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REVIEWS OF ArcLight Cinemas IN Illinois

Menahem Deitcher

Wonderful place to see a movie

Charity Watchdog

Great new theater! Parking is an issue, but that's not the theater's fault.

Jesse Bull

Made the mistake of thinking a theater that sold alcohol would have less children. Theater was ok. A little on the small side. Don’t expect staff to ask kids to quiet down.

Thibault Siouffi

Good theater. Not too crowded and decent film selection, for America

Bob Cohn

Classy movie theatre. Fabulous sound, wonderful clarity of the film. Comfortable seats. Super clean, well staffed multiplex theater. Hidden on the 4th floor in a mall where all other restaurants and stores have better signage. It is worth the trouble to find this hidden gem of the ArcLight movie theatre. Difficult to find parking. Difficult to find movie theatre.

gerard charles

Multiple screens with a good variety of movies, very clean, and no ads before the movies. Concession area is more than just popcorn. Pricing is on the high side but you can become a member and save. Parking discount available.


Always clean and not too packed.

Mauricio Corrales

Great locations and service.

Cheryl Powell

It's difficult to get to and confusing once you're there. Also the staff is rude. I would never go there except sometimes the film I want to see is only playing there.

Gustavo Sanchez

Love the seats the bar the food is great a place to enjoy a good movie.

Kierra West

Hands down... this is a great spot. I have a new movie theater. Great Job!

Hunter Race

Extremely warm theater. I heard multiple other people comment on being hot during the movie.

John Jenzeh

I've been here twice. The quality of the sound and picture was worth paying a little extra. You won't find the fancy reclining chairs that are popping up in other nationwide chains, but the seats here have the best head/neck support of any theater I've been to. Buy the popcorn at your own risk, as it's highly addictive and you'll daydream about coming back just to get a large bucket. Worth every penny.

Bonnie Christine Willis

Parking is available in the lot for a pro-rated amount. The theaters are comfortable, convenient to the train, and lots of dining options. The bathrooms are not always tended as well as they should be.

Rebecca Holbrook

Really lovely theater, thought the seats would be different.

Felipe Paiva

My favorite movie theater! Lance is the best host!

Lee Mickus

Great bar and food, nice seats.

Shawn Barnett

One of my favorite movie theaters. The prices are reasonable, even for concessions. There is a solid beer, wine, and spirit selection as well.

Acouple Critics

This is our second time visiting this location and we still don't have any criticism. This location has a parking garage and you can get your ticket validated and only pay a few bucks. The inside has full bar and seating area. It is also very clean. The staff there is second to none. Before every movie they introduce themselves which is unique in itself. The seating area inside the movie theater is small and intimate. We went to see a screener for Instant Family. After the movie the hostess had one of the directors from the movie there and we had a Q&A session with him and pictures taken. Great movie location for a date night. Will be revisiting soon.

Marjorie Easley

Cool place- a little annoying to share a parking lot with a grocery store inside of a shopping mall in a residential square. It's probably more accessible for people who do not drive and or live nearby. I'd prefer Webster not too much farther away.

Dara Davis

Great theater! Spacious and you get to reserve your seats! The membership has benefits too.

Victoria Rojas

Love this place, the fact that u can reserve your seats. Really clean space overall!

Antwoine Jackson

Drinks were magnificent.

Tek Chung

I almost exclusively watch all movies here. Staff is great, popcorn is great, and they serve liquor. Yay!


I almost always end up going here when I see movies. There's a bar and you can bring drinks in. They also have nice comfy seats. Only downside is paying for parking.

Jason Eby

Their seriousness about movies and cinema experience is addictive. Limited ads, late arrival cut offs, and welcomes from a technician are all great. Always clean theatres. The simple details are important. Early weekend showings or late afternoon showings are especially enjoyable.

Gabriel Bartlett

Was great when it opened. The prices have gone up and the customer service quality has gone down.

Daniel Cooper

Very comfortable theater.

Kate Lewis

Fantastic movie viewing experience. No commercials, limited previews and an audience that knows how to behave in public. No talking or texting or other generally obnoxious behaviour that people feel entitled to subject others to.

James Henderson

Really pleasant experience, seats were super comfortable.

Sterling Moss

Nice, clean, quality shows, Cindy chairs, etc. This is a great place to go and enjoy a movie.

Randy Wagner

Nice, fairly new theaters in a convenient, expanding retail area. Pretty good sound systems - OK concession offerings & convenient, discounted parking & dining options in and around the theaters.

Anthony Scott

Very Unorganized during big movies getting people checked in

Maxx imilliano

Very nice theater. They have a real nice wide screen which was beautiful when I saw the hateful eight a few years back. Would be perfect, but nahhh. They are trying to charge people 2.50 for bottled water. I like a theater where I don't feel morally justified to steak stuff in. A damn shame. Yarg, America, Yarg, what's wrong with this country.

Ileen Kelly

Beautiful space. Good food. Great seating.

Tammy Goulet Schrader

I love the convenience of this movie theater. It's within walking distance of my apartment building.

Brian Dimond

Worst sound quality I've ever heard... step your game up!

Sam Hisel

It's a great theatre

Lukasz Fraczek

Can’t go wrong with a favorite movie

Carlos Vindel

Came in to the movie after 10 min of the movie starting. We had already purchased the tickets and a person of their staff wouldn’t let us into the theatre. Don’t go here. Worst customer service ever. It’s ridiculous.

Christine McWilliams

Great location, free parking, helpful employees (I was there with 3 kids under 7, the employees I delt with were great!), clean bathrooms and theaters. They always have the newest movies.

Jessica Lombera

I love coming to this movie theater. They always have the best selection of movies and their customer service is superb!

Angel Alvarez

Recliner seats with a service bar by concessions.

Elizabeth Guerrero

Selection of food is poor. Moviegoers should have better options.

Gerri Victoria

Just came in to see Endgame and normally I am satisfied with my visit, but not today. I was in line to order a pretzel, Eddie said “we out” in a non caring demeanor, I asked are you out of both (because there are two types) he said “yeah.” As I walked away to let my husband know, Eddie proceeded to tell his coworker “ I don’t know why mother f**ckers get mad when we don’t have sh**.” I’m sorry Eddie maybe it’s because you offer about four food items to eat. Also, maybe you shouldn’t talk sh** in front of other guests especially if the one you’re talking about can still hear you. I am not going to make a scene because as everyone knows it’s not easy to find good seats for this movie, but I will wrote a review and I will no longer come here. I will make sure to let my company know as well since we work nearby and we can take our business up the street. Thank you!


such a great find! so refreshing to go to the movies without big crowds, popcorn smell, clean theaters and nice design. will be back for sure.

Noah Hartman

Top movies, delicious snacks, easy parking. Only annoying thing is they don't let you in if you're a few minutes late.

Daniel Kane

Ease of access. Can choose specific seats. Very friendly staff.

Camila R

Very comfortable chairs. The rooms have the ideal temperature - not too warm nor freezing. The only bad thing is that candy is extremely expensive. 4,75 for a box of skittles! It might be common in all movie theatres, but it doesn't mean it is not expensive!

Steele DePew

Its pretty good. Hot dogs are baller.

Blake Clifton

This is a really nice theater. The location is fantastic and there are plenty of things to do in the area. You'll be happy you stopped by.

Robert O'Neil

Clean fun atmosphere. John Wick 3 was excellent, great action movie.

Eric Fu

nice theater but a little pricy. You need register as a member to book your ticket/seat in advance. You can get parking valet with discount.

J Weiss

Nice theatre. Front big seats do not recline. Large bathrooms at theatre entrance only 2 singles near theatres. Lounge area with bar and food as well as traditional concessions. Parking is discount validated in theatre and you pay at machine before returning to you vehicle. Over all eell organized for movies in the city.

Esperanza Plana

Admission is more expensive than the competition. Concessiom staff was not helpful during my first visit to attend a 10:30 pm showing on a Wednesday, and misinformed me, said that Icould validate my parking pass after the show,. As a result, the parking fee cost me $14 dollar's vs. $5. I was not happy to pay an extra $9.00 for misinformation. I will not visit this cinema ever again.

Jacob Seguino

Clean place, nice staff, good movie going food.

Sheryl Molloy

The seats are comfortable and the screens are top notch. There is always a good selection from which to choose. For the price, I would prefer recliners though.

Margaret Nitschman

I love going to premier weekends here for Marvel movies! The staff introducing the movie is an awesome added detail!

Zax Pearson

Very small unique theater has movie days with a VIP subscription to bring back some old classics theater size is never overbearing so they make sure that no matter where you are you almost are guaranteed to never get a bad angle. However as with anything in this area the more common amenities are overpriced and even though it's connected to a grocery store the a parking garage coming in with foreign objects is basically a no no. The food selection is very very limited and very very traditional even in thee bar side, not to say that that's an issue just a warning if nothing else. However I will say that their presentation wall of upcoming movies not to mention memorabilia in the front area easily accessible to be purchased from various movie franchises is also fun to watch or buy in and of itself. This is one of the few movie theaters where you can go where a subscription service to their cinema will actually be a funny unique experience not just a timeless cash grab, but I reiterate don't come looking for the food because there's not much of it and What's readily available is usually not health conscious and price correctly for the area but overpriced in general for the portion at least would recommend for a small family just eat before you get there.

shamika king

This was my first time seeing a movie at this theatre and let me just say... it will not be my last. Just beautiful. Popcorn was delicious with butter and staff was very respectful and helpful. I enjoyed myself. Thank You!

Boris D

We were late to an 8pm show by 9 minutes, and were told that we can't get in due to strict policy and in order to not disturb other customers. Completely understandable. Our tickets were changed at no cost for a later show. However, at 9:45 PM show they keep letting people in even after 15 minutes, and no one cared about "strict rules " any more. That was indeed frustrating. Other than that - the place is pretty dirty, they don't really bother cleaning much between shows. 2 starts is mostly because they have no commercials and long trailers.

Nohemi Moran

Favorite movie theater in the city. Minimal movie trailers before featured movie. Never too overwhelming with crowds. And great staff at concession and throughout


Very classy atmosphere and a great bar - plus incredible walls! Nice winter afternoon at the movies!

Julie Akemann

A wonderful new theater with a helpful staff. The staff at arclight will periodically check into the theater to make sure everyone and everything is acting as they should be, it’s great! Seats are assigned and they don’t let you into the theater if you are super late, so be wary of that. They have a great selection of local beer on tap, as well as good snacks and other concessions. Highly recommend!!

Mariano Family

Nice theater. Good location. Will definitely go back!

Dan Fisher

Expensive, but great seats and the best sound system in town

Alvarmendi46 Mendicati41

The food is great the korean beef is amazing. The beer selection is huge.

Rasheed Wade

Good theater. Clean roomy seats. I love the fact that ypu are able to pick your seat if you buy tix online.

Daniel Wollin

My girlfriend and I got our seats and one of them was wet. After we asked the staff if they could move us, they handed us a small towel and said we should make do. The kicker is that this theater cost about double what the theaters a little outside of downtown cost. Never going back to this place

Chris Wolf

Clean theater but staff super unfriendly and rude. They don’t smile they aren’t nice or even pleasant. Will not return

Amanda Cortez

The is by far one of the cleanest theaters ive been too. The bathrooms and really nice and well kept. Its also really quiet the times that ive been. However, the 3d glasses are a little weird and uncomfortable and the chairs do not recline.

Adam Leach

Best cinema in the city that plays mainstream films by a mile

George Honsen

my favorite so far , movie theater

Kevin Fuller

Parking available. Great nearby restaurants. Cute self contained plaza. Beautiful theatre lobby.

Rudy Romano

Good spot for a movie. Seat are comfortable but they dont have controls to recline which is not a total deal breaker. No slushy which is a bummer. They do have smoothies. Have to pay to park like most places but at a reduced price. Overall it's not the best theater I been to but overall an ok spot to watch a movie.

Darius King

Had a great time service was good great place for a date night with your companion.

Kathren Lee

A bit pricey overall, but I won't say it wasnt worth it. The space was comfortable and the bar is nice. We went to the midnight showing of Endgame, there was an employee who introduced the movie I'm not sure if that was part of his job or if he just wanted to do it but I appreciated him very much. Also the temperature was perfect, I often am distracted by cold theaters but everything was comfortable and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the climax of the marvel universe.

Jae Baker

Staff ignored us until we ordered our food and drinks n that staff was nice theater is ok over priced and overrated tho.

mary campbell

Theatre nice but seats don't recline & food menu choices limited

Nate Rock

This place is pricy but the service is outstanding. Show up a bit earlier than you would normally as they start the previews right on time and after the start time has passed no new movie-goers are admitted. This keeps last minute interruptions to a minimum. Even the “smaller” theaters have excellent viewing and sound placement. This is our go-to theatre in the west loop area for new releases.

Alice Jasmine

Thoughtful theatre with stylish setting and great variety of shows, from marvel movies to true undiscovered documentaries and gems. Membership convenient and reasonably priced.

Kristie R

Very nice theater. Clean. Pleasant employees. Easy parking.

Patrick Grimaldi

Nice enough place, but new city kind of weirds me out. The friendly staff put me at ease though.

James Pauta

Friend recommended the theater and the experience isn't worth it. Sure looks nice but don't expect customer service from any of the staff. Depending on the times, you cannot validate your parking which could've been avoided. Surprisingly AMC river east 21 is cheaper.

Rachel Elrom

Fine for what it is. But, not well laid out or maintained enough to justify a $16 movie ticket. Won't be back.

Morgan Dixon

Always an enjoyable movie experience! Great customer service and popcorn!

Jeff Bergstrom

Easy to get to. Good size screens and a lot of them. Comfortable seats. My only complaint is I wish there was a concession stand closer to the distant screens. It is a long walk if you want something to eat or drink during the movie from many of the screens (it's not the walk, it's missing the movie to make the walk).

Oliver Berger

Growing up back in LA ArcLight was the gold standard for movie watching. While this is still one of the best experiences you can have in chicago, the audio can sometimes feel unbalanced. Still my go to theater though

Andrea Fee

Great beer selection reasonably priced. Nice staff. Really great theater

Kitty G

Multiple theaters, stadium seating, purchase tickets online ahead of time, good food options, location near transit.

Miguel Angel

The theater is new and has a nice parking lot and you get a discounted price. Once inside the place looks nice, right in the entrance its a small store where you can buy small items, to the left you can have mixed drinks and light food. And further down its the popcorn, soda, before going to the theater area the washrooms are available. This time I got margarita size pizza and some chicken wings both tasted good but I think something got me sick from here, but not certain. Unfortunately you can't take the food to watch the move, you can take the drink but not the food so I had to eat fast. Did buy some popcorn and can take that inside. As for the seats they are OK. the sound and the screen looked great. Overall it was clean and nice. I might go back.

Joel Ortiz

Standard movie theater, very modern and awesome area to shop and dine. Conveniently located close to the redline.

AdverCity Management

Definitely check the website for show times! I got to the theater and they said often they're incorrect on Google.

Azell Edwards

Good place to visit with family

Scott Sachnoff

Good selection of Indies and foreigns. Comfy seats. Good beer, too.

David Moneypenny

Nice beer selections; nice theaters; nice staff. Noice.

Sarah Novak

Very nice movie theater but movie experience would be improved with reclining seats instead of the old fashioned seats.

wil bridgeforth

I can't even begin to say what a bad time my fiance and I had here. Bought tickets via their ticket screen in front lobby only to find out seats did not exist. Bizarre, to be honest. Next the concession stand kid argued with me. He had punched his till for 20 dollars on a 15.25 order, as I was handing his the quarter. I tried to hand it to him for the 5 dollar bill. He then said his till would be undet by 75 cents. I said What? Do the math 20.25 you give me 5 dollars. He did the math only to then announce that he would be over by 50 cents, and that his manager would be upset if 5 dollars was missing.

Juan Miguel Guevara

I love datt Place......

Shane Conrad-Davis

Tuesday evening left the ArcLight ambiance lonely and sad (or peaceful if you look at it right). Some of the other theaters in Chicago have Tuesday night half price deals—the cost of the ticket here was a ample $12.50. Seat cushions were robust but firm with a stiff and upright positioning. Popcorn was delicious but costly, with no refills and a modest ‘Large’ size. The great screen and sound system allowed a flawless movie experience.

Timothy Boonprasarn

Very nice, clean theater showing all types of films. And some great food and cocktails

gigi cordon

Located in a nice neighborhood. The restrooms are kept clean and smells good inside. They have a lounge area where you can sit on a sofa while you wait for the next show time. Inside the cinema it is clean and not smelly. The surround sound is great. The staffs are friendly. Indoor parking. They have a kiosk for validation of parking ticket. We will definitely come back to Arclight Cinema.

Peter M

Good theater, nice location

Kathryn Smith

Really enjoyed

Aman Gudluri

The theatres are super clean, the seats are comfortable and spacious and the entire establishment is way better than some of the AMCs in the city. But I'm writing this review not to tell you about the theatres, but the poster wall (that's what I call it anyway). The wall is a thing of beauty and you need to come here just for it.

Stephen Boisvert

Couldn't find any staff when we showed up for a 3pm show. There 3D glasses are terrible. The lenses were filthy and far to small. It resulted in being able to see around the glasses. They also left marks on my nose. I much prefer AMC with their better glasses, recliners and service.

timothy baird

Nice theater...lots of douchbags

David Anderson

Strangely no ginger beer for how many unique ingredients the bar has which is my only complaint. Parking is validated and reasonably priced. Movie theater spacious and comfy seats with good sound. Popcorn chicken was good as well. Didn't really care for the watermelon bbq sauce but that's a personal taste

Colleen Fahey

No carbonated drinks this Saturday and was refused to bring in my own pop (that I went to Mariano’s to grab) even though they didn’t have any to serve. Very frustrating and wish I just switched theaters. Will keep it in my mind for my next movie screening.

Kenneth Fils

Excellent movie theater and in the middle of a lovely small shopping center with beautiful restaurants. The only downside is that parking is $5 as I recall with a validation which is why I gave it 4 and not 5 stars. If you're lucky you might be able to find street parking.

Shanon Holman

The best theater in the area. So nice, so clean, lots of options. The rewards program is worth it! I see at least one movie a week, which equals 1.50 popcorn!!

Sean Freund

ArcLight Cinemas is probably my favorite movie theater in the city. It's very comfortable and I love it for movie date night. The arm rests lift up and the seats are wide making them perfect for snuggling with your partner. The auditoriums are small, so you feel kind of like it's an exclusive experience and there's much less (if any) chatter like at larger movie theaters. They offer a discount on parking with validation, they serve beer, and they know how to pour butter on popcorn so you don't run out after just a few bites :)

Debbie Mccoy

I enjoyed myself with my bestie.

Ramon Ruiz

It's nice and looks good but a bit pricey. Staff not friendly or welcoming except for the bartender.

Mike Ponticelli

My absolute favorite theater in Chicago. Love the reserved / choice seating. Great popcorn - reasonable price. Beer. Always has a good selection of movies, so even if you show up at random, they'll for sure have something on the marquee worth seeing. And the staff are super nice and movie lovers like me. Most of all, I like that they do a little emcee intro before each movie.

zachary koenig

I’m currently sitting in theatre 6. It’s astonishing that such a new theatre could be so dirty! All of the cup holders are filled with garbage, stains and popcorn everywhere. Our seats were almost too dirty to sit in. It almost smells like a locker room where we are sitting. Everything here is more expensive than our normal theatre, so I’m surprised. After getting an incredible drink from the bar (bartender with a Z name, she’s an artist) I was intent on writing a review about how great the bar is. It’s a shame that we arrived to our seats this way.

Jason Cramm

Amazing staff, amazing theatre. Wish we had you in Canada

Paula Dunn

Nice theatre, roomy comfy seats and a lot of screens

Jon Brockelman

This is my favorite theater in Chicago! It’s classy and clean, they have a great concession stand, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. I also like that they have assigned seating and a 3-preview limit (I love my previews, but 20 minutes is too much!)

James Bernath

Really nice facility. Only knock is for the lack of declining seats.

George L

How do you charge $17 for a ticket have one person with a line 7deep serving popcorn , oh and by the way they have no one to scan tickets the popcorn counter does that also ..... place is clean nice place , could you please staff it ?

Bruce Taylor

just watch the amazing Apollo 11 documentary highly recommended while in live big theater

Catherine S. Hutchings

I have been here twice and I loved it. The seats are pretty comfy, and there is great parking lot in front of the cinema. Don't forget to try out their popcorns they use real butter!


Nice theater, but the seats don't recline.

Alexei Gitter

Nice theater in a downtown location. Parking is not cheap but validation helps. I was there for dinner too and so I was longer than the validation time proved by the movie and parking ended up costing 18. Not sure I would go back as the shopping and food options are not that great.

john schaffer

Very nice theatre but incredibly difficult to get into and out! Who designed this building???

Milan Shah

We showed up a few minutes late and they will not let you in. Paying customers walking into a late night show with no other seats taken. Try another theater - the people here don’t care about customer service

Laura Blaser

Nice theater but pretty expensive

Claudia C

Always clean, always geat drinka my go to for movies.

Sarah Meyers

The close proximity to our apartment gives this theater two stars. Everyone in the city must have an animal because the seats are constantly covered in hair. A nice once over at the end of the night with a vacuum would be much appreciated.

Francisco Rojas

Really enjoy this theater for it's smaller style theater rooms and the neatness. Inside they have a bar with good selection on beers and cocktails. Although parking isn't free if you use their garage.

Carrie M

Really expensive and the theatre seats are uncomfortable!

Brock Manson

Great movie theater. It's very clean and quiet inside the theaters. You can get all the snacks you need, including beer. They also validate parking, which is always nice.

Vittoriano Di Renzo

The best one!!

Michael Kies

I have a yearly membership at arclight and this is my preferred location. Ample theater's and space as well as a beautifully decorated lobby area. The bar service is always friendly and efficient, and with the yearly membership the concession stand prices aren't too bad. Tickets are more than your average theater, but being preselected seats and big comfy chairs, it's worth it in my opinion.


Nice theater and good service

J. Renee Miles

The cinema itself is fine. That is why it gets 4 stars. The problem is the quality of the food at the bar as well as your bartenders. They really need to pay attention to the customers and their orders.

Randy Guy

Website listed showtimes, went to theater, movie cancelled! Wasted two hours going there and back home - totally preventable on their part. Never again!

Lorena Donovan

I like this place. If you don't mind a rather quaint, vintage style theater, you will like this place. Parking garage is a bargain for $5.50 for 5 hours. Very convenient. Every floor has a description of what is on each level. Make sure you get your parking validated, and pay before leaving the garage. The theater has a full bar, and the people that work there are helpful, and courteous. Theater size is small, but comfortable. I definitely recommend this place.

David Lind

Boom!! Favorite theater. Awesome, comfy seating. Serves booze and plenty of food options in the area for pre or post movie. Staff is always friendly. This theater revamped my love of going to the theaters. I love the movie poster wall. Makes me feel like a kid again

Susan Barrish

Favorite theater. Good seating --- not a bad seat in any of the theatres Good audio and video. Fresh popcorn. Reduced parking in comple.

Sami Alkabb

It's pretty nice from the inside. They still use the regular seats but it's fine

Shannon Currie

Love coming here for dinner and a movie. It's great that it has assigned seats in the theater and Earl's is never a let down.

Liz Rosero

Great facilities! But previews are short and they are very strict on late arrival... also no nachos and cheese..? Ummmm

Sabrina Mendez

Caught a film here last night. We watched a movie that just came out and we were pleased to buy the tickets ahead and choose our seating. The theater is on the third floor you can enter from the inside of the courtyard. I described my experience as “fancy movie going” because of how the lights decorate the venue inside—I love lights indoors! They serve beer and wine in addition to the other concession offerings. Before the movie began, a staff member greeted all of us inside the theater and introduced the film. I’d definitely be back with more time to visit one of the restaurants in the area like earls or Yardhouse.

Tay Tay

Popcorn buckets not even a large, and plus No refills on the popcorn. Other than that everything is fine.

Sharen Morris

Very nice, but alcoholic beverages are overpriced. Also, only cloths seats ars available which is a disappointment if you're worried about bed bugs.

Kenia Villegas

Super clean and fresh theatre! Bathrooms always clean. Great staff and security. But you definitely want to buy your tickets ahead of time, not much chance to buy them after couple of min of the showing time.

Trey Rex

One of my favorite things about this cinema is the limited previews for every show (just 3). That, and they have some good beers on tap.

Zach Bray

Some of the best popcorn in the city. The service and quality has increased incredibly since opening weekend. I was there when they opened with the James Bond movie a few years ago and the sound was abysmal but this has become my go to - accessible, clean, amazing customer service. Love this place. There’s always a ton of movie posters of future films on a giant wall and usually an exhibit piece of current films costumes or props. It’s the place to be

Jordan Schreiner

The best movies

Meredith Accardi

No reclining seats

Jeff Wallick

Arrived in the parking garage 15 mins early. Major construction so I was 10 mins late by the time I got to the ticketing area. Someone gave the 18 year old children some authority and they treated me like a second class citizen bc I was late.

charles woodward

Love this theatre.great place to come and watch movies..

Eduardo Delira

Good movie going experience


This is a very clean theater with reserved seating. It seems slightly more expensive than some of the other theaters in the downtown area.

David Finnegan

Comfortable seating, high quality everything, and frequent showtimes.

Mike S

Great theater. Very well run.


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