. Shouting in the lobby where the disrespectful conversation can be heard is uncalled for, specially if you are talking about costumers. Paying costumers should not be subjected to such disrespect. Considering the conditions of the building i would have expected more hospitality and costumer service. The building itself is run down, sticky and toilet seats rock while sitting.

Wes Young

Terrible customer service. Ma and pop theater that is very unsanitary and terrible smells

Brandie Cornell

Why is it so cold. I ask them to turned down the ac. Jeez

Barry Gray

Staff super nice and accommodating! I would give the staff 5 stars! The theater is a dump, floor and walls are dirty! Dust on sound panels! Just looks gross in here. Kids are disgusted lol. Movie is starting late.

Steve MInnoch

An ok place

Tom Weglarz

Although this theater is a little outdated building-wise, the owner and her family who do all the work are very friendly and the tickets are priced friendly also. The movies you see are the same as theaters that charge twice as much. We see movies here as often as we can.


Nasty ticket taker and assistant. Grumpy. Yelled at my children for no reason. Dirty and dated.

Aadith Prathinidhi

It is a very good theater and I recommend going there!

Mike Seiler

Haven't been to this theater in a little bit. It is very dark and dingy. That's pretty undeniable. What's concerning is the responses from the owner to the reviews here. I see no culpability from ownership and quite frankly, a confrontational attitude towards any grievance. Judging by the owner's own words, I feel like this would be a horrible experience and wouldn't choose to give money to someone that seems that angry. Good owners take reviews and try to better their establishment. This owner seems like they just want to discredit anyone as if they're part of some vast conspiracy against that theater. It makes me believe the reviewers experiences to be valid.

Jaya Harwell

Great time Love the employees Every year when I visit my grandkids we go see a movie or two Affordable Thank you Buffalo Grove Theatre

Tricia Myers

No air conditioning.....we were literally sweating!

Sera Petrusek

I was not pleased. Its an eery theatre. Bathrooms werent very clean. They had masks on the walls that freaked us out when watching the movie. Food was a bit overpriced

shawn barnes

Great prices great screens slightly sticky in places I sat bring a wetwipe and you'll be fine

Cait Haberman

It is what it is. They take movie pass and sell cheap concessions. If you're cool with a second run type theatre, then give it a shot.

Edgar Diaz

Movie was stopped before the end. My friends told me how it end and that wasn't the end. To bad I liked going there once in a while but after this not coming back.

Christina De La Rosa

I’ve gone here a couple of times now and always had great service from the owner. Today I saw incredibles and a girl who I believe is the daughter of the owner decided to rudely cut in front of me because I touched a freaken rope then it escalated to us almost getting into a fight all in front of my 3 year old son. Absolutely unacceptable behavior from an employee. I will not be going back there which is sad because my son really liked going there but I will not be disrespected again like that. That girl needs to work somewhere else that doesn’t involve customer service because my entire night is now ruined when I paid $40 worth of tickets and wanted to have a good family night.

Adam Busch

We love this local place. Always had more than fair and pleasant experiences there. I love to take my family for an affordable movie--AND to support a small local business. Management is very nice. Always greets us ( including young daughter) with a smile...and often goes out of her way to ask how we liked our movie. This may not be the fanciest place...but we really enjoy this local gem.

Leah Benjamin

Great prices - current movies!

Sylwia Lizak

"We appreciate hearing about your experience. It is important to us to resolve your concerns. Please contact us at our website. Have a nice day." This is the response you will get if you rate this company poorly. However, they do not appreciate hearing about your experience (as shown by their extremely defensive responses to reviews) and it isn't important for them to resolve your concerns because they WILL NOT ANSWER YOU ONCE YOU CONTACT THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Marilyn Frank

The BEST place to see movies!! Prices are lower than Regal and AMC. Nothing fancy, but always clean, and usually no huge crowds. We LOVE Debbie, Iris, and Jess! Always our "go to" theater!!

Megha Joshi

Since I can comment only once I am replying through another username. I'm replying to the comment that the lady said to stand outside. She let other people come in and not me. Also it is not professional to come inside the theater and argue with me and the movie is about to start and there is other people around me. Also she asked other two people if they have any weapons on them and this made them unhappy. I believe the person who is responding is the person at the counter. So I do not believe that it is going to be any different because the manager is the same, the person at the counter is the same, and the person replying to the comment is the same.

Mark B

Horrible customer service. The old hag behind the counter needs to retire and give up this theater. She has no people skills. She snapped at my son though he was doing nothing wrong. She searched my 8 year olds little purse because of "weapons"? She kept coming into the show yelling at customers. Complained about the sound and did nothing. UPDATED: Of course, the owner says everything is false. Teach respect? My 5 year old is shy and didn't answer you when you said something to him, and hid behind me?! And you snapped at him.

Scott Frigo

Great and classic movie theatre. My wife and I love this place!

Anthony Figueroa

I went to see Spider-Man today and it was amazing she was so helpful and nice and funny I’ve been coming here for years 10/10 would bring my girlfriend and future kids here

Andrea Rigoni

Bag purse check ladies so don’t bring in your water & no food have to buy it here. I just had water in case got a thirsty it’s only 90F reel feel 100F outside but yes no water so ask for a refund $5 Tuesday before 5pm but not coming back here I go to AMC or Marcus theaters (movie) & pay $5.25 Just make your customers feel like they are a thief for not wanting to past out from the heat. And no don’t want your $2 bottle water or whatever it cost especially if has fluoride water in it like most do or your tap water hook up to soda machine if you even do that like Marcus will offer a cup if asked.

Michael Chaffer

I have been coming to BG theaters for my entire life. You WILL be taken care of, and treated like family. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Renata Sala-Helton

We love

Christopher Davis

Fantastic location, prices, and great customer service experience. Independent vibe.

Jack Childers

Good value nice staff

Alex Tomczyk

Cozy and friendly. Will always recommend!

Carol Targun

This was our first time at this movie house. We have our new place to go see a movie. The owner of the theater was very sweet. They offer a nice concession. Very quaint, feels like your back in time. Tickets are Cheaper than other theaters. 2 thumbs up

kailey ascher

Betty is a wonderful lady! She always works so hard! She’s always so positive and makes sure she treats her customers right

Audrey Fontaine

Great local theater! Staff super nice and welcoming. Def planning to see more movies here!!!! Edit: I don't know where the negativity toward the owner is coming from. They were really nice and patient with me about figuring out how to redeem my fandango order.

Al Lepe

I always enjoy coming to this theater:) You have got to try their slushies!!! The staff is ALWAYS nice and welcoming;).

Jeremy Yoder

The Buffalo Grove Theater is an absolute hidden gem. With ticket prices half those of competing theaters for fresh box office releases, this underrated spot is really a no-brainer for your next night out. Prices on concessions are incomparably low, in tandem with an unprecedented array of options. The location itself is in the heart of a lively strip mall with a plethora of nearby dining options. The staff is helpful and friendly, making this a real bang for your buck.

Alex Oks

Old lady person at the front desk so rude she declined let us in to the movie theater with special bottle of water for the little kid 3 YO. And we had already paid for the tickets!!! She searched our bag like in the airport... She needs to be fired. No business for this Movie not proffetional ...

TheLadiesView Show

Absolutely horrible service! 1st the lady is so rude to her customers, as a example me and my family were just taking pictures in front of there fountain (that was kind of ugly) until we hear someone yelling at us, about sitting on a ugly fountain that she doesn’t Evan pay for... and right after she asks us “ whAt mOviE ?” With a nasty attitude ,Like who is going to give her money after treating us like that?! 2nd there food isn’t Evan good and there movie theater looks rundown

Mainly Cashflows

The people at this theater are wonderful!!! I've never had a better movie going experience in my life. They give back and do so much for the community as well. Looking forward to more fun times and more great movie experiences here!!!

Tom Dahm

I love the fact that this is still a privately owned theater and not some megaplex machine. The personal touch harkens back to days of cinema nearly forgotten and keeps the passion alive. My favorite theater by FAR

Suzie QT

Love this place!!!!! This is a great family owned theater. Prices are very reasonable and they have an amazing selections of foods from the usual theater fare to hit foods they prepare when ordered and bring to you in the movie when ready. Come on in and enjoy!

Thaddeus McNeil

The old grey headed woman at the front desk is very rude and miserable. She also unprofessional and don't know how to speak to customers. I can't image how she sleeps at night knowing how rude she is to people, she really needs help.

So Relatable

We had a really bad experience. This lady made my mom open her blanket, made her wait outside in the cold, and came inside the theater and argued with my mom. This is ridiculous and very rude. I will never come to this theater. Not a very great service.

Mike Mett

Still a great deal for new and almost new movies and a easy choice for first dates or I even had a teacher take my class there, how's that for first world education.

Rebecca Ilavsky

I have been coming here for many many years! Debbie and the staff are always very helpful and kind! Great prices and great snack choices. Im always recommending Buffalo Grove Theater to people! Love coming here for date night! Definitely give it a try if you haven't already.


I have been going to the Buffalo Grove theaters for years. I have never ordered food before. I ordered a pizza and pretzel. They were both amazing! The pizza is made fresh to order and served at your seat in the theater. The theater itself is clean and the seats are comfy. And you can't beat the price for a movie ticket. Everyone is extremely nice and generous at this theater. Recently, I went to see Avengers Infinity Wars and the owner fast forwarded through the end credits so we could get to the extra scene quicker. I really do not understand the negative reviews. I don't mind someone looking at my bag if it means I am safe. Are we quick to forget the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, shooting? Do NOT let the negative reviews scare you away. Please consider Buffalo Grove theaters for your next movie outing.

Crystal Perkins

Just moved to the area and found this theater on Google. The staff was very friendly and helpful when I got there. The theater has the old school seats but the place was clean, the sound and picture was really good. Me and my family will be coming back and supporting this local business instead of a larger chain theater. We really don't understand the negative reviews because we found out for ourselves that they were not true. Try this nice local business out you will like it. Also they have a great food and drink selection. We had a fresh dough pizza that was great.

Frank Cadero

Surprised this place is still open. Upon reaching the establishment I had to navigate around a sea of geese poop. The concessions/ticket counter took forever even though there were only 2-3 people ahead of us. After purchasing our tickets/refreshments the oompaloompa directed us towards our movie's room, but not before waving her candy wand up and down. Trying to confiscate our candy to then resell at a later time. Upon entering the smallest movie room in existence I was greeted by the most disgusting floor I've ever seen. The seats were very small and uncomfortable. We had to crane our necks upwards during the entire movie despite sitting near the middle of the room. Half way through the movie I could hear another movie playing in the room next to us through their paper thin walls. It was also extremely cold in there compared to other theaters. Upon leaving, popcorn was spilled apparently by someone I was with. The oompaloompa began to shout MY NAME as he walked out. Extremely unprofessional all around. EDIT: The first sentence of the “owner’s” response shows that all she cares about is making their terrible establishment look good. The person who you are talking about was not me. Thanks for yelling my name out though into the crowd of people on the way out even though I was walking out after you and the others. Already told everyone I know not to come here. Btw I read other reviews and how you “stopped over 800 guns” from entering lmfao, delusional much? Have a nice life you cyst of a human being.

Nicole Samborski

I used to love to go this movie theater when it was a last run theater. I recently visited this establishment to find that it is extremely run down. The staff are nice but there are not enough staff to run the theater. The screens are very small and the seats are both uncomfortable and small. During the movie it was so cold inside that everyone in the theater had to keep their coats on. If there was any heat on then it was hard to tell with just how cold it was! The prices are good, but in my opinion I would rather pay more money and sit in comfortable seats and have heat and a larger screen.

Jason Karno

Debbie has gone to the moon and back to keep this local theatre part of the community. The seats are small but adequate. The candy and food selection is awesome and the screen and sound is perfect. Plus the matinee prices are excellent. Please give your business to the BG theatre


Main issues: 1 long line at concessions to order food & buy tickets to see Endgame so we had to wait while everyone decided/ordered/ paid for/was served their popcorn & pop before we could but it tickets to get in. Then the Audio was so quiet we could not hear all the dialogue & when i went out to ask staff if they could turn it up the response was "parts of that movie are supposed to be quiet"! I responded it was so quiet i could hear the guy behind me eating popcorn but could not hear the actors on the screen. He then agreed to tell someone and the older woman walked in 10 mins later during an action scene, must have determined it was fine and walked out. It was the least professional theater experience I've ever had. Not worth it at any price.

Space Babe

The woman and her daughter are both incredibly rude. I also observed them being incredibly RACIST. It is NOT a a coincidence that all of the people in these google reviews who have been offended are brown/black. Seriously? Check yourselves or you will find yourselves with a lawsuit.

Nellie Abzalova

Well, If you come to watch some movies (what was already in the passed-ran out) that is ," OK" place to go...... The place is a little bit on unfashionable side, hard sitting chairs, cheap prices.....Well, it gives you feelings like you are not at the 21st Century at all......But come back at 80's ) Enjoy it!

Mike Grasso

I would put a 0 if possible Very rude people at ticket sales and concession And why are all of the employees wearing pajamas ? Weird The front of the building and concession stand / hallways are dirty and dark Why post start times if movie starts 10 minutes after UPDATE - Asked to leave theater after writing review - crazy - Instead of improving guest experience way to destroy it ! Never in my life This place is worst trashiest place ever ! Do not go here Glad I was kicked out Keep policing those reviews and don't change a thing


Amazing and very friendly Movie theater! The owner is the sweetest lady in the world, and for a great price you can watch most movies. Feels like a homie old school theater. Love it and definitely will continue to come here! :)

Bajar Fut

Before you go to this theater read the reviews. And the way the owner responds. Then spend a little more and go to the movie theater a few minutes down the road (Lincolnshire - the seats recline there and no one cares about your plastic water bottle. Its also not freezing and there is a nice old man that gives your kids a sticker! - what an amazing experience). This place is the complete and horribly opposite of this - and the reviews (the negative ones) say the TRUTH!

Nancy Pickering Cortina

This place needs help with customer service and relations. Very rude. Does not allow you to bring in your own food. Their popcorn is very salty and old tasting.

Patricia Maxwell

Every Tuesday tickets are half price...

Ken Wolfson

The Price is Right it's convenient and they show current movies.

Grace Statuary

Dumpy. Has the ambience of a broom closet. The cashier had a young man empty out his pockets to see if he was bringing in food. He wasn't. That's no way a customer

Bob Frank

I no like because me and my family of 11 came and lady rolled her eyes at us and me very uncomfortable, I am mexicano too. Price is okay. Not bad. Slushees are decent not too bueno. And bathrooms smell bad. And seats are no comfy. Tank ju come again.

I Engelhardt

The room is cold, staff did not feel welcoming (felt more like security than staff), the theater room was poorly insulated, and my empty, nalgene water bottle was not allowed into the movie (nothing special about it, just an empty water bottle). If I could more effectively emphasize this as the tipping point for me, I would.

marianne bartkowski

This is the best place ever! I love that they check all bags so I felt very safe! The staff is wonderful! They asked a movie goer to get off his phone and he demanded a refund a d called the police!!! What is wrong with people! Please support this local business!

KING Wizard

We just arrived at the theatre and my brother had a Arizona Iced Tea and the lady said that he has to put it back in the car. Fine, this makes sense. But then, after we returned the drink to the car, the young lady out of nowhere said “I’m giving you your money back”. We asked why but she wouldn’t tell us. She said “I feel uncomfortable”. What does that even mean? Arizona Iced Tea’s make u uncomfortable? Anyways we said we wanted to see the movie but she sternly said, “No, get out. You’re not welcome here” and she threatened to call the police. We asked to see a manager she said no. We asked for her name she said, I’m not needed to provide you that information. After trying to explain that we just wanna see the movie, she decided to hide behind slushee machines.

Schamon Riggins

Well, its definitely outdated, seating isn't the best, and it did have a smell to it. But, it seemed clean. I understand their safety protocols, but, I can't say that I appreciate the lady wanting to search my purse. On the plus side, it was a good price for a matinee (about $12 for my son and myself, Captain Marvel) and since we were the only ones at that particular showing, it was quiet and we could choose our seats.

Anna Alekseyeva

My family and I have been coming to this theatre for a very long time. The owner is always very nice and polite! The prices are def unbeatable and the theatre is always clean! We love coming here :)

Samara Singer

By far one of my favorite movie theaters. Small and not as updated as some other theaters like AMC, yes, but amazing staff. I know I’m gonna be treated well here and get in some pleasant conversation with the staff. And to everyone who’s upset about having their bags checked- it’s policy, get over it, spend a little money on some candy. Be thankful they take safety seriously here, too. Strict policies mean safety, and that’s something everyone should want in a public space. I’m a regular at this theater and I’m glad to be one. I recommend it to anyone who wants a regular movie experience and doesn’t care about reclining seats.

Ronald Yoo

Great theater with much better pricing than your typical theater. Also great staff! Offered complimentary promotional materials when I purchased my ticket. It is my go to theater!


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